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> [FANFIC] Destiny Shift, The Fallen Angels appear...
    Posted: Mar 18 2008, 04:06 AM

Cock Blockula

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After hearing N1's Shuffle! review, I just HAD to go ahead and make this. This also serves as backstory for Kaede's character in a Wangan RP that she's involved in, so this kind of canonizes her racing background there.

I blame HashiriyaR32 for this. I utterly, utterly do. I also blame Nomake, but I blame HashiriyaR32 more. laugh.gif Props go to them for help in car selection and proofreading.

Just a few things about this fanfic before I begin:
1.) Because this intertwines directly with the Initial D and Wangan Midnight universes, everyone here is human. So sorry guys, but Nerine loses her delicious long ears. Though she does gain an uncanny ability to wiggle them at will... but that's another issue. That also means no magic powers, lol, so this effectively treats Shuffle! as an alternate universe, though events in the anime still somewhat happened.
2.) It's the same regarding Asa and Primula, but there's something about them that get different treatment. That depends though on how the story goes, and while I have a general idea of how it ends, I'm not sure about how they get characterized in the long run.
3.) This also references another author's clan. So Glocker, please don't hate me too much. blink.gif
4.) Either way, I hope you guys enjoy the story.

And so, without further ado...

Destiny Shift - Prologue

[Day: Monday, March 14, 2005]
[Location: En Route to Rin's apartment]
[Time: 4:00 PM]

"Congratulations, Rin-kun!" Kaede cheerily said she walked down the path along with Rin, Sia, Nerine and Primula. She and the first three were now officially High School graduates, while Primula was about to enter her senior year at Verbena High School.
"Hey, I should say the same with you as well..." Rin chuckled. "We ARE in the same year, after all."
"Thatís true..." she said.Ē So, what are you going to do now?"
Rin sighed. "Honestly, I have no clue. I couldnít pass the entrance exam for Hyōgo University, so... that makes me a rōnin for the next year or so."
"Donít worry, Rin-kun, Iím sure thereís next year," Kaede said in an effort to comfort him. "Iím pretty much in the same boat too anyway..."
"Your case is a bit different though. You chose not to go,"
"Thatís mainly because I donít really know what to major in... Dad says itís fine if I took a break until I figure out what I want to do."

Rin smiled for a moment until he realized that Sia was still sad. "Hey, whatís wrong, Sia?"
Sia looked up at Rin and suddenly grabbed hold of his collar in desperation. "Wahhh! Rin-kun, Iím such an idiot!"
"H-hey, Sia! Calm down!"
"I canít! Iím such an idiot! I didnít get into Hyōgo University..."
"Then doesnít that mean weíre BOTH idiots?" Rin asked.
"Fine, Iíll stop," Sia relented. "But you have to promise that weíll BOTH get in!"
"Rin-sama, Sia-chan, I can help tutor both of you for next year if youíd like," Nerine offered.
"That would help, thanks," Rin said. "Is it fine for you though?"
"Yes! Anything to help Rin-sama would be my pleasure! Itís easy for me to help you guys too since Iím already in."
Sia became energetic again at that remark. "Yosh! Rin-kun, Iím going to do my best too so that we can go to University together!"

"What about you, Rimu-chan?" Kaede asked. "Any plans for when you graduate next year?"
"... I donít know," Primula said in her usual monotone voice. "Iíll probably just be a freeter."
"Is that okay with you, Rimu-chan?" Nerine worriedly asked.
Primula shrugged. "I donít know what I particularly want to do though."
Rin gently ruffled Primulaís hair. "Donít worry about it. Iím sure youíll find something you want to do."
"Onii-chan..." she quietly said, blushing as he continued to pet her head.

It was usually at this point that everyone would walk Rin back to his apartment, and then be off to their separate ways, just as always.
However, when they got there, there was something different. This time, a young, bespectacled man in business attire was waiting for them by the door. A black limousine was left running on idle by the side, as if waiting for the man and whoever he wanted to see in Rinís apartment complex.
He turned to see Rin approach the house, and bowed to him. "Are you Rin Tsuchimi? Mikio Fuyou told me Iíd find you here," he asked.
"Yes, that would be me... can I help you?" Rin said.
"Ah, yes. Iím here on behalf of your late parents, actually."
"My parents?" Rin asked. It was almost ten years since their deaths, and nobody came to him to discuss legal matters regarding whatever inheritance he was to get. Such matters were generally left to Kaedeís father, his technical guardian, and it was understood that he would get his parentsí estate when he became eighteen.

That time would be now, since he had just celebrated his eighteenth birthday last week.

"Yes. However, I also represent your motherís relatives."
"My relatives?" He had never really heard about his relatives from his motherís side, and why they would involve themselves in his affairs now surprised him. "I had no idea she still had relatives..."
"Yes she does, and they left something for you regarding an important matter. If you would, I need you to follow me..."
"Hold on!" Sia interrupted him. "I donít know whatís going on here, but this seems highly suspicious. Youíre not even introducing yourself! We wonít let him come with you unless you tell us exactly what is going on!"
"Ah, yes. My sincerest apologies to you and your friends, Rin-sama, Lisianthus-sama," the man bowed.
Now everyone was surprised. "How did you know...?Ē Kaede tried to ask.
It was then that Nerine recognized him. "Hattori-san!" she gasped. "Youíre my fatherís business associate!"
"And also your fatherís as well, Lisianthus-sama," the man said. "My name is Kenji Hattori, Public Relations Manager for the Gods and Devils Racing Team."

"I see... but if you work for father, why is Rin-kun involved? I havenít even married him yet..." she shyly said.
"Oi, I think thatís the least of our problems right now, Sia. What I need to know is why my mother is involved," Rin said.
"Yes, that is a matter that gets resolved when we get to Okayama Circuit," Hattori explained.
Just as he said that, two more figures exited from the limo.
"Father!" both Sia and Nerine gasped.
"Yo, Rin-dono!" Shin Eustoma said cheerily. Oddly enough, he wasnít wearing his usual loose kimono; rather, he was wearing a very Western-style business suit, and so was Maoh.
Rin sighed and had to resist face palming from exasperation. "Somehow, I knew you two would be involved in all of this. Whyíd you have to ask Kaedeís father where I lived? You could have just gone straight here."
"We could, but we didnít want to disrespect your legal guardian," Maoh Forbesii said. "This matter is of interest mainly to you, and you alone, Rin-chan. We are only involved because we somehow ended up holding your inheritance."

Now Rin was thoroughly confused. "My inheritance?"
Kenji bowed at Rin. "Please, Rin-sama. Your inheritance awaits."

[Day: Monday, March 14, 2005]
[Location: Okayama Circuit Garage]
[Time: 6:00 PM]

"I didnít think weíd be back here so soon..." Rin said as he stepped out of the limo.
"Same here, Rin-sama. The last time we were here, we were just learning how to drive," Nerine said wistfully. "It was just last year, was it not?"
"Yeah. Asa-senpai came along with us then, too," Rin replied. From the tone of his voice, it was obvious that he was wishing she was here as well. "Because of that, we were all able to get driversí licenses. But what I donít understand is why weíre here, and what my inheritance has to do with this."

"It has to do with this, Rin-sama," Kenji said as he pulled out a briefcase and opened it on top of the limoís hood. He pulled out some papers as well as a small red pouch from within.
Everyone gathered around to hear what he had to say. Kenji cleared his voice and began to speak:
"I, Kenji Hattori, as executor of Michiko Satoís estate, I have been empowered to read Michiko Satoís last will and testament in front of her beneficiary and his witnesses."
"Michiko-san? Thatís your mom!" Kaede whispered.
"Yes. Sato was her maiden name before she got married to dad... but why are they addressing her by her maiden name?" Rin wondered.
Kenji continued:
"'I, Michiko Sato, of sound mind and body, do hereby declare that in the event of my death, my son, Rin Tsuchimi, would receive my entire estate. If my son is not of age, it would be left in the hands of my trusted associates, Shin Eustoma and Maoh Forbesii, until such time that he reaches of age.'"

Rin spun around to face both Shin and Maoh out of shock. "You two... you both knew my mother?"
"Hey, it surprised us too, Rin-dono," Shin said. "She would only meet us with regards to business, so we werenít that close; it didnít help that she always referred to herself by her maiden name. Still, she trusted us with this much at least. Before she died, she asked us to hold it for her son Ė we didnít think it was you."
"We were also forbidden to tell you about it until you were of age, Rin-chan," Maoh explained. "If you think we deceived you, we humbly apologize."
Rin sighed. "No, itís not your fault. To be honest, I am shocked, but if mom had to trust someone enough to leave a precious thing meant for me, Iím honored that it was with you guys."
"The honor is ours, Rin-chan," Maoh said.

Kenji then approached Rin with the small red pouch. "With that, Rin-sama, in the presence of your trusted witnesses and associates, I hereby give you your motherís legacy." He placed the red pouch in his hand, stepped back, and bowed. "With that, my duty is done."
Rin was puzzled at what the pouch contained. When he opened it, he found two sets of keys; one was a set of garage keys, the other was a car key with a Nissan logo on it.
"A car key?" Rin wondered aloud. The other keys had a number on it. "000, huh..."
"Thatís the closed garage that is never open to the general public, Rin-dono. Only we have copies of that key, but only to perform the necessary maintenance on it from time to time," Shin explained.
"I can guess why, but itís still strange that she would leave something like this."

Still, he and the rest of the group approached the single garage that was always closed: Garage 000. He unlocked it himself and put away the padlock in his pocket.
"Rin-kun, letís help you open it!" Sia said.
"Thanks, Sia. To be honest, Iím kind of nervous. I donít know what Iíll expect to find inside," Rin replied. With that, he took the middle; Kaede and Sia were on his right, while Primula and Nerine were on his left.
"On three! One! Two..."

On the count of three, they all raised the garage door.
Everyone gasped at what they saw.
There, sitting inside the garage, pristine and seemingly untouched, was a Third Generation Gunmetal Nissan Skyline GT-R.
"Itís an R32!" Rin said after the shock had worn off.
Kaede covered her mouth from shock. "Aunty had something like this?"
Shin approached Rin and gave him a hearty slap to the back. "Congrats. Sheís a fine piece of work. What you decide to do with this car is your decision from now on, Rin-dono."

From afar, Kenji got back inside the limousine as Maoh escorted him to it. "Are you sure this is okay, Kenji-kun?" he asked.
"Yes, Iím quite sure. After this... I have to resign as your Public Relations Manager. That was part of the stipulation. Iím sure my replacement will do well."
Maoh sighed sadly. "Weíre going to miss you, Kenji-kun."
"Iíll be fine. Iím just glad that I was able to fulfill my onee-chanís final request."
With that, he closed the door, and the limousine drove off.

