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Posted by: OkamiWind May 17 2013, 01:02 AM
Alright, about time I started this fan fiction. It's not the greatest since this is my first fan fic, well to be uploaded onto the web at least. It may be odd for the race descriptions but for reference the road used is going to be the Glendora mountain road. So the way this story has an anime like thing on it... ie. odd hair colors in relations to us.

Edit 1: Whoops, maybe I should check there are italics before I went to sleep. Sorry people! Not gonna happen again!

Edit 2: Thanks shadow55419 for picking out some nit-picky things on my fic. Hope this clears any confusions that were not consistent as you read the fic.


Disclaimer: I do not own Initial D at all. Any coincidence about the characters to real life (or anime) are purely coincidence.

Chapter 1: The Induction of Trials

Why does my mother want me to do this…Thought the driver of a bayside blue Nissan Skyline R34. It was around midnight when the R34 was sitting idly at the base of Mount Ushiroyama, the engine idly running with the moonlight reflecting off the R34. This wasn’t his first run, he has been on this trail for at least a few weeks as he would like to call it. Sighing he tapped the timer to start the process and pushed the pedal to wake up the engine from the idle state, revving the engine to the desired rpm before shifting into the next gear. Unbeknownst to the R34 was a hidden dark green Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi Spec C, shadowed by where it was, waiting for him to start off. Alright so called ‘Blue Pheonix’ let’s see how you do…

The modified STi Impreza engine roared to life as the driver slammed the accelerator into life, bring the noise to the ears of the R34 driver. It almost brought him to a panic but then calmly returned to his usual stoic facial expression. Another…wait it’s the dang Impreza again…what the heck does it want? Exhaling overdramatically, the random race was starting. The R34 quickly accelerated past the straight into the first left hairpin turn, keeping a steady speed around the corner. However the Impreza was close behind the R34, having the advantage of putting more pressure on the accelerator and exited the corner being right on the R34’s bumper. But this didn’t faze the R34, as it continued to successfully navigate the high speed s-turn while pulling away from the Impreza.

Approaching the wider right corner the R34 accelerated more, taking advantage of the ATTESA to exit the corner at a high speed. The Impreza unfortunately slowed down in order to make the turn, enlarging the distance between them. They continued past the small s turn until they came across a wider left turn and the R34 didn’t slow down, much to the Impreza’s surprise. Dammit! This again?! The Impreza driver’s green eyes shifting towards the gutter the R34 used, deciding not to emulate his tactics. Here the R34 was at least 3 seconds ahead of the Impreza as they passed the one of many s turns, until the next hairpin turn was at. But what surprised the Impreza driver was the R34 constant acceleration to the hairpin. What the…!!!

The R34 used the gutter in such a matter in which the Impreza’s driver was so shocked it almost didn’t brake in time for the hairpin. It seamlessly managed to take the right hairpin at a higher speed then it came in at, while the Impreza’s tires squealed under the tension of drifting around the corner. Her eyes were squinting at the increasing distance between her and the R34, again taking the next left hairpin at the same speed and tactic as before. She only grunted as she again pushed the Impreza to its limit screaming as it attempted to catch up to the R34, again having to brake before making the hairpin. Inside the R34 he could see off the rearview window of the Impreza lashing its way around the hairpin.

This part always gets that Impreza…his dark blue eyes closing before he sighed as he took the next hairpin right into the high speed section of the trail. However the Impreza was screeching and screaming for its life as the driver pushed her Impreza to its limits to even keep the Skyline in her sights. Eventually the Impreza finally calmed down as the R34 struggled to stay on the proper line, accidently deviating away from its intended line. Taking advantage of his mistake, she gradually accelerated until there was about a 1 second difference between the two, putting them back to almost the same as they started. Tch, that was terrible…he though, brushing his brighter blue hair to the right in an effort to remain calm. Taking the advantage of the slight under steer of the R34, the Impreza accelerated past the tighter left right s turn with ease and speed up to catch up with the R34.

With the race restored to its initial state she exhaled heavily as she relaxed herself, letting some of her purple bangs fall on her forehead. A tighter left turn forced them to both slow down and take the turn. Managing to take the inside lane, the Impreza finally overtook the R34 as they passed the next tight right turn. Finally! Now I take back what I did for so long! As she grinned with excitement the Impreza accelerated past the hairpin into another straight, but now another problem arose. Where was the R34? It was in her rearview until a while ago…then the silence of the Impreza was broken by the roar of the R34 as it fiercely caught up with the Impreza and managed to be neck and neck with it until the R34’s body shifted right then left to approach the incoming right hairpin. But how in the…? Is that car drifting?! She was so overwhelmed by the sudden acceleration that she pulled over past the hairpin and managed to see the R34 set off on its road to another victory.

“This is like what? The fifteenth time he beat me?” She yelled inside the idle Impreza, punishing herself for losing another race to the ‘Blue Phoenix’. After turning the engine off, the girl inside the car stepped outside in an attempt to calm herself down. Her shoulder length purple hair swaying with the breeze, flipping her bangs to the right side. She then kicked the ground in another attempt to calm herself down, but then fell to the ground after letting out her rage. Looking at her phone the time was about 12:08, she picked herself up before looking to the direction of the R34. “One day, I WILL find who you are. And I WILL beat you…” she stated before going back into her car and driving down hill back to her house.

“Another victory against the Impreza. This makes it…fifteen I think?” The boy spoke to the wind as he exited the R34. His neck long sapphire blue hair catching the chill of the air while moving the front of his hair to the right. He let out a long sigh before noticing the time it took him to finish the run. “About eight minutes and twelve seconds…meh.” He shrugged at the time before taking a deep inhale of the chilled night air. “I don’t know what happened Impreza, but I guarantee you one thing. I am not here cause I want to be, I would be sleeping right now if I could.” The boy then returned to the R34 before heading back down into the quiet streets past the mountain path.

Chapter 2: Separate but Similar

“Mother, I’m back…” sighed as he entered back into his house. More or less the garage really.

After getting out of the R34 an older looking female with scarlet eyes and jet black hair running down to her back, “Ah, so what was your time there Neon?” His mother asked him, he only flashed the timer to her; revealing the sub-par time in her eyes.

Sighing she only gestured him to get some sleep before class started, much to Neon’s surprise. “No lecture or something today?”

“Do you WANT a lecture boy?” his mother said giving him a cold stare. Neon took the moment to rush back into the house. Upon heading up the stairs he heard a light laughter coming from somewhere, and next to his room nevertheless. The door in which the laughter came from and revealed a girl around the same age as Neon, curly navy blue hair running down to her upper back and her bright green eyes meeting Neon’s exhausted look.

“Mother gave you a rough time brother?” She only saw him nod in agreement.

“Thankfully Airis, she didn’t give me a lecture about the possible ‘sub-par’ time I did...” Neon weakly replied before heading back into his room. Sighing Airis went onward to grab a quick drink of water before she went to sleep.

Daybreak eventually came up, overlooking the small town of Ushiroyama waking up the residents and those who tossed their bed sheets in a feeble attempt to block the sun’s morning rays. Sighing Neon got up and looked at his clock revealing the time to be 8AM, plenty of time before he had to go to school. When he washed up and dressed himself in a blue polo shirt and brown cargo pants, he went downstairs to find his sister eating some toast.

“Morning sis” Neon greeted her sister.

“Morning” she replied with the toast in her mouth, at least that’s what she thought she said. It actually came out as “mormughn”, much to Neon’s displeasure.

“Anyway sis, how is your M3 Coupe doing right now?” he started up, it was rare for them to talk about anything so either one of them took an initiative to start a conversation.

“It’s alright,” she stated after swallowing the last of her piece of toast, “still I don’t know why you decided to get off the highway racing when we moved here. I mean we were quite a formidable team back then.” Airis then sighed, reminiscing about their high school days and their attempts to be the fastest in the light of the moon.

“Ha, well you know how close I am to mom.” Neon started, “I couldn’t say no when she attempted me to get on this…touge thing. Besides, you said no right when she finished asking you remember?” Both of them ended up laughing at the memory, remembering the good times they had. “Looks like class is gonna start, let’s go.” Both of them got up and went to their respective cars, Neon to his bayside blue R34 and Airis going to her gunmetal silver M3.

After reaching the local college they both parked next to each other, a natural habit that they had. “Alright, see ya later brother!” Airis said before running off to whatever class she started with first. The local college wasn’t that big, but it was pretty prestigious in accepting those who would transfer to another college later on. Somehow they took a western approach on their academics, so they took pre-requisite classes rather than the main courses. Neon looked farther down the parking lot before he turned into the school, noticing a similar looking green Impreza…or so he thought.

Composition was Neon’s first class, and it was rather fun to say the least. It seems he had an innate ability to write…or that he had high expectations in writing.

“Alright class, now I am going to group you up with one other person. Finish what is written up on the board and that’ll do it for today.” The teacher said before randomly assigning people to each other, Neon was eventually was grouped with a purple haired girl and her green eyes closing as she sighed.

“Let’s get this over with alright?” She coldly said to Neon, giving him an unsteady feeling in his spine. “Look, you know that I have a rep-”

“I don’t care, I have a rep here as well.” Neon interrupted her sentence in a care-free manner. Her green eyes widen a bit when she realized she was with the ‘Nissan Boy’.

“Alright, fair enough. My name is Shizuko Furusawa, but call me either by my first name or Shiki alright?” Shizuko managed to say, she didn’t quite have a crush on Neon but it was more like managing to know another person in her shoes.

“As the teacher stated earlier, Neon’s the name. Neon Kurubasa…just call me Neon.” He replied back with the formality. Neon noticed her current attire, a blue t-shirt with some urban design on it and basic jeans. One thing Shiki was well known for, it was that she was probably the hottest girl on campus…as a good amount of the boys would say about her. And Neon was well known for driving Nissan sports cars, like the Fairladys and the Skyline series, and this nickname was given to him back in high school.

“Right, so shall we get this over with?” Neon asked Shizuko, she nodded as they turned their attention to the assignment at hand.

“And that should do it.” Both of them packed up their work stuff before turning the assignment in and walking out of the classroom.

“So, you got another class after this?” Shizuko asked. Neon looked to the sky and tapped his chin before replying, “Yeah got a Psychology class with Mr. Mooroka…of all people.” Shizuko giggled at Neon’s distraught face. You know…Neon isn’t a bad guy. He’s really nice. She smiled at Neon after he recovered from his slightly dramatic sigh.

“What were you giggling about?” Neon asked her, noticing her attempts to hold back any laughter.

“N-nothing. It’s just that you are quite the…what’s that word…expressive guy.” He sighed dramatically again only to have Shizuko struggle in her attempts to burst out laughing.

“You are one odd girl Shizuko…” Neon started.

“Same can be said of you Neon…” Both of them smiled at each other before Neon waved bye and ran off to his next class.

He really isn’t that bad…better than most of the guys here. Shizuko walked back to the parking area, noticing the ‘Blue Phoenix’ R34 sitting next to a M3. Her thoughts about Neon quickly dissipated as her innate anger against the Phoenix rose in response to it. After scoffing at the R34 she walked further down to her Impreza before driving off out of the campus, with the R34 being the last thing she saw before heading off.

And that ends this little section of it, I plan to update as soon as I can and maybe shell out 1-3 chapters a day...since I have nothing better to do at some days.

Posted by: Takahashi Rensuke May 17 2013, 07:04 AM
I have no comment on the story, I'll leave that to others. But I do have to state one thing: You should write the drivers' thought in Italic (easier to see) and go down to the next line after a dialogue.

Posted by: THE_HONDA_CG2 May 17 2013, 07:24 AM
Wow... You actually turned that chapter out very quickly. With some good writing too! I'm guessing you got Meteor's help? I'm looking forward to more chapters nonetheless. One thing though, your paragraphs look a little big and clunky. Cut a few of them up and make new paragraphs and it should be golden!

You starting to write is making me want to pick up my story again! Argh, why must I be so busy?

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Posted by: Vortrex May 17 2013, 09:10 AM
Wow, gutter run met R34! That some some mad skills.

But nice story, i liked it. And good that there was a girl in the series. Girl racers are cooler than male ones in my opinion!

Posted by: Seri May 17 2013, 09:46 AM
Maybe my Mariko could have a shot eventually? Could be interesting. Nah, I'm joking. I'm open to the idea, though.

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Posted by: OkamiWind May 17 2013, 09:53 AM
QUOTE (Miura Seri @ 7 minutes, 34 seconds ago)
Maybe my Mariko could have a shot eventually? Could be interesting. Nah, I'm joking. I'm open to the idea, though.

Sure, why not? I could use some new character ideas, since I only have a few right now. PM me what your character is like and I will incorporate it into my story somehow.

This applies to others as well, I am open to about...2-4 OC request in mines if you guys are willing to give me a description about your characters and the cars. Although I can just shut down the OC idea if I want to.

Posted by: Seri May 17 2013, 10:34 AM
Alright, give me about an hour.

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Posted by: OkamiWind May 17 2013, 01:02 PM
Chapter 3: Knowledge Isn’t Everything

“Another day complete!” Airis exclaimed after finishing her class in English. It was a long day unfortunately and she would do nothing right now but go home, relax, and watch some new anime she was entranced with.

“You could have waited at least until we hit the parking area sis…” Neon sighed as they were still in the school grounds. Airis stuck out her tongue but continued at the same pace as Neon did.

“So you heading straight home now?” Airis asked out of the blue. It wasn’t likely of her to wonder his schedule, but she was in a great mood right now. Maybe because the anime had a new episode coming out and she wanted to see how it continued.

“Nah, gonna meet up with Fujimoto-san before I head home. She had a new part that she wanted to install in the R34.” Neon replied as Airis simply nodded.

“How is she anyway? Ya know, after she dropped out and all that…” Kayo Fujimoto was responsible for introducing the Kurubasa siblings into the whole idea of racing. She was even glad to make modifications to their cars free of charge; however her love of racing came to the point in which it was better for her to drop out of high school.

“She’s fine, although she is really trying not to say all the technical crap to me. I swear she knows more racing vocabulary then basic words sometimes” Neon replied while shaking his head. Then Airis decided to throw a curveball at her lonely brother.

“Ya know…you outta get a girlfriend soon!” Airis mentioned to Neon.

“Oh my goodness sis, again? You said the same thing when I started high school! And you don’t have a boyfriend as well you idiot! Until you get one you have NO control on what I do!” Neon countered her sister’s little tease.

“Aw! C’mon! At least I attempted to ya know! You turned down at least, AT LEAST twenty five girls before! Hell even I tried to hook you up!” Airis pouted to her brother, and it was the truth. Neon was quite popular back in high school, mainly due to his cars, but he had high grades and good looks to boot.

“Anyway, see ya at home sister.” Neon entered his R34 and reversed out of the lot and into the opposite direction from home. Airis only smiled at her brother’s attempt to avoid a definitive answer, eventually getting into her car and drove off home.

“Oi, Fujimoto-san! Where are you?” Neon yelled into the garage, noticing the vacancy of the messy garage. There were two covered cars and three cars that were raised, most likely to change the suspension or something.

“WHO IS…oh, Neon-kun.” A short messy red-haired girl came out, her gray clothes covered with some soot on them. Neon only smiled and waved at his high school friend.

“So where’s that part that you said you got from Mine’s?” Kayo only smiled before going behind the covered cars and taking out the twin turbos. Neon then nodded and parked the Skyline near the entrance of her garage, then opened the hood of the car. Kayo was very efficient with the change, changing out the Nismo turbos for the Mine’s turbos.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I would like you to accompany me as I try it out.” Kayo only looked at Neon weirdly before closing her eyes and smirking, “Why not? Besides you might not like it anyway…better if I heard why you don’t like it.”

Taking the R34 to the Ushiroyama pass, Neon started to ascend the mountain like normal…but something felt…off? “Um…this is kinda weird…” Neon said as he downshifted the R34 around the larger left turn, before the three hairpin turns.

“What do you mean? It should be better than your Nismo turbo. Is it lagging?” Kayo asked Neon as he was showing visible signs of struggle as he slammed the accelerator but the usual acceleration was not there, but it was rather slow. Then the R34 accelerated very quickly, however Neon had to slow down to take the hairpin. “It’s the odd lag…I dunno why it’s there…” Neon could not continue anymore, so he pulled over.

“Lag? That’s odd, why is it doing that? I know it was installed correctly and there isn’t anything wrong with it…maybe you need to change the gear ratios…?” Kayo looked at the engine, looking intently at the turbo’s installation. It looked ok, but what was the error? The turbo should be interchangeable regardless of the engine right? Kayo then groaned loudly and scratched her head furiously in anger. Neon only put his hand on her back and commented,

“It’s alright…beside wasn’t this turbo for the 300ZX anyway? Maybe it’s the difference between the two ways they were made…” Kayo then glared at Neon and kicked the ground.

“But that isn’t the point! I have done these odd conversions so many times that you would think they were made for them! ARGH THIS IS SO ANNOYING!” She then punched Neon, lightly of course, on the shoulder to vent her anger.

“Look, let’s head back. It’s getting late and I need to head home.” Neon conforted Kayo, they both got back in and rode down the mounti-

“GOODNESS WHAT THE HELL SUBARU?!” Kayo screamed at the sight of the familiar green Impreza screaming down where they were at.

“It’s the ‘Fallen Angel’…and to think she was a nice person…” Kayo commented on the Impreza.

“Wait…you know the driver in the Impreza?” Neon questioned his mechanical friend, wanting to know who that driver is.

“Her name is Shizuko Furusawa, and we were friends until she almost killed someone doing a battle down the pass…” Kayo started…

“Hold on…I remember that weren’t you…” Neon then trailed off.

“Yes…she almost killed me. Decimated my Silvia S13 and left me with enough cuts and scrapes to make me bleed to death. It was a miracle that I am still alive…” Neon drove down the hill at a slower pace. What the…the happy odd girl in my Composition class is actually the one who almost made my old friend dead? No…but I have to believe it as well…Eventually they reached Kayo’s house, after a quick goodbye and switching the turbos Neon drove back to his house. But at a slower speed, still in denial about attributing the green Impreza to the friendly girl he just met.

Chapter 4: First Real Challenge

“Neon…are you alright? Did something happen?” Airis noticed Neon’s down casted look, she now was concerned about her brother’s mood.

“Nothing sis…but if you found out that a person you just met almost killed one of your friends…how would you react?” he replied in a depressed tone. Airis bit her lip in response and replied with a soft hug to her brother. “I’m sorry sister, but I’m gonna go on the pass immediately after I change…”

Airis released her hug before her brother dragged himself to his room. I wonder what happened, but I think I should only observe when I’m near him…

The R34 was sitting at the entrance of the mountain pass, with its driver contemplating the new information he learned. No…but why do I care? Hah! I shouldn’t be in…love…GAH! Neon scratched his head in annoyance, and slammed his head on the steering wheel. He was about to go up the hill until he saw a red car flash its high beams, catching Neon’s attention. He reluctantly got out and then met the driver of the red Toyota MR2 SW20, her crimson and sky-blue eyes meeting his dark blue eyes.

“So, you are the ‘Blue Phoenix’ huh?” said the slightly mature woman with her cappuccino-brown hair covering past her shoulders.

“Yes…so what do you want?” Neon was still in denial, but he had to toss away his emotions for the possible challenge.

“Although I’m here for some business, I was hoping to challenge the ‘Blue Phoenix’ to an uphill battle for fun.” The woman replied.

“Are you part of a group or are you just alone?” Neon asked the woman.
She then flipped the back of her hair and lightly laughed and stated, “I am Asami Itou of the Dancing Blossoms!”

What the heck? How old is this girl? Is she fifteen or something? Neon gave Asami a weird look before she noticed his expression.

“HEY! I am not that childish! That’s it, now it’s on!” Asami then furiously walked back to her MR2, Neon seeing the body was made by TRD. Neon sighed as he went back into the R34, the MR2 took a position behind the R34. Mentally counting down, they both accelerated to the first hairpin.

Heh, little does this bird know that my MR2 isn’t just all engine. It’s got a supercharger! So no matter what acceleration speed you go at, I’ll always catch up! Asami was confident; as the R34 approached the first hairpin she quickly accelerated to take advantage of the gap between the R34 and the inside and managed to quickly over take the R34.

She can take advantage of the inside? She’s good and that’s all I can say. Neon was quick to change his tactics, now following her exact line straight to the dot. Asami only gave a small ‘hmph’ as she managed to take her regular line of the next left turn and managed to pass the s turns. Neon noticed however that she quickly tapped the brakes before entering her line. Now came the first hairpin turn out of three, and for once Neon had to work to keep up with the MR2 unable to utilize the gutter due to anxiety.

CALM DOWN! You’re gonna lose like this! Neon exhaled deeply before accelerating past the MR2, instead of staying on the line that Asami had Neon locked his wheels on the left side of the run and accelerated to catch up with the fleeing MR2. Huh? Is he an idiot? Asami looked at her left and noticed the R34 oddly shifted its weight to the left. It was then that it hit her. HE’S USING THE GUTTER TECHNIQUE?! Isn’t that what…! By the time the second hairpin turn took place the MR2 had to brake hard in order to make it, throwing her line off. The R34 then fishtailed the hairpin and overtook the MR2 in one fell swoop. Asami screamed for a second before regaining her composure and continued to take her usual inside line before he again used the gutter technique to take out the third hairpin turn. Now Asami was getting frustrated, and slowly started to deviate from her inside line and took a more aggressive approach.

Now came the high speed portion, and it was needless to say the balance and the weight of the MR2 and its configuration as well as the supercharger gave the MR2 speed to catch up to the R34 and once again be on its tail. Then Asami was struck with an idea, if she could force him to deviate outside she could take advantage of the R34’s understeer to overtake and win this race. Grinning at her ingenious idea, she pressured Neon by deviating from her line on purpose. However Neon didn’t fall for the trick.

Nice try, but the many years I’ve been here taught me that’s a bad idea. Neon shook his head before the inside line in order to pass the hard left and right turns, approaching the second set of hairpins before the end. Asami then went back to her line, seeing how feinting a change in tactics wouldn’t do her any good. All she could hope for was a chance that the R34’s understeer would give her a small window of opportunity to change the situation. Hairpin one no change, hairpin two no change, hairpin three and there was enough distance to know that Asami would not win. Admiting defeat she braked hard and followed the rest of the way up to the end.

Asami sighed as she exited out the MR2 to meet up with the winner. “Good one Phoenix, guess you’re called that for a reason” she said while giving Neon a quick smile.

Neon then shook Asami’s hand and then looked out to the city. “By the way, Asami isn’t your real name is it?”

That caught her off guard, and failed to make any attempt to cover it up. “W-W-What do you mean? I-It’s my name ok?” Her face was getting flustered at his ability to see through her was true.

“Tell me your real name, I’ll probably forget the next day anyway.” Neon just sighed out.

What? Asami was confused at that statement, but gave up in the end. “Fine, my real name is Mariko Tamura.” Neon then giggled before he straight up laughed. “WHAT’S SO FUNNY?!”

“It’s that my sister is a huge fan of yours, she has a few magazines of you and even took some of your styles and clothing options. Nothing is wrong about your name, it’s just odd what my sister would’ve done if she was in my shoes.” Neon shook his head before looking at the confused Mariko, he simply waved her off before heading back down.

Posted by: THE_HONDA_CG2 May 17 2013, 01:23 PM
Color me impressed. You must really have nothing to do if you pushed out two more chapters today. tongue.gif

This is a really really good start! I love it! Your race scenes are way better than mine. Although I found a few parts a tad bit awkward in tense and wording... It might just be me. Keep up the awesome work!

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Posted by: Seri May 17 2013, 01:51 PM
Hmm, not bad at all. I wonder what Sayuri would think of the loss... Anyway, I think I'll like this story.

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Posted by: OkamiWind May 18 2013, 02:26 AM
Early morning update! NIGHT!

Chapter 5: Awkward Revelations

“Hey bro…um…” Airis was wondering how to approach Neon after his less than usual happy mood after he returned home. He managed to fake a smile to his sister before he patted her head a few times before he went up to his room. She could only sigh and hit herself on the head in her failure to pry the information out of him. The next thing she did was let her body fall unto the couch nearby and decided to flip to a random channel, like that was going to help her.

I spent all this time trying to figure out what was wrong and how I was going to talk to him…dammit…Her expression turning sour, just long enough to hear her favorite model Mariko was in town. Now inside her head she was livid, but her heart was still hurt after all. It’s pretty hard to think positive knowing that you could have helped. After hastily munching on a few chips she had brought out earlier Airis decided to go to bed.

Airis couldn’t sleep, she was worried sick about her brother. Although they were twins and Airis was the first to come out she still called Neon the elder sibling because of his normal attitude, while Airis was seen as the childish one in the family. It kept crossing her mind that he was sad about something, but what was it? What was it? What is it? Who is it? Wait, that last though made Airis spring up from her bed. She desperately tried to figure out if something catastrophic happened earlier back that would have made a revelation inside him that would made him like this.

Let’s see…the only incident I can think of in which he was worried was when Kayo was almost killed in that touge accident. He was there…back when mother was letting him drive the Z33 for a bit. Kayo had an S13 while the opponent was…ARGH! Why can’t I remember the name of the car?!

Airis threw her pillow against the window nearby, only to have it bounce back onto her bed. Looking at her clock it was about 3AM, wow…I should probably get some sleep now. But at least I made a breakthrough! That was comforting enough for her to let her mind and body drift off into a deep sleep.

