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> machine destruction!, y beat so much sh*t out of the machine?
Takumi Trueno
Posted: Jul 7 2004, 02:34 PM

IDW Goldmember

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Joined: Jun 24th 2004
Location: Bay Area, California

I guess i am pretty lucky. My arcade is pretty small and not in an area accesable without a car. There is little no no abuse at my arcade. But if someone at my arcade try to pull some SH*T then Im sure that many asians including myself would woop his sorry @$$. I cant beleive what people do sometimes. Do they really think that they are being kool cause they are beating up a poor defensless arcade amchine?
Knee Grow
Posted: Jul 7 2004, 02:36 PM

Better than you, in so many ways...

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Joined: May 20th 2004
Location: Petersburg, VA

I try t stop it as much as I can when I see it happen, but I'm not there all the time and sometimes little shit slips by on the occasions that I don't show up to the arcade. Come in and the sensors on the gas pedal need to be fixed! SUXOR!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: Jul 7 2004, 03:45 PM

IDW Jr. Member

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Joined: Jul 1st 2004
Location: Bay City, MI

Thats why there is a device called a tazer. You see some hoolagin about to beat the machine for his suckage. Simply apply the tazer and all problems are fixed happy.gif
Posted: Jul 7 2004, 05:13 PM


Group: Advanced Members
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Joined: Mar 17th 2004
Location: Update Profile

u could always use a cattle prod...or just a really pointy stick
Knee Grow
Posted: Jul 7 2004, 07:36 PM

Better than you, in so many ways...

Group: Advanced Members
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Joined: May 20th 2004
Location: Petersburg, VA

I like to use the back of my hand
Posted: Aug 21 2004, 10:23 AM

IDW Senior Member

Group: Members
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Joined: Jul 19th 2004
Location: University Place, Washington, USA

why the back o your hand? you should just all out sock the guy in the jaw, make him never want to hit the machine again, and if he does, just beat the holy hell outta him
Posted: Aug 24 2004, 12:55 PM

IDW Jr. Member

Group: Members
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Joined: Aug 23rd 2004
Location: Update Profile

now now ..... lets not get more like me.... switch off the machine and tell him if he hits the machine, he'll be eating out of a straw .... i did that once and a WHOOOOOOOOOOOLE group of friends came up to me .... lol. luckily thats like my2nd home........
Nappy Hared Azn
Posted: Aug 27 2004, 09:25 PM

Darling, won't you ease my worried mind?

Group: Advanced Members
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Joined: May 12th 2004
Location: The Glorious Democratic People's Republic of CA

hmm... ionno why, but our wheels aren't exactly loose, but you can pull them out further and push them in a few centimeters. it doesn't affect your gameplay verymuch, but it'll start vibrating after a race and it makes a loud noise. also, our gas pedal only gives you about 80-90% accel. ill go from i'll go from 100 to 115 in a little over a second, but it'll suddenly stop accelerating, so it's hard to get good times on akina. (i drive an fd so i have trouble getting into 5th gear since it never accels over 120. except at the begining of the race. that's the only time with good accel)
Posted: Aug 29 2004, 10:29 PM

4WD specialist

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Joined: Sep 3rd 2003
Location: Update Profile

ghetto machine haha.

i'll just challenge whoever to a race...if i beat him then he should stop screwing around with the machine. if he doesn't comply, i'll call my frnds up to whoop his ass.

haha cappu, the place i play at is also my 2nd home.
Posted: May 17 2006, 03:16 PM

coffee break anyone?

Group: Advanced Members
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Joined: Feb 17th 2006
Location: Palmdale, CA

no the machine that used to be at my arcade [palmdale, CA called "mulligan"] truly redefined ghetto. the left screen was a dark red tint, the left steering wheel was loose, the right steering wheel did not lock so occasionally youre steering on a righ corner, you run the wheel just a little bit too far to the left, andyoure magically turning fully right in a path headed straight for the wall. also the people that manage the arcade use v2 cards in it tho its a v1 and it WORKS! w00t2.gif they replaced it with a V@ though and im buying a cappo w/ card name quiet as soon as i go. i will own with new machine. regaurding people who abuse the machine i am sad because i cant do anythiing-violent-about it because im a 13 year old and a wimp. sucks.
Posted: Sep 3 2006, 11:55 AM

IDW Full Member

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Joined: Aug 28th 2006
Location: MN, US

BOTH Ver. 2 Machines at my arcade are damaged.

The seats are broken on both, one has broken speakers, the others speakers are too loud, both steering wheels are messed....
Posted: Dec 28 2007, 01:20 PM

IDW Member

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Joined: Nov 18th 2007
Location: San Diego, California

wow you guys get it bad, at my arcade theres not a single thing wrong with our v.3, theres rules and punishments and a camera behind the machine so no one does anything to hurt the machine. the workers clean and dust the machine everyday and change the shifters and tv out every year (ppl erasing and tv blurry, discolored.) i love my arcade [: the worst problem we had with the machine was the cardreader ran out of ink Lol! w00t2.gif
Posted: Jun 6 2009, 11:55 AM

IDW Goddess Member

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Joined: Apr 12th 2009
Location: on your computer screen :]

even though this is for V1/V2,let me just say....................theres only been one major problem and one permanent problem with the V3 machines at main event fort worth
the major one was that someone punched the card reader so hard that it stopped working,and wouldnt accept ones could be read,but they wouldnt save
the permanent one was that the link got broke about a year ago,and still hasnt been fixed dry.gif

the only problem is that the left ones card reader wont work.when you start,it takes you to the car select screen.
the monitors on both used to have a bluish/purplish tint,but they got replaced smile.gif

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