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Tessou is a Sysop for Project W (the wiki you are currently reading) and a veteran member of Initial D World.

Tessou joined IDW on September 12, 2005, and was a relatively quiet member for a few years before becoming one of the most prominent members on the forum. Petnamed "the forum asshole" by administration, Tessou's rough attitude and lack of filters on his thoughts have made him a very polarized figure. His participation in many forum events has cemented him as a dominating figure among the membership, holding a vast amount of clout and influence within the community.

While many members enjoy Tessou's antics, he has not been without criticism, as his lack of censoring has created a great deal of rifts with other members. This has caused numerous flame wars, and his warn log has suffered because of it.

Nonetheless, he was promoted to Sec Moderator in 2008, and subsequently promoted to Pri Moderator the day afterward by way of switching positions with Nomake Wan (who was a Pri Moderator at the time). His management style was typically quick and by the book, but he was accused of favoritism and corruption, summarily being removed from the moderation team in early 2009.

He was added to the team again in 2010 by way of the new administrator, Kamui, but it was an ill-fated choice that led to a mod team that was too large for the amount of activity on the forum (2 admins, 4 pri mods, 5 sec mods), and he was again removed from the team, however voluntarily as he understood the situation.

In September 2011, he noticed that Project W was among many splinter sites of go2id that desperately needed work, and posited a revival of the project to administration. For this action, he was awarded the title of Project W Sysop, and he continues to work on the site to this day.

  • As he is staff, he is automatically a huge faggot.
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