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> Transformers 3rd Party Drift
  Posted: Apr 3 2024, 02:35 PM

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So as a Transformer fan,I collect 3rd party offerings,mostly upgrade kits and few Masterpiece figure here or there. So news just landed,that there will be a 3rd Party Masterpiece of Autbot Drift as an AE86 and if it does well,we might get a repaint with the CF Hood and we might get the FDRX7 as another bot. The company is known for making good 3rd party transformers and I have a few and no complaints here happy.gif .

Heres the info and the link if your interested in the AE86 Transformer. I cant wait for it w00t2.gif
Drift AE86 Prototype

Speaking of Transformers related to IntiialD,I know we had Takara Q bots many years ago and Jazz was the 86 and Sunstreaker was the FD.

Jazz is available on the Ebay if your curious as to what that looked like.
Q Jazz

As of right now there is also a DatsunZ in the works from another company,but its not the Devilz dry.gif If it was,I would of been so happy facepalm.gif

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