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> [FANFIC] Pressured Wings, Let those wings soar...
Posted: May 9 2014, 06:23 AM

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I won't argue with you on that, bro.

I just hope these guys are skilled enough to handle these things with big engines. The heavier or bigger a car's power is, the more difficult it will be to keep it under control on twisty roads.
  Posted: May 9 2014, 11:24 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Next chapter? Yes, yes indeed. (WTF did I just write...?)

Chapter 31: An Unexpected Present

“Oi Neon you have a minute?” Kaede asked Neon, who was about to get ready for something.

“Uh, yeah…what is it mother?” Neon replied.

“Come with me for a quick second.” Then Kaede headed to her ‘workshop’, as the family called it. Neon turned his head in confusion but nevertheless followed his mother.

“Does this look familiar to you?” Kaede asked, showing a dark blue Skyline 25-GT Turbo. Neon’s eyes opened in surprise, wondering how this car survived the fall.

“W-W-What? How did my R34 manage to surv-” Neon started.

“It’s not a BNR34, it’s an ER34…but I swapped the engine with your BNR34 engine before I made it less powerful. Before you ask, my friend who picked up the car saw that the engine was completely unharmed. So my friend asked if I would like the engine back, couldn’t say no.” Kaede finished as Neon nodded slowly.

“I see…so what do you want me here for?” Neon was then greeted by a set of keys being tossed to him, in which he failed catching them.

“Take the car, I think you should have it. Have fun with the engine from your highway days.” Kaede said.

“Wait...” Neon started.

“Make sure you don’t trash that 900 horsepower engine. But then again, I did nothing with the body…”

“Okaa-san…why?” At this Kaede gave Neon a hug. No words whatsoever, confusing the blue haired boy. After a minute Kaede released Neon and went back to her room. “Wha…what was that about?”

“Oh hey there Neon, you coming to pick me up?” Shizuko responded to her cell phone.

“Yeah I am, gonna be there in ten minutes…you are wearing something casual right?” Neon asked back.

“Of course! Didn’t think that you’d actually want to dress-up for a movie, but then again we are going to the city for this. Might as well dress up right?” Shizuko then heard Neon chuckle a bit.

“Yeah, of course. See ya.” The line went dead afterwards, leaving Shizuko to look at her current attire. She was wearing a black trench jacket with a maroon long sleeved shirt underneath it, along with some loose black pants. “I wonder if this is too much?”

“I wonder if this is too much?” Neon asked as he looked at his attire. While wearing a blue collared shirt, over it he decided to put on a black military styled jacket with some dark brown khaki pants. “Oh well…let’s see what happens. But I wonder if Shizuko is alright if I took the ER34 out…better text her just in case.” Thus Neon texted Shizuko if she was ok with it.

“Oh? Nice outfit brother.” Airis said, unknown to Neon that his sister was looking at him from the door.

“Wha? Didn’t I close the door? And knock dammit!” Neon responded.

“Oh well, at least you weren’t doing anything like…well you know. Anyway, here’s the payment for this week.” Airis then gave Neon the envelope, in which Neon opened it and place it directly into his wallet. “Going on a date?”

“To the city, decided we should dress up for a bit. Tell everyone to have today off.” Neon then exited his room and got in into his new ER34. “Feels different, then again nothing was done inside…maybe except the roll cage but that’s not important. Feels weird driving in a R34 of any type after that…”

“Highway racing huh? Might as well go there as fast as we can huh?” Shizuko looked at the cell phone message, smiling for some odd reason. Shortly after the cell phone received a new message saying ‘here’, at this Shizuko took her leave. However what she saw outside wasn’t an 86 GT…

“W-What the? I-I-I…” Shizuko stammered for a bit, realizing that Neon was riding in a R34.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s a 25-GT Turbo…not a BNR34…well it’s an ER34 but that’s beside the point.” Neon calmly responded. “Are we going or not? Get in.”

“R-Right.” The purple haired girl responded as she entered into the ER34. “It’s…stock? Why are we taking a stock car?”

“Interior is stock, engine was the same exact engine I used back in the highway. Wanna see 900 horsepower at work? Better hang on…”

“AH! GEEZ THIS IS TOO FAST!” Shizuko screamed as the ER34 blazed on the highway, leaving everyone else seeing a fast blue blur.

“This is just the tip of the ice berg Shizuko…I’m only going about 200 kph…” Neon calmly responded.


“On the dyno, this machine can go up to 375 kph…”

“AH! DAMMIT NEON! I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” Shizuko could only scream more as Neon pressed the accelerator more.

“Shizuko…calm down.” Neon responded with no change in his voice. “Remember that I’m used to highways like this. And be thankful that this body has not deformed yet! Surprisingly this body can handle the stress of things…but Shizuko…calm yourself and look.”

Shizuko finally stopped screaming and decided to take a big breath…and something clicked inside Shizuko, something that she didn’t know. The speed…why was it so…calm? Earlier she decided that 200 was killing it, but now she felt…calm. But why?

“Decided to calm down? Let me talk about my past for a bit…I was a highway racer, no doubt about that. But want to know the reason?” Neon then up shifted the car going into fourth gear, the ER34 was going about 265 at this point. “I needed an outlet for my emotions, I couldn’t control it well at the time. However…if I didn’t do this though…I wouldn’t know where I would be now.”

“Neon-kun…” Shizuko said. She only bit her lower lip, not only did she know about his family’s past but now she knew how Neon got into racing. It was similar to her…but she was angry, not unstable…or something like that.

“Anyway, though…let’s slow down here for a bit. I think that’s enough for this leg of the trip.” Neon then slowly pressed the brakes of the ER34, reducing the speed to a simple 120 kph. “Like the view?”

“Wow…” Shizuko muttered as she looked outside. They were only a few kilometers away from the city and the city light’s were illuminating the night, giving it that special look.

“Haha, knew you would like it.” Neon laughed as he looked at his girlfriend’s amazement. “So…you do have the ticket’s right?”

“Of course…” Shizuko said while pulling the tickets out of her…cleavage. “Right here.”

“Why were the tickets in between your boobs?”

“My boobs can be more than just fat!” At this Neon could only sweat drop and press the accelerator.


“Well…that was a bit enjoyable.” Neon said as the couple got up from their seats. “Although I wish they would use more than some reused scenes from the anime…”

“I dunno, I didn’t see the anime before…don’t hurt me.” Shizuko sighed as she attached herself on Neon’s arm.

“Never was going to, want to look around for a bit?”

“Of course! Hope you don’t mind me locking myself onto you though. Oh hey…I’m hungry.” At this the couple’s stomachs gave out a small rumble.

“Haha, me too. Hey, looks like a small café over there, wanna eat there?” Neon asked pointing to said café, Shizuko only nodded yes as they both went to their destination.

“A table for two? Alright, let me see if there’s any open right now…” The greeter said as he asked for any open tables.

“This is quite elaborate for just a café Neon…are you sure this place is ok? I’m fine with some drive-thru stuff…” Shizuko said, worried about the price.

“I got my paycheck today, so I’m fine spending a bit more. Besides, it’s with you.” Neon replied and then gave Shizuko a quick peck on the check. Shizuko only looked away with a faint blush on her face.

“You two are in luck, we just opened a new table. Is eating outside alright?” The greeter asked, the couple responded with a nod. Thus the two of them got to their table, which was located pretty close to the fence.

“Oh my…guess we are going to be exposed huh?” Shizuko asked with a smile.

“Well, what can we do?” Neon sighed at the two sat down across from each other. After settling in a waitress came and took their drink orders.

“If I might say sir…you are dressed quite well today.” The waitress said.

“Ah…thank you…” Neon replied sheepishly.

“Hope you’re just being nice Neon.” Shizuko said with an ‘I will kill you’ look, while having a sweet smile.

“O-Of course! Geez, what else would I say?!” Neon then put his arms up in defense, as if anticipating for a projectile about to hit him. “C-Calm down ok?!”

“Ok.” Shizuko calmly replied, reverting back to her normal look. However as much as Shizuko wanted no one else to comment on her boyfriend, she could only hear other girls talk about Neon.

“Wow, he’s dressed nicely. Is he on a date?”

“He’s so handsome looking…hope he’s not on a date with that girl!”

“Hey honey, why don’t you dress up like him once in a while?! I wouldn’t mind it…would you mind if I got his number HUH?!”

Shizuko could only sigh, she didn’t like these comments but Neon felt very uncomfortable. In fact Neon placed his head on the table.

“Ugh, please stop talking about me…” Neon muttered as his face heated up. Shizuko could only sigh, she didn’t want to cause a large scene so she just stuck through the comments directed to Neon…until some comments were made about Shizuko.

