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> [FANFIC] Pressured Wings, Let those wings soar...
  Posted: Dec 23 2013, 07:33 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Back and with another chapter. Thanks to shadow55419 for the OC.

Chapter 22: Drifting Up

“Hate to wonder how Neon would react…seeing how he acted when my sis lied to him.” Haruka replied after Airis told some of the girls in the Azure Wings what happened a bit earlier.

“How would ya know how he’ll act anyway?” Akemi asked, “Besides he ain’t the one to get THAT angry.”

“And you know my brother how? Last time I checked he did not hang out with you at ALL. Haruka and my brother were school…acquaintances.” Airis retorted angrily at Akemi.

“Ah whatever, besides I ain’t gonna assume the worst case scenario. I think he’s a pretty decent guy who’ll do the right thing.”

“WOW. You have THAT much faith in him?” Kayo said. “Hell I don’t have THAT much faith in him and that’s coming from a friend from MIDDLE SCHOOL. You obviously don’t know him that well. If he’s in the dark about a very big secret, he’s gonna go berserk…heck I am still surprise he didn’t fucking throw me off the roof in middle school after I hid that from him…”

“Hey, maybe I just see the good in people. Yeah maybe I don’t know him well, but until I see this Hulk like transformation you’re ranting on about I ain’t gonna see him like that.” Akemi finally said as a blue Mazda RX-7 approached them. This made the females quiet down as they saw a slender female with shoulder length brown hair come out of the car.

“Hello there.” She greeted them.

“Oh…hello there.” Haruka greeted back, “You see there aren’t any races going on today, so I’m afraid it’s only a few of us here now.”

“It’s ok…oh right my manners. My name is Akari.” Akari replied back.

“Akari huh? Wait…that name sounds a bit familiar…” Haruka muttered to herself as she took out her laptop.

“Ah geez, ignore that stupid loli. Name’s Akemi, nice to meet ya. And before you ask, I ain’t from Japan originally…I’m from America.” Akemi greeted, which somewhat perked Akari’s ears a bit.

“America huh? Hate to ask you something off…but do you know someone named David?”

“David…not ringin’ a bell. There are a good amount of guys named David in America, but where would this David person be from? There are fifty states anyway.”

Akari thought for a bit before she remembered where this David person lived. “I believe it’s North Carolina.”

“Sorry, ain’t from there. So wouldn’t know this David guy.”

“Ah here’s the reason why I thought your name sounded familiar…along with this David guy. It’s from a group called the ‘Timber Wolves’. Originally from America this guy had an American team of the same name. Lots of people mention this David person as the ‘Muscle Drifter’…although that was a bit recently. Many people did call him the ‘American’ while he was active. Also it says that you are called the ‘Lone Wolf’ now…is that correct?” Haruka said as the information came across her screen.

“Yes…but anyway I heard that you girls are part of the Azure Wings and I did want to race one of you.” Akari said. The girls looked at each other for a bit before they all shrugged.

“We were just talking for a bit but I guess one of us can spare a race. So who would you like to race?” Kayo exhaled as Akari slowly looked at the girls. She then pointed at Airis.

“Me? Well…I don’t see a problem, sure I guess.” Airis replied as she entered into her M3.

“Very well then, let us show you the starting line.” Haruka said as she started to gesture Akari. “Wait, uphill or downhill?”

“Uphill, my engine is tuned for uphills.” Akari mentioned, Haruka nodded and continued to gesture her to the start.

“Ending’s after a moderate s turn, if you win you should see Airis slow down…and if you lose you should see her hit her brakes.” Akemi shouted as both the cars revved their engines.

“Well then, guess I’ll start the countdown then.” Kayo said as she positioned herself between the two cars. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!”

Both cars managed to get off the line at a decent speed, with the RX-7 getting a slight advantage as the car was tuned more for the uphill. After the first hairpin curve, Airis can see that this ‘Lone Wolf’ has been in many mountain races. Akari’s skill and driving style almost surprised her, since most of the time she would see errors right after this turn. Shaking her head Airis followed Akari’s line, almost to the exact moment where she would turn. I have to admit she can follow pretty good…Akari thought as she passed the first high speed S-turn.

Approaching the first set of consecutive hairpins Airis continued to accelerate as Akari seemed to have decelerated a bit. What? Maybe she isn’t familiar here yet. Airis thought as she managed to take the first turn at a slightly faster speed, forcing her car to slip to the outside. At this moment Akari managed to grab the inside space and take the second hairpin at Airis’s speed. Tch, of course…Airis cursed to herself as Akari sped up and managed to exit the hairpin at a faster speed. Akari was now ahead of Airis at this point.

“Anyone wanna bet on the winner?” Akemi asked the remaining two girls.

“Hate to be against my team but Akari seems to have the upper hand this time.” Haruka responded.

“I can tell based off her interior that her car is probably tuned well. I would have to assume her car has a twin turbo engine. Works great for uphills while Airis’s naturally aspired engine, while tuned well, ain’t going to have the push it needs for the uphill.” Kayo mused out loud.

“Although I gotta ask, why the HELL are you the only guys who changes their preferences all the time? I mean you both will do either uphill or downhill in an instant. Ain’t it gonna be better for you both if you just stuck to one way?” Akemi asked Haruka, who only sighed.

“It’s…well she told me that she just wanted to be like Neon in a way…but more…versatile I think is what she said. But her current skills are never going to reach his levels. Not in a million years.”

At the high speed section the RX-7 was a good half a second in front of the M3, leaving Airis a bit mad at herself. Knowing the turns of the second set of hairpins Airis decided to make a final break here. At the first hairpin Akari drifted around the corner while Airis managed to take the racing line before immediately drifting the right turn while Akari slowed down just a bit to make the turn. Now they were neck and neck as they approached the second hairpin, with the M3 taking the outside line. In a make-or-break moment Akari pushed her RX-7 a little bit more and braked hard to initiate a drift around the hairpin. This confused Airis as she slammed her brakes hard and saw the RX-7 open the gap up a bit more.

Heh, well at least she got that win reasonably. Airis thought as she slowly let the M3 roll to a stop. As the car managed to stop before the s turn the RX-7 was approaching the M3. The two drivers got out and shook hands afterwards.

“Not bad, you have some talent though.” Akari commented on Airis’s driving.

“It was a nice change of pace at least, had enough of simple tactics on the pass.” Airis replied as she leaned against her car.

“Is something the matter?” Akari asked, she felt that something was wrong with Airis.

“Family…well maybe not necessarily family issues but more like my brother…I guess.”

“Ah…I probably shouldn’t dive into this territory then.”

“Oh…well, um…sorry. I really am happier than this; I…this incident makes me worried about what my brother may do.”

“So…you wish to talk to a stranger about this?” Akari tilted her head in why Airis was being open.

“Stupid head!” Airis screamed, scaring Akari a bit. “Sorry! I…I dunno maybe I just need to think things over a bit more. Oh and by the way, I would assume you dress like that for racing yes?” Akari looked at Airis awkwardly before clearing her throat.

“Ah…well yes I do. I don’t like clothes that can get in the way of me driving.” Akari commented.

“Oh boy I made this awkward didn’t I? Sorry…but you seem like a fashionable person.”

“I am, just not when I am racing. If I may ask this do you have a favorite model or something like that? Based off what you just asked me I can tell that you are a fashionable person as well.”

“Haha…well yes I do. Mariko Tamura…love what she wears. But I think I should head down now, I need to head home.”

“I see, well I hope we get to see each other soon. You seem like a nice person.” Akari waved as she entered in her RX-7 and left the pass.

“Yeah…I guess…”


Okamiwind: Here we go...
Okamiwind: I WILL. IN TIME. Give me at least 2 chapters!

???: Tch, whatever.
Kiyoshi: Just hang in's gonna be ok.
???: Easy for you to say...

Haruka: I am bored.
Haruko: So am I...I think everyone is here.
Kaede: I'm not, I don't have much time to rest anyway.
Haruko: Well at least someone is.

Neon and Shizuko appear to be sleeping.
Kiyoshi: Heh, those two find sleep more entertaining then talking.
Kaede: Seems so...

I got nothin'.

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  Posted: Dec 25 2013, 10:56 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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OBLIGATORY CHRISTMAS OMAKE AWAY. NO PROOFREADING WAS DONE. Also note that this does take place later on in Arc 3 and this omake is a romantic...lovey dovey...omake.

Christmas Omake

After putting on his dark blue winter jacket Neon took his present and slipped it in his pocket as he was preparing for a date with his girlfriend tonight.

“I’m heading out.” Neon said out loud.

“Make sure you stay safe out there, as well as your girlfriend.” Hideki, Neon’s father, responded back. After nodding he went to the garage where his mother was working.

“You’re heading out? Which car are you going to take?” Kaede asked Neon, who was looking at the cars.

“I’m curious…can I take your car mother? Your HS30 that is.” Neon replied, Kaede looked at him oddly before taking the keys to her car and tossing it to Neon.

“Make sure when you get back I don’t see a single scratch alright?”

“Thanks mother, I will keep it safe.” Neon replied as he got into the blue HS30 and texted his girlfriend that he was coming to pick her up. After that the HS30 went outside to the winter night air and drove off.

Shizuko sighed as she finally threw on her dark purple winter jacket. She was waiting for Neon, her boyfriend, to come and pick her up from her house. Looking at her poorly wrapped gift she placed it in a shoulder bag she was going to use today. Her phone buzzed as it received a text message; she glanced at it and already knew what it said. Throwing on her purple scarf she locked the door and proceeded to go outside and wait. After shivering for a minute a blue HS30 appeared in her sights. Shizuko then proceeded to head straight for the car and got it.

“Brr…it’s so cold out there Neon…” Shizuko said as she placed her hands near the car’s heater.

“Hey to you to…and yeah it sure is cold today. Surprised it snowed so much overnight…” Neon replied as he put the car into drive. After a short while Neon parked the HS30 near the town square. “Here we are, stop hogging the heater will you?” Giving a small and slightly angry ‘hmph’ Shizuko exited the car as well as Neon.

“So, where to now Shizuko? I mean it is pretty late…for Christmas that is.” Neon asked as he looked at the time, which was 8 PM. Due to the fact it was Christmas many shops were closed or closed early, albeit a few stores.

“I was thinking we can admire the area. I always wanted to walk around the town during this time.” Shizuko said as she grabbed Neon’s hand. With Neon giving a smile back the couple decided to simply walk around the town and admire the scenery.

The town was surprisingly decorated for the Christmas theme. There were lights, paintings, and other Christmas themed decorations all over the square. As the couple looked around the town they noticed they weren’t the only couple out, there were a few more couples as well. But they didn’t care about the others, they were enjoying themselves. After quite a bit of walking Neon and Shizuko finally sat down at a bench near a rather large Christmas tree near the center of the square.

“It was quite a fun day, even if we didn’t much.” Shizuko commented as she rested her head on Neon’s arm.

“I have to agree, it was enjoyable.” Neon replied as he grabbed Shizuko’s hand.

