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> Initial D The Arcade (Sydney players and general t
  Posted: Apr 22 2022, 10:27 PM


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Hey everyone! Super long time no see. For the long time Initial D fans, if you played a fan flash game from around 2002, I was the one who made it. Here is a video: Initial D Game

If there are any old friends here, it's so nice to see you all again happy.gif!

Back in those days, when Initial D Arcade Stage first released, it was such a huge thing. I had no income as a student, so whatever money I could gather, I'd spend them on the game. The arcade stage machines always had at least a decent crowd around them. We had communities sharing tips and the like. Overall, such a great few years that I'll always cherish.
I live in Sydney Australia now as a mid-30s adult. Last week, I saw Initial D The Arcade arrived here! Pretty keen to spend sme time on it and relive the good old days. With the way arcades seem to be on the downtrend, I fear it may be some of our final years (hopefully I'm wrong), so I'm really going to cherish them.

As I looked online, it seems no one is really talking about this new version (featuring 4 player battles, perhaps to match Wangan). I see official livestreams, limited time collabs etc. So much new tech since the days of versions 1 and 2, but I'm not seeing much views/reception sadly.

Are there any players here? If you used to play the old versions, are you interested in this one, or do you see yourself as having mostly retired from the series?

And, if there are any local Sydney players, I'd be happy to know.

Thanks and take care cool.gif!
Posted: Apr 28 2022, 07:00 PM

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Wow I had no idea The Arcade is coming down under. I'm in Melbourne so I'm gonna have a look out biggrin.gif I still have yet to play the previous 2 games (Zero 1 & 2).

And yeah I can see what you mean by arcades going down in popularity. I think the lockdowns in the past 2 years didn't help either. Also most people who were into these back then are now adults with jobs/families etc, so they don't have as much time to dedicate. The new generation just isn't that enthusiastic about cars anymore sadly (and they prefer mobile/online gaming instead). Those that do play arcades prefer Wangan because it's easier and has better customization.

Initial D has also been dead for a while. The 3 Legend movies did little to re-boost the popularity. I'd love to see a MF Ghost game with all the new European cars and super long tracks, but it's nowhere near as popular enough yet (maybe the anime will change this, but I doubt it). Also most ID fans are already slagging it off as crap, which makes me sad (just look at the MFG anime thread).

Personally I was never been a big arcade player. I just play every once in a while when I'm out with friends or something. I would love if they port the games to console, but with Teknoparrot I can already play at home so it's pretty much the same. Nowadays, I'm more into simracing and almost all of the Initial D tracks have been ported to Assetto Corsa, so that's where I spend most of my time driving. Better physics, virtually unlimited cars, you can make your own races, etc. No story mode but when you've played it once, you've seen it all anyway.