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> Sinful to use a vibrator?
    Posted: Apr 22 2018, 11:42 PM


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hey all,

Someone mentioned this in another topic, that using a vibrator is just as sinful as having gay sex. I figured I’d start another topic, though, because this strikes me as quite extreme. Of course it would be sinful to use one to masturbate, but in the context of marital sex? I also suppose over-dependence on one can lead to sin and the woman caring more about getting an orgasm than expressing love for her husband, but not all men have certain skills, of course they can be learned, but is the wife just supposed to grin and bear it until he does?

Using the same arguments, it seems logistical to conclude that even using an artificial lubricant is “unnatural”, and sinful too!

The vibrator I am using is Asin: B07BF5J4Y4 on Amazon.

user posted image

Some of the more extreme posters on this issue, really seem to think that women don’t need to enjoy sex, and that if she doesn’t achieve orgasm by intercourse alone, then tough luck, that’s just the way God made her.

That’s really not my impression of mainstream Catholic thought on women and sex. Please, someone reassure me!

Any help ?
Posted: Apr 23 2018, 12:54 AM

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Is this a Umustwait alt?

(j/k it's a fucking spambot)
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