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> Initial D Anime vs Manga Storyline
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    Posted: Dec 24 2012, 12:09 AM

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If you have read the manga beyond Volume 32, then you'll know the anime has cut out considerable portion of the storyline. We don't know why the animation production team decides to do that. Is it because of production cost? Or is it because they think they are cutting out the "trivial" things? If it's the latter, then they are very much mistaken.

We Initial D fans love those little details. It's a shame they had to cut out so much in order to fit one race in each episode. Watching Fifth Stage almost feels like watching an extended version of Battle Stage... And for that reason, it's strongly recommended to read the manga after watching the anime. That way, you don't miss all the details from the original storyline.

Fifth Stage episode 1 starts at precisely Chapter 424 in the manga. Start reading here if you want to know what they cut out in the anime: Fifth Stage episode 4 ends at Chapter 499 in the manga. So don't read beyond that if you don't want to spoil yourself! happy.gif

(Source image: Chiho Oda's Initial D manga collection from Vol.1 all the way to Vol.45 - what a huge fan!!)

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