Meanwhile, Rin was still left in shock at the current turn of events.
Just what exactly am I supposed to do with this machine? He wondered.
Little did he know that his destiny and those of his loved ones were about to take a slight shift in an entirely different direction than he, or anyone, could ever imagine.

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Nomake Wan
Posted: Mar 18 2008, 04:26 AM


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Utterly too well-written. The minute nuances of the Shuffle! cast were conveyed clearly and correctly, even when mixed with original or semi-original cast. If this won't drag people into banging down your IM windows trying to find out what happens next, I don't know what will.

Curious that Rin would have an R32, and more so that I haven't seen Rin at all in the RP.
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Posted: Mar 18 2008, 12:33 PM

Unlimited Request Works

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QUOTE (Nomake Wan @ Today at 8:26 AM)
Utterly too well-written. The minute nuances of the Shuffle! cast were conveyed clearly and correctly, even when mixed with original or semi-original cast. If this won't drag people into banging down your IM windows trying to find out what happens next, I don't know what will.

Curious that Rin would have an R32, and more so that I haven't seen Rin at all in the RP.

He was originally going to have an Evo IX, until I persuaded Dex that a GT-R suits him better. Yes, yes, you can curse my R32 fanboy-ness for that.

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  Posted: Mar 20 2008, 03:55 AM

Cock Blockula

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Lol, thanks. I just hope I can keep them in character as the story goes along... whistling.gif

Destiny Shift, Chapter 01 - A Mother's Legacy

[Day: Monday, March 14, 2005]
[Location: Nerine's Home]
[Time: 10:00 PM]

Rin sighed to himself as he sat inside the R32 that was parked in Nerine's front yard. Since his apartment didn't have a garage, it was decided that it would stay at Nerine's house for the moment.
"Mom..." Rin whispered to himself. "Why this? Was there something you wanted me to do with this car?" he asked as he leaned back on his seat, his driver's side door hanging open.
Almost on cue, Kaede came to the car carrying a cup of green tea.
"Rin-kun, you okay?" she asked as she gave him the tea.
"Thanks. Yeah. I'm just, well... surprised, for lack of a better term. I'm glad Mom left something for me, but its just I don't know what to do with it," Rin said as he took the cup.
"I don't blame you. I'm surprised that Aunty even had a car like this to begin with."
Rin nodded, then took a slight sip from the cup. A slight smile came to his face. "You know, as I was growing up, I was wondering what Momiji-san, Mom and Dad would be doing if they were still alive. Now that I have this car, I'm vaguely wondering if they would have still given me this car when I turned eighteen."
"Uncle might not have wanted you to have it," Kaede chuckled.
"Yeah, probably. Now that I think about it, I think Mom would have wanted me to start out with something cheaper, like a Corolla," he laughed. "Not something like this."
"I'm sure there's a reason for it," Kaede said. "Aunty was always methodical and planned ahead."

Rin finished his cup of tea and handed it back to Kaede. "Thanks for the tea."
"You're welco-"
Kaede never finished her sentence because the cup slipped from her hand. She tried to catch it, but in the process, she ended up diving inside the R32 and right into Rin's lap!
"Ow ow ow ow..." Kaede moaned as her abdomen rested on top of the shifter and the handbrake from the fall. Her arms managed to keep her from getting impaled on the protruding mechanisms, and she had managed to save the cup.
"Ack! Kaede! Can't... breathe..." Rin struggled between gasps. Her lower body was pinning him to the seat.
"S-sorry Rin-kun! I just have to... ahhh!" Kaede moaned. "Y... your hand..." She was feeling something between her legs!
"Sorry, you pinned my hand! I can't move it unless you get off," Rin said.
"R-Rin-kun! Stop moving your hand!" Kaede pleaded.
"... well, if its you, I don't mind, but..." she was about to say, but her thought was interrupted when she saw something on the glovebox. "Rin-kun, there's a piece of paper hanging from the glovebox! Let me go get it..."
"H-hey! Get off of me first!" Rin said, but Kaede kept going at the glovebox in her awkward position. To anyone else watching, it looked particularly hillarious and incrimminating at the same time.

In fact, someone was. Three of them, to be exact. Nerine, Primula and Sia just stared at them for a good few moments.
"R-Rin-sama!" Nerine gasped.
"Rin-kun!" Sia said along with Nerine. "Kaede-chan, that's no fair!"
Primula just stayed quiet, but she was clutching her cat plushie to her chest.
Rin noticed his growing audience. "H-hey! Girls, this is not what it looks like!"
However, Kaede's moaning didn't exactly help his case. "... ah! Almost... there... just a little more! Ahhh!" With that, Kaede managed to open the glovebox and pull the piece of paper from it. "I got it, Rin-kun!"
"Thank you. Can you get off me now please before the others get the wrong idea?" Rin pleaded.

Kaede managed to get off of Rin and handed him the piece of paper.
This time, Primula spoke. "Kaede."
"... you're a little disheveled."
Kaede embarassedly tried to straighten out her skirt, which somehow managed to ride itself up into her blouse.
Rin straighted his clothes out too, and finally took a look at the paper. "Hey, it's a letter from Mom!"

Everyone went around Rin as they went inside the house to get a better look at the letter itself. Rin started reading it aloud...

My dearest Rin-chan,

If you have this letter, then that means I am no longer with you, and I apologize. I wish I could be with you now, my dear son.

I'm sure you're wondering why you have the R32. The truth is, before I met your father, I was once a street racer. I guess you could even say street racing ran in my blood - we Satos are particularly involved in the racing scene both underground and professionally, and while we as a clan don't particularly forge alliances with anyone, I have chosen to associate myself with the Gods and Devil's Racing Team mainly because we've already shared a long-time association with them on Project Yggdrasil as well.

However, that is not why I left you this letter.

Rin-chan, you have Sato blood running through your veins. As a clan member, it is only natural that I let you know about your heritage now that you are of age. You have every right to know that. However, you are, first and foremost, my beloved son. The R32 is yours to use as you please - it is your life, after all. You can use it for daily driving. It would still make a good family car if you decide to go with Kae-chan, or maybe even either one of Shin-kun and Maoh-kun's daughters. At least, I'd like to think so.

If you should choose to follow the tradition of the clan however, there is a place where you should go: Saitama. Find Tōdō. He can help you get started. Last I heard he ran his own shop, and hopefully, he's still there.

Whatever path you choose, Rin-chan, I will always support you, and I will always be watching you and keeping you safe. I love you, my son, always and forever.

- Michiko

"Mom..." Rin gasped. He had no idea how deeply involved his mom was in the sport of racing - even going as far as being part of Project Yggdrasil. "Sia, Nerine, did you know this?"
Both girls shook their heads. "I'm sorry, Rin-sama. I only knew about the project around the same time Lycoris met you. If your mother was involved, I could not have known," Nerine apologized.
"It's allright. Though I'm slightly creeped out that she already considered the possibility of... well..." Rin struggled to say the word "bethroal" with regards to Kaede, Sia and Nerine - just how much did she know and plan for?
He tried not to think about it too hard. He remembered his mother being loving and attentive towards him and Kaede, and he knew that she would honestly tell them about that part of herself had they asked.

"What are you going to do now, Onii-chan?" Primula asked. She didn't seem bothered that much that Rin's mother was part of Yggdrasil - possibly just as much she was - and was more concerned about what Rin would do.
"A quiet life versus trying to find out about my mom's past..." he sighed for a moment, then folded the letter. "Well, I've got a year to kill. To be honest... now I want to know what Mom was really like."
"Rin-kun..." Kaede said. "What about getting into Hyōgo?"
Rin smiled at that. "I think I should be fine. Besides, I doubt its going to take that long, and honestly, I don't even know what to major in when I get there. Even Asa-senpai knew what she wanted to take."
"Then I'm coming with you!" Kaede said.
"Me too!" Sia chimed in. "Besides, we're all rōnins anyway. And I want to know what Rin-kun's mom is like too... I bet she was just as kind as you are."
"Are you sure about this, Sia, Kaede?" Rin asked.
"Yes! We want to help you too, Rin-kun!" Sia said. "Right, Kaede-chan?"
"Yes! I'm sure Dad won't mind as long as I'm with you..." Kaede said.

Primula and Nerine looked away at Rin. They were both sad, and Rin knew why.
"I want to go with you, Rin-sama..." Nerine said.
"Me too," Primula chimed in.
"I'm sorry... you both have school to worry about. I wish you guys could come along too," Rin said.
"We'll be fine, Rin-sama. We'll find a way to go after you!" Nerine said.
"Good luck, onii-chan," Primula said as well, giving Rin a hug as she did.
"Thanks, Primula. Nerine, I'll try to get done soon. We still need to get tutored from you, after all," Rin sheepishly said.
"Yes, Rin-sama! That's a promise!" Nerine said.

[Day: Monday, March 14, 2005]
[Location: Tōdō Juku]
[Time: 10:05 PM]

"Thanks again, Sakai," Daiki said as his comrade replaced the EK9's tires. "Sorry about keeping you up this late just to help me brake pads."
"Eh, that's no problem," Smiley said. "You've been racing with that girl quite a lot lately, you know."
"Oh, Kana-chan? Yeah, she's maintaining her brake technique. She's almost as good as me. Frankly, I'm afraid she's gonna out-brake me sometime," he chuckled back.
"You sure its just that?" Smiley teased.
"Hey, she's off-limits. She's the chief's niece for one, and she's already got someone else," Daiki said defensively. "Besides, its a good break from trying to go faster."
"I know how you feel. We've been trying to improve ourselves ever since Project D came by, but it feels like we're both hitting a wall. It gets frustrating sometimes," Smiley lamented.

Tōdō came inside the garage at that point. "You guys still here? It's good to know that you're both hardworking, but come on."
"Sorry, Chief. We're almost done," Daiki said as he lowered the Honda from the hydraulic jack.
Tōdō chuckled at that, and his head turned to the nearby calendar that was hanging on the wall of the garage. "Oh yeah... that reminds me. Sato's kid..."
"Who?" Smiley asked.
"Michiko's kid. You guys weren't even enrolled when she came by here last time. Pretty good racer, that girl." He unfolded a piece of paper that he had in his pocket and read it again. "Well, if he comes by, I'll leave it to you, Smiley."
"Eh? Who are you talking about, chief?"
"Oh, don't worry about it. Just keeping some old promises, that's all. I'll tell you all about it later."
With that, he quietly went outside again to smoke.

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Nomake Wan
Posted: Mar 20 2008, 07:11 AM


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Amazing chapter. Also it took your fanfic to make me realize that Sakai's name really is Smiley. I didn't believe it until I went to the Japanese website and found the

Please keep this one going. It might just be because I've got Shuffle! Fever all over again, but this is one fic I want to see continue for quite a while. Props.
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Posted: Mar 21 2008, 02:07 AM

Unlimited Request Works

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Here's what I can only say: MOAR!!!!!
  Posted: Mar 21 2008, 11:07 AM

Cock Blockula

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And moar is what you shall get!

