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> [FANFIC] Generational Wings, Not working on anymore.
  Posted: Dec 23 2014, 02:11 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Alright, here we go peeps. My next fic is here, going to try something new in this fic and hopefully it'll go well. Now this may seem like a cop out...but I will like some OCs for this fic, mainly for the passes. If you would like an OC PM me a team...or characters...hue.

DISCLAIMER: I do no own Initial D or Wangan Midnight. Any character descriptions or personalities relating to anyone or anything anywhere is completely coincidental.

First Arc: The Highway

Chapter 1: First Day

It was a clear sunny day in Ushiroyama and it was the start of school for all the teenagers at Ushiroyama High School. Among those students were the Kurubasa twins: Neku and Lillian.

“Sheesh school sucks.” Neku sighed solemnly as he adjusted his glasses.

“Aw c’mon brother! Can’t be all that bad.” Lillian stated as they both entered the school.

“Well you aren’t the one with the freaking fan club. I just want to have to have peace and quiet but well…” He started before the twins started to hear the voices of those within his fan club. “Oh great…see you around sis.”

“A-Ah right, catch you around…” She replied weakly before she was shoved hard away from her brother. “Ow, that hurt.”

“Heya there Lil! How have you been?” An indigo haired girl greeted Lillian, her hair was a pixie cut and her blue eyes were a welcome sight.

“Hi Erika, it’s good to see you, I’m alright.” Lillian was hugged by Erika, in which she returned the hug.

“Brother issues? Well you know what I me-”

“I think she knows you smart ass.” A long ponytailed green haired girl interrupted Erika, she opened her soft amber eyes as she sighed.

“Oh shut it Jun! Is it too much to ask on how her brother is doing?” Erika responded back angrily.

“Sounds like you’re part of the fan club.” Jun responded calmly. “Just saying.”

Unfortunately Erika had no audible response but instead she responded by making a bunch of random motions and gestures.

“Alright, alright, please don’t fight so much.” Lillian asked, trying to not let her friends fight.

“She started it, just saying.” Erika pointed at the green haired girl.

“Oh ha ha. Placing the blame elsewhere, anyway let’s go see what class we’re in.” Jun said, thus the girls went to the board to see who their classmates were going to be for the year.

Inside the classroom 1-4 there sat a short haired midnight blue haired girl who seemed bored…or was it tired? Nevertheless she stroked her left bang, which was about was long as her face before doing the same to the other side. Her hair covered about half her forehead and fell no longer then her neck, her gray eyes silently stared at outside the window. It seemed to be the time in which everyone else was coming to school, she didn’t like the rush and hated being around other people. She sighed as she felt bored now…yeah, it was boredom.

“Isn’t it nice that the Trio is with the same class with us?” A random girl said out loud, oblivious to the quiet girl in the classroom.

“Ew, which Trio?” Her friend asked.

“Well the boy Trio duh! I would be sulking if it was THAT Trio.”

“You know it isn’t wise to use all of one’s vocabulary in one sentence.”


The girl softly exhaled as she tuned out the noise that entered the room. She was aware of the two Trios in the school, both of them were technically nothing more than school idols.

The first group was the Beauty Trio and as their name implies they were the three most beautiful girls in the school…but they were pretty snarky to. Although she wasn’t aware of their names, she was definitely aware of their faces. Based off what the girls said…she may not have to worry.

Then there was the Handsome Trio, the somewhat equivalent to the girls except for boys. She knew their names though…she had a huge crush on one of them. Satoru Ohno, he was the tallest and fittest of the trio, but he was only a little bit taller. He is considered to be the wise ass of the group, spewing jokes and just generally making the mood lighter. She was ok with him, his jokes always made her chuckle a bit. But she wasn’t the one she had a crush on.

Next was Seiichi Tamara, the…royal one of the group? He always had an air of royalty and class about him and his attitude matched his personality…most of the time. Anyone could pick him out of the crowd, his ‘perfectly cut’ lilac hair was easy to distinguish. Out of that Trio he was seen with the most girls, but he wasn’t a player. She definitely didn’t like him.

Finally…there was Neku Kurubasa. Just the thought of his name made her smile a bit. Out of the Trio, he seemed to be the most normal of the group. He could easily blend with a crowd and was the quietest of the group, only speaking when he had something to say. At least that is what the rumor was. It also didn’t help that he was the most intelligent of the group, acing almost every exam…with a few exceptions here and there but only then he barely passes them.

She knew that he hated the fame, as any girl trying to talk to him would instantly get shut down. There were rumors as to why he did that, some said that he is playing hard to get, others claimed that he is waiting for that perfect one…too many of those others claim that, and a few thought that he has absolutely has no idea how to approach girls. Unfortunately she fell inside the others category…but she kept her distance.

“Perhaps he is waiting for that girl to talk to him.” She mumbled to herself as she laid her face on the table. The cold table definitely opened her tired eyes and she sat up right away. “But…who could it be?” All that she hoped for was that Neku had eyes on her: Shino Arai.

“Geez, can’t get away from those fangirls.” Neku sighed as he found himself within his classroom 1-4. Behind him was a blonde guy with blue eyes.

“You know why they’re doing that right? All of them want to be that ‘perfect’ girl for you.” The blonde responded with a sly smile.

“Shut it Satoru. I don’t like it.”

“Still…you should probably find one to remove the heat, more or less.” The lilac haired boy said, who was next to Satoru. “Plus it would help eliminate the rumor of you not being able to talk to girls.”

“You too Seiichi? Can’t I get a break?” Neku angrily sighed as he sat at the desk just beside a dark blue haired girl. He couldn’t help but notice her jolt a bit.

“Well I’m willing to give you one, but I do worry for your future Neku. You should get that experience at leas-”

“And what?! Be like you with all your fucking fan girls?” The dark purple haired boy nearly yelled, only to remember that he was at school. “Ack…sorry Seiichi.”

“No harm done. I’ll be the first to admit, I should have not jumped around. Trying to be experienced with many types of girls ultimately ended up with me being the player…and I do sincerely apologize.” Seiichi responded with a smile. “Hey, wanna head to that ramen place after school?”

“Hey free food is always ok in my book!” Satoru responded with a toothy grin.

“I’m not paying for you idiot, you have the most money out of all of us remember?” The lilac boy shook his head.

“Whatever man, free food is free food; no matter who it’s given to.”

“Huh, a bit of intelligence coming from the joker.” Neku plainly responded before he mentally counted down 3…2…1…

“H-HEY!” The other two laughed at the joke, but Neku glanced at the girl next to him; she was trying her best not to burst out loud laughing. That only made Neku laugh a bit harder.

“Man…I always hate introductions.” Lillian said as lunch started for them. “So awkward you know?”

“Yeah yeah, anyway your brother’s approaching.” Erika stated as Lillian’s brother came up to her.

“Hey there Erika, Jun.” Neku smiled at the two, any friends of his sister were worth being nice to...especially if he were to dispel some of the rumors. “Anyway, top or bottom?”

“Hm…” Lillian thought a bit. Their mother made two lunches as usual, but every time one of them usually had a cookie or some desert to go along with it. So it was natural for them to guess which one had them. “Top.”

“Alright then…” Neku gave the top one before they both opened their lunches, unfortunately she picked wrong. There was a chocolate chip cookie in Neku’s hand.

“Dangit!” The female twin grunted in defeat as Neku smirked before he went…wherever he goes to eat lunch.

“Sheesh, I know many of the girls here would commit genocide to have the same relationship you have with him.” Erika stated as the girls started to eat.

“I know what you mean, but someone could interpret that as incest…just saying.” Jun responded, knowing how much of a left field comment that was.

“Ew…EW!” The two responded as they made various gestures.


“Well whatever, it’s time to eat!” Lillian recovered before she picked up whatever she could get her chopsticks on. “Huh, it’s eggs.”

“Do you eat without looking?” Erika asked as she looked at Lillian who started to eat her food.

“You’ve known her since you were kids…how do you not know her eating habits? I remember that well.” Jun answered the girl’s question, remembering a small antic from middle school. “Remember that one time her mother made some sweet and spicy chicken and she first ate the chili pepper? THAT was hilarious.”

“No! Not that incident!” The ice blue haired girl said as she hugged herself. “That was terrible! I remember running around frantically trying to find the water fountain!”

“Hah! I remember them well, your brother was trying his best to offer you milk…but at the time you didn’t know that was a way to numb the spiciness!” Erika laughed as she nearly fell backwards. “Woah!”

“You two suck at times…” Lillian pouted before the girls started to eat. Today was the first day of school…and the first day their lives would change.

Heh, and here we go. Let's see how long it will take me to do this one I do with this fic.

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Posted: Dec 27 2014, 02:42 PM

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It's good,just put more racing scene on it

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Posted: Dec 27 2014, 03:59 PM

Meteor's partner in crime!

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Pretty sure it's coming Tuners.

Pretty good chapter Okami, looks to be an interesting story,
  Posted: Dec 29 2014, 02:54 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Been gone fore a few days, sorry peeps.

Chapter 2: Test Drive

“Alright, catch you later then.” Neku sighed as he left the school. School was over for the day and Neku was leaving the grounds only to see a familiar ER34 sitting in the parking lot. “Dad?” He said as he approached the car.

“Hey son, where’s your sister?” Neon asked Neku as he climbed into the car…although his father sensed something odd…like there were way too many eyes on them.

“I don’t know, maybe she’s coming out now. I’m not responsible for where my sister is dad.” Neku replied harshly.


“Shit, sorry dad. School has been a massive headache for me.” Neku apologized, not wanting to anger his father.

“It’s alright, I was in your shoes a bit back in high school.” The blue haired father smiled at his son.

“Again, sorry dad. Oh there’s Lillian, seems she is waving goodbye.” The two looked at the ice blue haired girl. She was waving goodbye before she came straight up to the ER34.

“Hey dad, what’s up?” Lillian asked before looking at Neku. “Get out, I am sitting in the back right?”

“Oops.” Neku stated before he got back out of the car.

“Thank goodness I asked her to reinstall the rear seats…well anyway, your mother and I thought about your earlier comment about wanting a car…” Neon started, only to get a look at the teenager’s faces. They instantly froze and stared ahead. “Well, perhaps a friend of mine may be able to help with that.”

“Huh?” The children asked before their father took off to a garage.

“Hey there Neon, here to pick up the cars?” A familiar red headed female asked Neon as he pulled up.

“Of course, bought the kids along; I hope you can teach them…Miyako.” Neon responded before noticing the teenager’s excited faces.

“Yeah yeah, anyway…you gonna stick around?” Miyako asked.

“Nope, gotta pick up the wife. She had a short day. Hey kids, make sure you come straight home afterwards ok?” Neon responded as the teenagers exited the ER 34.

“Ok dad!” They both responded as Miyako gestured them into the garage.

“Lillian and Neku…you’ve both grown so much.” Miyako mumbled to herself before she stopped at two covered cars. She cleared her throat before she said, “Alright kiddies, your parents bought you these cars…have a look.” The tuner then uncovered the two cars, a gray Nissan 370Z and a red Mazda RX-7.

“Oh! A Nissan 370Z!” Lillian gleefully said as she jumped a bit.

“A Mazda RX-7? Let me guess…the Type RS?” Neku responded, he tried to be calm but his tone said otherwise.

“Nope, a Spirit Type A but it’s good to see you two like these cars. Would be worried if you two hated them…” Miyako mumbled the last bit before shaking her head. “Anyway let me see…where’s my daughter?”

At that moment a blue Renault Clio RS came into the garage, the sound of the tuned engine was a bit loud for the Kurubasa twins.

“Hey mom, the car’s holding up nice but the turbo has some lag in the middle RPM ranges.” A long red haired female said as she exited the car, her clear red eyes were a nice touch. She started to head back up to her room.

“I see…then let’s change the turbo, I knew that one was funky. Oh wait Tomoyo! Come here for a minute.” Her mother asked as the teenager came back.

“Yes mom?”

“Meet your first customers, it’s about time you went on your own for a bit. Have you met them yet?”

“Yeah, the Kurubasa twins right? Lillian and Neku? You are in my class, I sit smack dab in the middle.” Tomoyo then shook their hands before turning back to her mother.

“Oh! Yeah I know you!” Lillian said a little late, making everyone stare at her. “Er…hehehehe…”

“Anyway…come to me if you two need any tuning requests or whatnot related to your cars.” Tomoyo smiled at the two…why was she looking at her mother earlier?

