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> Project Imitation, TSAB is BACK
  Posted: Sep 17 2007, 02:10 PM


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Joined: Sep 15th 2007
Location: Mira MESA, San Diego,Cali

Well for those who Know on the last forum IDX my username was TSAB but there is some problem with the site so i made a new one .Anyways i heard form some people that ID4 will be coming back in like a couple of weeks and i thought about if i can improve and be more skilled then before so i wanted to start opening a team. this is open to noobs and advance drivers . here's a pictures back in ID3.

after looking around i figure out these are the car's i want4 the game
IMPREZA WRX STI (GDBF) / Silvia spec-R [S15]
pm your information if you like to join
Posted: Feb 25 2008, 08:59 PM

IDW Expert Member

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Joined: Feb 6th 2008
Location: san antonio, texas

why dont we make a joint team. my team only consits of 6 ppl and thats about it. i have 3 top players me (dk369) and 2 other ppl. the other 3 are noobs. ill give you some time to think about it. and my team is in san antonio
Posted: Dec 4 2010, 09:05 AM

IDW Jr. Member

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Joined: Dec 1st 2010
Location: Linda Vista, San Diego , California

O snap i just notice this is my old user name lol.