Destiny Shift, Chapter 02 - First Encounter

[Day: Wednesday, March 16, 2005]
[Location: Top of Mt. Akagi, at a nearby Family Restaurant]
[Time: 4:30 AM]

"And so, the three adventurers traveled for one day and one night through the expanse of Chūbu, and into the unknown wilderness that was the Kantō Region. Their first, and last hurdle, would be to cross the unknown mountains of the Gunma Prefecture, before reaching their desired location in Saitama. What manner of strange, exotic cars will they encounter, and what dangers await them at every turn?
"Will the combined strength of Rin-kun's R32 and the rival duo of Kaede-chan and Sia in her Spirit R prevail against the local competition? Will they finally be able to discover the true secret that lies behind Rin-kun's mother's legacy?"

"Sia-chan seems to be enjoying herself," Kaede chucked.
"Too much, I think. I don't think a monologue like that is necessary, Sia," Rin said.
Sia turned off the tape recorder that she was speaking into "Maybe if I was just writing a letter, but this is much more dramatic. Mayumi-chan told me that I should ham things up when I report this back home."
"... If Mayumi told you about that, then I shouldn't be surprised," Rin said. "In any case, we should go inside," he said, motioning to the Akagi Family Restaurant that stood before them.

Much of what Sia said earlier was correct though; they were traveling for quite some time now. Sia's father allowed her to come along with Rin, and for good measure, also gave her a Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A, coated in a bright Vintage Red. She was also asked, upon Primula's request, to document their travels, hence the portable tape recorder.

"Good morning! Welcome to the Akagi Family Restaurant!" a waitress greeted them at the door, her long blue hair bobbing in the air as she gave Rin and his party a quick bow. She was wearing the usual family restaurant uniform, except it was mostly red save for the white apron that went in front and the white shoulder covers tied together with a blue ribbon. "Party for three?"
"Yes, thanks." With that, the waitress led them to a booth along the middle of the restaurant near the kitchen.
"What would you like this morning?" she groggily asked as she quietly shook her head. It became apparent to Rin that the waitress didn't seem like she got enough sleep, but was dutifully carrying out her waitressing work nonetheless.
"I'll have the Western breakfast special. What about you two?"
"I'll have the Japanese breakfast special," Kaede said.
"I'll have what Rin-kun is having," Sia said as she put her purse down next to Kaede.
The waitress rubbed her eyes for a moment before writing down the orders. "Two Western specials and one Japanese special... any drinks?"
"Water will do," Rin said.
The waitress punctuated her writing and bowed. "Thank you. Please wait, your orders will be ready in a moment." With that, the waitress ran off towards the kitchen.

"Whoa, she runs pretty fast," Rin commented.
"-uichi, two Westerns and one Japanese... oh, we have more customers! I'll go get them!" The waitress then ran out of the kitchen towards the door. "... Good morning! ...Ah, Fujiwara-san, Takahashi-san! ... Eh? I don't look that sleepy, do I?..."
"Wow, other people do seem to eat here too at this hour," Sia said. "What if they're street racers?" she worriedly asked.
"I wouldn't worry too much about that right now. I'm actually surprised that we haven't seen any on the way here," Rin assured her. "I highly doubt we'll get challenged right here in a place like this. If we do, we just have to decline."
"I agree. Besides, its not like Rin-kun wasn't taught how to race too, if we do decide to accept," Kaede said.

Rin sighed to himself as the waitress passed by them, this time bringing two men to the booth behind them. "I used to wonder why Maoh-san also had us learn about track racing as well. Maybe he was preparing us for something like this?"
"Either way, itís not like we're not prepared, Rin-kun," Sia said. "If we do face someone, we'll be ready!"
"I wish it could be as easy as you make it, Sia," Rin lazily replied as he put his chin on his hands. "We're not exactly top racers, after all."
"But as long as we're together, we should be fine. Right, Kaede-chan?" Sia said.
"Yes. Rin-kun's mom is helping him out in his car, after all," Kaede said. "You had one of the fastest times amongst us, and even Maoh-san was impressed. Now that you have the R32, I'm sure you'll be faster!"
Rin then smiled and straightened up. "All right. If you two say so, I'll just have to do my best!"

Minutes later, the waitress came back with their orders, and they all had a hearty breakfast. They enjoyed the food very much that they gave the waitress an above average tip before leaving, to which the waitress thanked them for.
As they left, the waitress then proceeded to start cleaning up the table. In the process she found something on the seat; it was Sia's tape recorder!
"Oh no! Those customers left something!" she exclaimed just as she heard the sound of Rin's R32 and Sia's RX-7 drive off. "Oh no! They just left! What do I do?"
"That's simple then!" a voice chimed in...

[Day: Wednesday, March 16, 2005]
[Location: Akagi Downhill]
[Time: 5:30 AM]

Sia followed Rin at a comfortable distance. They were sort of caravaning, but Rin was running at a faster pace. "Mou, his R32 is pretty fast..." Sia lamented. "Dad said that it ran roughly 320 HP stock because it was VSpec II version."
"Eh?" Kaede asked. She had no clue what Sia was talking about.
"Oh, sorry. That's basically how much power his R32 produces. But that's just without modifications... Right now, it gives out roughly four hundred. My RX-7 only gives-"
Her thought was interrupted when a pair of lights showed up behind her. Without warning, a yellow RX-7 almost like hers zoomed past her!
"H-Hey! What the heck is going on?" Sia gasped as she started accelerating. However, the car behind her started flashing its lights.

BGM: Revolution - Fastway

"Oh no! Are those street racers?" Kaede asked.
"They must be those two who were in the restaurant earlier!" Sia said. "To think that they'd ambush us in a race... Fine, I'll take this one behind us, but I gotta get past that other RX-7 too! Kaede-chan, I need you to warn Rin-kun on his cell!" With that, she downshifted and bolted after the other RX-7 even as her opponent sped after her.

Meanwhile, Rin looked at his rear view mirror and saw the outline of an RX-7 following him. "Oh, Sia must have caught up... eh?"
To his surprise, the RX-7 flashed its lights at him, and at the same time he heard the buzzing of his cell phone.
"Eh? Sia wants to race? Well, I suppose its fine. We should get ourselves ready anyway, so a mock race will help." With that, Rin downshifted and put all the power down as they entered the first straight of Akagi downhill.
"I don't know how she'll fare on this straight..." Rin commented as he slowly started pulling away from the RX-7. "She might be able to catch up on the turns."

Both cars approached the first left hairpin. Rin wasn't paying much attention to his opponent than he was paying more attention to the turn, so he was surprised when he looked back after clearing it.
"Hey, she caught up!" Rin said, surprised that the RX-7 cleared the turn in a high speed drift. "Wait, when did Sia start drifting that fast?"

Behind them, Sia was also trying to catch up to Rin. She was at least successful in outrunning the car behind her, increasing the gap to the length of around two cars. Kaede however wasn't having much success on her end. "Rin-kun isn't answering! He probably thinks that car ahead is us!"
"Damn! I hope he can figure out that that's not us! At least our opponent is far behind. If we stay calm, we can out run him!" Sia said as they approached the left hairpin.
"Sia-chan, look out!" Kaede cried out as she held onto the door.
"Hang on!" Sia braked hard for the turn and gripped through it. To her dismay, it wasn't as fast as either Rin's or the other RX-7's turn. Even worse, her opponent managed to catch up to her as the still unidentified car drifted through the turn!
Kaede saw the car on the mirror begin turning at the exact moment when Sia herself started turning on the next right. "Sia-chan! He's turning earlier than you!"
Sia was able to clear the next right turn, but to her horror, she saw the car behind them use only its previous momentum to take it through the turn faster than she and with it, she managed to see what it was...
"Is that a Trueno!?" she gasped.

Up ahead, Rin managed to increase the gap again on the straight before hitting three turns that started with the long medium right. He assumed a grip style as he braked for the turn and feathered the throttle for the next two turns, the nose of the R32 attacking the apex each time. Upon exit, he found that the RX-7 behind him exited faster and was catching up!
Whoa! Sia's a LOT faster this time around! I don't remember her being this fast!

As they rounded the right hairpin, he found out why. Rin decided to drift through it, and the car behind followed suit, revealing a brighter yellow color on the RX-7 - a completely different coat of paint than the one on Sia's Spirit R!
... That's not Sia and Kaede! If that's not them, then where are they!?

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If you're running R-compound tires, drifting is NOT recommended.
Nomake Wan
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Honestly, I enjoyed the first two chapters more than this one. You sorta lose the character personalities in some places (Rin-kun calls Kaede 'Ka-chan' for instance), and I don't think it's fair to call a Spirit R "vintage."
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My bad. I meant to say the color was Vintage Red. Also, Sia was saying that, but I guess that wasn't too clear. I've edited it to reflect those changes.

*makes a mental note to get chapters proofread first* whistling.gif

Destiny Shift, Chapter 03 - First Defeat

[Day: Wednesday, March 16, 2005]
[Location: Akagi Downhill]
[Time: 5:31 AM]

Rin started to feel his heart race and the adrenaline pump through his system. This isn't a mock race anymore... this is a real battle! His hands gripped the steering wheel tightly as he braked for the next left hairpin and gripped through it. Eerily, the RX-7 also gripped the turn, but attacked the apex much harder than he did. He also exited a bit faster, and the gap was closing fast.
To his comfort, he saw the familiar headlights of Sia's actual RX-7 behind the other one, but that too was followed by another set of lights. Damn! A four-way battle!? Its just a good thing that we're doing this so early in the morning... there's nobody around to complicate things, at least, I hope there won't be.

He didn't have time to think entirely through that train of thought, as the next gauntlet of turns suddenly came upon him. He only had enough time to brake just enough so that he could clear the first two turns, but he swung wide for the right hairpin, just narrowly hitting the guardrail with the tail end of his R32 as he exited the turn. The RX-7's line, however, was much tighter, and so he was clipping the apex in an almost full speed drift before feinting for the next left hairpin!
Crap! This guy... he knows the outline of this course better than I do! Rin suddenly realized as he braked for the left hairpin and tried to power out of it. His line, however, was not exit-oriented; the one behind him, was.
To his horror, he saw the RX-7 drift just mere centimeters from his rear upon exit before the RB26DETT's power was able to reach the wheels and accelerate him away from his opponent!
This person is fast along the corners! I need to put some distance between us somehow!
Rin saw the RX-7 lose ground on the straight, but it was a momentary respite. This RX-7 driver could outmaneuver him without even trying, and it soon became apparent to Rin just how different the track was from a downhill street!

