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Mount Akagi is one of the courses prominently featured in the Initial D series. It is home to the Akagi RedSuns team.


Basic Information

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Battles in the Manga

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In Initial D Games

Akagi is one of the mainstay mid-to-low leveled courses of the Initial D games. It features a succession of hairpins near its ends (particularly on its lower end) and a fast section in the middle (just before/after the lowest-speed hairpin).


The main tactics for Akagi is to brake lightly and wheel-lock at the fast section in the middle.

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Real-world Location

Mount Akagi (赤城山 Akagi-yama, English: Red Castle) is a broad, low dominantly andesitic stratovolcano that rises above the northern end of the Kanto Plain. It contains an elliptical, 3 x 4 km summit caldera with post-caldera lava domes arranged along a NW-SE line, and has a lake (Lake Ono) located at the NE end of the caldera. Its famed Akagi route is made up of the portions of Gunma Route 62 and Gunma Route 257 that pass by Mount Akagi. Along with Mount Myogi and Mount Haruna, Mount Akagi is dubbed the "Three Mountains of Jōmō" (上毛三山).

The RedSuns team might have taken part of its name from the mountain's name.

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