“Wow, she’s a beauty.”

“Damn, that girl looks nice today. Wouldn’t mind a quick talk with her.”

“Now honey, can you dress like her once in a while? She’s dressed quite nicely today…”

“Oh no…” Shizuko muttered as she felt the embarrassment from various comments to her. Needless to say the couple felt awkward and out of place.

“Um…may I take your orders?” The same waitress from earlier asked the couple.

After about three seconds the couple placed their orders. For some reason the rest of the dinner was very silent.

“Let’s go home, I feel a bit violated somehow.” Shizuko said as they both finished off their meal.

Neon couldn’t agree more, after receiving the check he left a good amount including tip and the two of them bolted out of the café and into the ER34.

“Ugh…that felt very weird…” Neon commented on that experience.

“I was never talked about that much in my life…and I also heard some lewd comments about my body…” Shizuko said as she slumped back onto her seat.

“Heard a lot of comments about my looks…disgusts me.” Neon said as he started up the ER34, heading back home.

“I know I should have asked you this earlier…but where did this engine come from?”

“Ah…well back in my highway racing years I had an old KPGC10 who had the original engine that was heavily tuned, but it wasn’t enough. So Kayo, at that time, decided to go to a junkyard for a new project car for me. We found an old RB26 engine from a destroyed BNR34 and oddly enough…it was tuned by a person named Aqua. Whoever Aqua was…the engine was tuned to the highest degree, pulling 900 horses. We then figured out that the engine was not only fully maxed out but the turbo was similar to the Nissan R92CP…and improved upon. I don’t know how, but whoever Aqua was…they had some higher connections.”

Well tha-

Shizuko: DON'T JUDGE ME.

...that about does this one...

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Posted: May 10 2014, 01:37 AM

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Okay,so Neon has Two cars,one is GT86 and the other,900 hp ER34(it's a present?yeah,right),why didn't Airis get present too?

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Posted: May 11 2014, 12:08 AM

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An ER34 eh....nice choice.

Can't wait to see how that thing flies. Just uh...make it a bit convincing that it's safe enough at least to run on constant battles without frying the tires at maximum speed. xD
Posted: May 11 2014, 04:43 AM

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QUOTE (Rin @ 4 hours, 35 minutes ago)
An ER34 eh....nice choice.

Can't wait to see how that thing flies. Just uh...make it a bit convincing that it's safe enough at least to run on constant battles without frying the tires at maximum speed. xD

I'm not convinced that is safe,even it's in fanfiction or real life

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Posted: May 11 2014, 06:36 AM

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QUOTE (Tuners123 @ 1 hour, 51 minutes ago)
I'm not convinced that is safe,even it's in fanfiction or real life

QUOTE (Rin @ 6 hours, 26 minutes ago)
An ER34 eh....nice choice.

Can't wait to see how that thing flies. Just uh...make it a bit convincing that it's safe enough at least to run on constant battles without frying the tires at maximum speed. xD

don't think this one is meant for mountain use guys, pretty specific in the chapter that it's meant for highway racing only.
Posted: May 11 2014, 08:08 AM

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QUOTE (shadow55419 @ 1 hour, 31 minutes ago)

don't think this one is meant for mountain use guys, pretty specific in the chapter that it's meant for highway racing only.

Still,I'm not convinced that ER34 is safe to use for Highway racing only,the body isn't prepped for that kind of stress
  Posted: May 22 2014, 11:34 PM

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Ugh, all this drama. Anyway next fic here.

Chapter 32: Meetings and Breaks

“Honey, a letter came in for you.” Hideki said as he handed Kaede an envelope.

“So…looks like the family is going to meet again…” Kaede responded as she took the letter.

“You know sent this letter?”

“I know how my own siblings well enough to know they work.” Kaede then opened the envelope and glanced at the neatly creased letter. “Looks like nee-san is still formal, anyway thanks for the letter dear.”

Kaede then opened the letter inside and read the content inside.

Hello Nee-san,

I know it’s been a while, since we all went our own paths. So nii-san decided to have a little reunion, of course you are invited as well. By the day this letter is sent, wait two more days when the sun sets. Hope your mind is as keen as your body, have a nice day.

“Still as cryptic as ever nee-san…fucking little nerd.” Kaede muttered as she tossed the letter into the trashcan.

In Kayo’s garage…

“So…why did you call for us Haruka?” Neon asked as he slumped onto the wall.

“Well, since the pass opened up…somewhat recently there has been a vote as to whether we the pass should go back to the old style or not.” Haruka explained as the entire group listened. “All that’s needed is our input, whether to keep it open or not.”

“Wait…keep it open?” Toshiyuki asked.

“During the winter of course, it’s been slowly getting cold right? It will snow soon, so we need to know if the teams are going to have a snow pass or not.” Haruka finished as she laid her hand on her laptop. “So yay or nay people?”

“I could use a break myself…” Neon said raising his hand.

“Well I guess it’s safe to say you know my decision.” Shizuko said next.

“Could use a break…I think I might be developing carpal tunnel soon…” Airis said while rubbing her wrists.

“Tch, you probably would be developing carpal tunnel.” Akemi said as she approached Airis.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU TODAY?!” The blue haired girl screamed back at the dark-pink haired girl, who was checking her phone.

“Please understand she’s on her time so…” Hitoshi sighed, “well I can use a break.”

“Tch, whatever…” Akemi said, Airis was getting ready to punch her.

“I’m fine with either decision.” Kayo said while under the DB9. “Oh by the way Haruka, I stiffened up the suspension a bit and slapped a few upgrades on the DB9. Figured the car had enough power.”

“I’m fine with whatever way as well, so nothing with the 458?” Haruko asked.

“A 458?” Kayo then chuckled a bit before coming out of the DB9. “All I did was tighten up the steer ratio, so the car would be a bit more responsive. But seriously, a 45 fucking 8? Can’t do much with that.”

“Might as well wrap this up, I’m fine with whatever.” Kiyoshi said, while looking the two angry girls. “Let’s not escalate this any fur-”

However it was too late; Akemi got up and sucker punched Airis across the face. Airis recoiled a bit before she kicked Akemi’s torso and then proceeded to tackle her onto the ground.

“FUCK, CAN YOU TWO NOT FIGHT IN MY GARAGE?!” Kayo yelled as Akemi threw Airis off her, ignoring the mechanic’s request.

Akemi then grabbed Airis and punched her a few times before the blue haired girl thrust her knee into her attacker’s stomach, making Akemi let go of Airis. It was at this point where their respective brothers put the two into a choke hold.

“CALM DOWN DAMMIT!” The brothers yelled at the same time, both of them tightening their grip. The sisters struggled for a bit until both of them started to settle down, but the brothers still kept their holds.

“Um…their eyes are rolling up.” Toshiyuki said. It was true, Airis and Akemi’s eyes started to roll up slowly.

“Promise to calm down nee-san.” Neon said, in which Airis gave a weak nod yes. Airis could slowly see her vision fading.

“You calm yet?” Hitoshi asked, Akemi also nodded and felt her vision fading. After a few more seconds the brothers let go of the fighters, both of them coughing and gasping for air.

“Well it looks like we can all agree that the pass will be closed today.” Haruka sighed as she typed a few things on the laptop. “And on that bombshell, I’m off.”

“R-Right…anyway I finished the tuning…” Kayo timidly said as she stepped toward the garage opener.

“We’ll be on our way then…” Toshiyuki said as Kiyoshi headed towards the now open garage, which let in a very cold breeze.

“D-D-Damn it’s cold…” Shizuko muttered as she hugged herself, looking at Neon.

“See you guys around.” Neon replied as he rudely made Airis stand up. “Now, are you calm now?”

“H-Hai nii-san…” Airis responded as Neon pointed to her car, which Airis then proceeded to get in her car.

“Look man, sorry about that…” Hitoshi said as Akemi went into her Viper. “Didn’t think she’d snap.”

“Likewise, didn’t think my sister would fight back.” Neon sighed as he pinched his forehead. Shizuko then approached Neon and placed her head on his arm. “Right…the diner. If you’ll excuse me…” Neon then went to his 86 GT with Shizuko holding onto his arm.

“Wait, where’s your STi Shizuko?” The blond haired asked.

“Left it at home, decided to go together.” Shizuko responded as she entered the passenger side.

In a different garage…

“Still doesn’t explain why you gave Neon the ER34 though…” a purple haired female asked Kaede.

“Nao-senpai…I think my logic still fits though…” Kaede responded followed by a sigh.

