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> Taking Corners Discussion/Help
  Posted: Dec 28 2010, 07:25 PM

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So I've had Initial D Extreme Stage for about a week or so, and I am trying to figure out the best way to take corners.

1. Brake during the turn (shift down if necessary)
2. Brake before the turn (shift down if necessary) and then turn
3. Shift down and brake during the turn
4. Shift down, brake before the turn and then turn

Or any other ways to take corners. These are a few that I know.

I've watched people on Youtube take corners differently, but I want to know which method is the fastest because I've been braking, then shifting before the turn. If there are techniques that exist for Extreme Stage please say so smile.gif thanks

Ohh and in Happo I need help taking the turns after the first one, where you zig-zag, because I keep hitting the wall and I've seen Tomo use his DC2 on Youtube going through those zig-zag corners 116 - 120 km/h without hitting the wall, and I don't know how he doesn't get the oversteer penalty. Is it because he's using a course car? Thanks in advance.

Here's Tomo's Video -

EDIT: If anyone plays Extreme Stage still please add me, my PSN is K0oanz, and or reply to this topic with your thoughts on turning into corners and how you take corners.

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