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> ID5 is the best of the series :) Tips&Tricks info
  Posted: May 21 2024, 10:51 AM


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What else to add compared to what was written in the topic... I consider Initial D 5 the best title of the series because it is the right combination of arcade game and realism.
Unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to play it in the arcade... in any case I would like to know a few things and also make some considerations, then you will tell me what you think.

Regarding tire management:
I have come to what I believe to be the truth about this... which is how the system was implemented. I think it is an important theoretical question, because it helps you improve in practice.
In my opinion, in ID5 it doesn't matter much how much the tires wear but rather their temperature... I came to the conclusion that the game takes into account how good the driver is at maintaining the tire temperature at a good level without overheating them. Obviously, with overheating, consumption also increases, but there is still a difference.
So much so that I noticed, in the videos still found on YouTube, on hairpin bends and slightly less abrupt but nevertheless incisive curves, I noticed that people tend to brake until the beginning of the curve and to steer very gradually and to try to bring the steering wheel to the center during the curve even before exiting the it. While only decidedly faster in lighter curves that do not require the use of the brake
It actually seems to me that by doing this I obtain better times, but I would like confirmation from the more experts.

Returning to the tires, these should be managed by referring to their overheating. According to this concept:
- the more you steer and for longer, the more the tires overheat;
- braking too much or for too long when cornering overheats the tires;
- even in curves that are not excessively sharp, you should at least take your foot off the accelerator to create as little friction as possible (but this should be tested track by track). For example, some players take off the accelerator at the second turn of Lake Akina.

All this would also explain why drift is favored over grip in relation to the tires and their overheating.

You who are certainly more experienced than me, what do you think?

A remake of ID5 with more tracks and on-screen tire telemetry would be nice... but I know it's almost utopian to hope for it!
Thanks for the attention.

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