“I didn’t say anything wrong wa with that, but Airis will eventually feel that you are playing favorites.” Nao followed up with a sigh.

“Well…still though, with Airis wanting to become model I couldn’t put down money for a new car for her. It’s a fucking European car for goodness sake! Those cars cost more than cars here!”

“Still finding ways to save money…look, get Hideki to nab a car for her.” Nao concluded as she sighed in anger.

“Yet what WOULD I give her? She’s a girl from the next generation, not our generation Nao-senpai. She loves Euro cars ever since she rode in Hideki’s Lotus Elise as a kid she didn’t want to ride in any other type of car.”

“Well, whatever. Anyway you called me back here because…?” Nao asked.

“The ER34’s body is still stock and I was ho-” Kaede started.

“IT’S STILL STOCK?!” Nao interrupted as she headed towards the ER34. “Well thank god the body hasn’t ripped itself to shreds or anything. Did you do any work on it?”

“Well…a little bit but not enough to equal your abilities Nao-senpai.” Kaede smirked as Nao sighed.

“Very well…but I need my Supra’s engine rebuilt. The engine has probably clocked 300,000 kilometers in total, so I was hoping to that we could exchange our services for payment.” Nao sighed as she tapped the ER34. “Well, you did some light work at least but not enough for the 900 horsepower monstrosity of an engine that was your RB26.”

“Hmph, very well then Nao-senpai…heh, Aqua is back in it huh?” Kaede chuckled a bit.

“We aren’t back Kaede,” Nao started, “this is only a temporary job for one car you gave to your son. If Aqua was back then the Azure Wings would be crushed, humiliated, and utterly destroyed.”

Too messed up for me to come up with something witty here.

Enjoy this guys, cause once Watch_Dogs comes out i'll be on a to speak. laugh2.gif awesome.gif
Posted: May 23 2014, 03:10 AM

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You'll be on hiatus?ok,I can wait very patiently,just,don't making it too long for Hiatus(a year or more)
I envy you.playing watch dogs,and I couldn't get it until June(need to save up more money),
I got an another idea,why don't Kaede swap Airis M3 with something much cheaper,for instance,Ariel Atom 300 Supercharged?

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Posted: Jun 13 2014, 10:01 AM

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I know you're on hiatus now, but I've been wanting to write a 240Z driver, so if you ever want Sasameki's info, let me know.
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  Posted: Jun 13 2014, 10:54 AM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Ok, I will say this right now. I am sorry for SUCH a long hiatus.

For some reason, my summer break right now is filled with things from real life. Sheesh, I will attempt to write the next chapter soon. BUT CURSE YOU REAL LIFE.


Neon: Uh huh...
Shizuko: Sure...

Posted: Jun 13 2014, 10:55 AM

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It's totally fine. ^^

I understand, because it's the same with me for my YouTube channel.
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Posted: Jun 14 2014, 04:21 AM

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No matter how long a hiatus you are, I am always looking forward to the next chapter. I am gonna see this through the end. grin2.gif
  Posted: Jun 16 2014, 10:32 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Heh, thanks for the support everyone. Without further's the next chapter...with Miura's OC...another OC that is.

Chapter 33: Old Reunion

“Well, well, well…if it isn’t nee-san.” A raven black short haired guy said as a certain HS30 approached him and the lady next to him.

“Hmph, so what’s the point of this meeting nii-san?” Kaede said as she glared at the two.

“Please Kaede, can’t you be nicer to your own siblings? Besides we are triplets…” The woman asked. She had raven black hair that barely passed her shoulders; she also had scarlet red eyes just like the guy next to her. She also wore circular glasses.

“Tch, whatever you say Ayame. Anyway, what did you want to discuss Yoshiro?” Kaede sighed as she looked at her brother.

“Isn’t a family reunion simple enough nee-san?” Yoshiro replied as he gave a small chuckle. “Anyway, we aren’t the only ones here today.”

“What?” Kaede’s question was answered with the appearance of 4 more cars. “What is this? The reunion of the veterans of the pass?”

“More or less, Kaede.” Ayame responded as she fixed her glasses.

Then Tsukiko, Megumi, Nao, and Tamiko came out of their respective cars. Kaede groaned for some odd reason.

“Why the long face Kaede?” Tamiko asked as she placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Geez, why the hell did I even come?” Kaede said as she noticed one more set of headlights. “Son of a bitch…she’s here as well?”

“Ara ara…is your old friend to much for you Kaede? Besides, that engine couldn’t be built without her help.” Tsukiko said as the bayside blue Nissan Fairlady 240Z, approached them.

“Heya there everyone. And a special hello to you Kaede.” The woman greeted. Kaede only groaned at the brown shoulder length haired woman. She was slightly taller than the females there and her purple eyes meet Kaede’s scarlet eyes.

“Ugh, what do you want Sasameki?” Kaede sighed as she looked to the ground.

“Since someone told me about this reunion…I decided to grace you Kaede, with my presence.” Sasameki said as she opened her arms, with a small smirk on her face.

“I don’t need you to pester me with your presence you fail of a goddess.”

“Aw c’mon Kaede.” Sasameki said as she slung her arm over Kaede. “I mean, you haven’t talked to me for all these years. You never answered my calls, replied to my texts, nor my e-mails, and you never seem to reply to my mail. This, if I’m not mistaken, was your favorite way of communication, outside of face to face of course.”

“Shut up, why was I your friend back in high school?” Kaede sighed as she rolled her eyes.

“Tch, so you just wanted to cut me out of your life eh?” Sasameki replied, releasing the friendly act. “Sheesh, I mean…you were my number one customer. Or did you forget, you bitch?”

“Oh shut the fuck up you slut. I don’t want to associate myself with black market dealers. I have a stable job for crying out loud.” Kaede then stared at the purple eyed girl with hatred. “Well, can’t do much now anyway…your presence here is making me sick.”

“Some things never change do they?” Tamiko said as she moved some hair away from her ear.

“Indeed Tamiko-san…indeed.” Yoshiro replied as he looked at the small argument.

“See Kaede? Isn’t replying easier then fighting?” Sasameki said as she, once again, placed her arm around Kaede.

“So you got chest implants? You were the smallest bust out of all of us…barely breaking the A-cup size.” Kaede smirked as she said this. That led to Sasameki pushing Kaede away, covering her chest.

“Y-Y-You noticed?”

“Well I WAS your number one customer…”

“Fuck you.” Sasameki sighed out, letting Kaede win this bout. “Well…your bust size is average.”

“Better average then none.”

“If you two are done talking about your tits, can we head somewhere to eat?” Megumi said as she shook her head.

“Yeah, yeah Thunder Tits. I would like a race though.” Sasameki replied in her normal fashion.

“T-Thunder Tits? Let me reiterate that my size barely exceeds Tsukiko’s!”

“When did I get dragged into this? Anyway, before this turns into a bust discussion, who did you want to race Sasameki?” Tsukiko interjected.

“How are your skills Kaede?” Sasameki looked at Kaede, who replied with a glare.

“Get in your Z, let us redo the Fairmiaden dance.” Kaede then said after a bit of silence.

“When did it come to this…anyway…5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!” Ayame shouted as she looked at the speeding Zs. The HS30 was behind a bit, due to the S30Z’s twin turbo engine compared to the HS30’s single turbo engine. The S30 continued to accelerate past the hairpin, Sasameki holding down the accelerator as she drifted. The HS30 though took the turn, almost lazily as the gap between them increased.

“Let’s see if your tactics have changed at all…” Kaede said as she took the next set of corners with the same lazy pace. This confused Sasameki as she continued past the corners and approached the first set of hairpins. Still pressing on the accelerator Sasameki pressed the brakes for a quick second and fish tailed the S30Z around the hairpin. Kaede sighed and merely drifted past the hairpins, at lower than average speeds to be exact.

“It takes two to dance Kaede…so why aren’t you doing anything?” Sasameki said as she approached the high speed sections, leaving Kaede well behind.

“Predictions?” Tsukiko said as she brought out cans of soda for everyone. “Just bought this recently, thought it would be a nice gesture.”

“Thanks Tsukiko.” Megumi replied, taking the can handed to her. “Kaede.”

“Kaede for sure, she’s the patient one after all.” Tamiko said as she opened the soda, unfortunately the soda sprayed everywhere. “Ack! Dammit!”

“It’s fine Tamiko…” Yoshiro said as he tapped the top of his soda. “What makes you sa-”

“Oh please nii-san you know why.” Ayame rudely interjected. “Kaede was undefeated in our days, her any ‘loss’ was a draw that happened because she was sleepy. Nee-san was a patient one, analyzing the enemy as she laid back and then comes from nowhere and finishes the race with at least, AT LEAST, a one second lead.”