Meanwhile, Sia was dismayed at how quickly the other RX-7 driver was able to pull away from her. Even more worrisome, was the fact that the Trueno was still glued to her rear end. Her line back in the earlier gauntlet was not as graceful nor as tight as the other car's, so despite the greater angle of attack in his drifts, he never lost speed. In fact, it was almost as if the driver was matching his speed to hers because she was so slow.
This is so irritating! Sia thought as she looked at the rear view mirror.
Except it wasn't Sia who thought that.
Kikyou! What are you going to do!?
Isn't it obvious? Rin-kun is in danger, so we need to lose this one first! The downhill slope should help us catch up to that other RX-7 at least!
Kaede was worried at how quiet Sia got. "Sia... chan?"
"Hold on, Kaede-chan," Sia spoke in a much more assertive and authoritative voice. "I'm going to floor it!"
With a quick motion of her feet, she quickly hit the clutch and downshifted, while heel-toeing with her right foot to maximize her exit speed through the left hairpin. To her satisfaction, the Trueno was only able to follow her for a short distance before the Wankel engine's acceleration kicked in and increased her distance between them.
However, like Rin, the respite was short-lived. The hairpin turn up ahead would prove to be their undoing.

"Sia-chan, that's too fast!" Kaede cried out in fear.
"Come on! I won't allow myself to be outrun by a slower Trueno!" she cried as she braked hard for the turn.
However, in her zeal, she realized that she hadn't braked hard enough.
Kikyou! You're going in too fast!
Sia felt more than saw the apex pulling dangerously away from her as she turned; she was understeering!
"Shit!" she tried to brake in mid-turn and pull her foot from the accelerator out of reflex.

That was a big mistake.
To their horror, the RX-7 did pull to the apex as expected, but the rear kicked out suddenly. Everything else that happened afterwards was in slow motion to them, but fate was kind to the pair.
The car somehow managed to spin to a stop on the outside of the turn, just mere centimeters from the guardrail. The engine died as it stalled out, with Sia still in too much shock to react to how close they were to flying off the mountain.
However, they were not out of the woods yet.
"The other car!" Kaede cried out. The headlights of the Trueno then appeared from the corner of the turn, and they thought the car would hit them on exit!
Thankfully, it didn't. There was just enough space to allow the car to whip back straight and allow the car to graze through the narrow space in the inside lane.
The Trueno skid to a stop. It then slowly drove back up and the pulled up next to the car.
Sia was breathing hard. She had just barely managed to avoid crashing, and the adrenaline was still pumping through her system. It was only when the other driver rapped his hand on the window that she responded and managed to pull down the window.

It was then that she realized who she was racing against this entire time. "You!" Sia gasped...

Up ahead, Rin was only able to hold off the other Mazda for so long. The downhill hairpins slowed him down too much, so despite the gap he was able obtain in the straights, the RX-7's better exit speeds on each corner allowed him to catch up to the more powerful GT-R. Rin was still unaware of what just happened to Sia.
What am I doing wrong? How is that car catching up so quickly? Rin wondered to himself as the sweat started pouring down his back. He had never, not even when he was being marauded by the Kaede fanclub, ever felt so much fear, or felt the intense need to run away.
Mom... was this the sort of thing you had to deal with?

They were approaching the wide turns at the end of the course. It was then that the result of Rin's aggressive movements started to show itself on the car's performance.
"Crap! I'm understeering!" Rin cried out as he let off the gas on the first turn. He didn't make the same mistake as Sia, just letting up his throttle and turning harder so as to keep on the road. However, this cost him dearly, as the RX-7 was able to position himself on the outside of the next turn.
Rin braked early, and to his horror, the RX-7 didn't.
"You idiot! You're going to crash!"
However, that didn't happen.
The RX-7 swung a bit to the left, and snapped back to the right in a Scandanavian flick, allowing him to clear the turn!

"No way..."
By the time Rin was able to get through the right turn, the RX-7 was already on the next left turn, and attacking it with a vengeance. Seeing how pointless it was now, he slowed down to a stop.
Rin had lost.


Rin sat motionless for a few moments before he heard the sound of two cars slowly going down the hill; it was Sia and Kaede, but what surprised him was that they were being led by the Trueno.
"... So they were passed too?" Rin said to himself. Just as he said that, the other RX-7 drove back up the hill, and came to a stop next to Rin's GT-R.
Well... I wonder if he's going to rub it in my face, he wondered as he pulled down his window. At the same time, the other driver pulled his down.
He was surprised by the face that greeted him on the other side.

"Err... what do you want?" Rin asked dumbfoundedly.
"You left something behind," the other driver said as he shook his head.
Or rather, she. Her ocher blonde hair swayed as she shook her head, freeing a few strands from the red ribbons that were tied to the sides in twin-tailed style. She stepped out of the car and closed the door, then approached Rin with an object in her hand.
"You left this back at the restaurant," she chuckled. "I would have given it to you earlier, but you had to go race first. I had to beat you to get your attention."

Rin slowly took Sia's tape recorder. "Err... thanks... miss?"
"Makoto. Sawatari Makoto. Cute name, isn't it?" Makoto chuckled, grinning as she did.
"Makoto! What the heck were you doing back there!?" a familiar voice chimed in.
Rin blinked. "Hey, isn't that..."

Makoto turned around to face the other driver who stepped out of the Trueno. The driver walked into the light, revealing a mass of long blue hair similar to Sia's.
"Hey! You're that waitress back at the restaurant!" Rin cried out.
"Sorry about that... I was trying to catch up to you guys," the waitress said. "Your friends almost got into an accident too..."
"They're fine though. Their car didn't crash, thankfully," she said. Rin looked at Sia, who hung her head in shame as she got out of her RX-7.

"Now, Makoto, why were you drifting back there?" the waitress said in a somewhat stern manner.
"Ehhh? It's fine isn't it? Those tires needed replacing soon anyway, so its not like they had much grip left," Makoto whimpered.
"But we've already established that you shouldn't drift with compound tires," she said disapprovingly.
The waitress sighed. "Well, I guess its fine. Anyway, we kinda owe you guys an apology for racing so suddenly. We had no other way of giving it back to you, and we hoped that just flashing the lights would have you pull over, not start a race..."
"No, it was my fault. I thought Sawatari-san here was Sia, and that she wanted to have a practice race. When I realized it wasn't, well..." Rin sighed.
"Well, it looks like we gave you quite a scare. In apology, would you like to come back to the restaurant? I'm sure we can fix something for you guys, even if its to go or something."
"Well..." Rin looked at Sia, and Sia merely bobbed her head. "I think Sia's in no condition to travel right now, so we'll take you up on your offer, miss..."

"Ah, sorry. My name is Nayuki Minase," the waitress said, bowing as she did. "Again, I apologize..."
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Makoto is hawt, and now I'm just sitting back and waiting for the next chapter to come out. I think it'll be epic. happy.gif


LOOOOOOL laugh.gif
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F*ck land I'm on a boat Motherf*cker!

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Now i'm gonna go download shuffle! as soon as I get off work. THANKS PF.
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QUOTE (Nomake Wan @ Today at 6:00 AM)
Makoto is hawt, and now I'm just sitting back and waiting for the next chapter to come out. I think it'll be epic. happy.gif


LOOOOOOL laugh.gif

I already knew who they were the moment I read the chapter before this. That was the basis for my "DOT-spec race tires are NOT for drifting" comment.

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Lol, I also decided to incorporate that comment in Nayuki's speech. Thanks. laugh.gif

Oh, and Nomake also pointed out that I spelled Maoh's name wrong, so I had to go back and change every instance of his name. Stupid wikipedia. pinch2.gif

(Actually, I missed the ō which should be properly written as oh, or something.)

EDIT: Oh! I almost forgot. Some of the original characters here aren't mine (besides the obvious ones, since they're also part of an RP), so credit is due to them when they get mentioned (especially since I can't remember whose characters get used until they do, lol). The crash here is a nod to Glocker's character, while Savarious belongs to my friend Wes (dunno if he goes here to IDW).

Destiny Shift, Chapter 04 - Family Legacy

[Day: Wednesday, March 16, 2005]
[Location: Akagi Family Restaurant]
[Time: 5:47 AM]

"... So, you think they managed to catch them?" the young man said as he sipped some of the green tea from his cup.
"I think so. Makoto's not that slow on the downhill. Nayuki, she most definitely got to them," his companion said. "She's almost as fast as you were when you first showed up on the street racing scene five years ago."
"You think so?"
"I know so. Sheesh, I thought you'd be able to peg a racer's ability by now just by sensing them. Those new racers know a few things, but they're not that fast. At least, not as fast as either Nayuki or Makoto."
"Not yet, anyway. That's not necessarily what I was worried about."
"I was just hoping they don't get into an unnecessary accident."

The small bell above the front door chimed as Nayuki and Makoto entered.
"Oh, they're back."
"Took them long enough," the other man said as he sipped his coffee. "Yo, it looks like you got to them, Minase, Sawatari."
"Well, a few things happened," Nayuki sheepishly said. "Makoto had a bit of fun."
"W-what's that supposed to mean!? I'd like to think I'm not THAT battle-happy!" Makoto whimpered.
The man chuckled at that. "Sawatari, you always get pumped up during a race, regardless of what happens. I bet you even drifted on the way down, even with those compound tires of yours."
"Auuu... again with the drifting! I don't need to hear that from you, Mister GP Racer!" Makoto growled as she stomped towards where the man sat.

Keisuke Takahashi just chuckled at that. "Oh, come on. You know I'm just pulling your leg. I can't really help it, what with you having that 'cute little sister' aura that just begs to be teased."
"Auuu... Takumi-san, say something!"
Takumi Fujiwara almost coughed on his tea as he drank it. "H-hey, don't get me involved in this one again."
Keisuke put down his coffee and began to speak. "Okay, okay. I'll make it up to you by giving you tickets for two to the next race. Bring a date along or something."
"Really?" Makoto asked. When Keisuke gave her a nod, Makoto jumped up and down. "Yatta! Thanks, onii-chan!" With that, Makoto ran into the kitchen, yelling out, "Yuuiichi! I need a day off for next Saturday!"
Takumi sighed. "Onii-chan, huh?"
Nayuki sighed and bowed at the two. "I'm sorry for that."
"Oh, no problem," Keisuke said. "Can't really help it, what with me being her mentor of sorts and all."
The bell rung again, signaling more customers coming in. Moments later, Rin, Sia and Kaede took a seat at a booth behind where Nayuki stood. "Sorry, I have customers to attend to," Nayuki said.
"They the ones you had to chase down?" Keisuke asked.
"Yes. Excuse me," Nayuki said. With a bow, she left Keisuke and Takumi and went to the table where Rin and the others were.