“Oh, um…by the way…I have a…gift for you.” Shizuko said as she opened her shoulder bag. “Um…I don’t have a good idea for a gift so…I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure I’ll like it, besides it is from you.” Neon then opened the poorly wrapped present to reveal a blue scarf, similar design to Shizuko’s. “It’s wonderful…I love it.”

“R-R-Really?! I’m…glad about it!” Shizuko exclaimed as Neon wrapped the scarf around him.

“I lost my scarf a while ago, so this will be a good replacement.”

“I’m glad…I really am…”

“Well…I have a gift for you…and it was quite a bit getting this.” Neon pulled out a small, rectangular gift.

“W-Wow…it must be a lot then…” Shizuko looked at the gift for a bit before taking it. It was a box as Shizuko simply took the top off and inside revealed a beautiful necklace. The necklace was silver with a moderately sized, expertly cut sapphire. Shizuko was just speechless.

“Yeah…I kinda went a bit overboard huh? Took a bit out of my savings for this…” Neon said in a meek matter.

“It’s…it’s beautiful. For my first present on Christmas since I was a toddler…this is beautiful.” Shizuko was still shocked on what Neon gave her. She then handed Neon the necklace and turned a bit. “C-Can you put this on me?”

“Uh sure…” Neon then unchained the necklace and placed it on Shizuko’s neck. Still in a bit of a shock, Shizuko picked up the sapphire and admired it.

“Neon…why did you give me something so expensive as this?” Shizuko finally asked.

“Well, I thought you would like it…and it would be a cop out if I didn’t give you something around the same price as Haruko…when I was still with her.”

“So what did you give her?”

“A bracelet that was made out of silver, quite pricey for something that was so…thin. But apparently girls like that so…yeah.”

“Neon…thank you for this. I will wear this everyday…” Shizuko finished up as she got closer to Neon.

“I’m glad you like it Shizuko…” Neon replied as subconsciously their faces got closer.

“Um…well I just want to say…” “Er…I guess I should say this…” Shizuko and Neon both said together.

“I love you.” They both said at the same time. Smiling the couple kissed and at that moment a snowflake fell upon them.

“Yuki…” Shizuko whispered as more snow fell.

“Snow huh? Seems…” Neon started as he stared at Shizuko’s blushing face. Smiling back Neon hugged her and kissed her more passionately. And as the couple continued to kiss…well it was a picture perfect moment.

Well and with that...Merry Christmas everyone...even though this was uploaded a hour before Christmas ends so...yup.
  Posted: Dec 29 2013, 05:26 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Thanks to the absence of a thing called 'school' I am now turning chapters out more Anyway reverse time from the Christmas Omake to the...Arc 3 of last chapter...wo.

Chapter 23: Veteran’s Meeting

Inside a bar…

“So…you decided today was the day we all meet up again?” Tamiko said as she leaned on the wall of the bar.

“Yeah, I know. I mean it’s been like, what, eighteen years since we last met? And that was you guys were helping me with my children.” Kaede smirked as she leaned on the bar table.

It was a while since the old ‘group’ of the Ushiroyama Pass had a meeting. After some more chit chat the doors opened and revealed two women.

“Ara ara…it seems you two are still friendly as usual.” The long wavy pink haired woman said. She seemed to have her eyes closed for some reason…

“So you finally decided to shut your eyes huh? I swear your eyes still scare me…” Kaede replied just as soon the woman decided to open her eyes, exposing her unnaturally silver-white eyes. “AGH! God dammit that scares me! SHUT THEM!”

“Hmhmhm...oh Kaede you are so fun to tease at times…” She finally said as she closed her eyes.

“Hehehe…still the gullible one ain’t ya Kaede?” The other woman said. She had short dark violet hair and seemed to have just gotten out of work.

“So, how’s the force treating you Megumi?” Tamiko asked, at this moment the two females sat next to Kaede.

“Ah…well thankfully I am only called for high speed chases or some shit like that…but all in all…FUCK I GET BORED EASILY. CALL ME OR SOMETHING.” Megumi said as she slammed her head in a cartoonish matter.

“Well then, I’m always free Megumi-chan.” The pink haired woman spoke.

“Yeah but you are a freaking private psychologist for goodness sake Tsukiko-san! It would cost me MONEY to talk to you!” Megumi exclaimed.

“Ara ara…if you only called me on my private line I would talk to you…” Tsukiko said with a sly grin.

“I know you have something else to add after that…SPILL IT.”

“At a reduced price that is!” Tsukiko giggled.

“It’s still good to know you two still have arguments with each other. Would be a shame if you two changed.” Tamiko commented, only to have the two women glare at her.

“Well, since the old group is here…why not just give everyone a run down on what’s happening since we ‘disbanded’.” Kaede started as Tamiko started to give everyone a glass of whiskey.

“Eh? Hard stuff Tamiko? Fuck it, I’ll let it slide. Anyway the police are treating me rather well. I think it’s the fact that I set the fastest records in patrol cars. I mean…heck I think I’m the first one that is dispatched for the scene since I drive, and I quote, ‘demonically fast’. Whether it be a race, backup, or whatever. Idiots in my book, heck I pulled over an EK9 a while ago since I got to the scene too quickly and was killing time eating.” Megumi commented as she swirled her drink.

“I see…you really are bored. Well I don’t need to say what I am doing now, Nismo’s been treating me well. But god damn what the hell is with all these orders now?! Not that I’m complaining since I get more money but still…I NEED A BREAK.” Kaede exclaimed as she drank the whole glass in one go.

“I hate to ask…but what projects are Nismo asking you to do?” Tuskiko asked.

“Get this, I was only a road car worker…but now they want me to start doing GT300 and GT500 cars now. I know what to do and all…BUT ALL AT ONCE?! FUCK ME.”

“Glad you still have the vitality then…” Tsukiko replied as she rubbed her ears.

“Still a psychologist Tsukiko?” Tamiko asked as she filled Kaede’s glass…again.

“Yes and I’m glad that I am an independent person. I can name my own price and stuff, it’s a fun job…albeit it hurts my head at times when I have a full day.” Tsukiko said before she drank half of the glass.

“I hate to ask you this but…can my son get a session in?” Kaede asked Tsukiko.

“Hm? What for Kaede? It’s strange for you to ask this.”

“I know I know…but I…dunno. I think it could put my mind at ease if Neon’s mind was clear.”

“Eh? Neon? What’s up with him? Anything traumatic recently?” Megumi asked in surprise.

“No no no…it’s…hard to explain. Or rather…it’s a mother’s intuition.”

“Pulling a mother’s intuition? That’s kinda farfetched even for you Kaede…what is this intuition about?” Tsukiko asked as she somehow procured a notepad.

“Recently I heard from my husband something that can get Neon’s heart in a twist. The last thing I need is him doing is jeopardizing the relationship he has…” Kaede replied as Tsukiko wrote some notes down.

“And how far did he go?”

“In middle school a friend of his hid a secret from him…something about her leaking information about his racing style for money. Almost decided to throw her off the roof, I think she still fears him.” Kaede continued. This particular incident made Tsukiko raise her…eyebrow…since her eyes are closed.

“That is most intriguing…so a possible murder attempt…interesting.”

“And I guess somewhat recently his ex-girlfriend apparently cried the entire day away when they broke up. He yelled at her so much and hit so many weak points that she apparently skipped school and cried.”

“So he’s an abusive type when he gets mad?”

“Well…maybe I guess. I have high hopes for Shizuko, last thing I want is for Neon to end yet another relationship.” Kaede finished as Tsukiko scribbled down some final remarks. Tsukiko was about to say something but was struggling to say it.

“Spit it out, ain’t gonna be good if you hold it in.” Megumi said.

“I really REALLY hate to say ‘you have to pay this much yen for the session’ because…god dammit Kaede. I don’t want you to hurt me because of this.” Tsukiko sighed.

“Don’t fret it. I can pay for it a bit, I can trust that you can handle my son’s state.” Kaede smiled as she said this. Unfortunately Tsukiko didn’t smile back.

“I mean this is not an uncommon case for me but…Kaede…I still am scared of you. I’m still scared on the possibility of me failing. I mean what if Neon does do something drastic and breaks up with her? Will you blame me-“

“Tsukiko.” Kaede started.

“for this? Besides I still remember what you did to me when I threw a race because I thought my opponent was handsome! And that was back in high school! I can’t handle the physical and mental trauma you gave me! Plus-“

“Wow…Tsukiko...” Megumi said.

“this YOUR child for goodness sake! I am fine with other people’s children but being a friend? I feel an enormous amount of pressure on me and it will KILL me if I don’t successfully complete it! Heck I still have NIGHTMARES of-“

“Geez louise…all she did was punch you three times in the chest…and one down there.” Tamiko tried to interject.

“you hurting me! I feel like a rat trapped in a maze and if I don’t get out death awaits me! And-” Tsukiko was then cut off by Kaede jabbing her side. “THE PAIN!”

“OH GET A GRIP WILL YOU?!” Kaede screamed as she shook Tsukiko. “Look, I know that one time was pretty bad because that race was THE ONE THAT MATTERED. But aside from that, I TRUST YOU. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO I CAN TRUST WITH MY CHILD.”

“Agreed, heck if my children weren’t overseas I would trust them in your care.” Megumi said.

“Same here…if they weren’t away from home.” Tamiko also said.

“Out of ALL OF US, YOU…let me repeat YOU are the only one who can actually work with people. Not because you are a psychologist but because YOU WERE THE NICEST PERSON WE KNOW. YOU kept a smiling face in times of desperation, YOU kept a smiling face when we were worried sick when our grades were bad, YOU kept a smiling face when you lost while we were sore losers, YOU kept a smiling face wherever we went.” Kaede shouted to a surprised Tsukiko.

“Really? I’m…that reliable?” Tsukiko asked.

“Yeah, you are. Maybe you weren’t the best student but damn me if I can’t say you were the most reliable person there. Heck did you forget? When Kaede asked what she would do when she was pregnant you took up the time to practically VISIT Kaede and help her. Heck I think it is safe to say that they can call you their ‘auntie’ more than us two.” Tamiko finally said.

“I see…well…thanks everyone. Guess I’m still insecure about myself…and Kaede I’ll do this one free of charge.” Tsukiko finally said.

“Well…thanks. And if it doesn’t work then don’t fret it, again as you said…a mother’s intuition is farfetched for me.”

Okamiwind: I'm looking for you now...i'm looking for you now...

Neon: What is he singing?
Shizuko: Looking for You...the GT6 song.
Neon: Oh...well I admit it is a pretty good song.

Kaede: 'Bout time the veterans are introduced.
???: FUCK.

Haruka: Man...
Haruko: Hm? What's wrong?
Haruka: I'm sssssooooo bored now....
Okamiwind: Maybe I should make this space more comfy...*snaps*

Haruka: least it's not a white room anymore.
Okamiwind: Have fun with the stuff I popped in...

God I'm bored...anyway I'm not gonna do a new years omake...kinda pointless for now I think.
  Posted: Jan 3 2014, 06:02 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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First chapter of 2014, let's go.

Chapter 24: A Talk

“What?” Neon asked as his mother.

“I think it would be a good idea if you talked with a psychologist, that’s all.” Kaede responded as she picked up her jacket.

“Again, what? Why?” Neon asked again in a more aggressive tone. Kaede bit her lower lip before she sighed.

