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> language help!, we have the international verson, i only speak english
  Posted: Feb 5 2011, 05:01 PM


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so unfortunately i have no idea what's going in with the menu's at all once i put my ID5 license in. can any of you break down the menu's (translate to english), especially the tuning and story mode. thanks!
Posted: Feb 5 2011, 07:37 PM

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after the card is inserted;

the first option is to proceed on with gameplay,
where the top option with the Takumi inside the picture to be storymode; "Legend of the Streets",
the second option with a yellow FD inside the picture is time attack; "Time Attack",
supposedly, the other one, depending on your version, is battle between 2 cabins, "In-store Battles"

back to the main,
the second option with the green outline and a spanner, is to proceed to tuning shop,
there are 3 sets of different exterior and interior tuning parts, and depending on when you get into the shop, it shows you which set you can tune at the moment, it rotates, so don't worry
(i don't have to explain on the exterior, if not it would take too much time, go juggle around with the parts, and see which combination suits you the best
for the interior parts, mainly the one with step1 to step7, there are 5 different component you MUST tune fully in order to get the best results in your car,
from left to right),

-Engine, Drivetrain etc; (relates to speed and acceleration)
-Intake/ Exhaust, Cooling system; (relates to lag time in exhaust pipe)
-Suspension & Wheels; (relates to stabilising in brakes)
-Body; (relates to stabilising in body weight of car)
-Electronic Components (ECU) (relates to speed and acceleration)

back to main again,
the last option below is to proceed to records and setting,
the first few of slides are your timing, mainly attainable in Time Attacks (or TA for short). the last slide all the way to the right, is the option setting for the cabin. i have forgotten in which order they are placed, but i do know that the one with 1-10 on top relates to the difficulty of the storymode, and the 1-10 below it is the stiffness of your steering wheel. what i do know is that one of the option near top will adjust your sound system, and one option somewhere below enables map or turn it off.

i hope it helps, i know it's very wordy laugh.gif
  Posted: Feb 14 2011, 09:28 PM


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thanks, looks like i can really start tuning now. ;-P