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Welcome to the Marketplace. Here, you can buy, sell or trade your CDs / records / tapes / wax-cylinders.
By posting in this forum, you agree the following rules.

Please use the topic tags ("FOR SALE", "WANTED") when creating your listing.
You acknowledge that you are the sole owner of anything you are selling.
DO NOT attempt to sell digital files you do not own.
DO NOT attempt to sell bootlegs or otherwise unauthorized releases that you have made (secondhand bootlegs are okay.)
Post at your own risk. Initial D World and any entities associated with the site / board do not hold any responsibilities for fraud and any financial losses you may incur.



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> Marketplace Rules & Disclaimers
  Posted: May 22 2013, 01:54 AM

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Welcome to the new Music Section subforums: Marketplace. You can buy, sell or trade your CDs / records / tapes / wax-cylinders here. It is not limited to Initial D / Eurobeat only. You can utilize this subforums for any genre of music provided you didn't join the forums for the sole purpose of advertising.

  1. Include your country of residence in the title, even if you are willing to sell outside that area. Within the post, please provide an indication of where you live.
  2. Specify the currency you are selling in.
  3. Post pictures, where applicable, in the original post.
  4. Please list any extras or accessories you will include in the transaction.
  5. State the acceptable method(s) of payment.
  6. Please state if shipping/insurance is included in the price. Also state the method of shipping you are proposing.
  7. Mark SOLD by editing the thread title.
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