“I think it would be a good idea if you talked to her, that’s all.” Kaede almost repeated herself. “Besides she’s a good friend of mine that you met before.”

“Let me guess…aunt Tsukiko?”

Heh, your intuition was right Tamiko…Kaede smirked as she entered the garage. “Yes, so get in the HS30 already.” After a bit of driving the HS30 arrived at a very lavish looking house.

“Wow…I didn’t think aunt Tsukiko had a very nice house.” Neon commented as he looked at the house.

“Geez Tsukiko…you can’t help but show off your wealth huh?” Kaede mumbled as she gestured for Neon to go the front door. Ringing the doorbell the two of them waited for a bit before a pink haired lady opened the door.

“Ah, hello there you two.” Tsukiko greeted the two of them. “Please, take off your shoes and come on in. And might I say Neon you sure have grown since I last saw you.”

“Aunt Tsukiko, it’s been a while.” Neon responded as he took off his shoes. “Although I must say you have a very nice house.”

“Hmhmhm…oh please don’t flatter me Neon.”

Kaede only looked at the two of them and smiled, she was glad that the two of them were still getting along. “You do know why we are here right?”

“Ah but of course I know why. Kaede, you can…I dunno look around the house or something. Neon, please, follow me.” Tsukiko said as she led Neon to her office.

“I seriously have no idea why mother is making me do this Tsukiko…” Neon mumbled as he laid down on the chair in the room, Tsukiko though managed to hear what he said though.

“She is concerned about your ‘anger issues’ as she would call it.” Tsukiko said in a much more serious tone.

Awkward change in tone… Neon thought for a quick second. “Anger issues huh? Well…I have been keeping it under the radar more…did I even make a coherent sentence?”

“Well I’ll ignore that for now, but you said you are attempting to keep your anger under control yes?”

“Yeah…I mean, after those two times I thought to myself ‘I’m going a bit too far’.” Neon sighed as he adjusted himself on the chair.

Movement…probably to suppress bad memories. Tsukiko thought before writing it down. “If I may be so bold to ask…can you recall those two events?” She opened her eyes a bit to look at Neon, she could tell he was uncomfortable by his shuffling and heavy sigh.

“Well if you must know aunt Tsukiko I’ll tell you. The first…’incident’ was back in middle school with a friend slash mechanic named Kayo…or Miyako if you want to know her real name. It happened during lunch I think, I don’t remember that well. Anyway I wanted to talk with Kayo since there were more people challenging me in the highway scene. So I talked with her and she said that she was leaking information about me and my driving style for some money. I kinda had it at that point and I…punched her square in the face, threw her against a wall, and stepped on her stomach.” Neon said as he closed his eyes.

My God…he physically assaulted a girl? That’s something Kaede would’ve told me…Tsukiko shook her head as she wrote down tidbits of the event. “I see…any repercussions after that?”

“Nope, she just said she’ll shut up about me. Strangely enough she didn’t break our friendship…odd right? Didn’t think she’d continue to be my friend.”

“I see…so that was the first event and what about the second event?”

“About my ex-girlfriend Haruko? Well…it was actually something she knew that was going to happen. It was a winter day and I went up the mountain for the heck of it and then we took a step outside and I believe someone chloroformed me…but it must’ve been a weak dose since I woke up a bit later. As I got up though I saw Haruko snap the attacker’s neck, out of panic or out of fear…or something else. It was a silent drive down and we didn’t talk for a week. Then she wanted to talk to me and for some reason I snapped at her. We were in a secluded part of…the school I think and I just shouted…stuff at her. I don’t know what I said but…I think I pulled on her hair and threw her down on the ground, she screamed for mercy I think…or was she apologizing I don’t remember. After I attacked her we broke up…”

“My God Neon…” Tsukiko said as she dropped her pen. “Why? I hate to bring up the past but you were such a good little boy back in the days…”

“I know aunt Tsukiko…but…I think I developed this because of my mother I think…I don’t know.”

“I see, it must’ve been hard with a mother who almost ignored you during the most innocent part of your life, makes sense. So…I hate to pry at your life but how’s your current relationship so far?”

“With Shizuko? It’s ok but…I’m mad at something that she should’ve told me.”

“Might I inquire what that might be?”

“She’s moving, nothing bad with it but I would like to know that at least!” Neon replied with anger in his tone.

Anger at an event under his radar…Tsukiko jotted down as she sighed. “Does this want to make you want to physically hurt her?”

“What? No! I would never do anything like that! I would just ask her why she didn’t tell me about this.” Neon replied with surprise.

Change of tone…yup, Kaede your intuition sucks. Tsukiko smiled and put away her pen and paper. “Alright, that’s all I want to know. Feel free to look around the house I guess, your mother wants me to relay what I believe.” Neon then nodded and got up.

“Kaede, your intuition sucks.” Tsukiko said to Kaede who was in the backyard.

“Really? Well I did say a mother’s intuition was farfetched for me anyway. Thanks for easing my mind.” Kaede replied as she looked Tsukiko.

“Although I did hear some things that I would never expect Neon to do…it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”

“I see…I didn’t call you because I would fear you would over react. I should apologize for that.”

“Well at least you know me well enough to not call me about this. I think you should at least have informed me something about this.”

“Heh, probably should have huh? But…I have no excuse this time.”

Neon was looking around the lavishly decorated house. How much does Tsukiko make annually anyway? This is REALLY nice…It was until a bit later that he decided to go to the garage…which carried quite a number of cars.

“What the hell?” Neon whispered as he looked at the cars. There was a RE Amemiya RX-7, another RE Amemiya RX-7 but had a body kit that looked like the Mazda Furai, a Monster EK9, a Top Secret JZA80 Supra, an Amuse S2000, and a MazdaSpeed Roadster which was a modified Miata.

“So…apparently aunt Tsukiko really likes tuner cars.” Neon mumbled to himself as he swiftly exited the garage.

Here we go, a bit short but it was intentional.

???: WHAT?!
Okamiwind: It was intentional, didn't expect a long chapter for this one.

Haruko: Welp, a new chapter for the new year....can't be all bad.
Kayo: At least he didn't wait 3 weeks for a chapter.
Airis: Meh, whatever works.

Not much here too but...MASTER SPARK!
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Jesus...almost a month later and another update? Writer's block...WHY U NO GO AWAY?!

Chapter 25: What are Friends for…?

“So…let me get this straight. You invited Kiyoshi and his girlfriend for a double date?” Shizuko asked in disbelief.

“What? I thought it would be fun that’s all.” Neon replied in complete surprise.

“And why did I bring my car again?”

“Cause we thought that it would be fun if we had a race, a friendly no competition race.”

Shizuko could only scoff as she heard these words. For some reason she was not in a happy mood, if anything she wanted more one on one time with Neon. Neon ignored his girlfriend’s odd behavior, whether he was not aware of it or just simply ignored it. A few silent minutes later a certain red Lan-Evo VI appeared along with a black Toyota MR2 Spyder, the soft-top design. Shizuko only glanced at the two cars before she turned her head away from them.

“H-Hey you two…” Neon weakly greeted the two.

“Hey man…the hell is with her?” Kiyoshi asked as Shizuko only waved at them.

“I…have no idea. What I can assume is that she rather wants a one and one date rather than this double date.” Neon shrugged afterwards as he looked at the girl next to Kiyoshi. “Hey Shizuko…at least introduce yourself to Mai.” Shizuko only groaned a bit before she turned around and stood in front of Mai. Mai was an average girl with no noticeable key features, maybe albeit her short black tomboyish hair.

“Nice to meet you.” Shizuko greeted, although she said it rather forcefully. Mai sighed as she smiled at Shizuko’s greeting.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Mai replied as she knew that Shizuko did not want to talk. “Um…well if it piques your interest my actual name is Mei-Zhen, a Chinese name.”

“Huh.” Shizuko replied with a minimal change changed in her voice.

“Er…wow dude I think she isn’t interested at all.” Kiyoshi commented to Neon.

“Thanks caption obvious…maybe we should just call this off?” Neon asked.

“Nah, we already came this far so there is no point of canceling it. Besides it’ll be fun…I think.” Kiyoshi placed his hand on Neon who only sighed.

“C’mon Shizuko, lighten up will you? It’s only one double date.” Neon asked the angry girl.

“Ugh.” Was all that Shizuko said as she went to her car and started it up. Everyone else sighed as they did the same. Eventually they managed to go to a nearby diner and sat down.

“So it’s been a while since I last talked to you Mai. How are you doing?” Neon asked as Shizuko placed her head on his shoulder, although he still felt an aura of anger.

“I’m actually doing alright, my job is going well, and our relationship is going quite strong.” Mai smiled as she lightly pushed Kiyoshi, who simply just smirked.

“So when did you two start dating? Do not take this the wrong way…but you said that dating was a bit out there for you Neon.”

“I know, I know. Wasn’t a person looking for a girlfriend so I don’t blame ya. Anyway we started dating somewhere back in fall…don’t remember when exactly but we did.” Neon replied, noticing Shizuko’s constant shuffling. What the hell?

“Still about time you got someone and by looking at you two, might I say you two are quite a couple.” Mai commented at the two before Shizuko gave her a hard glare. “What the hell is your problem?”

“Nothing.” Shizuko replied harshly.

“Shizuko. For the love of all that is holy…STOP IT.” Neon finally said as he aggressively pulled on her cheek.

“OW, stha- ow, ow, ow gomena- ow, ow, ow, ok sto, OW!”

“Truth be told Mai, I never, EVER saw Shizuko like this before. This is the first.” Kiyoshi sighed as he looked at the fighting couple.


After that…little scrap Shizuko’s behavior turned a bit better, attempting conversation at least. Eventually Shizuko gave up the act and participated in the double date.

“Um, so do you go up the pass at times?” Shizuko asked Mai.

“Hm? Oh no I don’t, I kept my Spyder as a track style car. Stiff suspension, tires more used for track racing, and other race parts. Truth be told I never found touge racing…interesting to say the least. Now I want to ask is why YOU like it?” Mai asked while pointing her fork at Shizuko.

“Um…well I always admired people who do touge, it’s that factor of racing on narrow streets while making sure you don’t mess up. I always found it interesting.” Shizuko replied.

“I see…well to each their own I guess. Still…do I have to face your leader?” Mai asked Kiyoshi.

“Well…yeah, cause she’s a downhill expert and plus it’s a free no competition race so most likely she’ll give you a hell of a easier time.” Kiyoshi responded as their check came.

“I got this.” Neon said as he reached for his wallet.

“OH COME ON DUDE. You paid for the last six group lunches, give your wallet a break!”

“NO! Trust me!”


“D-Does he pay for everything?” Mai asked Shizuko, who simply nodded yes while keeping a sweet smile. “Lucky you, I get stuck with at least forty percent of the bill.”

At the top of pass…

“Alright, based off what Haruka gave us we will only have time for one race before the cops come here. So Mai and Shizuko hurry up and start.” Neon said as he looked at his phone. “We will follow after thirty seconds.”

“Ok…well I won’t go too hard on you I guess.” Shizuko said as she got in her WRX STi.