Morning came and Airis didn’t have any classes today, but Neon had classes pretty much every day except the weekends. So after his brother left for his 9AM class, she silently followed him in the M3. When she arrived at school though she saw a green Impreza parked right next to her brother’s R34. This definitely raised some suspicion, upon further curiosity she decided to park about 5 spaces away and investigated the Impreza further. Sure enough just by the exterior alone she could see there were some modifications to the Impreza, a lot in the engine even though she didn’t look in under the hood. This Impreza looks odd…did Kayo race against this Impreza before? This requires a bit of stalking…

Airis was fortunate to find his brother next to a purple haired girl; she would be glad that he was finally reaching out, but something felt odd about her. Airis slowly made her way to them and was able to eavesdrop on the conversation. “So Shizuko, do you ever go to the Ushiroyama pass?”

“Yes I do, I prefer going downhill though. I think I’m more accustomed to it rather than the uphill. And by that question I would assume you go there every once in a while?” Airis heard as the girl spoke.

Airis heard Neon sigh heavily before responding, “Yes I do. But I really go there depending if I’m stressed or my mother forces me to.”

The other girl just lightly laughed at the comment, “I see, by the way have you seen a blue Nissan R34 going up and do-”

Oh my goodness great balls of fire. This was the revelation that she needed. It was coming quite clear on who the person was when he asked the question after visiting Kayo.

Rushing back home in an attempt to keep her profile nonexistent, Airis almost raced back home hoping not to see a blue R34 in her rearview. Thankfully she was safe, in fact a little too safe. Her brother didn’t appear for at least another 4 hours, making her think that she could’ve listened to the whole entire conversation before she decided to hightail it out of there. Airis smirked and sighed before deciding to go back into her room and watch something.

Shizuko was in a huge state of turmoil, why in the world would she believe something like that? She was at the top of Mount Ushiroyama, outside her Impreza and sitting on the warm ground trying to get her mind off of the devastating conversation between the driver of the Blue Phoenix.


It was after their boring Math class in which Neon decided to talk to her, something she appreciated. “So Shizuko, do you ever go to the Ushiroyama pass once in a while?”

Shizuko only sighed and smirked a bit before responding “Yes I do, I prefer the going downhill though. I think I’m more accustomed to it rather than the uphill. And by that question I would assume you go there every once in a while?”

Neon sighed heavily and chuckled before responding, “Yes I do. But I really go there whether when I’m stressed or my mother forces me to.”

Shizuko just lightly laughed at the comment, “I see, by the way have you seen a blue Nissan R34 going up and down the area?”

Neon knew his response would make her either mad at him or surprised, he inhaled deeply and responded, “You are looking at the driver of the Blue Phoenix.”
Shizuko was stunned, any anger from the Blue Phoenix was instantly vanquished. Her mind running in complete circles around herself as she tried to digest this new information. Shizuko’s face gave a look of both surprise and a little bit of anger behind it.

“I…I…see, truth be told…I…I have a vendetta against you…” Shizuko stumbled on her words, feeling a giant weight crushing her frail and weakened state. Neon only sighed, closed his eyes and walked away; leaving Shizuko in a scared and frightened state…realizing the boy that she had a crush on for at least a semester was her worst enemy.

(End Flashback)

After the conversation, and being her last class of the day, she sprinted towards the Impreza and screeched off to the top of the pass. Her mind crying out while her face was suppressing newfound tears, and that’s where we find Shizuko now; suppressing her tears and trying to shake off any bad blood between them that her mind had created.

Why…why am I crying? I shouldn’t be doing this…why? Because you want to kill him.

Chapter 6: Running Beyond the Pain

All it takes is a simple nudge. Shizuko’s eyes narrowed as she heard the voice. She recognized the voice, she despised the voice, she wanted to tune out the voice, but she couldn’t. It was the voice of the ‘Fallen Angel’ and its eternal lust for something more than winning. Shizuko immediately shot up and screamed to drown it out, but all she could hear was it saying: All it takes is a simple nudge. The troubled girl wanted to rip her head off, do ANYTHING to get this voice out of his head. And what made her stop? A white Nissan GT-R R33.

The GT-R stopped and out came a beautiful young lady, her waist long hair flowing with the small vicious gust and her coffee brown eyes looking at Shizuko’s troubled state. “Um…are you ok?” The lady asked, hoping in any way to comfort the troubled driver. Shizuko instantly glared at her with what appeared to be murder in her eyes. In the next second Shizuko immediately retracted her eyes and wiped away the newly formed tears in her eyes before analyzing the slim, slightly tan female before her.

“S-Sorry…” Shizuko managed to mumble out before inhaling and exhaling the slightly chilled air. “Sorry, but who are you?”

The female only smiled and replied, “I’m Katsuko Tomoyuki, the number one driver in the Akagi Red Suns.” Shizuko looked at her, and then looked at her hands and the mess she put on them. Loose tarmac, some dirt, and tears were flushed upon her hands, she wanted to shake her hand but didn’t. “I see that you are troubled…are you ok?” Katsuko wanted to help her, but instantly regretted it as soon as her broken mind soon became a menacing aura.

“Yeah you could help me. Race me RIGHT NOW!” Shizuko’s voice was filled with hatred, and Katsuko thought she also heard a bit of a demonic tone to it as well. Heavily sighing Katsuko got in her R33 and decided to go in front of the Impreza before they set off down the pass.

After a simple left and right turn, both the highly modified Nissan and Impreza launched off the turns. After a short distance they both came across the chicane, the R33 was swift in navigating the quick left and counter steered to make the R33 roar out of the curve. The Impreza however was quick, managing to barely scratch her car and only had to turn a little bit to the right to regain her position behind the R33.

The Impreza’s good no doubt, managing to take the chicane at a high speed. But she also crashed right there as well…gonna have to pull every trick I have. Gripping harder on the R33’s steering wheel Katsuko took the first set of three hairpin turns by taking the gutter upon reaching the first one. The Impreza was quick to retaliate to that, drifting around the turn at approximately the same speed the R33 took the gutter run. Tch, she could be more troublesome then I thought!

The next hairpin and the same results came, now they were approaching a harder right turn and the R33 seamlessly took the turn by using the apex of the turn as her point of entrance and exit. But the howling Impreza managed to take the turn faster by drifting around the turn, the tires begging for their lives. The distance between them grew smaller and smaller when the final chicane came along, taking a different approach Katsuko did the gutter run and lightly pulled the hand brake in an attempt to block the Impreza’s unusually long drifts. It helped a bit since the Impreza braked for only a millisecond to make the turn. After the hard left the R33 showed its true colors after it accelerated to a high speed, leaving the Impreza to catch up the missing distance. This didn’t faze the demonic looking Shizuko though as she devilishly slammed the accelerator into making the engine scream to clean up the lost distance, before drifting around the hard right.

With the high speed portion Katsuko floored the accelerator, taking advantage of the ATTESA to make sure she didn’t go a millimeter off her intended line. At this point the Impreza was already begging for the owner to let it breathe, as the revs of the car were already near the red line. Then the next set of hairpins came up next, forcing the Impreza to slow and get its wish. But the R33 just rolled past the tight s turns before using the gutter to tackle the first and second hairpin. By this point Shizuko knew she wasn’t going to win, all she could do was...give her a nice and speedy bump.

Under the influence of the voice Shizuko drifted the hairpins at a dangerous speed, almost touching the edge of the road. The R33 approached the third hairpin at a slightly slower pace, knowing that victory was imminent. But that one second was all it took to see the Impreza come back on her rearview mirror. The Impreza was on her tail again, too close to be precise. Is she crazy? She’s going get us…the next thing Katsuko saw was a set of dark angel wings behind the Impreza, flapping as it got even closer to her. She’s…what the? The R33 was now whining as the owner was pushing her car out of the limit to escape from the fallen Impreza.

It was near the end that Katsuko thought she would end her demonic rage, even if it meant losing this race. The last hairpin, the R33 slowed down on purpose and then pulled the handbrake as soon the Impreza tried to smash the right side of the R33. Katsuko slowly saw the incoming Impreza miss her by a few centimeters before seeing the demonic girl lose whatever rage she had earlier and reveal her troubled and calm state. The R33 spun out as well as the Impreza, albeit it was only a small distance away from wrecking the Impreza. Katsuko got out of the R33 and approached the now crying girl inside the Impreza.

“Are you calm now?” Katsuko asked Shizuko. She only replied by swatting her away, Katsuko was quick enough to evade her hand. It was getting ridiculous; but Katsuko quickly dissipated any anger, exhaled and calmly opened the door. She lightly made Shizuko come out of the car before Katsuko had to back away from her next outburst.

“I almost KILLED someone! WHY ARE YOU STILL TORMENTING ME!” Shizuko screamed at the air, giving Katsuko some insight on her current state. She was reluctant to say anything, fearing that she may beat her up.

“I DON’T WANT TO KILL HIM! HE DID NOTHING! SHE DID NOTHING! STOP IT! STOPITSTOPITSTOPITSTOPIT STOP IT!” Shizuko’s voice now turning to shrieks of denial and rage.

Katsuko then was reluctant to stop her, first bringing up the idea of physically attacking her; but then decided to kneel next to Shizuko and calmly hugged her. “If you keep succumbing to whatever it may be, you’ll never break free. Unchain yourself and you’ll find the freedom you wished for.” Katsuko silently said to her before walking back to her R33 and driving off the pass.

Shizuko only managed to slowly pick herself up and returned to her car, sitting there wiping away her messy face before driving slowly out of the pass. The drive home was deathly quiet, and her thoughts clouding her troubled mind. She wasn’t going to sleep well, thankfully tomorrow the school was closed for the weekends. Shizuko looked once again managed to see the white R33 before turning to her way home.

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Chapter 7: Wrong Area at the Wrong Time

Airis was looking around the place where her brother had taken her, the start of the Ushiroyama pass. Apparently her mother and brother were talking about something last night that made Airis the focal point of something. “Tell me WHY we are here again?” Airis scoffed with anger, “You know I don’t want to do this you know! This is gonna piss me off!”

Neon only exhaled deeply before inhaling a small amount of air and replied, “Well, mother kinda…well threatened me that she’ll take all the mods off the R34 if I didn’t so this…”

REALLY mother? You threatened my brother for something I don’t like? Airis then face palmed herself at their mother’s logic.

“I only need to see if this car would be good on this hill, that’s all. Apparently you are going to spectate, so don’t worry about it.” Airis swore he saw his brother roll his eyes in tangent to her eye rolling. “Fine. Just go.”

This M3 isn’t bad per se…but it sure isn’t meant for the passes. The M3 wasn’t that bad, it took the first uphill hairpin with relative ease. The s turns weren’t the problem; in fact Neon admired the lack of the ATTESA to favor of the FR layout. The first set of hairpins came and he took the gutter as usual, admiring the way the M3 slightly fishtailed around the bends with minimal need to control the accelerator.

Neon glanced over Airis who was crossing her arms in either boredom or anger. Why mother? You know how stubborn she can get… Sighing he pressed the accelerator against the high speed section and finished the last bits of the course with relatively no problems.

“We done here?” Airis coldly asked her brother. She wasn’t ready for another trip, the G forces she felt were a little sickening but manageable. Neon only sighed as he opened the windows, letting in the slightly warmer air come in the car.

“Well…it’s almost summer huh? And once we get downhill we are finished.” Airis then exhaled and looked towards the city.

“I guess so. Sorry for being so cold towards you, I should be angry to mother shouldn’t I?” Airis looked back at Neon and gave a weak smile, Neon returned the gesture and after closing the windows they returned to their run down. But it wasn’t all that peaceful.

Out of nowhere a Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe colored orange with two white stripes running down the whole body came running past them. And not to mention Neon was already on his descent down at his touge speeds. “WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM!” Airis screamed as she saw the Viper stream past them. But then her eyes narrowed as she noticed the black wing that was on it. What? What the hell is she doing here?

“Hey sis, isn’t that the…” Neon started.

“No doubt about it, someone from the highway scene just wanted to go on here for fun.” Airis quickly finished Neon’s earlier statement, knowing full well that Viper was her most prominent enemy. “Normally I wouldn’t say things like this…but CATCH UP TO HER AND BEAT HER!”

OK SIS! WHATEVER YOU SAY! Neon only shook his head before catching up with his sister’s rival.

Being an American based car it sure is drifting quite a bit…Upon the first set of hairpins the Viper was quick to drift and slither around the first hairpin. The M3 had not drifted but retained the speed it had, using the gutter to its advantage. The second hairpin was practically a mirror of the tactics used on the first hairpin.

“Dammit brother! Catch up to her!” Airis was practically fidgeting in her car as her combined nervousness and anger. Neon only shook his head before flooring the accelerator past the high speed portion and managing to close the gap between the two cars.

Now at the second set of hairpins the Viper had to harshly brake to make the drift between the hairpins, which gave the M3 more than enough room to take over the Viper using the infamous gutter technique. It wasn’t long before the M3 was well ahead of the Viper, leaving it to go down the mountain at its own pace. Neon sighed as he pulled over the entrance of the pass, catching his breath after the eventful downhill.

“Sis, truth be told…I’m not good going downhill.” Airis then looked at her brother in such a way she thought he was an alien.

“What do you mean? You overtook the Viper in a quick fashion! Stop being so modest! A win is a win! Accept it!” She was right, but still, that Viper didn’t know the course at all; it felt like it was the Viper’s first run or something like that. It wasn’t about until three minutes later that the Viper parked next to the M3 and out came a pink haired girl with twin pigtails running only to her shoulders approached the driver of the M3.

“Ya did good. Too bad I jus’ started to go down this hill.” Her young voice filled with what would appear to be an eastern American accent. The twins looked at each other in surprise until Airis got out and met the girl.

“Are you familiar with the highway scene?” Airis questioned. This made her purple eyes widen with question.

“Ya, so what of it?” The girl replied. Airis simply glared at her for a bit before returning to the M3, signaling Neon to just get out of there. He simply waved at her before heading back home.

Chapter 8: Twin Powerhouses

It was another night with Neon and the R34, slowly approaching the beginning of the pass. He stretched and yawned, planning to make this run his very best run he can ever do. There was something in store for him, the ability to get some more sleep in and make any modifications he wanted to. His mother was already seeing his improvement in the touge and decided to let him use the R34 to whatever way he saw fit. Just as he hit the timer though, a red Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 screamed past him with the all the American horsepower it could give. AW C’MON! CAN I NOT GET A SIMPLE MOMENT IN WHICH I CAN GET A SINGLE RUN IN WITHOUT PEOPLE NOTICING ME?!

In a small bar near the Kurubasa residence, “Sheesh Kaede-san, you should lay off the alcohol for a bit” a female bartender told her crimson eyed friend. Kaede wasn’t a drinker, but was more than happy to take a few more shots for anyone.

“This is the first time I’ve drank since my children were born Tamiko-san,” Kaede replied with no change in her voice despite downing four other shots, “and at least I’m proud of one my children anyway…well in terms of racing.”

Tamiko’s sharper turquoise eyes closing in response to her child hood friend. Sighing heavily she held her hands up to her neat, short yellow hair before letting them fall onto the table. “I knew you would say something like that…I mean you already have the job of being one of the most prominent people in Nismo, and not to mention you drove your HS30 here today. I swore you trashed that car when you got married…”

“Ah, but he actually wanted me to keep it” Kaede replied in a more relaxed tone.

“Sure I was more the thrilled when you came back here, but was it really necessary to pass on your knowledge to Neon? He would be better off studying more you know…” Tamiko commented.

Kaede only glared at her friend’s response for a few seconds before slowly taking a sip from her new filled shot glass. “You kidding me? I practically taught that boy myself, and he’s becoming more and more better by the day. Shame he doesn’t want to go up and down the pass on his own, have to threaten him or force him. Damn kid.” Kaede then proceeded to inhale the next shot waiting to be drank. “And not to mention I gave him pointers every time we go up and down the place, in every car I was given to tune up.” This newfound knowledge made Tamiko give an odd look to Kaede.

“So wait…your saying he drove there when he first started middle school?” Tamiko yelled with a hint of worry.

“Very good Tamiko! Looks like your sense of reasoning is still there!” Kaede quickly responding to the disgusted bartender in a more light hearted tone, probably due to the alcohol consumed. “Yep, taught the boy how go up and down the mountain with the S13, S14, S15, and then the Z33, R32, Z34, R33, and his current car the R34. I know I brainwashed him a bit, but it turns out that Nissan cars are pretty good!” Kaede now becoming looser with her movement, the alcohol now kicking in.

“Wait…how did you make him use ALL those cars on the hill? Surely, if I’m not mistaken, they did take their cars on the highway before right?” Kaede regained her composure before briefly responded with, “I trained him with the cars I was tuning, and not mentioning that little Kayo kid gave them the damn mods needed to go fast in a straight line!” Kaede scoffed before drinking her latest shot.

This American car’s good, his line being pretty consistent despite having a light body. The R34 and the ZR1 taking the first s turn uphill, with the massive ZR1 slightly drifting around the corners before braking to full on drift the first hairpin turn. That wing must be doing wonders for the car, it’s keeping it from fully spinning out. Taking his usual line Neon was quick to overtake the first hairpin but noticed the ZR1 was still drifting the entire way up to the second hairpin. Braking for a quick second the ZR1 drifted the hairpin again, increasing the distance between the two cars. The R34 silently screeched as the tires passed along the second and third hairpin using the gutter, with the ZR1 only milliseconds ahead of him.

Tamiko sighed as she filled up another shot glass. “So anyway, what would you assess Neon’s skills anyways? Surely he isn’t you in any way shape or form.”

Kaede gagged a bit before she returned to strangely sober and calm mood. “He’s good no duh. If there’s one thing I would want him to improve on, it’s that he needs to understand the even AWD cars have their weaknesses. Especially with his Skyline obsession, the ATTESA will contribute quite a bit of under steer and will make his lines a lot harder to stay on. But that’s not to say that he can’t stay on the lines, he could stay on the lines and keep it there to. I’m just wondering when he will understand that using the handbrake to fishtail some hairpins will actually put him at a disadvantage at times. He never spun out once, but I know he’ll never learn anything until something bad happens or he loses.”

With the high speed portion Neon knew that he had to floor it to catch up with the red fleeing Corvette, giving his R34 no room to breathe as he quickly shifted from gear to gear. The harder left turn came and Neon decided to pull the handbrake to quickly pass the turn, only for the R34 to lose its balance and almost spin out. Thankfully Neon was very quick to recover from the accident and managed to hold back the R34 from crashing, but this put the distance between the two cars at a greater disadvantage. The ZR1 passing the next turn while the R34 was still trying to reach the next turn. This battle wasn’t going to be easy, and he knew that a possible loss will be imminent.

After Kaede slammed another shot glass Tamiko sighed and asked, “So you wish he used something like the Fairlady Z or something like that? Since that’s what you are getting at…”

Tamiko only stared at her friend’s solemn expression as she stared and swirled the next shot in her hand. “No, in fact it’s better for him to learn the difference between the two anyway. He isn’t stupid, as you stated it would probably be better for him to study anyway. But that’s not the point; he has an unparalleled sense of knowing the simplest tactic from drifting to gripping to even the most unique changes to a car based on their tactics. My son may not be the brightest tool in the shed at some areas, but he knows how to take an issue and counteract it even when things look impossible.”

Kaede took the shot and gulped it down, slamming it down afterwards. “I trust the kid, he’s gonna make a name for himself soon; if he hasn’t already. But it almost worries me what that green Impreza I’ve been hearing about is going to do when he screws up. And somehow I feel like it’s someone who he is slowly opening up to.”

Neon however noticed something when the ZR1 was about to pass the first hairpin of second set of hairpins. What’s up with the shiny gleam? The Corvette’s bodies are usually made of something cheap aren’t they? Like plastic or something? But without that gleam that means…That’s it. That specific ZR1 body wasn’t made of something cheap and light, it was a special made out of metal. That’s why he just didn’t feather the throttle at times and let the wheels do the work, but had to brake before making a hairpin drift.

There was more weight added onto the car, making the Corvette work harder to achieve the run he wanted. After analyzing this info the R34 revved up to catch up with the ZR1 who was just starting his unusually longer braking. Using the gutter again Neon was able to fully pass the drifting ZR1 and make it elongate his drift to avoid a near fatal accident. It was needless to say the ZR1, with all the horsepower behind it, was only able to catch up to the R34 for a bit before having to harshly brake for it to make the next drift.

Sighing the rugged looking blonde haired young man got out of the ZR1, running his hand through his unusually clean hair when he approached Neon. “You did good…truthfully I thought I was gonna smoke you” his slightly thin American accent ringing through the air. Neon only responded by shaking his hand before mentioning his revelation.

“Your Corvette, it’s not a plastic body is it?” The other guy recoiled in shock and slowly sighed before nodding a quick yes.

“I see, you know; if you upgraded your wheels to something grippier you could probably try to let the throttle handle some of the work rather than stepping on the brakes before turning in. Assuming of course your car was still lighter.” The blonde person only smacked himself in stupidity, not realizing his ‘upgrade’ mistake. “Yeah, shit, why didn’t I think of that? Thanks man, what’s your name anyway?”

“My name is Neon, yours.” Neon said as he held out his hand.

“Name is Neil, but since we are in Japan, call me Hitoshi.” They both shook hand and nodded before they went to their respective cars and drove to their respective homes.

Neon also looked at the timer, it was good in his eyes. A staggering quick seven minutes and forty four seconds, something that his mom had to be proud off. But where the heck was she?

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Chapter 9: Friends of a Feather

Airis was waiting by the entrance of a clothing shop, waiting for her friend to arrive. It wasn’t that cold but it was chilly enough for Airis to bring a jacket and make her fold her arms. Then a white Aston Martin V12 Vantage rolled up next to the gunmetal silver M3 and out came a smaller girl then Airis, a head and a half shorter at max.

“Geez, couldn’t you get here sooner Haruka? I’m freezing here!” Haruka’s only puffed her cheeks before exhaling, letting her short dark pink hair follow her head’s movements.

“Well excuuussseeee me for having to work around the house before leaving and being stuck at a red light for about five minutes!” Airis rolled her eyes as Haruka’s black eyes intently stared at her response.

“We’re here, so are we going to argue or shop?” Haruka stormed off into the clothing shop before a sighing Airis followed behind her.

“Oh I dunno about that blouse, it doesn’t suit you.” Airis commented when Haruka picked up the said piece of clothing. They were browsing through a few clothing items before Airis commented about the article in question.

“Ah? So? Is it a crime to ask to see if it works?” Haruka was quick to put back the blouse before taking whatever clothes she found to the changing rooms.

“So anyway, how’s your brother doing anyway? I heard he’s got a name on the passes, Blue Phoenix if I’m not mistaken correct?” Airis only face palmed as those words reached her ears, she shook her head before releasing the hand from her face.

“Are you STILL trying to get with my brother? Sure your sister was a little more successful but you know he doesn’t like you at all. In fact you almost scared him! I mean calling him onii-chan when you’re around him? Dear goodness I swore he was running when you appeared.” Airis replied as she shook her head.

“But…isn’t that what most guys like anyway?” Haruka questioned as she came out in a dark blue blouse covered by a lime green cardigan and a long frilly sky blue skirt.

“Hm, those colors look weird; although I would only switch the skirt. Everything else is fine. And only a select people do, I swear you watch too many of those animes where the ‘onii-chan’ person is the main love interest.” Haruka groaned a bit before going back into the room, changing her skirt for a slightly dark blue skirt of the same design.

“Can we not talk about THAT phase…worst moment in my life.” Haruka slowly replied as she looked down.

She walked back out only to have Airis nod in response of her clothing choice, “Oh yeah, MUCH better. But you still tried it throughout high school you know! That’s why I’m bringing it up!”

Haruka angrily let out a puff of air before returning to the room. Here she changed into a violet sleeveless shirt with a white number 7 on it along with a black military jacket along with black tight jeans.

“Whatever you say girl! I swear you were a bit of a…you know back in senior year. How does it look?” She stepped out of the room, only to reveal a wide eyed Airis to nod in agreement to her clothes.

“Crap, that’s good! I think I’ll steal that outfit! Now you’re just trying to guilt trip me aren’t you?” Haruka only smirked as her friend got up and went into the next changing room. After changing back into her warmer clothes, she took the same seat as Airis before she came out wearing a longer blue sundress with a green hair band with a white flower hanging on her left side of her hair. “Ha, looks good on you. You really fit the summer look more than me. And yes, I am guilt tripping you. But seriously, could you TRY to hook me back up?”

Airis sighed as she took her hair band off before going back into the room, changing her summer look for a more urban look: a long white shirt with a dark green military over shirt with black cargo pants and with a black military cap.

“Hm…that looks a little odd on you, especially the cap. You should try something else, maybe switching the shirt for something darker. The color contrast is too great, maybe something…red or purple? And you never responded back!” Haruka commented.

Airis nodded before changing her long sleeved shirt for a red long sleeved crop top and came back out responding, “No! You know he doesn’t forget a lot of stuff easily and don’t forget he is still scared of you!”

Haruka groaned in anger before noticing the young lady’s clothes. “Looks good! You should really incorporate crop tops more! But I changed you know!” Airis smiled before switching back to her clothes before going to the cashier.

“And that’ll do it. Thank you!” The female cashier smiled at the two before they returned to their cars and parked at a restaurant a few minutes away.

“Really? Cause you act and look the same since we last saw each other.” Airis breathed out when they both got out of their cars in an odd simultaneous matter. They entered into the warm restaurant in which they both seated themselves near the window looking out to the street.

“Oh haha Airis. Even though my family took a year long trip around the world, you haven’t changed much at all! You are still the childish person I know I from back in high school!” Airis rolled her eyes before the waiter came around and gave them the menus. “You aren’t starving right?”