“Well, time for a test run you two. Lillian, you’re up.” Miyako stated as she climbed into her new 370Z.

“Alright, let’s go onto the highway here. Go on and I’ll say which way to go.” The tuner instructed the girl. “By the way, how are you so natural at driving?”

“VR technology!” Lillian replied as she harshly slammed the accelerator, making the car scream as it swiftly accelerated through the traffic.

“VR shit eh? I remember an anime that had that premise…can’t believe people made it.” Miyako said as the 370Z sharply entered in and out of traffic. “Careful, being too aggressive can kill you.”

“Ah I know! It’s just I want to have a little fun yeah?!” The ice blue haired girl stated, was she humming? Miyako couldn’t help but sense a dark presence coming from her…

“Well anyway, take the turn here as quickly as you can.” The tuner gestured to the hard right onto another highway.

“W-What? But that turn is a hard right!”

“I know.” Miyako wanted to assess the twins driving styles and see who they most relate to.

“Here I go!” Lillian then drifted the 370Z around the corner. What most disturbed Miyako was the almost perfect drift she initiated, it was…too perfect. Something that would take years to do or many, many mistakes and yet the twin managed to do it successfully…

“How’s that?”

“You are just like your mother.” Miyako calmly said. “Having done such a drift though…may I ask how you did it?”

“The VR game I play, realistic setting is sssooo real that I crashed like over fifty times trying to get the perfect drift! It was so hard and somehow it must’ve carried over to real life!”

“Huh. That would be troublesome for the cops, if you can pull something like that…” Miyako started. But I still can’t help but think that…

“Anyway…let’s keep going.”

“And that should do for the adjustments made. It is light enough for you to get used to it, of course I can make it more powerful if you want.” Tomoyo stated. Neku wanted a rundown of what his car had power wise. “Let me guess…you have a setup from a VR game huh?”

“Guilty as charged, but oddly enough that was my basic setup for some time. Eh coincidence.” Neku shrugged as he sat on the hood of his car. “Hey, serious question real quick…are you part of that damn fan club?”

“Huh? Oh no, I see you as a normal person…not a male model to the school.” Tomoyo calmly responded.

“Thanks, good to see some other people who see me as a person.” Neku smiled at the girl, who returned the gesture. The boy couldn’t help but see the RX-7 as something…more than a sports car. Then the 370Z came back, after turning off the engine Lillian jumped out of the car and celebrated like she won the lottery.

“THAT WAS AWESOME!!!” Lillian shouted. She couldn’t help but admire the gift she had before her.

“That’s…nice sis.” The dark purple haired boy replied slowly. “Anyway, is it my turn Miss Miyako?”

“Ah, proper now eh? But yes, it’s your turn…also lightly loosen the suspension a bit sweetie, your customer’s driving style needs to loosen up a bit.” The tuner stated as she entered into the RX-7.

“Yes mother!” The apprentice tuner stated as the RX-7 disappeared from the garage. She couldn’t help but look at the jumping twin…she was…weird.

“Alright, let’s go onto the highway here. Go on and I’ll say which way to go.” Miyako stated as Neku smoothly accelerated the car. “Oh? Your sis slammed the accelerator, you must be different.”

“Don’t tell her this, but she is way too aggressive with her driving style. She breaks more cars in virtual worlds that she comes to me for money…she’s kinda stupid in a way.” Neku sighed as he tried the brakes…they seemed weak.

“Heh I know already…but what are you doing?”

“The brakes seem…a bit weak for my liking, not strong enough.” The driver replied…only to have the tuner laugh in response. “W-What is it?”

“Sorry but your father said the exact same thing when I tuned his car, memories came up. Anyway take the hard right here.” Miyako laughed before she pointed at the hard right.

“Alright.” Neku simple stated before remembering what he did in the VR games, take a racing line. Brake first and hit the apex and then…accelerate!

“Nice, a racing line eh? Just like your father.” Miyako applauded the driver. “So you must win a lot in the virtual world eh?”

“Sometimes, realistic drivers in the game have varied skill sets…meaning I face new racers every time. Adjusting to their tactics is a must, if I don’t then…” The tuner felt bad but she tuned him out. At least he was like his father, maybe he could be a better racer then he was…
Can you spot something coming up?
Posted: Dec 29 2014, 05:21 PM

Patient Zero

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How do you find the time to build gundam and then write fics? I haven't looked at anything I've written in over a year. With that being said, I have been doing a terrible job of keeping up with chapters. I'm so sorry. sad.gif

I'm trying to catch up right now and from what I'm seeing. I really like where this is going! Keep it up! You're doing great.
  Posted: Jan 1 2015, 10:39 AM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Happy New Years guys. Not a special chapter though. (Edit: Removed an excess word.)

Chapter 3: First Race

The rumor of the Ice 33…the most recent rumor of an unknown racer on the highway, a tale which Shino was totally aware of, in fact the rumor circled around her and her racing. It wasn’t a big rumor, it was just more of a speculation of how an ice blue Nissan Skyline R33 managed to beat practically everyone on the highway. Plus they wanted to know who the heck drove that car, a boy or girl?

Nevertheless Shino still continued to race on the highway. She got the R33 as a present from her parents, who were actually well off. Ever since she got the car Shino was interested in racing, legal or what not. So at the young age of a middle schooler, she started racing on the highway. Obviously a little bit of Virtual Reality training helps in knowing how the car works…but outside of that she was a prodigy racer. In fact she was actually pretty good with the realistic setting of the game, she almost scared herself of how much of a natural she was.

“Alright, time to go.” Shino said to herself as she prepared to just go on a simple run on the speed ring. Her parents were so well off that she could live alone in an apartment complex.

The speed ring was one of the few “highway tracks”, as dubbed by the racers at least, that many people raced on. It starts by going on the highway and making a sharp right turn onto another highway, then there’s a long straight which then goes into an easy long left right s turn. Then the racers take a small banked right turn onto another highway that quickly had an angled left turn which was followed by a moderate right. Then there was another straight came up before there were 2 quick successive s turns, but a true veteran of the track can see a straight line rather than turns. Finally a hard right and everything repeats.

“Another day, what can go wrong?” Shino asked as she started her R33…little did she know that this day would change her.

“Alright…so this is the lot?” Lillian questioned as she pulled up in a somewhat empty parking lot. Around the speed ring were various lots where people came and hanged out before races.

“Ugh, still can’t believe I got an 81 on that test…” Jun sighed as she sat on her red Lotus Elise 111.

“Really? An 81? You can’t beat yourself down like that too much.” Erika commented as she approached her. “That’s like, a really nice score.”

“I-I know…oh look.” The green haired girl pointed out the gray 370Z approaching them. “That must be Lillian.”

“Hey there you two, meet up here as you stated…” The new racer greeted her friends, she couldn’t help but notice something.

“Heya, I was just telling lil Junny here that her 81 is a good grade.” The indigo haired girl stated.

“Well at least I have an 81 compared to your…”

“Ah whatever! I had a 70! I barely passed bleh! Anyway! Nice 370Z.” Erika spoke first.

“So…” Lillian was still confused by this. Once she calmed down from the test run she texted her friends about the car, they wanted to meet up somewhere.

“Ah right, we common racers use these lots to meet up and race. Don’t worry, this lot here is mainly comprised of females, so you don’t have to worry about weirdos hitting on you; except for the really, really desperate ones but our makeshift security can take care of it.” Jun explained. “Also be aware of an ice blue R33 running around.”

“Huh? An R33 with the same color as my hair?” The new racer asked, pointed to her hair.

“Yeah, it’s an unknown racer…and this person is tough.”

“This person? A boy or girl?”

“I dunno, that’s the mystery. Well we have school tomorrow sadly, so I’ll see you later then. Feel free to race around the speed ring.” Erika stated as she got into her blue Honda S2000. “I’m sure your brother might have a run so go from there!”

“Hey Jun, quick question…is Erika being mean to you?” Lillian asked her friend…something was up.

“Nope, just the occasional teasing is all. I have the course if you need it, I’ll send it to you.”

“So this is the lot?” Neku asked as he pulled into a bigger parking lot. There were quite a few cars on the lot and people were looking at him, probably due to unfamiliarity with the new red RX-7. Then he saw a pair of hands waving at him, it was none other than his lilac haired friend.

“Hm…so an RX-7?” Seiichi mused as Neku got out of his car.

“Yeah, it’s a good car is it not? Besides…you have a freaking NSX.” Neku responded as he looked at the modified white NSX.

“So what? Look at American muscle boy over there.” Seiichi then pointed to Satoru’s red Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

“What? Muscle would do good on the highway, all about that straight line speed man!” The blonde friend responded with his arms open.

“Ugh, your…simple mind makes it hard to be around…”

“Well Satoru does have some points, highway racing is about speed…but not being able to take turn efficiently will cause you to lose the lead. That’s where your NSX comes in Seiichi, your MR layout will have better balance and grip. It’s about finding that perfect balance that will determine the winner.” Neku mused. Unfortunately his friends weren’t so…car savvy.

“Sorry, but that passed wwaaayyy over my head man.” Satoru sighed as he put his arms down.

“You…must tend to forget we aren’t car people…” Seiichi apologized.

“Say the people who have sports cars.” Neku glared.

The two looked at each other before responding, “Touché.”

“Just stay away from the Ice 33.” Satoru said.


“Anyway, we should head home school isn’t closed tomorrow. Neku, I’ll send you the track layout if you want to race here.” The lilac haired boy responded before the two of them left.

“Another drive.” Shino muttered to herself, she just finished her second lap…she wasn’t going for a time record and thankfully it was pretty empty, empty as in no racers. But unfortunately…

“Who are they?” She asked as two pairs of headlights appeared in her rearview mirror. “Should I entertain them? Or should I let them be? You know what…I’ll have a little fun tonight.”

Thus Shino accelerated the R33, letting the engine sing as the two unknown racers slowly catch up to her. At this point they were at the start of the ring, making the hard right. They were decent to say the least, they were keeping up with her.

Now on the straight, the three teenaged racers were all over each other. The light tuning done to the new racers’ car were not enough to keep up with the Ice 33, Shino was slowly pulling away.

“Not that much tuning hm?” The driver mused as she sighed, another couple of amateurs but her opinion changed as they hit the banked right.

The 370Z was doing a flawless drift and the RX-7 was keeping a nice pace with a racing line. Shino felt a tinge of fear for the first time in her racing career…this was odd for her.

“Tch!” Shino clicked her tongue as she noticed the racers were closer to her…she had to stop playing now, no more entertaining. She then tapped her brakes and jolted the wheel left in order to make the angled left, the 370Z drifted again…the RX-7 though grew in distance. At least she managed to grab some breathing room.

“Alright.” She mumbled as they took the moderate right, however the RX-7 seemed to catch up? What the fuck?

“ARE YOU TWO MOUNTAIN RACERS?!” Shino screamed, trying to release some of the pressure. There was only one way she can escape them…the twin s turns and the veteran’s line. No need to turn…the path is straight. So that’s what she did…but they followed me?!

“Well I don’t need a win here…” Shino sighed in defeat, might as well see who the racers were anyway. She double tapped her brakes and held it, who could it be anyway? There was an unfamiliar ice blue haired girl in the 370Z, whatever, but in the RX-7…

“NEKU?!” The racer screamed as she nearly lost control of the car. Never would she have thought that…she needed to get off the highway.

Shino gasped for air…she was outside of her car near a small bar. She couldn’t believe who it was…Neku? The guy she had a crush on? This is was too much for her.

“B-Breathe girl…” She muttered to herself, her emotions were going crazy. It was so much for her that she thought she would hyperventilate at any minute. “It’s…ok…calm down. All you saw was Neku racing you…Ne…ku…uhh…”

Well…at least she had another excuse to go see him.

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  Posted: Jan 2 2015, 10:15 AM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Ready for cheesy high school romance crap?

Chapter 4: A Secret Love

“Wait, the Ice 33 was there?” Seiichi asked as Neku retold his encounter with an ice blue R33. They were eating lunch on the roof.

“Is that what you guys call it? The Ice 33? But yeah, I raced it after I saw my sister fly by.” Neku responded, he was a little down since he didn’t get the treat with his lunch.

“Yeah, so you won against the Ice 33?” Satoru questioned, he was honestly curious about the race.

“Well it was more like it tapped out, for all I know the car could have been low on gas. Don’t you guys have some sort of rule that dictates technical loss?”