"So, what can I do to help?" she asked. "We have a lunch special that we can prepare for take out."
"Well, since we're already here and it wouldn't make sense to go running about without knowing what to expect," Rin began. He offered to have her sit next to him, and moved inward for emphasis. Nayuki was slightly confused at this, but took the seat anyway.
"Have you heard of Tōdō Juku?" Rin finally asked once Nayuki was seated.
Takumi and Keisuke overheard the question, but decided not to say anything and continue drinking, seeing as Nayuki was there to tell them about the school. They decided to surreptitiously look away from the booth as if to ignore the question completely.
"Tōdō Juku... hold on. Keisuke-san, Takumi-san, didn't you race against Tōdō Juku a couple of years ago as Project D?" Nayuki called out to the pair, causing them to almost spit in their cups.
"Nayuki-san, why ask us?" Takumi said as he recovered.
"Wouldn't it make more sense to ask you guys since you've actually raced them before? Oh! I forgot..." Nayuki cleared her throat for a moment. They had already introduced themselves earlier before driving up, but Nayuki had to pause and think before she remembered their names. "This is Tsuchimi Rin, Fuyou Kaede, and Sia Eustoma. Rin-san, Kaede-san, Sia-san, these two are my friends, Takahashi Keisuke and Fujiwara Takumi. Keisuke-san is part of Re-Amemiya Racing, while Fujiwara-san races for Toyota Team TOM'S."
"A pleasure to meet you," Takumi said, bowing as he did.
"Same here," Rin said.

"Ahh... does that mean you're street racers?" Kaede asked, not quite realizing that being part of a sanctioned racing team was completely different.
Takumi scratched his head at that question. "Well, we used to be. Back then, we were part of a team known as Project D, a team that traveled across the Kantō region challenging other racing teams. We went pro after that. So technically, we can't be street racers anymore, or else we'd get our racing licenses suspended."
"I see," Kaede said. "We... kind of thought you were. Please forgive our rudeness."
"Nothing to apologize about," Keisuke assured her. "So, what's this about Tōdō Juku? They're a very good racing school, so if you're looking to hone your skills there, you'd be going to the right place."
"Well, its not so much going there to learn more about racing than it is to fulfill my mother's last will, or something," Rin said.
"Oh... sorry about that."
"No, it's okay. She's been gone for a long time now, and this was just given to me now that I've turned eighteen. Though I still don't understand why she'd give me an R32 and then send me to a place halfway across the country. And then there's this whole Sato thing with my mom..."
Keisuke perked up at that. "Hold on. Sato?"
"Yes. My mother's name was Sato Michiko, before she got married."
Keisuke rubbed his chin at that. "It couldn't be..."
"What is it, Takahashi-san?" Sia worriedly asked.
"I can't be sure, but, there was famous family in the racing scene that disappeared after their leader crashed a few years ago at Suzuka Circuit. That man was known as Sato Sousuke."
"Sato... Sousuke," Rin repeated. It felt eerie yet sad to him, having found one his mother's relatives, or at least someone who possibly was. "What makes you think he and my mother are related?"
"Because when he crashed, he was racing for Nismo. He was using an R32 at the time. Alas, by then, he was one of the last of the fabled clan."

"I see," Rin said sadly.
"Well, don't be discouraged. If your mother wants you to see Tōdō Juku, there's most likely a very good reason behind it. Maybe you'll find your answers there," Keisuke said. "As to what to expect, they're a pretty good racing school. The training there is strict but effective and a lot of the racers are above average. In fact, some alumni from that school have gone pro. Fujiwara and I should know; we've faced them not once, but twice, and on their home turf. They were some of our toughest battles, but they prepared us for what lay ahead. If you do decide to stay there after finding out what your mother wants you to do, it would serve you well."
"Thanks, Takahashi-san," Rin said, bowing his head slightly as he did.

Keisuke bowed back, and then perked up as he remembered something else. "Eustoma-san, if you don't mind me asking, your father wouldn't happen to be one of the managers for the Gods and Devils Racing Team, would he?"
"Yes, that's right. How did you know?" Sia asked.
"Well, I sort of came across their team last time," Keisuke explained. "I wouldn't be surprised if you learned a thing or two about track racing from them."
Nayuki gasped at that. "Ah! No wonder you were doing okay back there."
Sia sighed. "We still lost though..."
"That's okay. The track is completely different from the street," Nayuki reassured her. "But that explains why you were pretty fast."
"I wouldn't say fast... we were trained on mostly the basics. Heel-toe, proper lines, proper braking, that sort of thing. I thought it was odd that they'd teach us that, given that we were only there to learn how to drive normally. Then again, Father had a pretty quirky streak, and I thought it was fun anyway," Sia sighed. "But the teacher... she was frightening."
"How so?"
"She was frightening not because she looked scary. In fact, she was frightening because she was frighteningly kind. She always demanded more from us, but always asked in a very kind manner. She seemed very easygoing, but we were completely afraid of getting on her bad side. Now I really feel bad because I completely screwed up, and I have failed her as her student, and I wasn't able to protect Rin-kun..."
Nayuki comforted the other girl by holding her hands gently. "I'm sure she'll understand. You were trained on the track. These are the mountains. The downhill is a completely different arena, so the usual orthodox methods need to be adjusted. If you can figure out how to adjust for them, I'm sure you'll make her proud. As for Tsuchimi-san, well, he understands, right?"
Rin nodded. "Minase-san is right. I'm just glad you're safe and sound. That near crash must have been scary."

Sia nodded her assent and wiped the tears that were threatening to come out of her eyes. "All right. I just have to do better and work harder!" she said with renewed vigor. "I'd shame the Orange Lady if I almost crash again!"
Nayuki's smile froze at that. "Err... Orange Lady?"
Rin sighed. "That was some nickname one of our friends, Primula, gave her after eating some of her special orange jam. We all tried it when she offered it to us, but it seemed Primula was the only one who could stomach it. We just didn't have the heart to tell her that the orange jam was horrible."

To his surprise, he heard the sound of a plate crashing in the kitchen. Nobody, not even Keisuke or Takumi, said a word, yet a dark cloud seemed to have descended upon them. It was almost as if they knew what he was talking about.
"... Was it something I said?" Rin asked.
"I-It's nothing!" Nayuki stuttered. "Anyway, I know someone who could help you on your way there. In fact, he'd be the perfect person to ask, since he drives the same car you do!"
"Is that okay?" Rin asked.
"Mmhmm! In fact, I can take you to them. They should be up right now..."

[Day: Wednesday, March 16, 2005]
[Location: Gods And Devils Racing Headquarters]
[Time: 6:01 AM]

"Achoo!" a blue-haired woman sneezed hard, her braid almost sticking out in surprise like a cat's tail in reflex to the nasal explosion.
"Are you all right, Minase-san?" Maoh asked as he pulled some nearby tissues from the center of the coffee table.
"Yes, I'm fine," Minase Akiko said as she thankfully accepted the tissues.
"Wow, someone must really miss you right now, if you don't mind me saying," Shin said. "That's the seventh sneeze I've heard from you in the past thirty seconds."
"Maybe so," Akiko chuckled. "In any case, what brings you two here so early? To call me up as well, this must be quite serious."
"It's about Yggdrasil," Maoh said. "The gears have been set in place, and unexpectedly, our very own Rin-chan and his mother are the final gears that will move this forward before that man can cause any more damage. As it is, we no longer know where the other subjects that Souji-san saved are. Even worse, Souji-san is already dead, so we have absolutely no leads on their locations, either."
"And so Yggdrasil would be made to help those who were already tainted by him..." Akiko said.
"Yes. Michiko-san had the key, but..."

"If it is to help others who would be forced to endure such a terrible experiment, then it has to be done," another female voice spoke.
Everyone turned to the woman, who wore a white cat-eared cap that did nothing to hide her blond hair, though it did manage to hide her ears.
"... Are you sure about this, Shigure-san?" Shin asked worriedly. "We've already sinned against you by putting you through it the first time before we realized what was really going on. You don't have to do this. You and your daughter can live normal lives from this point onó"
Shigure Ama quietly shook her head. "I know. But I do this so this that others may live normal lives. Not like me, or Aa-chan."
"Ama-san..." Akiko said worriedly. "What about Asa-san?"
Ama smiled a sad smile. "She knows. And at the same time, she's already made her choice. Upon realizing that Savarious is still out there, we've both decided to make a choice."
"I see..."
"Our children have to suffer the sins of their parents... but at the same time, Aa-chan taught me something," Ama said. "They can help change the future and undo the crimes we wish to atone for. That is my wish... and I'm sure Ri-chan's mother wishes the same way."

"Maybe we should send someone to help them out, Minase-san?" Maoh asked.
"No, they'll be fine," Akiko assured him. "Tōdō-san will know what to do once Rin-san gets there. From that point on, itís up to Rin-san."

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Was an incredibly fun read! I actually like this chapter better than 3 (ZOMG NO WAI, STORY > RACING OMG!?), but that's probably because it finally explains a few things that part 3 left out. Heh.

And yes, I can read chapters in under 60 seconds. I'm that damn l33t.
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Lol, sorry if it took this long. I have horrible time management it seems. laugh.gif

Destiny Shift, Chapter 05 - Comrades in Rs

[Day: Wednesday, March 16, 2005]
[Location: Myogi Uphill]
[Time: 6:00 AM]

The roar of a RB26DETT cut through the normal silence of Mount Myogi's quiet backwoods as a Black Pearl Metallic R32 streaked up the mountain pass. Traffic was almost nonexistent at this hour save for a few people driving downhill to get to work, leaving the R32 free to tear up the mountain pass with reckless abandon. The car hit every apex and the tires squealed as they struggled to keep themselves in the grip line its driver was trying to run, maximizing its exit speed as best as possible.

Takeshi Nakazato grunted inwardly to himself as he straightened out the R32 coming out of the last section of Myogi. He knew there were a few turns where he missed the line by a few centimeters, and it frustrated him. He knew what Shingo would say even before he parked next to the red EG6 and got out.
"You're slower today, Takeshi," Shingo Shouji chuckled as he reset the held stopwatch.
"I know. I missed a few turns."
"I hate to say this, but that's not like you at all! Honestly, its pissing me off," Shingo grunted as he tossed the stopwatch to his comrade. "You've been acting really weird ever since sheĖ"
"Yeah, yeah. I know," Takeshi interrupted Shingo. "I am glad she won, but it doesn't frustrate me any less."
"See, that's your problem. You're always pissed at something when it doesn't go your way. Just because she was able to pass you right at the end the same way Takahashi did before doesn't mean you should mope around."
"I'm not moping around because she won, dammit. I'm moping around because I feel like I've hit a wall."
Now it was Shingo's turn to frown. "You mean..."
"Yeah. Its like I've hit my absolute limit, and I can't push my GT-R any faster. A loss is always frustrating, Shingo, but a loss that shows you that you haven't learned anything at all is even more frustrating."