“Nope, just something quick. I need to head back soon.” Haruka replied. Silence shortly came upon the two of them as they closely looked at what they want to get.

After receiving their orders of some clam chowder in a bread bowl for Airis and a small sandwich with a salad for Haruka, they both ate their meals. “Wow this is nice. Anyway I changed Airis, I know your brother wouldn’t mind a second chance!”

Airis blew on her chowder before putting it in her mouth, and sighed. “I think you might be too late, there is this purple haired girl who Neon is seeing anyway. I think at least…”

Haruka only choked on her salad and drank a large part of her drink before coughing profusely and then regained what little of her composure was left. “WHAT?! Onii-chan is already meeting someone?!”

Airis only slammed her head on the chowder, and that was a bad idea. The soup still hot thus Airis held the site of the pain while scrunching her face in pain. “OW! And you still say onii-chan still you creep!” Haruka face desked herself before sighing, seeing Airis recover from her earlier mistake.

“Yeah, it’s some girl in a green Spec C Impreza. She’s in one of brother’s classes, I don’t know who she is though…does any past experiences on the pass bring up someone?” Haruka only fell back in her seat, before breathing out some air.

She was one of the few high school togue racers there, being both an uphill and downhill racer. All she could remember though was a S13 and the Impreza, not enough to grab any new info for her friend. Sighing, Haruka only shook her head no. Airis only nodded in acknowledgement before laying her head on the table, looking out to the street. Haruka only looked at her friend in sadness; she seems to be in great trouble and she could do nothing to help her. The moment of sadness was broken by a buzz from Airis’s side. She reluctantly looked at her phone and sighed before placing some money down. “Gotta leave?”

Airis looked at Haruka and responded, “Yeah, gotta help with dinner today.”

Chapter 10: Rekindling the Flame

“Glad you can come today Neon!” A similar aged boy said to Neon, shaking each other’s hand and gave a small bro hug. The boy had short messy red orange hair with similar eye color, with a similar slightly messy outfit; his zipped up hoodie being a little bigger than him and wearing slightly baggy jeans.

“You haven’t changed one bit man; still good to see you haven’t changed a bit.” Neon replied after looking at his red Mitsubishi LanEvo 6 Tommi Makinen Edition.

“You haven’t been on the pass after the accident huh? It looks like the tires are still in great condition.” The boy only laughed at him at Neon’s attempt to tempt him back on the pass.

“Geez, you know me Neon, I the ‘Red Eagle’ Kiyoshi am on the pass! It’s just that it’s only the daytime in which I go. Nighttime is reserved for those who can brave it!” Neon rolled his eyes before being gestured into the arcade.

After swiping the card for a light gun shooter, Neon and Kiyoshi attacked the helpless foes that were in their line of sight. “So, how’s the college life working for you? Is it rough?” Kiyoshi questioned Neon as he was shot by the red enemy.

“Tch, got me. Yeah, it isn’t that rough. It’s probably because the curriculum is similar to the American…community college style? Or some other odd thing like that.” Neon was quick enough to kill an enemy targeting Kiyoshi and managed to also get ammo for his special guns.

“Nice save, looks like I’m losing my touch here.” Neon only shook his head before mowing down more enemies with the machine gun.

“How’s life with you anyway? After all, you didn’t go into college after we graduated and all.” Neon asked Kiyoshi, he simply looked at his friend after getting the final shot on the mini-boss.

“It’s a night thing, some technical help thing. You would be surprised on how many people call us when all they had to do was turn something on or plug in something.” Kiyoshi lazily responded, getting shot by a sudden enemy. “Dammit! That part ALWAYS gets me!” Neon only rolled his eyes as he cleaned up the screen, revealing that they were at the final boss. There were only spoken words of either help or anger between the two drivers before they managed to finish the game.

“Whew! Didn’t have a game like that for a LONG time!” Kiyoshi yelled after entering their names, showing their combined teamwork made them come in first place.

“Heh, we were quite a team back in our high school days.” Neon said after a quick smirk. They were now just strolling around the arcade, looking and spectating at random people. “But in all seriousness, what happened to you man? Weren’t you my right hand driver back before the accident?” Neon looked at his old friend with a hint of remorse.

Kiyoshi only stared back after exhaling deeply, before inhaling a lot of air and responded, “I know, hell if I knew where I would be before Kayo decided to talk to us.”

“Yeah man, it was just the four of us wrecking the hell out of that pass.” Neon smiled, gladly knowing that his old friend remembered the past.
Kiyoshi only laughed as he glanced at Neon’s oddly happy face. “Dude, you should put that face on more often! You really need a girlfriend soon; I mean I already have one!”

Neon’s face now turned sour as he rolled his eyes. “Oh my goodness, you are like my sister all over again! I don’t need a female friend right now!” Neon yelled between his teeth, holding back any anger. “But you do remember who was with us, right Kiyoshi?”

“How the hell could I ever forget them? Blood brothers man, blood brothers.” Kiyoshi said with a grin.

Neon looked to the ceiling and smiled before saying “Me, the headmaster of the little group called the Burning Wind. The R34 serving as the uphill master, while you were the one many groups tried to pass on the uphill. But they never got through, at least until that group the Sapphire Novas came through.”

Kiyoshi only shook his head and continued Neon’s little ramble, “Then there was that transfer student Toshiyuki who had a Mazda RX-8, the first downhill guy people would face, although he wasn’t the greatest he was sure damn modest. Almost took down the leader until she bumped his side. Then there was the downhill specialist, and the only girl in our team, Kayo Fujimoto and her Nissan S13 was quite a formidable member. Until that accident happened and the whole entire scene went to the shitter, every group decided to disband and Kayo was in the ER for at least three weeks until she woke up. Scared the living hell out of me, I still wish to know who that girl was. And give her something to-”

Neon then put his hand on Kiyoshi’s ranting mouth. “Dude, kids. Keep your cool.”

“Right, well anyway it was nice knowing your still around these parts. Kicking ass and taking names!” Kiyoshi grinned at Neon then slapped his back before going out of the arcade; the now cooler air hitting their skin, the fading sun giving away to the moon.

“Ha, still man. You outta come back after some time, the scene seems to be slowly reviving. I saw at least four or five other racers on the pass in the last month. It might be picking back up.” Neon said with a sly smirk.

Kiyoshi heavily sighed and finally acknowledged his friend’s attempt in bring him back into the touge. “Alright, but I need to know who was that driver was. Either do the same thing to her, or beat her. Got it?” Neon gave a warm smile before turning to the R34 and revved the engine to life and left the parking area.

Chapter 11: Inside the Pain

Shizuko screamed as she woke up from her newest nightmare. Hell was an understatement for her; in short she was in a blood bath of her victims. And there were two bodies that she can immediately recognize, Neon and Kayo. And their bodies were pierced on her arms, with their dead faces staring at her. She immediately knew that she was going to hyperventilate, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. Shizuko immediately held her chest and fell off her bed, breathing heavily and fast. It continued for at least a minute before she could control her breathing, finally plopping herself on the ground staring at the dark ceiling. Her current attire was a mess, her tank top almost coming off from the stress and she noticed her pajama pants were completely off revealing her underwear and knew her straight hair was all over the place.

She quickly looked around her dim room, with the sun rays coming from the closed blinds being the only source of light to her shadowed room. It only took a few seconds for her to notice an emptied beer bottle, empty and still in its upright position. About the same time she noticed the bottle was the same time she realized that she was about to puke. After forcefully opening her door she stumbled around in the hallway, managing to knock down a few pictures in the process, Shizuko finally managed to go into the bathroom and immediately threw up into the toilet; her puke reeking with a small amount of alcohol, heaving a bit before emptying whatever her stomach held. In her state of confusion she accidently put her finger inside her mouth, immediately holding the toilet bowl and vomiting the last contents of her stomach.

After bending over into a fetal position Shizuko groaned in pain with hints of crying, she held her stomach as tears streamed out of her eyes. After crawling to flush the toilet she crawled out of the bathroom, struggling to get up by using anything she could. Shizuko then slowly walked to the stairs, where she fumbled down the stairs after failing to get to the second step. Shizuko then cried softly in response to the heightened pain.

“All I need is some aspirin or something…” she muttered to herself, the pain still throbbing throughout her body. After falling a second, third, fourth, fifth time until she managed to get to the medicine cabinet. Looking for the aspirin she shoveled around all the different medicines until she found the desired medicine. Opening the bottle and fumbled the bottle, spilling all the pills all over the ground. Gagging, she furiously moved her hand in order to find even one pill. She found that one pill, and swallowed it with only her spit. The pain wasn’t over, but at least she could focus properly.

After managing to find all the pills and putting back the medicine cabinet Shizuko then looked at her reflection in the mirror near the kitchen. She was not wearing anything, her nude body fully exposed to the shadows. Shizuko silently cursed herself as she managed to find her clothing on the stairs. Knowing today her parents were not going to be home at all, she decided to not wear of her fallen article of clothing. Acknowledging her burning throat, Shizuko walked straight to the fridge in which she opened a bottle of water. The cold water quenched her throat and her thirst until the water got stuck in her throat. She coughed as she spilled the contents of the water bottle all over her body, her body reacting to the sensation of cold. Shizuko then slipped in her panic and fell on her back. What she would have done for a better life.

Finally cleaning up the mess she made and restoring the kitchen to its former state Shizuko looked again at her reflection; this time looking at the scars and cuts on her shoulders and back that she inflicted on herself. It felt like yesterday in which she made these scars, and it was her fault she made those scars. Shizuko was the leader of a group of an all girl Subaru Impreza group nicknamed the Sapphire Novas. Being the leader she was responsible for the downhill battles that happened in her group. It was when she decided to challenge the Burning Wind that her life changed forever.

After a complete defeat on the uphill battles Shizuko knew that the only way to win was to decimate them on the downhill. The RX-8 put up a great fight, but she lightly tapped him before the final hairpin making him spin out. All that was left was to take down her mechanic, Kayo Fujimoto. “So, let’s have a fair fight alright?” Kayo said to Shizuko before shaking hands.

“Right, but don’t cry to me when you lose!” Kayo rolled her eyes before going inside her S13.

Shizuko revved her engine up. And the countdown started…“5,4,3,2…1. GO!” And they both took off, the Spec C taking advantage of the AWD to accelerate out of the line. It was a normal race, until the second set of three hairpins where Shizuko knew she was going to lose. So she was going to do the same thing to the RX-8, a small tap. But what came up was a full on ram right down the hill, the sounds of screaming and her S13 being crushed as it rolled down the hill. But Shizuko kept driving along, in fear of what people might say.

The night was filled with the sound of sirens as they came to the area where Kayo was at and the faint sound of screaming filling the air. One scream was from Kayo as she was slowly pried from the car as the medics and anyone willing to help her. Her screams and crying filled the mountainside air as her pain slowly became more and more intense and the other scream coming from the Furusawa household. She was in her room as she slowly cut herself on her shoulders and stabbed herself in the back. Blood was filling up her bed sheets as she continued to cut herself.

It was until she came around that she was in the hospital, noticing her group members were worried sick about her. “I’m done with this…go. I’m done with this damn group of Novas.” The now ex-members were confused at her commands. “ARE YOU ALL DEAF? I’M DONE WITH THE SHAPPIRE NOVAS! ALL OF YOU GET OUT NOW!” Then all the girls scurried out of the room, leaving Shizuko to cry in her own.

“It’s been so long…and that’s how my anger against Neon’s R34 came to be.” Shizuko spoke to herself, no one hearing her story. She also remembered one more detail, her attempt of suicide. After being released from the hospital two weeks later, she finally knew Kayo was in a critical condition. She couldn’t handle it anymore; she had to atone for her sins.

She started from the top and accelerated downhill until she came across the area where she rammed Kayo. It was so close but the engine immediately shut down, leaving Shizuko to slam her accelerator in response to the sudden stop. And that was when she heard the voice: you are born to end those who oppose you. I am you, and you are me. Shizuko tried all she can to resist something intruding her head, but it failed as her body did a quick shake before her mind went blank. And she wept.

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I don't even know how you're doing this so quickly. I can't even read everything that you're posting up because you're writing so fast! I don't really have time to proofread. But that doesn't really matter because everything that you have up is great! I'm impressed that you managed to squeeze Katsuko into your story and I'm looking forward to how everything will play out from here. I know you have finals coming up so take a hiatus. Trust me, you'll need it. laugh2.gif

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getting into the interesting bits now. can't wait to see more about whats going on in Shizuko's head, and what she might do if she ever raced Neon or Kayo again. or if Kiyoshi found out Neon was....i guess its semi dating the girl that wrecked Kayo.

Posted by: OkamiWind May 21 2013, 11:37 PM
Almost done with this arc, yep arc. Gonna pick this back up either when i'm done working over the summer or update this weekly. Anyway enjoy!

Chapter 12: Catching up with the Past

It was a very strange cold day, making Haruka shiver as she exited her V12 Vantage. Other than her house she saw a fairly young looking woman putting her left foot on the wall. She wore a simple white dress shirt, with the first two buttons unbuttoned along with a longer dress skirt. Haruka rolled her eyes as she immediately recognized the woman; it was her taller twin sister Haruko. The reason why the young girl was rolling her eyes was due to the fact that she was smoking. Haruka approached her sister with a faint exhale her violet eyes staring at Haruko.

“It sure is strange to be back again huh?” Haruko said, seeing the younger twin approach her and emulating the same stance as her. She exhaled her smoke, her waist long long raven black hair flowing with the sudden breeze. Haruka only shivered as the breeze blew past the odd looking twins.

“You should stop you know, I know you are a bit sad that Neon-” Haruka started as she was interrupted as Haruko furiously punched at the younger girl’s face, missing her head by a few centimeters.

“SHUT UP. At least I was able to get a few DATES with him, unlike your feeble attempts.” Haruko yelled as she stared down her sister.

Haruko only shook her head as her sister deeply inhaled her cigarette, letting the effect of it overtake her mind as she tried to forget that moment. Airis lied when she said Neon didn’t have a girlfriend, in fact he had one girlfriend: Haruko. Neon was strangely attracted to her in high school, her unusually mature looks was the major factor. And it was true; they had a few dates back when Neon was driving one of his mother’s projects, an R33. They were surprisingly very compatible, to the point where most people considered them inseparable. It went on for about a year until Neon broke up with her, problems rising in terms of Haruko’s end. Even to this day she regrets ever doing something like that.

“But you have to admit, wasn’t Neon the greatest guy you ever saw?” Haruka asked with an unusual smile, Haruko only smiled as she closed her eyes. She still remembers his warm arms and his lively smile, as if he was still next to her right now.

“Yeah, he was the best boyfriend a girl could ever have. He was never harsh or mean, and he was a great listener too.” Haruko finished her cigarette, tossing it to the side before smothering the flame.

The younger twin exhaled her breath, not wanting to inhale the cigarette smoke. “Seriously though nee-san, you didn’t have to resort to smoking after he broke up with you.”

“Maybe but then again, this is my first smoke since we got back from the trip and I still look the same as ever.” Haruka sighed as her sister gave an excuse.

“But that still doesn’t allow you to smoke after that time, sure you managed to get off smoking a half pack; but you need to stop COMPLETELY. I’m sure that if Neon saw you like this he wouldn’t want to hang around you.” Haruko only bit her bottom lip as she pictured the possible moment. It didn’t end well in this case, and Haruko only exhaled before going to her car.

“You’re going to drive at this time?” Haruka asked. Haruko weakly gave her sister a small wave before going in her Ferrari F430 Italia. She fired up the engine, revving it up and took off, leaving a dumbfounded Haruka to enter her house.

Haruka entered her room with a cup of coffee at hand and fired up the computer. She looked at her past records of races, the Steel Revolution, Burning Winds, The 2000 Stars, and other groups who took the pass. Haruka was the unofficial coordinator of the touge scene when it was more robust. Since her friend mentioned the green Spec C Impreza Haruka was looking in all the past records of such races or groups that had a green Spec C.

Her search had been unfruitful for the past two days, deciding to look at the first recorded race to the last one. There were many incidents in the past similar to the crash, and she was desperate to find a common pattern. But there was no pattern, a few that repeated themselves were a LanEvo X, a Subaru GC8, a Jaguar XKR, and a 1964 Chevrolet Stingray. But that was the notorious group known as the Reaper’s Collectors; their tactics were way too aggressive to consider themselves racers. She drank a large gulp to awaken her senses as she continued to search for the green Impreza. It was then she came across a certain group name, the Sapphire Novas.

It was then she came across their leader Shizuko Furusawa and her car, a green Subaru Impreza WRX STi Spec C. She looked at her previous races, an undefeated downhill racer. She had quite a rep, being well known for turning the situation around when it looked impossible. Shizuko and Neon had similar tactics as well, but of course in terms of their specialty. And she looked at the last ever recorded race, winner Spec C Impreza. Reason: ramming the S13 down the mountain. Haruka gasped as she frantically dialed up her friend, “Airis, the green Impreza…the driver is…”

Chapter 13: Again

“I have a bad feeling about today brother…” Airis was feeling skeptical about today for some reason. She was starting to worry about her brother’s recent escapades on the pass, observing that her mother was issuing less ‘threats’ and ‘forces’. It was dinner time at the Kurubasa household, the television emitting noises from whatever was on.

“Since when did you care about your brother so much Airis?” Kaede asked her daughter taking a drink of water. She only looked at her mother with worried eyes and replicated the same look to Neon, wondering why they were being so care free today.

“I’m begging you brother. Do. Not. Go. Today. Please, I feel like you’re going to be in a lot of pain…” Airis replied after her random act of clairvoyance sensing Neon’s future pain.

Neon only rolled his dark blue eyes before responding with, “What did you become today? A physic? C’mon sister, I’ve been on the pass since middle school. I know every tactic, bump, and turn the pass has to offer. So have faith in me today.” Neon said before taking his clean plates to the sink. Kaede gave a small smile to Airis.

But what came out next was something that she would never say. “WELL DON’T BLAME ME IF YOU END UP LIKE KAYO OR END UP IN A WORSE CONDITION THEN HER!” She screamed at his foolish brother’s idiocy. Airis then sprinted up the stairs and forcefully slammed her door, leaving the new and old racers to be shocked about what just happened. After giving each other a look of worry, Neon took the keys to his R34 and set off to the pass.

What’s up with her today? Neon shook his head as he continued to the start of the pass, not knowing what Airis was saying. Instead of just going up the hill in a trial run, he pulled over and hid himself in order to analyze what her sister said. ‘A lot of pain’? So is he going to crash for once? ‘Worse condition then Kayo’? The words her sister screamed into his mind were trying to be processed, but nothing was coming up. He only groaned in his annoyance, almost deciding to actually respect her sister’s request. It wasn’t until a certain green Impreza came up to the R34, Neon’s mood now unknown. It was Shizuko Furusawa, the ‘Fallen Angel’ as they say here and she was the ex-leader of the Sapphire Novas.

“How come I didn’t notice the similarities between now and then? You were…an interesting character back then.” Neon started after a long stare.

“I wish I didn’t bump her,” Shizuko replied now looking down in her guilt. Her green eyes closing as tears were slowly forming in her eyes. What she would have said was replaced with small heaves of air as her tears started to become a whimper. Neon only closed his eyes and decided to embrace the crying girl. Her arms now closed onto Neon’s chest, in attempts of wiping her tears with her arms. Shizuko then abruptly stopped her crying and shook a little bit, making Neon release his hug and stare at the shivering girl. What the heck? What’s going on?

“Please…Neon…run, please. Before I…” her cries going unheard as Neon stalled in fear. It was until a few seconds later did he see a dark side of her, her eyes gleaming in his fear and her sadness now a devilish grin.

“Come Neon, let’s end this bad blood RIGHT NOW!” Shizuko screamed now walking to her Spec C, Neon now regretting the idea of coming here. He reluctantly got into the R34 as both their cars revved up to life, the Impreza deciding to take the lead.

The now less sane Shizuko was different then what Neon faced a while ago, her tactics and style changing into a very aggressive one. ‘Shizuko’ took the first hairpin at alarmingly fast pace, forcing Neon to hesitate if he should take his usual line or follow her same tactics. It seemed as if the Impreza never knew how to brake at all, as it took the next turns without giving the car the chance to slow down at all. This is so much different the before…as if the spirit of the car is possessing her. Neon only clicked his tongue as he proceeded to take the same line as the Impreza, with the changes to his style with the ATTESA system now becoming more troublesome than ever.

Inside the deathly silent Kurubasa household Kaede finished up cleaning up the plates before going up to her daughter’s room, Airis curled up in a fetal position on her bed. She sighed softly before going to Airis’s side and slowly petted her head, in any attempt in giving her comfort.

“Airis, what’s the matter? You know your brother is going to be fine, I know it” Kaede’s voice trying to break through her daughter’s ears. Airis only threw her pillow at her mother, giving her a look of either worry or anger.

She then threw herself at her mother’s arms, Airis’s tears and cries muffled by her mother’s chest. “You don’t know what may happen mom! It’s not as simple as Neon going to the pass and coming back. I feel like that he may die today! It’s all that damn girl’s fault, why did she have to appear in his life now?!”

Back at the Ushiroyama skirmish the racers were approaching the first set of three hairpin turns, and the Impreza took no chance of taking the slow path. She took advantage of the entire turn to take the hairpin at an incredible speed, the tires taking the stress of the drift. Neon was now worried; even with his gutter technique the space between them was slowing opening up to Shiuzko’s favor, the once two car length distance opening to a greater and greater three and a half car lengths. Shizuko knew inside that this wasn’t her driving but her mind was telling her otherwise and struggled to regain her innocent behavior before the demons inside of her took control of her hands.

“‘That girl’? Airis, what the hell are you talking about?” Kaede asked now slightly glaring at her daughter’s still crying body.

“I know who that green Impreza was now! It’s that girl who almost killed Kayo, you know the one who was in the terrible accident in her S13? It was Shizuko Furusawa! The leader of that group the Sapphire Novas.” Her outburst slowly turned into a whimpers. Now it was Kaede’s turn to worry about her son now, she held her daughter tighter as she cried even louder.

“Oh my goodness, why does everything I do end up in someone close getting terribly hurt?” Kaede whispered as she cursed the air. Airis now fell to her bed and slowly started to fall into a slight sleep, mumbling “Neon, please be safe” over and over. Her motherly instincts acting, Kaede was quick to head to the garage and tried to start her old HS30.

The high speed portion was the only place Neon could catch up, taking advantage of his mother’s tuning as he revved the engine to its max. Shizuko’s devilish eyes only looked at the rearview mirror before she scoffed as she involuntarily took the sharp left with the use of the gutter. Dammit! She took the turn with the gutter? I don’t know if I should just hightail it back home now…and thus the second set of hairpins came up. Needless to say the Impreza flew past the three hairpins, the tires now fading toward their last legs. All the R34 could do was attempt to catch up to her, and it was a near feeble attempt. The Impreza made a quick U-turn at the chicane before heading to the downhill, and something caught Neon eyes as the Impreza came zooming past him. That aura…whoever is watching me. Please protect me now…The dark angel wings again showed itself, flapping past Neon. He took the U-turn and accelerated to try and catch the Impreza.

“Dammit you stupid 240! Start up already!” The HS30 would not start up, Kaede now cursing the car every second it wouldn’t start was a second closer to her son’s possible death.

“C’mon! I had you since I was in high school! I can’t lose my son at a moment like this! Respond to me!” The HS30 revved to life, the old newly yet rebuilt engine waking up from its slumber. Kaede was quick to go through a pre-check sequence she always did, only taking about thirty seconds. After pressing the accelerator, Kaede was quick to put the gear in reverse and head out to the pass. But it wasn’t so easy though, an accident happened on the way to the pass and delayed her trip to the pass. “NO! WHY NOW! WHY NOW?!”

The difference of skill between the two drivers on the downhill part was almost night and day. Shizuko’s Impreza accelerated past the three hairpins as if she was turning in three easy turns, but the R34 was quick to brake and attempt his gutter runs. And in the high speed portion the Impreza was already in the middle of it while the R34 was exiting the third hairpin. I lost already…but might was well try to catch up…but in his surprise Shizuko’s car waited for him to catch up, slowly waiting for her next victim. She accelerated right past the now ahead R34 as they approached the final set of hairpin turns, with the devilish Shizuko grinning at her plan. A simple ram is what she thought, and at the tighter s turn was her point of attack. Right as the R34 was about to take the gutter the Impreza slammed the right side of the R34, sending it down the hill.

Neon could only hope for the best as his car rolled down hill as he closed his eyes. He only grunted as the shock of the rolls impacted his body. Shizuko grinned devilishly one last time, I am done here. Her mind becoming light for a second, giving her a sense of happiness as the voice felt like it left. But it was very short lived, her memories of ramming Neon down the hill ran back into her. Oh no….ohnoohnoohnohonoohno!

“OH NO!” Shizuko screamed as she went past the next two hairpins only to find a destroyed R34 on its roof. She quickly left her car and looked inside the windows for Neon. A noise was heard inside the R34 as a foot pierced the window, as Neon crawled out of there. Shizuko was relieved that he was not dead, but her face quickly turned sour as Neon stared at her. He wasn’t mad at all, in fact his face was almost…smiling? Shizuko was quick to leave the scene in her Impreza, fearing that he was putting up a façade.

“Well at least you coulda gave me a ride down…” Neon said as he shook his head.

