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> [FanFic]The Vintage power, the first fanfic of my life
  Posted: Jun 18 2008, 07:39 PM

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Just to advertise you
First my English is bad and itís not my primary language, its French so don't be too harsh for the grammar and spelling mistakes.
And will I am trying the same way that the character of the real ID and my fanfic, i don't keep the same type writing of ID. Itís my style of writing.

``Takumi! ``
-``What dad? ``
-``I am going to a big meet of the chamber or commerce tonight. Every shop in the Kanto will be there so I might meet some old friends and talk to them a bit so I might be late to prepare the delivery. You will be able to get the delivery done? ``

``Yes, I will be okay dad. ``Takumi replied**that shitty old man will be another time drunk**.Bunta went outside and got in the impreza. Thirty second later, he was off to go to the meet. It was quite a long ride because the meet was held in Hakone. After a couple hours of driving on the highway, Bunta decided to go to the local touge so he could awake him a bit since he had an hour and half to wait before the start of the meeting.

``Hum! Itís been a long since I went to this touge and I remember Takumi talking about an expedition going to Hakone with the Project D team, wondering if there would be any local racer already there. ``
Then a blue roadster appeared in front of him. Bunta soon realized that it was an ap1 but not a stock ap1, it was a bit modified. Bunta asked him if he should give a try or not. But the s2000 was starting to go faster so Bunta floored it and told to him: ``time to get some rust off``. Itís at a hairpin that he recognized the driver of the ap1 by checking the movements of the car that was driving in front of him. It was that good old Toushia Joushima but ``why does Toushia-san is here? Doesnít he live in Ibaraki? I ill soon find it out when we reach the base of the mountain. ``
But when they reached the base of the mountain, god hand didn't stop to see who the person who followed him was. It was at that time that Bunta realized that he might get late to the meeting so he didnít stopped him also to breathe a bit or smoke a cigarettes.

So what do you think about it

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Posted: Jun 18 2008, 10:21 PM


Posted: Jun 19 2008, 04:24 AM


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It was really hard for me too read and i didn't really get much from it, work on it and get some spell-check going.
  Posted: Jun 19 2008, 08:20 AM

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i corrected many of the ponctuation mistake and i have checked the spell for the first chapter and edited it.Should be easier to understand now.

Next chapter

It was 8:05 pm; Bunta was late because of his little run at the local touge. There approximately a thousand of people who turned around when Bunta entered the room. Bunta had heard a familiar voice coming from a near table; it was his good old friend Masashi who was waiting for him. Bunta arrived at the table while being looked by the other entire person of the meeting. Bunta soon realized that a lot of his good old friends from his street racing life were there.
``Joushima, you gave up being a doctor? ``
-``No, I started my own clinic and since itís a kind of commerce, I got an invitation for this meeting and you? ``
-``I am here for my tofu shop. Hey Tsuchiya-san, you finally came to one of our meeting. I almost thought that you would never come. ``
-``Well since itís a meeting for the entire Kanto region, I thought that I might be able to see you there. How has been your son since our last conversation? ``
-``He still didnít have lost a race from what I know, someone going to need to teach him a lesson and make him lose. But I donít think Keiichi that you would like to race again on the street, well not for the moment. Takumi is not ready to race against you. ``
``And Todou-san, nice to meet you again``
-``Long times no see Fujiwara-san. I might have something for your undefeated son. ``
-``I am curious to see what it his. I want to know more about this. ``
-``And since Project D had been disbanded, it wonít break their dominating record. Just come to my shop this week and I will show you. I only have one problem about it but I will talk to you more about that when you come to my shop. You still remember where it is located? ``
-``Yes, I remember where it is. ``

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