Shingo was shocked. This was the first time he'd ever heard Takeshi sound so defeated. Not even after losing to Takumi, to Keisuke, or even Team Emperor was he this depressed.
"I didn't think I'd see you this serious about racing," Shingo said. "Maybe you just need a new way of looking at the problem. You've always had it stuck in your head that grip was the only way to go - maybe you're just doing it wrong."
"How could I be wrong about that, Shingo? Grip maximizes your exit speed! The faster you are on exit, the faster your time will be, its as simple as that!" Takeshi growled.
"That may be true on a time attack, but in a raceĖ"
Shingo's words were interrupted by the ringing of a cellphone in Takeshi's pocket.
"You might want to get that, Takeshi."
Takeshi sighed and picked it up. "Hello?... Oh, Minase!"

Shingo was taken aback at the name. "N-Nayuki-chan!?"
Takeshi ignored Shingo and continued talking to Nayuki on the other line. "Uh-huh... I see... You need my help on something? That's unusual... I get off of work tonight at five. I can meet you guys back at the restaurant around, say, eight... I see. All right. I'll see what I can do. What about Shingo, should I bring him with me?... Oh, okay. Ja."
"What did she say?" Shingo asked. "What the hell was that about me?"
"She needs my help with something. I told her I'd help her out and that you'd come aĖGAH!"
Takeshi had to jump back from surprise when he suddenly realized that Shingo was trying to listen in on them earlier. "Dammit, Shingo! Don't do that, it's creeping me out! Besides, what the hell happened to all that talk about not standing so close?!"
"Well, I... Its just... I wanted to know what my rival was planning this time!" Shingo yelled as he tried to play it off. However, the obvious blush on his cheeks told another story.
"...Riiiiight. You just keep telling yourself that, Shingo. So when are you gonna ask her out again?"
"It wasn't like that, dammit! She just wanted to have someone come with her and help her install parts that one time! Besides, you're one to talk, I've seen you around SayuĖ"

"Let's not go there, Shingo," Takeshi said with a wave of his hand. "Besides, at least you were lucky enough to go with her, and frankly, I think she doesn't seem to mind hanging out with you, which is enough of a surprise in itself. Why'd you stop going after her?"
"That's..." Shingo sighed at that. "I can't really tell you."
"I see." With that Takeshi gave Shingo a pat on the shoulder. "Well, if you ever need any help with her, you can always ask me. Or even Sawatari; despite the fact that she thinks you're an asshole, she also knows you're not that bad."
Shingo smiled for a moment before calmly pulling his shoulder away from his hand. "Thanks. Now stop standing so close, people might think we're friends or something. In the meantime, try and get over that complex of yours. I'd hate to become the leader of the Night Kids just because you decided to go mope around."
"Heh, fine. I'll see you at the restaurant later tonight."

With that, both cars drove off.

[Day: Wednesday, March 16, 2005]
[Location: Akagi Family Restaurant]
[Time: 8:02 PM]

"Are you sure your friends would help us, Nayuki-san?" Rin asked as he leaned against his R32. He, Sia, Kaede, Nayuki and Makoto were waiting for the two top members of the Night Kids at the parking lot of the Akagi Family Restaurant.
"I'm sure of it! I know Takeshi-san will help you out," Nayuki said. "Besides, there's a reason why I asked him in particular."
"I don't know about him helping Sia-chan though," Makoto chimed in. "You know how he feels about rotaries."
"Ehhh!? T-then, does that mean he won't help Rin-kun if I'm around?" Sia asked worriedly.
"No, because then he wouldn't help at all just because I'm here," Makoto said. "Especially after IĖ"

Everyone blinked and turned towards the sudden interruption. A loud, stray black cat managed to sit itself on the hood of Sia's RX-7.
"Oh, it's a cat!" Kaede gasped. "How cute!"
"Here, kitty, kitty!" Sia cooed at the cat. "How'd you get here, little kitty?"
"Ah! Neko!" Nayuki said as she approached Sia's RX-7.
Makoto gasped and tried to stop Nayuki, but it was too late.

"Hi, little kitty!" Nayuki cooed as she pulled the cat off of Sia's hood and hugged it.
"Nayuki! Let go of the cat!" Makoto cried as she tried to pull Nayuki's arms apart, but they wouldn't budge.
"What's wrong, Makoto-san?" Rin asked.
"She's allergic to cats!" Makoto groaned. "Help me out here!"


A few moments later, Takeshi's R32 and Shingo's EG6 drove up.
"So, Minase, what's going... on?" Takeshi tried to ask as he got out of his car. He saw Nayuki sniffling next to a RX-7 while being comforted by a red-haired girl, who also handed her some tissues. Next to her, Makoto and another male seemed to be facepalming themselves, while another brunette was cradling a stray black cat in her arms away from Nayuki.
"...You touched a cat again, didn't you, Minase," Takeshi said almost matter-of-factly as Shingo got out of his own car and approached the group.
"It was cute!" Nayuki said between sniffles.

Takeshi sighed at that. "Well, we can't help that now, I suppose. So, what did you need help with?"
"Ah, well..." Nayuki cleared her throat and managed to introduce Rin, Sia and Kaede to Takeshi and Shingo. "Takeshi-san and Shingo-kun are part of a local racing team in Myogi known as the Night Kids. Rin-san, Sia-san and Kaede-san are from Okayama."
Rin bowed at Takeshi. "Pleased to meet you."
"Same here," Takeshi said. "No need to be so formal. If you're a friend of Minase, you're considered a friend of ours as well. Though I have to ask, does Minase's call earlier have to do with you?"
"Yes. I think I can see why though; you drive an R32."
Takeshi nodded and suddenly realized why Nayuki specifically called him. He looked around and saw Rin's own R32 parked next to Sia's RX-7. "Mind if I take a look?" he asked.
"Of course," Rin said. "I'm not too sure what to make of it myself."

Takeshi chuckled at that as Rin popped open the hood. "New to street racing huh?"
"Yeah, for the most part. About the only racing I've ever done was on the track and against Makoto-san and Nayuki-san this morning."
"Oh? You got guts for an outsider."
"It was more of an accident, really. Besides, I lost big time."
Takeshi was silent for a long time as he stared at the RB26DETT before he put down the hood.

"Err... Nakazato-san?"
"Takeshi is fine, Tsuchimi," Takeshi said. It was as if he saw something odd in the engine that silenced him for a moment. "I'd like to confirm something. Do you mind if I decide to challenge you to a race tonight?"
Kaede gasped at the challenge, and it made her let go of the cat she was holding. "You want to race Rin-kun?"
Takeshi nodded. "Fuyou, isn't it? Yes, i wish to race him. Don't worry, this is just a casual race. But there's something about the car itself thats bugging me, and I need to race against it to know for sure."
"You mean its different from your R32, Takeshi-san?" Rin asked.
"Yes. I can't explain it other than... it seems to be tuned differently from mine."

Rin pondered on the challenge. Since Takeshi was a local, there was no doubt that he would win. However, since this was just a casual race, and he was helping him to begin with, he didn't see a problem with it. "Allright, I'll accept. Is it going to be Akagi uphill or downhill?"
"Neither," Takeshi said. "I know of one place where we can go..."

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Well I can, but not that fast. I cheated again. laugh.gif

The one thing I don't like about this chapter is the ending, which came too soon and leaves too large a hole in my interest. You better fix that time management thing for chapter six! wink2.gif
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ITT: WE USE 1337 HAX. Well not as much of a hax as Rollo does.

Keep it up!

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Well, I've finally managed to get this one working right. What will become of Rin versus Takeshi?

Destiny Shift, Chapter 06 - Skyline Clash!

[Day: Wednesday, March 16, 2005]
[Location: Akina Downhill]
[Time: 10:21 PM]

The gunmetal GT-R squared off with its ebony brother as both cars drove to the line where Kouichiro Iketani stood, the deep throaty sounds of their engines reverberating together as if in sync. Only minute differences in the way the same engines were tuned could be heard by those who drove and tuned these monsters on a daily basis, but otherwise, they both hummed in unison as if singing along to an unwritten song.
"Are you guys ready?" Iketani said as he raised his hand. Rin nodded, and so did Takeshi. "Allright then. I'll begin the count down!"
"Rin! Good luck!" Sia cheered from the sidelines, even as Kenji and Itsuki Takeuchi cheered along with her for no real reason. Iketani couldn't help but sigh at that. Man, I bet those two are just drooling over the girls...
"Rin!" Takeshi called out just before Iketani started counting down. When Rin looked over, Takeshi spoke again. "Remember, try to push it as hard as you can! This may just be a mock battle, but I'll still treat it as a real one!"
"Got it!" Rin answered back as Iketani barked out the numbers.

"Five... four... three... two.. one... GO!"

With tires squealing, both cars roared off the line and jumped towards the darkness of Akina downhill. Along the straight, it seemed like they were both evenly matched, but Rin's R32 slowly pulled away from Takeshi's as both cars dove into the short left turn before being seemingly swallowed by Akina's maw in the distance.
"Ah, Takeshi-san's letting him go first," Kaede said as she watched them drive off.
"That's not exactly true, Kaede-san," Nayuki said. "He had every intention of pushing it hard for this straight."
"Eh? But I thought..."
"Well, it is true that Takeshi seems to be interested in your friend's R32," Shingo chimed in. "However, in order to assess its potential, he has to push it hard, at least on the straight before they start the rest of the course in earnest."
Iketani walked back to the galleries where everyone else was. "Well, they're off," he said. "So, we've sort of heard the story behind why you guys are here in Akina from Nayuki-chan here while Rin did a few downhill runs to get used to the course, but she told us there was more to the story. Rin said it was okay to ask you, Kaede-san."
"Yes," Kaede said. "It has to do with Tōdō Juku."
"Are you guys trying to get into Tōdō Juku?" Iketani asked.
"Not exactly. It was a request from Rin-kun's mother... that's also how he got the R32. She gave it to him."
"Whoa, his mother? You mean she's a street racer too?" Kenji asked.
Kaede shrugged. "I'm not too sure myself. I guess its best to start from the beginning..."

Meanwhile, Takeshi doggedly followed Rin from behind. Amazing! His R32 is definitely tuned differently from mine! I pride myself on being able to keep my R32 running in peak condition, but the way his is tuned... its on a different level! he thought. And this kid seems to be able to handle it just fine. But...
Up ahead, Rin pressed onward. I'm glad to know that this is just a mock race. But otherwise, I can't help but feel the pressure from him. Even if I'm supposedly doing fine, I feel the need to go faster. So this is what racing against a seasoned racer is like... he thought as he dove into the easy right turn. He set himself up to enter the hairpin right, and when the time was right...

"What!?" Takeshi audibly gasped. Rin's R32 started oversteering, and he suddenly realized why. "Why the hell are you drifting that thing!?" Takeshi asked as he took the grip line for the hairpin. "You've got ABS and an ATTESA system! Why aren't you using them?"
However, as both cars started roaring down the mountain, the thought suddenly hit him. Don't tell me that you don't have them on? Why?