“Nope, if it’s technical it is still considered a win. Low on gas, engine blowout, if you don’t take care of your car you lose regardless. But anyway, did you see who it was?”

“Unfortunately no, I was into the race between me and my sister so much that I just ignored the Ice 33.” The other two sighed. “Sorry, looks like the Ice 33 is not going to be revealed anytime soon.”

“Well at least we know that the Ice 33 can be taken down.” Satrou stated as he got up and stretched.

“Hey guys, can you uh…keep a secret?” Neku asked rather shyly.

“Hm? Sure we can, we aren’t the ones to spread the rumors.” Seiichi said, he was curious on what made Neku so shy all of a sudden.

“Well…I, oh geez, I…I think I like someone.” The famous boy said. That made his friends go wide eyed and extremely curious.

“This…THIS is new!” The wise ass yelled in surprise.

“Indeed, I’m sure you can instantly charm your way into her heart you know. So…” The royal one stated.

“Right…you know Shino Arai? Um…” Neku stopped there, the two would know how the sentence would end. But their reactions were rather calm.

“Really? I think you two would be great together.” Satoru said with strange calmness.

“Yes indeed, but may I ask why her?” Seiichi questioned.

“I have a hunch that she has a crush on me and all, plus I think she’s rather cute in her own way. And I think she can compliment my…ah crap lost my train of thought.” Neku sighed.

“Oh? The most famous guy in school is INFATUATED with the silent girl? This...this is like a romance setting from a clichéd movie.” The lilac haired boy mused. “If it means anything, I am glad that you found someone.”

“Shut it.” Neku responded with a visible blush.

“Aw the calm guy is blushing? Shit, who are you and what did you do to Neku?” Satoru cracked as the boy in question got up and tried to rush Satoru…but he tripped on his own feet and fell flat on his face. “And he’s clumsy to? Oh my.”

“But nevertheless…why are you telling us first?” The royal one said as the fallen boy got up.

“I just wanted to tell you and I just wanted to get that off my chest.”

“It’s gonna remain there until you ask her out. Have you made any subtle hints to her? You know stuff like an occasional look in her eyes and smile, help her pick up stuff she dropped, having a small chat with her?” The blonde asked.

“N-No but there’s a reason.” The dark purple haired boy said. “And I think you, Seiichi, know why.”

“Any subtle hints to her will instantly make her a large target yes?”

“Yeah, so…how should I go about it? Love letter?” The silent one mused. “But then again I don’t know her shoe locker…”

“Perhaps you can grab her number? Maybe you can bump into her somehow and ask her? Honestly I would go all in.” Satoru said.

“He’s more subtle than that…besides this IS your first girlfriend yes?” Seiichi asked Neku, who nodded yes. “So you want tips on how to approach her?”


“Om nom nom.” Lillian ate her lunch rather quickly, she didn’t eat a lot of breakfast and she was starving. She and her friends were eating inside the classroom.

“Slow down, I feel like crumbs are gonna decorate my face.” Jun sighed as she turned away.

“Sheesh Lil, last time I saw you eat like this was when you skipped dinner and breakfast…” Erika stated as she covered her face with her hand.

“Swory! Bush itsh sho gewd!” The eating girl tried to speak.

“Ugh! Can you at least be more civilized when you eat frantically?” The green haired girl spoke.

“Yeah, for once I agree…” The indigo haired girl whispered the last part.

“Sorry.” Lillian stopped her frantic eating, she was sensing something.

“So, you saw the Ice 33?” Erika asked, before school started the 370Z driver said about meeting the Ice 33 on the speed ring.

“Yeah, it was weird…it wasn’t as tough as you two stated it to be.”

“Really? You beat it?” The Elise driver asked.

“Well she tapped out but a win is a win right?”

“Indeed. But did you see who it was?”

“Nnope, was racing with my brother at the time so it wasn’t on my list of things to do.”

“Tch.” Erika clicked her tongue. “And here I was thinking that we would unveil the driver’s identity.”

“Sorry…” The ice blue haired girl sighed in defeat. She felt bad for some reason.

“A-Ah! Ah! Don’t worry about it! It was your first time and you were focused on learning the ring so you couldn’t have seen her! Sorry Lil!” Erika waved her hands in apology.

“Anyway, maybe we should have a race between the three of us, assess your skills Lillian.” Jun was curious on her driving skills.

“Yeah! How about next Sunday?” Erika was getting pumped for this race for some reason.

“Sure, I think I can manage that. What time is it?” Lillian replied, she wanted to sleep early.

“I say around 10PM? It’s late enough and I know Lillian NEEDS her beauty sleep.” The childhood friend teased.

“I least I do sleep, you stay up doing whatever and sleep in the middle of class.”

“Shush! Anyway does your brother have eyes on anyone?” Erika switched topics.

“What? Hm…well keep it on the down low alright?” The sister had a faint hunch on who Neku liked, she caught a glimpse of a picture on his phone…

“Sure, maybe you should whisper it to me rather than say it. I can’t trust Erika with secrets you kno-”

“I can keep a secret! I was her childhood friend!” The indigo girl interrupted the green haired girl. “So…who’s the person?”

“Well, I believe its Shino Arai.” Lillian whispered quietly.

“Really?” The two responded. “Huh.”

“Yeah I know, weird eh? Oh look! There’s my brother! What’s he doing?” The Kurubasa sister pointed to Neku. For some reason no one but her group of friends and a blonde haired girl noticed him. He looked at Lillian, in which he made a gesture to keep silent.

“Oh…what’s in his hand?” Jun asked.

“A love letter?!” Erika answered. “Well at least I think it is anyway.”

Neku looked around again before he placed a piece of paper on the desk next to him. It was at that point he sat down at his desk. He looked a bit…nervous? That was new.

“Hm…I think my brother has a crush on someone!” Lillian giggled at that thought. “Oh this is gonna be gooood! I wonder what he wrote? Oh look!”

Then the girl in question came into the room. The dark blue haired girl looked at her desk and the paper in question, she moved to her desk and picked up the paper. After reading the paper…her face instantly turned red before she frantically hid the piece of paper.

“Love letter! Called it!” Erika grinned at the scene. “Man oh man, if Aya was here that would have instantly made the top headlines! Or at least circulate as a rumor.”

“Miss Shameimaru? Ah geez, thank goodness she isn’t here. I know that she would eat this gossip up like no other.” Jun sighed as she looked at her phone. “Lunch is almost over…should we follow them after school?”

“Hm…I would like for them to be alone. If my brother were to see us he would probably chicken out.” Lillian stretched as she stood up. “Aaaahhh! Anyway it’s my brother’s love life, not ours.”

“By the way, I noticed she was staring, who is she?” The indigo haired girl pointed at the blonde girl. She seemed incredibly shy and her red eyes had a sense of innocence.

“That’s Stella if I’m not mistaken. Next to Neku?” After a quick nod of acknowledgement she continued. “She’s the most silent girl in the school period. She ain’t gonna open her mouth about the little scene.” The friend answered.

“Hm…well she is incredibly soft spoken, so I’ll let her slide.” The childhood friend responded.

“Yeah.” The ice blue haired girl said, she couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for her. Just at that moment the bell rang.
Just wanted to get the ball rolling, also see the Gundam Seed Destiny and Touhou character references? Huehuehuehue.

Also the speed ring...if anyone wanted to based of off the Nagoya Speed Ring from WMMT 3. So if you played the game you should have a fairly good idea on what the track looks like.
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Can I say I hit writer's block? Given my schedule and all that...ah oh well.

Chapter 5: Prelude to Races

“Hah, is this really happening?” Shino asked herself as she was on the school’s rooftop after school. Upon coming back into the classroom there was the note from Neku himself, it simply read to meet at the rooftop. Any fan girl of his would be shoving the note in people’s faces but she kept it down. The girl sighed slowly to ease any tension, she was excited to say the least.

“Hey.” Neku’s voice reached Shino’s ears. She blushed immediately and about faced, only to see him fairly close to her.

“H-Hi!” She squeaked as she stepped back. That was way too close for her, was she that much in thought to not realize he was there? “S-So…”

“Ah right, well I want to make this quick; if I’m not mistaken you want to head home soon yes?” He asked, Neku couldn’t help but admire her blushing.

“A-Ah, well I-I don’t mind…” The nervous girl responded.

“Well…” The dark purple haired boy started before muttering, “C’mon you thought a lot about this…”

“I-Is something the m-matter?” Shino stammered a bit. Being this close to him was too much for her, she just noticed that Neku smelled nice…did he put on some cologne or something?

“Well no, well…is it ok if I can get your number?” Neku smiled, he was glad to get that out of the way and remembered some of Seiichi’s tips. What he didn’t expect was the girl to instantly lock up and freeze on the spot. “Um…hello?”

“S-S-S-S-Sure!” She answered happily. Was this really happening? Was she dreaming? Shino took out her phone with a very shaky hand.

“Cool, so what’s your number?” So they both exchanged numbers, Shino felt like she was in heaven while Neku was just glad to take this step. At the end Neku couldn’t help but lightly brush is hand against her hand before they put away their phones.

“Wah!” The dark blue haired girl yelped in surprise.

“Oops! Sorry…but I just wanted to say that your hand felt…kinda smooth and soft.” Neku responded with a faint blush. “Ah well would you look at the time, I’ll text you later ok?”

“Y-Yeah!” Then Neku hugged her before leaving, needless to say…Shino felt like she was going to explode from happiness.

“Way to go man, you have that charm.” Seiichi smirked as the Trio ate at a nearby ramen shop.

“Well yeah I guess, but it’s only a small step…” Neku sighed as he contemplated the situation.

“Hold on, you said you wanted to take it slow but now you complain that it’s a small step? Hypocrite much?” Satoru replied as he slurped up his noodles.

“Ouch man, that hurt inside…and I am impressed that you made a logical argument.”

“Geez, just because I joke a lot doesn’t mean I think like an idiot!” The blonde replied as he finished his ramen.

“Take it easy man, he just attempted something we do a lot.” The liliac haired boy calmed down the situation. “But progress is progress, a journey begins with a single step right?”

“Yeah, hey should I ask her how’s she doing or something?” The dark haired boy asked. “I don’t know if I should say something…”

“Well I would text her after you get home, let her get comfortable at home before you say something. Also if she texts you, try to answer back within ten minutes…any longer and she might get suspicious. But that is my experience with women, may not be the same with the silent Shino Arai.” Seiichi said.

“For me I would wait a while then respond, like Seiichi said. However the people I date are usually more composed with their time, usually try to respond within the hour. From what I can assume, Shino wouldn’t mind at all as long as you respond.” Satoru followed up.

“So…between ten minutes to an hour?” Neku asked as he finished his ramen.

“Yeah, but anyway we need to see who’s faster on the highway. How about next Sunday night?” The NSX driver asked.

“Sure, can make some time…10PM ok?” The Camaro driver replied.

“I don’t see why not, 10PM next Sunday. See you there.” The RX-7 driver said. They finished their ramens and went their own ways home. Then Neku took their advice…he texted Shino after he changed out of his school clothes and into a t-shirt and shorts. They actually had a fairly nice conversation about various topics, which surprised Neku. However what he didn’t see was a snickering sister who snapped a few photos…

“Holy heck! So he really IS infatuated with Shino?” Erika asked as she sat on her S2000. It was the Sunday in which they decided to race. It was close to 9:30PM and they were waiting for their time.

“Uh-huh. He’s totally got the hots for Shino, but honestly I’m glad my brother found someone at least.” Lillian replied.

“How about you then Lillian? You should nab a boyfriend sometime soon.” Jun smiled, she wanted to see the reaction.

“Hm…well I don’t want one yet. I mean…well I shouldn’t be talking about my brother in this case but…I don’t feel ready yet?” She responded slowly, it wasn’t that she was nervous but she didn’t know how to respond.

“No one is ready for love Lil, it’s spontaneous. But man…Shino Arai and Neku Kurubasa, oddly enough though I think those two are a match perfectly.” Erika replied.

“Yeah, I thought that…anyway I think…” The Elise driver started before she went to a person on a laptop. She then came back after a few seconds. “We can go now if we want, the time before us just opened up.”

“Alrighty then! Let’s go!” Erika then climbed into her S200 before the other two followed suit. “Ok…so we get on via this freeway entrance and we fly off!”

