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Itsuki Takeuchi (Manga, Vol.2, Ch. 19

Itsuki Takeuchi (武内 イツキ Takeuchi Itsuki; Iggy in English adaptations) is Takumi's best friend since high school and his biggest admirer. His car of choice is a turbocharged Eight-Five Levin.



  • Name- Itsuki Takeuchi
  • Sex- Male
  • Age- 18, 19
  • Height- 163cm(5'4)
  • Weight- 55kg(121 1bs)
  • Car- Toyota Corolla Levin SR AE85
  • Likes- Taiwanese bananas, and all popular street racing cars
  • Dislikes- FF Layout cars, and automatic diesel cars
  • Special Technique- Hill road take off


Itsuki has been Takumi's best friend since High School and had become more of a car buff before Takumi's discovered the world of street racing. Itsuki had alway dreamt to join the local street racing team, the SpeedStars, which became true after he bought his Eight-Five (which he had mistaken to be an Eight-Six). Itsuki had became more comic relief as the series past with a serious side coming into play with his romance and heartbreak with Kazumi Akiyama (twice). Overall, Itsuki is a quirky character but with good intentions.

At one point, he decides to outfit his AE85 with a turbocharger for some extra power, but his skills rarely improve over the course of the series so it isn't a marked difference.


  • Takumi Fujiwara - Best friend
  • Team mates with the Akina SpeedStars


Appears predominantly through the series, more so in the first part of the series.

Voice Actors

Anime (Japanese): Mitsuo Iwata
Anime (English): Robbie Rist / Josh Grelle
Live Action: Chapman To

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