Rin was focused on trying to stay on the road, and he already chose which points to grip and which points to drift after his earlier runs. It wasn't perfect, but it would have to do for now. "Allright, let's keep going!" he said as he shoved the gear into fifth after exiting the left hairpin and darted down the straight.

As expected from Takeshi's end, he saw Rin start pulling away from him. Something about that R32 isn't right at all... he mused to himself. The difference between their outwardly similar cars became apparent once more upon approaching the switchback right-left hairpins. Takeshi was able to close the gap on these set of turns before Rin pulled away on the longest straight of the course. I'm catching up on the turns, but losing on the straights! That's never happened to me before!
Actually, that's not true. I've experienced that as well, but it was on the flip side when I was racing against Fujiwara. Now the roles are reversed. I still feel frustrated though...

Once more, the difference was apparent once they approached the long left turn. Rin's car turned at sharper and sharper angles as they attacked the slaloms - indicating to Takeshi that something was up with Rin's ATTESA system. Normally the torque would transfer to the front and stabilize the R32, but not for Rin. He was not being afforded that kind of luxury.
"Ah! The hard right hairpin!" Rin gasped as he realized he was getting close to it. "Now, how did I do it earlier, just like how Akiko-sensei taught us... Got it!"
Almost on cue, Rin swung the car hard to the right just as he exited the long left, and drifted into the right hairpin!
Takeshi kept his grip line, but was shocked to realize that on this turn, Rin and his exit speeds were more or less equal.

"If what he told me about his earlier runs is true, he's getting better at this..." he said as both cars roared down the straight.

Back on top, Itsuki was crying.
"Rin-san's a good man!" he cried. "Doing all this to fulfill his late mother's will..."
"Oi, Itsuki, it's noble all right, but do you have to cry over it?" Kenji sighed.
"I still think it's a little sad, yet a little heartwarming to know that Rin-kun still honors his mother's wishes," Sia said.
"See!? Sia-chan agrees with me, right?" Itsuki cried.
"W-well, I agree, but not enough to cry over it... sorry," Sia said apologetically.

Makoto stayed quiet for a while and was more or less detached from the group. She seemed to be lost in thought - a little unusual for those who knew her personality. Nayuki noticed this and tapped her shoulder. "Makoto, what's wrong?"
"You know, Takeshi-san seemed bothered by something. Now that I think back on it, there is something odd about the car itself."
"Back at the race yesterday, Rin-san was doing what seemed like normal racing to me. But then, something hit me when Takeshi-san looked under the hood and gave that weird face."
"You mean he found something in the car?"
"I can't explain it. But after thinking back... that's not how R32s normally behave. He swung wide on some turns."
"I remember them being a bit more stable than that. R32s don't swing that wide unless..."

At the bottom, the two cars now approached the five hairpins. Rin had managed to keep his lead, but his inexperience in controlling the car through some of his drifts cost him, and now Takeshi was close. "Hmmm. This confirms what my suspicions were all along. But right now, I have to do something else. Who'd have thought that all that practice would come to this?..."
Rin didn't have any illusions that he could actually beat Takeshi. In fact, he was mildly surprised that he was able to hold out for this long. However, what happened next would shock him and bring to mind what Nayuki said: that track racing and street racing were completely different.
Rin decided to try gripping through the first right turn, but he soon found himself understeering and leaving the inside wide open. Takeshi didn't do anything then, but on the next turn, Takeshi was driving side by side with him, almost with complete disregard for his own line!
"What's he doing!? He's too far inside! I better let him pass!" He braked and backed off, but with that, he was able to witness something he never thought he'd see.

Takeshi hooked his inside tires onto the closed gutters and literally blasted thorough the turn! To Rin, everything at that moment seemed to slow down. He completely expected the black R32 to understeer and unhinge itself from the gutter, plastering itself onto the opposite guardrail as a result. Instead, some inexorable force seemed to miraculously keep the heavy car in place as it completed the turn and shot out the corner's exit, leaving a completely stunned Rin in its wake.

"Amazing..." Rin breathlessly said. To the locals, this was common knowledge, almost a bit of a folk tale of sorts that helped define the original user of the gutter line, but to him, the newbie, it was truly a sight to behold.

As if almost on cue, time flowed normally for Rin again. When he blinked his eyes, Takeshi's R32 already left his in the dust.


At the bottom, Rin pulled up next to Takeshi's R32. "That was amazing!" Rin said as he got out. "I didn't think gutters could be used that way!"
Takeshi stepped out of his R32 as well and addressed Rin. "Yeah. I know how you feel. When I saw that the first time, I thought it was completely silly... but it worked. I just never had much of a chance to try it out."
"That's still pretty awesome..." Rin breathed. "Would it be weird if I told you that somehow... I want to try and do the same thing?"
Takeshi smiled and shook his head. "No it wouldn't. However," he began, his face suddenly turning serious, "there's something about the race that confirmed what I feared, and it seems that you're completely unaware of it. And considering that your mother and your friends took care of the car, it bothers me to tell you this as well."
Now Rin frowned at that. "What do you mean?"

Takeshi took a moment to light his cigarette and take a puff of it away from Rin before facing him again.
"Your R32 is broken."
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Broken, eh?
  Posted: May 8 2008, 10:26 PM

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Yes, Rin's R32 is broken, in a literal sense.

Destiny Shift, Chapter 07 - New Allies

[Day: Wednesday, March 16, 2005]
[Location: Akina]
[Time: 10:35 PM]

Rin was heavily confused by Takeshi's words. "What do you mean 'it's broken'? It runs fine to me."
Takeshi sighed. "You don't tune your own car, do you?" he asked.
"No, not really. To be honest, this is my first car. I needed to learn how to drive because my previous part-time job required me to."
Takeshi would normally be angry that a GT-R comrade would be negligent of his own car, but he also understood that it wasn't entirely his fault. Given the story he was told earlier, how could Rin be able to service his own vehicle if it was kept from him for so long? "I see. Listen," he patiently began, "You should know that your car's ATTESA-ETS system seems to be broken. So is your ABS. That makes it easier for you to drift, but that also means that you can easily spin out of control, and frankly, you shouldn't waste your time trying to drift."
"Eh? Why is that?"
"Because drift is slower, and it's only for show. If you want to be fast, you have to use grip."
Rin pondered on that statement for a moment, then shook his head. "I don't think that's entirely true."
Takeshi raised a brow at that. "Who told you it wasn't?"
"Our racing instructor at the track. True, grip is faster upon exit. But she says that there are some instances when you just have to drift, sometimes in response to an emergency situation. It could be used to block if you're ahead, or it can be used to keep a constant speed around a corner, things like that. She said that even though grip is fundamentally faster, one must still learn how to drift because it's a basic technique. It helps practice control. Besides, she was also right about one other thing," Rin said before pausing to take a breath. "Sometimes, it's just fun to just lose control of your car like that and bring it to the edge."

Takeshi didn't know what to say to him. Fun? Drifting is fun? he wondered.
Then he remembered. The old days when he still had his S13 and drifted with it, the days when he freely let loose with the Silvia before being beaten by the awesome might of that white R32, the same kind of car that he now owns.
Sure, he had become stronger because of the GT-R, but even then, he was beaten by a completely outdated Trueno, an obnoxious FD, and an overwhelming Evolution. And throughout that, when was the last time he actually sat down and decided to enjoy his races?
It was always about winning, winning, winning. I was always pushing myself to go faster, to prove that my GT-R is king of the streets, but not once have I thoroughly enjoyed a battle until I lost to Fujiwara. After that, it was just frustration after frustration. Is that what I'm missing?
He looked into Rin's eyes and saw a spark that he could only see in the eyes of the other Night Kids who wanted to learn from him. A spark that signified his eagerness to learn, and to become faster from that learning. Not necessarily because it would help him win, or maybe not even because he was fulfilling his mother's last request; he was doing this for himself.
Takeshi chuckled. "Huh. You might have a point there," he said through his teeth as he sucked on the calming smoke of his cigarette before flicking away some more ash. "That aside, you need to get that R32 looked at. From the way you were driving earlier, it's obvious that ATTESA-ETS is not working."
Rin scratched his head. "I'm not quite sure what this ATTESA-ETS thing is. Is it supposed to be some kind of driving aid?"
"Something like that. What it does is transform a normally rear wheel drive R32 into an all wheel drive R32. It senses traction loss on all four wheels and distributes torque appropriately, allowing the car to remain under control in a corner. They're pretty tough to drift, and while I have heard of someone in another prefecture called 'God Foot' who can do it, as far as I know you're no God Foot. That could only mean that it's turned off."
"Whoa... I had no idea it could do that!" Rin exclaimed.
"Well, now you do. But that doesn't explain why it was turned off. Perhaps a fuse is broken?" Takeshi wondered out loud.
"Maybe, but as far as I know, it's always been like this. None of the warning lights are on."

Takeshi sucked on more smoke for a few good silent minutes and stayed lost in thought before dropping the butt to the ground and crushing it under his shoe. "I'd ask, but it's your mother's heirloom and all. The best way to confirm it is if I actually drove it myself."
"I see." Without a moment's hesitation, Rin gave Takeshi his keys.
"Eh? Are you sure about this?" he asked. "Sure, your GT-R's a similar car, but for all intents and purposes it's completely different from mine. I could damage it in the process."
Rin shook his head. "Anyone who could pull off a gutter run like that can handle my car. Besides," he said with a grin, "I'm going to be driving your car back up."
Takeshi started to laugh. "Tsuchimi, you're a cocky bastard, you know that? Fine. I'll take good care of your car if you take good care of mine." With that, both of them switched cars and drove back up the hill. Speeding up to what they were used to for an uphill course, they came upon the first corner.

And at almost the same time, they realized first-hand how different their cars were.


"Here they come!" Itsuki said as she saw the GT-Rs drive up the straight and pull into the parking area. They were surprised when Rin and Takeshi came out of each other's cars instead of their own.
"That's awfully rare of you, Takeshi," Shingo said. "Then again, Rin is a GT-R driver, so somehow I'm not surprised."
Takeshi nodded. However, he looked awfully pale, and so was Rin.
"Are you all right, Takeshi, Rin-san?" Makoto asked.
Kaede ran to Rin and placed a hand on his forehead. "You look pale, Rin-kun! Did something happen?"
Rin nodded. "Well, something happened to both of us. I saw something amazing on the way down. Takeshi-san here is really good, and so is his car!"
Takeshi shook his head. "No, Tsuchimi. I've been driving GT-Rs for a long time, but it's rare that I come across someone who can handle this," he said. "To be honest... it was scary."
"Takeshi-san?" Rin asked.
"You might not have noticed, but as I was making the turns with your car on the way back up, I noticed something that hasn't happened to me in a long time under calmer conditions," Takeshi began. "I felt the rear start to slip. I couldn't floor it all the way up!"
Iketani frowned at that. "That's not like you, Nakazato."
"Mind you, I'm not driving my own car. As I explained to Rin earlier... his car is broken."
"EHHH!?" Sia gasped. "That's not possible! Father always made sure the car was maintained!"
"That may be so, but... I have a feeling he's right," Rin said. "It was shocking, trying to drive Takeshi-san's car."
"How so?" Nayuki asked.
"Well, it... it was just easier to drive."
Makoto groaned and pulled on her hair in frustration. "AHHH! One at a time! This is going too fast! Explain yourselves!"