“I’ll follow the best I can.” Mai responded.

“Go when you’re ready.” Kiyoshi said.

So the MR2 and the STi squealed out of the line. To Shizuko’s word she kept a mental note of having a space about two and a half lengths, just to make sure Mai knew the track but also feared what a track car can do. Approaching the first set of hairpins Shizuko tried a new drift tactic which was quickly press the brakes and hit the accelerator hard, something called brake canceling. It was a free race so there was no reason to try the same motions over and over again. Attempting a brake cancel Shizuko quickly found out that she can take the hairpin at a very quick speed, much more then she expected. For once Shizuko had to carefully counter steer in order to keep the speed up.

“What the hell did you just do?” Mai mumbled to herself as she tried to analyze the tactic Shizuko just used. The second hairpin, the STi’s brake lights were on for a split second before the STi quickly took the hairpin. “I see…but in a track race you wouldn’t do that.” Mai said before she took the hairpin at appropriate speeds. Then again the STi did the same technique…and for some reason Mai tried to attempt the technique. She quickly found out that she couldn’t do it, it only made her car slide a bit too long for her liking.

“So…why did you call for this double date anyway?” Kiyoshi asked Neon.

“I thought it would be good for Shizuko to talk with other girls of her own age…” Neon replied.

“She doesn’t talk with others?”

“No, so I’m worried that she’ll be awkward, hell anti-social, with other girls. Besides after that accident she shut herself off from society for a bit, remember?”

“Ah right, she kept a small vow of silence until Kayo was released right? Even after that she just out casted herself out of our group. Shame really, I remember that she talked with you a lot.”

“Heh, true that. She was a nice girl at thae time.”

Approaching the high speed section the MR2 gave the STi a bit of pressure. “You weren’t kidding when you said that MR2 had race stuff on it…” Shizuko muttered to herself as she pressed down on the accelerator, only to find that the MR2 was still catching up. Shizuko was glad though that the S bend leading up to the second set of hairpins was just up ahead. Taking the S bend Shizuko tried the same technique, with the intention of taking the gutter. Much to her surprise, again, is that she managed to fly past the hairpin.

“What the hell happened?!” Mai yelled as she noticed as the STi just vanished past the hairpin. Rubbing her eyes she took the hairpin a bit wide to conserve speed to catch up with the STi, again it just seemed to disappear past the hairpin. At this point Mai was sure she wasn’t hallucinating, hell she was sure she that it was not a dream. Taking the hairpin wide again she slammed her accelerator to see what the STi was doing. At the same second the STi brake lights flashed on, Mai slammed her brakes and looked intensely at the STi. For Mai it seemed time to slow down for an instant. It managed to drift, take the gutter, and from the inertia of the gutter and accelerator got a quick burst of speed. “Impressive…”

“So how you think those two are doing right now?” Neon asked.

“Well since my girlfriend knows racing tactics she’ll probably take this a bit lazily. Unless Shizuko does something drastic or new Mai ain’t gonna do anything interesting.” Kiyoshi sighed as he remembered something. “Wait…didn’t we’d say we’ll be following them?”

“I don’t care, I’m actually a bit tired right now so I lied when Haruka texted that we have only time for one race. Actually we have time for five races.”

“Dude…what the hell?”

Coming up to the rapid turns Shizuko took her regular line which Mai saw something odd in particular. “Why are you moving around so much?” Mai said as she swiftly took the turns. Shizuko looked at her rearview mirror and noticed the MR2 was accelerating towards her faster than she was able to take these turns. Finally the last hairpin was up and gone, in the end the MR2 was right at the rear bumper of the STi.

“That…was rather impressive for your first time.” Shizuko commented as she and Mai exited their respective cars.

“I was actually more intrigued by your techniques rather than going down the pass.” Mai quickly responded.

“Eh? I tried something new…in fact it was my first time using that technique, although I must admit I was scared.”

“Hm? By the way…why do you take those final turns so wide? You can decrease your time by simply knowing your STi’s width. I saw at least 30 centimeters of space you could have utilized.”

“Huh? I left out almost a foot of space? You…you race a lot don’t you?”

“I do, I usually do track days and some competitive racing…but it’s usually small time things. But never the less…is your engine maxed out?”

“No. Putting too much power in my STi would make this pass hard, I can only have so much power before the STi…for lack of a better word, rejects me.”

“I see…” Mai then looked at the STi before noticing something. “Wait…where are those two?”

“Yeah…they better not have just lazed around at the top!”

Well that's it for now...and if anyone from the Arcade Stage is reading this...did you get the BC thingy? Huehuehuehue.

Mai: About time...
Okamiwind: I was running low on ideas so I decided to toss you in.
Mai: Well...thanks I guess.
Okamiwind: You taking this...rather well if I may say so myself.

Neon: Eh...i'm bored.
Okamiwind: SCHOOL SUX.
Shizuko: I swear if he said sucks with an x...OH MY GOD.

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LET'S DO THIS...again?

Chapter 26: Moving Sucks

Neon could only groan as he awoke from his sleep, mainly because of how long he’d spent at the summit of the pass with Kiyoshi the night before. Needless to say Shizuko and Mai physically roughed up Neon and Kiyoshi pretty bad. “Damn, guess the saying ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ is true…not that I believed it less before.” Neon mumbled as his door was rudely opened.

“Hey, did you forget we are moving now? Get up and start packing.” Kaede yelled as she rushed to Airis’s room, in which she yelled at Airis to “Move her lazy ass.” Neon could only smirk as he rustled himself out of bed.

“Better make sure that Shizuko knows I’ll be busy all day today.” Neon said as he picked up his cell phone and texted her that he’ll be busy all day. Now Neon then decided to pack up his computer first. Gotta start somewhere.

“WHY ARE WE PACKING UP EVERYTHING IN ONE DAY?!” Airis screamed as she furiously stuffed various things around her room into boxes. Airis slept terribly last night so she was in a pissy mood today, not to mention she was OCD with her clothes and fashion magazines. “FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK.”

“STOP CUSSING AIRIS! I TAUGHT YOU BETTER THAN THAT!” Hideki yelled as he was moving various things to the moving truck that they hired outside. He knew Kaede was a bit out there, but what in the hell was his wife thinking when she said she’ll take care of everything the day of. “I don’t understand you Kaede…why did I agree with you? Makes me wonder why we are marr-”

“I CAN HEAR THAT! YOU AREN’T GONNA LIKE IT WHEN WE’RE DONE HERE!” Kaede yelled as she was hastily packing up stuff in the master bedroom. She was expecting her friends to help out soon, but where the hell are they? Then she heard her cell ring and quickly packed up whatever she had up and picked it up. “Hello?”

“OH MY GOSH! I slept in! I’m heading to your house right now!” Tamiko yelled as Kaede just witnessed a small break in Tamiko’s usual character.

“Heh, so you finally said ‘oh my gosh’ in a feminine matter. You owe me a meal.”

“Fuck you.” Then the line went dead, at that moment a female voice came from downstairs.

“Ara ara, you all seem so busy.” Tsukiko commented as she stood at the front door, looking at Neon and Airis putting some boxes down.

“Oh hello there Aunt Tsukiko.” Neon and Airis greeted her with a slight bow.

“Ara ara, it’s nice to see you again Airis. You seem healthy enough.”

“Ah! I am…sorry I’m in a bad mood today and I don’t want to take it out on you.” Airis replied with a smile.

“I see, I see. Well anyway where’s your moth-“

“ABOUT TIME!” Kaede screamed from upstairs, which apparently translated to the children rushing back to packing their rooms. Then Kaede rushed down the stairs to meet her. “I told you to be here…an hour ago! What the hell happened? Where is everyone else?”

“Kaede, please calm down. You have to remember that unlike you, who somewhat works out every day we don’t. Our bodies aren’t as young as they once were.”

“Ugh.” Kaede replied as she shook her head and gestured Tsukiko to start packing up the kitchen.

“Huh? Really Kaede, the kitchen? Sure I was the best cook but…excuse my language; WHAT THE FUCK KAEDE?!” She then groaned and proceeded to pack up the kitchen.

“Whew! Sorry I’m late!” Megumi yelled as Kaede went up to her and straight up slapped her. “OW! WHAT THE HELL?!”

“Oh, hey Megumi-san.” Hideki greeted as he managed to pass her as he was carrying the TV.

“Oh! Hey there Hideki-kun!”

“Stop hitting on my husband creep.” Kaede said as she gestured Megumi to help Tsukiko.

“Creep? I’m just saying hey you fu-” Megumi started as Hideki placed a hand on her shoulder. “Oh alright.”

“Oh by the way you two when Tamiko comes around tell her to help you.” Kaede commented very quickly.

“Geez I’m sorry for her language Megumi-chan, as well as for you Tsukiko-chan. You know how demanding she can be.”

“Hate to intrude on your…personal bed life, but had you gave her any?” Tsukiko asked.

“Last time was seven months ag…wait what the hell? Why are you asking that?” Hideki asked cautiously.

“Curious, maybe it’s a sign that she wants it. Just saying.” Tsukiko casually responded as she packed up the last pan.

“Wow, Hideki-kun just ignore her.” Megumi said as she proceeded to help Tsukiko.

“The friends my wife has.” Hideki mumbled as he continued to pack up other stuff. Shortly after that two people appeared at the door.

“Ya-hoooo! Airirs I’m here to heeeelp!” Haruka sang as Tamiko looked at her funny.

“Er…you’re that loli character that Neon and Airis hang around with right?” Tamiko asked the pink haired girl.

“Yup!” Haruka said as Airis came down.

“Oh about time!” Airis said as she yanked Haruka in a cartoonish style, managing to pull Haruka to her room while keeping her in the air.

“I will never understand the daughter of Kaede…” Tamiko said as she noticed Tsukiko gesturing her to help her. Following the gesture Tamiko shrugged and went to her.

“So Airis, where ya moving to?” Haruka said as she packed up some of Airis’s clothing. Then she managed to find an adorable white dress. “Oh can I keep this? Please?!”

“Huh? Oh yeah sure, I called you here because I was hoping to lose some clothes. So if you want something ask me first. And we’re moving to a hot springs, my father is running the area.” Airis sighed as she packed up her plushies.

“Oh really? That’s nice; the closest hot springs is literally a twenty minute drive. Wait…” Haruka started as the gears in her head starting clicking. “Oh my gosh. Can I come over more often? I would llooovvvveee to wash up every so often!”

“Um sure.” Airis replied as she packed up her bed sheets.

“Thank you! Oh by the way, can I just sort the clothes I want?”

“Oh sure…wait! That’s half my clothes you jackass! Dammit I need some clothes too you damn loli!”

“Sure is loud today.” Neon said as he finished packing up whatever was in his room. He was lying down on his bed, waiting for him to be told what to do. Sighing he looked at his phone and noticed the text message. “Eh, might pass time talking with Shizuko.” (This is Neon’s text, this is Shizuko’s text)

Ok then, when u get the chance talk to me ok? <3

??? A heart? Lol, I got some time to kill. So what’s up cutie?

C-C-Cutie? Who are u? 0_0

Rofl rofl rofl just playing with you. Just wanted to tell you I am moving today.

