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> Guidelines Update, 7/26/2016
  Posted: Jul 26 2016, 01:38 PM

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Hey all.

Recently we discovered via report that a link was posted in Random Thoughts that was (intended or unintended) bringing members to a Tumblr page containing explicit content. I did not warn the member as the guidelines as of this morning did not have anything regarding posting links to explicit content. We just prohibit explicit imagery and videos outright. That said, I removed the link.

The guidelines have been updated to empower the moderation team with the ability to act on any future infractions like this, as such:

• Post a viewer discretion warning if you are posting something that some people might find offensive. (i.e. - adult language, graphic situations ... etc.) This rule also applies to what appears on your user profile, including avatars, signatures. <b>Explicit content is entirely prohibited on IDW.</b> Explicit content includes but is not limited to: pornography, gore, personal information (doxxing), and drug use and/or paraphernalia.

This was improved to include a definition of what is considered prohibited content on the site, which can be acted upon by moderators at their discretion.

Posting links to external sites/pages containing explicit content is not allowed. The moderating team will remove any links found to contain explicit content, and punish offenders according to the severity of the content and/or intent to offend.

This is a new guideline set up to prevent linking to explicit sites/pages, even with a warning.

• Please note that <b>using spoiler tags does not mean that members may post or link to explicit content on IDW</b>.

This was altered to include links, and the term "X-rated content" was changed to "explicit content".

Just like the last update to implement thread necromancy protection, this is a relatively minor change to button up gaps in the guidelines just in the uncommon case that it happens again.

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