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> A Call For Help From The Community
Initial D World
    Posted: Feb 1 2016, 11:02 PM

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Greetings Initial D World! More videos and images of the meet are being shared across social platforms. Please check the post below this for the full coverage of the event.

We are in need of your help. While going through all the media of the meet being shared on Instagram, we discovered that our name (Initial D World) is being misused. The account in question is using our name to sell T-shirts and stealing our images. (Because all our images has "Initial D World" on it, they are posting them as if it's theirs.)

What infuriate us the most is not the fact they steal a couple pictures, rather how they _misrepresent_ us by misleading people about the quality of our content. It took years to build the community. It involves many countless nights of running and supporting the forums; doing translation works so the fans and followers can get to watch Initial D episodes as soon as possible; many hours of planning for future gathering and events. To see all these being misrepresnted is a direct insult to our core beliefs and mission.

We have taken all the necessary actions in the proper channel to take this imposter page down. Apparently it is not easy to do so at Instagram. We've also contacted the T-shirt company that these imposters are using. We don't see any other means but to ask for your help.

On Instagram, please do not associate the @initialdworld page with us. Our Official Instagram page is If you want to tag us, please use @go2id. We'd love to take that name back in all honesty, but it's a challenge to prove to Instagram that these guys are imposters.

So if you have an Instagram account, please help us by following us on Instagram today:

Thank you very much.

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Posted: Feb 2 2016, 01:41 AM

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I can attest to Perry's ferocity here. The guy has worked his ass off at all hours of the night to create and maintain this site. People that use his/our content for their own projects without giving proper credit need to be stamped out. People that falsely claim to be associated with the site deserve worse.

If it didn't come from Perry or any of the staff, all of whom have known accounts on various social media outlets, it's not officially IDW, plain and simple. A few weeks ago, we wiped out an image thief on Google Plus. It's nowhere near impossible to take down each and every one of these less-than-human pieces of shit.
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Posted: Feb 2 2016, 07:04 AM

As expected of country grown vegetables
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Will be creating an Instagram to try and help. I need to use and post on the service daily for work and yet I've never bothered having my own.

This will be the perfect reason to jump start. I do urge all of you who don't have an instagram to make one just for the sole reason of helping out Pear.

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Posted: Feb 2 2016, 09:12 AM

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I follow a few 'big' car posters (They just take random pictures sent from fans or something and post it on a car page on instagram)

maybe I can give pear the links and he can talk to them about getting more followers or help in getting rid of the fake ass nigga?
Posted: Feb 4 2016, 03:36 PM

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Doesn't Instagram have a feature to report bogus accounts and the like?
Posted: Feb 4 2016, 05:08 PM

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QUOTE (BOZZ @ 1 hour, 31 minutes ago)
Doesn't Instagram have a feature to report bogus accounts and the like?

From OP:

We have taken all the necessary actions in the proper channel to take this imposter page down. Apparently it is not easy to do so at Instagram.

Perry's done what he can, but to no avail.
  Posted: Feb 4 2016, 08:29 PM


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I say we find the perpetrators and kick their assssss!! ♪


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