Oh? Um…can u promise to not be mad?

Oh…about time Shizuko. Neon sighed as he texted Ok, you know me. <3

Are you copying me? Anyway im moving as well, away from my family.

Really? Why didn’t u tell me?

I thought u would be mad. Sorry T_T

Aw cmon you know me, I would be supportive. <3 <3 <3

Hehehe…thanks I feel like a large weight has been lifted. Love you. Wanna sext?

0_0;;; Um…what?

<3 so what are you wearing?

NOPE. I think I hear my name being called!

Awwww cmon I promise not to bite <3

“WHAT THE HELL SHIZUKO?!” Neon screamed as he tossed his phone towards his bed.

“Was that Neon?” Haruka asked as Airis gave her the ok for the clothes she wanted.

“Yup, maybe something happened with the two lovebirds. Maybe Shizuko texted him something he didn’t expect.” Airis said as she looked to Neon’s room.

So some time passed and the Kurubasa family finally managed to pack everything up and loaded it on the truck. Now it was the inevitable time in which the family was given the time to look around the house.

“I’ll miss this place.” Neon said as the family went into their garage.

“Same here.” Airis responded as she looked at her M3.

“Well looks like it’s time to move on.” Hideki said as Kaede placed her head on his shoulder.

“Indeed…” Kaede mumbled as she looked at the four cars. “But it’s for the better right?”

“Yes it is…c’mon everyone, time to move on.” Hideki sighed as the family drove out of their old house.
____________________________________________________________________ we go, guess i'm getting back into the groove of i'm bored.

Neon: Huh.
Shizuko: Ze.
Haruka: Mukyu.
Haruko: Hmph
Kaede: What the fuck are you four doing?

Okamiwind: Do I need to shoot some people?
Shizuko: With what?
Okamiwind: *Pulls out an airsoft UMP45* This with .25 gram BB rounds. THIS HAS A 400 ROUND CAPACITY AND NOT AFRAID TO USE IT.
Haruko: Use it.
Okamiwind: Are you a masochist? Ok. *Fires gun*
Haruko: How is it hurting you?

Okamiwind: *snap*
Mai: Ah right, powers.


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Chapter 27: Settling In

“Still can’t believe that we’re going to live in a hot springs from now on…” Kaede sighed as she looked at their new house. Somehow the construction of the hot springs happened really quickly.

“Um, dad not to question anything but…how did the hot springs get built so quickly?” Airis asked.

“I have no idea, maybe the construction project happened a while ago.” Hideki answered with a slight head turn. “Gotta ask my boss about that…anyway our ‘house’ is over there.”

“Wow, kinda lackluster if you ask me.” Kaede commented on the interior of their new home. It was a hallway with sliding doors leading to various rooms. The floor was made out of fine wood and the walls were decorated rather nicely with various pictures and such. Everyone looked at Kaede in an odd matter.

“Um mom…our old house wasn’t THIS decorated, if I had to say this is better than our old house.” Neon said as he gave an uncomfortable chuckle.

“Yeaaahhh. Maybe you spent too much time in the garage mother.” Airis said as he copied Neon’s chuckle.

“GO TO YOUR ROOMS!” Kaede yelled as the two just rushed into different rooms.

“WOW WE HAVE A PERSONAL FAMILY HOT SPRING?! AWESOME!” Airis yelled from one of the rooms before going into another room.

“What? I didn’t ask for that…” Hideki mumbled to himself as he looked at Airis run to another room.

“WAH! SIS THIS IS MY ROOM!” Neon screamed as Airis was rudely pushed out.


“LOUD NOISES.” Hideki shouted for no reason, this lead to Kaede slamming her head on the wall before forcing Hideki to slam his head on the wall.

“So this is my room huh? They didn’t do a bad job.” Neon calmly said as he looked around his new room. He knew this was his room because of the large picturesque view of the outside, combining some of the nature of the town with the actual town itself. “Wait…is that a glass door? So does that mean…” Neon went to the door and slid it open, revealing a decent sized balcony where he could fit a table and two chairs. “Nice…thanks whoever made this room.”

“My room!” Airis said as she happily looked around her basic room. It was a slightly bigger then her old room and then she looked at the sliding door to her left. “Let’s see…is this my closet?” She then slid the door open and revealed a walk in closet with room for all her clothes and a lot more. “Awesome! Haruka is going to be SO jealous!”

“Alright honey, I need to talk with the people here and do some work. See you later honey.” Hideki then kissed Kaede before leaving out of their new bedroom.

“Alright, time to see if they did my workplace right…” Kaede mumbled before going to her workplace. Upon entering a door labeled ‘Kaede’s Workplace’ she smirked at what she saw. Enough space to showcase at least two cars and have up to eight cars at the same time, which is also excluding the space for her tools and parts. “Heh, looks like they did a good job at it. Now if only the things I requested from Nismo were here…”

“Yes auntie…I’m heading over there now.” Shizuko said as she closed her phone. She sighed as she looked at her old house, today she said that she was going to move out. Taking a good amount of her clothes as well as some other stuff, she stuffed her WRX STi to the fullest, leaving just enough room to make sure she can see behind and to the sides. “Sayonara.”

Looking at the complex she was quite happy that is was middle class apartment, not some run down place that shouted sketchy. Sighing she pressed the button for the owner of the complex, that is her aunt. “Auntie…I’m…here.”

“Ah yes, last door on the right.” The voice said from the other side and the doors leading to the complex opened. Nervously stepping through of the doors she slowly walked to the target door, sighing heavily before knocking the door. “Ah, Shizuko! Come in!”

“Y-Yes.” Shizuko replied weakly before opening the door, revealing a woman wearing a hooded jacket with the hood on. “N-Nice to see you Aunt Nao.”

“Yeah, it’s good to see that you’re finally on your own.” Nao said as she lowered her hood, revealing her shoulder length purple hair and green eyes. “Although I must admit when I look at you I see a mirror reflection of myself.”

“I-Indeed.” Shizuko nodded as she sat down at the chair opposite of Nao.

“Lighten up will you. I know my freaking sister raised you like a slave but today is a good day.” Nao then sighed as she patted Shizuko’s head. “You do know what the payment is right?”

“Um…my-my mother said she’ll pay for the first ten months before I have to fend on my own. S-So I won’t be paying anything just yet. S-Still though I am s-surprised that she gave me a million yen…” At this Nao spat out her drink.

“WHAT?! A MILLION YEN?! Geez…guess Hiromi can be a good mother if she tries…” Nao sighed out after coughing. “Well, alright then. I was going to ask if I needed to buy groceries for you every once in a while but I guess a million yen will do the trick. Did you unpack yet?”

“N-Not yet. I parked at the visitor space.”

“Ah right, right. Well I’ll help you out and no, don’t say that you can do it alone. Besides I’m bored as hell here, ain’t got much to do but watch TV and lay on my ass all day.”

“O-Ok. But it seems weird to hear you say you have nothing to do today.”

“No duh, all my friends have something to do today. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. Well enough about me, I haven’t heard from you for a while.”

Upon taking up the last box to her new apartment Shizuko looked at the apartment. It was a simple living room with a kitchen nearby. Taking a step into the room she looked at the door that would be her bedroom and sighed.

“Is something wrong Shizuko?” Nao asked.

“Huh? Oh…no it’s not anything’s wrong. I guess I have to get used to a smaller space, that’s all.” Shizuko replied with a smile.

“I see, yeah living in a house does that to you. Well, I guess you can unpack the rest…but tell me one thing.”

“Sure thing…what is it?”

“Are you sure about this? I don’t want to appear like a hawk or anything but this is a HUGE step in your life and not to mention that you didn’t have…the best childhood.”

“I KNOW!” Shizuko screamed, scaring Nao a bit. “AH! I’m sorry! I…I didn’t mean to respond like th-!”

“I know.” Nao interrupted as she approached Shizuko and placed her hands on her shoulders. “Look all I am saying is that you might want to reconsider this. But…I am not your parent, so it’s not my place to tell you what to do.”

“Aunt Nao…I know what I am doing. I need to do this, I need to do this for Neon.” Shizuko firmly responded.

That look in your eyes…heh guess this Neon guy really did a number on you. Nao smiled as she released Shizuko. “I got it, this Neon guy…are you doing this for him?”

“Yes.” Shizuko responded almost instantly with no hesitation whatsoever.

“I see. Well I guess I’m done here, by the way you can unpack your stuff right? I’m tired after all that…”

“Whew and that should do it…” Neon sighed as he looked around his room once more. He decorated his room with the posters from his old room and some wall scrolls that he had for a long time. Looking at his desk he looked at the figurines placed neatly all over his desk, apparently he could put that many figurines on his desk if it wasn’t a pigsty. “Alright, maybe I should call Shizuko…but I’m kinda tired. Screw it I’m going to bed.”


Neon: Hate to ask this...but the chapters are kinda running on the short end aren't they?
Okamiwind: Unfortunately yes, whatever I come up with it always comes up short. The average for me is around 4 pages on Microsoft Word single spaced, 3 is short...i'm sorry if anyone is disappointed.

Haruka: Aw don't feel bad, besides I think you're the only one here who updates in a frequent matter...
Haruko: Yeah, I agree...but don't it stuck in your head.
Okamiwind: Hehe...thanks.

Katsuko: What the? Where am I?
Okamiwind: Um...*snap*
Katsuko disappeared.
Okamiwind: Oh thing that happens is that Mariko appears soon...

Again, sorry for some short chapters.
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Its cool.

Nice chapters btw.
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You know that I wanted to write a complete chapter right? But thanks to a Christian conference thingy I had to go to I couldn't so I whipped up this omake that I wanted to send last night.

Omake: What Do You Know?

Nao was impatiently waiting at a café, waiting for her sister to come over. It was about time that she confronted her sister about Shizuko, about how she raised her. It was only a bit later that she saw her sister wearing complete business attire, a white dress shirt with a blue tie, a business jacket and a black business skirt. Nao could only roll her eyes as she looked at her sister’s moderately long dyed black hair. Hiromi's real hair color was a dark violet.

“Nao, it’s nice to see you after all this time.” Hiromi greeted Nao, with a hand extended for a handshake.

“This ain’t a business meeting you know, don’t need to be so god damn formal.” Nao replied with harshness in her tone, she then swatted away her sister’s hand.

“Well you don’t need to be so rude about it.” Hiromi sighed as she took a seat across Nao. Hiromi knew that Nao didn’t care too much about her appearance, least of all her future. She looked at Nao’s purple hair and noticed her usual hooded jacket. “I would at least suspect that you would at least wear something a bit nicer.”

“Oh shut it.” Nao then gave a grunt as she turned her head.

“Well if you don’t wish to talk to me then why the hell am I here?” At this Nao smirked.

“You finally cussed eh? Whatever, well you know EXACTALY why I contacted you.”

“Oh? I thought you wanted to chat.”

“May I take your order?” A waitress came to their table as Nao sighed and slumped herself on the chair.

“Sis, you know this place better than me. You decide.” Nao sighed, it took Hiromi a few seconds to decide on a drink for them both.

“I would like a house blend coffee and she’ll take a vanilla cappuccino, thank you.” Hiromi thanked the waitress as she noted their orders.

