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Initial D World Radio is an ongoing feature of IDW that allows members to stream live music to the forum. It was started on April 13, 2007 and has been lively ever since, creating a unique place for members to gather and bond. DJs typically interact with listeners in the IDW chat room, giving feedback about their playlists and tendering requests.

As a continuing project, new innovations were tested on IDW Radio over the years. As the radio stream is simply an outlet for audio played by the DJ, it is not restricted to music. In the beginning, it was commonplace to have live Skype conversations on air between groups of members. Karaoke was and still is prevalent, although it was more frequent in the early days. Some DJs have gone so far as to play erotic games on their computer and provide commentary for them on air.

List of IDWR DJs

  • DJ Pikachu (Pikachu_Fragger)
  • DJ Phoenix Wright (Nomake Wan)
  • DJ Tessou
  • DJ CryptoMundo (KyonPalm)
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