Kaede was moving uphill when she saw a green Impreza jetting out of the pass, a purple haired girl having fear in her eyes. She ignored the Impreza and moved past the few turns before finding her son sitting next to the destroyed R34. Her eyes filled with tears as she parked her car before embracing her son tightly. “Thank God, thank God…” Kaede whispered as she held her confused son.

“Um…are you ok mom? This isn’t like you at all…” Neon asked, his face looking at her mother in confusion. She only repeated what she said earlier as she held her son a little too tight. “Mother…squeezing…me…ack!”

Kaede was quick on the draw to release her son, smiling at him. “So…what do we do about the R34? And…I’m sorry…” Neon was ready for a scolding, but instead she noticed her mother calling someone.

“Yes, yeah. He’s fine, nothing major. I know right? Hah…I gonna get him home. See ya.” She put her phone away and Neon sat down in her mother’s old HS30. At least Kaede would sleep well tonight.

“So who was that mom?” Neon asked her smiling mother.

“It was a friend of mine who’ll get the R34 out of there. I should be mad for trashing a very expensive car, but I’m just so happy that anger cannot override it.” Kaede responded to her lucky son, smiling as she returned her head to the road. Neon only looked at his left arm, where a superficial cut was showing. A little band aid and it’ll be gone at the most two days. He only sighed as he looked out the window, wondering where Shizuko disappeared to. They eventually got home where Airis was waiting at the door leading into the house. When his brother got out of the car, her sister ran to her brother and hugged her with the same intensity as their mother earlier. Needless to say he was suffocating.

“So tell me Airis…how did you find out about this Shizuko person?” The girls of the Kurubasa household were talking at the dinner table after Neon was sent upstairs to sleep.

Airis closed her eyes and exhaled before responding, “You remember a few days ago when I met up with Haruka? I asked her if she knew anyone in a green Spec C Impreza, it was safe to say that she didn’t remember anyone. But just before dinner she called me up and explained who that person was.”

Airis folded her hand and placed her elbows on the table before resting her chin on her hands, “Shizuko Furusawa, the ex-leader of the all girl Subaru Impreza group called the Sapphire Novas. From what she heard recently was that the ex-leader was in a mentally unstable state, but only in bursts. Apparently it was to the point where she was starting to hear a voice telling her to knock off other racers off the pass in efforts to kill them. I would feel sorry for her if that damn bitch wasn’t so close to Neon!” Airis raised her voice and slammed her right fist at the table, as if to indirectly punch Shizuko. Kaede only fell back on her chair before looking up and sighing, she shook her head and decided to sleep. So I was right…why is it that what I say can affect something else I don’t want to happen…

Chapter 14: Reborn and Rebirth

Neon was stuck in his room as he silently played something on his computer. Since the crash happened only a few days, his mother gave her a simple punishment of being grounded in his room. Simple really, cause today was the last day. After closing the game Neon heard his cell phone ring, a familiar number appearing on the screen and picked up the call. “Hey Kiyoshi, what’s up?”

He heard a sigh of relief, “Man Neon, after I heard that your R34 got smashed by that damn bitch I thought you were in the ER. Didn’t think about calling till now.”

Neon chuckled a bit before responding, “Naw man, still alive and kicking, and the only injury I got was a small cut on my arm that’s already gone.”

Kiyoshi slowly started laughing, Neon quick behind his laughter. “Wanted to see if you were alright. See ya.” He heard a small click before putting down his phone.

“Neon! Could you come down here real quick?” his mother’s voice called out to him.

“Be there in a sec!” Was all he responded as he exited his room, wondering what his mother wanted. Neon approached his mother as she was sitting down at the couch, “Yes mother?”

“I wanted to let you know I saw your best time. And to say this,” Kaede inhaled a little bit before continuing on, “If you want any car…I’ll buy it for you.”

Neon’s eyes opened wider in response. He swore he was going to get scolded, but she smiled a bit before asking, “Unless you already have something ready to go. Knowing you and Kayo…”

He only nodded his head as he simply responded with, “Yeah, I was just waiting for you to let me go to pick it up.” Kaede smiled as she signaled Neon to get out of the house. He hugged his mother before he called a certain mechanic.

“About time you got out! I swear you were stuck in there like you were critically injured!” Kayo said as Neon entered her newest car.

“A Lamborghini Gallardo? You sure you don’t want that NSX you dreamed about?” Neon asked the mechanic.

Kayo put the Gallardo into drive before responding, “Yeah, but a client of mine didn’t want to pay me in cash. So why not take a car in trade for a tune up? Worth it I think.”

Neon only shook his head as he listened to the Italian made V10 engine. “You made any changes to the car?”

“Nope, the power is pretty much there. But I did do some suspension work to make a little more in my favor.” Kayo responded as she stepped on the accelerator.

They both got to Kayo’s house, where she opened the garage door; revealing the same messy garage as usual. “Is it done?” Neon questioned as they approached the covered car.

“Yep, even managed to fully balance the engine like you asked, oddly enough it was pretty simple.” Kayo responded before putting her hands on the veil. “You ready?”

“Why the dramatic intro?” Neon questioned as he rolled his eyes.

Kayo shook her head, “Why not?” And she then unveiled the hidden car.

The blue Toyota 86 GT was exposed to their eyes, the car giving a more unique appearance due to the Tom’s body kit. The ultramarine blue was shining at them, the entire car ready to go. “Got the carbon fiber hood like you asked, as well as that GT wing. This thing is gonna be one hell of a stable car, although I thought the uphill was your specialty.” Kayo asked Neon, looking at his smirking face. He didn’t respond as he entered the car and turned on the engine, noticing the upgraded boxer engine giving a more powerful sound. He grinned at the sound while Kayo rolled her eyes.

“It is, but with the upgrades you put on it, it’s gonna make even the best R34 person think about what to do next!” Neon exclaimed as he grasped his hands around the steering wheel. “Well, you gonna take it up for a run?” “I guess you wanna join eh? You have that smirk again…” Kayo nodded before entering in the car.

“It’s amazing!” The GT was great, mostly because of its FR layout and the lack of the ATTESA system. It took the first hairpin with relatively no problem whatsoever, the new tires screeching a little bit. The 86 took the next turns with relative ease, the power accelerating with the increased tempo of the course. As it reached the first set of hairpins the 86 took the hairpins on the curve at record speeds, in Neon’s book anyway.

“I can’t explain how good this is! All thanks to the beautiful mechanic Kayo!” She looked away and furiously blushed before the high speed portion came and the GT just flew threw past the section, pulling the turns with no effort. The 86 GT was quick to take the sharp turns, and managed to take the next set of hairpin with the same velocity as the first set.

“Whew, man that was fast” Neon said as he opened the windows, letting the warm air inside the car.

"Well, since you did pay for a nice amount of the upgrades. Can…I do something?” Kayo asked as she looked at Neon with a small blush on her face.

“Hm? Um…sure.” Kayo then pecked Neon on his cheek, making his face blush the same shade as Kayo.

“You already know I joined the Burning Winds to get closer to you…and you knew I had a crush on you. Guess I wanted to try something…we all have to move on at some point. I knew I haven’t yet, but now I can.” Neon could only smile at her as he returned a peck on the cheek.

“Sure, I knew you did. But now it’s time to move on. For the both of us.” Kayo closed her eyes and nodded in response. The ride down was silent, but both of them felt like a moderate weight was lifted off.

In the Furusawa house, Shizuko was eating with her family. Shizuko ate a slower pace, her mind tuning out whatever her mother and father were talking about. It was one of the few days where the family could sit down and eat together, Shizuko really didn’t care.

“Mom, Dad…where the heck is my car?” That was the thing on Shizuko’s mind, her Spec C was gone from the garage as she wanted to drive today.

“Ah, well we got rid of it since a friend of ours wanted the car. Not to mention he was willing to pay a hefty price for it.” Shizuko only rolled her eyes as she heard this, groaning slightly at the thought of the car being gone. But maybe it was for the better, cause the next bit of news was surprising.

“So in exchange for the Spec C we got you the WRX STi 5 door you wanted. Whatever you do with it is whatever you want to do with it.” Shizuko almost dropped her utensils as she ran out of the house and into the garage. The 5 door was sitting right there, in the middle of two new cars. There was no work done on it, but hell she had an eye for this thing for a while. Shizuko slowly smiled as she knew what she was going to do after her parents were away. And it was going to be fun…

After her parents were done eating and left for a business trip Shizuko immediately took some parts out of a drawer in the garage. She managed to make enough changes to the engine to extract at least the same power as a Cosworth CS400. Even though she didn’t have to do all the work alone, it was about time she did some of her own tuning. Now came the harder part, how the heck was she gonna paint the car green? Blue wasn’t her color at all, and she thought of a person she knew for a place she can go to…

“Haruko? It’s been a while…” Shizuko said to the phone.

“Ah Shizuko Furusawa…since you called me I assume your Spec C is gone?” Haruko said with an unique tone.

She only smiled and responded with, “Yes, it’s out of my life. I think my mind is a lot clearer now, so you remember what we discussed yes?”

Haruko gave a small chuckle and said, “Yeah, paint the car green and finish up any tuning you screwed up with. Yep, just bring it to the place I will text you… and glad to see that you feel better as well. Good bye.” Shizuko got into the 5 door as she started the engine, it gave an off an odd noise since the tuning was a bit faulty in her tuning. Regardless it was still drivable and Shizuko went to the area her friend mentioned.

After a few hours of waiting the 5 door was ready, Shizuko got in the car and fired up the finished engine. The engine gave a definite roar as it was brought to life, putting a smile on her face. Shizuko wanted to put this new 5 door into the mountain pass, but she heard a small voice…and it muttered something…like it was trying to give her a name. “CS400? What the hell? This ain’t the Cogsworth…or whatever it’s called.” Shizuko sighed as she made her way to the mountain in the newly colored CS400…or whatever it wanted to call itself.

“That feels so much better” Shizuko said after going down the pass, taking the curves at a much faster pace. The lighter weight of the CS400 and the increased horsepower of the new engine made the car pass the first set of hairpins swiftly. In the high speed portion Shizuko had to actually control her foot in an attempt to control her speed, and she never had to do that before. The second set also being very easy, taking the hairpins with relative easiness.

“Holy…did I just take the gutter?” Shizuko asked as she noticed the car took the final hairpin with almost no effort at all.

“Hah…I think I can face him now…” Shizuko said, staring at the road to the city. She felt better about herself, the voice wasn’t there anymore, and she finally got a new car. Shizuko immediately took out her cell phone and texted a message to Haruko.

“Do you still have your ex-boyfriend’s number? Can you text him this…?”

And the last battle of the arc is gonna be next. Before any on you ask, I managed to shell out these chapters in quick succession was due to the decreased workload of approaching final...and the fact I gave up playing video games for writing. So yeah, hope you like it.

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So with my powers of reading and skimming I was able to read all that in like 6 minutes. I don't see any glaring errors so whoever is helping you with the technical and stylistic edits deserves much praise! *looks at shadow55419*

I see that you're getting better with the character interactions and dialogue! Keep up the awesome work and be sure to finish this arc out with a bang! I hope Katsuko appears in the next arc! I'm interested in how she'll play a hand in the story. *raises fist* Shebetterbeimportant... tongue.gif

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QUOTE (THE_HONDA_CG2 @ 11 minutes, 22 seconds ago)
So with my powers of reading and skimming I was able to read all that in like 6 minutes. I don't see any glaring errors so whoever is helping you with the technical and stylistic edits deserves much praise! *looks at shadow55419*

facepalm.gif not doing THAT much.

Okami, keep it up the race is well done, can't wait to see what you do with Akari in the next arc.

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Just reading this quickly, but the snippets I've skimmed trough seem pretty awesome! I'm looking forward to reading this a lot more in-depth when summer school is I love the use of so many different cars (Corvette, Viper, etc.) Keep up the good work!

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Well, the final chapter before I go off to work/finish my finals. I hope you enjoy this little arc. I will try to make omakes in attempt to keep my writing in check, but don't count on it.

Chapter 15: The Phoenix versus The Angel

“I hope he got it…” Haruko whispered as she stood outside her F430, waiting at the base of the Ushiroyama pass. She was surprised to see her old classmate giving her an odd request. Text your ex that I want to face him on the pass…and tell him it’s to end the feud. Haruko wished she was around the scene more, the words were foreign to her as she relayed the message to a long lost number. It was then she looked ahead of her she noticed a blue 86 GT approach her, and out came a familiar face.

“I got the message Haruko…it has been a while huh?” Neon asked the young lady. Haruko’s heart was beating fast, but she took a deep breath before approaching her ex-boyfriend. Sensing her anxiety Neon hugged Haruko, she only responded with a slight smile as she returned the hug.

They both let go as Neon looked out to the street, waiting for another car to appear. “But Haruko, tell me this: Did you regret ever killing her?” Haruko bit her lower lip before her right hand came up to her mouth and bit the top of her thumb. It wasn’t her fault per se, but she had a huge amount of innate strength. She closed her eyes in remembrance of the event.


It was a winter day, snow slowly falling on the R33 containing a couple. It was after school and Neon and Haruko were sitting silently as they watched the snow silently fall around the car. Haruko snuck a quick kiss to Neon before he returned the gesture of love. They both smiled and Neon started the engine in an attempt to warm it up. They didn’t say anything to each other, it was just enough for them to be near each other to know their affections for each other.

“Hey, could you go up the pass today? I would love to see you in action again.” Haruko asked her boyfriend, knowing that he would say yes. Neon nodded his head before revving the engine and heading to the pass.

It was a normal run, albeit the snow was making a large difference in the handling of the car. They reached the top and once Neon silenced the engine they both got out of the R33 and admired the view up on the top of the mountain. However they weren’t the only ones there as another girl appeared and managed to cover Neon’s mouth with something as he fell to the ground.

Haruko managed to hold the girl’s neck and throw her before she could do anything to Haruko, the other girl was about to swing her knife as Haruko managed to grab her arm and disarm the knife in an effort to nullify any more harm. Haruko then got on top of her and proceeded to punch her out, before finally putting her hands around the other girl’s head as she quickly twisted the head. She heard a definite snap, something Haruko didn’t want to do. Neon was quick to wake up as he witnessed his girlfriend effectively ending another person’s life. Needless to say there was a heavy mood on the way down.

*End Flashback*

And she became lonely after a few weeks later. Neon knew that the accidental death was giving Haruko hell inside her mind even to this very day. He sighed and put his right hand on her shoulder, “I know you didn’t mean to do it, and I think that we should’ve been more careful that day, but if it helps, my emotions on the day I broke up with you were in a total state of panic. I wish I could take back the things I said to you, and let me say this at least…I thought you were a brave girl that day.” Neon said, looking at the troubled Haruko.

He then proceeded to firmly kiss Haruko; a final kiss that Neon did, as to indirectly tell her it’s ok to move on. Haruko eyes teared up as his lips touched her lips, memories of the past flooding her mind. Haruko broke the kiss, feeling it wasn’t right to do this. Neon understood though, placing his hands on her shoulders. Haruko smiled at her ex as she nodded in acknowledgment of his forgiveness. “But there is one I cannot do Haruko, and I cannot abolish your sins. You should know that as well, but I just wanted to reiterate that.”

It was when Neon let go of Haruko that a green Impreza 5 door was approached the two of them. Shizuko knew that the two of them had a thing in the past, but decided to not break the moment. She exited the car and looked at Neon, his eyes showing a hint of happiness. Shizuko only looked away and approached the two, steeling herself for the next battle.

“So, you know what to do right Haruko? And you explained the rules to Neon right?” Shizuko said as she stopped at the two.

Haruko blinked as she was caught in her moment of happiness, “Ahahaha…oops I’ll tell him right away.” Shizuko let out a small grunt before entering her CS400, letting her emotions for Neon slowly numb her mind for a bit.

“L-Like Shizuko said, there are a few rules on this battle. For one this will be an uphill and downhill battle, with either requirement representing a win. If you or Shizuko pass the uphill point with at least a two second lead the winner is decided, and if that does not happen the winner is decided by the one who passes the start line first. Simple, right?” Haruko said semi-formally.

Neon simply nodded before heading to the 5 door and tapped the window, Shizuko opened her window and looked at the now serious Neon. “May the best racer win…and afterwards is it alright if I talk to you alone?” Shizuko shook his hand before analyzing what he said, her heartbeat started to get faster. They both lined up next to each other before Haruko started the countdown, the newly reborn Phoenix and the Risen Angel taking off the line.

“Ugh, so tell me again WHY we are here?” a rough looking man said to a certain long haired female. Her coffee-brown eyes overlooking the Ushiroyama pass, anticipating the next battle ahead.

“Because we need to analyze the two of them before we think about challenging them, plus I want to see how the Impreza girl is doing anyway.” She quickly responded, knowing that the man next to him was hoping to go home and do something other than spectate a race.

“Whatever you say Katsuko, I didn’t much sleep last night and I would love to be in my bed right now.” He said with an obvious tone of anger.

Katsuko rolled her eyes and glared at the man, “In case you forgot Tokoji, we need to make sure that we know who we are dealing with, and I might put you to race the 86 GT. So pay attention you…ARGH!” Katsuko screamed at Tokoji, his soft blue eyes narrowing in fear. He paid attention to the leader as he smoothed back his slick near black hair and looked at the battle ahead.

The CS400 was quick off the line, using the AWD to its advantage while the 86 GT had a little tire spin before it took off at a reduced velocity. They both took the first hairpin at an even faster speed then their fifteenth battle a while back. It wasn’t long before the CS400 took a sizable lead of a car length as it sped through the slightly curvy roads as before the harsher left turn in which she took a slightly larger lead, giving her the win if she could keep this lead up. The curvy roads were not a problem for either car as they slipped through them before hitting the first set of hairpin turns. Noticing Shizuko was not taking the gutter, Neon accelerated to the gutter before tapping the brake and accelerating through the first hairpin, but Shizuko grinned because she knew his old tactic. She let go of the accelerator and over steered the CS400 causing the 86 GT to immediately brake before an accident could happen. She’s improving! Not bad, I might have to do something new!

“So Airis…you do know why I brought you here right?” Haruka and Airis were at a small hill at the middle of the high speed section. Airis glared at her friend before looking away.

“Come on, you know…you could have said no. But you came here in order to look over your bother right?” Airis rolled her eyes, her previous attitude still prominent. Airis then looked at the road, looking at the M3 as it sat quite a distance away from the street.

“My brother almost died you know. I want to know who to watch out for before I start my little time here. She needs to pay for what she did…” Airis mumbled in anger, Haruka only sighed as she looked towards the sound of the two racers.

The next hairpin produced similar results, as Neon barely took the gutter as he emulated the same line as Shizuko. She questioned why he did that as he took the exact same line at the same exact speed, only to have him quickly take the gutter and tighten the distance between the two cars. It was the high speed portion in which the distance between the two cars got even closer, the weight difference between the two cars showing in terms of acceleration. The sharp left forced the CS400 to brake a bit more than the 86 GT who simply tapped the brakes as he drifted past the left with ease, the sharp right showing the same results. Shizuko knew that this battle would prolong into the downhill section and it was at that point in which she would accelerate past the 86 GT.

“It sure has been a while since we last talked like this hasn’t it.” Kayo said to Kiyoshi, who were past the uphill point of the pass.

“Indeed it has; still glad to see you still up and fixing cars.” Kiyoshi responded to his old friend’s statement. Kayo only looked to the sky as she closed her eyes and listened to the noise the cars made.

“The Impreza has good tuning, maybe a little bit over revving. And my tuned 86 GT is perfect for these roads, enough acceleration to match a AWD car and still turn like a cat…um…yeah” Kayo opened her eyes as Kiyoshi gave her a very odd stare.

“THAT was the weirdest analogy I EVER heard. You need to find more examples soon. Anyway, how’s the T.M? You looked at it before we came up here.” Kiyoshi asked.

Kayo only chuckled and responded, “Yes I did, and everything is just as it was back in high school. But your tires seem a little too clean, no trace of wearing. Are you sure you only come here in the mornings?”

Kiyoshi sighed as he looked to the ground, “No, truth be told I was scared to come go back. And my girlfriend wanted me to stay away for some time, and today was the first day of her little embargo.”

Now it was Kayo’s turn to look at Kiyoshi weird, “You know that applies to countries who want to block trade right? And you say I need to find a better example.”

Now came the second set of hairpins, and the 86 GT was right behind the CS400. The 86 GT quickly took the first hairpin at a faster speed and managed to overtake Shizuko. However the CS400 was quick to follow Neon’s same exact line, even to the gutter. She’s getting better and I can’t seem to shake her…I want to win…but it seems impossible from here on out…Neon sighed heavily as the CS400 was quick to follow the 86 GT, the GT’s tires screeching under the increased stress. Shizuko’s perception of time seemed to slow down for a second as she saw Neon’s GT slowly turn into the final hairpin, taking account of the way the tires moved and the body shift. Although she didn’t know how to do the gutter run earlier Shizuko now knew what to do, and finish her streak of losses.

“So it seems she is better…” Katusko whispered to herself before wacthing at the two cars passed the chicane and speed out of their sight. Tokoji yawned as he looked closely at the 86 GT, trying to analyze the driver’s tactics and style. He was trying his best to stay awake, his eyes slowly dropping every so often.

“Oi, Tokoji stay awake. Did you see the way both of them took the first gutter?” Katsuko asked her friend, looking away as she tried to hide a blush.

“Yeah yeah, he’s pretty good…or she or whatever. Looks like they know what they’re doing though.” Tokoji responded with a loud yawn right afterwards. Katusko rolled her eyes as she stood up and turned to Tokoji, she was about to say something but noticed the he knocked out. Katsuko scratched her head in anger, knowing that he wouldn’t wake up for a little bit. She sighed before looking back at the pass, hearing the loud squeal of tires as she assumed they made a U-turn.

The downhill section came upon them, the uphill having Shizuko’s CS400 behind the 86 GT by only its rear end. (BGM Yesterday by CHerry) Shizuko closed her eyes and gave out a small but fast breath as they past the few first turns at a lower speed before they both accelerated past the final turn, both cars giving their all as they were pushed to their own limits. The chicane was no problem to either car as they simply passed the chicane, then the first set of hairpins came again. Neon tapped the brakes of the GT as he entered the gutter while Shizuko just let go of the accelerator as she took the gutter as well. She now knows the gutter run, but why do I feel like this isn’t ending a feud rather than a…Neon’s mind was confused for a bit, only to notice his opponent was already ahead of him. He silently cursed his moment of lapse and accelerated to catch up with the CS400.

“So how do you assess your brother’s skills anyway Airis?” Haruka asked the still angry Airis, who knows what she was thinking at the moment she saw the 5 door Impreza.

“My brother is good. He will beat that son of a bitch Shizuko…I know it.” Airis responded with malice in her voice. Haruka only sighed as she looked towards the sound of the two cars.

She didn’t know what to say at the moment, it was now a personal grudge over something that Airis would not let go; but the only thing she could do now was try to temper her anger before the prominent battle. I only hope Airis doesn’t do anything drastic during the battle…I hope for Shizuko’s safety more than Airis’s safety…

The high speed part approached and gravity seemed to favor the more nimble 86 GT as it seemed to gain a unique burst of speed as the GT got closer to the CS400. Shizuko looked at her rearview window as the now slightly farther 86 was now closer to her, closing the gap she took advantage of. Sighing heavily Shizuko came across the s turns before the next set of hairpin turns, sliding past the turns in quick succession. The 86 GT also took the turns at the same velocity, albeit with a little bit of tire squeal. Taking the gutter again, the CS400 took the hairpin at a high speed and the 86 GT took the same tactic. However the slightly closer distance of the hairpins made the 86 GT enter and exit the turns at an increased speed. Now Shizuko knew it was going to be close, and she wanted to keep this clean.

“Let me ask you a question Kiyoshi, who do you think will win?” Kayo asked her old friend, noticing his eyes squinting at the city.

“I think whoever is in the 5 door is gonna win, the driver seems more adept in the downhill.” Kiyoshi said with a defeated sigh.

The girl only sighed as she looked to the sky, “So you to huh? There’s something about the Impreza and the driver of it…like the driver shed something off…and became free of something.”

Kiyoshi chucked at his friend’s response, earning him a moderate punch on the arm. “OW! You have more strength then you think you have! But Neon ain’t gonna win this time…”

Kiyoshi took a very deep breath, exhaling as he heard the tires squeal into the night air. “So, you gonna hit the sack after they’re done?”

“Yep, for once I am done with my tunings. Plus I don’t need to do anything else tonight. I plan in sleep into next week.” Kayo replied as she stretched her arms to the sky.

The third hairpin turn came and they were both close, the CS400 taking the helm of the race. Again the 86 GT was quick at the next succession of turns, almost passing the CS400. In an attempt to secure a win the CS400 widen the gap between the 86 GT and brake checked him, causing the 86 GT to harshly brake before the CS400 took the final hairpin. Sly tactic, but at least she won pretty much fairly…she learned a lot. And thus ended the Fallen Angel’s losing streak, and stopped the Blue Phoenix’s winning streak. Neon however kept accelerating past the start, the CS400 well ahead of it; in an attempt to catch the winner. Needless to say, this left a confused Haruko to ponder where the heck they were going.

The 86 GT appeared in Shizuko’s line of vision, and Neon seemed to gesture to follow him. After about few minutes later the 86 GT parked at what seemed to be a park. Shizuko questioned why Neon brought her here, but got out of the car regardless. She noticed Neon was acting rather weird; his care-free attitude was replaced by a little anxiety and nervousness. It wasn’t until he managed to look at her in which she saw a noticeable blush covering his face.