“Ugh, you and your fancy stuff. Whatever, don’t hide the fact that you took care of Shizuko poorly.” Nao finally said as she pointed at Hiromi.

“Well you can’t tell me what to do nee-san.”

“Oh well excuse me for having your only child having a terrible childhood. It’s not I TRIED to be helpful, you know trying to babysit your child while you were off sucking some company’s dick.”

“Now, now Nao that’s bad language. I think mom and dad taught you better than that.”

“Whatever sis. At least I tried to be help around the house, unlike you. Did I mention that Shizuko probably had to go to some convenience store to nab food for herself? Yeah while you were off eating quite some good food, Shizuko was stuck having to eat some stuff that she could made easily.”

“Ah, but then she knew how to cook didn’t she? She made us dinner once and might I say it was good.”

“Tch, yeah right. Last time I checked your husband asked her to cook something and what did she do? She did it, OUT OF FEAR. God your daughter was only thirteen at that time! I’m glad she went on her two feet, at least she can be free from you two!”

“So? If she wanted to go out on her own, let her.”

“Hypocrite!” Nao shouted then slammed the table and sharply rose up, raising some suspicion from nearby table in the relatively empty café. “I heard from her that you two were practically begging for her not to leave! You don’t care about her that much! All you wanted was someone to take over your position after you retired, heck maybe a at home maid so you two can keep your house clean!”

“Sis, calm down. You’re causing a scene.”

“No! You listen to ME!” Nao then went over to Hiromi and picked her up from her dress shirt. “I am one hundred percent HAPPY that she moved out. I am glad that she found someone close to her! I am gl-”

“What?” Hiromi interrupted. “When did Shizuko have time for a boyfriend?”

“Pft! Oh this is NICE!” Nao then thrust Hiromi down leaving a sound bang on the ground. “You don’t even know that your own daughter has a boyfriend? Hah! If anything this is a way of her saying that you’re too controlling! I bet your husband heard this and never told you.”

“He…hid that from me?” Hiromi then got up slowly, rubbing the back of her head.

“Yeah! We have a winner! You win confusion! You bitch. Mother and father were right when they were worried about your future. Maybe now you know what they mean now.” Nao then spat at Hiromi, leaving the café in a satisfied rage. Opening her red Supra she started the car and slammed the accelerator out of the area. In her satisfied rage though Nao didn’t see a GT-R police car waiting in the corner, thus leading the GT-R to turn on its sirens.

“Ah shit, didn’t see that there…” Nao sighed before she pulled over. However it wasn’t any other cop…

“Nao, you really need to control your anger.” Megumi said as she leaned on the Supra.

“Heh, guess I should eh Megumi?” Nao replied before releasing the tension in her body.

“What happened anyway? Last time I saw you do this was when you found out that your husband was cheating on you. And that was a long time ago.”

“It’s…it’s about my fucking sister and her daughter.”

“So…your mad at Hiromi and Shizuko, was that her name?”

“Yeah, Hiromi couldn’t give two shits about her health. Plus I think now she realized that she was a bad mother now that she moved out. So yeah, fucking win for me.”

“Still doesn’t excuse the speeding though, but…wait…she’s dating Kaede’s son right?”

“Neon was it? Yeah him and s-oh…huh, never made that connection until now.”

“Well…Kaede ain’t gonna be happy when she has to call Hiromi her…sister-in-law? I never understood family stuff like this.” Megumi then sighed as she looked down the street. “I’ll look the other way for now, but dammit I can’t keep this up.”

“I understand, thanks.”

Ain't much here for me.
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i don't know why but i'm laughing like an idiot at this tongue.gif well done Okami
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QUOTE (shadow55419 @ 12 minutes, 1 seconds ago)
i don't know why but i'm laughing like an idiot at this tongue.gif well done Okami

All I can is just this: schadenfreude.

Feeling pleasure (or in your case laughter) in Hiromi's pain.

Or some other reason I dunno, first thing that appeared in my head when I read that.
Posted: Feb 19 2014, 10:01 AM

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Time to see how Mariko's new setup will hold up. She loves her superchargers, anyway.

And her partner's match should be interesting as well.

Well, let me know when it's time.

Oh, by the way, I think I forgot to mention this in the descriptions, but Mariko runs the hillclimb, her partner runs downhill.

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Alright...about time this chapter is done. Thank you Miura Seri for the OCs.

Chapter 28: Is it Worth it…

So a month has passed since the Kurubasa family moved into their new house and everyone was settling in quite nicely. Hideki allowed Neon and Airis to work at the springs, allowing them to make a quick buck when they needed to. For Airis though, she was working quite a bit this past month only because there was a fashion show coming into town and rumor was that a certain Mariko Tamura was going to be there. This was all Airis needed to know, making extensive plans with Haruka.

“But it’s a local event, why are you planning it like its freaking Commiket?” Neon sighed as Airis was quickly eating her dinner.

“You, have no idea what goes on in our heads brother.” Airis quickly retorted before resuming shoving her face with food.

“The children of your generation…” Kaede said as she calmly sipped some tea. “By the way Neon, how’s the tea? I hoped it doesn’t taste bad.”

“It’s fine mother.” Neon replied, “Don’t take this the wrong way but I didn’t know you made tea before.” Kaede smiled as Airis quickly placed her plate in the sink.

“Were you like Airis mom?” Neon asked as he placed the cup down.

“No, I got dragged around A LOT by Tsukiko of all people. Hell I was the most tomboyish person of my group. However I don’t blame her, would not have managed to meet your father if I didn’t go.”

“Really? Huh, was father a friend of aunt Tsukiko?”

“No, he was Tamiko’s friend but that didn’t stop Megumi from trying to get in his pants. Long story.”

Finally after today’s rather long day Airis let herself sink into the hot springs, letting the warm water rejuvenate her. After a bit she heard the door slide open.

“Anyone here?” Hideki asked.

“I’m here dad.” Airis responded as she fixed her posture.

“Ah, well could you come out? I need to discuss your payment.”

“Alright.” Airis said as she quickly dipped her body into the springs, rising just as fast she dipped. Drying her body she went to her room, dressed herself up in her pajamas, and went to her father’s room.

“Right…I am curious though, why are you working so hard?” Hideki asked Airis, who looked like she was about to collapse.

“Fashion show dad, open to public. Woman’s thing.” Airis responded.

“Speak in full sentences please…but I guess I can’t stop you. Anyway I’ll let you go to the show, but only if you bring Neon along.”

“Planning that from the start. It was part of the planning process.”

“I…see, well here’s the payment.” Hideki then handed out two envelopes. “Top one’s yours, slide the bottom one to your brother’s room. Good night Airis.” Airis only nodded and left the room.

Five days later…

“WHY?” Neon groaned as Airis and Haruka were literally dragging him by his arms.

“People are shady at these events and we need someone to make sure we stay safe!” Haruka said as she literally pushed Neon into the backseat of a Mercedes Benz S-Class Sedan.

“Is this your parent’s car Haruka?” Neon asked as he sighed.

“Yeah, managed to nab this beauty for a day!”

“Well then Haruka…STEP ON IT!” Airis exclaimed as Haruka did just that.


As one might suspect the ride to the area was a wild one, in fact Neon felt his stomach churn a couple of times. He was surprised he didn’t throw up.

“Alright here we are! NOW MOVE BOY!” Haruka commanded Neon as he held his ears.

“Dammit Haruka…did you need to yell so close to me?” Neon replied as he could hear a faint ringing noise. So Neon was dragged around the fashion convention or whatever it was. It was until he found himself only following the girls, rather than being dragged around. The second he noticed this he bolted straight to the exit.

“Geez, too many close calls for one day.” Neon mumbled as he looked around the lot. He noticed some basic sedans and sports cars but two particular cars caught his eyes. “That MR-S hardtop and the MX5 both have carbon GT wings…maybe some models do like racing. Maybe I should take a closer look…”

“Hey, who are you?” A familiar voice asked Neon, he swore he knew that voice…wait…

“Mariko Tamura?” Neon asked as he looked to the source of the voice. The woman was wearing some fashion clothes, but the shoulder length cappuccino brown hair and the heterochromatic eyes was an odd welcome to the both of them.

“Blue Phoenix? Huh, would have never expected you of all people to be here.” Mariko said as she approached Neon, who looked at Neon much more maturely.

“I can tell you changed from your childish personality.”

“You can tell? Ever since I lost to you, might I add you were my first lost, I started to take things a bit more seriously. But even then some things never change.”

“Can’t blame yo-”

“Mariko-san, who are you talking to?” A slightly older female voice asked the two. She wore business clothing with blond back length hair.

“Oh, Neon…was it? Anyway this is my manger Tsukika Kamui, she was the one who got me into the racing scene.” Mariko greeted the two.

“The Blue Phoenix…might I say you are much younger than I expected.” Tsukika said as he looked at Neon. “Well since I do know about your group the “Azure Wings” I was wondering when you will be racing.”

“Heh, straight to the point. Anyway in three days there is going to be a meeting of pretty much every team on the pass, if you feel so bold then come at 11PM. The pass is going to be empty after midnight before that day, so feel free to practice during that time.” Neon said.

“While we thank you for the information…why are you telling us this?” Mariko asked as Tsukika looked at a notepad, probably for scheduling.

“You two are new here and the last thing I need to hear is that a model was arrested for street racing. Plus police activity is sporadic so keep an eye out.”

“My, my…you sure are nice aren’t you?” Tsukika giggled, which made Neon a bit uncomfortable.

“Mariko, remember back then, when I said that my sister was a fan of yours? I think her mind or heart would be devastated if she were to find out that one of her idols was arrested. So it’s for her sake…” At this Mariko smiled as well as Tsukika.

“Well…you have good motives. See you then.” Tsukika said as she got a call. “Mariko, you’re going to be on stage in ten. We gotta go.”

“So…has sis met her yet?” Neon sighed as he leaned against the S-Class sedan.

Three days later…

“Didn’t meet Mariko…waste of money…” Airis grumbled as she drove to the meeting point at the pass. After a few minutes later and she found herself at the lively meet up, people talking about their cars, tactics, and whatnot.

“Yo, Haruka.” Airis greeted as Haruka looked up from her laptop.

“Hey there, sucks that she wasn’t there right?” Haruka replied as Airis walked to the loli.

“Yeah, but what can we do. By the way…is my brother gonna be here? Didn’t say anything to me at all.”

“Look for yourself.” Haruka pointed at the two approaching cars and for some reason the whole area just went quiet.

“Why does this always happen?!” Shizuko said as she got out of her car.

“I dunno…I hate it though…” Neon replied as he approached the group.

“Hey there, nice to drop by after all this time.” Akemi greeted the two. However it was cut short since two cars approached the group. Out came two females, Mariko Tamura and Tsukika Kamui to be exact, and the approached Neon specifically.”

“Heh, didn’t think you two would make it here.” Neon smirked as he looked at the two.

“Oh, my boyfriend was telling me about you two. Asami Itou and Tsukika right?” Shizuko smiled. Mariko was caught off guard for a bit but knew Neon and whoever the purple haired girl was did this to keep any paparazzi at bay.

