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> [FANFIC] Cross-Cultural races
  Posted: Apr 7 2008, 12:04 PM

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Off-topic : Hey, it's my first fan story ! I'm sorry if you guys see some grammar mistakes, but will you please forgive me ^^ I'm French indeed, so my english isn't perfect.
If you guys have any feedback for this story, from ultra positive to extra sh*t, please let me hear wink2.gif
I've only written the 2 first chapters, they're quite long, but tell me if you'd like to read the next ones, or if I should stop it right now wink2.gif

Post-it : text between " " is speech ; text between * * is thoughts wink2.gif


It was a warm summer night on Mount Akina. The soft wind was gently caressing the surface of the lake at the top of the mountain. It blew a leaf that started to fly quietly over the trees bordering the mountain road; the mountain was dark and silent.
A small flame lit up the shadows behind the barriers at the first of the five hairpins. Among the moonrays, it was possible to see some smoke.

*The cigarettes are always nice beside a touge… I hope that what they told me was true and that there will be some actions around here*
The guy puffed a bit on his cigarette, and looked at his watch.
*I didn’t change it after getting off the plane… it’s quite of a jetlag here!*

After adjusting the time, he puffed another time. It was 4:15 am, and *they* should be there quickly. He heard an engine sound growing louder, and soon, some headlights appeared in the straight. It was a white Nissan Silvia. The car was travelling at quite a high speed, but the driver’s hesitation could be easily sensed. He braked quite early, and started drifting around the hairpin and kept that drift quite a while after the corner. The Silvia disappeared slowly after the 4 first hairpins.

*It wasn’t a bad drift, but that was pretty slow actually…*
Before he could finish thinking about his observations, the guy heard another engine sound. It was just a bit louder, but way higher in the revs. He could feel its power and its speed.
*Ahh, finally, here the Panda Trueno comes*.
He came faster than the previous car and braked much later. Its inertia, combined with the mass transfer the front made the rear wheel slide, soon follow by the rest of the chassis, through the corner. The old 86 regained its grip much earlier than the Silvia, and accelerated hard, with a small burst thrown out of the muffler.

*Impressive… most impressive… I guess it’ll be a nice battle… let’s pray for the ship not to be late, I need to train a bit on that road to catch up and pass that guy…*


The atmosphere was very different the day after on the docks of Tokyo. A huge cargo was unloading its containers. The guy puffed on his cigarette and threw it to the water. A container coming from Europe landed on the ground, and an employee of the docks came to the guy.
“Are you Mr. Robin Z. ?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Your shipment just arrived; will you please come with me and check everything is here and in a good condition?”
“Sure, lead the way”

They arrived in front of the grey container. The employee unlocked it, and opened the door. When the sunrays rushed in the dark container, revealing its content, a smile grew on Robin’s face. He lit a cigarette.

“It’s perfect…”


Itsuki was driving his 85 down on Mount Akina’s road. Since he bought it, many people laughed at him, but everything changed when he installed a turbo and started training. He was now as fast as Iketani, and kept progressing, improving his cornering speed and technique at every run. He was chasing Iketani during a training session in which they switched positions at every run, to improve together.
Coming to the 90° left corner he made a feint drift, and slammed the gas pedal. His 85 wasn’t very powerful with around 140 horsepower after the turbo, so slamming the gas was the only way for him to control his drift and to reduce the turbo lag when reaccelerating. However, this made the car a little unstable in exits, and he had to enter a bit slower, to focus more on the exit. He was proud, however, because he took this corner at 100 km/h, which was 5 km/h faster than he used to. They both arrived to a right hairpin, at mid-distance from the end of the road. The gap between them increased at the entrance, but slowly decreased as Itsuki’s turbo revved to its maximum pressure. There was approximately 50 meters until the left hairpin, and Itsuki felt as if there was a car close to them, but he couldn’t either see it in his mirror or hear its engine clearly because of his turbo’s whine. They twinned the hairpin perfectly, making Itsuki happy for having a better entry for the same exit speed, however…

