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> Initial D World Forums Store, Integrating IBS 3.0.2 with IPB 1.3.1
Posted: Jul 3 2007, 05:16 AM

Over One Billion Double Penetrations

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Haha. maybe i should give an in-depth detail of each item.

Auto Collect Interest - This baby is the best thing you can buy on the store if your a DP's user. This will collect your interest automatically so that you don't have to click Collect interest every month because someday you will forget. Once you activated and you say, nah, i want to manual collect it, you goto re-buy it.

Bank Steal (750 - 3,000) (2,000 - 20,000) (10,000 - 100,000) - This item has a probability of chance of stealing. its very slim, so i wouldn't risk it. You enter the name of who you want to steal, then you enter the amount of course. If you succeed, you will gain that much, however if you shall fail, you lose the amount you tried to steal AND the same amount you tried to grab (so if you tried to steal 750DP's and you failed, you will have to pay 1500DP's (750DP's x 2 = 1500DP's). This can only work if they have DP's in the bank.
RazorsuKe - To answer your question, it only deducts what you have on hand, not your bank if you fail.

Bypass Flood Control - Every post you make, you have to wait 60 seconds (1 minute) till you can post again. Heavy posters is a must have, but its slim that your gonna post 60 seconds after another post. This does not effect the search function, there is Flood Control for 20 seconds.

Change Other Users Title - This item can be awesome if you know how to use it properly smile.gif. You can change their User Title to something you like smile.gif. Type in the User Name and a title name and then boom, their custom title is changed.
NOTE!!:. Change the lower rank posters. They are not allowed to change their Custom Title until 300 posts. So you have control until they hit 300 posts or someone else changes it tongue.gif
WARNING!!: Changing other peoples custom titles with language/abuse/not complying with the rules WILL result in an Actual Warning. Perry has installed a script on showing who changed who's custom title onto his Admin Database.

Change Username - This will change your User Name to anything you may like. But you can also notify an admin IF YOU HAVE A GOOD REASON which is slim unless you are a long time serving member, then the chances will be high.

Custom Title - If you see Under your Display Picture on your profile, you have a custom title, you can customize that to anything you want if you buy this item. Its only good if you have below 300 posts. 300+ posts, you are allowed to PM the great Perry to change your Custom Title. 800+ posts, and you will become an advanced member where you can change it by yourself. Please read the forum guidelines for more infomation. Note that this is only allowed to be used once and it will be discarded. So make sure you type it right.

Increase Interest Rate - Interest Rate boost is only effective if you are using your bank. This will rise your interest rate by 1% (hey, 1% is alot). This is already explained on Perry's post about how the bank. I would also like to note that Perry made a mistake on the description where he wrote 6% interest is the max, where it is 8%. I have 10% because i bought the interest rate boost with the additional credit card which had a 3% bonus but a 20% using fee. (Titanium Card - 15,000DP's)

View Others Warning Level - This shows the warning level of other members. It does not show what they were warned for, it only shows what percentage they have (Example: if i choose to look at InitialDRulz's Warning Level, i would just see a bar and it would say what percentage. So that would be 0%)

InitialDRulz's Tip's
If you are:
Basic user (doesn't check the store that much) - just buy the Auto Collect Interest and activate it. then afterwards. Deposit your money and just leave it there. Even though you can't be bothered checking it, you may never know, it could just boost up into 1 million DP's and then you can buy the Bypass Flood Control....YIPPEE

Advanced user (plays the arcades mostly) - Buy the Auto Collect Interest. Deposit that you have 5,000DP's spare. Keep on buying the Interest Rate Boost. You will build up moar and moar and moar.

I know this is too late for your answering, but it might help in the future smile.gif

Note: i will be handing out contributing awards from now on, it could be a custom title change, it could be a auto collect interest, it could be a interest rate boost. It could be anything (except the Change UserName, NO WAY).


People are still trying to figure out how to get your cards highlighted (as in combo) so i will be explaining it.

Jacks or Better - To get the minimum, you need a pair Jacks or better, so either get a pair or J's (Jacks), Q's (Queens), K's (Kings) or A's (Aces). A pairs with numbers do not count

2 Pairs - You need to get 2 pairs. So a Pair of numbers or a pair of letters is acceptable. (Example: so you can have a pair of 3's AND a pair of J's (Jacks)

3 of a Kind - 3 Cards of the same number/type. So basically, you have 3 J's (Jacks) or 3 A's (Aces) or 3 8's.

Straight - A Straight is 5 numbers consecutively. (so 3,4,5,6,7 or 10,J,Q,K,A) (Must be 5 cards, not 4). it does not have to be in order (so you can have 4,6,7,3,5. Re-Arrange them to make 3,4,5,6,7)

Flush - All 5 cards in the same suit (so you have all 5 cards and all of them are Diamonds or Hearts or Spades, or ......i forgot the fourth one xD)

Full House - This only works if you have a 3 of a kind AND a pair to make a full house (so you can have 3 J's (Jacks) and have 2 4's)

4 of a Kind - 4 Cards of the same number/type. So basically, you have 4 8's or 4 2's or 4 A's (Aces)

Straight Flush - You need a Straight and a Flush to do this. so you have 3,4,5,6,7 but ALL at the same suit. (example: 3,4,5,6,7 All Diamonds)

Royal Flush - You HAVE to have 10,J,Q,K,A all in the same suit (so 10,J,Q,K,A all in diamonds or hearts)

user posted image

Thats how you win smile.gif

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Posted: Jul 15 2007, 03:02 AM

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Does this thing even give interest anymore? Ever since I started, I haven't seen the button activate once. Plus I bought auto collect and it hasn't collected once, I've had it on for 3 months, almost 4?
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