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> Initial D Local Team Listings., List the name of your actual ID team....
  Posted: Mar 3 2004, 10:41 AM

Reigning and Defending

Group: Advanced Members
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Joined: Aug 12th 2003
Location: West Los Angeles, CA

Here you can list the name of your ID team in YOUR area, and jot down the name and rank of all members. I'll go first.

Team name: Kengai
# of members: 3
Name of members in order of performance:

1. KNGAI, MGLCA, CHEAT, ....1. Leader, and ranked 1st for performance, ME.
2. FCKIT. Newest member and ranked 2nd for performance, Fernando.
3. KNGAI. Member and ranked 3rd for performance, Carlos a.k.a. Kengai_rcrOne here in the forums.

Location: Ventura, CA. Part of the Southern California Initial D community.

Win/Loss record as a team: Raced 5 teams, lost NONE!
Name of teams defeated: Sons of Heaven, Speed Militia, SDD(San Diego Drifters), SMDK(Santa Maria Drift Crew), and this other team that tried to come up on us, team Khaos. There's still one team down here in Ventura that's been training to take us on, but I doubt they're even going to make a move, they are
Team X-ecution. Still waiting..... whistling.gif
Posted: Mar 3 2004, 01:57 PM

Akagi's White Comet

Group: Members
Posts: 442
Member No.: 877
Joined: Oct 5th 2003
Location: Warner Robins, GA

Team- Seven members-Based in Vegas/Henderson.
MLL,Team leader and damn good on all the courses,tho he has Retired till Ver 3.

JPN,Second in command and quickest on Happogahara

KOJI,Our top Racer right now being the Fastest on Akagi Uh,Akina Dh,Iroha Dh.

VOLT(Me),Fastest on Akagi Dh and Akina Uh,Decent on the rest,and proformance is still rising.

KMAN,Decent on the last four,adn he is still getting ALOT better.

Kyu,Damn quick with his 180Sx and his 8-5,Perfect on Usui and Myogi,and Avg on the rest(the 8-5 is keeping him back,it's his main car.)

Theres one more racer,but i still haven't meet him,been introduced to him,and even seen him till then he will be called....ZORO!

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Posted: Mar 4 2004, 06:42 PM

We're the People's Front of Judea!

Group: Advanced Members
Posts: 13,123
Member No.: 1,355
Joined: Feb 28th 2004
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Rotary Knights
(1 guess as to what we all drive)

Rtry-Me, Best on the DHs, and usui

Ae86?-Al around average guy, can keep up with me on all courses except akagi, but doesnt usually win unless boost is on or i hold back

CrzFD- Good on usui, akagi, and iro uphill. Best on the UHs

"I like my engines to go around and around, not up and down"

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Posted: Mar 9 2004, 12:23 PM

IDW Expert Member

Group: Members
Posts: 106
Member No.: 1,196
Joined: Jan 29th 2004
Location: Tampa, FL

Team Name, Initial Desire. Members 5. Team captain, me. Location, Tampa, FL.
Posted: Mar 10 2004, 02:52 AM

IDW Jr. Member

Group: Members
Posts: 63
Member No.: 1,415
Joined: Mar 10th 2004
Location: Update Profile

Team name: Project SV
# of members: 8

Fastest team in North America

Team record:
Usui CW: OA#2
Akagi up wet: OA#1
Happo In OA#1
Iro Down: OA#1
Four courses: OA#1

Location: Sunnyvale, North California

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Posted: Mar 11 2004, 03:07 PM

IDW Saiyan

Group: Advanced Members
Posts: 9,139
Member No.: 1,205
Joined: Jan 31st 2004
Location: Dallas, Texas

Team name:S-W-A-T
Leader- Me
Number of players right now:4
Me: All tracks
Craig- Akagi, Akinda
Jo- Happ., Usui, wet
Blair- Akina
Location: Dallas Texas

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Posted: Mar 13 2004, 03:15 AM

slap slap slap!

Group: Advanced Members
Posts: 1,493
Member No.: 1,183
Joined: Jan 26th 2004
Location: Update Profile

[Initial Drift]

Car name - MAT
Car - SXE10 ( Altezza Rs200)
Car name - ENEMY
Car - FC3S ( Rx7 Spirit )

We made this for a lil fun... Nufin Serious at all... Prolly wont even battle anyone LOL blink.gif
We dont really wanna battle anyway... We have no idea why we bothered to make this pinch2.gif

Anyways, Sydney is were we at shifty2.gif

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Posted: Mar 18 2004, 10:29 PM

Join the Empire today! Or die, rebel scum!