*How come????!!!*
After watching his mirror, he saw the lights of a car sticking to him. It was all black, with headlights looking like the one of Takumi’s.
*Huh, did Takumi changed the paint of his hachi-roku ?*
He was relieved because only Takumi could keep up with them on Akina’s road. Itsuki soon realized that the engine of the car behind had a lower tone than Takumi’s 86 and that it was running at lower revs. The black car accelerated fast after flashing its taillights and started to overtake Itsuki on his right.
“Waaaaaaah, this guy’s crazy!!!!”
Itsuki was very surprised when he looked at the car… it was darkly black, had a shape close to the one of an 86, but looked sportier… and what really stroked him was that the driver was very close to him, in a left-hand drive configuration. He stared at that car for a second, then looked back to the road, and realized that he was on the inside for the entry of the left mid-angle corner and that he missed his braking point.
He slammed the brakes but blocked the wheels and started to take a lot of angle. The black car braked gently and later, initiated a drift with low angle, went to the inside just in front of Itsuki, then regained grip perfectly in the middle of the corner, and accelerated hard.
Itsuki slammed the gas pedal, but, because his four wheels were drifting with a too high angle, didn’t countersteer enough and spun.
“Phew… this… this guy’s good… He… could avoid the crash…that easy…”

*Poor guy, he wasn’t focused enough… on the touges, you have to focus at any single second*
Robin depressed the clutch and shifted to fourth.
*Okay, there’s just yesterday’s Silvia to pass, and it’s all for tonight*
He reduced the gap with the Silvia. Iketani didn’t watch what happened with Itsuki, and looked at his mirror when he saw the lights being closer than usual.
*I told Itsuki not to keep that close… wait, it’s… not Itsuki! I wonder where he is, I hope he’s okay. But what car is this?*
Iketani went full throttle on the straight line. He had a good pace during the mid speed corners section, better than usual, for he had not raced since he started his training. However, the black car behind didn’t fall back, and even kept the distance, and with a grace that showed its driver wasn’t racing at 100% of his capacities.
*Hmm, this guy’s good…*
Some sweat appeared on Iketani’s forehead as he started to get stressed. He never saw that car around, and after such a hard training, even if he reduced his personal best time by 20 seconds, he wouldn’t agree to lose that fight to an outsider. They reached the five hairpins.
Robin smiled.

*I know your weakness, before the fourth hairpin, I’ll be ahead*.
He let the gas pedal earlier than usual. The distance increased a bit; then Iketani braked, initiating his drift. Robin braked later, and gripped that hairpin. In normal circumstances, he would be faster drifting it, but he didn’t want to scare Iketani as well as to go full speed, for he couldn’t predict his reactions after such a short time chasing him. To see his line was perfect, he looked at the inside of the corner.
*Nice… There’s a gutter here, I’ll be able to use it for next race… If there are other gutters at the next corners, I’ll try my techniques*
Even if he wasn’t drifting, he took the corner faster than Iketani and had a better exit, because his engine was N/A. Iketani saw that and to prevent from being passed, he stayed on the inside to block the line for the right next hairpin and also to prevent the guy to take the gutter, if he tried to. Indeed, Iketani observed the races Takumi did, and noticed that he went on the gutter run only when he was just behind the opponent’s car. By staying inside, Iketani would block the gutter line. Robin’s car went side by side to the Silvia and Iketani didn’t notice that it was LHD. They arrived just before the entrance.
*There’s a gutter here as well, however I can’t put my inside wheels in it, that Silvia’s blocking the line for it. He may not be fast, but he’s quite smart… It’s time to surprise him and use my “satellite drift” technique!*.

Because he was inside, Iketani was forced to use the “Inside-Middle-Outside” line, instead of the perfect and fast “Outside-Inside-Outside”. However, if he kept doing this, he would end up in the inside of each hairpin, thus blocking the opponent until a faster section, where he could use all his turbo’s boost. He started cornering.
Robin’s eyes dilated.