“Wow Ayame…you really loved Kaede huh?” Tsukiko asked as she sipped her soda.

“Well, we did have A LOT of personal time together before we went our separate ways…” Ayame smirked at the…memories between the two.

“So…personal as in…?” Tsukiko was curious now.

“Let’s say that when mom and dad weren’t home…I head a bunch of moaning…” Yoshiro slowly said as he shook his head.


“Let’s say I was on the receiving end. And I enjoyed EVERY second of it.”

“Well…this just got awkward.” Megumi as she gulped down the rest of the soda, crushing the can afterwards.

The S30Z was well ahead of the HS30 at this moment, with about a six second lead ahead of Kaede.

“Enjoy your victory while it lasts, you still haven’t changed…” Kaede said as she sat upright and pressed the accelerator. Oddly enough, the HS30 was catching up to the S30Z which confused Sasameki.

“The hell? How did she catch up? I have the powerful engine dammit! And my tactic never fails!” Sasameki shouted as she started to lightly tap the brakes in order to drift into the first hairpin. This lead to the car taking the turns faster, but at the cost the S30Z moving away from it’s intended line.

“Fool.” Kaede said as she accelerated, taking advantage of the apex and the gutters. Soon the S30Z was only a mere half a car length ahead of the HS30.

“Dammit!” Sasameki cursed as she noticed the incoming HS30. At the last hairpin the HS30 managed to barely pass the S30Z though the inside, with the HS30 taking the victory. “DAMMIT!!”

“Let go of the damn accelerator Sasameki.” Kaede said as Sasameki exited her car. “Your accelerating with braking thus I can drift slash fishtail the car tactic doesn’t work on me.”

“Have you been practicing much?” Sasameki said as she moved closer to Kaede.

“Nope, muscle memory here…more or less.”

“Tch, muscle memory my ass. You must have practiced here.”

“They say that teaching someone else can reiterate if you know the material well or not.”

“Whatever…why aren’t you contacting me. For real this time.” Sasameki was really close to Kaede, which bothered Kaede.

“I told you, I didn’t want to associate myself with black market dealers.” Kaede responded as she moved away from the brown haired woman.

“Aw, you’re no fun. Didn’t think you’d lose that side of yourself that quickly.” Sasameki sighed.

“Well I had to change when I got pregnant you know. But then again…you were one of my best clients...” Kaede smirked as she looked to the sky. “You know…I think Iris Heart was a representation of my personality back then. You know…from that game, had a laugh when I saw my son play that game. Kinda wanted to see if my husband wanted to play that again.”

“Did he?”

“Nope, said it was too intense.”

Another side of Kaede revealed...and all I have to say is....ooohhh mmmyyy.

Kaede: Iris Heart? My oh for me
Hideki: Dear...please don't do that again.
Kaede: Aw...and I have ALL this STRESS to release dear...beside our children are grown up.

ANYWAY, next chapter could be considered as an take the next chapter as you will.
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Green Heart's still better! Just saying.

...Which is ironic, because I should be on Black Heart's side...

Anyway, older ladies and Zs... Yay!~

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Why there's no post from you,okamiwind?
It's been a month
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Ah f*** bunnies...sorry for the lack of updates guys. Life, AX, and other things came up so there's no apologies on my end...

but I am going to shell out four chapters next update so it's like a chapter a week...compressed in a month...wait...

ANYWAY please wait until then.
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You made it sound like you're developing some sort of hi-tech radioactive bomb of texts... derp.gif
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Chapter 34: Welcome Everyone

“So…why the heck did you call us here again? The pass is closed isn’t it?” Haruka asked as the Azure Wings were at the base of the pass.

“Well me and sis thought that…well…” Neon was somehow struggling to say what he needed to say, because this was a very simple question.

“Why the hell are you stalling brother? Anyway we decided that we should have some…group bonding time, I think that’s the word, by inviting you guys to our house.” Airis finished.

“Huh why…oh yeah, you two live at a hot springs right?” Haruko replied, while Haruka gave a small smile.

“Eh sure why not. Besides, that beats staying at home all day.” Hitoshi said, as Akemi shrugged.

“Why not? If you don’t mind if Mai comes along right?” Kiyoshi asked.

“It’s fine, not a problem.” Neon replied.

“Could let off some steam…eh I’ll shoot. Need a break from the tuning anyway.” Kayo said as she looked at her phone. “You don’t mind I need to text my clients real quick…”

“So it looks like everyone is a go yes?” Airis said as she went to her M3. Everyone else nodded. “Good, see you guys soon.”

“When is soon?” Shizuko asked.

“In two days, dear. Anyway see you guys then.” Neon said as he got into Airis’s M3.

“Trying to save gas you two?”

“Of course, besides sis rarely drives me around. So it’s a nice change of pace for once.”

Two days later…

“Thank you for having us over.” The Azure Wings, minus the Kurubasa twins, said in unison to Hideki and Kaede.

“My, my…those two have quite a number of friends.” Kaede mumbled to herself.

“Anyway we are glad to have you all over, come in.” Hideki said as the group took off their shoes.

“So…why are we at the family visitor side and not the main entrance again?” Mai asked as she looked around.

“We are pretty packed today since the weather is getting colder, and I didn’t want my workers to say no to possible guests.”

“I see, well where are Neon and Airis?”

“Inside their rooms, second door on the left is Airis’s room, third door is Neon’s. Anyway hope you enjoy your visit…there I go again with being formal.” Hideki chuckled at what he said.

“It’s ok, anyway…whose room you want to barge into first?” Kiyoshi asked as the parents went off to their work places.

“Well…you probably know where I’m going.” Shizuko replied with a light smile.

“Good idea! Neon’s room it is!” Haruka exclaimed as she walked to the blue haired boy’s room.

“Wha…WAIT!” Shizuko shouted as she rushed to Haruka’s side.

“What are they expecting anyway?” Toshiyuki asked as the rest of the group proceeded.

“Who knows…anyway let’s knock at leas-” Haruko started until her twin just opened the door. “Whoa! Hold on a sec-”

There they saw Neon sleeping comfortably on the floor, with Gundam Wing playing on the television. The group took this time to sneak inside the room and look around. Like his old room his walls were decorated with anime and video game posters as well as wall scrolls. But the number of items shown this time around was greater than before, thanks to his larger room. His desk was decorated with some figurines and his computer was there as well.

“So either he had some of this packed up or he’s bought more…” Shizuko mumbled to herself as she looked around. Then she saw her boyfriend sleeping and thought it was a nice time for a nap…

“Shizuko…you know we are still in the room right?” Kayo said as the group sweat dropped. Shizuko was lying down next to Neon and trying to get comfortable.

“Um…can you guys leave?” Shizuko slowly asked as she moved closer to Neon.

“Well as long as we don’t see anything weird when we come back…sure.” Haruko said the group slowly moved towards the exit, carefully looking at Shizuko.

“I’m not going to do anything nasty ok?! Geez…”

Next the group decided to go to Airis’s room, where Haruka decided to burst into again.

“HEYA AIRIS!” Haruka shouted. “WHERE YOU AT?”

“What the hell Haruka? What’s with the shouting…and what was with that incomplete sentence?” Akemi said as she looked around Airis’s room.

Unlike her old room, there was no peachy wallpaper but instead there was light blue wallpaper instead. The room was pretty empty, with the expectation of a few stuffed animals here and there as well as her desk and bed.

“Huh? Where is she?” Haruka said as she then noticed a small opening to the closet. That was where Airis was.

“No…that won’t do. I know I should wear home clothes but everyone’s coming over…maybe this one.” Airis said as she placed a white and blue striped shirt over her. “But maybe this one will do…” Then she put a plain yellow polo over her. “This one maybe too formal…but the material is breathable for what it is…”

“I would recommend the first choice.” Haruka said.

“Yeah…hey thanks Har…uka…KYAAA!” Airis then screamed at the source of the voice.

“Yo, still don’t know what to wear eh?”


“Well at least you aren’t nude or in your underwear.” Haruka casually said as the rest of the group looked at Airis’s flustered face.

“G-G-G-G-G-G-G-GET OUT!!!!!” Airis screamed as she pushed the group out of the room. “GIVE ME A FEW MINUTES OK!?”

“Who woulda guessed she was still dressing up?” Akemi said as the group waited for a few minutes.

“Well…with THAT out of the way…” Airis started as she opened her door, wearing the striped shirt. “Wait…where’s my brother?”

“Inside his room with Shizuko.” Toshiyuki replied.

