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> Takumi got pulled over by police?, Share your interesting Initial D theme pictures!
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    Posted: Oct 6 2011, 02:10 AM

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Initial D has undoubtedly fascinated millions of young people with its realism and heart-pounding actions. How does this enthusiasm translate into real life, you ask? How about making replicas that look exactly like the ones in the series? It is a passionate display from the truly die-hard fans. Occasionally, we fans tend to get a little hotheaded and forget that there is a thin line between reality and the fictional world. After all, Initial D is a fictional series about a boy who wants to go faster than the fastest. So it's understandable that the fans do speed on the road sometimes, thinking about Takumi's insane driving techniques. The AE86 in the image below belongs to David Masakuni, who appears to have gotten pulled over by the police. The origin of the image still remains unknown after all these years. It first surfaced on the web around 2003 or 2004. All we know is that it was taken somewhere in Hong Kong. Share your interesting Initial D pictures with us! Check here for the original thread:

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