He braked and, with the mass transfer, started to drift. He accelerated gently to increase his angle then released a bit the gas pedal to gain a bit more grip, pushing his front end a lot to the inside. Iketani saw that and was very surprised… so surprised he thought the front bumper of his opponent’s car would hit the curb and unstabilize it, making the situation dangerous for both. Robin started to sweat, because the “satellite drift” was a difficult maneuver. Between the apex and the clipping point of the corner, Robin’s car’s front left wheel was in the gutter.
*I’m in! Now, eat that!*
He pushed the gas pedal to the max, making his rear end slide even more, and releasing much smoke. He counter-steered precisely so that his front wheel would follow the tangent of the gutter, and delicately re-steered through the corner. Iketani, when he saw that, felt his back was cold.
*I…never saw someone do that!*
Just after the corner, the Silvia had a slower acceleration, because of its suboptimal line, whereas the black car had a nice push. The cars were once again side by side, but Robin was half ahead of Iketani. He kept accelerating, making his rear end at the height of Iketani left lateral mirror. Curious, Iketani caught a glance of that car. There was a decal going through the trunk of the rear end; it was written “SUPRA”
*It’s an old Toyota Supra… a MkII… The first generation after the Celica Supra*.
Iketani’s turbo had reach its max pression, thus making impossible for the black Supra to increase the “gap” between them. Robin noticed that there was another gutter on this right hairpin.
*It’s even more dangerous to try the gutter run with him a bit behind me… however, he’ll brake as usual, so I need to… well let’s do this!*
Iketani felt some rage growing in him, and decided to brake as late as possible, to scare the outsider. He would like as if no compromise was possible. They reached Iketani’s usual braking point for an hairpin.
*What the hell is he doing? BRAKE or we’re gonna crash!*
Iketani didn’t brake yet, he waited for the very last moment, knowing that his car could handle it, but hoping his skills would be sufficient for that. He braked a few meters before the hairpin. Robin did the same but with a lighter pressure and started to pass him. Iketani, seeing that his opponent wouldn’t let him block him tried the lucky strike. He depressed the clutch, revved to the max, steered and released the clutch. Robin accelerated to the max and managed to put his front right wheel into the gutter, making another “satellite drift”, but he was faster because he could exit on the outside of the corner. Iketani’s “clutch kick” made them twin very close, at approximately 25 centimeters. However, with the stress, Iketani didn’t manage well his exit, and kept the drift mucj longer than needed to have the best acceleration. Robin, who exited the corner perfectly, slammed the gas pedal. After the fourth hairpin, he was smaller to Iketani, and disappeared from Iketani’s sight after the fifth hairpin.
*I told you you’d be finished before the fourth hairpin…”

Iketani switched his warn lights on, pulled to the side, and waited for Itsuki. He arrived a minute after.
“Iketaniiiiiii-sempaiiiiii! Have you seen that black car, it’s a fast outsider! He’s not even Japanese! Aaaaaah it’s sooooooo depressing… :-( “
“I know… we should tell Takumi he has a new opponent, who is at least as good as the other he’s fought against… He used some techniques I never saw or heard about.”
Iketani looked at the moon.
*Maybe was he… a ghost?*

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Posted: Apr 7 2008, 02:08 PM

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Nice one Robin wink2.gif id like to read more
  Posted: Apr 8 2008, 01:59 AM

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So here comes chapter 3 :


Leaned back on the rear left panel of his Supra, Robin smoked a puff on his cigarette. He looked at the stars and smiled. It was a warm august night.

*What a nice evening for starting a career…*
He was pulled away from his awaken dream by the sound of engines. Since he was a teenager, his attention was caught by the sounds of well-tuned engines, and now that he was older, he could tell what kinds of modifications have been added to them. It was a whitish Nissan Silvia, and a white Levin.

