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> Initial D - Closure, A fanfic
  Posted: Nov 16 2007, 09:20 PM

Otaku Down Under-

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Hey how you doing guys and gals! Like most Intial D fans I have been wondering how Initial D would end. Personally i think it would end at roughly at Vol 40 in the manga series when Pro D have cleared their final obstacle Kanogawa.

My fan fic is set after the events at Kanogawa and is based on the usual crew and includes or mentions new characters or events after Fourth Stage ended. These include Takumi's new love interest Mika, canon events from battles against Team 246 and imaginary circumstances regarding Racing Category Street Version and Sidewinder.

Initial D- Closure

Prologue - Rematch

On this particular humid summers night a group of street racers were gathered at Akagi peak. They were members from a local team called Team Thunder Fire or Thunders for short. A buck toothed Thunder was the first to speak.

”Have you guys heard? Project D has dominated over Kanogawa!”

Street racers of Gunma saw Project D as “the team”. Established from the former Red Suns and Gunmas fastest downhiller Fujiwara Takumi they remained undefeated in their year long campaign to emerge as Kantos finest and became legends. The oldest Thunder from the group finally decided to add his two cents into the topic.

“Yeah its awesome stuff If it was our team we would have crapped our pants before we even raced them! Man Ill pay anything to get into Project D they have it all the best training, money and best of all the girls dig them!”

Before the conversation could finish they were interrupted by the familiar sound of squealing rubber on asphalt.

“Sugee! Someone is coming up!”

The car wasnt visible but the headlights pierced violently into the night. Based on how fast the headlights shifted position the Thunders knew that the driver was an expert on par with Fujiwara Takumi and Takahashi Keisuke. It didnt take long before the phantom sports car materialised in front of the awestruck Thunder trio.

“Hayai ze!!”

The vehicle was a Honda NSX. Without a doubt, the missile emblazoned proudly on the front windshield indicated that the driver was a Sidewinder. The car belonged to Tsuyoshi Hokujou a driver from the fastest team in Kanogawa.

“Its Tsuyoshi from Sidewinder!”

The headlights dimmed and the ignition was cut off. The driver did not leave the car. It seemed like the outsider was waiting for somebody. From the distance a ferocious whirring rotary could be heard. It didnt take a genius to figure out that one of the Takahashi brothers was about to arrive. There werent any other rotaries in Akagi that sounded as good.

From the bend that led to Akagi peak the snowy white Mazda RX-7 FC3S drifted around the corner in a smooth motion and continued to skid across the flat terrain stopping precisely two metres away from where the Thunders and the NSX were positioned. Takahashi Ryousuke the team leader of Project D had arrived.

Tsuyoshi and Ryousuke opened the doors to their vehicles and greet each other with a swift bow.

“Hokujou sorry to keep you waiting.”

The intruder did not respond as politely as Ryousuke greeted him,

“Ryousuke, to cut things short I am here on behalf of Sidewinder to challenge Project D to a single match rematch on Kanogawa peak back mountain.”

“Ah I see the course which the Kanogawa locals call the Jet Coaster. Project D accepts your challenge but be warned this is your final chance.”

Kanogawa peak back mountain was a course which only the most skilled dared to race on. The terrain was extremely narrow, predominately downhill but also had several uphill elements. The unpredictable course was on par to the sudden ascents and drops that one would expect from a jet coaster hence its namesake.

* Jet Coaster (jetto kosuta) is the Japanese word for rollercoaster

“Domo…One month from now… Single match you can send out either Keisuke or Takumi. Until then keep in touch Ryousuke.”

The challenge declaration had been sent and accepted the finely tuned NSX turned around to leave in mere seconds the backlights had already disappeared from view .The oldest Thunder was the first to snap out of his trance,

“Ryousuke San that was a challenge!”

Ryousuke nodded,

“I got a favour to ask of you, spread this news like wild fire and tell everyone that a battle between the Project D Double Aces would commence in two weeks time and the winner would represent the team at the rematch at Kanogawa.”

The Thunders finally had something to look forward a full on battle between Takahashi Keisuke and Fujiwara Takumi was soon to commence! The stale hiatus in the Gunma street racing scene was soon to be revived.

Oblivious to the news the Project D crew were having their celebrations at the Takahashi residence. Ryousuke ordered the team to begin the celebrations without him because of a last minute meeting.

It wasnt revealed until tonight that Fumihiro kept a candid cam during the whole expedition. The captured memories were presented over an overhead projector. Some shots showcased the FD and Trueno in various poses and all the behind the scenes modifications before both vehicles reached their final form.

Others pictures were of the crew at work, countdowns, golden opponent reactions, good incidental poses that the drivers happened to be in and down right hilarious situations.

The “D” team added their own comments as the slides changed.

”Nani!? Kenta is picking his nose!”

“What is Keisuke San doing there is Kyoko sitting on his lap?”