And the race began, the S2000 was leading followed by the Elise and the 370Z. They entered just before the banked turn and they started after they took the turn. The S2000 was doing well, as if the driver was familiar with the track. Next the Elise was slowing down a bit, being a smaller car and such. However what she lacked in speed she made up in extreme precision and nimble turning. Then there was the 370Z, who was extremely aggressive with her driving. At this point they were getting ready to go through the hard right.

“Not bad Lillian, you are a bit too aggressive.” Erika said through the radio system that she installed earlier.

“Really? Well I think its jjuusstt fine.” Lillian responded as she weaved in and out of traffic. “Whee!”

“Seriously Lillian, calm down. Let’s see how you handle a hard turn.” Jun stated as they approached the turn. “Let’s go in order shall we?”

No response, but the S2000 was already taking the turn. Erika stepped on the brakes for a quick second before turning the car into a basic drift. She then straightened the car out before she stepped on the accelerator. Then the Elise took the turn, she went as far left as she could safely and stepped on the brakes before taking the apex, in which she slammed the accelerator out of the turn…she did squirrel a bit, but it was minor. Finally it was the 370Z’s turn and it didn’t slow down at all, rather it just drifted through the right…and that surprised the two racers.

“WHAT THE HELL LILLIAN?!” Erika screamed in disbelief. “How the hell did you pull that off? I can’t do that yet!”

“Lillian…” Jun whispered in both disbelief and fear. “Your father was a GT300 driver yes? Then is some of his blood in you?”

“I just can! It’s easy if you played enough VR games on realistic settings!” Lillian hummed in reply, it was like she was singing a song tune. They were casually going through the straight just above the speed limit.

“Oh, well I never had the opportunity to play VR stuff.” The S2000 driver simply responded.

“Really? Oh wait…realistic setting, yeah I always play casually.” The Elise driver said. “You know Erika I could use part of my savings to get you one if you really want one that bad.”

“Oh no! I’ll feel extremely bad! Hold on ladies…” Erika started before a certain car came into view. “Hold on…is that…!”

“It can’t be…” Jun continued.

“Well we’re here guys.” Seiichi said as they got onto the highway. “Don’t know how our time got moved up but we’ll take it.”

“So, we have some time to do a practice lap before we go all out yes?” Satoru asked as he gripped the wheel of his Camaro. The new radio system that Seiichi installed was working well, it was clean all around.

“Yes, but seeing as we have a new driver here…I think we should oversee his progress.”

“I ain’t a kid idiots. But if you want to, just keep up.” Neku replied as he pressed his accelerator. They were at the technical start/finish line of the course and they just passed the right turn onto the straight.

“See you all later, I’m gonna practice.” The Camaro then speed off with a loud American muscle roar.

“Impatient as always, let’s see your top speed Neku.” The NSX driver sighed as Neku complied.

“It’s some light tuning with an improved single turbo engine. Its street legal but I feel like it can be better.” The RX-7 driver mumbled before pressing on the accelerator. It gave a good rumble before he changed gears. The NSX was not that far behind.

“Not bad speed, now we shall check your turning.”

“Ugh, you ain’t my teacher asshole.” The RX-7 then slowed down to take the long s turn before the banked right. Neku took the turn like a racer should, slow in and fast out, taking advantage of every inch of the road.

“Huh, well I learned something.” Seiichi sighed as he went through the same turns, but he was a bit slower than Neku was. The main difference was that Seiichi preferred to drift around the banked turn rather than a grip style.

“Yo, about time you two showed up.” Satoru stated as he slowed down to match his friend’s speed. “Drifiting can slow you down so much…”

“Plus it eats away at your tires man, you have the money for them?” The RX-7 driver asked, he was aware of tire wear.

“Yeah yeah, but anyway should we just take the rest of this lap together? Think my tires are warmed up.”

“Sure.” So the three of them went above the speed limit and took the rest of the lap. They saw some headlight while they passed through the right…but they didn’t care. Just when they were about to start though…

“Is that the…?” Seiichi started.

“It…it is isn’t it?” Satoru finished.

Once Lillian’s friends managed to catch up…the racers were ready to go, Neku’s friends in the front, the R33 in the middle, and Lillian’s friends right at the back. A race was about to begin…
“IT’S THE ICE 33!” The racers stated as they saw the ice blue R33 appear in their sights.

“Oh…that car?” The Kurubasa twins simply stated.
Well this took a while.

Lillian: Uh-huh. Definitely held off for a few days.
Neku: You didn't even do the fixes for a while.
Neon: Hey...are we gonna.

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I'm liking this one,hopefully,next chapter will come out faster

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SCREW ME I HATE WRITERS BLOCK. Sorry for the stupidly long delay.

Chapter 6: The Ice 33

“Tch! Lillian head out!” Erika shouted as the seven car race began.

“No. I won’t.” The ice blue haired girl replied rather…sternly.

“Erika, if she wants to race then let her. She has proven to be the better driver.” Jun said.

“Fine…but I have a bad feeling about this.” The S2000 driver answered weakly.

“Neku, I don’t know if you should stay here.” Satoru said as he continued to drive on.

“Hah, as if my friend; I have a faint idea of who the Ice 33 is. I may tell you eventually.” Neku responded.

“Tch…well it looks like you aren’t leaving then…fine.” Seiichi sighed as he pressed the accelerator.

“Alright then, let’s reduce this mob to the main attractions.” The Ice 33 driver mumbled as she was waiting to go.

The race order was this: first in line was the NSX, RX-7, followed by the Camaro, the Ice 33 was in between the two groups, followed by the S2000, Elise, and finally the 370Z. This race would change them…

“Ok! Let’s rock!” Seiichi shouted as they got out of the hard right. The seven cars accelerated through the straight…but one car was definitely showing a lack of horsepower.

“Shit…” Jun said as the 370Z just flew by her. Regardless of her quick handling and precision straights was the Elise’s downfall. “I just can’t get enough power!”

Regardless the next set of turns was the large s turns and the banked right. The NSX was entering the s turns fine…but it seemed to come off it’s intended line, which was making it easy for the RX-7 to close the gap.

“Dammit! Are my tires giving out?” Seiichi said as he felt the car drift a little bit more then he intended to.

“Hey did you change your tires?” Satoru said as he released the accelerator of his car Camaro, he saw the NSX slowly pulling over.

“No, you know how I can ma-”

“Oh goodness man! Are you seriously using slightly bald tires just to drift? Here I thought you were skillful at drifting the beast!” Neku interrupted, knowing what he was going to say.

“So sue me! At least I know how to use these tires! Well anyway looks like these tires are going to go bad soon…I’m pulling out.”

“You fucking idiot…” The RX-7 driver stated as he saw the Elise just slipped passed the NSX.

“Dammit I’m too weak to continue on.” Jun sighed as she put on her hazards, signaling to the racers that she was out. “Lillian…”

“What? Already? Sheesh I thought you had more in you…well anyway time to see who the Ice 33 really is!” Erika exclaimed as she was slowly pulling up to the Ice 33…unfortunately they were coming up to the angled left and she wasn’t paying attention…

“Erika!” Lillian screamed as the S2000 missed her chance for the left…but thankfully the S2000 slammed its brakes just before it hit the wall.

“GOD DAMMIT! I WAS THIS FUCKING CLOSE!” Erika shouted as she was now out of the race, she slammed her horn a few times as well.

“Alright…looks like it’s her and the two ahead…c’mon Camaro just give up!” The R33 driver groaned as they weaved through the traffic. At this point the drivers were approaching the tight s turns. The Ice 33 was giving chase to the Camaro just as it slightly turned to the right, missing the veteran’s line, in which the Ice 33 managed to finish closing the short gap between them. At this point the RX-7 was about four car lengths ahead, the Camaro was barely ahead of the Ice 33, and the 370Z was two car lengths behind the Ice 33.

“Damn the Ice 33 just won’t give up!” Satoru grumbled as he tried to shake off the R33…but it seemed to just stick to his rear bumper. At the hard right before track start line the Camaro drifted the turn while the Ice 33 managed to pass him via a simple racing line. “Dammit I don’t have the endurance for this race…alright Neku…beat the Ice 33 for real this time.”

“So the real performance begins…” Shino said as the RX-7 slowed down and the 370Z caught up but did not overtake the Ice 33. It was odd that the three racers were only now readying themselves for the real race…

“Alright then…” Neku stated as he took off, the other two followed shortly after. They all approached the hard right, the RX-7 took its usual line and the Ice 33 followed while the 370Z drifted through it. It did lose a bit of distance but it was minor when the driver slammed the accelerator.

“Shit…the 370Z has more torque on it than last time…” The dark blue haired driver said.

Ever since they got their cars the Kurubasa twins went to Tomoyo for some more tuning work, mainly just small things to get a bit more power. But for some reason the 4WD Skyline was not pulling away from the FR 370Z…which confused her.

“Shouldn’t I have more power on the ground? Or did she do something to make her car have more torque?” Shino questioned for a quick second.

Shaking her head they were approaching the banked right and the RX-7 was still a good distance ahead. Shino threw caution to the wind and took the outside line in order to conserve her speed, thankfully the 370Z wasn’t as smart and executed a drift. That increased the distance between the two female racers.

“I can only guess who you are…Ice 33 but I’m damn sure it’s you.” Neku mused as he sighed, he could always come back later whenever he felt like. His first official race with his friends ended in a complete success for him. But against her? No…he wanted to make sure.

It was at the angled left and the 370Z executed an early drift while the other two were slowing down a bit. Lillian knew this corner…moderately well enough in which she could keep her speed up and barely touch the wall. Thankfully the early entrance did just the trick and the 370Z was just a few feet behind the Ice 33.

“Tch, you are way too aggressive sis…but results don’t lie I guess.” Neku said as he saw the headlights of the 370Z catch up to the Ice 33…and disappear behind the car. “Slipstreaming?”

“Gotta slingshot around it.” The 370Z driver stated as she drafted the Ice 33. At this point she was determined as hell to win this race…or at least come second. Last sucks.

“Hm…” Shino mused as they approached the tight s turns but she was surprised as she saw the RX-7’s brake lights light up just after they took the veteran’s line. “Is he…”

“I’m out but not until…” The dark purple haired boy said as he slowed down to the Ice 33 to pass along his passenger side and lo and behold...

“Shino Arai…I knew it.”
Again so sorry for the stupidly long delay. I mean...I guess I was just stuck about the planning of the sorry for that.
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School is...meh.

Chapter 7: The New Face

“Shino Arai…I knew it.” Neku stated as he looked left to the interior of the Ice 33. It was the same girl who he had a crush on…and they looked at each other. For a split second they stared into each other’s eyes, the eyes of racers until the roar of a 370Z broke their moment.

Strangely enough the two cars got off the freeway at the same exit, with Neku’s RX-7 leading the way. “Huh does Neku know the driver?” Lillian pondered as she watched the two cars, “Oh well a free win is a win!”

“So…that really was you.” Shino sighed as they both approached each other.

“My assumption was right, the Ice 33 is none other than Shino Arai…” Neku mused as he looked over the driver.

“Are you going to tell people?” The girl sighed. Well it is a mystery and I wouldn’t be surprised if he to-

“I’m not.”

-ld people…wait what?

“I’m not gonna tell a soul unless you want me to.” The RX-7 driver smiled at the girl. “Besides…as someone I want to know better, if I did say anything you’d probably hate me.”

“Heh, you know I think I act differently here then at school. Perhaps my shyness disappears after I race.”

“And I kinda like this side of you, if I may say it makes you appear a bit more…well sexy.” Neku said as he smiled a bit.

“Eh?!” That statement made Shino blush like mad as she looked towards the ground and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Oh boy…”

“Alright students we have two transfer students coming into our class today.” The teacher announced as the inevitable murmuring of the student’s began.

“Oh I hope it’s a boy!” A girl student stated.

“No way I hope they’re girls, more chances you know.” A boy student said.

“Maybe they’re sibling? You know like the Kurubasas!” Another female said.

“Since when did we become relevant?” The twins in question asked.

“Enough everyone, anyway we will welcome them one at a time. So…please come in.” The teacher then gestured to the door and in came in a beautiful blue haired girl. Her hair reached a bit past her shoulders and she was a looker, she had a relatively bigger bust compared to average women but the way she carried herself…it was like a queen stepped into the room.

“My name is Ayumi, and that’s all you need to hear.” She introduced herself as she opened her turquoise eyes and flicked her hair to the right. The tone of her voice was a bit harsh and a little bit loud. Needless to say everyone but the twins was amazed at the stunning female that entered the room.