*It’s the guys I’ve beaten earlier…*

They parked next to him and got out of their cars. Iketani came and started speaking in Japanese. Robin smiled, said he couldn’t understand a word, and pleased Iketani to speak english
“Hey, it’s a nice car you got here… And it’s pretty fast!”
“Thank you, you’re not bad as well”
“This is an MkII Supra right… which year is it from?”
“It’s very complicated; it has been kind of built-up from different years parts, from 1982 to 1986. However, the chassis is from 1982.”
“Hmmm… I see… stock factory tuning… can you tell me more about it specs? Because it’s been the first time that I see such a fast car on Akina for a while”
“Well, actually, I bought it “stock” when I was studying in America. The previous owner was a road racer, so he already tuned it a bit. He reduced its weight from 1360 kilos to 1200 by removing unessential stuff but keeping it daily-drivable, which improved the cornering ability. Then he tuned the suspension to allow a better handling, and faster speeds through corners. Finally he changed the tires to improve the grip and added some more camber to the wheels which resulted in a -2.6° in the rear and -2.2° in front, for a better stability when cornering and allow him to either be fast gripping or drifting.”
“Hmmm… I see… What about the engine?”
“The first one was a 1986 edition 5M-GE, the most powerful naturally aspirated engine inline-6 for this model. It had 175 hp. However, I harmed it during a race, so I had to push hard to win it… which resulted in a tight victory, and a blown engine.”
Iketani seemed more interested. What kind of engine was in there?
“And now, what have you put under the hood?”
“I found a used 1982 5M-GE. However, it had different specs than the one I used: the 1982 version is “only” 140hp. So I looked which parts were different between the 1982 and 1986 version, bought them, and built a 1986 5M-GE on a 1982 base. After a dyno-run, it pulled the same horsepower and torque as it used to. Stock, it was about 2800cc.”
“Hmm, it’s pretty few for a 3L engine, I felt you had more horsepower”
Itsuki, whose English wasn’t very good, threw himself in the conversation.
“You is fastest than me when the road are straight, and I have 130hp!!!,” said Itsuki with pride
Robin smiled.
“It’s because the modifications don’t end here! I lost against a Ferrari 430 in America, in a Californian canyon, and I found that all my races were becoming harder than before for the lack of power in wider and straighter roads. So I found a kit used in powerboat racing, which engines were based on the mkII Supra’s. It’s a Japanese brand, Kuwahara that made two kits: they are bore-up, piston and crank kits that increase the displacement to 2900 or 3100, resulting in either 230 or 250 horsepower. I choosed the 2900cc one, for consumption issues, and here I am”
Iketani was impressed. Pulling 230 hp from a naturally aspirated engine, and having more acceleration than him with his turbo on straights was very rare. Itsuki felt humble, seeing a foreigner having the same standards as they had.

“You is stranger? Were you come from? What you do here in Gunma?”
“My name’s Robin Z., or Z. Robin in your standards, but many people just call me “Zen”. I’m French, but I started racing in America during my studies, becoming one of the fastest canyon racers of the West coast, because of this car that was so well-tuned it was easy to improve my skills. I’m in Japan for two monthes, a Japanese client asked my company a mission, and I have to change its business organization. Because my next assignment is in the United-States, I brought my car to tune it, with some parts I can only find in Japan. I want to reduce its weight, and I plan to install a carbon fiber hood, front and rear bumpers and skirts. I also want to find a 18 or 24 valve cylinder head, for the stock Supra’s is only a DOHC 12 valve. I guess that would pull either 300 or 320 hp, which would suit perfectly the reduced weight.”
“You seem very professional and organized… Nice to meet you “Zen”, my name’s Iketani, and here it Itsuki.”
“It’s nice to meet you as well! By the way, before I leave, I have something to ask y…”

He couldn’t finish his sentence, as he heard a very familiar tone. By its low pattern, he could recognize a typically American V8. It sounded like it was back from a muscle car of the 70’s. He was most surprised when he saw a pink Silvia passing by them on the road. He thought it was quite a strange swap, but stopped thinking about it.
“Well, so I was saying… Do you know a guy driving a white Panda Trueno? I saw him chasing you yesterday, and I wondered if there was any way to meet him?”
“No, I don’t think I’ve met him before,” Iketani lied
“NOOOOOOO IKETANI-SEMPAI!!! ITS TAKUMI! Yes we know him very well, he a member of Project D, the fast racers! We is the apprentice of Takumi!”, he pretended to be a member of that team.
“Itsuki… Yeah we actually know him, but he doesn’t like to challenge people out of his team-races, and I don’t think he’s allowed to do it.”
“I can understand. Can you tell him at least I’d like to meet sometime, to talk about cars. I felt a strong aura in him, and I’d like to exchange points of view with him.”
“Sure, we’ll tell him… By the way, what was the drift technique you used when you passed me? I never saw someone try that kind of drifting…Hooking the wheel in the gutter…”
Robin smiled.
“I called it “satellite drifting”, for when you look at the skids, you can see that they are concentrical to the corner’s shape. I developed it the other way by putting the front inside wheel on a raised slope, which induced a mass transfer to the rear, thus my rear tires had more grip and pushed the car forward. This is the other way to do the satellite. Hooking the tire in the gutter turns the gutter into a rail, which allows drifting at full throttle without under-steering. However it’s harder to do, because you have to keep your wheel parallel to the tangent of the corner, otherwise you’ll finish facing the wall.”
“I see…*His technique is impressive…* Well, we have to go, we start early tomorrow at the gas station. Actually, Takumi’s with Project D racing their first race in Kanagawa, but if we’ll see him tomorrow at the station, we’ll tell him you’d like to meet.”
“Alright! I won’t be there tomorrow, I’ll go to Akagi to train, and maybe to race there… See you!”
He started his engine, drifted a half-turn and went full throttle towards the city.
Posted: Apr 10 2008, 02:28 PM

