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> Disk Usage Apps
  Posted: Jan 28 2013, 07:28 AM


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QUOTE (khat17)

WINDIRSTAT is good - Similar to KDIRSTAT on Linux. Totally free.

TreeSize Free does a pretty decent job as well. The Pro version is better tho, but I not paying for it with free alternatives.

FolderSizes is another good piece of software, but is gone payware. The free (older) version can be had online or from this link.

Space Monger is another good tool.

Of those listed the one I use is WinDirStat. Interface is nice and reminds me of KDIRSTAT on Linux.

To that I'd also like to add some info and some other links.

First off WinDirStat is hands-down the winner. It's the best IMO because of the way the interface is done and it works on all versions of Windows from the time I discovered it (2008) till now. The only issue I'd say I have with this app is the time it takes on larger drives. Sometimes I don't want to spend long doing the whole search and go through so I've been looking for alternatives - here's what I've come up with.

  1. WinDirStat - The best hands down. Nothing beats this. Can be extracted to run portably.
  2. WizTree - Absolutely lovely software. Portable version available. FASTEST scanning of NTFS volumes of all software I've tested.
  3. FolderSize - One of the better alternatives - has free and paid versions but overall not bad. Interface is OK but I still rather #1/#2.
  4. DiskBoss - This app gets props for being pretty decent. Free and paid versions available. Interface could use a little work IMO but still not bad.

The paid version of TreeSize is pretty good, but I not paying for that kind of stuff. For lots of different work I'd use #2 in the list but if I have time to sift through the data I'd use #1. Any of them in the list used with Everything ensures you take control of the space on your drive/s.

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