“Y-Yes we are.” Mariko stuttered for a bit before regaining her composure. “So hope you don’t mind but…”

“I’m not alone anymore, I’m in a team. But I’ll make an exception for you two, beat your opponents and then we’ll face you.”

“Is that it?” Tsukika asked. “Seems rather…”

“Simple? Yes it is, but I know you two are incredibly busy so…let’s get this started eh? Haruka, Airis, face your opponents.”

Ze. Hope you guys enjoy this one.
  Posted: Mar 15 2014, 02:26 PM

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New chapter up, here we go.

Chapter 29: …to Race Your Idols?

“Eh? EH?!” Haruka screamed as she looked at their opponents, Airis however didn’t realize who she was facing against.

“Huh? So what Haruka?” Airis said casually, which led to Haruka making some crazy faces at her oblivious partner.

“Eh. Tch. Whut? HUH? Wha?” Were some of the words that escaped the loli’s mouth. “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE?!”

“Nope.” Airis replied in a confusing tone. This led to Haruka shaking the ever living fuck out of Airis. “OHMYGOOOSSSSHHH!!! STTTOOOPPPP IIITTTT!!!!”

“Wow…never saw Haruka like that before.” Shizuko commented.

“Yeah, last time I saw something like this was when she shook Haruko cause she spilled something bad.” Neon said as Haruko facepalmed herself.

“Ugh…bad memories Neon. Stop opening old wounds.” Haruko sighed as she looked at the two confused challengers.

“Um…” Mariko sweat dropped as she started. “Are…we…”

“Going…to…start soon?” Tsukika finished as she also sweat dropped.

“ENOUGH YOU TWO.” Neon said as he tried to pry Airis and Haruka apart.

Unfortunately it took a combined effort of Neon and Shizuko to free Airis while Haruko, Kiyoshi, and Kayo slowly pulled Haruka away. After a few more minutes, the two finally regained their composure.

“Anyway, may I ask where you would like to start off Asami?” Shizuko asked the idol.

“Well I go uphill so I guess we’ll start there.” Mariko said while looking at the pass.

“So you know where that leaves me right?” Tsukika asked as she looked at Mariko.

“Right, right. Downhill it is then, so what about you two?” Neon asked Airis and Haruka.

“Downhill.” Haruka instantly replied.

“Wha? H-Hey!” Airis started. “Ah geez…always making decisions aren’t you?!”

“Sis, calm down. Besides your uphill skills are improving a bit.” Neon replied as he held her shoulder.

“Tch, fine.”

“Well then, who will go first?”

“I will.” Tsukika said.

“Very well, Haruka? Get ready. Tsukika, follow her to the start. I’m sure someone there will count you down. By the way…your team name is the Dancing Blossoms correct?” Neon said.

“Yes, yes it is…” At this Neon nodded and gestured the loli to start heading up.
At the top…

“Sorry for my outburst there earlier.” Haruka bowed to Tsukika. They decided to take a few minutes to introduce themselves formally.

“Oh, it’s ok.” Tsukika replied. “I assume you know who Asami Itou is right?”

“Yeah, Mariko Tamura’s street name…or something like that. And you’re her manager, Tsukika Kamui correct?”

“Y-Yes I am.” This caught the attention of Tsukika in a unique way. “So…where are you going with this?”

“Well…nowhere really. Ah shoot why not. I have a dream to become a pop idol, but obviously I don’t have that appeal.” Haruka sighed as she slumped onto the Vantage.

“I see…well I do have a few contacts and if you win I’ll see if they’ll take you in. And if you lose, we never had this conversation alright?” Tsukika said as she got into her MX-5.

“Very well then, but even then I’ll pretend I didn’t hear the contacts part.” Haruka replied as she entered her Vantage. After fifteen seconds a person came and counted them down, the wheels of the two FR cars spinning down the pass.

“So, guesses on who you think will win?” Kayo said as she closed her eyes.

“I don’t know. Personally I never faced Tsukika anyway, so I can’t make an assumption so quickly.” Neon said as he shrugged, however Kayo shifted her a bit. That made Neon look at her differently. “What’s up?”

“The engine ain’t the usual Miata engine…it’s a swap…a twin turboed engine. Damn, did you really need a Madza RX-8 engine?” Kayo said as she opened her eyes.

“So what? Engine swaps aren’t a foreign thing here.” Kiyoshi said.

“With something like that she must have a plan in mind, like a pressure tactic. It’s not fast but at the same time can keep up with some tuned cars, like a certain loli’s Vantage. This will be interesting…”

The Vantage having the clear power advantage it managed to take the lead of this race, but the Miata was surprisingly quick to get behind the Vantage. Haruka looked at her rearview mirror for a second before remembering the first hairpin of this set of hairpins. Taking the usual line Haruka drifted the V12 around the first corner and oddly enough, the Miata took the corner at the same speed and the same line. Yet as the V12 managed to pull away for a bit the Miata was quick to regain the lost distance.

“I have to admit Tsukika…you can keep the pressure on pretty well.” Haruka said as she noticed the Miata’s tactics.

“Will it though?” Shizuko said as Kayo gave a cold glare.

“What do you mean?” Kayo responded coldly.

Still? Sigh, can’t change everything… Shizuko sighed. “Well I have sat as Haruka’s passenger for a bit, even with a race. But one thing I do know though is that she doesn’t care about pressure. She can care less about it.”

“Huh, you’re right.” Haruko said as she moved her hair away from her forehead. “Unless they taunt her from the front, my sister can be pretty calm behind the wheel. So unless the small MX-5 can pass the bulky V12…my sis can get a win out of this.”

Approaching the high speed portion Haruka decided to poke some fun and see if the MX-5’s driver was using pressure tactics. Right in the middle of it, Haruka slammed her brakes. Haruka took note that the MX-5 was only half a second behind the Vantage. Tsukika’s natural instinct kicked in and slammed the brakes out of fear, gasping a bit as well. Haruka grinned a bit before slamming the accelerator to finish the high speed portion, leaving the MX-5 behind. Since the random brake check the MX-5 was now three seconds behind, leaving Tsukika a bit on the edge.

With such a large gap between the two Haruka decided to take the time to turn on the radio and find something to listen to. Finding a good station Haruka took the S turns in a slower pace, humming whatever song was on. Tsukika shook her head and tried to lessen the gap between the two and she closed the gap pretty well. By the second hairpin of the second set of hairpins the Vantage was in her sights. Looking at the white V12 Tsukika decided to overtake the Vantage while the driver was being lazy. But Haruka didn’t fall for that, she let the MX-5 begin the drift and at that same moment Haruka pulled the handbrake and let the Vantage cut off the drift of the MX-5. This caused a spinout, leaving Haruka singing something as she went down the pass.

“BLACK ROCK SHOOTER!” Was the first thing the people heard when they saw the white V12.

“Huh, so Haruka did win…I’m kinda surprised.” Neon said as the V12 came to the group. “So…where’s the MX-5 at?” Just as he finished that the MX-5 appeared.

“I have to admit…did not expect that random brake check.” Tsukika said as she exited the MX-5.

“Hehehe! Can’t pressure me at all!” Haruka smiled as she moved her head left and right.

“Well…now it’s time for my race yes?” Mariko said as she looked at Airis.

“Yes it is Asami, time for your race.” Neon replied as Airis was ready to go.

“Best of luck to you.” Airis solemnly said to her opponent.

“Very well then.” Hitoshi said, he agreed to do the countdown. “You both know the drill and the way…hopefully. ANYWAY! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!” And the two FR cars screeched off the line.

“Supercharged 2ZZ-GE engine? At least you know the cars strengths.” Kayo mumbled as she looked at the pass.

“Supercharged engine eh?” Kiyoshi asked, “I know that Airis’s M3 has no turbo or supercharger on it. But she has a butt load of horsepower from the start, so…?”

“True, no doubt about that. But slapping on a low end turbo to the M3’s engine would increase the torque…but that’s it. It’s added weight for the car and can possibly plop her ahead for a bit.”

As the two cars passed the first hairpin the MR-S had a decent lead of a second. What caught Airis off guard was that the MR-S was taking every corner in an unorthodox way. Instead of taking the corners from out-in-out, the MR-S had used middle-in-middle. Airis didn’t know how to attack this challenge, did she want to pursue the inside line or take the outer line and speed past her? Shaking her head Airis decided to try and tail the MR-S as best as she can. Approaching the first set of hairpins the MR-S took the hairpins in a unique way, leaving the M3 to take the corners at a slower pace.

“So what? Will a simple NA car lose to a turbo slash supercharged car?” Neon asked Kayo.

“No of course not, besides I can tell that the MR-S’s engine doesn’t exhibit as much horsepower as the M3…but I can’t shake the feeling that the torque of the supercharger will win in the end.” Kayo responded. “Besides anyone can drive a car, but how skilled are they?”

Approaching the high speed portion the MR-S’s lead decreased as the M3’s higher horsepower caught up to the MR-S. However the lead opened again as the second set of hairpins approached the two racers. The MR-S took the hairpins quite fast, taking advantage of the unique entry tactics the driver has. Eventually Airis just lost the willpower to keep going, letting the MR-S take a win.

“Nice job…” Airis sighed as she approached Mariko.

“Out of curiosity…what do you want to be?” Mariko asked.

“H-Huh? Well…dream is to become a fashion idol like Mariko Tamura.” At this Mariko simply laughed.

“Hahaha. Are you blind? Do you know who you are talking to?” Airis then looked at Mariko carefully…and in three seconds…

“O-O-OHMYGOD.” Airis said as she looked like she was going to have a heart attack. “Y-Y-You’re Mariko Tamura huh?”

“Yep, the one and only.”

“Uh! Um! Wha! Eh!” Were some of the words that Airis was able to procure from her mouth.

“This is going to take a while isn’t it?” Mariko smiled as she looked at the confused fan girl.

Hehehe...get the titles? Cause the last one was the start and this one is the last part of the sentence...huehuehue.

Neon: You wanted to do this for a while huh?
Okamiwind: So?
Shizuko: Thought you were gonna say that in a dramatic tone.
Okamiwind: Nope. I wanted to do that so...yeah.

Not much.
  Posted: Mar 28 2014, 03:51 PM

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Truth be told I thought I would never do this but...

This fic is going to on hiatus for a while.

I think my muse is slowly fading away from me and it's to a point where I am getting lazy to write...sorry to all you readers out there but don't expect a new chapter for a while.

Again I apologize but I think I need to collect myself first.
Posted: Apr 17 2014, 02:08 AM

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Okay. So far I am at Chapter 5 (since I am not a speedy reader)

And I gotta say it's quite a good read. The build up is slightly slow, but it's also steady since I have a feeling this may/may not be a super-fast paced story.

And the characters are also intriguing, to say the least. Though I am not really sure how many stories are there with blue Nissan R34s for main protagonists all the time. xD (Even Fast and Furious is guilty for this actually)

But hey, people have their tastes, so...I won't get into that.

Also, the grammar of the wording structure is slightly....well, imperfect. But since I am no first-time English user either so I am not one to talk, I just find the wording sometimes a bit funky to read, and that's just my personal gripe so...yeah. It's nothing biggie.