“O…k then, please come in.” The teacher said as the next student walked in. The next girl came in much more gracefully and more…peacefully then Ayumi. Her long pink hair was a nice compliment to her clean and clear blue eyes. She was a bit taller than Ayumi, had a slightly bigger bust then Ayumi and she walked like she was on air. Again many of the students were amazed at her.

“My name is Hana, it’s a pleasure to meet everyone here.” She elegantly introduced herself, even bowing to everyone before smiling at them. Her tone was much smoother and calmer then Ayumi’s.

“Well this is gonna be an interesting year…Ayumi please sit at the seat behind Tomoyo and Hana you can sit next to the window.” The teacher instructed the two students sat in their respective seats.

“I have a feeling this year is going to be interesting…” Neku sighed as the teacher started the lesson.

“Wow…I have to admit that those two are definitely lookers.” Seiichi admitted as everyone opened their books.

“Well yeah I guess.”

“Heya there Ayumi, it’s good to see you again!” Lillian greeted Ayumi as she approached her with a lunch box.

“A-Ah, hello there…cousin Lillian.” The girl stuttered before Lillian gave her the box. “W-What is this?”

“Just a lunch, apparently my mom and dad knew that you were coming and well…yeah, a welcoming package I guess.”

“I-I see…then I’ll see you around…then.” Ayumi whispered as Lillian turned back to her friends. “Oh boy…”

“So…you know her Lillian?” Erika questioned as she returned to her seat.

“Yup, that’s my cousin and…” She then looked through Erika’s bag and took out a fashion magazine. “…she is also a model.”

“What?” Jun was appalled as Lillian opened to a page that featured none other than Ayumi in some fashionable outfit. “WHAT?!”

“Uh-huh, she’s my cousin and my aunt does the same thing…let’s see…” Lillian then flipped back a few pages to show Ayumi and Airis wearing somewhat similar outfits. “See?”

“First you have an ex-GT300 driver as a father and now I see that you are related to a fucking model? Jeez I have never met someone with so…unique of a family.” The green haired girl sighed. “Wait…Lillian go back to a page you skipped.”

“Why? You take it.” Lillian then threw the magazine and Jun caught the thrown magazine as she turned a few pages and saw a familiar pink haired girl. She then made her friends look at the page.

“Hold up…THAT’S Hana?” Erika’s mind possibly imploded on learning that fact an idol was in their school. It was some sort of promo for her newest album as well as a small an announcement that she was taking a three year break.

“I see…ah well look at the crowds though.” Lillian then pointed to the idol and model. There were at least twenty people around them…give or take around three or so. Surprisingly Ayumi liked the crowd while Hana felt extremely uncomfortable. Hana then stood up and quickly left the room…with some grace in her step.

If there was one thing Hana didn’t like, it was the annoying fans that kept asking her for her autograph or something like that. She didn’t like doing public activities with the fans…it always tired her out and really grated at her nerves. Oh how she would like to just give them a mean few sentences or, if needed, give them a good sucker punch.

“Hana please sign this!”

“Miss Hana please autograph this! This is your latest album! I still support you!”

“If you don’t mind Hana it would be nice if you could join our club…or at least be a supervisor.”

There was another thing that also bothered her…it was Ayumi, the teenaged model. The blue haired broad just ate up the attention from both men and women. Just how the hell does she manage the annoying voices?

She could only internally shout for them to shut up as she got fed up with the people around her. So Hana shot up, picked up her lunch, and quickly left the room, it felt kind of weird to not be led by body guards. The idol pushed her way out of the crowd and into the hallway…where more people were at. The requests kept coming, can’t they just shut up?!

“Ugh…” The stressed idol groaned lightly as she rushed towards the roof…at least she hope it was, the stairs did lead upwards and the last thing she needed was to get caught in a dead end.

“Hana please join out club!”

“Miss Hana please sign this!”

“Oh Hana please be my friend!”

She kept her internal thoughts to herself as she picked up the pace to a brisk walk. Oddly enough the amount of people following her seemed to decrease, maybe some fans acknowledged her private space? Well it was a welcome change as she got to the roof, there were a few voices though.

“Still a model and an idol? What are the odds?” Satoru said as the guys ate at the roof. “At least the heat from us will die down quite a bit right?”

“Can’t argue with that.” Seiichi stated as the door opened and out came a certain pink haired idol.

“Oh…I didn’t expect people to be here.” Hana said, trying to suppress her stress from earlier. “I hope you don’t mind that I eat up here…right?”

“No, it’s fine. Somehow this is kinda like safe haven for those with annoying people following them.” Neku responded as he continued eating.

“I see…thank you. So I must guess that you three are like school idols?”

“Indeed we are, so don’t worry about us.” Neku smiled back at the idol.

“I must admit though, you are quite a looker yourself…dark purple haired boy.”

“Neku, the lilac one is Seiichi, and the blonde one is Satoru.” The silent one introduced.

“Ok then, so if you don’t mind I’m quite hungry right now.” Thus Hana went some distance away from them before starting to eat.

“Huh, she’s interested in you Neku. But I still assume the quiet Shino is more your type?” Seiichai asked.

“Yeah, I mean my family has some odd connections and relations don’t you think?” Neku smiled.

“Aye, can’t deny that.”

“And now for chemisty…” Shino hummed as she made her way through her homework. It was around 7PM when she started, honestly she wanted to go out to the highway but she couldn’t overlook her homework. Plus she thought that Neku would want an above average intelligent lady rather than a procrastinator. She only opened her book before her phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hey there Shino, just wanted to say hi.” Neku’s voice was a warm welcome to Shino.

“Oh hey. I’m just starting my chemistry homework and I hope that you aren’t busy.”

“Sorry I’m on the highway, just wanted to check in I guess? But as long as it isn’t numbers I can help.”

“How do you start the first question?”

“Oh…take the grams of whatever and then divide it by the…weight of the element?”

“Ok I can get it from there…why did you grunt?” Neku did grunt as Shino started the problem.

“There’s a BMW M4 right on my tail, sorry but I think it wants to race call you later. *click*”

“An M4? Where…where did that car come from?”
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Chapter 8: Her Pride

“Alright M4, let’s see how you do…” Neku stated as he pressed firmly on the accelerator as the RX-7 accelerated forward and the M4 followed him…way too closely. “Shit, the engine’s already running at its max and I can’t pull away.”

“Hmph.” The driver of the M4 grunted. This is way too easy of a prey, there is no reason to face this person…it’s not even tuned well. “Well, let’s get a few laps in. There’s no point on facing such a pathetic local.”

“What?” The RX-7 was quickly overtaken by the M4, at that moment he saw the car. It was a silver colored BMW M4 with a GT wing on the back, there was no body kit on it…like it needs one. After gaining a little bit of space the M4 brake lights flashed a few times before the M4 blasted off. “Well I didn’t think I would win anyway. Time to call Shino, but I should be in a safer place first.”

“Hello Neku, how did the race go?” Shino asked, she had a distinct feeling that he lost…but it was a BMW M4…

“Failed horribly, couldn’t last a damn second on the straight. Bah well logically speaking that car does have more power than my RX-7, maybe more than your R33 as it is.” Neku responded, Shino however couldn’t help but feel a tinge of anger.

“I…I see.” The girl quickly replied, trying not to inject any venom into that sentence.

“Did I catch you at a bad time? You seem a bit pissed.”

“A-Ah no no I’m fine! Just having a bit of trouble with a problem that’s all!” She lied, Shino never wanted to lie…but she did.

“I see, well I’m gonna head home now. Stay safe ok?” Neku then hung up…

…but Shino still had her phone up to her ear. She was feeling an emotion she never felt before, so she tried to deduce what it exactly was.

Her first guess was anger…and she wasn’t that far off. Shino noticed her teeth were clenched and her free hand was curled into a fist, readying to punch something. Now that she knew what the emotion was…why was she mad?

It had to be from that conversation that just happened, else it would be a random flashback to an angry moment from her past and she wasn’t having one of those. What was it that Neku stated?

Failed horribly…” No it wasn’t that, in fact she knew that racers both win and lose a lot so it wasn’t that…although it would be a lie to say that she wasn’t feeling a little bad for Neku. He did lose due to performance…ah well.

Did I catch you…” No, no, that wasn’t it either. Shino was actually on a good stride with her homework and she was actually about to finish up, somehow the last problem was the easiest one of the bunch and all she needed to do was punch the numbers into a calculator. It definitely was not that.

…maybe more then you R33 as it is.” Shino felt her fist clench hard, that was it. Although Neku was being logical she could only believe that Neku was indirectly taunting her horsepower. But he would never do that…he love-…liked her enough to not make her mad.

“Dammit…do I have more pride then I thought?” The driver of the Ice 33 sighed as this revelation came over her. She was not a prideful person, she never wanted to be boastful, she never wanted to have pride, because in pride comes arrogance…to her at least. But after some thinking…she couldn’t shake the anger of her ego away, she was prideful. Prideful of being the elusive and feared street racer the Ice 33...

…and she felt sick.

“ARGH!” Shino then punched the air in efforts to punch away the egotistical part of her away, but it kept rising within her, taunting her. Unconsciously she got up and changed into a blue sweatshirt and some knee length pants before she started on a jog. Whenever she was angry Shino would always jog around for a bit in order to calm herself down…but today?

“Fucking hell!” Shino grunted as she picked up her jog into a full on sprint. The only thing she did to quickly rid herself of anger…but her pride would not leave. She continued for another three minutes before she stopped to catch her breath. “Why?!”

“Um…” Unbeknownst to Shino a certain pink haired classmate was right where she stopped. Hana was confused to say the least.

“Ah fuck, sorry.” The girl cursed as she continued to catch her breath. “Was…just running, don’t…worry about me.”

“If I’m not mistaken, you are Shino Arai yes?” The dark blue haired girl was now looking up at the girl, she was wearing glasses and had on a hoodie in an attempt to hide her pink hair. Too bad Shino knew who it was. “Hana…what do you want?”

“Shit, does my disguise not work?!” The idol then fumbled around in attempts to hide her face more. “Dammit how did this not work, it worked in the city!”

“Calm down, your pink hair’s sticking out a bit too much, your bangs were exposed.” The runner regained her breath and stood straight, she couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for the idol.

“Ah shit, next time I better check my hair next time, anyway why did stop in front of me? You aren-”

“I’m fucking not…sorry I’m a bit mad right now.”

“I see, well my mom says that talking to others about your problems helps and I was out on a walk, so do you want to talk?” Hana asked as Shino stood there, a bit stunned before she shook her head and nodded yes. They were nearby a park and found a bench there.

“I-Is pride a bad thing?” Shino said after a minute of silence.

“No, I don’t think so. There are people in the world who pride themselves in something but only when they feel confident in it. Me for example…I am prideful for being successful in the idol industry, but I never show that pride anywhere else but to myself.”


“Because that type of pride is arrogant, not many people can achieve that level of fame. It reminds me of a certain blue haired broad…er, well her color was a brighter shade of blue, not you!” Hana stumbled on her words before Shino gave a small chuckle.

“I get you, its Ayumi right?”

“Yes, she must pride herself in being prettier and more popular than everyone else and she revels in it. That type of pride is arrogant and painful to see. So you must have a reason for asking about pride, what do you pride yourself in?”

Shino shifted a bit uncomfortably as she decided to tell her secret or not…but she needed someone to talk to. “Can you promise me not to tell anyone?”

“Things like this are kept between us girls.”

“Alright…well I’m a racer, an illegal street racer who races on the highway nearby and I go by the name Ice 33.” Shino started, Hana noticed that she was pretty uncomfortable and shuffled around quite a bit. She wanted to say something but kept silent.

“And today my…um friend called me, he’s a street racer too and he lost to another car that was much more powerful than his…it’s a German car and he drives a Japanese car. So after his loss he called me and told me that he lost badly and…”

“And? Your story doesn’t end here.” The idol then noticed the street racer inhaled and exhaled heavily, her exhale trembling a bit as if she was holding back tears.

“He…he said that the car he fought had more power than mine did…then he hung up. But for some reason…I felt angry like a small part of me was challenged and I…well am here.” Shino sighed, but like her exhale it was shaky. “Why…I…I’m not prideful…”

“You are. Denial is the firs-” What Hana didn’t expect was to be interrupted by the girl who viciously grabbed her hoodie and pulled her close to the racer’s face.

“I. AM. NOT. PRIDEFUL!” Shino screamed at the idol. Thankfully there seemed to be no one around. “I. AM. NOT. PRIDEFUL!”

