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Mount Myogi is a course prominently featured in the Initial D games. It is home to the Myogi Night Kids team.


Basic Information

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Battles in the Manga

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In Initial D Games

In earlier arcade games, Myogi was the lowest-difficulty course and is a circular course instead of a point-to-point route. Since IDAS4, Lake Akina has served as the lowest-level course, and Myogi has been reworked into its original point-to-point layout.


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Real-world Location

Mount Myōgi (妙義山 Myōgisan) is one of the major mountains in the Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Well known for its rocks weathered into fantastic forms, this famous peak is ranked among Japan's three most noted places of rugged beauty. Mount Myōgi, along with Mount Akagi and Mount Haruna, is one of the "Three Mountains of Jōmō" (Jōmō is an old name for Gunma).

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