“Um…well…I-I was hoping to talk to you…about some stuff.” Shizuko smiled as she followed Neon to a bench not too far from their meeting point. He’s really troubled isn’t he? But I would be lying to myself if I didn’t have a thing for him…

“Well…is it ok to be kinda blunt?” Neon slowly asked after sitting down on the bench.

Shizuko followed suit and replied with, “Sure, what is it?”
Neon looked to the sky before exhaling deeply. “I didn’t know why but…I think I have feelings for you and in a similar fashion…” Neon took an odd ten seconds before continuing, “of…love. I don’t know why…but I want to protect you or some other thing like that…” Neon’s face became incredibly red, almost fire red.

Shizuko only chucked at the boy’s attempt at love, then she grabbed Neon’s hand. “I…have feelings of love to you also. I think it stemmed from our Composition class when we first met. I kept saying to myself ‘He’s just another lucky guy’ but the longer and longer I hang out with you; my heart was telling me otherwise. It was love it told me, but I couldn’t swallow it. Then the race came, and it was at that moment my heart and mind felt numb for you.” Neon was about to say something before Shizuko gave the lonely boy a hug.

“So…is it possible that…could we start dating?” Neon asked the question, the word dating taking a few seconds to come out. Shizuko’s green eyes almost teared up as the words reached her ears.

“Yes I would, but I have to admit. You are going to be my first boyfriend…but can I do something to solidify our relationship?” Neon looked at the teary eyes girl as her face came close to his face, their lips touching with a soft kiss. Their faces were red with a heavy blush, but they both felt like nothing could separate them. And in the very next second their lips touched again, their love for each other manifesting in a long kiss. And the Fallen Angel felt her wings soar along with the Phoenix’s risen body.

End of Arc: The Redemption of the Fallen Angel

“So, you think the pass is gonna be lively again?”

“Oh yeah, I know there are gonna be a lot of races from here on out. By the way, when is your LFA going to be complete?”

“Very soon, and I would like some revenge as well…”

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Dang son. That ending was really good. I don't even know how you... I mean... It was... Phew... You have gotten so much better in the span of like less than a week. You've also been able to churn out so many chapters in such a short period of time... You be cray cray! Keep up the awesome work though. Looking forward to more of your stuff soon!

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Posted by: OkamiWind Jun 17 2013, 12:04 AM
Omake 1 is here. All the Omakes I make could be considered part of the story and will be varied. This one will just focus on the two mains and the overall tone in this one is a little bit lighthearted. Also, shadow55419 unless it's a GLARING grammar mistake I don't want to have someone look over the thing. Trying to see if I can find my own mistakes from time to time.

Omake 1: Their First Time

Neon was nervous inside his mother’s fully tuned Fairlady Z Z33, his hand shaking a bit as he slowly approached a certain household. Well, why is he nervous? He is about to go on his first date in a while and not to mention it’s with his new girlfriend Shizuko. It was only a few days into their relationship and well…Shizuko was a little awkward with their love. She kinda didn’t want people to know about their relationship and that was fine, but the odd part is when she would get too close to Neon. She would sometimes jump a bit every time SHE would attempt to hold his hand, accidently would lightly hit Neon when he tried to put his arm over her shoulders, and sometimes she would just push Neon away when she would put her arm around Neon. Needless to say Shizuko made this little relationship odd for them…more or less Neon at least.

Shizuko was nearly ready to go on their date but she was debating between a black zip down hoodie or a dark gray cardigan. She was wearing a sky blue collared shirt some tight beige cargo pants and is going to wear some black sneakers, and was now deciding on which article of clothing she would wear…I would like to wear this new cardigan, but I’m used to the hoodie…and not to mention today is rather nice…decisions decisions…Frowning at her current predicament, she ultimately decided to wear the hoodie to adapt a more tomboyish look. She nodded at her getup and proceeded to exit her house with the first thing she saw was a white Z33.

“So your mother gave you permission to use that?” She said to the driver inside, “I would think she would not trust you after…that.” Neon only smiled and shook his head before getting out and opening the door for the girl.

“Well she wanted to get something ready and wanted to get some time in the engine, so she allowed me to use this. After you.” Shizuko only giggled as she entered into the car, Neon smiled as he closed the door and got into his seat before driving off.

“This amusement park you said…it’s a bit of a drive isn’t it?” Shizuko said as they were entering on the highway.

“Yeah it is, but it could be worse. I mean a twenty minute drive isn’t going to kill you right? And it’s a good place…I heard anyway.” Neon replied as he lightly pushed the accelerator. It was about twenty-five minutes away, so they spent a bit of time getting to know each other a bit better. But there was one thing that Neon well…kinda lost his attention at. Holy heck…her chest…BADBADBAD! It seemed that Shizuko somewhat let her chest…more exposed? Lowered? More prominent? Something along those lines at least and all that Neon could do is drive forward…without looking and thinking about…stuff.

“Oh…so this is the place. It’s actually pretty cool!” The park was pretty average in terms of size, maybe a little bit on the larger side. There were at least 3 coasters that could be seen, the larger ones at least.

They exited the Z33 and Shizuko was quick to hold on Neon’s left arm, hugging it before she said, “Well then, shall we go? Since people won’t be here that we know of, I’ll put more self-control in my actions! So…yeah.” Neon smiled and lessened up his previous tension before walking to the entrance. They both managed to get to the entrance and got their tickets rather smoothly probably due to the fact that there were fewer amount of people today. Which was odd since it was a Sunday.

“Seems that we are lucky today huh? Great day!” Shizuko exclaimed, her apparent happiness showing in the terms of her voice. Neon could only look at the girl before patting her head, only to have Shizuko giggle in the action. He only rolled his eyes as they got past the security checkpoint, both of them having no bag whatsoever. Then they were greeted with the sights of the park, noting that they were at a fork that leads them deeper into the park.

“So which way do you want to go? I mean there is virtually no one here, so…” Neon asked the excited girl.

“Um…let’s go to the right. I think some of the higher end intensity rides are there.” And they made their way to the right of the fork.

Unfortunately Shizuko was wrong since they came across the water part of the park. Log rides, water rides, and some odd raft ride around something were the things they saw. “Wrong Shizuko…this place will get us wet or drenched of we are not careful.” Neon grumbled. Shizuko only puffed her cheeks as she looked around, carefully noting the odd raft ride.

“Let’s go back and head to the left path, cause it should make sense…” So they both went back and went to the opposite path, and they were at the right place. Hanging coasters and steel coasters were prominent here, Shizuko and Neon smiled at each other before going on the nearest coaster.

“The ‘Iron Warrior’? What type of name is that Neon? It’s almost stupid…” Shizuko muttered.

“How would I know Shizuko? It’s what they named it or whatever…” Neon complied as he rolled his eyes.

The queue was short, maybe five minutes if Shizuko would stop pulling Neon to EVERY turn that was supposed to be there if the line was longer. “My arm…how long have you been holding on to it for?” Neon complained at he made an impromptu massage on his arm.

“Since we got out of the car…and before you ask, yes I wonder how the heck we got past the checkpoint with me on your arm.” Shizuko replied to the imminent question. He only sighed as they both were waiting for their turn.

“Wow, this is kinda cramped.”

“Are you sure this is safe? I mean we are really close…”

“But we are already at this step so why not go all the way?”

“Maybe, but if something happens it’s all on you alright?”

“Yeah yeah…now hold still.” If you were thinking something dirty, go bash your head on your desk. The car they were in was really tight and the space between them was almost as large as a strand of hair. At least there was plenty of leg space to move about. Why they didn’t use the leg space for something like more body room? Who knows. But they were comfortable…at least they thought so. The ride overall was pretty simple, a few amount of turns after a fairly small drop. They didn’t feel like this was intense, but a good warm up at least; and they were glad to get off the ride.

“Anyway so what next?” Neon asked the still ecstatic girl, if not more pumped due to the small adrenaline created from the ride.

“Oh! That one! The hanging one that’s over there.” Shizuko pointed farther down and revealed the largest coaster there, a hanging one that had quite a large amount of turns, loops, and twists.

“Alright, shame that it looks like the most intense thing here. But oh well, let’s go!” Neon explained now this time pulling Shizuko, a nice change of pace for the both of them.

“Oh that’s large!”

“It really isn’t much. But I’m sure we’ll have some fun.”

“Really? Cause it looks like it’ll be more fun for you then it is for me…”

"C’mon now you’re thinking second thoughts? You thought of this idea!”

“I know…but let’s hope it isn’t painful…”

“Since when did a ride like this become painful? I know there are a few isolated incidents in which it may hurt, but those were rare and people made sure to check it after the incident.” Gutter minds, STOP. After waiting for an extended ten minutes they were on the ride, and Shizuko’s stomach decided to go to her head as she was regretting to go on this now slightly intense ride. Shizuko only sighed as they were checked for their safety. And needless to say…Shizuko well…“GET ME OFF THIS THING! IT’S NOT FUN AT ALL! OH GOD!”

“That was fun Shizuko! But…are you alright?” Neon said as they were exiting the ride, with Shizuko somewhat shaky on the way out. Thankfully there was a nearby bench and they both sat down, Shizuko’s breathing slowly calming down.

“Sure is a nice day for spring isn’t it? The temperature is just right ain’t it?” Neon said to break the odd silence. He only sighed as they both looked at the sky, the sun giving its warmth to the couple. Shizuko then tilted her head left as she rested on Neon’s shoulder, feeling better since the ride. They both looked at each other before he pressed his lips on her forehead, her face smiling with the action.

“Alright…I think I feel better. Can we grab something to eat though? We just came here and I didn’t eat breakfast…” Neon got up and offered his hand to the sitting girl, she smiled and took the gesture up.

“Hm…so what should we get…” Neon said as they both went around the area, there weren’t that many food stands in the area. Shizuko looked around before she tugged at Neon’s arm, leading him to some sort of hot dog stand.

“Here huh? Very well then…” Thus they ordered some hot dogs, Neon’s in some sort of American style while Shizuko was a simple one topped off with ketchup and mustard. It was simple but they both enjoyed it, and it oddly filled them up fully. Which was odd since Neon would have at least five hot dogs before even considering being full, and Shizuko is about the same but at four. Why is Neon looking at Shizuko weirdly again?

“AH! I knew this would happen eventually…” The toppings were staining themselves on Shizuko’s shirt…yeah her shirt. And it very visible where her chest was…again…

WHY THERE? ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME FLUSTERED WORLD?! CAUSES IF YOU ARE YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB AT IT. Neon’s face was flushed red when he stared at her chest…again…and had to force himself to look away.

“Neon, can you…wait that’ll look weird. But at least give me some wet napkins or something like that…” He was quick to comply and immediately shot up to get the required items.

“Here.” Neon quickly grumbled as he handed the wet paper towels to Shizuko. She nodded and quickly took them and wiped down the stains, only to have them be smeared even more on her shirt.

“Dammit and I just washed this one as well…” She only sighed as Shizuko looked at Neon’s…flustered face.

“Oh? Are you thinking naughty things? Heh, never took you for that type of guy you know…” Shizuko commented on her boyfriend’s state. His face only got more flustered his face now a cherry red color. He only walked away as Shizuko was left giggling in her place. Thankfully after a quick breather Neon’s face became normal again.

“So what now?” Neon and Shizuko were sitting on a bench near the entrance of a ride. They practically went through all the other rides on this part of the park, thanks to the ridiculously short wait times for them. Like it was really ridiculous, for example the max wait for a ride was only fifteen minutes. And that was only because they were walking at a very slow pace.

“I don’t know…but I think we should head to the water area, it’s kinda warming up a bit…” They both nodded at each other before heading off towards that section of the park.

“Man I wanna go home now…” They both said in an odd unison. They somehow managed to get on ALL the rides in the park in a matter of A FEW HOURS. I mean ALL OF THEM. The sad part was that they didn’t even get at least a cup of water on them, on ALL the water rides.

“Well…this park was very underwhelming to say the least. Why did mother recommend me here again…” Neon mumbled to himself, Shizuko actually thought the same thing albeit the mother part.

“Hey, let’s just get outta here…I mean the sun’s is not even down yet…what time is it?” Shizuko said as she looked at her phone.

“It’s only 5PM…ugh, let’s head to the park or something…” They both just nodded before going back to the Z33. Oh don’t get me wrong, Shizuko had a nice time but today’s lack of events made today boring.

Shizuko yawned in the car, stretching her arms during the yawn. Neon just sighed as he continued on the highway feeling a slight amount of sleep overcoming him…until a blue Civic EK9 sped by them. “AH!” Shizuko screamed as the EK9 flew past them, the air of the speeding EK9 lightly moving the Z33.

“Huh, so the Free Cycle is here…” Neon mused to the air as his eyes narrowed at the EK9.

“What? The Free Cycle? Who’s that?” Shizuko asked the driver, Neon’s eyes opening to the question.

“Oh right I never told you about my past huh? Well I was a highway racer back in the day, I think it was called the Wagan…? I forgot the name of the highway.”

Shizuko only mouthed a simple ‘oh’ before slumping back in her seat. “Care for a display?”

“Sure, why not.” Neon sighed as he prepared the Z33.

Neon slammed the accelerator of the Z33 as the modified engine roared to catch up to the blue EK9. The traffic was mild so there was no need to worry about pressing the brakes unless a major turn was next. The EK9 acknowledged the challenge and also sped up its good lead and increasing it to a substantial lead. Neon only smirked and switched up the gears to the fifth gear, letting the engine rev a bit past the red line before noticing a small beep from his phone.

“Um…does that mean a cop is nearby?” Shizuko looked at Neon worried, knowing his law abiding ways.

“Crap, hold on tight for a quick second.” Neon said as he lightly slammed his brakes, shifting down as the speed decreased leaving the speeding EK9 to deal with a hidden cop.

“Oh, good luck escaping a GT-R R35 man…” Shizuko spoke to the EK9 as the GT-R’s sirens went off, the distance between the two rapidly decreased.

“Escaped that one…man I never had to deal with cops back then…” Neon sighed as he continued at a law abiding pace.

“So, how’s that for a display Shiki-san?” Neon said as they both got out of the car and into the local arcade.

“Good, still would have wanted to see you outrun him…but another time yes?” Shizuko asked with a faint smile. Neon only smirked and replied,

“Maybe, maybe. So what did you want to do here anyway?” I mean she DID ask to go the arcade JUST as they exited the freeway.

“I wanted this thing sssssooooo badly, but I can never get the tickets needed to get it…I was hoping…” Shizuko mumbled off, leaving a faint blush on her face.

Neon slowly smiled as he put his arm around her waist. “Sure, just leave it to me. I know a few tricks to get a couple of tickets.”

“Eh? This one? I am SO not lucky with this…” Shizuko looked at the machine. It was one on those ticket machines that you had to drop the ball into a hole to get tickets or something like that.

“Yep, you know I got jackpot on this thing at least 10 times right? And I think I have 5000 tickets on my card…and by 10 I mean a little more than that…” Neon said, Shizuko raising her eye in response.

“Uh huh, sure. Show me or its all lies.” Neon sighed as he swiped Shizuko’s card and he waited for the right moment, he pressed the button and it went into the jackpot hole. Needless to say Shizuko’s jaw just dropped.

“See? I told ya, now let me get it another time.” He swiped three more times and proceeded to wait. First ball only got 50 tickets and the second ball managed to get the drop ball bonus, and it was at 8. Shizuko only stared at her boyfriend as he looked at the machine and just yawned. The jackpot was in yet again, and managed to get REALLY lucky with the machine. The other 7 balls managed to total about 100 tickets.

“Alright one last one…” Neon shook his head and just hit the button…and he hit the monster jackpot of 20,000. Neon only opened his eyes as he simply just said, “Huh, luck must really like us.” Shizuko only squeezed her boyfriend as they saw the tickets flow in.

“Well…maybe we didn’t get enough tickets for the item, but you have to only grab about 1000 more anyway.” Neon said to Shizuko. They played a little more ticket games before just goofing around in the arcade. And Neon learned more about Shizuko in this moment then the amusement park. She happened to be quite a gamer: shooters, racing, RPGs, and other various titles. And truth be told, he wanted to have a gamer girlfriend.

He smiled as they approached the Z33 once again, it was night time and Shizuko needed to get home soon. “Thank you and we should just head close by for the next date huh?”

“Unless we are going to somewhere a little farther than yeah we should.” Neon replied as he started up the Z33’s engine.

“Well, that was fun at least.” Shizuko said as she exited the car, leaning at the open driver’s window. Neon only smiled at the girl before he looked at how she was leaning ov-BAD MIND BAD!

Neon had to close his eyes for a second before responding, “Yeah it was, well it was nice not having you not hurting me…like what do they call it…a tsundere…or something like that.” Shizuko only sighed before giving Neon a deep kiss on his lips. Neon was surprised at first but he simply got absorbed in it until he felt his right hand being guided to…

“Don’t think I didn’t notice your eyes looking somewhere this whole time. And yes, I usually bind these a little bit.” Shizuko said with an obvious grin on her face, Neon just quickly pulled his hand away before driving out of there.

“Heh, he’s a cute one when he’s flustered.”


There, this'll do it. Does anyone want to put a few ideas into my head? I kinda don't have anything right now and my head is a little filled with work and all that. I do have only two requirements about the ideas if you wish to put something in my head: It must be either DURING the first arc somewhere OR DURING the summer time. Fall is when the second arc starts so yeah.

Posted by: shadow55419 Jun 17 2013, 12:39 AM
did pretty good, not shocking to see Neon staring like a typical idiot guy tongue.gif

P.S. message received and understood.

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Omake numero dos. This one is a bit different, this time looking back in their past in one day in high school. I will make some notes after the story just in case your confused about the timeline of this and its relevance to the events in the main story.

Omake 2: In the Past

It was another morning in Ushiroyama with Neon struggling to get up. Normally he would be up without any problems but today was an odd case, blame videogames. Groaning, he accidently rolled out of bed and fell down face first. “Just my morning luck…” he stated as he got off from the ground.

“Hey bro? You alright?” A young feminine voice asked from the other side of his bedroom door.

“Yep. Just got outta bed weird…and I think my neck is stiff…” Neon replied. He lightly massaged his left part of his neck with the same side arm. Exhaling he managed to change into his uniform and exited the room.

“Morning everyone” Neon said to the other three occupants in the dining room. Airis smiled at him, Kaede just looked at him and nodded, and his father just sipped his coffee. Neon sighed as he knew that the family wasn’t necessarily close and each person had their own respective things to worry about. He simply took his seat and muttered something before he ate. It was silent…sadly. Airis just finished up her meal before going to the door and got her shoes on. Neon didn’t finish his meal but followed the same suit as her sister.

“Silent today huh?” Airis whispered to her brother, Neon could only nod as he finally got his shoes on.

“We’re heading out…” the twins replied as they left the house. No response…

“Well it probably didn’t help that they were fighting again…” Airis said after getting on the bus to their school. Neon only sighed as he slumped into the inner most seat and his sister kindly sat at the outer seat.

“Man, how many times did they fight already…” Neon asked as he stared into the ceiling, Airis only held up the number five as her brother only eyed her hand. The bus stopped another time and more students came on, leaving Neon to sigh again.

Until a certain raven haired girl came in and sat behind Neon, she only smirked before putting his arms around Neon’s neck. “Morning” the girl whispered in an oddly seductive way.

“Was that really necessary Haruko? But morning anyway…” He replied, acknowledging her attempt to wake him up. “Where’s your sister anyway? Isn’t she usually with you?”

Haruko let go of Neon and sat back in her chair. “She had class duties or something like that today, so you can sleep comfortably for today.” Neon only smiled before slumping himself to sleep.

“Bro, we are here.” Airis shook Neon awake as the bus slowly stopped at the stop. He only stretched out before getting up, yawning as he got out of the bus. Haruko attached herself to his left should as she left the bus herself.

“Well I need to help out with some stuff with the Archery club so I’ll leave you two alone. See ya in class!” Airis said to the two of them before running off to school. Neon and Haruko waved at her as she went farther and farther away.

“She’s always active huh? Only if we were more active…” Haruko said to Neon.
He only gave her a weird look and replied with, “Well at least we are not fat…” Haruko only laughed lightly as they took their own pace to school.

“Hey you two, still attached as ever huh?” A red haired girl said to the couple as they entered the school entrance, Haruko only smiled as she replied, “Well good morning to you to Kayo.”

Kayo only ruffled her hair a bit before walking into the school with them. Then out of the blue a red orange haired boy came up behind them.

“MAN I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA BE LATE!” The guy yelled at the four. Needless to say Haruko and Kayo gave the guy a punch in the gut, and the guy just bent over. “OW! Ya know you didn’t need to do that…ugh.” He managed to say.

“You know Kiyoshi, you outta not yell in people’s ears.” Neon said as he held Haruko’s fist.

“See you at lunch.” Neon said as he entered his classroom, Haruko had to go to the next classroom for her class. As she entered into the room she saw a familiar purple haired girl sitting behind to her seat, looking outside.

“Hey there Shizuko, you feeling ok?” Haruko said to the girl. She lazily turned her head and stared back at Haruko, she shook her head no.

“Huh? Why not? And why aren’t you talking?” Shizuko sighed as she looked back outside the window, leaving Haruko to sit back down in her seat. The teacher then came in and class began.

“Geez Shizuko what happened? You ain’t like this much of the time.” Haruko had to say that to Shizuko, her silence was really getting on her nerves.

“Sorry about that…I just had a rough morning, parents were fighting and I was caught in the crossfire.” Haruko simply nodded with a worried expression on her face. Shizuko only stretched before looking back out of the window…again.

“You want to hang out with my group of friends today at lunch? It worries me that you ain’t talking so much, c’mon it ain’t gonna kill you.” Haruko pulled Shizuko’s shirt a bit before she nodded and replied, “Sure why not.”

“Hey Haruko, whose the other girl?” Kiyoshi said to the two approaching females. Haruko only sat down next to Neon as the other girl sat next to a smaller girl.

“Oh? Shizuko-san? You are going to eat with us today?” The girl said as Shizuko sat next to the girl.

“Geez Haruka, couldn’t you be more discreet about what you say nowadays huh?” Haruko lightly put her fist on top of Haruka’s head as she only closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

“Anyway yeah, her name is Shizuko. She had a rough morning and was hoping she would loosen up today by hanging out with all of us. Hope you don’t mind.” Shizuko only looked down in embarrassment as she was introduced.

“Well, since we have someone new here…why not introduce ourselves formally yeah?” Neon said to the group.

“Hey there! Name’s Kiyoshi, I don’t bother with the last name stuff. It’s kinda hard for me to say as well…” The red orange haired boy said, smiling to Shizuko. She only nodded in acknowledgement.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Kayo Fujimoto. I hope we can get along well.” Shizuko also nodded in response…but it felt a little odd to meet her in these circumstances. She was her mechanic for her Impreza Spec C after all.

“My name is Neon Kurabasa, it’s a pleasure to meet you Shizuko.” The blue haired boy said to Shizuko while also attempting a bow in a seat. He seemed nice and pretty well behaved…for first impressions at least. Shizuko also replicated the action back to Neon.

“And I’m his twin, Arirs Kurubasa. Hope we can get along well!” And the blue haired girl held out her hand in a handshake. Shizuko looked at the hand for a second before shaking her hand.

“Well since we are doing this…name’s Haruko. But you already knew that.” Haruko nodded at Shizuko, she simply nodded back.

“And my name is Haruka! AKA the younger twin sister who looks nothing like my twin.” The dark pink haired girl said, Shizuko only looked at her funny before slowly looking away.

“Well…um…my name is Shizuko Furusawa…and it’s nice to meet you all.” Shizuko loudly muttered before bowing.

This only made the group look at one another, Neon was quick to clear his throat to cut the awkward silence. “Well now, the food ain’t gonna eat itself. We already wasted a nice amount of time just introducing ourselves.”

“That wasn’t that bad right?” Haruko said to Shizuko, it was a few minutes until class resumed and they were walking back to their seats.

“I guess…although I felt like I wasn’t needed…” Shizuko said before sitting back in her seat.

“Wasn’t needed? Please girl, we were glad to have you in our group. In fact Neon was actively trying to get you in the conversation! You have to admit that you feel better at least right?” Haruko replied as she stumbled into her seat, tripping over her own feet. “NO ONE SAW THAT.” Shizuko let out a light laughter as she shouted that out. “See you are feeling better. C’mon, admit it.”

Shizuko lightly smiled and replied, “Yes, I do feel better.”

Class ended for the day and people were filing out of school to enjoy the rest of their day. Neon was ready to leave the school until he saw Shizuko at the front door, she was just standing there and he felt like talking to her. “Hey Furusawa-san! You alright?” Shizuko only turned around to see Neon approach her.

“Oh…Kurubasa-kun, I’m fine. Just standing here and wonder what I was going to do later on today.” Shizuko replied to the boy, he only smiled as he thought of something to do with her…and no not like that.

“Wanna head to the arcade? I know that most girls don’t play games…but I thought why not let you at least…um…” Neon started as he scratched his head.

Shizuko only smiled at the boy’s offer. “Sure, to tell the truth I do go there occasionally.” Neon sighed in relief as they went ahead to the arcade.

“So how you like Shizuko, Airis?” Haruka asked the taller girl. “She’s fine, besides she’s new anyway. Can’t discriminate until she reveals her true colors.” Airis replied as she released the string of her bow, it landed in the eight point area.

“Tch, could have raised it a bit.” Airis switched places with Haruka as Haruka readied her bow.

“True true, but she doesn’t seem harmless at all. I mean we just met her for goodness sake. Besides, we all know you have a bit of a brother complex with onii-chan anyway.” Haruka released the string as she managed to hit the nine point marker.