Group: Advanced Members
Posts: 13,448
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Joined: Mar 18th 2004
Location: Update Profile

im the new team member of speed militia, names BUNTA: Andres. other members are DHARD:brett aka "KORN" AKA "PAPER" AND TWO MORE. we live in santa paula.
Posted: Mar 20 2004, 08:42 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 3
Member No.: 1,481
Joined: Mar 20th 2004
Location: Update Profile

i'm on Project SV.. same as FFR.. haha 3rd on iro and 3rd on akagi with DC2.. har har..

if u wanna see our times, or the members list check out our site
Posted: Mar 23 2004, 12:25 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 4
Member No.: 1,493
Joined: Mar 23rd 2004
Location: Update Profile

Team name: ELeMeNT

# of members: 4

Name of members in order they joined:

1. Leader and founder: Me

2. 2nd in command: Turbocivic

3. Jon C.


Team Mission: To be the best and conquer all!!!
Posted: Mar 23 2004, 03:36 PM


Group: Advanced Members
Posts: 3,364
Member No.: 1,467
Joined: Mar 17th 2004
Location: Update Profile

team name: Project D
# of members: 3
dont really have a leader...

name-car(s)-best course
cho-bunta mobile / 86 trueno-akina
tofu-evoIII / evoIV-iro (me)
kaka-fd spirit / evoIV-akagi

need to find some1 taht can play happo good...
Posted: Mar 28 2004, 01:21 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 5
Member No.: 1,529
Joined: Mar 28th 2004
Location: Update Profile

Team Name: Team Sago
Number of Members: 8 and growing
Area: Edmonton Alberta Canada

link to members: The Members

team site should be up within the month
Posted: Apr 1 2004, 07:02 PM

IDW Senior Member

Group: Members
Posts: 70
Member No.: 1,568
Joined: Apr 1st 2004
Location: Update Profile

im new and just started a team we're call by poeple in the acrades the evo nights or the evo brothers wich ever one fits ill let you guys decide.

number of member iits kinda simple #2

Legoinry-me car EVO 4/ EVO3
drakelord-best friend car EVO3/ RX7

we play version 1 and version 2 so we have 2 cars
we have raced anyone who wanted a piece of this and havnt lost let total number of race 23 i dont think we have raced and team thow some of them seemed like really hard core players.

location NC
RACE location Raleigh, NC
looking for a good team will be up in raleigh this saturday at adenture landing if any team is interested
we play for fun and pride lol.
Posted: Apr 21 2004, 04:06 PM

IDW Expert Member

Group: Members
Posts: 141
Member No.: 1,494
Joined: Mar 23rd 2004
Location: Ironton Ohio

Team name: Project Rush
Location: Ohio, Kentucky, WV Tristate

Me ( Chris )
Cars: AE86, MR2 G-Limited, Evo IV
Fav/Best Tracks: Akina DH/UH, Akagi DH/UH, Iro DH

Cars: DC2, R32, Evo IV
Fav/Best Tracks: Myogi CW/CCW, Akagi DH/UH, Happo IB/OB, Iro DH/RV

Cars: GT4, Evo III
Fav/Best Tracks: Usui CW/CCW, Akagi UH, Akina UH

We are just three guys who adore this game that are looking for some friendly rivals. Come in play some games, share some info and tips and just have fun.
Posted: Apr 22 2004, 10:00 AM

Miata Drifter and DGTrials Ambassador

Group: Advanced Members
Posts: 2,172
Member No.: 1,671
Joined: Apr 22nd 2004
Location: Atlanta, GA

Team: Crusaders. In Atlanta, GA, US.
Play at startime Entertainment. (
Upgraded to Version 3


JT with EVO4


Babba with R32 and MR2
Java with Capp
Beau with FC and GDB


John with Sil-80
Kin with AE86 and FD
Shortman with his Silvia Q
Mike with FD, ER34
Kris with R32
Kalid with R32
Tyler with EVO4
Adam with RX-8

Also hello to the Glitchee and Ram-Master

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Posted: May 9 2004, 11:22 AM

IDW Expert Member

Group: Members
Posts: 106
Member No.: 1,196
Joined: Jan 29th 2004
Location: Tampa, FL

Started a side project team. Team name DCBlue
Posted: May 11 2004, 03:24 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 1
Member No.: 1,812
Joined: May 11th 2004
Location: Waianae, Hawaii

fear2.gif My local team is project xXx and we are based in waianae hawaii.

Project xXx is also looking for anyone who would like to join here in hawaii cuz we only have like five members all of us are intermediate players but we know the basics of drift and braking and downshift. Our team favorite is irohazaka and our favorite character is Shingo Shouji. The only machines we play are arcade stage: Volume 2 and it is the english version.