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doing good doing good biggrin.gif
  Posted: Apr 10 2008, 02:31 PM

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It was the night after Robin “Zen” Z. beat Iketani and Itsuki on Akina’s downhill. He was now on Mount Akagi, cruising uphill at quite a high speed, but way slower than his race speed. He didn’t like uphill, but it allowed him to check the “track” before going crazy on the downhill. He was on Akagi because he heard that there was a driver as impressive as Akina’s 86, but this time driving a heavily tuned yellow RX-7 FD. When he was almost at the start zone of the downhill runs, he heard a loud sound behind him.
*Maybe it’s him… the uphill king?*
But as the sound grew louder, he realized it had a lower tone than a Turbocharged rotary engine. He felt it was an inline-6. He looked in his mirror, and he saw a dark purple car flashing it headlights. Zen turned on his blinker, pulled aside, but the other guy accelerated and slid with his handbrake in order to block the road.
*Such a poser…*
He got off his car. It was a Skyline R32 Sedan
“I am Suzuki, the boss of the R32S Team. Are you the one that smoked Takahashi Keisuke uphill some days ago?”
“I don’t know who that Takahashi Keisuke even is…”
Suzuki laughed out loudly.
“HAHA, well then you’re no match for me… Plus, with a 20 year-old car like that, you’d be lucky to finish the race without dying. I’m telling it to you guy, you’re old Inline-6 is not match for my R32’S!”

Suzuki jumped in his car, started it loudly, did a donut, and went downhill in a whole bunch of smoke and skids…
*Maybe I haven’t got enough power to beat your smartass uphill… but downhill is my field idiot*.
Robin did the same.
Akagi is a very different road than Akina’s, although it also has a 5 hairpins pattern which is close to Akina’s. The straights are longer, but this makes the corners more dangerous, for they usually turn out to be a constant braking battle.

Pushing its car to the limit, Zen realized soon that if Suzuki had been a skilled driver, he lost them all when he started to rely on its engine power. To be fast with a powerful engine, you gotta be more skilled than with a low powered engine…

“Aaaah, that little preck is already on my tail… He must have a very powerful engine!”
There was a hairpin coming ahead. Suzuki pulled up his e-brake, then downshifted in 2 second to have enough torque to drift the hairpin well. Zen just downshifted in second while starting to steer, which made him flow graciously through that hairpin, and put it right behind Suzuki.
“WHAT ?”
*I told you the downhill was my playground…*
A corner mid speed corner to the left appeared both took it full throttle, but Suzuki’s front wheels started to spin, due to power excess. This made him understeer a little, allowing Zen to touch lightly his rear bumper.

“WHAT??? You think you can play with me like that ?!”
He accelerated hard, but didn’t put his car on the outside of the road for the next right corner.

Zen : *I have to end that battle before we get to the 5 hairpins, otherwise he’ll block my lines with drifts, and there are no gutter that I can use down there… it means I have to end that battle : NOW!*
Pulling the e-brake, Suzuki drifted till he finished at 5 cms from the barrier on his left.
Zen was perfectly on the outside, and drifted that corner he’d had gripped if he led. He ended neck to neck with Suzuki’s car.

Suzuki : *It’s impossible! Full Throttle again!*
But with the surprise, Suzuki didn’t realize that that drift made him lose rpms, and he didn’t shift down to be in his powerband, which reduced his acceleration. Zen, who was at the beginning of his powerband, went full throttle as well. They were still neck to neck at the apex of a left corner.

Zen : *Time has come!*
Suzuki did the same thing as for the previous one, while Zen took a perfect line at a perfect speed, with a perfect slip. For he was side by side with the R32 before the corner, this made him overtake Suzuki.

In a desperate bloodlust, Suzuki downshifted and went full throttle, but his tires slipped on a water-drain grill, very common on Akagi, which made him lose a lot of acceleration power. After another corner to the right, followed by a left hairpin, Zen had already gained 30 meters, and kept increasing the gap till Suzuki couldn’t see him anymore…

Posted: Apr 10 2008, 03:11 PM

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  Posted: Apr 11 2008, 03:13 PM

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Zen was driving toward Akina. He heard that a good battle was going to take place on the downhill, and he decided to see it. Maybe it was between the white hachiroku he saw some days ago against an outsider? It was a good opportunity to catch a glimpse of his technique and driving style.
As he arrived at the battle road, he decided to go full speed, to see how well he could do uphill. Right after the 5 hairpins section, he saw a black Silvia in front of him. It had a low-tone engine, probably a V8, but with a different sonority than the pink one he saw some days earlier.

