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> AE86 Tofu Shop Model
Initial D World
    Posted: Jul 13 2016, 10:39 PM

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A model car enthusiast goes by the name of qingcheqifan (清澈启凡) has recreated tofu shop storefront in miniature scale, complete with the Project.D AE86. This is honestly the coolest thing ever.

The 1:18 scale AE86 is by AUTOart and is readily available on the official website and Amazon. What made this stand out is the efforts and attention to details he put in it. Rigging the model car with LED is no small feat. Creating the storefront with accurate signage from scratch is probably the most difficult part. Many hours were spent on researching movie stills from the Live Action movie and cross referencing frames from manga. The end result is truly impressive.

Qingcheqifan also recorded a video showcasing this. Don't forget to check it out!

| AUTOart 1/18 Project.D AE86 |
Official Website |
Amazon |

| Video Link |
Initial D Toyota Sprinter Trueno(AE86) |

| Sources |
AE86豆腐店 模型 场景 还原 |
清澈启凡 微博 |
AUTOart 1:18 Scale Project.D AE86 |

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Posted: Jul 15 2016, 06:58 AM

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I really want to pick this up, but my priority currently is the GT86 model cause I own one haha.
Posted: Jul 16 2016, 02:11 PM

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QUOTE (Initial D World @ Jul 14 2016, 01:39 AM)
What made this stand out is the efforts and attention to details he put in it. Rigging the model car with LED is no small

However the LEDs are for small feet.
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Posted: Jul 16 2016, 03:45 PM

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QUOTE (Alex @ 1 hour, 34 minutes ago)
However the LEDs are for small feet.

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Posted: Jul 16 2016, 08:52 PM

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A little out of the price range for me.

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