But aside from that, the story layout is decent. I am gonna read again once I got the time to do so.


Posted: Apr 17 2014, 11:13 AM

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QUOTE (OkamiWind @ Mar 28 2014, 04:51 PM)
Truth be told I thought I would never do this but...

This fic is going to on hiatus for a while.

I think my muse is slowly fading away from me and it's to a point where I am getting lazy to write...sorry to all you readers out there but don't expect a new chapter for a while.

Again I apologize but I think I need to collect myself first.

How come I didn't read this post sooner? I blame being busy and not getting enough sleep for that!

Don't worry man, you still have readers like me out there. I'm so behind on all the chapters that you've pushed out so far. I would love to have the change to read and catch up so you going on a little break gives me the perfect chance! Don't overwork yourself. I'll still be here after your break so take it easy! I'm still on hiatus myself. derp.gif
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After a month or so hiatus, I'M BACK!

Chapter 30: Time to Change

“Ah! Y-Yes miss, right this way!” The show room person said after realizing a certain loli was actually older then she was.

“I freaking swear Haruko…EVERY DAMN TIME I G-” Haruka screamed until Haruko clasped her hand over the loli’s mouth.

“Please be mature…” Haruko groaned as Haruka gave a small hmph. The reason why the twins were at a dealership was to get new cars, something a little bit more suitable for the passes.

“Well, guess I should go and finish the transaction huh?” Haruka asked.

“Please do, don’t wait for me since you’ll probably be heading straight home anyway.” Haruko responded as she watched the loli head over to the room. “Now I should see if it is here…” At this, Haruko went over a few buildings.

“Ah, Miss Haruko, it is a pleasure to meet you.” The receptionist greeted.

“Likewise, now I’m here to see if it’s here.” Haruko responded back.

“Oh let me check here…” And after a few clicks later, “Yes, your Ferrari 458 Italia has arrived.”

“Good, now I know that I haven’t paid off the complete fee yet. So how much do I need to pay now?”

“Hm? I don’t believe you need to pay anything off here.” From this Haruko gave the receptionist an odd look.

“What? It’s already paid off? Who paid it off? I know I had around two hundred thousand yen…”

“Well, there was this message that was attached to the payment. Here.” The receptionist then turned the screen to Haruko.

I believe we four owed you a debt a long ass time ago Haruko. Again we thank you for saving our asses at that time. Blame a certain mechanic for finding this out. –Leader

“Heh, damn you four, never thought you would follow up on this.” Haruko smiled as she looked at the screen again. “Looks like it was a legit payment, anyway where is the 458?” The receptionist then led Haruko to the back.

“Here it is, your 458.” Haruko could only give out a small grin as she saw the ice white 458 Italia. Taking a few minutes to look over the car Haruko turned to the receptionist, who held out the keys.

“Have fun with your new 458 Italia, Miss Haruko.”

“Oh I will…” After exiting the lot, she noticed a certain black Astom Martin DB9 Coupe approach her. “Hm? A black car? Really Haruka?”

“Why not!” Haruka grinned as she moved her head left and right. “C’mon, let’s go for a stress test for these cars!”

“Really? A mock highway race? Well…knowing Kayo she’ll do this anyway…fuck it, after my hazard lights flash three times we’ll do this.” Haruko smiled as the two imported cars reached the edge of the highway.

A bit earlier…

“Is this really necessary brother?” Akemi asked Hitoshi inside the Viper.

“I dunno…but with everything that’s happening I think down-grading the power might be a good idea.”

“Ya sure? Cause I think the ZR1 is fine as it is, maybe a bit too slidey but still though…” Akemi sighed as they finally reached the docks.

“Alright let see…that way.” Hitoshi then guided Akemi to the area where the new car is.

“Hm? Are you the one who imported that American car?” A worker said as the two exited the Viper.

“Yeah I am. Is it ready?” Hitoshi asked.

“Just need to sign a few things here and you’re good to go.” After a few signatures later Hitoshi received the keys to the new red Z06. “Have a nice day.”

“Likewise.” Hitoshi said as he hastily entered the new Z06. “Is it wrong for me to like that new car smell?”

“Yo, I’m still here asshole.” Akemi said, in a higher volume, while knocking on the window of the Z06. “So we’re heading home or ya gonna let Kayo tune it up a bit?”

“Fuck off sis, can’t keep this stock you know me. And are you on that time?”

“Yes, YES I FUCKIN AM.” Akemi screamed as she entered into her Viper, gesturing Hitoshi to lead the way.

Current time…

“WOAH! Damn you American car!” Haruko said as she saw a red Z06 passed her, shortly followed by an orange Viper.

“Well, well, well…looks like Hitoshi got an upgrade as well…” Haruka mused to herself as she called up the other three drivers.

“The fuck you want loli?” Akemi said as she picked up her phone.

“Just wondering if you were on the highway, cause that orange Viper seems REALLY familiar.” Haruka said.

“Yeah it’s me, wanna god damn cookie?”

“What the hell is with you Akemi?” Haruko asked, “You never swore this much unless your near Airis and even then that’s more subdued.”

“I’m on my time of the month, fuck off.” Akemi responded, leaving the twins to respond with a simultaneous ‘ah’.

“Anyway, you two are going to Kayo’s place? And are you two are gonna stress test your new cars?” Hitoshi asked, noticing that an ice white 458 Italia and a black DB9 Coupe.

“Yup, so wanna race on the highway? Destination: Kayo’s place. Gonna be at least 14 kilometers of distance.”

“Back to the past huh? Very well then.” Hitoshi responded as he gripped the wheel. “Since I’m in front, three hazard lights and go.”

And after three hazard blinks later the four cars accelerated, their exhausts giving off a crescendo of sound. The Viper eventually came out in front, probably due to the fact that her car was the only tuned car.

“Gonna go ahead and give the mechanic a damn heads up. Later fuck heads.” Akemi said as the Viper continued to accelerate into the night.

“Such a bad person…can see why Airis hates her.” Haruka said as she noticed she was in last place. “OH FUCK!” The Z06 was slightly ahead the 458 Italia, who was giving a great fight while the DB9 was behind a good two car lengths behind. “SSHHHIIITTTT!”

“Keep up imotuo-san.” Haruko calmly said as she pressed the accelerator to its max, letting the 458 Italia catch up to the Z06, with them neck and neck. However this was short lived since there was a hard right corner coming up, the Z06 had to brake for a quick second while the 458 Italia just tapped the brakes and managed to make the turn, with the G-force of the turn almost ripping off Haruko’s face.

“Never doing that again…” Haruko said as her face managed to return back into its place. However the DB9 was having a hard time catching up, Haruka was struggling on why she couldn’t keep up.

“You know what…I’m gonna drop out, have fun you two.” Haruka said as she let go of the accelerator and let the black DB9 slowly back away.

“Alright…it’s the American versus the Ferrari…” Haruko mumbled to herself as she looked at the rearview mirror, noting the Z06 was behind her by at least a car length. “Have to admit that car has great acceleration…”

“From here on out there are minimal turns, let’s see if the Z06 can keep up with a Ferrari.” Hitoshi said as he slammed the accelerator down, leaving the Z06 to scream as it accelerated to the limit. The 458 Italia responded by doing the same, its engine shouting as it continued to accelerate keeping up with the Z06.

“Seems that we’re here…” Haruko said as she noticed the next exit.

“Not bad, not bad Haruko…” Hitoshi said as he pressed the brakes.

“Is it done?” Toshiyuki said into the cell phone.

“Yes, your RX-8 has been fully rebuilt.” The voice responded.

“Good, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Toshiyuki then ended the call and proceeded to where his old RX-8 was. After a short walk he ended up at a somewhat shady looking shop.

“So what was the problem?” Toshiyuki asked the mechanic.

“The engine was somewhat destroyed, something was wrong with the actual rotary. Had to look around for a spare engine and then I stripped it down, was not easy but it was manageable. Now it’s gonna cost a pretty penny…” The mechanic said as Toshiyuki smirked.

“I know, so what’s the cost?”

WOOHOO, back in it...for now. laugh2.gif
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I'm still here!
Nice chapters
Posted: May 8 2014, 07:52 AM

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Because they're changing their car,how about Shizuko,Airis and Neon,Changing their current car?
(My idea is Shizuko's car is Subaru Impreza 22B STI with Twin Turbo after changing her Green Subaru Impreza 5 door,Neon's Car is RX-7 Type A Spirit R with 20B 3-Rotor engine after changing his GT86,Airis is BMW M3 CSL with Centrifugal Supercharger putting out 500 hp after changing her current M3)
Posted: May 8 2014, 02:20 PM

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QUOTE (Tuners123 @ 6 hours, 28 minutes ago)
Because they're changing their car,how about Shizuko,Airis and Neon,Changing their current car?
(My idea is Shizuko's car is Subaru Impreza 22B STI with Twin Turbo after changing her Green Subaru Impreza 5 door,Neon's Car is RX-7 Type A Spirit R with 20B 3-Rotor engine after changing his GT86,Airis is BMW M3 CSL with Centrifugal Supercharger putting out 500 hp after changing her current M3)

i think those three have already changed cars, hence them not. but i could be wrong on Airis.
  Posted: May 8 2014, 02:48 PM

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First off, wow Tuners123...that was oddly specific. But as shadow pointed out Neon and Shizuko TECHNICALLY changed their vehicles.

Neon used to have a BNR34 but now has the 86 GT (I know it's called the GT86 but I like this better) due to an accident.

Shizuko used to own a Subaru Impreza WRX STi Sedan Spec C but now has the 3 door Impreza because of a trade she was not aware of.

While Airis didn't change her car at all, I feel the plain M3 is good enough (maybe I should go back and put this here...but it's the E92 Coupe). Kinda spilling a bit here (or nothing at all) but this fanfic is supposed to be new drivers and with more modern cars and not just all Japanese. While I do appreciate the feedback, those cars are kind of old year-wise. Again, think of this fic as down the road, many years after Initial D's story line.
Posted: May 8 2014, 08:16 PM

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Good to see you update again...

And lol, Akemi is such a hardass, with those F-Bomb strikes.

Anyway, I wonder how they'll fare with the exotics. But do tell me if they're not planning to bring those rides on touge? Aside from the ridiculous power output I am not sure if I see the practicality in it. :x

Other than that...I am very pleased with the chapters (A bit short, but whatever)

Keep it up, bro! thumbsup.gif

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QUOTE (shadow55419 @ Yesterday, 2:20 PM)
i think those three have already changed cars, hence them not. but i could be wrong on Airis.

Yes they already changing their cars(except Airis),but what I mean is,that they changing their car because,they in need of faster car,due to they changing their car into Faster one(except Haruka,which a 460 Hp DB9)
  Posted: May 9 2014, 05:08 AM

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Lol kinda interesting to this topic somewhat lively.

Rin...have you been reading the fic? Some exotics have already been on the touge, the one that seems the most out of place is Kayo's Lambo Gallardo. However let me say this much...I think it is very interesting to see more then Japanese cars on the pass. I think it adds a bit of a flare to the touge scene anyway, cause there are a lack of exotics in Initial D (while Wangan already HAS a main exotic...).

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