“Oh nice one! And no, I don’t have a brother complex you creep.” Haruka only sighed as their captain came up them.

“Nice job Haruka! I saw that one, if you possibly aimed a little higher then maybe you could have hit a bull’s eye. You could learn something Airis, and I do think you have a small brother complex. I also heard that.” The captain nodded at Haruka before leaving the two of them. Airis simply rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Anyway, so you think I should lower my LanEvo a bit?” Kayo nodded yes to Kiyoshi’s question.

They were at her garage, looking at his LanEvo to see if Kiyoshi could improve his times. “I think a little bit, will have to stiffen the car up a little bit but the lower center of gravity could improve your timing. By the way, Shiuzko…what you think of her?”

Kiyoshi looked at Kayo oddly before responding, “Eh, can’t judge a book by its cover. But for once I don’t want to hang out with her.”

Kayo dropped her tools in defiance. “WHAT? Wai…WHAT? You don’t want to hang out with a FEMALE for once? Am I still talking to the Kiyoshi I knew?”

Kiyoshi sighed and replied, “Yes you are, but I think this girl ain’t the one for me. She seems too troubled to deal with me.”

Kayo picked her tools and rolled her eyes. “How do you think all of us feel when you hit on others you freak…”


Alright in relevance to the events of arc 1
- This is obviously before the big crash event.
- They are in the middle of their first year, nothing drastic happened.
- As they went on in life memories of the group were suppressed or forgotten, thus the odd new beginnings were there.

Alright, seriously. If anyone has an idea for an omake for this fan fic, PM me. Or else I might not have much to write for a while...and I want to make sure I can shell these out in a semi-good pace...and this was kinda a speed write too.

About 4 hours in total I think?

Posted by: OkamiWind Jul 11 2013, 10:59 PM
...WOW how long as it been since I last updated? Anyway this is an omake again, and this one may be OOC for the people introduced in it. Its been a yeah.

Omake 3: Odd Realations

Kaede stretched out her arms after somewhat long drive. “Mmph, man how long has it been since I last been to this place…” She parked the 240ZG in front of an old shop she went to find the old “White Ghost of Akina”, a tofu shop to be precise.

“The Fujiwara Tofu shop…hm, to think that the old man would still be in this shop after all these years…hmph.” Kaede exited her car and saw a blue Subaru GC8 at the parking area of the shop. “A GC8? What the hell happened to the AE86?”

Then out came an older gentlemen with short black hair with a cigarette in his mouth, “Hello there ma’am, how may I help you?” His gentle mature voice broke Kaede’s concentration of thought and she let out a small scream just before seeing the old man there.

“Geez Bunta, couldn’t you be any more discreet with your entrances? You almost scared me…” Bunta could only smirk at the lady before her. “Anyway, why are you here?”

“Hmph, I was here to see if you actually managed to get your kid to the pro league or not.” Kaede replied after they entered the tofu shop. They were sitting down in the living room, where Kaede was staring hard at Bunta for some odd reason. Bunta only exhaled his cigarette after hearing the woman’s response. “And why exactly do you want to know that again?”

Kaede only rolled her crimson eyes as she sighed heavily and responded, “Cause didn’t we make a bet to see if either one of us could make our children a professional racer did you not remember?!” She only threw her hands up and groaned out in anger over his apparent obliviousness.

“Oh? I remember something like that back in college…” Kaede could only slam down her head after that.

“Ugh, I know you were a senior at the time and I was, what, a high school junior at the time? Sure I managed to miraculously find you when we randomly raced on Akina but didn’t we make a bet old man?” Kaede retorted after banging her head on the desk.

Bunta only sighed as he rubbed the back of his head, “Yes, I do remember something like that happening back then…but that was a while ago when you were a lone racer.” Bunta said while tossing his cigarette to the ashtray.

“It was a while ago…yes I remember you almost managed to beat me that day.” Kaede only smirked at that statement, she could clearly remember the day. If it wasn’t for Bunta’s technique in the five consecutive hairpins she would have won with a good hundred meter gap. Such a shame she wasn’t an Akina native.

“Well anyway, I heard that your son…um…” Kaede only stared up to the ceiling.

“Ah, Takumi. What about him?” Kaede lightly slapped her face before continuing her earlier question, “Yeah Takumi, he’s in the professional league right?” Bunta only sighed and nodded.

Kaede wondered if it was a problem for him but only shook the thought out. “It wasn’t an easy drive out to here so I guess I’ll be leaving now…White Ghost.” Kaede then got up and exited the tofu shop. Bunta only looked at her as she exited and decided to take another cigarette.

So…the 240ZG driver WAS the old driver named Aqua…huh. Little after Kaede left the shop she was followed by a white R33, a certain coffee brown haired girl was tailing her. Hm, so she is the mother of that girl’s boyfriend; looks like she isn’t active though…Katsuko thought as she managed to keep an incognito profile as she trailed the 240ZG to the highway. It was until a few minutes in the highway where the 240ZG suddenly accelerated to a very high speed.

“What is she doing…?” Katsuko quickly thought if she should follow her and decided to go for it, flooring the accelerator to catch up to the 240ZG. Kaede looked at her rearview window and noticed a R33 quickly catching up to her, she only let out a light smirk before signaling to the R33. Like she expected the R33 slowed down and followed her to the shoulder of the road. Both Kaede and Katsuko got out of their respective cars and looked at each other.

“Mind telling me why you were following me young girl?” Kaede rudely asked Katsuko. She only remained silent, testing the rumors of her possible short fuse. Kaede’s left eye twitched as the girl never responded, Kaede sighed heavily before asking again.

“Why are you following me? Do you want to race?” Kaede now was thinking of either driving off or just straight up decking the girl to the face.

“Sure, I was just testing some rumors I heard that’s all.” Kaede just glared at the girl as she entered the R33, now she was infuriated.

After getting in her car she immediately slammed the accelerator, leaving Katsuko to slam her accelerator as well to catch up with the 240ZG. Katsuko knew not to take this opponent lightly…but where the heck did she go?

“Wasn’t she…?” No really, she just disappeared. Gone. Poof. This only left Katsuko to go back to legal speeds and leave her in a huge state of confusion. Well, at least she got to confirm some stuff…



Meh, I could have done better but this'll do for cleaning the rust out. I plan on doing a race next one, just a pure race between two completely random cars. Need to see if I still got it.

Posted by: OkamiWind Jul 20 2013, 12:22 AM
Yo, I decided to make a quick race to relearn the track...and I made it short to introduce some Initial D...techniques in. I dunno, but hope you like it. Also gonna need help with something for the next arc and I need help from the readers...if they want to.

Random Race

The starting line was set with two cars side by side at the top of the pass, a red Lotus Elise 111R and a blue BMW M3 GTS. After a short countdown between the drivers they both accelerated as fast as they could, the lighter Elise gaining the slight advantage in acceleration. Upon the positioning they both past the initial s turn the first hairpin appeared and both cars quickly braked into a drift past the hairpin no problem. However before the left turn was where the two driver’s tactics were different, the GTS was taking the racing line while the Elise stuck a bit close the apex on most turns. This left the GTS at a higher speed then the Elise, however the Elise was definitely compensating for this difference by using the lighter body to quickly turn past the next hairpin. As the result the Elise was entering and exiting at a slightly higher speed then the GTS, opening the gap a bit. This continued to the next hairpin as well, leaving a car length distance between the two racers.

However the high speed portion of the pass was the GTS’s main area of attack, using the higher powered engine to quickly close the gap between the two cars. Soon the GTS was ahead of the Elise by half a car length, leaving the Elise driver a little demoralized. Still this high speed portion was bound to end soon and about a few seconds later the GTS showed it’s lights to the Elise, signaling where the start of the Elise’s attack. The Elise was able to get just behind the GTS as it went through the next set of hairpins, leaving the Elise driver a little too proud. It was then the Elise was seeing a familiar way the hairpin was set up, similar to a track the driver knew too well…if the Elise were to come out on top the tactic had to be tried. The second hairpin was like the last one, thus the Elise attempted the tactic but he didn’t anticipate the hidden guard rail. That left the Elise to swerve back on the original line the driver used, opening the gap to a good two seconds due to that simple flaw. So much for the Invisible Line…the Elise knew this was a lost battle so the Elise managed to take the racing line down to the finish, where the GTS was not waiting. Unknown to the passing Elise was a F430 Italia.

“This was the fifth race this past two days…it is surely reviving, surprised there is no one here to spectate…” Haruko mumbled to herself as she finished up her last cigarette and tossed the butt to the ground. She looked at the emptied pack and crushed it in her hand before tossing it to the ground. “I’ll make an exception this time…” Haruko looked at the crushed pack before going inside her car and looked at the new pack in her hands. “Hope these nicotine patches do as they say…” She looked at the fresh patch out of the box and placed it on her upper arm before she turned the engine on and drove back home. Just as she left though a silver Audi RS4 and a green Ford Focus ST passed by her.


Yep this sucks, I think i'm losing my touch. Anyway I think i'll start asking this now: since this takes place years after the Initial D stuff i'm gonna need some racers to face off against. So if you guys/gals want an OC of yours to be incorporated in my fic then all you need to do is PM me. But there are a few things you should put if you want an OC in.

Car: Name and Appearance (of it)
Racing Style:
Behavior: (i.e. how this person would act)
Team: Yes or No

Now for teams, it is mainly just two people racing. But if you want to incorporate a leader of sorts (like Ryosuke role in Project D) that's fine, but I need to know who they would race. This is the racing roster:

Neon and Shizuko 1
Kayo and Kiyoshi 2
Airis and Haruka 2
Hitoshi and Viper Girl 2
??? and ??? 2

Don't worry, the final pair will be revealed in time...maybe the first chapter of the next arc. The number next to the pairs mean the number of requests I will accept, and a certain group the appeared will face off against Neon and Shizuko. You should know who, anyway yeah.

And I think i'll just start the second arc, if I don't start it I think i'll lose my creative juices for this fic. I already have a fanfic idea for Dynasty Warriors...with the created officers I made in yeah.

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Let's do this.

EDIT: Reformatting of Arc 2 complete.

Arc 2: Redeeming Present

Chapter 1: Revival

At the bottom of the pass a smaller girl sighed as she looked at her laptop, noting the end of the race between a NSX Type R and a MR-S SW30. “Ugh, I know I was the so called proctor of the races but to actually reprise my role after all these years? Sheesh…” And next to her was a taller girl, looking at the younger one in her time of anguish.

“This is what you get for picking up that call and you just HAD to say yes didn’t you Haruka?” Haruka rolled her eyes, they were slightly bloodshot since she didn’t get enough sleep for the past few days.

“Shut up Haruko…they had good arguments anyway…” Haruko only sighed and shook her head as she heard her twin’s feeble excuse. Indeed it has been a long time, ever since that accident between the Impreza and S13 she immediately reprised her role and her thoughts of racing on the pass. But she didn’t expect for it to all come back and bite her again, Haruka ran her hand over her hair before noting a race coming up.

“Sis, I need you to take care of this from here on out alright?” Haruka then thrusted the laptop into Haruko’s hands leaving her in a slight daze before she silently screamed, “Hey wait! What on earth do you mean ‘take care of this’? I never did this before…HEY HARUKA!”

But her shout went on feint ears as her twin went inside of her white V12 Vantage. Haruko only sighed as she looked at the newly found laptop in her hands, her twin’s Vantage versus an Exige on the downhill. She then looked at the map that was placed near the list and it showed at least seven different blips, probably to tell the other people at the bottom or top about whose in front or whatnot. As much as my younger twin is a klutz at times, she sure knows how to multitask…Haruko then heard the signal to go and looked to see her sister take the pass.

“Exactly why did you think it was good coming up here at THIS time? I mean, look at the people…” A boy and a girl were sitting at the bench overlooking the pass and the girl’s head was on the boy’s right arm.

“I didn’t know it would populate THIS quickly…but then again didn’t you say that this place was beautiful at this time?” The girl brushed her purple hair to the side and gave a small smile to the boy.

“Well…I guess so, I mean I don’t know why but the stars appear more during the summer turning into fall time. But Shizuko I told you it would be like this for a few more weeks, why today?” The boy asked.

Shizuko only giggled a bit and put her head back on the boy’s arm. “I told you Neon what I wouldn’t be able to go out like this thanks to my parents returning for a few days; beside I didn’t tell them about you.” Shizuko voiced trailed off at the end but Neon gave her a reassuring smile as a small breeze ruffled his blue hair and put his arm around Shizuko’s shoulder.

“Ah…well same here too, I mean my mother would be surprised and would ask me who. But I fear that if I have you as my girlfriend well…I’m sure she’ll want to break your arms or something drastic to that nature.” Shizuko then looked at Neon oddly, her left eye slowly squinted at her boyfriend’s response.

“Break my arm…is she that strong? I know she’s a mechanic for Nismo and all but…” Neon could only look down and smirk at her expression.

“Trust me, if she can rebuild a Z32 VG30DETT by herself my mother could probably do something drastic to another human being.” Shizuko only sighed as she looked up to the oddly starry sky, it was quite a beautiful sight to behold. She then rested her head on Neon’s lap, in which he then proceeded to lightly pet her head.

“But why did we drive separately again Shizuko?” Neon asked as he looked at her.

“I don’t know…” Shizko stated as he looked at Neon.

“And that should do it for today…” Haruko groaned as the final downhill race between a Touring Prius and a Honda Civic EK9 finished. But who the heck would race a Prius here? Is that person trying to outlast the opponent or something? She then saw Haruka approach her; her eyes were starting to droop and she didn’t look well, she looked almost like she was ill.

“Hey, c’mon sis you should get to bed soon. You don’t look to well…” Haruko looked with a definite look of worry, Haruka only grabbed her laptop and stormed straight to her car. Haruka only shook her head as she drove out of the pass, she was about to follow suit until something came up over the radio her twin forgot.

“Is there another race that wasn’t posted? A blue Toyota 86 GT and a green WRX STi just flew by me!” Haruko’s eyes opened in shock, she knew who they were and at this point there was no stopping them.

She immediately grabbed the radio and responded, “This isn’t posted but are there any civilians here?”

“No, it’s safe here.” The other side said in the same frantic tone.

“Then let them go for now, they’ll be down soon.” And soon enough everyone’s breath was still for some odd reason as everyone heard the tires of the two cars squeal down the pass.

“Who the heck are these two? The WRX is at a pretty good pace ahead of the 86 GT but why isn’t it pulling away…? But look at the skills, I swear they were going about 120 km/h!” Then there was a bunch of random chatter on the opposite end but Haruko then heard her cell phone ring. Who the heck is calling now? Nevertheless she picked up the call.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it Haruko?” Haruko only sighed as she heard the oddly familiar voice coming from the phone. “Toshiyuki-san, it has been a while. Tell me, why are you calling me now? Besides, wouldn’t you have called Neon first?”
The response was a simple chuckle, “I was thinking that but since I heard the pass was opening up I thought he would be busy with defending his title. But none the less I wish to see you.”

Haruko only stared at the sky before responding, “Where at?” However other than a response the sound of a constant beep was heard, then the cell buzzed with a notification of a new message. She then looked at the message and saw what the message contained, a familiar place to her…and to the people she knew. Sighing Haruko closed her phone and managed to see the two racers fly pass the nearby crowd.

“It sure has been a while since anyone of us meet here hasn’t it?” Said a lower male voice as Haruko exited her car.

“Indeed, who would’ve thought that you would call me here? The place where the five of us gathered before every race...” Haruko looked to her right and saw the remnants of a small park there. It was only a minute drive from the pass, but it was close recently due to the high amount of racers coming here. Ever since the police managed to catch this spot no one came by here…until today.

“Shame they closed this down, it was quite a bustling area.” Toshiyuki then turned to face Haruko, he still wore his black rectangular glasses that showed his red eyes and his short silver hair still was the same years ago.

“It was indeed, but why did you call me here?” Haruko asked.

Toshiyuki then turned around and simply stated, “If I’m gonna get back on the pass I need a partner.”

Haruko then felt a small bit of anger inside her. “Well I don’t know how to go the pa-”


Haruko could only stop and stared at him as he turned around with an angry look. “After your little accident there was a sighting of a F430 climbing the pass, and the last time I checked you were the only one sighted with a F430.”

She sighed and gave up, “So what? I haven’t been on here for a year, do you really expect me to be like how I was back in senior year? But fine I’ll be your partner…” Toshiyuki smirked and went back in his black Altezza RS-200 before he drove off.

“What did I get myself into…”


Yep, chapter 1 of Arc 2. Unlike the past i'll be only posting one chapter whenever I get around of making it. I'm losing it...oh well.

Posted by: shadow55419 Jul 28 2013, 03:19 PM
pretty good suspense building chapter here, pretty well written.

Editor's notes: you do have a few wrong words in a couple places and small things like that.

Posted by: PWNatorPWNED Jul 28 2013, 04:37 PM
Just read all of this in about an hour.
This fic is awesome man!

Posted by: OkamiWind Jul 30 2013, 01:25 AM
Alright, looks like i'm getting some of my creativity back. Just a note here, there is a bit of cussing near the'll see why.

Chapter 2: Unsettling

“You followed me pretty good Neon, although I thought you said that downhill was not your strong point?” Shizuko said to Neon as they were eating at a diner near the outskirts of the city. Although it was a slightly longer drive Neon knew a good place to munch on, plus his family were common patrons to the diner.

“Eh, I have to go down once in a while so I do try to practice on it. But even then, since you have to go uphill to go downhill I am surprised that I almost lost you going up the pass.” Neon responded while stirring the straw in his soda.

“Well I tend to conserve my tires going uphill so I usually go about the limit if not a little less…hope you get what I mean.” Shizuko lightly smiled at the boy’s rather nonchalant stare.

Their food came out and then they ate what they ordered. “I never knew how hungry I was…” Shizuko started before looking at Neon just running down his food. Needless to say she simply just sighed.

After their little dinner the both of them hugged before they went back to their own respective houses. It wasn’t long after Neon entered the house, for some odd reason the dining table’s light was only illuminated. He was greeted by an angry looking black haired woman, and he knew this was not going to end well.
“Sit,” and that was all she said; a command in which Neon quickly took a seat at the lightly illuminated table, which was followed by his mother walking slowly to the seat across from him; the tension slowly increased with every step.

“This is the eighth time you were out at this time for the past two weeks. About time you told me the REAL reason you are out.” Neon’s heart stood still for a second, his mother’s stare was burning deep into his eyes. Not that it helps her eyes were red that only added to the intensity. “And don’t make a bullshit excuse this time, I had enough of your lies for now. Tell me the truth.”

Sighing Neon finally gave up, he was hiding the fact Shizuko was his girlfriend ever since he asked her out on that day. “Fine, I’ll be frank. I have a girlfriend, her name is Shizuko.”

A simple sentence that had simply made his mother jet off of her chair and go straight towards the garage. She didn’t just slam the door but also managed to knock some things off the nearby table, the sound of the items crashing adding to the now strained relationship between mother and son. Neon then simply got up and proceeded to his room. At least Airis was nowhere around at that time.

Kaede tried the best to remember the last time such fury came inside of her, which was probably never now that she thinks about it. Her arms started thrashing her workplace; her neatly placed tools were tossed around all over the place. It only lasted for a few seconds before she suddenly just stopped and got inside her HS40 and drove off to a place where she would know where she could ease her anger, the bar a certain friend owned. After managing to get there in about forty five seconds, which somehow surprised even her, she stormed into the bar and a familiar yellow haired woman was surprised to see her.

“K-Kaede? What are you doing—” Kaede simply slammed the bar table, which surprised some of the patrons, and immediately pointed to a random bottle of alcohol. The yellow haired bartender was reluctant of getting the thing she was pointing at, until she looked at the pointed bottle. “What the hell happened to you Kaede? You do know that is freaking vodka you are pointing at!” No response, just an aimed finger pointing at it. “You are going to tell me what happened later…”
Now this was she didn’t expect, Kaede just took one gigantic drink of an entire bottle of vodka. And it was a liter of it too, yet Kaede’s face was simply flushed. “Um…are you gonna…”

Kaede then slammed the bottle, breaking it and the sound of glass resonated within the now vacant bar. “Fucking kid, the hell was he thinking being a boyfriend to the slut who almost fucking killed him. The hell was he thinking doing something like this, I fucking swear Tamiko she’ll do more fucking harm then god damn good.”

Tamiko then looked at the drunken patron in disbelief, another worker was quick to clean up the shards of the smashed bottle. “Look Kaede, last time you did this was when your first boyfriend cheated on you. And you weren’t even functional for a few days, and no way am I having another episode of that again. What the fuck happened?”

Kaede then looked at Tamiko with slightly watery eyes before saying, “You know that person who crashed Neon? Shizuko? Well apparently those two are fucking dating now.”

Tamiko only sighed at her so called dilemma, face palming before letting out a small groan. “Look, just because of a simple accident doesn’t mean she is a bad person. You are fucking over reacting for goodness sake Kaede! Who knows? Maybe she’ll be a nice person and make Neon happier then he was. You can’t just do something so damn drastic-”


Tamiko then slapped Kaede across the face before firmly grasping her shoulders. “God dammit Kaede get a fucking grip! Didn’t you want him to find a girlfriend soon anyway? You are way too damn overprotective of him! Let him free for a bit will ya?!” Tamiko then pushed her down, leaving Kaede to fall on her back. Kaede then slowly got up and jumped over the bar table to punch Tamiko.

“Don’t you DARE lecture me on how I care for MY children Tamiko! You don’t know the god damn pai-” Kaede was quickly interrupted by a quick knee by Tamiko in which she then grabbed Kaede and slammed her against the wall.

“LISTEN TO ME. You are fucking over protecting him, one simple accident and you think it’s the end of the world? How childish can you be? You still haven’t grown up since the last time we all met didn’t we? Sure you were one of the most cold hearted, but you are still also one of the most naïve idiots of our group!” Tamiko then let go of Kaede, in which she then went out of the bar. “You fool…”

Yeah, it's a bit serious. Don't worry a race will happen next chapter.

Posted by: shadow55419 Jul 30 2013, 11:59 AM
hell of a chick fight at the end there, very cool, little short as the chapter goes (maybe thats just my screen being huge i don't know) but overall well done.

Posted by: OkamiWind Aug 3 2013, 11:34 PM
What the heck is with me and late night updates? I mean I write late...and I know I have the WHOLE DAY to write these...whatever. Race time!

Chapter 3: Rematch

It was the dead of night, after the whole racing event time, as the sounds of tires squealing filled the pass. And on that pass was a certain silver M3 was going up the pass. Tch, why can’t I go faster? Inside the M3 was a blue haired girl, her eyes slowly analyzing the pass’s road layout. Hm…maybe if I can…she then shifted up and took the hairpin before the high speed and managed to get a decent drift in…but that was not as fast as my brother took it…sighing she managed to make it the rest of the way without much trouble but at a subpar pace.

“How the hell did my brother go up this pass so quickly…” the girl asked the wind as she exited the M3. She eventually came up with the answer she looked for. “Right, mother taught him this pass…should have asked for a few sessions here but nnnoooo. I HAD to be stubborn and stick with highway racing…” Just as she finished saying what she wanted to a familiar orange Viper came into her view. And she looked intensely at the driver coming out, a pink twin pigtail girl came out.

“I didn’t expect you of all people to be here” the pigtailed driver said to the blue haired girl.

“Tch, whatever you say Akemi. Same could be said of you…” Akemi could only let out a small laugh before looking at the distraught girl.

“Oh Airis, you are such an immature person at times. The rumors back on the highway scene are still true even to this day, it’s almost PITIFUL you haven’t moved on.” Airis knew her taunt was to get her riled up, and she almost fell for it if it wasn’t for the fact she had to bite her lower lip to keep her from lashing out on her. “Although I am curious, how da hell did you know my name? In fact we never met in person until a while back ago…”

Airis then found her rebuttal to Akemi’s taunt. “Oh? Well I happened to have contacts that concern over the ENTIRE racing scene, and if I remember right…you just act on a whim correct? Unlike you I act AFTER I gather information.” Now it was Akemi’s turn to bite her lower lip, Airis only smirked a bit before both of their faces returned to a neutral state. “So, fancy a race down here?”

“Hmph, you’re done now.” Akemi said she entered into the Viper’s door.

They decided it was a simple case of who can outrun the other in a side by side starting. So I know that the American car will outrun me at the start, thanks to however American drag racing or whatever. (BGM: Freedom Ride by The Snake) The internal countdown started and the Viper was much quicker off the line, leaving at least two car lengths of space as the Viper took the first s turn. Airis clicked her tongue before following the same line as her. Akemi smirked before simply letting off the accelerator, letting the Viper fishtail the first hairpin. Out of instinctual fear Airis upshifted 1000 RPM too early and tried to fishtail the turn as well, only to have her downshift and exit the corner at a slower pace. Dammit, not gonna win like this…but maybe I could use her drifts against her…

“She doesn’t know that certain American cars can do this all day!” Akemi shouted as she effortlessly managed the next few hairpins with relative ease. One thing I do have to applaud her though…it’s how she can control her throttle with near perfect precision. Many people I know just floor it with no precision…but she isn’t the only one who can do that! Airis took the final hairpin after a quick brake and eased onto the accelerator, slowly shortening the distance between the two cars. Good now only if I can keep this up…and not shift extremely early.