Edited by Perry: Please do not double post. Thank you.

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Posted: May 22 2004, 10:47 PM

IDW Member

Group: Members
Posts: 10
Member No.: 1,883
Joined: May 22nd 2004
Location: Update Profile

Team name: umm... don't really have one... yet

# of members: 3 as of now

no real leader
me, Maug, Tofu

location: Huntsville, AL
Posted: May 23 2004, 09:28 AM

Akagi's White Comet

Group: Members
Posts: 442
Member No.: 877
Joined: Oct 5th 2003
Location: Warner Robins, GA

Just started a new team and i scarped the other one,the new team name is
Four members so far,
there are no leaders on this team.
PART1 (Daniel~Me~)Main Car:Gdb N Tune Silver,Sleeper:Rx-7 Fc3s
PART5 (Aaron)Main Car:Gdb N Tune Blue,Sleeper:Unknown at this time
PART7 (Jimmy)Main Car:Gdb N Tune White,Sleeper:Mr-2 G Limited
PART8 (Paul)Main Car:Gdb N Tune Black,Sleeper:Evo IV

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Posted: May 29 2004, 11:01 PM

IDW Banned Member

Group: Banned
Posts: 1,615
Member No.: 1,892
Joined: May 23rd 2004
Location: Update Profile

team name: FULL METAL
location: Los Angeles CA

members and thier cars


Chris-(O.O) dc2,dc2(AT),fd3s(spirit)

J.r-J.R s2000

Jesse- ??? wrx

noheel-NOEL!-evo IV,s14 k's,buntamobile,wrx

not much of a team but we still whoop on fools grin2.gif
user posted image

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Posted: May 30 2004, 11:50 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 410
Member No.: 904
Joined: Oct 12th 2003
Location: Update Profile

FIREMEN - Good team, lotsa FT cards.. hardly play anymore (if at all).

Team NATIVE - Suck, lurk around arcade and watch u play smellin like ass. They fish.. err... try to fish.

Team Sago - Decent v3 team.. ya.

I know all members of Sago and Firemen, not part of any team.
Knee Grow
Posted: May 30 2004, 01:02 PM

Better than you, in so many ways...

Group: Advanced Members
Posts: 5,366
Member No.: 1,869
Joined: May 20th 2004
Location: Petersburg, VA

My other memer of my Team 'Monstor Inc.' is away training in the navy.

EVOIV is da king of our arcade!!! And I wanna keep it that way!
Posted: Jun 3 2004, 09:42 AM


Group: Advanced Members
Posts: 2,014
Member No.: 1,896
Joined: May 24th 2004
Location: Update Profile

i'll post up for Project Kishu...i'm not a member but an associate
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founder and Leaders: Razorsuke (Best in Calgary on all course, and Best in Irohazaka in Western Canada) and Matt

Other Members:
Wes (Second Best in Calgary, our lil Takumi on Akina according to Razor)
Tony (Maniac of Pho, Also tied for Second in Calgary)

Non Kishu Kishu Members wink2.gif (aka. named the AfterSchool Crew by Razor):
Me, (aka. Phoker)

Full List:


Best Times in the Team:
Myogi CCW: 2'52"886 (Razor - R32)
CW: 2'54"014 (Steve - RX-7)

Usui CCW: 2'43"8xx (Razor - Sileighty)
CW: 2'44"8xx (Raozr - Sileighty)

Akagi DH: 2'14"671 (Razor - RX-7 Type R)
UH: 2'19"956 (Razor - RX-7 Spirit)

Akina DH: 2'47"929 (Wes - Capp)
UH: 2'57'767 (Wes - Capp)

Happo OB: 2'14"593 (Razor - DC2)
IB: 2'13"200 (Razor - DC2)

Iro DH: 2"33"889 (Razor - DC2)
Rev: 2'42"508 (Razor - DC2)

All4Course: 9'58"890 (Razorsuke - DC2)

Project SV, meet Project Kishu...
best in North America? Theres also The Toronto Speed Concept Team... happy.gif

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Knee Grow
Posted: Jun 3 2004, 12:13 PM

Better than you, in so many ways...

Group: Advanced Members
Posts: 5,366
Member No.: 1,869
Joined: May 20th 2004
Location: Petersburg, VA

2'33" IRO DH?!!! Holy shit!! That's fast!
Posted: Jun 3 2004, 01:53 PM


Group: Advanced Members
Posts: 2,014
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Joined: May 24th 2004
Location: Update Profile

heh, thats why hes the best in western canada....i dunno about the toronto/montreal ppl...."eastern canada"

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