“Fujiwara is drooling in his sleep!”

“Man! Ryousuke San looks stoned!"

At the mention of the name Ryousuke coughed. The Project D team spun around in a heartbeat and clapped welcoming their leader to the party. Ryousuke had a chuckle and silenced the crowd.

“I got some news, should I tell you guys now or after a few rounds of sake?”

“Lets hear the news while your sober Aniki!” Keisuke shouted

“Project D has been challenged to a final rematch by Sidewinder but only one race.”

Fumihiro added his comment,

“Oh they couldnt admit to defeat hey? Not that it was easy anyway. So who is representing D?”

”Good question Fumihiro. This time Ds representative would be selected by battle. Im sure Fujiwara and Keisuke had looked forward to this chance for a long time!”

Keisuke and Takumi look into each others eyes both of them could feel the strong urge to win.

“Fujiwara I wont hold back in this battle!”

Keisuke extended his hand; Takumi took it and shook it firmly.

“Do whatever you have to do Keisuke San because I am going to try my hardest!”

The “Battle of the Aces” has been announced!

Chapter One- Romance of the Aces

Fujiwara Takumi had always been an enigmatic personality. Aged nineteen and relatively good looking he was the son of the legendary street racer Fujiwara Bunta. The man behind the wheel of Akinas AE86 and Project Ds Downhill Ace. Takumi was open to challenges but racing his team mate Keisuke would probably be his biggest yet!

Takumi revved up the NA powered Trueno. At the optimal rev limit Takumi shifted into first and slammed down the park brake. Like a soaring rocket the light weighted car took off into the awaiting Akina uphill.

The track bred naturally aspirated AEG engine revved at 11000 rpm and produced massive amounts of torque which ultimately provided Takumi with close to two hundred horses of power! The first corner was approaching. Takumi tackled the winding apex without hesitation. With a perfectly executed inertia drift he followed through with a high speed exit.

The mechanically tuned engine ROARED as Takumi continued his onslaught with a series of perfect braking points losing speed was not an option. But the truth was Takumi was holding back. All the manoeuvres he performed were precisely smooth after all he could not run the risk of ruining the precious cargo in the trunk of his car….tofu.

Takumi normally didnt pay much attention to the hill climb but for the sake of the upcoming battle he had to put in some effort if he wanted to approach Keisuke who specialised in uphill battle.

The hotel at the summit of Mt Akina provided Takumi with many opportunities. The family tofu business depended on it as a major income source and it also helped Takumi hone his skills as a street racer. At the expected delivery time Takumi parked his vehicle in the usual spot.

“Well done Hachi Roku we shaved a full second off this time we are one step closer to beating the Imprezas uphill record!”

Takumi gently closed the door to his car to retrieve the tofu from the trunk. He carried the crate towards the back entrance door and knocked

”Excuse me Makoto san its Takumi.”

The door flew open and the familiar face greeted him with a wide grin.

”Takumi Kun, You are always so punctual now come on in and place the tofu in the cool room please.”

Makoto was the hotels head chef and insisted on the use of Fujiwara Tofu for its quality taste and firmness. Takumi unloaded the crate into the cool room and grabbed the folded invoice from his back pocket to collect the payment.

“Hmm so Bunta is increasing the price next month… Well it cant be helped who told you to have the best tofu in the area!”

Makoto handed Takumi the money and added the usual comment..

“Now look at you boy you have grown so much I remember you when you were only twelve. That morning you showed up sobbing with a crate of mashed tofu! You looked so timid and you were trembling I didnt have the heart to scold you!”

Takumi managed an embarrassed chuckle and took the opportunity to retreat.

“Good bye Makoto San, see you tomorrow!”

“Remember to drive slowly Takumi Kun those corners on Mt Akina are so dangerous!”

As soon as the back door closed Takumi revved his engine in preparation for the down hill, his specialty… The speeds he was expecting were far from what Makoto was warning him about!

Takumi was steering with the right hand and had the left planted firmly on the shifter. This technique was acquired from Joushima Toshiya or otherwise known as God Arm from Project Ds Ibaraki expedition.

The one handed steer was the perfect amalgamation between drifting and grip techniques. It not only provided stability in drift but opened up a wider variety of lines.

On the entrance of Akinas ever famous five consecutive hairpins Takumi entered at high speed, determined his braking point and performed the heel and toe technique before shifting down. Doing so ensured that the engine continued to rev at a high power band.

In the middle of the curve Takumi corrected the wheel swayed across towards the gutters and hooked the vehicle in. The car accelerated in an unnaturally smooth motion and exited at blazing speed. On the last hairpin Takumis cell phone beeped.

Takumi performed a power slide towards the alcove and flipped on the hazard lights. He looked at the front LCD of his cell phone to see that it was an SMS from Mika.

Takumi Kun... Hows things? Mika is off to a golf tournament today wont be back until a week later, keep in touch.

