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RADIO BROADCAST » streaming at 96kbps with 5 unique listeners, playing (Battle Stage 2) Helena - Lonely Night 2005



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> Initial D World Radio Broadcast, And a new subforum created
    Posted: Apr 13 2007, 02:14 PM

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I am very excited to announce the launch of the Initial D World Radio Broadcast. It had always been in my mind to have a Initial D / Super Eurobeat radio station. It never happened 'til now because setting up an Internet radio station is quite expensive. The radio station utilize SHOUTcast's Distributed Network Audio Server (DNAS) and hosted by WDServers (thewird). It is currently streaming at 96kbps with 32 listener slots. That means if you can't download at 12KB/s, you won't be able to listen to it smoothly. We are currently working on multi-streaming the channel at a different bit-rate simultaneously, so the dial-up users can be accommodated.

So what is the radio station about ? It is mostly about Initial D and Super Eurobeat. Those type of songs will get about 70% of the air time. What about the other 30% ? Those time will be used for DJ hostings and DJ training. I guess I forgot to mention, we do currently have a few DJs logging in regularly to host the channel. Members can simply click on the Initial D World Radio Chat Room (AIM) in the front page and interact with the DJ. Depending on the DJ, some accept song requests and shoutouts, some just play music.

These are all great, but it seems a little too much stuff for me to swallow, where do I go to get more info on this ? A subforum is created within the Community Forums. It is called Music and Radio Broadcast. The subforum will be dedicated to music lover and people who tune in to the radio regularly. The radio and the subforum will help making it a more tight-knit community as there will be a lot of interaction between members and DJs. That will be the ultimate goal of this radio station.

A little walk-through on the interface here.

user posted image

user posted image
  • Stream Status shows you the quality of the current stream and the current number of listeners. In this picture, the streaming quality is 96kbps (it will most likely stay this way.) and three (3) people are listening.
  • Stream Title tells you who the current DJ is. In this picture, the current DJ is the server itself, playing the pre-set playlist.
  • Listen: This is where you click to tune in. You may also click on the little winamp icon or use the web-based streaming player to tune in.

I hope you like this new addition as much as I do. I look forward for your feedback. Feel free to post your feedback in the Music and Radio Broadcast subforum.
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