Zen : *Maybe it’s the same that have been tuned and repainted… It’s for sure a hot girl to wear such a kinky paint!*
He didn’t stop, and decided to pass the car in a rough way, to provoke its driver, and maybe start a battle. He pushed the gas to the max, revved to the redline and shifted to fourth. The driver didn’t seem to react, and Zen got a bit disappointed.
He arrived to a midspeed corner to the right, and saw some headlights coming to him. When they got closer, he realized that it was the same AE86 he saw the other day. He drifted gently toward the left lane, to prevent both cars from crashing. The white painted and carbon-hooded Trueno took a heavy angle in the corner, its four wheels spinning, while the driver was lighting a cigarette with no hand on the steering wheel. Zen felt cold, as if he had been pushed violently in an iced water.

Zen: *0_0, what the… what a skilled driver… but… is it the same car? It behaved differently from when I saw it first…*
At the top, there were a lot of cars, each and everyone be Nissan Skylines R32S. He parked at the rear end of the parking, and recognized Suzuki’s car he had beaten the night before. Soon after, the V8 black Silvia came and parked. Two boys got out and they started to speak with Suzuki. A American-looking guy stayed on the pavement, whereas the car’s driver got back in and aligned his Silvia in front of Suzuki’s car. The countdown finished, and both cars rushed down…
Max: ”It’s gonna be a heck of a battle, I really don’t know who is gonna win. Suzuki’s really fast and his technique is amazing, but Akio screwed Keisuke in an uphill race on Akagi.”
Zen: “This is not going to be interesting, Suzuki’s slow, and he gets distressed so early, I’m off”
He lit a cigarette got back in his Supra, revved to the max, passed his first speed and took the downhill road in a loud, smoky style.
Zen: *I’m gonna do a time attack, see how fast am I, I will probably not catch up those two, so it’s going to be perfect for a timed run!*
He gripped the highspeed corner after the start, then used it as a feint to start drifting for corner right after. He finished at 5 cms from the guardrail.
He went on as fast as he could, until the midspeed section of the track, where he found a pair of taillights. It was Suzuki’s Skyline.

(The following part starts were .M.’s chapter 5 ends)
Suzuki recognized the black Supra, and pushed the accelerator more, even if he was already at full throttle. He took the corner perfectly, so perfectly that Zen was astonished. The Skyline pulled away a bit.

Zen: *Crap, he has tuned his suspension today… he learns fast… Then Suzuki, I WON’T HOLD BACK!*
Arriving to a left medium-speed corner, Suzuki used the left-foot braking technique to drift just a bit and take that corner faster than if he’d gripped it.
Zen: *You wanna drift, right? So watch this technique!*
As he was gripping in corner, in 2nd gear, he depressed the clutch, switched to 3rd, revved to maximum rpm, and slowly released the clutch until the point where power starts to go from the clutch to the wheels. This made the back lose grip under so much torque, and pushed the car sideways, while still giving him enough grip to push it further to the front. He ended his drift in front of Suzuki’s car, at 10cms of his bumper.

Zen switched his style to drive back only at his full capacities, trying not to use risky techniques. Suzuki soon disappeared from his mirrors. He arrived at the five hairpin section, and caught up Akio’s Silvia.
Akio: “Hmmm, I didn’t know Suzuki could be THAT fast in THAT part on Akina’s downhill…”
He drifted easy with his torque throughout the hairpin. His speed was good, however he could have more post-corner acceleration if he was more precise with his right foot. Zen braked and used his mass transfer to drift throughout the corner. He got even closer to Akio’s Silvia.
Akio: “Damn, if I keep going like that, I’m gonna lose this battle!”
He did a very nice mass transfer drift in this hairpin. Zen noticed that his tires were creating an heavy smoke, due to overwear. His V8 must have had a lot of torque, maybe too much, to make his tires wear that fast.
Zen got even closer to Akio.

