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> Options for buying a car in about 4 years, 15yo now, Probably having a low budget, fun cars?
Posted: Sep 25 2017, 01:32 PM

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Yeah, most people don't.

The best part is, because of that, you can get better insurance than an Impreza wagon. Saab looks better than Subaru, after all.

Though insurance is obviously a case by case basis, to cover my arse on that statement.

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Posted: Sep 26 2017, 12:34 AM

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QUOTE (RIT_ninja @ Sep 23 2017, 05:21 AM)
As a guy who just bought his first car (GT86), I highly recommend getting a second hand sports car because you can swap out used parts without feeling wasting money and new cars depreciate too fast for young drivers to afford them.

Try to look for:
Nissan 350Z/37
Toyota GT86
Infiniti G35/G37
Impreza WRX/STI
Honda S2000
Honda Civic Type R
Honda Integra Type R
BMW 3-series or 5 series
Porsche Cayman (Will be around 10 years old, make sure you know a mechanic or two)

I would agree ..... if you have a great knowledge and study of them. Since I actually go to a trade school and studied the basics and myself have studied the 90s BMW engineering, I'm decently comfortable with BMWs but I wouldn't buy a second hand sports car. As I said previously, some of them have cheap liability insurance and good ways to fix up issues. Also, OP is looking for something thats technically not a sports car but something similar.

(This is all the BMW issues that get its stereotypes)
-I can tell you that the e36 BMWs have bad wiring which can end up a the car not starting after you turn off the car. (This problem is solved by replacing a blown 15 amp fuse for the brake lights)
-Most BMWs have Plastic parts for the cooling system. no other brand uses plastic unless you're pretty cheap
-the vanos system in the 2000s bmw are awful after 80K miles. The job to fix the Vanos system is pretty pricey.
-BMWs V8s has great power and torque (the vanos systems really help out with that) until you get to the 2000s and over in which its strong point is its weakness.
-V10 = great but why would you even buy it to drive it as a daily? Don't be stupid and NOT BUY THE V10 facepalm.gif facepalm.gif facepalm.gif

One more thing about bimmers, most of the people that were originally first owners that sold off their cars didn't take care of them. BMWs aren't delicate but its not bulletproof if you don't care of them.
  Posted: Oct 14 2017, 11:15 AM

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Oh damn. That Saabaru looks good. Sadly there's only 1 here in Belgium and it costs 9000€ D:

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