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> (Example) - Deep Forest Raceway / 280HP Max., Example Challenge Post Format
  Posted: Mar 19 2003, 05:24 PM

Like an eagle!
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Entry Restriction(s):
Normal Tires (Front &. Back)
No Race Cars
FR Cars Only

Fastest Lap Time:

Perry Lexus IS / 280hp / 1'23.810

Specs: (optional)
Fully Customizable Suspension
Sports Brakes
Brake Balance Controller
Sports Muffler
Stage 2 N/A Tune-Up
Port Polish
Full Engine Balancing
Triple-Clate Clutch
Racing Flywheel
Carbon Driveshaft
Stage 3 Weight Reduction

Additional Comments:
I made this record with an automatic transmission ... blah blah ...

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Posted: Jun 25 2003, 09:35 PM

Terror of da Nitez

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any rules?
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Posted: Jun 26 2003, 05:29 PM

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uhh... it's the thread right after it dry.gif