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> Happy April Fool's Day, Detailing recent and upcoming changes
    Posted: Apr 1 2008, 08:38 PM

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During the past few months, there had been a lot of changes, subtle changes mostly. I'll quickly go through them here. I realize I never gave an official announcement on the whole PRI and SEC Forum Mod deal.

Basically, PRI Forum Moderators are like Global Moderators, they are the primary team that governs the forums. They have power in all forums except a few minor parts. SEC Forum Moderators are basically multi-forum moderators. They have power over the major parts of the forums. The reason I took away the old system (where each person is supposed to govern one section of the forums) is because as the forums slowly losing activities over the year, moderators come and go. Some moderators decided to stop visiting the forums or just not very often, that causes problems when they are responsible for an entire section. By having this new system, active moderators can spread their powers to those sections where there are less traffic. It is the first proactive step toward maintaining the forums in a more efficient way.

The report function has been upgraded as well. It used to only report to the moderators that are responsible to that section. The new system has it that when someone report a post, all moderators (including admins) get a copy of the report. It has shown that this is extremely helpful in a lot of cases. Warnings are given out within 24 hours the report is sent and every one is happy again.

On that note, the Forum Guidelines need major revamping. Admins are no longer the only group that can change custom title for members. All moderators have the ability to do so. So, next time you need to change a custom title, simply PM a moderator that is online and they'll have it changed for you. I can only handle so many custom title requests a day. has acquired for almost two months now. Expect to see some faces from there. Our radio broadcast is also shared with them as well. I am also one of the admins there. Remember to say hello to me when you drop by there. smile.gif

With all that said, I have to thank you all for visiting the forums. As I said before, this will be my last April 1st here at IDWF as administrator. The plan was to pull a big successful April Fool's on everyone before I retire as lead administrator. However, it didn't seem to go too well. I did not have enough time to prepare it this year. So I did a quick swap with 4chan's theme on IDWF. It was too obvious. But when everyone is anticipating April Fool's, it is hard to pull a good prank at this time of the year. I hope you all enjoyed it. There will be no more April Fool's from me.

I still plan on visiting these forums on a daily basis, but just as a normal member. Once again, your continued support is very much appreciated and I as the founder of this place, simply can't ask for any more than that.

See you around !!

//stepping off the stage

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Posted: Apr 1 2008, 08:54 PM

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Your bullsh*tting me. No seriously, this is uncalled for.

I can't believe your stepping down as i'm not falling for it QQ. Your the creator of IDW forums, you shouldn't be stepping down like this >.< YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!

Well dude, even though you'll be on on a daily basis. i still miss you sad.gif
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