“Ah…so that’s why a certain purple haired girl was missing…think they might be doing something?”

“I don’t know…and I don’t care. Where is our room?”

“Oh right, well we have multiple guest rooms for our ‘family’ side so you’ll be staying in there. Let me show you the way.” Thus the group followed the blue haired girl to the rooms. “Here we are. Anyway, I’ll wake those two up.”

“Nice, nice…” Haruko said as she looked around the first room where the girls would be sleeping at. It was a simple design and had a very homely feel to it.

“Could get used to this ya know?” Akemi said as she plopped herself onto the ground. “Oof, a bit hard on the landing.”

“That’s why you don’t go down head first…” Kayo mumbled as she opened a door. “Oh look, our yukatas. Let’s get changed.”

“Nice room indeed.” Hitoshi whispered to himself. The room was identical to the other room.

“This could be interesting…” Toshiyuki said as he set his stuff down.

“What do you mean by that?” Kiyoshi asked as he sat down.

“I dunno…felt bored and wanted to say it.”

“Oi, how long are you planning on napping?” Airis asked she shook Neon.

“Geez, I was starting to fall asleep too…” Shizuko yawned as she got up.

“Well we do have guests over and…why am I explaining this to you?” Airis groaned as she shook Neon harder.

“Ngh…five more minutes…” Neon said with a sleepy tone.

“Wake your ass up, Shizuko’s here.” At this Neon stretched and got up.

“Hey there Shizuko…” Neon greeted his girlfriend.

“Morning sleepy head.” Shizuko responded while shaking Neon’s hair.

“Geez…you are a bother to wake up…” Airis said as she left the two alone.

“Wanna take a nap?” Neon asked after Airis shut the door.

“Sure…I’m kinda tired anyway.” Shizuko smiled before Neon placed his arm around her and lightly pulled her down to the ground, inviting Shizuko into a nice little slumber.

Chapter 35: Let’s Talk, Shall We?

“Anyway, sorry for not being there to greet you guys.” Airis said as she gathered the Azure Wings into one room. “I mean, I didn’t expect my brother to sleep like that.”

“Nah, don’t fret it.” Kiyoshi said with a grin. “Stuff happens and well…this happened.”

“Well mom and dad said the hot springs will be free in fifteen minutes, so why don’t we all get changed and…talk or something.” Airis finally said before she got up and went to her room, but not before scanning the room.

“So it isn’t me right? Where’s Shizuko?” Mai asked as she looked around. Airis then groaned heavily.

“Freaking A brother…why the hell are you still sleeping?!” Airis exclaimed as she started to bolt into Neon’s room.

“WAIT!” Haruka shouted, somehow managing to tug on Airis’s shirt. “Let’s go in quietly, it’ll pass the time and we’ll see what those two are doing...and maybe make some funny shenanigans.”

“Hm, let’s go with it.” Haruko said as she got up.

“Intrested to see what Senpai is doing…” Toshiyuki said as he too got up.

“I’m gonna change…” Miyako lazily said as she got up and went to the closet.

“Same here.” Hitoshi said as he went back to his room.

“Ugh, fine c’mon you three.” Airis exhaled as the four of them went to the blue haired boy’s room. As soon as they reached it, Haruka slowly opened the door a bit. Inside Neon and Shizuko were sleeping next to each other, with Neon’s arm over Shizuko’s body and Shizuko’s arm placed next to Neon. The television still had Gundam Wing on, the noise emanating through the room.

“Perfect.” Haruka whispered as she had a small smirk on her face.

“Sis…please don’t do anyt-” Haruko tried to speak sense into her loli sister…but…

“So I’m thinking that we put Neon’s hand on Shizuko’s boob and have Shizuko’s hand placed relatively close to Neon’s…crotch. Then Airis will scream to wake them up, let hilarity, embarrassment, and shock come.” Haruka quickly said over Haruko.

“That’s…a bit mean Haruka. I think we should wake them up and get this over with.” Toshiyuki said as he shook his head, trying to erase Haruka’s little scheme.

“Oh hoho…Haruka…as much as my heart says to disregard your idea, let’s do it.” Airis smirked as she slowly opened the door more, enough for the two tricksters to slip in.

“Well…what do we do Haruko?” Toshiyuki said as he moved away from the door.

“Once they hit this state, we can’t do much.” Haruko sighed as she went to her room. “Let the chaos ensue…”

Once the two finished setting up their plan, Airis quickly went to her room and grabbed her cell phone…to take a picture of their ingenious plan. After snapping two photos, Haruka gave a smirk and a thumb up. Airis smiled and gave Haruka five seconds by her fingers before she would scream. 5…4…3…2…1…

“JEEZ BROTHER! WAKE UP ALREADY!” Airis screamed. This make Neon fiercely grab Shizuko’s boob while Shizuko raise her hand to Neon’s area. Both of their eyes shot open and it took them a few seconds to recognize where their hands were…

“AH!” “EK!” Neon and Shizuko screamed once they acknowledged where their hand were. They both shot up in surprise and created a bit of distance between themselves. Airis and Haruka were trying their best to hide their impending laughter.

“Look! I-I-I-I’m sorry! I did say my hands tend to travel whenever I sleep and it ended up there!” Neon quickly slurred as his face turned red.

“Ah! Um…my hand must’ve moved on its own!” Shizuko slurred with the same speed as Neon, her face somewhat more red then Neon’s.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” The two troublemakers couldn’t hold in their laughter as they busted into a laughing fit. Neon and Shizuko quickly looked at each other before they looked down at the floor.

“Enough you two…” Haruko said, who had changed into her yutaka during the set up. “Neon, Shizuko…those two were planning this when they saw you two sleeping. So if anything, beat them up not yourselves. With that said…lock the damn door.”

“Nee-san…” Neon grumbled as his rage slowly increased. Shizuko felt anger within herself to, wanting to punch the loli rather than Airis. Neon was going to deal with Airis anyway.

“Hahaha! I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” Airis said in between her laughter, she then held up the phone…with the picture of their plan before she woke them up. “It would be SO catastrophic if I posted this online!”

“You wouldn’t…!”

“HAHAHA! O-Of course I woul-” Airis started before Shizuko quickly got up and took the phone. “Hahaha, oh dammit!”

“I’m deleting this…” Shizuko said as she deleted the first pic before Haruka managed to grab the phone back.

“YOU’RE NEVER…GOING TO DELETE THE SECOND PIC!” Haruka exclaimed, in between her laughter.

“WHAT?!” Shizuko screamed as she chased the now running loli in Neon’s room. Neon then placed his leg out to trip the loli, thus as she fell the phone landed in Neon’s hand.

“And I’ll delete pic number two…” Neon said as he deleted said pic.

“D-D-Dammit Haruka! You weren’t…supposed to say that!” Airis finally said after most of her laughing subsided.

“S-Sorry Airis!” Haruka said as her laughter subsided into giggles.

“Give us one GOOD reason why we shouldn’t hurt you two!” Neon and Shizuko said, in unison, to the two troublemakers.

“This is a group bonding time, did you forget Neon? So we shouldn’t be killing one another for a simple joke. Besides…you two probably thought something dirty.” Haruko said, crossing her arms. Neon and Shizuko didn’t respond. “So…you were thinking something dirty?”

“N-No…” The couple said in unison.

“I know you both well enough to know that you WERE thinking something dirty.” Haruko replied with a smirk. “Well I’ll make sure to keep this a secret to us here, including the two troublemakers. With that said, let’s change already. We’re waiting on you four.”

“Well…that was embarrassing.” Neon said as he sunk himself into the hot springs.

“Could be worse.” Kiyoshi said as he casually sat down at the springs.

“Worse? Please elaborate.” Toshiyuki said, leaning a bit closer to Kiyoshi.

“It’s not like your girlfriend’s friends came in while she was blowing you.” Kiyoshi replied…rather casually.

“WHAT?!” Hitoshi screamed in surprise. Neon and Toshiyuki looked at each other weirdly.

“Wait…so you and Mai…” Neon said slowly, trying to make sure what he heard was true.

“Well we went further than that, of course not at THAT time. I say we’ve done it…four times during the time we were together.” Kiyoshi, again, replied casually. This made Neon fluster for some reason and submerged his entire head underwater.

“Wha…?” Toshiyuki said as he finally pieced everything together…not that he liked what he was putting together. “So…why isn’t she…you know.”

“Protection, pulling out, and birth control pills.”

“THE HELL MAN?! HOW ARE YOU SO CASUAL ABOUT THIS?!” Hitoshi screamed as he got away from Kiyoshi.

