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> How To Use Spoiler Tags for Newbies, This is damn obvious. but for the n00bs
  Posted: Mar 22 2007, 12:32 AM

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Ok. the forum board was nearly broken because of the Spoiler Tags. ok, i'm gonna show you how to use spoiler tags. now, i've seen 1 member who incorrectly used the spoiler tags. so i'm gonna demonstrate how to use the spoilers.

now, here are some incorrect use of spoiler tags

[spoiler]I am posting a spoiler
(This is wrong because you did not close the spoiler tags)

[spoiler][/spoiler]I am posting a spoiler
(First of all. your spoiler MUST be between the tags. or else it will fail).

This is the correct way of using the spoiler tags

[SPOILER]I am posting a spoiler[/SPOILER]

which would get to this.


the incorrect one (the first one) kills the spoiler tags and will kill the thread mostly. so i'm going heavy about this.

Incorrect use of a spoiler tag will earn you an actual warning
Clarification: If you failed to follow on how to use a spoiler tag (above sayings), you will be warned. incorrect use (if your thinking that its not a spoiler but its classified as a spoiler, thats fine, but if its improperly setted out, thats a warning)
Please use spoiler tags when addressing a spoiler. Violating this rule may earn you a verbal warning.

Thank you for reading this.

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