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> just question on tuning the tez and DC2, just help on tunin these cars
  Posted: Dec 29 2011, 12:15 PM

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Yea I know this has been answered a thousand times but.
excuse for dbl I just realized I haven't played this game in nearly 3 years...I use to play in phx, then recently moved to cali, I retired my Mr2 best I ever got was 3'04 on least I think that is what I had.

I'm workin on an altezza,

You start on A tune right? and you don't switch but you pick up the CF hood and that is it??

I also got an integra that starts on A tune and then switch to B tune for TAA correct?

is there any parts I should be watching for?

As far as serious battling the most I'll do is the tezza on sho, akina, akagi

The DC2 only probably on happo, akagi and all the wet stuff.

anyways thats all I wanted to ask. I have no other cars I'm thinking about except for the FD, I did want to do all the bunta stuff and get all the stars but I dunno, I feel like the only good car for that is R32 and R34 because you can block him all the way down.