“Apologies.” Hana then gave Shino a hard right hook to her face, the racer recoiled in pain as she held her head. Thankfully her earlier state of denial was dispatched quickly.

“Ow…you know for an idol you punch hard.” The dark blue haired girl stated as she nursed her cheek…that really stung.

“Well all that exercise in the movements and everything makes great body strength and I do apologize for using it on you. But now that you are…clear again, tell me…are you denying your pride?”

Shino just looked away. She wanted to be free of arrogance, free of pride, free from boasting. But…but she couldn’t deny her pride as the Ice 33…her legendary status from middle school. Her regular life was a shy, everyday schoolgirl with a huge crush on a popular schoolboy and was too afraid to approach him. But at night…she was the Ice 33, she was the feared racer on the Speed Ring and the relevant highway roads in Ushiroyama, her R33 was an extension of her, she was a street racer.

“I am. And I don’t know what to do.”

“Pride is not a bad thing, it is how you show that pride that matters. I’m sure your friend is prideful in some aspect in his life. It is how you show it that matters.” After that Hana got up and walked home. Shino was just sitting there, debating on Hana words.

“I…I have the pride of a racer…

…the pride of being the Ice 33.”
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Impressive. I like the continuity here. Keep it up.
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A bit on a roll here. Don't expect this too often.

Chapter 9: A Plan

Shino felt different as she woke up. After that revealing talk with Hana she headed straight home, took a quick shower, and quickly went to sleep. Perhaps she was not shy, but rather she was just afraid of people reacting to her pride…but would she want to show her prideful self around? The possibilities swarming her head were too much for her and to wake up with these problems? She didn’t know how to react.

“Maybe I should be a bit more bold…perhaps that will help. But is that enough?” Shino sighed as she got dressed for school. The words from Hana lingered in her mind a lot more than it should.

Pride is not a bad thing, it is how you show it that matters.

“This small step can maybe help me…” The driver of the Ice 33 then looked at her phone for the time. Unfortunately her body went into overdrive as she looked at the time. “AH SHIT! IT’S 7:40?! CRAP I’M GONNA BE LATE! Ah man I’m gonna have to sit with everyone huh?!”

The girl grabbed the rest of her school items, sprinted out of her apartment, locked the door, and headed directly to the bus stop nearby. Thank goodness she sprinted, the bus just came and she knew that if she missed the next bus she would be late. However she also didn’t expect someone else to be here…

“Oh? Shino?” A certain dark purple haired boy said, just loud enough for her to hear it. Neku was here…was he sitting alone? And did he just offer her to sit next to him?!

“H-Hey…” She replied weakly as she sat down next to Neku. The girl felt her face burning bright red…and the numerous death stares the other girls on the bus had given her. “S-So…how are you?”

“Fine actually. My sis slept over at one of her friend’s places, so it was peaceful at home.” Neku replied casually. Shino couldn’t believe how far she was in terms of this relationship! Most girls would kill to be where she was at…and the stares felt like daggers were piercing into her shoulder blades.

“I-I see, we-well last night I-I had so-some trouble spea-sleeping!” Shino muttered over her words, the close proximity and the stares made her mess up! Thankfully Neku chucked it off.

“Don’t fret so much Shino. Now if you don’t mind…” The boy yawned a bit before…placing his head on her shoulder?!

“Eek!” The girl silently squeaked as she processed the action. The stares were not daggers anymore but freaking missiles! Wah…

“Well that went smooth.” Neku sighed as he conversed with his friends, the teacher was running a bit late so everyone was talking a bit.

“Indeed it has.” Seiichi replied, he was looking at Shino. Needless to say she was as rigid as a statue.

“I didn’t think that my plan would make her like that.” Satoru said as he shrugged.

“Maybe I should remind you that Shino is shy and the Neku was never that bold to begin with.”

“Ah well, at least he asserted who he likes. But I can’t help but feel that Shino is now the target.”

“Well anyway…what’s next Seiichi?” Neku stated. Last night he actually talked with them about trying to make more of an advance to Shino, he wanted a subtle yet firm way to make sure Shino knew that he loved her. “But let me just say…that was WAY too coincidental for that part to work out! That’s like firing a sniper rifle from the hip and managing to hit a target a few hundred meters away…in the head!”

“Sorry, but it worked right?” Satoru chuckled as he turned forward, signaling his exit from the conversation.

“Ask her out on an outing. That’s my idea.” The lilac haired boy simply responded.

“An outing…a date?” Neku questioned.

“No, an outing. It’s not a real date but a general hanging out.”

“But between a boy and a girl? People are going to say it’s a date.”

“Let them talk, it’s not official until you both acknowledge it.”

“Gah…well I’ll talk to her at lunch.”

“You know brother, people are going to say it’s a date.”

“I KNOW!” Neku rudely responded to Lillian’s statement later on in the day after school. He was now regretting telling her sister the plan he had for Shino.

“No need to be so rude to your sister Neku.” Shizuko’s voice came into their ears as she got upstairs carrying the finished laundry. “But people are going to say it’s a date. Just be prepared.”

“Aw don’t worry about it Neku, me and your mother did a lot of these outings before we started dating.” Neon stated as he poked his head out the master bedroom.

“Well we were dating at that time sweetie…you can’t say that.”

“Er…wow my memory sucks then. But anyway it’s okay to meet with a female friend after school, what time are you going to go?”

“I’m leaving at 7PM.” The son responded. Unfortunately the lingering silence from his father was not helping him.

“Um, son just be aware of people saying stuff.”


“Told ya, have fun on your ‘outing’…ah screw it have a fun date!” Lillian sang as she headed back to her room.

“Screw this…alright then, what should I wear?”

“If you don’t want to make this a date, then don’t wear anything nice.” Shizuko stated as she gave Neku his laundry.

“But wouldn’t that make me look bad?”

“Such is the price of an outing…honestly if it was a little bit after school this would fly over a lot more smoothly.”

“So a date huh?” Shino mused as she lay on her bed. There was no getting around what Neku asked; it was a god damn date. And she was anticipating it. Maybe she should be a little brave with her clothing choices…but a conservative look would help Neku reinforce her opinion of her.

“But…” But after that…experience with Neku, the idea of pride still got to her…GAH! This was too much for her! She grabbed her head as she shook it around. She wanted to ask Neku about this and in thinking that she had a great topic of discussion for the date. Soon she received a text message from Neku asking to see if it was ok to push the outing up to 6PM. Well she wasn’t going anywhere…

“I don’t see a problem.” The girl then texted it was ok and got up. She was bored now and it was around 4:15. Maybe she could sleep until then and that’s what she did.

“Mmm…” She woke up an hour later and took a shower before picking her wardrobe for the date. Maybe a more conservative look would help her today, they weren’t dating yet and she didn’t want to show anything…yet. So she grabbed a dark blue v neck shirt with a maroon cardigan and finished it off with some blue pants. It was simple and nothing too bold, just conservative to her tastes. Shino then contemplated about wearing some make up, in hindsight she was naturally beautiful…but the idea of applying some light make up would be nice. Unfortunately a quick call from Neku dismissed the idea, he was already here.

“Heya.” Neku stated as Shino entered into his RX-7. He was wearing a blue polo shirt with a unique black jacket and had black jeans on. Was this his idea of conservative? Cause it looked hot, in fact he could probably do some sort of photo shoot and he look sexy…however that made Shino blush a bit as she asked herself: Did I really just think that?!

“Hey.” Shino was going to be brave today. The idea of showing some pride made her, apparently, less shy, in theory. Let’s see if it works.

“Oh? Feeling a bit brave today Shino?”

“You bet Neku, now if you don’t mind shall we go?”

“Heh you appear a lot sexier today even with the conservative clothing. Alright then, let’s do a quick run around the ring first.”

So the RX-7 headed onto the freeway and Neku couldn’t help but admire the woman next to him. Shino Arai seemed so much different tonight, it wasn’t the timid schoolgirl from this morning…this was a god damn woman. The way her eyes looked sharper compared to her clear and nice looking eyes, the small yet slightly seductive smile compared to her relatively small frown, and the way the moonlight seemed to radiate off her? Shit, Neku was blushing the entire way.

“Hm? Neku, look in the rearview mirror.” The woman said as Neku did as she said…and there was a red Lotus Elise.

“Wait, I think that’s one of my sister’s friend’s cars. Looks like she wants to race.” The RX-7 driver said as he pressed the accelerator.

Shino’s question about pride could wait…she want to know how the one who, indirectly, insulted her car could drive.
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Wow...3 chapters with a bit more then a week...I think? Well now.

Chapter 10: The “Outing”

“So…why am I riding shotgun again?” Lillian asked as her green haired friend entered the speed ring.

“I’m worried about your skills, not that they’re bad, but you’ll die if you keep it up.” Jun responded as she pressed the accelerator on her Elise. “That much drifting will end up killing your tires and I’m sure your parents won’t like having to buy new tires every freaking week or so.”

“Ah shut it. I have my style right? Everyone is different yes?”

“But that difference is borderline insanity, you will die one day. Just humor me and let me show you a grip style, it may be more helpful than your drifts.” The driver sighed as the passenger crossed her arms and puffed her cheeks.

“Bah, fine. Wait…is that?”

“Looks like your brother is here today…isn’t he supposed to be on a date with Shino?”

“Yeah, looks like they want to run around a bit first…this could be interesting.” Lillian smirked as she prepared herself. “All yours Junny, let’s see what you can do.”

“Junny? Really? Ugh, fine.” The Elise driver shook her head as she approached the rear of the RX-7. Soon the red RX-7 pulled away from the Elise, but only for a bit as the Elise moved into the draft to catch up to the lead car. At this point they were at the long straight just after the right turn. And they kept accelerating until they approached the s turns before the banked right.

“Alrighty then Jun, let’s see what your ‘grip’ style can do.” The ice blue haired girl stated as she braced herself for turn. No response, rather the Elise managed to follow the RX-7’s line, albeit a little slowly…but someone wasn’t having fun.

“WAAAHHH!!! TOO MUCH G FORCES!!!” Lillian screamed as she hugged herself in order to steel herself.

“Doesn’t drifting have more G forces?” Jun asked as they approached the banked right. At this point the RX-7 was hugging the inside line while the Elise was on the outside, going to do a standard out-in-out turn.

“Shut it!” The passenger pouted as the Elise sharply turned in for the in part of the banked turn, to her advantage the space between them decreased a bit and the RX-7 was only a split second ahead of the Elise.

“Grr…your brother’s good I’ll admit.” The driver stated as she prepared herself for the angled left, the RX-7 was taking the middle line and was most likely going to drift around the left. And as she guessed, the RX-7 did a nice small drift…but the Elise’s cornering somehow made it slingshot pass the turn.

“My…body…” Lillian mustered as the G forces from such a turn made it feel like her body was going to rip itself apart.

“If you feel so bad then just bloody knock out.” Jun planted her foot on the accelerator and weaved through the remaining traffic, the RX-7 doing the same but a bit more slowly than the Elise…and sooner then she expected, Lillian’s eyes closed as she blacked out due to the swift and nimble turns of the Elise. “Tch…maybe she isn’t used to a nimble pattern. Ah well, c’mon Neku…let me analyze you.”

Now they were at the tight s turns and the RX-7 was about to enter it. The Elise was right behind him but as they enter it…Jun couldn’t believe how close the RX-7 was to the wall, it felt like the Mazda’s door was practically scratching the wall!

“Shit…gotta hand it to your brother Lillian, Neku has some skills.” Jun resigned as she flashed a few times as the RX-7 drifted through the hard right. Too bad Lillian was still knocked out…“Seriously though, you can stomach a lot of drifts yet you can’t handle a single lap grip style?”

“Impressive…” Shino said as the ‘couple’ exited the highway. Surprisingly Neku managed to shake off the Elise, she was ashamed that the Elise managed to beat her a few times due to her nimble performance. Still though, she knew that the RX-7 had less horses then the Ice 33 but to be beat the Elise? Perhaps…perhaps she wasn’t the best racer on the Ushiroyama highway anymore.

And that made her feel sad.

“Is something wrong?” Neku asked as they turned right onto another street.

“Well…no, I’m fine.” Shino lied again, she hated lying.

“Are you sure?”