However the high speed was where Viper regained the lead, leaving the M3 even further then where it once was. Alright, jus’ gotta take this next part evenly…why does this part hate me? The sharper s turn before the successive hairpins was oddly hard for Ameki, and she accidently turned the wheel too much leaving her to recover from a near crash. Airis’s eyes squinted for a second as she saw the Viper struggling to regain stability. The M3 then quickly accelerated to catch up, thus making the gap between the cars into a close encounter. Shoot! One simple mistake and now this happens?! Akemi then accidently upshifted two gears and took the hairpin as a regular turn then a drift.

“So you can’t handle tighter turns well huh? Maybe you just freaked out but I will take any opportunity to overtake you!” Airis then took the inner part of the hairpin and proceeded to take the lead. Akemi cursed her misfortune and tried her best to retake the lead. Airis was unnaturally good at blocking the Viper, forcing it to either brake hard or take the outer line; making Airis the victor.

“Dammit…” Akemi said as they both stopped at the bottom. It only pained her more as Airis got out of her car, smirking in a loathsome way.

“HA! You may have been my worst enemy back then but now I am your worst nightmare on the pass!” Airis taunted at the stunned driver before skipping back to her M3 and drove off. And Akemi swore she saw her flipping the bird on her.

“Man, what a sore winner…”


Yep, chapter with a race. BTW I JUST had an idea for another Initial D fanfic...this time something that has the original characters in it...but I don't know enough about the characters to write about I'll write that idea after i'm done with this arc...

Posted by: shadow55419 Aug 4 2013, 01:16 AM
fairly good race, wouldn't mind seeing more.

Posted by: THE_HONDA_CG2 Aug 5 2013, 10:10 AM
You're getting better at character interactions! I really like the way this is going. The chapter lengths are a little on the short side, but its nice because you get straight to the point without using a lot of flowery language. So do you still have my two OCs slated to make another appearance any time soon? wink2.gif

Posted by: OkamiWind Aug 5 2013, 10:17 AM
Yeah, but I think it'll be good to...well I ain't gonna spoil it. But it'll be soon enough...I hope, if you want i'll PM you about the specifics...

Posted by: OkamiWind Aug 7 2013, 10:39 PM
Yosh, I think I'm both getting back my creativity but losing out on my writing skills. Anyway I don't own anything but my OC's (I think you'll see why I put this disclaimer here).

Chapter 4: Reunion

“It’s sure has been a long time isn’t, Neon-senpai?” Neon only chuckled at the voice that came out of the cell phone.

“Sheesh Toshiyuki, you still call me that after all these years? I mean we were in the same class…” Neon was just fiddling on his, surprisingly empty, computer screen when he got this unexpected phone call.

“Still though you taught me the pass since you, said from yourself, I had an ‘untapped talent’. Like you were a veteran or something.”

“Anyway, why did you call me anyway?” Neon said as he spun in his chair.

“Simple maybe the old team should meet back up again, since after the incident…I guess.” Neon then exhaled and stared at the small picture near the computer, a picture of the four of them next to their own cars. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad, it’s been way too long since I, Kayo, and Kiyoshi had a nice talk since then…

“Sure, I don’t see why not. Let me ask them when they’re available and I’ll call you back with the details.” Toshiyuki gave a small sound of agreement before hanging up. I wonder why he’s back? Didn’t he move to…ah come on I should remember this…

“Hm? Toshiyuki’s back? I don’t see why we can’t meet sooner than later. Hm…how about this Friday, I planned on resting that day after all.” A female voice replied to Neon’s request.

“Huh? Toshiyuki’s back?! Ah man, I wonder how he was after all this time! Count me in, Friday should be the best day for me.” A male voiced said excitedly.

And thus here they all are now, at the arcade they once went to back in high school. “Hm? An SXE10…it’s definitely different then your old RX-8, but I assumed you got better then?” Neon and Toshiyuki simply shook their heads upon hearing this as Kayo ‘greeted’ the group.

“You haven’t changed at all Kayo, still never expected you to get a Gallardo.” Toshiyuki ‘greeted’ as he rolled his eyes.

Kayo then only smirked at Toshiyuki’s response, before turning her face turned a bit dark. “Yeah, Yukianesa you sure must have changed your style to adapt to this car.”

Toshiyuki could only groan and face palm as he heard this ‘old’ nickname of his. And it didn’t help that Neon and Kiyoshi were both, literally, rolling on the floor laughing their sides off. “After ALL THIS TIME, you still call me that for my old attitude from playing BlazBlue? For the love of…”

Neon was the first to recover while Kiyoshi well…was still laughing. “You know Kayo, if you didn’t say that again I wouldn’t have called Toshiyuki that.” Kiyoshi managed to gasp out from his laughter fest. Toshiyuki then cleared his throat and that made Kiyoshi, slowly, recover.

“Anyway, I planned on after our little reunion if we could run down the pass again. It’s been way too long since I ran my home course.” Only Neon smirked, Kiyoshi and Kayo only looked at each other with slightly worried looks.

“Ah…well how do I put this…I haven’t ran the pass since I got the Gallardo, you know since that time. Plus I am BUSY with the tuning…business thingy I’m doing.” Kayo said with a meek smile.

“Truth be told man, I haven’t been on the pass for some time. Been busy with life, what the heck have you been doing?” Kiyoshi asked as he stared at Toshiyuki.

Neon only looked up, awaiting Toshiyuki’s response. Not that he was anticipating a shocking answer or anything. “Did you forget? My family is pretty well off, I’m taking a four year break before I start studying abroad for…um…”

Neon then proceeded to face palm himself. “C’mon man, are you seriously that forgetful on your future? Don’t you remember saying you wanted to be some sort of chemist or something?”

Toshiyuki then chuckled a bit, and simply nodded his head. “Well you two, better keep up.”

After he went into his ZN6 Neon’s cell phone went off and looked at who was calling. Picking up the call he asked, “Ah Shizuko, sorry but I’m with some old friends right now. Can’t talk now, and don’t come to the pass. It’s THOSE old friends.” The opposite side gave a small noise before hanging up. Hope you get what I meant…

It was a bit but the four of them managed to stop at the top, and thankfully no one was there. “It’s definitely different from Akina, but it definitely feels familiar.” Toshiyuki exhaled as he got out of his car.

Kiyoshi slowly gave Toshiyuki a strange look, “Akina? Ain’t that where the White Ghost originates from??”

Neon only nodded, “But remember, the old hachi-roku is done now. Heard the final race on Tsubaki Line ended with the Ghost ending up backwards…or did it lose by that? Everyone has a different take on it…” Kayo could only look at the city. I wonder how long it would take before a new legend with the newer hachi-roku begins…and I feel like I’m with that new legend…oh well.

“So he ended up here eh?” A black Z34 was parked not that far from the group of four. He only looked at them with a blank expression, analyzing the cars they had. “A red T.M LanEvo, looks too clean for it to be used here. An…Italian car? What in the hell does that girl think she’s doing with that? The ZN6…maybe I should see what the driver does downhill…if he is going to go down. And that freakin’ SXE10…does he seriously think he could escape me from coming here…I’ll show him one day…” The slick near black haired owner of the Z34 whispered to himself. “You were lucky that you ALMOST beat me, if I didn’t decide to go easy until the final sections of Akina I would’ve got you…” He then got back in his car and drove off. Is the RedSun’s number two still following me after almost beating him in Akina? I hope nothing goes south…

Heads up people, the next few chapters are going to be character heavy; with MAYBE an occasional race to keep it alive. Right now I want to do some character stuff, but don't worry. I plan to also do race heavy series of chapters later on, just that for now if you don't like character stuff...and maybe some luvey smush between the Angel and the Phoenix you might wanna hold off on reading for a bit. Yeah...but the luvey stuff is a maybe.

Anyway hope you guys don't mind...hopefully... ermm2.gif unsure.gif Also is it odd that I HAVE to listen to Eurobeat whenever I write a chapter? Character heavy or not?

Posted by: shadow55419 Aug 8 2013, 12:37 AM
not bad, wouldn't mind a showing of some of that uphill if they weren't doing the whole legal thing tongue.gif

also if it makes the story go foward, there is nothing wrong with lovey dovey, or mushy...

Posted by: PWNatorPWNED Aug 8 2013, 02:24 PM
Cool chapters.
Yay for character development!

Posted by: THE_HONDA_CG2 Aug 8 2013, 05:04 PM
Oh fancy fancy. What is this mention of the new RedSuns? I like where this is going! I also don't mind some mushy lovey dovey stuff. I'd like to see how you'd tackle that. Keep those chapters coming!

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T-T-T-TRIPLE CHAPTER UPDATE! My fingers wouldn't stop...but now my brains a bit weird. So now i'll take a bit of time off to regain my lost brain cells.

Chapter 5: Acquaintance

Neon felt uncomfortable, almost too uncomfortable. There was nothing that was making him uncomfortable inside the house…but his sister was unusually stiff today. He did say that he was going to be out for the whole day and his sister did acknowledge it…but it felt like she was almost keeping a stink eye on him. “Sis…why are giving me an odd look?”

Airis only gave a small ‘hmph’ before continuing to stare at the brother in question. He thought a good way to pass the time with some Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but his current streak of wins were lost when he felt her sister’s presence. “Truth be told brother, you NEVER head out at this time so it concerns me…” I would assume your last word was ‘greatly’…well I think it’s best to break it to her now then to have a second episode like mother.

“Alright Airis, if you REALLY want to know why I’m going out…then please sit down and stop giving me a glare.” Airis then immediately complied with the first part, sitting down near Neon but still kept her glare.

C’mon…please stop that stare…Neon could only sigh as he mustered what little courage he had at this moment. “Ok, I have a girlfriend to tell the truth and her na-”

“REALLY?! WHO IS IT?” And Airis’s face instantly turned around with a slight shine around her now bright face.

Neon knew she would act like this but he had reservations about how he started. “Ok, look. Don’t think about hurting me or overreacting when I say her name…and don’t tell mother ok?” Airis just overdramatically nodded.

“Her name is Shizuko Furusawa…” Neon slowly answered with a disheartened tone.
Suddenly Airis’s bright face went a little dark, “Oh…I see.” Neon knew she wouldn’t take this well…at least she didn’t overreact.

“If you want me to keep it a secret…assuming she didn’t know already…” Oh crap, she’s onto me…Neon thought as his sister said this.

“I want to see what you see in her. I will follow you to where you are meeting her…understood?” Airis demanded.

“Sheesh sis, you sure are strict when you want to be…fine just don’t do anything drastic alright?” Neon sighed as he proceeded to go to his ZN6, with his twin’s evil glare following him.

Neon knew this would end in either one of two ways, either with Airis walking away in anger or Shizuko in a state of danger…and he prayed for the former. Since when did Airis get so good at long trailing? I swear she’s keeping up at least 10 car lengths away…Nevertheless Neon stopped at the park nearby the Ushiroyama pass, and his sister was parked quite a distance away to keep a low profile. Neon was out of his car and looked around for a certain green car.

“Ah! Gomenasai! I was stuck in traffic for a bit!” A certain purple haired girl shouted off in the direction where Airis was. Neon kept a happy face but deep inside…Oh crap, sis must had a good look at her. “Sorry if I am late, accidentally slept in…”

“At this hour? You know that’s its almost 1PM right?” Neon asked with an odd tone. Shizuko only giggled as she stuck out her tongue. Oh boy…as much as I love you I do wonder what you do that makes you sleep in like a log. Then Airis was in his field of vision and gestured him to go away.

“Ah...I was here for some time and need to use the restroom, be back soon Shizuko.” Neon got away for a quick while before he managed to hide himself by a nearby tree, nearby the restroom at least before he looked at the now seated Shizuko.

“So you are Shizuko Furusawa…” an unknown feminine voice disrupted Shizuko’s thoughts. A long blue haired girl who looks somewhat similar to Neon?

“A-Are you Airis?” Airis simply folded her arms and looked down at Shizuko.

“So my brother HAS told you about me huh? He sure is a loose one…” Shizuko’s danger instinct was screaming right now, telling her to just push her down and sprint back to her car. But something told her to stay there and just talk it out.

“H-He isn’t that loose, I mean he still hasn’t t-told me a-about his favorite things…l-l-like his favorite movie or whatnot…” Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…Shizuko earlier instinct of running away now was at a full throttle. Shizuko was stuttering, her breath was getting slightly faster, and her palms were instinctively were heading towards her left pocket.

“Why are you nervous, I ain’t gonna do anything drastic…” Airis asked with a cold devilish smirk.

I swear you held back saying yet…oh god Neon…taskete! Shizuko could only gulp as Airis slowly approached her.

Airis then proceeded to casually take a seat next to Shizuko. Shizuko slowly inched away from her to the edge of the bench…“Seriously I’m not gonna do anything drastic unless you run or something; all I want is some…answers.”

And my blood…Shizuko then gulped a bit before responding, “S-S-S-So what do you w-w-want to k-k-know…”

Airis only smirked and shook her head. “Simple I have only…three questions I think. First, what do you see in my brother?”

Shizuko exhaled, although it was very shaky, and responded, “He…well he is very caring and understands some problems that I have…and even though he could find a more mentally stable person he chose me…and I like that.”

Airis then nodded and asked her second question. “If it was the point in which you had to die to protect him would you sacrifice yourself?”

Shizuko slowly exhaled, now more smoothly, and said, “Yes, although he would put himself before me. Neon can be a little bit odd at times but if it meant my life I’m sure he will take any abuse…”

Airis gave out a small ‘hmph’ before sliding herself next to Shizuko and whispered, “Why did you nearly kill my brother?”

This was unavoidable for sure…oh god stop breathing down my face…Shizuko then closed her eyes. She didn’t mean it…but her mouth was trembling and her eyes were slowly burning. “Go…Gomenasai…I…I didn’t mean it. If I would, I would…change…back time and and…please don’t hurt me…” Shizuko then slowly whimpered into her hands, waiting for some sort of backlash for her actions.

Airis then slowly backed away, hearing her muffled cries and her whispers of sorry. “Ok…so it seems you truly are sorry. Sorry I thought you just came to him for repentance or something. Look, I can’t make you forget the accident but at least let me say this…” Airis then approached Shizuko…and hugged her. “I was mad at you but now…I can say that we could start anew yes? I have to say, you have a good sense of tomboyish style. If it isn’t much…could I call you for tips?” Shizuko then looked at the now different Airis, her killer expression now one of compassion.

Shizuko could only let out a very soft, “Sure I guess…” Airis then let Shizuko go and smiled at her one last time before heading back to her car.

“Shizuko…” Neon could only muster up to say.

“YOU IDIOT! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?” Shizuko’s anger now only exploded on Neon. He didn’t say a word. “I WAS IN DANGER OF YOUR BIPOLAR SISTER YOU SACK OF SHIT! AND YOU WERE PROBABLY JUST LISTENING TO OUR LITTLE CONVERSTAION HUH?! FUCK YOU AND YOUR FAMILY NEON KURUBASA!” Neon could only look down as Shizuko verbally abused him and then she did something he didn’t expect. Shizuko punched Neon across the face, leaving him in pain and a bit in confusion. “WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY I WAS MEETING YOUR DAMN SISTER HUH?! TELL ME WERE THOSE WORDS JUST A WAY TO SWEET TALK ME?! ANSWER ME DAMMIT!” Then she got on top of Neon and continued to punch him again and again. “TELL. ME. WHAT. I WANT. TO. HEAR. NOW!” She then punched Neon at his upper torso.

Yet he didn’t respond. If I have to endure hell to make you understand…then I will endure it. Neon closed his eyes and waited for another hit, but all he heard was a small whimper.

“Tell me why…why…tell me…” Shizuko started as she slowly started to threw her arms in a weak fashion.

Neon then slowly got up and hugged Shizuko. “Didn’t I *cough* say I would endure hell if there was something I didn’t do and I would want you to understand? I meant all those words Shizuko, they were not just sweet nothing I wanted to say.” He then calmly patted Shizuko off him before they both stood up and Neon hugged Shizuko.

“I swear by my life I will endure hell and back to make you see something I didn’t do Shizuko. So please…

Have faith in me. I want to show you what I am.”

Chapter 6: Understanding

“Huh…so she really loves him, oh boy…” Kaede then put her right hand on her forehead as she pinched the bridge of her nose. It was only a few minutes since Airis came back home and she decided to tell her mother what happened. Kaede then decided to tell her little outburst.

“I didn’t expect her to actually hit him of all things and she sounded REALLY pissed.” Airis responded to her mother’s statement.

“I think I estranged out relationship…Neon and I. Oh boy…Tamiko was right when she said I was overreacting…I better owe her an apology and a drink or twelve.” Kaede exhaled before leaning back in her chair.

Airis could only sigh and look to her phone. “Mother…do you think Neon will hate us now? I don’t want him to hate us…but I think I might have come out too harsh.” Kaede closed her eyes and tried her best to remain strong in front of Airis, unfortunately some tears were slowly running down her face. “It’s ok mother…I think I’ll have to get him that game he wants or something. I hope he understands, well I’ll get going now.” Airis slowly got up and got her keys before leaving to the garage. After a few seconds Kaede could only scream and cry.

“Tamiko?” The yellow haired lady picked up the call from her friend, it was an odd time calling her as she just woke up.

“Ngh…Kaede, you know I had the late shift last night and it’s only 1:45 PM.” Tamiko slowly sat up in her bed and scratched the back of her head.

“Well um…I guess I owe you a few drinks and a meal or something…” Tamiko noticed the tone of the opposite side, it was somewhat innocent. Huh? Kaede what the heck happened?

“What is this change of voice Kaede?” Tamiko asked in a somewhat surprised state.
A long sigh was heard and the reply definitely woke her up. “My son Neon…and the girl Shizuko, they really do love each other and I think I overreacted.”

Tamiko only let out an oddly load groan as she got off her bed. “Didn’t I tell you that you baka! But nnnoooo, you just HAD to drink a whole liter of vodka. And you JUST HAD to punch me to listen to you! YOU ARE A GOD DAMN FOOL KAEDE!” Tamiko shouted at the phone.

An oddly small whimper was heard on the other side and Tamiko didn’t feel any remorse in shouting. “H-Hey…aren’t you gonna…?” Kaede started.

“No, your fault. Your responsibility. You should know that better than ANYONE Kaede, you kept saying that to me when I got a 74 on my math test in high school.” Tamiko could only shake her head and asked, “Are you planning some sort of payment to Neon now? It would soften him back to you a little bit.”

“Your right Tamiko I should…” Kaede was lying down on her bed, continuing her conversation with Tamiko.

“Look you SHOULD do something at least…maybe just pop him a few extra bills or something. Leave a note too. Let him be for a bit as well, he’ll talk to you when he’s ready.” Tamiko responded as she went to the bathroom.

Kaede only could let out a small chuckle and asked, “When did you get so good at family relationships? Geez…maybe I should have got lessons from you before I got married…” Then there was a faint ‘thunk’ sound before another loud groan was heard.

“Did you forget that I took a few classes about family relations…or something like that? You were too busy messing with engines to realize HOW to take care of a family when it counts the most. And before you asked why I haven’t married yet, I just haven’t found that guy yet.” Taimko replied after rubbing her forehead a bit.

Now it was Kaede’s turn to sigh, “Well at least you know how to…geez it feels like I’m back in high school and here I am coming back to you for general advice about life.” Now the both of them laughed at this little trip down memory lane.

“Good thing I haven’t decided to cut you off yet. Well I’m gonna take a shower, text me when you are ready to grab a few. See ya.” And the phone clicked the call off. Man Tamiko…maybe I should have taken those classes with you, maybe I would be a better mother then this pile of useless car knowledge and short fuses.

“And that will do it, come back soon!” Airis left the nearby video game store, looking at her now empty wallet.

“Maybe this will teach me to be cold to others from now on.” Airis whispered to herself before noticing a nearby couple enjoying their time together. They are holding hands, smiling and laughing, and they look like they are having the time of their lives right now. Maybe…but I don’t know, sheesh maybe I just have very high standards…Airis then imagined the both of them being replaced with his brother and Shizuko. They had the same reactions, same smiles, and the same feeling of satisfaction.

“Dammit…” Airis whispered to herself before she got in her M3 and drove off back home. Maybe I should head to the gym or something…need to get my mind off this little…ugh. Upon returning home she decided to check up on her mother, who was oddly sleeping soundly on her bed.

“Geez mother…you sure sleep well after a major accident.” She could only smile as Airis simply went to her mother’s side. “I don’t know how you will like this, but at least let me make you feel safe…” Airis went back to her room and changed to her house clothes before taking a spot next to her mother.

Kaede woke up from her random sleep and noticed her daughter sleeping next to her, her mouth slightly open. I love you my daughter…and thank you for helping me. She then kissed her forehead and slowly got off her bed and noticed the time.

“It’s only 7PM? Man I sure knocked out quick…” Shaking her head she saw a plastic bag with a game store logo on it. “Maybe I should repay you…” Kaede then looked around the room; it was clean like it always was. Where are you? You know a mother at home taking care of two kids is quite a handful… She then went to the computer in the garage and proceeded to type an apology letter to her son.

“I don’t expect much but at least let me make amends…” Kaede said as she started to type. After the short note she then printed it out then proceeded to Neon’s room along with the game. (BGM: Brand New Days –The Beginning-) Please let us make amends…I love you my son, please know that much at least. Maybe I’m not the best mother but understand please…Letting her fatigue get the best of her she proceeded to go to her bed and sleep with Airis still sleeping there.

Neon was home now, even after the little fight he managed to quickly recover from some light bruising and a faint black eye. He didn’t feel angry towards his family, nor was he angry about Shizuko’s little outburst.

“Life happens I guess…” Neon said to the air. Shizuko felt very bad throughout their date at the mall, making sure that Neon didn’t experience any more pain then he already physically felt. Though one thing she said made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Um…feel free to use me in any way you see fit…that means if you want to defile me then I will humbly accept it.” “WHAT?!” Neon only shuddered at that little sentence as he made his way to his room. Upon turning on the lights he found a small note along with a game he wanted, leaving him in a slight state of confusion. This note…

I’m sorry my son. I knew I overreacted when I heard you were in a relationship with Shizuko and I want to apologize. You sister Airis bought the game for you, in her way of saying sorry as well. I don’t expect you to apologize right away, but you are my treasure and pride. Especially on the Ushiroyama pass and don’t forget about that. I love you my son. Please find it in your heart to forgive your foolish mother.

“Heh, since I was never mad at you both why would I be mad now? I love you both as a family…”

Chapter 7: Family

Huh? Where am I…right. Airis awoke inside her mother’s bedroom with Kaede sleeping next to her, holding Airis softly.

“Geez mother, at least let me breathe you know.” Airis struggled a bit before she was able to get out of the bed. She then proceeded to brush her teeth and plan out her day. Hm…maybe I should hang out with Haruka today I need to get my mind off the little incident. But I hope brother doesn’t hate me…Her pace slowed a little bit, she was trying to remember the last time Neon and Airis just had a joyous time together. Unfortunately it was back in their youths, until middle school started and she drastically changed her attitude.

“I am an idiot…why?” Airis mumbled to herself before aggressively spitting out the contents of her mouth she rinsed and went back into her own room.

“Why did I drink alcohol again…” Shizuko woke up with a splitting headache, something she would feel for an extremely long time.

“God dammit Neon would hate me if I showed myself like this.” Slowly getting up she closed her eyes to see if she would throw up or if there were going to be any side effects. Thankfully there wasn’t any.

“Now if I only could get to the bathroom without tripping on myself.” Shizuko slowly zigzagged out of her room and used the wall to stabilize herself as she went to the bathroom.

“Alright, looks like I didn’t drink too much last night…why did I drink again?” After doing her business Shizuko’s head felt much calmer, but she didn’t know why she felt that way. Was it something that happened yesterday?


“Hey Neon…” Shizuko stopped in her trail and Neon eventually stopped two feet after she stopped. His face was still a little beat up but it wasn’t anything damaging at least.

“Hm? What is it Shizuko?” Neon asked to his girlfriend.

She then clutched her pants and managed to meek out, “What do you think family is?”

Thankfully Neon heard her, “Family? Well to everyone it’s different but here’s what I think. A family is someone…wait I meant a group of people, who care for each other. Sure there might be some ups and downs in the process but it’s a combined effort of everyone to make sure that whatever happened is cleared up quickly. That’s what I think…but why are you asking?”

Shizuko blushed and looked at the ground, “Nothing…just curious that’s all…” So nanoka…
(End Flashback)

“Right…kazoku (family in Japanese), maybe its cause of that I drank a little.” Shizuko massaged her temples as she slowly went back to her room. Her head was clouded with thoughts about family…something she wanted.

“Ever since I was little I was forced to live with my relatives who didn’t care two cents about me and eventually I had to learn things on my own…maybe that’s why I have such an odd drinking habit since the start of middle school.” Shizuko sighed as she laid back on her chair, only to lean back way too far and fall off her chair with a nice crash. “Ow…dammit.”

She said as she heard some footsteps and her door opened with her parents, “Are you ok Shizuko?”

Sighing she replied weakly, “Yeah I’m fine, just rolled out of bed…” They both just said ‘oh’ and just walked away. Yep, kazoku alright…

Airis was successful in managing a hangout with Haruka…in her house no less. “Sorry for the intru…sion?”

Haruka nearly sweat dropped at her odd greeting. “Everyone’s out, Haruko is doing something she didn’t want to say. Parents are out of town…so I’m stuck here. Yay. C’mon in.”

Airis sighed and entered herself in. “Geez Haruka you sure have good house manners…”

Haruka rolled her eyes as she plopped herself in the couch holding a PS3 controller. “Wanna play that All Stars Racing Transformed game that I got not too long ago? Looks like you could let off some steam.” Airis went to the couch and sat herself down and took the controller from the girl’s hands.