“Ain’t afraid to admit it, besides we decided to take a break this year.”

“THIS YEAR?!” Neon then screamed. “WH-WHAT?!”

“I think Senpai’s brain is failing…” Toshiyuki said as he looked at Neon’s submerged face.

“Wow they’re loud aren’t they?” Akemi said as she spread her arms out.

“Maybe something embarrassing was said.” Haruko said as she sank lower into the springs.

“C’mon Shizuko, get in already! And take your towel off!” Haruka yelled to the shy purple haired girl.

“R-R-Right…” Shizuko stuttered as she slowly approached the group. She couldn’t let everyone see her scars…more or less Kayo for some reason, but the steam was pretty difficult to see through.

“Jeez Airis…why is the steam so thick? Can’t see a damn thing.” Kayo said as she squinted her eyes. She could only see the faces of those in the hot spring.

“Sorry…the last group must have splashed a lot of hot water around…” Airis apologized.

“It’s not your fault then, so I won’t blame you. But damn…it’s steamy.”

“Hey there, sorry for being late.” Shizuko said as she managed to sneak into the springs.

“About time Thunder Tits.” Haruka said as she moved closer to Shizuko.

“T-Thunder Tits?! I don’t like these you know!” Shizuko screamed as Haruka touched her. “S-Stop that!”

“Still…HOW DID YOU GET THEM SO BIG?!” Airis shouted as she also touched Shizuko.

“S-S-STOP TOUCHING ME!” Shizuko then splashed water on the two and went towards Haruko.

“Well, with that out of the way…what are you expecting for the future?” Haruko sighed after the two calmed down.

“I don’t know about me…maybe a stay at home mother.” Shizuko said after she calmed down.

“Eh? Really?” Haruka replied in surprise. “Nothing special?”

“No, thinking of just getting the general education degree and help pay bills.”

“So…not a real stay at home mom?”

“Until the children grow up.”

“Well, I plan to become a pop idol!” Haruka explained as she stood up and posed.

“Uh huh, where are you connections?” Miyako said as she crossed her arms.

“Have one, just need to confirm when I end my days as a racer.”

“Really? Huh, anyway I hope to become a well know tuner. As famous as RE-Amemiya if I can.” Miyako said while looking at the sky.

“Well you are a great tuner Miyako.” Airis complimented.

“Thanks Airis, and you?”

“I’m going to be a model…but I need connections.” Airis then sank herself a bit, feeling a dream float by.

“Well I’m sure you’ll get your chance Airis.” Haruko said as she placed a hand on Airis. “You were the luckiest out of all of us.”

“Perhaps…you Haruko?”

“Me? Hm…I don’t know, somehow I got a call from a security agency. So maybe I’ll go to that. I’m still not sure.” Haruko replied as she closed her eyes in thought.

“Hah, interesting coming from you. But somehow it fits.” Mai said as she looked at Haruko.

“Thanks, what about you?”

“Thinking of being a GT300 driver.”

“Woah. Stop the conversation, you want to be a GT300 driver?” Haruka asked.

“Yeah…although it might make us move…”

“Us? You two are living together?” Shizuko asked next.

“Of course, we started living together not that long ago. It’s good experience for the future anyway.”

“I see…” Shizuko then looked down and sighed. “Is…is living together alright?”

“Its fine, you get to see a person’s real colors at that stage. But that’s just in my experience, I still feel like he’s a bit on edge though. Ah well…Akemi what about you?”

“Elementary school teacher.” Akemi replied almost instantaneously.

“Huh?! You…an elementary school teacher? I find that HIGHLY amusing.” Airis laughed.

“Oh shut up, future fap material.”

“Ok…when did this turn south again?” Shizuko sighed as she face…watered.

“Whatever, at least I’ll make changes in children while you are just going to be the envy of girl’s and…”

“If you can’t finish your statement then don’t say anything.” Airis smirked as Akemi trailed off.

“Fuck off.”

Chapter 36: Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne! (Take it easy)

“Well that was rather refreshing, even with the stupid amount of steam.” Kayo said as she drying her hair with a towel. The girls were wiping themselves dry after they exited the hot springs.

“I feel slightly responsible though, maybe because it’s my family’s springs.” Airis said as she threw on her yutaka.

“Don’t fret, heard that the last group was a bunch of middle schoolers.” Haruka replied through her towel, she was finished drying her hair and left the towel on her head. Haruko sighed and removed the towel. “Aw c’mon! I want to relax a bit.”

“Relax by sleeping, you have way too much energy for your age.” Haruko mumbled as she put on her undergarments. “Anyway, are we gonna eat the hot springs food or is your mother going to cook us something?”

“The latter, mom said not to pressure the staff by cooking more the usual.” Airis stretched as she replied. “Besides, mom’s cooking taste better then the food here.”

“I see…so what do you think the boy’s are doing?” Mai asked as she looked up.

“DAMMIT!” Kiyoshi screamed as he plopped himself onto the ground.

“Hehehe, you still suck as Pit man.” Neon said as he readjusted himself.

“Thought you sold your Wii?” Hitoshi asked as he managed to side smash Toshiyuki’s character.

“DAMN! It’s my Wii.” Toshiyuki said as he was on his last life. “I swear…I was better with Shiek.”

“Hehehe, Marth for the win suckers.” Neon replied as he smashed Hitoshi’s character, Mario, out of the screen.

“Well anyway…what’s in your future guys?” Kiyoshi asked as he got up. “For me…I dunno, maybe be an electrician of some sort…”

“That’s it? I might head back to the States and try my hand at racing.” Hitoshi replied as he set his controller down.

“State side? Right, American.” Neon said as he just finished up the match. “Heh, take that. But what racing are you going to do? Indy or NASCAR?”

“You know about NASCAR?”

“Dude, played Gran Turismo? It’s on there.”

“Right…duh. Possibly, but I have to look around first.”

“I see, well maybe I’ll become a GT300 racer.” Neon said as he switched the Wii off and changed to a random channel.

“GT300 eh? Mai said she wanted to become one as well.” Kiyoshi said. “Perhaps you two can team up?”

“I dunno, whatever happens. What about you Toshiyuki?”

“I honestly have no idea.” Toshiyuki sighed. “I think I’ll go my current route of being a scientist.”

“Whatever works for you man.”

“With that out of the way…what now?” Hitoshi sighed as he got up.

“Aw shit, I was supposed to help mother with the cooking. Gottaa go guys…don’t touch my computer.” Neon said as he headed straight to the kitchen.

“When someone says ‘do not touch’ the mind instantly goes, ‘ok, do touch’.” Kiyoshi grinned as he went to Neon’s computer, which was in standby mode. “Heh, looks like he trusts us huh?”

“Why are you doing this?” Toshiyuki sighed as he facepalmed.

“I guess one time won’t hurt…”

“Alright, first off…let’s see if he’s been doing anything bad…” Kiyoshi said as he opened Neon’s browser. “You know…for giggles.”

“I would have hacked his account truth be told.” Toshiyuki commented next. “That would give people confusion.” Hitoshi only shrugged and continued to look at the screen.

“What? Nothing bad huh?” Kiyoshi sighed in disappointment. “Kinda was hoping to see what Neon’s…”

“The reason for trailing off is…?” Toshiyuki asked after a bit of silence.

“I dunno, but I wanted to see what our leader…liked anyway. Curiosity killed the cat after all.”

“Well at least that was used correctly…more or less so I’ll let this pass.”

“Anyway…let’s hack his account.” Toshiyuki said with a smile.

“You…really want to hack the account huh? Well why not…he’s on a forum?”

“I heard of this forum before, although I don’t understand why people want subs so much. It is explicitly said that you don’t ask for subs…you get warned in doing so.”

“At least the anime is done with, ending was a bit better then the manga.” Toshiyuki said as he sat down. “So…where should we post?”

“What the fuck are you three doing?” A female voice asked, rather loudly at that. The three boys turned to the voice, it was none other than Airis. “You better not do anything wrong on his computer, he’s gonna kill you guys.”

“Nothing much, other than checking his history.” Kiyoshi responded as he minimized the browser. “Honestly there was nothing juicy there.”

“Oh? Really?” Airis asked with a hint of surprise. “Huh, well I’ll make sure this stays in here…got it?!” The boys nodded yes. “Good, well I think dinner’s done. C’mon time to eat boys.”

“Itadakimasu!” The Azure Wings said in unison as they ate their food.

“I made plenty of more, you guys can help yourselves.” Kaede said before heading back to her work place.

“Wow, this is actually not that bad!” Hitoshi said continued to stuff his face.