“Didn’t your father or mother ever tell you not to butt into other people’s business?!” The girl shouted back to the driver. The stunned look on his face instantly made her regret her action. “So-”

“It’s ok.” The boy quietly responded, it was quiet…but it stung like a million needles to Shino. She just insulted him and maybe indirectly insulted his family…they must be good parents and they must have raised Neku right to be who he is today. She was asked out on a date and now she possibly jeopardized the relationship she dreamed of.
And that made her panic like crazy.

Unfortunately the rest of the ride was deathly silent, other than the sounds of the city. The tension was thick, Shino thought of opening the window to let some of the tension out…but she was afraid of moving. Thankfully the RX-7 stopped at a diner and not at her house. Slowly Shino moved to exit the car and Neku did the same a little but later. Nothing was said and the tension inside the car managed to come outside as well. So the two entered into the diner and waited to be seated.

“Ah Neku right?” The waitress asked the boy.

“Yeah, hello again.” He responded, that made Shino raise an eyebrow.

“Do you know her…?” Shino squeaked out as she was still nervous from earlier.

“My family comes here often so we are well known by the people here.” Neku calmly replied, the dark blue haired girl wasn’t sure if he was calm from the tension earlier or if he was trying to suppress his anger.

“I see…”

“So just the two of you? May I be so bold to say something?” The waitress asked as she was looking for a table.

“Sorry, but not now.” The boy said as he placed his hands in his pockets.

“Ah, ok then. I see a perfect table for the two of you, if you will follow me…” She then picked up two menus and led the two to a booth table. There she placed the menus on opposite sides of each other before smiling at the two, when they sat down. “May I grab you two something to drink?”

“May I just get water, no lemon?” Shino said, trying her best to smile despite the earlier argument.

“Can I get the fruit soda special?” Neku replied next, the waitress was chuckling a bit.

“It seems that you are the only one who gets that nowadays, well I’ll be right back.” She then turned around and left to get the drinks. Silence reigned over the two…

“Um Neku, I apologize for my outburst earlier…I…I…” Shino started but sighed as she noticed Neku giving a blank stare to the window. She definitely fucked up the relationship…

“It’s alright.” Those short words from Neku stabbed Shino harshly again.

“Let me ask…is pride bad?” If anything, the lucky girl wanted to at least start a conversation with him.

“Pride? It’s not bad, it’s ok to boast about some stuff but don’t go overboard. Pride is not a bad thing, it is how you show it that matters.” Neku blankly replied as he shook his head and looked at the menu.

It took Shino a bit but she eventually picked up the menu and looked at it. But as she looked at it the last sentence echoed through her head again, it was the same thing that Hana said to her…did their parent’s know each other or was this simply coincidence?

“I see…is there anything good here? I’ve never been here before so…” The girl was now desperate to restart the date on a better tone then before…but the way he stared blankly…dammit!

“Well there are a few things that I like that are not on the menu, it’s a secret menu that my family and regulars know of.” Neku responded…not as dead as before. Perhaps she could restore this date!

“Really? Then get something for me then! I like almost everything, everything except extremely spicy stuff.”

“I see, well now…should I surprise you?” He asked almost seductively…well now this date can now be restored!

“Hm? I guess so then, surprise me.” The girl replied normally…but inside she was jumping around like mad! The date can be restored!

“Hey Shino, I know what you meant earlier and I do apologize…my dad said that I was a bit nosy at times. So I do apologize…”

“No no no, I was being rude when I was saying that! Honestly I just think a lot so…”

“It’s ok.” Neku smiled as he held Shino’s hands. She blushed hard and felt her face lighting up from the heat approaching her face.

“Sorry for…the wait.” The waitress came back with the two drinks and saw the young couple holding hands. Needless to say she gave a small smile. “Here are your drinks…and what may I get you two?”

“Ah!” The couple jumped back in surprise.

“Did I interrupt something? Neku, I’m sure your father would like to hear this…”

“Please don’t say anything to him! I’ll tell him in due time. But we would like…”

“Whew that was great.” Shino said again as they stopped in front of Shino’s apartment. Neku thought it would be a good idea to escort her to her front door.

“See? I know some good stuff there. Anyway here we are.” Neku smiled at the girl. The date had a very rough bump but in the end it was good.

“Well I still feel bad for earlier…but it worked in the end huh?”

“Yeah it did. But yeah, how did you enjoy this outing?”

“Outing? Well an ‘outing’ is nice but this ‘date’ was really great.” Shino air quoted as she giggled at his blush.

“So this ends it right? I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Maybe…but aren’t you forgetting something?” She felt a little bolder today and wanted to end the date with a kiss.

“Perhaps, I know that the next step may pass my own set of rules but for you? Maybe I’ll let it slide.” Neku then held Shino’s chin for a bit…before their faces closed in and the two had a small kiss. It was short…but it was enough for her.

“Again…” Shino whispered as the two of them kissed shortly again. “Again…”

“Wait.” Neku shook his head as he let go of Shino. “Stop…I’m sorry but I’m not ready for the next step.”

“What do you mean?” The girl really enjoyed that kiss and she wanted to press her lips against his. It was nice and she technically gave her first kiss to him…something she valued a lot.

“I don’t think I can call you my girlfriend yet an-”

“So what was this then? Was this not a date?”

“It was an outing Shino…please understand.”

Shino inhaled and exhaled heavily, she hated how this entire thing to him was an ‘outing’. It was a bloody date and they ended with a kiss too! The next step would be to be to go out as boyfriend and girlfriend! Was he like his friends too, who had a lot of girls?!

“Yeah right.” She crossed her arms and tapped her foot. She was NOT amused.

“I know what you want, but think for a second…are you REALLY ready to become my girlfriend?” Neku sighed, hoping the lights would turn on.

“What do yo…” The lights turned on for her. Being his girlfriend now would mean that she would face the bloody weight of his fan club and possibly be bullied…she wasn’t mentally ready for that nor did she want to be on the number one spot in the school’s gossip. “No…no I’m not.”

“See? But Shino let me say this much at least.” He grabbed Shino’s shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes. “I really do li…no I shouldn’t lie, I LOVE you Shino. Even with our little exposure together I really have fallen for you. But we should both be ready for the next step and its consequences and I don’t think it’s time yet.”

With a sigh, Shino nodded. She didn’t feel ready for that stuff…and deep inside she knew not to push this too far too early. Perhaps she just wanted to have a relationship with him and steal him away from everyone. The girl was glad to have someone stop her before it went too far. “Can you at least kiss me one last time? No one from school lives here…”

“Well ok.” Neku resigned to the girl’s desire as they kissed again…but it was much more intimate. After two seconds Neku hugged Shino as he leaned into the kiss, Shino was surprised but she let her hormones drive this kiss. Soon she opened her mouth slightly to let her tongue enter Neku’s mouth. He was surprised at first but he accepted the gesture and soon they were trading their saliva with each other. This continued for thirty more seconds.

“Haa…haa…” The young couple gasped for air as they broke their kiss. Both of their faces were red with passion…but they knew not to take it any further today.

“See you tomorrow.” The boy stated as he wiped his mouth and left. Neku couldn’t help but swallow a bit of the saliva…it had a sweet taste to it.

“Yeah.” The girl replied as she opened her door, she also couldn’t help but swallow some of the saliva. It had a distinct taste and she wanted more. But today was over…and she couldn’t help but feel a bit prideful of what happened today.
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It's been almost a month,and no update?seriously?

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QUOTE (Tuners123 @ 10 minutes, 21 seconds ago)
It's been almost a month,and no update?seriously?

Hey man, while I do appreciate you reading this fic I have a load on my end in real life and the fix isn't my top priority right now. Wanna wait until spring break before I jump back into my fic.

But I do plan to have at least 3 chapters up by the end of my spring break, so just hold on for a bit more alright?
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Ok,i still patient waiting for update,after all

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QUOTE (Tuners123 @ Mar 16 2015, 09:19 AM)
It's been almost a month,and no update?seriously?

"Well, that was harsh", the forum user said to the other. "No need for that, as he is just providing you with some cool stuff to read." "I know", the other user exclaimed, "I am just really excited to read the next part!"

Could not NOT do it tongue.gif

@author: Awesome story! Can't wait to read more

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Alright, this chapter does not count for the 3 chapters for the spring break...update period.

Chapter 11: The Model, The Idol, and The Civilian

“Another day in the sticks eh?” Ayumi sighed as she tapped the steering wheel of her BMW M4. She was bored; this town wasn’t as exciting as the city. There were fewer buildings, it was a bit darker, and everything seemed off…it didn’t have the bustle of a regular city. This town was quiet, serene, and calm...and it felt off. Heck the model couldn’t see why her mother decided to go here rather than the beach apartment…at least that place was nicer.

“Ah well, I guess the sticks has some redeemable features.” She smiled as she got on to the highway. At least this town has a pretty good street racing scene, it could almost be compared to the city. She knew about the website for the races and everything but she decided to be an unknown enigma…whoever she came across, she raced them. Too bad there were a shit ton of Japanese cars, however she was in Japan so…bah whatever.

“Let’s go.” The model then pressed the accelerator as she started her run. There was something nice about being in the sticks though, a new track, thus a new way to race. The Wangan roads were nice and plentiful but after a while…they could get a bit tiring. She started at the start finish line and she decided to try a drift style, too bad her car was more grip based.

“Tch.” Ayumi clicked her tongue as she squirreled her car back into position. One thing she noticed when she first started was that the cars here tend to be looser in their style; there weren’t many places to accelerate up to top speed. So she tried to adapt to their style on her own time, but it seemed to end badly…well not crashing badly but…yeah.

“Hm?” As she started the long straight there was a black car in her rearview mirror that caught her eye, it was coming in quite fast…and as it past her she couldn’t help but smile. “A Jaguar F-Type? Hehehe…”

“That M4…” The idol started as she passed the BMW in question, soon it started to give chase, although it was slow in doing so. Hana sighed, she had seen this M4 a few times back in the city. She couldn’t believe that the M4 would follow her here…or maybe the car’s driver has some family here. Whatever, it was still a thorn in her side.

“Still, I guess this is ok.” Hana was actually glad to hear that her mother was thinking of giving her a break. The whole media bullshit was getting on her nerves and she needed a break…but she never expected there to be so many fans. It grinded her nerves and driving was one way to release that anger, so a good race would help her relax. However she shook her head as they approached the large s turns before the banked right. The F-Type was not tuned much; it was pretty good from the factory.

“Now.” She lightly tapped her brakes as the F-Type was in the middle of the s turn before she feathered her accelerator into a long but skillful drift into the banked right, the car was only a few centimeters from touching the wall. Hana was glad she got some lessons in drifting, her status and those two concerts held near Suzuka and Fuji raceways which just so happened to be holding some drifting events at the same time.

“Is that it?” Hana smiled as she saw the M4 slowly fall behind. Perhaps this track was much more suitable for her style, it wasn’t a top speed track but a skill based one. She gracefully returned the F-Type back to normal position before she pressed onwards to the rest of the track. The M4 never really caught up, perhaps it was a relative of the driver…

“Oh well…eh?!” The idol was making good time past the angled left before a dark blue car with two white stripes slipped past her, that was unexpected.

“Ah great, a German and a British car? Fuckin’ great…” The driver sighed as she shook her head. Her medium dark pink hair reached no longer then her should and her blue eyes were constantly looking around for any other cars. Soon the F-Type was approaching her, well she wasn’t going all out.

“Looks like the British want to race huh.” She grunted as she pressed her accelerator to unleash all the American power her 1999 Viper had to give. Of course the vast differences in the technology of the two cars really showed, the F-Type was closing the gap. She smiled as the tight s turns came up, if the driver was new to the track then she should at least gain some space as she took the sacred veteran’s line.

“Heh.” The Viper managed to take the line as the F-Type slowed down for a small bit and took the common line, she smirked at her experience here. But she thought it would be cool to have a race between the two of them…so she slowed down past the hard right before the start finish line…but an unexpected car came in.

“A BMW M4? D-Did that car take the exit and come back on?” She remembered an M4 earlier…but did she take that long today? Whatever a 3 man race would be nice…let the race begin…

The Viper was the first over the line to start the race, followed by the F-Type and finally the M4. The hard right was different for each of them, the Viper had an unusual grip style for a car so tail happy, the F-Type soon followed with a bit of a slide as it entered before straightening out at the exit, finally the M4 seemed to have done a pseudo drift as its tires squealed under the pressure.

Needless to say the straight widened the gaps, the Viper’s horses were unleashed while the F-Type was only slightly slower. The M4 though used the draft of the F-Type, somehow her car wasn’t pulling enough power to match the two cars…another thing on her list to do on her M4.

