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> Random Thoughts
Nomake Wan
Posted: Nov 14 2017, 11:21 AM


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I'm going to go ahead and say that 'use Chrome' is a poor choice. You don't have to, and it's by no means the most secure browser. The correct answer here is 'use the browser you want, but make sure you install a proper blocking combination like uBlock Origin and uMatrix'. For instance, if you don't like the fact that Chrome records everything you do and sends it to Google for analysis, maybe you'd rather use Firefox, or use the forks of Firefox based on the TOR project for privacy reasons. Totally fine--just make sure you have your plugins up to date and install script/ad blockers.

I haven't run antivirus on any of my machines in a decade. If you know what you're doing, there's no reason to. If you protect yourself against threats, there's no reason to. For instance, are you worried about ransomware? Okay, stop visiting shady-as-fuck websites and make sure that things like flash are click-to-play rather than enabled by default, plus run a blocking tool like uMatrix to control what actually gets loaded on a website before it happens. Don't fucking use Outlook for e-mail--just use webmail of some sort. And if you're SUPER paranoid, run an anti-ransomware tool (for instance, there are ones available that prevent applications from running out of AppData, which is where most ransomware executables get loaded).

As far as I'm concerned, preventative anti-virus programs are garbage. The best preventative anti-virus is your own fucking brain. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and other such tools are not preventative--they're reactionary. They're what you use when your brain fails you and you fucked yourself over.

So, short version, stop being an idiot and just get rid of your antivirus. Or continue to be an idiot and keep it around as part of a desperate plea to keep yourself safe from your own stupidity.
Proud Contributor of the Music Section Revival Project
Posted: Yesterday, 3:13 PM

DJ Pon-2

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Anyone getting snow where they are? the first heavy snowfall of the year just started here about an hour or two ago

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Posted: 9 hours, 35 minutes ago

Join the Empire today! Or die, rebel scum!

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We got the Santa Anas for a bit this morning. biggrin.gif
Posted: 5 hours, 20 minutes ago


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here's an evil/fun experiment to run on your children that relates to xmas. kids are taught to believe a jolly old fat man in a red suit squeezes down the chimney across the worls at near warp speed for 1 night only. what if you raised a child telling the truth and never mentioning santa even once?

i know it would make the news broadcasts slightly better when there is no santa GPS app/reports.
Posted: 2 hours, 32 minutes ago

Were you expecting something else?

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What would happen? Absolutely nothing special. I can safely say this as a resident of a country where Christmas isn't a big deal and chimneys are near non-existent. Your minor annoyance would merely be replaced with some other minor annoyance.

Anyway, complaining about Santa Claus of all things. Now there's a first world problem if I've ever seen one laugh.gif

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