“If ya like it so much then enjoy the flavors dammit!” Akemi responded as she quickly put some rice in her mouth.

“Geez, cursing at the dinner table? Such manners Akemi.” Airis said in a mother-like tone. Akemi only scoffed as she stuffed her face with food.

“Heh, let’s try this. Say ‘Ah…’” Neon then held his chopsticks up.

“Ah…” Shizuko then opened her mouth and ate the food on Neon’s chopsticks. “Hehehe, that felt weird.”

“Really? Guess it’s different for everyone, you made a cute face.” At this Shizuko hid a faint blush.

“Those two really are inseparable huh?” Mai whispered to Kiyoshi.

“Can’t blame the two, they are each other’s opposites.” Kiyoshi responded back in a whisper.

“Really? Huh, when you put it like that…”

“What are you two talking about?” Toshiyuki asked the couple.

“About how those two,” Kiyoshi pointed at Neon and Shizuko, “are inseparable. I mean look at them.”

Neon and Shizuko were now feeding each other their food to each other. So Neon was feeding Shizuko his food while Shizuko fed Neon her food.

“Geez, see?” Mai said with a small chuckle.

“Oh my goodness Haruka stop eating so fast, you want to throw up later?” Airis said as she tried to pull Haruka’s hair back.

“OH MY GOSH SO GOOD.” Haruka said. Although it came out more like “OHM MY GOUSH SOH GEWD.”

“Table manners please. I don’t think Ms. Kurubasa would appreciate cleaning up your mess.” Haruko sighed as she continued to eat at a normal pace. “Slow down…”


“Gochisosama.” Neon said.

“Woah, done already?” Hitoshi asked.

“Yeah, didn’t have much on my plate anyway. Trying to cut back on eating a lot.” Neon said as Shizuko gave a quick smile to him.

“Are you sure brother?” Airis then asked with suspicion. “You eat A LOT and now you cut back? Something’s up…” She then pulled Neon’s shirt and dragged him to the hallway.

“Wow sis ok.” Neon sighed as Airis released his shirt. “Gonna cook up some tri-tip that father imported, or something like that, got his permission by the way, and cook up for the lady. Problem?”

“Well geez, wasn’t that easier to say?” Airis replied with a small smile.

“It’s a surprise you nutcase of a sister.”

“Oh…guess that would be bad to announce huh?” Neon then lightly planted his fist on Airis’s forehead. She then closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

“Gochisosama.” Everyone else said as they finished up their own food.

“Holy…did you all finish at the same time?” Airis replied as she entered back in the room.

“I guess…how the hell did this happen?” Haruko chuckled at this predicament.

“Well then, I guess everyone can clean up their own plates then yes? I mean, we are FRIENDS right?”

“Sure, ya fuckin’ fool.” Akemi scoffed as she got up with her plates.

“Bitch…um…Haruka?” Airis asked as she looked at the loli. Who seemed to have knocked out for some reason, her body slumped on the chair.

“I’ll take care of the fast eater’s plates.” Haruko sighed as she got up with her and Haruka’s plates.

“Well…let’s get cleaning everyone.”

“So room arrangements. Guys and girls right?” Neon said as they finished up cleaning the plates. The Azure Wings were sitting at the dinner table.

“Well…I would like to sleep in your room…if that’s ok.” Shizuko said with her hand raised.

“Keep all noises down, that’s all I’m asking.” Airis replied.

“WHAT?! No! I’m not going to do…that!” Shizuko replied with a heavy blush on her face.

“It’s ok dear. Don’t think like that everyone.” Neon sighed as he face palmed. “Besides, it’s too dangerous with everyone here anyway.”

“I wanna sleep in Airis’s room.” Haruka said next.

“You want to see my clothes huh? Fine.” Airis responded with a sigh.

“So that’s it right?” Neon asked as he got up. Shizuko got up as well.

“Yeah, I see no problem.” Kayo said as everyone nodded.

“Well then, with that out of the way…off to our rooms.” Neon commented as he took Shizuko.

“So…here we are in your room.” Shizuko said as she sat down on the ground.

“Yeah…we are.” Neon replied. Then silence came over the two of them, they weren’t sure what to do next. Neon wanted to watch some anime with Shizuko and do his original plan, but something intrigued him to do something else…freaking hormones!

Shizuko wanted to do nothing but snuggle next to Neon and do whatever he wanted. But…what if that something was more adult in nature? Would she be fine with that? And in theory…she would be fine with that. She wanted to be one wi-WHAT AM I THINKING?!

“Um…wanna watch something?” Neon asked Shizuko, breaking the silence. Shizuko nodded yes and turned her head to the television. He then turned it on and played the DVD, which was none other than Clannad.

“This huh? Sure, why not.” Shizuko said as she went to Neon and pulled him down to the ground, in which she then laid her head on Neon’s chest.

“Heh…well I guess this works…” So they watched Clannad and watched up till the fourth episode.

Chapter 37: Some Time Alone

“Hey…is there anything to eat? I’m a bit hungry…” Shizuko asked after the fourth episode.

“Yeah there is, how hungry are you?” Neon responded while petting Shizuko’s hair.

“Enough to eat another meal, didn’t want to be the one who nabbed seconds. Sorry for making you get something.”

“Heh, well I can make something if you want. Don’t worry, it won’t be that long.” Neon replied as he got up. Shizuko could only turn her head a bit as she could only wonder what Neon meant.

“Alright here it is…” Neon mumbled as he grabbed a cut of tri-tip. He then put a bit of salt and pepper on it before placing it on a pan. “Now the waiting game…”

“Wow, what are you making?” A female voice said, a bit too familiar to Neon since he could only roll his eyes. “I want that.”

“Not for you Haruka. It’s for me and the lady.”

“Aw c’mon! Not even a small cut? I like my meat a bit raw!” A small silence fell over the room. “GOD WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!”

“Shut up and grab some food ya damn loli.” Neon replied, groaning a bit before looking at the loli. For some reason, she didn’t move at all. “Um…is something up?”

“Do you love her? Regardless of what happened?” Haruka asked in a usually serious tone.

“Yeah…why the serious tone?” Neon shuffled a bit in uncertainty. He then flipped the tri-tip over, although he did it slowly.

“You know she has a twin personality right? Just letting you know.” Then Haruka simply left, as if the conversation never happened.

“What the hell was that about?” Neon could only shake his head in confusion. “Oh…it should be done by now. Let’s see…what is a good non-alcohol drink?”

“What…what the?” Shizuko started to greet, only to see Neon come in with some tri-tip and soda.

“Yo, anyway follow me for a bit.” The blue haired boy replied as Shizuko got up. He then opened the glass door leading to his patio where he set the food and drinks down. “Now to finish this view…”

“How did I miss this?!” The purple haired girl exclaimed as she looked out to the city. This was certainly a breathtaking view for her, mixing the city with the wonderful country views. “I mean…”

“Here we go…” Neon mumbled as he placed a small candle at the center of the table. “This should do the trick. Please, sit down.”

“I…I will.” Shizuko replied in a small bit of surprise. “This is…quite the romantic mood you have set up here.”

“Good, wanted to go for that mood. Anyway…here’s your half of the tri-tip…”

“T-Tri-tip? Where did you ge-”

“Father got some, but enough talking. Let’s eat alright?”

“Of course.”

“Man, I am SO jealous of you!” Haruka exclaimed as she walked into Airis’s closet after some small talk. “Having this big old thing!”

“It’s a closet, not a ‘thing’ you idiot.” Airis responded while rolling her eyes. “Get your terminology right.”

“Well excuse me lady! Trying for a bit of fun here!”

“Whatever loli.”

“So…about your future as a fashion model…it’s going to be hard you know. And without any connections you ain’t going to get off the ground.” Haruka said randomly, again with a more serious tone.

“More of your worries huh? You always get serious when you’re worried. Anyway I am trying to find connections but I couldn’t find any…so it might be the business route for me. I’m sure father would like that.” Airis sighed in defeat. Haruka could only hug the defeated girl.

“Aw don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find a connection soon. You were a lucky one if it mea-”

“AH! S-Stop!” A female voice cried out.

“What was that?” Haruka said as she looked to the sound of the noise.

“That would be coming from Neon’s room. What IS he doing?” Airis replied while looking at the wall.

“A-Ah! Oh my gosh! S-Stop it….hah.” The female voice said, while it continued onto a series of moans.

“Is you brother…doing Shizuko?” Haruka questioned as the two of them were stumped on what Neon could be doing.

“O-Or perhaps third base?” Airis answered meekly. Soon the noises were increasing in volume, going from moans to partial screaming. “I’m going to stop them.”