“Damn.” Ayumi cursed as she figured out she was going to be irrelevant to the race, but she knew how to change that around. As the two cars were tapping their brakes before the banked right she decided to keep the throttle pinned, at least her stiffer suspension should keep her tires stuck to the ground more…hopefully.

“She’s crazy…” The Viper’s driver muttered as she saw the M4 approaching fast and not slowing down. “But I have a feeling that she’ll make it.”

And she did, Ayumi managed to hold the car down on the banked right at a higher speed then the other two cars. The resulting G forces were a bit much for the model but she managed to keep it under control.

“God that was rough, it felt like I was on the C1…” The model grunted to herself as she straightened the car out. The Viper and the F-Type were behind unfortunately and the M4 was in front. Ayumi felt a little pride in her plan.

“Alrighty then, no more miss nice girl.” The Viper’s driver shook her head as she decided to go all out in the race. The angled left could be easily attacked with the Viper. “Now to just slam the accelerator and turn sharply.”

“Huh?!” The M4 was in panic now, the Viper seemed to have teleported just behind her.

“Ah geez, these highway racers are too serious…I’m just gonna pull back.” Hana sighed as she pulled off the throttle, she had them in her sights but how she raced and why she raced were a whole lot different than those two.

“Grr!” Ayumi growled at the Viper coming up behind her, it was way too close for her. Even swerving through the traffic the Viper seemed to keep up with her! Dammit this is not good! I can’t lose now!

“Tch, had enough?” The Viper then roared loud as the driver slammed the accelerator and overtook the German car, using the extent of the s turns where the Veteran’s Line is. She was curious about the racers…so she signaled out of the highway and they both managed to follow her.

“So, you are the damn prick who beat me eh?” Ayumi bolted out of her car just as the Viper’s driver managed to exit her Viper.

“Ah fuck! Damn woman calm down!” The driver grunted back just as she was grabbed by her shirt.

“Enough…Ayumi.” Hana sighed as she shook her head. “Damn bitch thinks she’s on the top of the world and once her throne dies she goes berserk…”

“Ya say something pink hair?” The model rudely asked.

“No, not really.” She then released the driver from the model’s grasp. “Sorry but I didn’t catch your name.”

“Ah, name’s Melody. But you do seem familiar, you’re that idol eh? Don’t worry I ain’t a fan.” Melody smiled at Hana. She had a short single dark pink ponytail that was a bit past her shoulders, her rather unique heterochromatic eyes of blue and green were a nice touch.

“My name is Hana, as you have guessed. Hey is that hetero…whatever it is your eyes are?” Hana asked, this was her first time she saw something like this in person. It was cool.

“Yeah, it is. Apparently my mother said that she and her brother were the recessive trait carriers, my grandmother, grandfather all have it! Strange hu-”

“Aren’t you two forgetting someone here?” Ayumi butted in, she even shoved herself between the two of them.

“Oh I’m sorry, we women are here holding a nice conversation…I didn’t expect there to be a CHILD.” Hana nearly shouted to the model, oh the fear on Ayumi’s face was a nice touch to boot. But she shook her head and got angry.

“A child? HA! Bitch please! I am much more mature then both you and you don’t even know it!” Ayumi smirked as she flipped her hair back.

“But a child gets angry easily for being ignored…wait hold on, I meant a SPOILED CHILD.”

“Tch! Damn bitch! I hope that yo-”

“Ah can you two just stop for today! I just came out here to race, not get into some drama bullshit outta nowhere!” Melody shouted over the two famous girls.

“I apologize.”


“Geez…well anyway I guess we should part ways here hm?” The Viper’s driver shook her head as the two stared at each other for a bit longer. It seemed like there was lightning from the two. They both broke the stare down and went back to their respective cars. “So they both drive for a reason. Ayumi is pride and Hana is reason. So I am…”
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Very nice man. Keep going.

Oh...and just curious, you've read the updates yet for AC?
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QUOTE (Rin @ 6 hours, 15 minutes ago)
Oh...and just curious, you've read the updates yet for AC?

Of course I have! I just haven't...reviewed it yet, I guess. Stuff on my plate WAS there...or my laziness.......... facepalm.gif
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Spring break update 1/? is here and assume 100 yen equates to $1.

Chapter 12: Upgrades

“Hello there Tomoyo.”

“Hey there Neku.” The two teenagers were meeting up at a nearby park. He called her for a reason. “So…what’s the meet up for?”

“This.” Neku then handed a slip of paper to her. She took it and read it over…this…this was quite a list.

“You plan on modifying your RX-7 so quickly…and your sister’s plans are here as well. You know...”

“Is something the matter?” Neku asked as he looked at the apprentice mechanic. Somehow his stare was making Tomoyo’s heart beat a little faster…

“A-Ah no no! Nothing’s the matter but…this kind of work isn’t something I would do for free you know.”

“No problem.” He then pulled out a small stack of 1000 yen bills. She looked at the money with wide eyes before slowly taking the stack. The mechanic then counted how much he would be giving.

“T-This is a stack of thirty! Why are you giving me this much?”

Neku adjusted his glasses before saying, “My father and your mother are friends, and he stated that without him paying for upgrading his car…well let’s just say we probably wouldn’t be here right now. So he wanted to make sure that I paid you something before doing a major modification job.”

“I see.” Tomoyo nodded at what the boy said. Miyako did say something like that to her and how she also stated to be aggressive in grabbing a potential partner for the futu-

“Something the matter Tomoyo? Your face is getting red.” The boy asked as she shook her head like mad.

“Hahaha! Nothing, my mother said something similar to that and some other stuff as well!” The red haired girl lied as she stretched out. “Anyway, I’ll see if my mother can grab these parts and kits if we don’t have them. Expect to not drive for a week or so, worst case two weeks ok?”

“Very well then, we’ll make sure that we’ll drive over to your place once you have the parts. Call either me or my sister when you get them.” The RX-7 driver then got a nod of acknowledgement from the mechanic before setting off back to his home.

“Still…a Knight Sport kit? That isn’t a well known kit series, but the Nismo shouldn’t be that hard.”

“Hm? This is a peculiar set of parts sweetie. But let me check if we have them.” Miyako responded to her daughter’s request. “I’m sure we have some spare Nismo parts but the other is going to be a bit harder to get. By the way, Neku did give you something right?”

“Of course mother, he stated that you and his father had a transaction in the past and without it well…he said that I probably wouldn’t exist right now.” Tomoyo stated as her mother looked at the computer for the parts.

“Heh, well you WOULD still be my daughter and I would love you…but let’s just say you wouldn’t have a part time job at this tuner shop and this entire conversation would never happen. Without their father I would have never been able to continue to do what I love” The mother responded as she chuckled at the transaction so many years ago. “Ah well we definitely have the Nismo and somehow we also have the Knight Sport parts as well. What luck we have, anyway call them up and tell them we have the parts.”

“Ok mother.” The apprentice mechanic nodded as she went up to her room and called Neku.

“Hello, who is this?” A female voice greeted the mechanic, confusing her a bit.

“Um, this is Tomoyo a friend of Neku and I was wond-” She then got interrupted mid sentence.

“Oh heya Tomoyo, this is Lillian! My brother is doing his homework at a friend’s house and he left his cell phone at home, forgetful ain’t he? Anyway what’s up?”

“Well you do remember the part list that you ga-”

“Yup, yup! I remember that, hey did ya know I put in twenty of the bills in? My brother owes me 10000 yen dammit!” Lillian responded playfully.

“Er…yeah well good news is that we have the parts and kits you’re wanting here, so if you two could kindly bring your cars over tomorrow I can start working on them.”

“Okay~ we’ll have them over after school! See ya!”

“Right…” Tomoyo sighed as she ended the call. Lillian sure was weird and she was somewhat worried of what would happen if it was Lillian who was at the park instead of Neku.

“So you expect two cars to come in tomorrow?” Her mother’s voice said as she entered her daughter’s room.

“Yeah after school of course, it’s a bit late for them to bring them over isn’t it?”

“Of course, I’m pretty sure their father would hawk over me until they got home if they brought it over now. Anyway sweetie, good night.” Miyako then kissed Tomoyo’s forehead and exited her room.

“Good night mom. I wonder if Lillian said was true, if Neku really did lose his cell phone at his house…how is he reacting?”

“WHERE THE FUCK IS MY PHONE?!” Neku screamed as he noticed that his left pocket felt empty.

“Can you not scream so loudly out of nowhere? My ears are ringing…” Seiichi commented as he ‘cleaned’ his ears.

“Ack sorry but it is missing and there was this game that had an event going on right now and I cannot afford to mess up now! I’ll lose my ranking like this!” Neku grunted as he started looking around the room.

“Seriously? And we’re doing our English homework, what YOU stated was your hardest subject.”

“Shut it! I can enjoy my life now right? I ain’t in college yet nor do I have to worry about exams yet!”

“Calm down, let me call your phone. For all I know it’s probably at your house and your sister is going through your browser history.”

“Really? You went there?” The bespectacled person stopped looking as he said that.

“So you are implying that you have looked up something naughty on your phone?”

“N-No…” Neku grunted at both his weak answer and his stutter.

“Oh? I know you well enough to know that answer means the exact opposite of what happened. What type of stuff have you been looking up? And have you ma-” Seiichi started before Neku cupped his mouth shut.

“SHUT IT! No one needs to know this. And for your information…no…I’m not going to say it.” He then sighed as Seiichi grinned and dialed the dark purple boy’s phone.

“Hello.” A cheery female voice responded from the other side.

“See Neku, your phone is safe. In your sister’s hand though.”

“Well ok then, give me the phone for a sec.” Seiichi complied with the command. “Sis? Did you receive a call from Tomoyo yet?”

“Yeah I did, she said that the parts were in her garage or something and that we can bring our cars in tomorrow after school.” Lillian responded with a near unnoticeable lower amount of cheer.

“I see, well that’s good. Oh…you didn’t look on anything on my phone right?”

“I didn’t know that female doctors were yo-” The ice blue haired girl started.


“Then you owe me 30000 yen to keep my mouth shut.”

“Tch, looks like I have to delay that plan I had with Shino then.” Neku muttered under his breath before clearly responding, “Fine fine. You win.”

“Yes! Alrighty then! I expect it by the end of the school year, you can either give it to me whole or in increments, but you better keep a tab on it because I MIGHT forget that you paid me if you give it me in increments.”

“Damn you sis!” Neku angrily ended the call before tossing the back to his lilac haired friend.

“So…female doctors huh?” Seiichi asked with an amused smirk.

“ARGH! SHUT UP!” The embarrassed boy grunted before stuffing his face into a nearby cushion.

“So I looked at my brother’s phone browser history and I have some…interesting details that I won’t go into.” Lillian said to her friends at lunch.

“Hah! So he left his phone at home and you looked into it? Nice, I AM curious Lil old pal.” Erika smirked as she placed her arm over the twin.

“It would be a bit out of character for me to say this…but I am curious as well.” Jun smiled meekly.

“Hah! So c’mon, we ain’t gonna tell people and besides how much was the ransom?” The childhood friend asked.

“Well I am promised 30000 yen for this so I do plan to keep my mouth shut from OTHERS…but let’s just say professional doctors have a certain effect on him.” The twin spilled.

“30000 yen? That’s a lot you know, how much money do your parent’s give you?” Jun asked as Erika was nearly about to burst in laughter.

“My father and mother give us quite a bit for allowance, I say last year we got around 35000 yen in allowance overall, of course I may be off a bit. Dad likes to give us quite a bit, mother thinks it’s a problem but she quickly let it go after we made a debit account. But my mother still hovers over our accounts like a hawk, it’s kinda hard to do any spending without my mother’s consent.”

“I see…Erika can you please go outside? It looks like you’re going to empty something.” The green haired girl asked as Erika complied and exited the room. She laughed extremely loud and obnoxiously, it made everyone in the classrooms and the hallways look at the indigo haired maniac. “Right, I guess she found that to bit to be too much for her.”

“Well I had the same reaction when I found out. Anyway, you did grab one of those ‘driving your car’ to school slips right?” Lillian asked her friend.

“Of course Lillian, I would love to drive my Elise to school. I am surprised that this school allows us to drive our personal cars here. Is your 370Z getting upgraded?”

“After school and in a week’s time, my 370Z will look like a racer!”
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Very nice but review? T_T

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