Akio: *Damn! My tires died so early! Hmm… I need to grip this corner… Wait, look at that…maybe should I…just do it…?*
As he turned to the right on the 3rd hairpin, Zen heard a strange noise. He realized that Akio used the gutter run technique.
Zen: “Okay, you want to play with gutters?”
He did his satellite drift technique, he finished really close to the black Silvia’s rear bumper.
Akio:*Suzuki’s lights look different than earlier…*
He looked in his mirror
Akio:”This ISN’T Suzuki?”
He realized then that it was too late to use the gutter run technique. He pulled his e-brake to be sure to slide without burning much more because of his V8 torque. This, combined with his overheated tires, made him understeer a little, leaving room for Zen to do an attack maneuver.
Zen: “Now, watch me pass you!”.
Zen started to do again his satellite drift…
Akio: “It’s the SUPRA!”
… but after the clipping point, his front left tire jumped off the gutter way too soon, and he struggled to prevent his car from crashing with the barrier. Akio arrived at his level. They were neck and neck for the fifth hairpin.
Zen was inside and in 3rd gear as they arrived to the apex. He downshifted to second without braking, which made his rear wheels spin a bit, but allowed him to use the gutter run at the beginning of the turn. Akio got in the gutter at the clipping point when Zen started to leave it to go to the outside, and he stayed there till the end of the corner. There were again neck and neck in the straight line. Akio’s Silvia, which had more power than Zen’s Supra, accelerated hard, and started to overtake. When they arrived to the first mid-speed corner to the left, Robin was inside, but Akio front end was ahead Robin.

Akio: “I’m going to pass you and win this race NOW!”
Akio started to drift and tried to overtake the Supra
Zen: “You’re stupid, you can’t do that now!! You’re gonna kill us both!”
Akio’s front left panel pushed the Supra’s right one until 2 centimeters of the barrier. Zen predicted that, so he pulled and released the e-brake at the right time to avoid crashing with the barrier and went full throttle while countersteering hard to prevent from spinning.

They twin-drifted that corner until its very end and they finished it side by side. There was a right-handed corner just after.
Zen: “I’m sorry, I’m gonna end this race NOW”.
As Akio’s Silvia was inside, and with his worn out tires, he took the corner at a lower speed and understeered when he reached the middle of the corner. Zen took a perfect line and passed Akio with ease. As Zen was faster than Akio, he pulled away in the next corner, which was the last before the finish line. He finished the race 2 seconds before Akio passed the line. Suzuki arrived 20 seconds after.

They both parked at the skating ring parking. Akio got out of his car, apparently very upset.
Akio: “You RUINED my battle, you’re an ass, how could you come on while we were racing! Can’t you respect other drivers?”
Zen (while lightning a cigarette): “It’s good to smoke after a good race…”
Akio: “Are you at least listening to me? You passed me dangerously before the race, and now you’re messing up with us once again??? What do you have to answer to that?”
Zen: “Nothing… I just wanted to go down quick, I’ve beaten Suzuki yesterday, and I guessed this race wouldn’t be interesting… Well in fact it was, because I passed you both after leaving the start zone 15 seconds after you.”
Akio(took his phone): “Max, it’s Akio… have you seen a Black Supra leave the start zone after we launched? What? A lil’ moment after?? He was smoking, and said this battle wouldn’t be interesting?? No, I didn’t lose to Suzuki, I won but… that guy passed us both…”
He hung up.
Akio: “I have to go now, but next time we meet, I’ll smash your arrogant face…”
He left in a heavy cloud of smoke. A few seconds later, when Zen was smoking the lasts puffs on his cigarette, he heard again a V8 sound coming from the downhill road.
Zen: “Huh… he’s already back?”
A pink Silvia, apparently V8 powered as well, rushed into the parking, and braked hard at the level of Robin. The driver’s window lowered a little, but Robin couldn’t yet see the face. A low toned male voice spoke to him.

?: “I saw your race against Akio, you’re impressively fast, I’ll be eager to have a battle with you.”
Zen: “Sure, but only downhill, I hate uphill races.”
?: “It’s okay with me, let’s meet next Saturday at 10pm at the top of here.”

The mysterious driver pulled up his window, and, like Akio, left in a smoky cloud.
Zen: *Damn, it’s way far from a girl…And what do they all have with V8 powered Silvias and burnouts at starts?*
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very very nice chaptar
Posted: May 12 2008, 10:24 AM

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Wooh, Zen gaijin smashed them all. Nice story.