Takumi smiled and sent his reply

“Good luck, see you soon Mika Chan”

Takumi released the park brake and completed the downhill at his previous pace. Since their last beach date Takumi couldnt get the images of a bikini clad Mika out of his head. It seemed like Natsuki was becoming a distant memory. At the same time on Akagi peak Keisuke was training just as hard.

“Charge ahead my 13B Turbo! The aim for today is to get close to Anikis course record!”

With the accelerator fully depressed the remains of the rich fuel dump ignited at the exhaust. Takahashi Keisuke was pushing his FD to the limit.

“This feels good my FD is performing well tonight!”

The day Keisuke was working towards was coming soon. He was going to battle with Takumi for the “third” time next week. Like a CYCLONE the rotary gyrated with vengeance and the twin turbo chargers spooled in anger. It was as if the car had the same thought as its driver.

Fumihiro and Kenta were at the summit of Mt Akagi watching Keisukes brightly coloured vehicle making its descent . They were awestruck at the progress Keisuke was making since the Kanogawa expedition. With each merciless run Keisuke was close to reaching Ryousukes ultimate record.

“The downhill feels refreshing it reminds me of the time Aniki took me for that ride before I got my FD. It gives me inspiration all the time.”

Keisuke was approaching the long straightway and shifted to a higher gear. The turbo chargers propelled the vehicle even further.

”On the straight my FD has a significant advantage now its time for the corners thats where Fujiwara shines!”

Keisuke controlled his acceleration and divided the weight of his car into twelve segments, two more from his average. Without the need to drift Keisuke covered the corners with precise traction and optimal pace.

”Yoshya!!! I wont lose!”

After three more rounds of trialling between drift and grip Keisukes yellow FD charged back to the starting point. The rest of the team had already left. Keisuke sat gently on his cars bonnet, brushed back his spiked blonde hair and took a revitalising sip from one of the two iced coffees he got from the vending machine.

Taking a refreshed sigh Keisuke patted the FDs bonnet,

“FD youve done well tonight!”

From a distance Keisukes fine tuned ears picked up the sound of a rotary.

“Aniki? No wait a minute I know that sound… it is her!”

The black single turbo FD which belonged to Iwase Kyoko pulled up across the road from Keisukes heavily modified rotary rocket. Kyoko emerged from her vehicle wearing a white t-shirt that was cut at the midriff and tight jeans.

Kyoko didnt approach Keisuke she still held some reservations. Kyoko was bitten before and was still afraid of being rejected again. There was an uneasy silence as the two looked into each others eyes. Kyoko was desperate and thought to herself

“Please dont tell me to go Darling!”

Without saying a word Keisuke turned his back on Kyoko and opened the sports cars door as if he was ready to leave. But Keisuke didnt do that, he retrieved the other iced coffee from the drink holder. Keisuke smiled and gently threw the can towards Kyoko.

“I had a feeling you would come soon. Each time I came back up on a final run I bought two drinks waiting for you but it wasnt until now that you came.”

Kyoko rested gently beside Keisuke on the FDs bonnet

“You have been waiting for me Keisuke San?”

“Project D has already cleared Kanogawa and the goal my brother and I were aiming towards is just about complete I guessed you would come sooner or later.”

”Are you confident you can win in your upcoming battle against your team mate?”

“Im pretty confident, we are equally skilled.”

Kyokos cheeks were scarlet she ducked her head and began to play with the can of coffee in her hands…

”Keisuke San I was wondering if there was still a chance between us.”

Keisuke was prepared for this confrontation from the day he reduced Kyoko to tears and rejected her. Keisuke gently wrapped Kyoko in his arms,

”I am happy that you waited for me, but give me more time. No matter what the result is after the next battle I will be able to give you the future you have been looking for.”

Moved by Keisukes promise she nodded trying hard without success to hold back the tears. Keisuke wiped away the moist droplets streaming down the girls face.

“Silly girl dont cry, say I havent seen you race in ages! Want to do a downhill run?”

“You bet…..Darling!”

The yellow and black FD took off into the mountain pass into a world where they could call their own. For the first time since losing on Akina Keisuke was able to drive without the focus of defeating Takumi.

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AE 86
Posted: Nov 16 2007, 09:32 PM

Request Title - PM Mods

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Nice nice ... I like the story ... Its more to the love story ... Looking forward for another update ~~
Initial Dream
Posted: Nov 18 2007, 03:18 PM

IDW Jr. Member

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“Ive got to agree with you Senpai! Mt Akagi has become a sausage fest.”

”Nani!? Kenta is picking his nose!”

HAHA best quotes in the story so far its pretty well written update soon!
  Posted: Nov 18 2007, 09:03 PM

Otaku Down Under-

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Thanks for the comments so far. LOL yeah stay tuned for the impromptu battle at Saitama touge in the next installment