“WHAT?! You might be walking in on them…you know! If you’re going then I am too!” Haruka shouted, hoping that what she said would be loud enough for the two of them to hear.

“Fine…let’s go.”

So the two of them went to the front of Neon’s room and waited for a few seconds before the noises stopped.

“Think she’s you-know-what?” Haruka asked.

“Or maybe my brother’s done you-know-what.” Airis replied.”Alright…one, two, three!” And as they opened the door they saw the couple in question with Shizuko laying down, back up and Neon massaging her back.

“Ah! T-That’s too…!” Shizuko started as she tensed up.

“Jeez, I keep telling you that you need to calm down. You tense up way too much…” Neon sighed as he continued to massage Shizuko’s back.

“Oh…” Both Airis and Haruka said as they watched what happened.

“Um…hello?” Neon greeted while turning his head. “Can we help you two…?”

“Ha…ha…” Shizuko sighed as her face flushed red. “Just…to tell you…I have never…been massaged before…it…felt…”

“I see.” Airis quickly said, before returning to her room.

“Well…I’m gonna sleep now. Good night.” Haruka slurred quickly before heading back to the room.


Neon: SHUT UP!

Ah shut it, I was done anyway. So along with these two chapters I am adding the prefaces of the prequel and sequel. Depending on which one gets more...likes? Favorites? Interest...? I will make the next fic that one.

Prequel: Alpha Wings


Sequel: Generational Wings


Here we go...
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Personally i'm all for continuing with the Generational Wings, but this is knowing what's on deck. i'll admit to being curious about Neon's racing past though, just not enough to pass up seeing what the kiddys do tongue.gif
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Very impressive update, mate. To be honest I find the recent chapters more entertaining to read, but Generational Wings and Alpha Wings are just as nice. =)
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It's nice to read,and to be honest,the prequel and good,but, I more interested in the prequel,because,I'm curious about how Neon And Airis get their first car,their old life,when they racing in wangan,and why didn't they racing in wangan Anymore?
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Unexpected update!

Chapter 38: Calm Before the Sun

Some time has passed since the Azure Wings went to the Kurubasa’s hot springs. The time for winter came and went, with the melting snow revealing the reopening to the Ushiroyama pass. With that said, there were mumblings of a future match between two teams…

“Hey I heard that the Azure Wings were going to go against the Red Suns…do you think that’s true?” A random member from another team said.

“How would I know?! But now that you say it…that would be epic to see!” Another person from the team said.

“Hey, how do you think it’ll turn out? You know, who would win?” A female member said.

“I would bet on the Azure Wings, no one is able to pass the first two ladies.” The first member said.

“Really? Cause I think the Red Suns will win. I heard the R33 driver managed to keep up the White Comet within half a second. HALF A SECOND!” The second member said.

“Wh-What? Really? Do you think the Phoenix and the Angel have a chance then?!”

“Aw, I still put my chips on the Azure Wings. Home field advantage as I put it, heard the Azure Wings’ leaders are the leader of Burning Wings and the leader of the Sapphire Novas. So the two leaders of the pass are back at it again.”

“R-Really? Where was this juicy bit of info? I also heard the two of them are DATING. Like boyfriend and girlfriend! Oh my gosh, gotta tell this to my friends.” The female member interjected.

“You mean the friends who don’t race?” The second member teased.

“Woah woah woah, let’s get back on topic here. I would love this to unfold…wouldn’t you?” The first member said, to get the conversation back on topic.

“Hate to break it to you two, but people are starting to think you two and the Red Suns are going to race.” Kayo said with a small bit of sarcasm. The Azure Wings were at the base of the pass, overlooking the races happening. This was one of the few cases where everyone was present.

“So…are you?” Haruka asked.

“I don’t know…we didn’t call them out, but it seems like they had called us out before.” Neon replied as he sighed.

“Huh? When was this?” Akemi asked in surprise.

“Back when we went to that bar. I was at the top and the two drivers came to me.”

“I can say I have seen one of them as well…” Shizuko added to the conversation. “It was back in my old Impreza, not the current one.”

“I see…welp, if I get wind of them requesting a challenge I’ll make sure to forward it to you tw-” Haruka started as she got an email. “Speak the devil’s name and he shall appear…”

“What the? Did you really just say that?!” Haruko exclaimed as she turned to the loli.

“Shut it. They JUST asked for a challenge.” At this, anyone within earshot of the Azure Wings suddenly went quiet.

“What?” Neon and Shizuko asked at the same time.

“They want a race within the next two weeks, when are you two free?” Haruka asked.

“Hm…in ten days.” Neon replied.

“That’s…oddly specific brother.” Airis questioned in confusion. “Why do you need ten days?”

“We need time to practice and finalize any tuning before we race. Plus we want them to have a fair chance. Give me the comp loli.”

“I have a NAME!” Haruka yelled as she thrust the laptop to Neon.

“Ten days huh? Guess you two are gonna be busy as hell.” Kiyoshi smirked as he turned to the race that just started. “You guys gonna make the pass private?”

“No, we’re gonna have practice at midnight. At that time we are going to need thirty minutes for practice. Can you do that Haruka?” Neon asked the loli as he finished the email.

“Sure, with an all call like this…and seeing the hype behind this race, I’m pretty sure people are willing to agree. Although expect a lot of people to be here.”

“Whatever. You ok with this Shizuko?” Neon asked his girlfriend.

“Sure…” Shizuko trailed off.

“Is there a problem?” Akemi asked the purple haired girl.

“I…I thought I saw someone I knew.”

“Is it someone bad?”


“Don’t freak out over it unless said person comes over to us.” Hitoshi sighed as he looked around. “Yo, looks like the news is quickly spreading to everyone here. Look.”

The Azure Wings then looked around, noticing the few members who overheard the conversation starting to spread the news of the upcoming battle.

“I hate how word spreads around so quickly.” Haruko said as she could only shake their heads. “I’m gonna head home, screw all this drama and all that.”

“Very well then we’ll see you arou-” Neon started, only to get interrupted by a random member of another team.

“I-If you guys want to practice now, our team will let you go now!” The member said, with obvious excitement. Neon could only sweat drop at this.

“Er…well Shizuko, are you ready?” He asked the equally confused girl.

“But what would we practice?” Shizuko asked.

“Do you feel comfortable with the current tuning?”

“Not really…”

“Then we need to practice. Kayo, would you mind going along with Shizuko for a while? I’ll need some more power out of the engine for the battle.”

“N-Now?!” Kayo asked in a bit of anger. “So you’ve been telling me that you were racing s-”

“Sub-level? Yeah I was, there is so much I could do with an engine that can pull a bare 290 horses. I know you can raise it more than that.” Neon replied with a serious tone.

“W-Well I can. Geez, you always talk smart when it comes to serious challenges.” Kayo sighed heavily. “Fine, after I manage to nab some data from Shizuko then I’ll finish up the last bit of tuning.”

“Very well then I’ll see you at the garage.” At this Neon got into the 86 GT and went off.

“Geez, such a serious person when a challenge arises…” Airis sighed as she shook her head. “Shizuko, everyone’s waiting for you…”


“Alright, just pull the car in more…” Kayo said as Neon drove the car into the garage. “There. Stop. So what upgrades do you want to have installed? I would recommend a turbo, you drove a R34.”

“I’m gonna say no to that.” Neon replied.

“Eh? Another side of you I…never mind. You’ve always, ALWAYS drove turbo cars, now you want to drive an NA only?”

“It…seems more natural for me I guess. I guess the push that turbo gave blinded me from precision tactics.”

“Like the gutter run isn’t precise enough? Jeez man, you sure you want to only max out the engine? I swear a turbo would add a nice 100 horses. Be good for the uphill.”

“I said the race was a ‘true competition’.” At this Kayo gave Neon a confused glance.

“That competition? Sheesh, you really want to even the playing field eh? Guess that’s why you need ten days.”

“Of course, although I do wonder if that was a good idea. I mean it IS the Red Suns.”

“Even the greatest fall.” Kayo said as she proceeded to stretch. “Alright, meet me back here tomorrow. Gonna see if you like what I do.”


Kayo: N-No one expects the...Spanish Inquisition.
Neon: What the hell are you three doing?
Kayo: N-Nothing special.
Shizuko: Tsundere Kayo?
Kayo: Screw THIS!

Oh my...
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Impressive update.

Can't wait to see how the race is gonna unfold

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Why Neon didn't want Supercharger? It's very compatible with GT86,and even though,he want to level the playing field,I really think,that he should need Supercharger,for a bit more punch from mid range rev

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