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> Initial D First Stage Trivia
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    Posted: Jul 2 2016, 11:37 PM

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Remember that scene from First Stage when Bunta used a full tank of gas as incentve for Takumi to race Redsun's Keisuke? It's such a big deal for Takumi that he got all serious considering it. (laughs)

Base on the dialog, we learned that a full summer of working as a gas station attendant earn them 120,000 (~$1,400 USD with 1995 exchange rate) From the research we did in this post (, on average a liter of gasoline costs anywhere from $1.02 to $1.25. AE86 has a 50-liter gas tank. A full tank of gas will cost about $50 or about 1.5 days worth of work.

So, imagine buying a full tank of gas will cost you how much you make in one day, I think it'll put a smile on anyone's face when someone say they will cover that cost for you.

The more you know!

| Sources |
Cheap Initial D Gasoline? |
Screenshots from Initial D First Stage ACT.1「究極のとうふ屋ドリフト」"The Ultimate Tofu Store Drift"
Screenshots from Initial D First Stage ACT.3「ダウンヒルスペシャリスト登場」"The Downhill Specialist Appears"

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