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> Recommend OS
Posted: Jul 31 2015, 07:04 PM

Goddamn Electric

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QUOTE (Nomake Wan @ 5 hours, 29 minutes ago)
Fuck off. Unless you got yourself an Enterprise version of the OS, then as someone who's pretty damn handy with a Windows OS...fuck off. dry.gif

user posted image

But seriously, Windows 10 so far is basically the equivalent of Microsoft dumping a mag into their foot, stopping to reload and then doing it again. laugh.gif
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Nomake Wan
Posted: Jul 31 2015, 09:57 PM


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It's a total bait-and-switch is the problem. They pushed it aggressively and all these wonderful things were said about it on the test blogs, like the whole unified control panel thing I was so giddy to finally see. Then you install the damn thing and find out that nope! M$ pulled a fast one on ya! Enjoy your new OS, bro!!

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  Posted: Jul 31 2015, 11:10 PM

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I solved the problem by disabling network connectivity on the laptop. I only use the innernette since it puts the web on a single cdrom with no risk of pesky eworms or email viruses.

Even contains over 100 songs across six genres.
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