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> Empire Rising
  Posted: Sep 27 2011, 04:49 AM

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Official Website:

Empire Rising, a new browser-based strategy game set in 15th century Europe, which allow players to forge an empire of their very own as one of four factions: the English, French, Ottomans, or Prussians. The game presents a unique mix of strategy and MMORPG elements for players to explore and enjoy; city building strategy elements allow players to direct the growth of their town and expand to control multiple towns while recruiting and directing armies. A crafting system adds to the RPG elements which allow players to level up and equip Generals to lead their armies to colonize or destroy other players’ budding empires.

Empire Rising sets itself apart from the various other free-to-play browser based games with a compelling age advancement system which will allow players to see their city change and grow as they reach important milestones and will encourage server-wide cooperation to open new Ages. An actual map of Europe with notable capital cities like Lisbon and Paris adds a touch of the real world to the game experience. Empire Rising’s tutorial and guided quest features will make the game accessible to players new to the genre and veterans alike.

Empire Rising will start a public pre-launch beta test on September 26. Players during the beta will be able to participate in a number of pre-launch events and the opportunity to win great prizes including an iPad 2!

Posted: Oct 12 2011, 05:38 AM


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I have been playing this game about 2 days, sounds good, here is a review: