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> Rest In Peace, Phoenix_Cypher_K1
  Posted: Jun 10 2023, 11:04 PM

Nagao Fanboy

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With deep regret, I would like to inform this forum of the passing of one of our members, Phoenix_Cypher_K1, last week on Tuesday, May 30th 2023. He passed away unexpectedly due to natural causes at the age of 36. As his family and friends, we were shocked and devastated to hear the news.

For many years, Phoenix was an active player on the Initial D Arcade Stage (IDAS) scene here in Malaysia all up to D8, the latest game available over here. In addition, he was also an active member here on IDForum where he interacted and helped out many users here, mainly within the Arcade Stage section.

I first knew him from Arcade Stage 5 or D5, both in real life as well as on this forum. He was one of the users who helped me with trying to understanding the game, and yes it is a difficult game to understand fully especially as it was my first IDAS game and I didn't know anything about the Initial D series period. As a person who is generally shy, it was something that was very much appreciated.

Like many of us, Phoenix hasn't interacted with this forum for awhile, his last login was eight years ago. Nevertheless, many of his interactions here from the more active many years will live on for posterity and will be written proof of his time in our community. Even if it is not as important to us as in the past, IDAS meant something big to us at a previous point in our lives and as such, I thought it was appropriate to announce his passing here as well as to honor his memory.

I was at his wake last week and met a few old friends from the old days (a few of whom are also members on this forum). It was a sad moment but we also got to reminiscent about the older good times as we haven't seen each other in awhile.

Phoenix touched the lives of many people and we will forever cherish the good memories we have of him. Rest In Peace, friend and God Bless.

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Posted: Sep 14 2023, 01:56 AM

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That's an unfortunate thing to happen to someone so young at 36 y/o. Just got to know that he's the one who replied and guided me in my first post in this forum over 10 years ago. Although we've never interacted in any way other than forum posts, this is still a sad thing to know.

Rest in peace Phoenix_Cypher_K1