Takeshi and Rin then spent a few minutes rehashing to everyone about how Rin's R32 had its ATTESA-ETS system disabled. After that, Sia started dialing a number on her cellphone.
"Err, Sia? What are you doing?" Rin asked worriedly.
"What else? I'm calling up Father!" she angrily said.
"S-Sia-chan, I don't think that's necessary..." Kaede said, but Sia ignored her and continued the call. Much to her chagrin, it reached the answering machine first.
"Yo, you've reached Shin Eustoma. I'm not here right now, so please leave a message. If that's you Sia-chan, please come back soon! Your dearest Daddy misses you!" the machine spouted out before beeping.
"ARRRGH! Father, why didn't you fix Rin-kun's R32!? Someone told us that his ATTESA-ETS or whatever the heck it is is broken! You have some explaining to do!" Sia practically yelled into the phone before hanging up. "Man..."
Itsuki and Kenji ended up backing away from her for a moment. "S-scary..." they both said.
"Sia... I think they turned it off on purpose," Rin calmly said.
"But why!? That doesn't make sense! Wouldn't it be better if you had a car that had features that actually worked?" Sia said.
"That's true, but..." Rin had to pause for a moment to collect his thoughts. "I think there's a reason for that. When I drove Takeshi-san's car, it felt strange having all this control. To be honest, I felt really spoiled." He turned to Takeshi for a moment. "Please don't take this the wrong way, but... I didn't feel comfortable driving the car."
"Really?" Takeshi said.
"Yeah. And it's not just because I was more used to mine. I can't put my finger on it, but I like it better this way."
"I see..." Takeshi said.

Kaede yawned, and stopped herself from embarassment. "S-sorry, Rin-kun. It's just..."
"Ah. Don't worry, it's fine," Rin reassured her. "We gotta get going. It's awfully late, and we need to head out tomorrow," Rin said. "Thank you again for helping us out. Maybe once I reach Tōdō Juku, I'll be able to figure out why the car is like this, and get to the bottom of my mother's will."
Takeshi nodded. "It's no problem. Just give us a call any time you need help."
Rin turned to Iketani and bowed to him as well. "Thanks for letting us use the course."
Iketani laughed. "No problem. The mountain was never ours to begin with. Street racing is for everyone, so feel free to come back."
Sia then grasped Nayuki's hands and shook them. "Thank you for bringing the tape recorder back in the first place. If we hadn't met you, we wouldn't have known what we know now," she said.
"Ehh, that's no problem. I just couldn't let you leave without your stuff, you know?" Nayuki sheepishly said.
With that, everyone said their goodbyes, and Rin and his party drove off to the Akina hotel.

Takeshi watched them drive off, and was left deep in thought once more.
"Hey, you look worried, Takeshi," Shingo said. "Something the matter?"
Takeshi simply smiled. "You know, I may have found a way to break the monotony of my current frustrations. Call the other Night Kids. I have something that I need to do..."


[Day: Thursday, March 17, 2005]
[Location: Akina]
[Time: 11:40 AM]

"Is everyone ready?" Rin said as he put his bags in the trunk of his R32.
"Yup!" Sia cheerily said as she closed the trunk of her own RX-7. "We're ready to go any time!"
"It feels a bit sad to leave this place," Kaede said wistfully as she opened the door to the RX-7's passenger side door. "We've made a few good friends in our short stay here."
"Yeah," Rin said. "In any case, we can't stay here too long. We need to get to Tōdō Juku."

Just as Rin said that, two familiar cars drove up to the parking lot: Takeshi's R32 and Nayuki's AE86.
"Takeshi-san! Nayuki-san!" Rin gasped in surprise when he saw them pull up. "Even Shingo-san is with you?" he added when Shingo came out of Nayuki's passenger-side door.
"Tsuchimi!" Takeshi said. "Sorry about showing up suddenly like this, but we decided on something."
"Eh?" Sia asked. "What's up?"
Shingo sighed. "Well, it looks like our fearless leader here decided that he wants to come with you to Tōdō Juku," Shingo said.
"... You make it sound like that's a bad thing," Takeshi growled. "Besides, you decided to come along when Minase said that she'd go too."
"S-shut up!" Shingo yelled. "I'm coming along because someone has to keep you out of trouble! It would look bad for the Night Kids if the number two member isn't able to support the leader!"
Nayuki merely chuckled. "Sorry about them. I'll make sure they both behave."
"But what about your jobs?" Kaede asked.
"I'm not working for the rest of this week," Nayuki said.
"And we're pretty much on vacation as well," Takeshi said.
"What about the Night Kids?" Sia asked. "Who's leading them right now if you and Shingo-san are the best racers on it?"
"We... sort of found someone to help out," Shingo said, giving a sideways glance to Nakazato, who sent one right back. For a moment, they just stared at one another out of the corners of their eyes. Rin got the feeling that there was more to it than that, but decided not to prod too much...

Meanwhile, at the Akagi Family Restaurant, the Night Kids were having a team meeting.
"You're the one that Nakazato said would lead the team while he's away?" one of the Night Kids members gasped as he and his teammates sat on one of the booths. Addressing them as their temporary leader were two girls, one whom was wearing the same uniform as the waitresses, while the other wore a plain green blouse and a pair of jeans.
"...Hachimitsu Kuma-san," the raven-haired girl said in a monotonous voice.
"Ahahaha... she means yes," the blonde girl next to her translated for her.
"...Huh!?" the Night Kids member groaned. "Are you making fun of us?!"
"...Ponpoko Tanuki-san," the waitress answered again.
"She means no. Please don't worry, she's just trying to be cute, ahahaha," the blonde translated before receiving a light karate chop to her head from the other girl.

Back at the Akina hotel, Takeshi spoke again. "Listen Tsuchimi, those words of yours last night kind of struck a chord. Lately, I've been trying to become faster with my GT-R, but somehow, I can't seem to get past my frustrations. I feel slow in my car now, and that worries me."
"Ehh? That's impossible!" Rin gasped. "You're very fast!"
"Maybe, maybe not. However, there's something in you that interests me greatly, not just as a fellow GT-R driver, but as a racer in general. I don't know whether it's the control you have over that broken R32 of yours, or because you don't want to restore the ATTESA-ETS on it just yet. I want to see if you have what it takes to be fast. And maybe in the process, I can find my own way of becoming fast."
"Takeshi-san..." Rin said, somewhat speechless to what he said.
"Besides," Nayuki chimed in, "someone has to help take you to the fastest route leading to the school, right? We kind of know where it is."
"You might also want to get those tires of yours replaced soon," Shingo said. "According to Takeshi, you were racing pretty hard last night, no? I know a few places where you can get the tires at a good price, and get an even better bargain if we're with you."

Rin looked at Sia and Kaede as if to seek their approval.
Sia simply smiled. "The more the merrier!"
"Yes, and if they know how to get to Tōdō Juku faster, we'll be able to finish Michiko-san's will," Kaede said.
Rin smiled as well; he already had his answer before they even gave him their opinion on the matter. "All right," Rin said as he turned to the other racers. "Please take care of us!"

[Day: Thursday, March 17, 2005]
[Location: Okayama Circuit]
[Time: 11:40 AM]

"Akiko-san," Shin asked as he drank from his sake cup, "Do you think we're doing this right?"
"How so?" Akiko asked as she ate from her orange jam sandwich. Both of them were outside and watching the track, as if spectating an imaginary race.
"They know about the ATTESA-ETS being disabled. We were hoping Rin-dono would find out later, once his abilities have improved, but..."
Akiko merely smiled as she looked some data at a nearby laptop. "I'm sure Rin wouldn't mess with it until he got to Tōdō-san first. Besides, I trained him well enough that it would feel uncomfortable with using driving aids or all wheel drive for the first time. I'm sure he'll forego it for now until he knows the real reason why Michiko-san had it deactivated."
"I hope you're right."
"I'm sure I'm right. In fact, I probably won't be surprised if Nayuki is somehow helping him as well," she chuckled.
"Whaóyou're having your daugther help him out in secret?" Shin gasped.
"Oh, I wouldn't go that far. However, if they somehow met, I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case."

Shin shrugged and continued to drink some more sake. "In any event, how are they doing?"
Moments later, a blue car streaked past them. Akiko quickly checked the laptop readings.
"They're showing remarkable improvement, almost reducing their time by five seconds. But I wonder, what does Maoh-san think about this?"
Maoh, who was standing nearby the entire time, shrugged. "Well, this was something they wanted to do as well, it seems. But who would have thought that having her as a navigator would help so immensely?"
Shin chuckled bitterly at that. "You know, I half expected you to say something like, 'What the hell are we doing to them' instead."
"Maybe, but this was something they chose out of their own free will. Not like the last time. We're not making the same mistake again," Maoh said. "If all goes well, then maybe, just maybe, we can atone for those mistakes..."
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Great success! I just love all the Night Kids action in here, and the scene with Mai in it was priceless.

Too bad Rin is so modest, though. I mean, shit, when I first switched from FWD cars to AWD, I was addicted! laugh.gif
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Same reaction as N1.


Just as EPIC as the GRID demo that came out yesterday.
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Whoa! w00t2.gif cool story!!
I really like how you incorporated the Initial D Characters in this...
Obviously, this is your story, right? an Original...
you know... I also placed a thread of my own story here.
It's in Initial D Merchandise. Check it out if you'd like, Pikachu_fragger
Sorry in advance for my scans there. I had memory upload problems at photobucket...

As i said... COOL!
I really like it.
It's eye-paining to read on the PC for too long so I'm gonna print and read it...
I read the prologue and it's far out nice.

Finally! Another FanFic story, like mine who made the GT-R THE LEAD CAR!!
Yes!! Someone who understands why the gt-r is soo.... cool and "strong"!!

I'll check for more here...

keep it up!!

edited: here! i read it, it's good and I decided to make the cover of it...
I copied Nakazato and Shingo from the IDAS4 site... did my best though...
I wanna hear your comments on this Pikachu_fragger

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I used my cellphone so it's weird why it turned out this way though...
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*another fyi - character lineup from left to right*
Sia - Nayuki - Shingo - Nakazato - Rin

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