“Truth be told Airis, you seem like something dramatic happened. Care to share what happened?” Haruka asked her down faced friend. “Well…*sigh* alright here’s the low down…”

And Airis explained Neon’s girlfriend Shizuko until Haruka shouted, “WHAT! WHY IS HE DATING SOMEONE LIKE HER?!”

Before she got around to explaining how her mother and Airis kinda let their emotions get the better of them. Haruka only sank back in her spot and Airis just hugged the nearest cushion. “So you bought him a game huh? Guess that’s one way to look at it, but knowing him he probably isn’t that mad.” Airis slowly grabbed the cushion harder in attempts to subdue her anger.

“Don’t be angry at me. Remember what happened when my sister got angry at Neon because she thought he was cheating? She was following some stupid rumor and even in the end Neon was not one tiny bit angry with her.” Haruka said to the dishearten girl.

Airis then sighed and nodded, “That’s true…maybe I should see if Neon’s still pissed.” Haruka then suddenly gave Airis a hug, “He’s not a bitter person, you should know that better than anyone else. By the way…you haven’t grown since then huh? I can faintly hear your heartbeat…”

Airis then proceeded to beat up Haruka with all the cushions on the couch. “OWOWOWOWOW! HEY I THINK I’VE SHRUNK SINCE HIGH SCHOOL! STOP IT! OW! HEY!”

Haven’t grown since then…tch. Airis was going back to her room after coming back but he was stopped by her brother. “Hey, I wanna talk to you and mom for a second…I hope you don’t mind.”

Airis then nodded and quickly changed to her house clothes and went down. She then noticed her mother was already sitting down and proceeded to take a seat next to her. “Oh boy…I hope he isn’t mad…” Airis said to the wind. However Kaede was strangely calm, like she knew he wasn’t going to be mad.

Then Neon sat across from them and sighed, “First off, what made you two think I was mad at you?”

The females of the family looked separate ways before Kaede spoke up, “I did have an outburst so I thought you took that as a rejection of your choices.”

Not too long afterwards Airis spoke up, “I thought you were angry after how I interrogated Shizuko like that…and how she proceeded to sucker punch you.”

Neon only shook his head and exhaled in an even matter. “Life happens yes? Look as much you both believe I am angry at you for such things. I’m not mad; in fact I’m almost glad you both did what you did.”

The females then looked at each other oddly before staring at Neon. “Airis, thanks to you I got to understand a possible problem Shizuko had. And mother I got to understand that you really care for me, unlike some people who don’t care about their children at all. So really…I’m not mad at either of you…so, let’s put all this stuff behind us yes?” Then all of a sudden a furious amount of knocks were heard at the door.

“Neon, could you get that?” Kaede asked as Neon then proceeded to go to the front door. Upon opening it…

“Shizuko? What the..?” “Please…let me stay here for the night!”


Truth be told I didn't want to do a cliffhanger but I guess I did! Anyway my head hurts from flowing out these three chapters so now i'll lay low for how long my head can handle.

Posted by: PWNatorPWNED Aug 9 2013, 07:31 PM
QUOTE (OkamiWind @ 1 hour, 50 minutes ago)
Though one thing she said made him feel slightly uncomfortable.[i] “Um…feel free to use me in any way you see fit…that means if you want to defile me then I will humbly accept it.” “WHAT?!"

WELL, that escalated quicky...

I really enjoyed the chapters, hope to see more soon!

Posted by: THE_HONDA_CG2 Aug 9 2013, 08:27 PM
Your paragraphs are a little big. And I have a little bit of trouble distinguishing who is talking. But those are just my nitpicks... I like these chapters. They are very well written! Keep it up! Are you planning on getting steamy soon or something? wink2.gif

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Posted by: shadow55419 Aug 9 2013, 09:06 PM
QUOTE (THE_HONDA_CG2 @ 39 minutes, 1 seconds ago)
Your paragraphs are a little big. And I have a little bit of trouble distinguishing who is talking.

ain't just yours Honda, but he won't listen to me tongue.gif

Posted by: OkamiWind Aug 9 2013, 10:53 PM
QUOTE (shadow55419 @ 1 hour, 46 minutes ago)
ain't just yours Honda, but he won't listen to me tongue.gif

...HEY I CAN LISTEN IF I WANT TO...just it's that well I have to admit for this one I kept switching POV (technically characters) WAY too much. I'll try to tone it down so it's just one character or a definite switch.

But i'll definitely try to tell whose talking and what not. I have no one to blame but myself.

No it's not gonna get steamy...but it'll be close... shifty2.gif shifty2.gif

Also apparently playing ID7AAX gives my inspiration back...HELP ME.

Posted by: OkamiWind Aug 11 2013, 07:55 PM
Chapter updates as well as some other things. For one you as you may have just looked over I did a different style as of now. So i'm gonna go back and fix the rest of the story and place it in this style as don't expect an update for a good amount of time.

Chapter 8: Difference

“Shizuko? What the…?” “Please…let me stay here for the night!” Shizuko was gasping quite heavily, as if she just proceeded to run all the way here.

“M-Mother can she-” Neon started with a worried look.

“It is not a problem at all, quickly get her inside.” Kaede gestured the poor girl inside and sat her down on a chair at the dining table.

“Shizuko…what happened? Why are you here? Did you sprint here?” Neon asked Shizuko, who now was seated and holding Neon’s hand.

“Hold on brother let her catch her breath first; she is probably in shock or something…” Airis said to Neon, who now was actually pretty worried about Shizuko. Shizuko slowly caught her breathing slowly looked up before letting out a slow breath.

“Alright…let me tell you what happened…” Shizuko then let go of Neon’s hand and closed her eyes.

“It was earlier today when it happened. Being the business people they are I was going to be with one of my relatives in Tokyo I believe. But something inside my snapped, it didn’t happen for four years so why would it happen now?” She started.

“You hate your relatives or something?” Airis asked before being smacked by Kaede. Shizuko looked at them weirdly before moving on.

“So I argued with them for a bit, something between the lines of me stating I’m in college and them responding back about the ‘minds of the kids these days’. Kinda idiotic if you asked me.” Shizuko said after looking down.

“Should I get you some water or something Shizuko?” Neon asked the girl. She nodded yes and Neon returned with a water bottle, in which she took a moderate drink out of.

“Thank you Neon. Anyway so I told them ‘I’ll run way and see how you like it.’ Of course they thought of it as a blank threat and said things like ‘You don’t have any friends’ and such. So after they left to meet with their relatives I had to act fast.”

This is kinda like a storybook theme or something…could be interesting to see how it goes down. Kaede thought after looking up for a quick second.

“So I just grabbed some toiletries and my keys to my Subaru before I jetted out of the house and tried to find your house Neon…I was worried I was on the wrong street so that’s why I was panting fantically…and I knew I had about ten minutes to do so before my parents came back.” Shizuko finished and then proceeded to drink the rest of the water bottle. Neon, Airis, and Kaede were left with slightly open mouths for a minute.

Then Airis shouted at Neon, “You told her where we LIVED?!”

Neon’s face recoiled in the fear, “I-I didn’t pinpoint EXACTALY where we lived! I just gave the street name, not the actual location and all that!”

Kaede then rolled her eyes said, “Well knowing Neon he probably told her that I was a Nismo tuner and it probably made her life easier that our garage lights were probably the only one on at this time of day.”

Airis just gave out an ‘ah’ and Neon looked at the time, it was 5PM. “‘At this hour’? Mom you know it’s only 5PM.”

Kaede then exhaled and rubbed her forehead, “That’s why it made her life EASIER, duh.”

“But that’s quite a story you have there Shizuko…” Airis said looking back at the now calm purple haired girl.

“So um…now that you heard my story…I did forget to pack some clothes so…” Shizuko started as she slowly looked at Airis.

Airis then sighed and shook her head, “I have some extras, but looking at you it might be a tight fit around the…torso area.” Kaede then smiled and gestured her to grab said clothing.

“Neon, our guest is a little startled. Maybe a good bath might clear up her mind, so can you please…?” Neon nodded and proceeded to prepare the bath for Shizuko.

“You just make yourself comfortable, I was about to prepare dinner so you can wait…ah maybe I should show you the guest room.” Shizuko then followed the woman to her temporary room. Definitely different then back home…it almost feels like paradise.

“Here it is, just stay in here or feel free to look around until Neon is finished preparing the bath.” Kaede smiled at Shizuko before Shizuko lightly bowed and said, “Thank you for your hospitality.”

Kaede only giggled and responed, “It’s no problem.”

Kaede then closed the door and Shizuko sat herself on the bed. A bed for a guest room? Kaede…must have some excess to spend or something. Shizuko then sat up and looked around the room. A basic desk accessorized with a digital clock, a lamp that could be turned on and off manually, a basic painting of a sunset or something, and a window looking out to the street. “They sure know how to decorate a room nicely…” she muttered to herself before lying down on the bed.

A few minutes later a knock was heard at the door. “Hey Shizuko, the bath’s ready.” It was Neon’s voice who said that.

“Ah! Thank you I’ll head there right now.” Shizuko replied as she got off the bed.

Neon rolled his eyes and said, “You don’t even know where it is…” She swore she heard Neon face palm himself.

“O-Of course silly me, I’ll head out soon.” She got up and opened the door, with Neon removing his palm from his face at the same time. He was wearing a white v-neck with black basketball shorts. Simple…

“Anyway, let me show you to the bathroom.” Neon then took Shizuko’s hand and nearly pulled her to follow him.

“Hey! Be nicer will you?” Shizuko softly yelled as she followed Neon’s tug.

“Well if you haven’t stood there like a rock then I wouldn’t have pulled ya.” He replied after shaking his head.

“Here we are; my sister already put the extra clothes on top the towels.” Neon nodded at Shizuko before heading back to his room…which was a few feet away. Nevertheless Shizuko went inside the bathroom and removed her clothing before sinking into the bathtub.

“Hm…it’s warm. I feel kinda tired, but maybe it’s caused I’m relaxed…” She then lightly sang an anime opening tune, albeit at a much slower pace. Sure has been a while since I last decided to sing in the bath…oh well it’s not like anyone heard me.

After cleaning herself up Shizuko dried herself off and changed into Airis’s clothes…but…Urk! She wasn’t kidding the top is gonna be a bit tight…Shizuko looked at herself in the mirror. It was a blue tank top and some purple pajama pants that were just above her knees.

“My goodness Airis…what are your measurements…why am I asking that? The tank top doesn’t cover me completely, my lower stomach is exposed…” Sighing Shizuko stepped out of the bathroom with her old clothes in hand and went back into her room. Tossing her clothes onto the desk Shizuko let herself fall onto the bed, letting her body slowly succumb to her tiredness. And for once she fell asleep soundly. What felt like a day was only an hour and thirty minutes as Shizuko’s ears heard three knocks on her door.

“Hey Shizuko, if you’re hungry we are about to eat.” That was Airis’s voice and at the same time Shizuko's stomach growled pretty loudly. “Um…yeah hurry up and get over to the dining room. I even heard that.” Shizuko slowly got up and rubbed some sleep out of her eyes before opening the door. There was definitely a unique smell in the air and the Kurubasa family was waiting for her.

“Ah! Sorry for accidently sleeping…” Shizuko said after a slight bow.

Kaede smiled at Shizuko and replied, “No problem, you were probably exhausted after that little excursion.”

“Oh? It’s curry rice…” Shizuko asked in a slightly quite tone

Airis then rolled her eyes and asked, “Geez what’s with you? You sound like a tourist or something, c’mon you grew up in Japan right?”

Shizuko then looked away in embarrassment just then Kaede smacked Airis across the head and scolded, “HEY! Watch your mouth Airis! You shouldn’t treat our guest like that! I taught you better then that!” Airis then bowed in apology.

“Don’t fret over her, she’s kinda uptight with other people around.” Neon said reassuringly to Shizuko, who only smiled back at him. “Alright, now that that’s outta the way…let’s eat alright?”

“Itadakimasu.” Shizuko then followed the suit of the Kurubasa family. “I-Itadakimasu.”

Chapter 9: Alike Heads gets a bit...warm.

“Gochisosama…” Airis said after quickly finishing her meal.

“You know sis, you never finished eating before me…” Neon said as he continued to eat.

“He’s right Airis, why are you eating so fast? Are you in a rush?” Kaede asked the girl.

“N-No! I didn’t eat much today! Geez…” Airis replied after putting her dish in the sink and then proceeded back to her room. Shizuko was appalled in her observation. My family is never like this…they get along so beautifully. This is like a dream of some sorts…

“Gochisosama.” Kaede said as she got up and placed her plate in the sink. “I’ll be in the garage doing my job, but feel free to just look around or ask me anything if you want to Shizuko.” Shizuko then nodded as Kaede walked to the garage.

“Wow…why am I eating so slow?” Neon said as he stirred his food for a bit. “Maybe cause you’re here…ha even at home I feel obliged to eat slowly…” Shizuko could only chuckle for a second.

“Now what’s so funny? Is our family weird?” Neon asked with an exasperated sigh.

Shizuko her head no quite vigorously and replied, “No, it’s…somewhat funny how my family differs from yours. It feels…nice.”

Neon then mustered up a quick smile and patted Shizuko’s arm. “This is what family is also about, just being yourself around people who you are comfortable with.”

Neon quickly muttered something as he placed his plate in the sink as well. “You should probably say your thanks a bit louder you know…” Shizuko said in slight concern in her tone.

“Maybe, but whatever.” He replied and then Neon proceeded go to the couch and started to play something.

“Thank you for the meal.” Shizuko whispered as she placed the plate inside the sink as well. Maybe I should acquaint myself with Neon’s family…but who should I talk to first? After thinking for a moment, she then decided to go to the garage. Shizuko was amazed on what she saw: a white Z34 all ready to go, a black R35 which was outfitted with a carbon hood and a GT wing, a KPGC10 Skyline that was nearly restored, and Kaede working on a S15. The place was also pretty neat as well, tools and parts all in their respective areas.

“Ah Shizuko, sorry but could you hand me that spark plug on the table?” Kaede asked after quickly looking at who entered in the garage. Shizuko shook her head out of her amazement before she handed the plug to her.

“Thanks…and that should do it.” Kaede said after patting her hands off before noticing Shizuko’s face. “You looked a little shocked Shizuko…never saw this many Nissan cars here before?”

Shizuko could only nod yes, and continued to look around. “But where are your cars…? I don’t see Neon’s ZN6 in here…”

Kaede then pointed to the right of her to another door. “That’s our personal garage. This is my ‘workplace’ if you will.” Kaede then looked at Shizuko, “Sorry to ask this…but could I see your Subaru? I want to see what modifications you did to it.”

Shizuko was confused for a second. Why would a Nissan tuner want to see a Subaru for?

“Cause I can, you said that softly ya know.” Kaede said rather sternly.
Shizuko then laughed nervously, “Oh…heheh…sure you can.”

“Hm…” Shizuko was anticipating something bad from Kaede. “The engine seems to be done well, turbo is alright, and nothing seems done in an amateur way. Some of the aftermarket parts could be hard to install and fatal if done wrong…you sure have connections don’t you Shizuko?” Shizuko could only nod yes.

“Sheesh you can speak right? You don’t have to be so silent. You’re making me feel like a villain or something.” Kaede said after scratching her head.

“S-Sorry about that, I just expect something negative that’s all.” Shizuko replied then turned her head to the R35.

Kaede then noticed Shizuko looking at the R35…and rambled. “Hm? The R35 already had stuff done, it was a simple installation of the hood and wing. The engine was made…poorly I should say. Got only a reading of 488 bhp…pretty low whoever made it, or maybe the idiot didn’t change the oil recently. Oh well, but the Z34 was retuned by me. Engine was made to rev up a little higher than usual…I think 500 RPM more and the suspension was replaced with some parts that could go on the R390 if it could. Although it is definitely remade for a Fairlady.”

The hell is she talking about? Shizuko then looked at Kaede funny. Kaede then looked at Shizuko and lightly hit herself on the head and said, “So sorry about that. I tend to ramble about the things I do for the cars, you must’ve been confused.”

Shizuko shook her head, “Oh no…it’s nothing wrong. If it happens it happens.”

Kaede then looked away for a second before she sighed and asked“ Hey…do you drink?”

This caught Shizuko off guard for sure. “Wh-Wh-What?!”

“I mean you could say no…but I’m curious that’s all.” Kaede said as she fiddled with her tools.

Well they all have been honest to me so far…so I guess one secret ain’t gonna kill me. “I…I do drink. But only once in a while.” Shizuko mustered up.

“So you want to drink after the children go to sleep?” Kaede seemed a bit brighter for some reason and much to Shizuko’s surprise.

“Why do you call them children? They’re in college for goodness sake…” Shizuko asked a bit slowly.

“Simple cause they’re too chicken to drink.” Kaede replied before working on the KPBC10.

You call them chickens? Geez what type of mother are you? Shizuko thought after she closed her eyes.

Eventually the both of them agreed to drink something just before they head to bed. After that Shizuko then decided to talk to Airis, a girl to girl talk would do her mind some good…maybe. “Um Airis…is it ok if we could…casually talk?” She asked after she knocked on the door.

Airis then opened her door, “No problem and sorry for coming out so harsh on you…”

Shizuko only smiled and waved it off. “It’s ok, your brother said that you tend to be cold to people…”

Airis only shook her head as she invited Shizuko into her room. It was lavishly decorated, a faint peach wall painting with plushies covering a bit of her desk and bed. She also had some drawers that were probably filled with clothes. “You sure are a fashionable person aren’t you Airis?” Shizuko asked the room owner.

“Of course, aren’t you?” Airis said as she turned around.

“Not THAT much, but I do try to keep up with the fashion scene once in a while.” Airis then took a seat at her desk as Shizuko sat on the ground.

“Oh…yeah um…I noticed know what we can talk girl to girl right?” Airis started as she looked at a particular place on the guest’s body.

Shizuko then turned her head to the left in confusion. “Like we weren’t already…?”

Airis then exhaled, “Fine then, your boobs. How the hell did you get them so…sizeable?” Eh?! Shizuko’s face was now flustered; she swore her face was on fire.

“I mean that was what I was worried about, my clothes were bought based off my chest size but you…what’s your size?” Airis gritted out as she slowly approached Shizuko.

Shizuko was still flustered and confused, “W-W-Wh-What? H-H-Huh? This…um…my size…? Ano…” “Did you do anything? TELL ME!” What the heck? AH!

Shizuko then exited Airis’s room after…well being female groped. Her arms were covering her chest, and now she wanted to meet up with Neon now. Maybe he could give her some relief. She knocked on Neon’s door and asked, “Um…can I hang out…if that’s not a problem…”

Neon then made a noise and replied, “Sure, just come on in.” And in she went. His room was a bit decorated, there were 3 video game posters spaced evenly between each other, a desk that had a laptop with some video game and anime figurines on it, and Neon on his bed.

“You sure like video games and anime huh?” Shizuko said after her analysis.

“Well at least I’m not afraid to admit it.” Neon responded back as he rolled his eyes.

Shizuko then took a seat on Neon’s bed…and Neon felt slightly uncomfortable. “I just wanted to thank you for this and all that…” Neon then sighed his uneasiness off and sat up next to Shizuko.

“It’s not a problem Shizuko, I mean you did kinda catch us after a miscommunication. So you came at a good time, at least.” Shizuko then slid closer to Neon and laid her head on his shoulder.

“I hope I can repay you for this favor one day…” Shizuko whispered to Neon. He then gave Shizuko a kiss on her lips. Neon…

“You don’t have to repay me…you are here and this is enough payment back to me.” Neon replied with a genuine smile. Shizuko then pushed Neon down to his bed.

“Um…Shizuko?” Neon now was getting very uncomfortable. His girlfriend was practically right on top of him and nearly held him down.

“Shizuko…could you…” However he didn’t finish the sentence as his mind started to slowly drift away. He moved his hand onto Shizuko’s breast in which she could only make a quick yelp as he slowly rubbed his hand against it.

“N-Neon…hm…” Shizuko’s face blushed a faint red as some pleasure was stimulated to her body.

“Shizuko you smell…quite nice today,” Neon said before he licked Shizuko’s neck. She could only moan softly as his tongue dragged across her skin. Succumbing to the pleasure Shizuko fell on top of Neon, where he proceeded to feel up Shizuko’s breasts more.

“N-Neon…oh…hm…” Shizuko mustered as pleasure coursed through her body. Then he stopped and stared at each other for a bit before they both kissed each other furiously, eventually they used their tongues as well. “Hey broth-”

Airis walked in at an awkward time to put it nicely. Her face was really flushed, she just walked into her brother’s make out session for goodness sake! “Ah…um…” was all Airis could muster as she looked at the scene. Shizuko was on top of Neon, full body contact too, and was looking at Airis with a visible blush on her face. Neon was fully flustered and embarrassed, he probably should have locked the door…but then again it probably would lead to consequences if he did.

“Um…Airis, could you not-” Neon slowly started.

“IDIDN’TSEEANYTHINGANDIWON’TSAYATHINGABOUTTHIS! CONTINUEONYOUTWO!” Airis slurred very quickly as she nearly sprinted back to her room where she slammed the door. My goodness…wah! I GOTTA LOOK AT SOMETHING ELSE NOW!

Neon could only push Shizuko off as the both of them quickly separated themselves to each end of the bed. “Shizuko…” Neon could only say at this moment.

Shizuko could only look down in embarrassment, “S-S-S-S-S-Sorry about that…my mind just went on its own whim! I’ll head back to my room now!” Shizuko then quickly fast walked back to her room. What the hell came over me?! I’m not a female perve…WHY AM I SAYING THAT WORD?

Shizuko now paced around in her room as she thought about…His hands were firm and warm…and he wasn’t quick to make me…NONONONO! Shizuko could only shake her head and hit herself with a pillow. “Maybe I should ask Kaede to see if she has anything stronger…”

“Ah you’re here…why are you so flustered?” Kaede asked the red faced Shizuko.

“N-Nothing really…I just that had an embarrassing thought before I came down.” Shizuko looked away for a quick second.

Kaede then nodded and replied, “Well if you two are gonna do anything tonight, just make sure you suppress the screams or moans. I am a light sleeper after all, even after events like this.” Shizuko’s face turned into a deeper shade of red.

Kaede simply just laughed loud, “Wow! Didn’t think you were thinking about THAT! I just guessed what you were thinking that!” Shizuko now just sat down and face desk herself out of total embarrassment.

“But enough of that, is sake alright?” Kaede asked the embarrassed girl.

“Y-Yes that will be fine.” Shizuko replied, her face still red. Kaede got up and grabbed two bottles of sake.

“Um…you need a glass or something? Cause I usually just drink straight from it…” Shizuko just shook her head no as Kaede proceeded to reach for the glasses.

Shrugging Kaede left the glasses alone and handed Shizuko the second bottle in her left hand. “Heh, you drink often? Cause someone your age might be more prone to it.”

“No I drank really early…so I could sleep soundly sometimes.”

Kaede now was interested, “Oh? Please do tell.”

“Might as well,” Shizuko let out a sigh as she shook her head and placed it on her right hand. “It was back in middle school when I was back with my parents, but they weren’t all that happy to see me. I remember getting a punishment when I got an 85 on some test.”

“An 85?” Kaede said as she looked at Shizuko, “Seems pretty rough if you ask me. I would be alright if my children got that grade.”

“Yeah, anyway after that little incident I suffered a slight case of…what is it insomnia? Yeah insomnia, I couldn’t sleep well for a few weeks.” Shizuko then sighed heavily as she remembered the pain her parents caused.

“If it’s uncomfortable for you, you know you can stop.” Kaede gave Shizuko a very sympathetic look.

“No no, it’s ok. Then one day my parents left a bottle…of what I want to say beer. So I just took it and just downed it in one go. Knocked out pretty quickly and for a solid eight hours as well.” Shizuko sighed as she shook her head.

“So that’s when you started drinking? Did you get addicted to it?” Kaede asked as she relaxed back in her chair.

“Well…how should I put it...” Shizuko started as she tapped her finger on her chin, “I didn’t get addicted to it. I only drank if I wanted to sleep well, so in total about a week’s worth in total per month. And of course I had the hangovers which were a pain in the ass.”

Kaede could only nod as she started to open her bottle, “So you do it constantly, even to this day?”

Shizuko furiously shook her head no, “Oh no no no no…in high school my parents were a little easier on my actions so I reduced it to only about four a month. Still I have insomnia, I guess being around your son makes me sleep easier.”

“Tough story there Shizuko.” Kaede said as she closed her eyes.

“Indeed, I don’t want Neon to know I drink so I guess I try to make an effort to try and drink less every time I want to.” Shizuko said as she stared into the bottle in her hand, smiling as she swirled the bottle.

“At least you make a conscious effort; there are people who can’t stop and end up dead.” Shizuko only nodded at Kaede’s statement.

“Anyway, enough of life. Let’s drink away yeah?” Kaede raised her bottle as well as Shizuko and they both toasted their bottles before both of them managed to take down the bottle in one giant swig. Somehow they both ended at the same time and exhaled simultaneously too.

“Wow Shizuko, didn’t think you could do *hic* that.” Kaede slurred as slammed down her bottle

“Haha…same could *hic* be said of you *hic* Kaede.” Shizuko slurred as she swirled her head around.

After some random slur talk Shizuko made it back to her room and slammed herself on the bed. Well at least I forgot about Neon’s…DAMMIT.

Yeah never gonna do that again. Anyway I will get around the fic update as soon as I can. See ya around.

You know what...I'll put each my main character's theme song for their own races.

Neon - The Top by Ken Blast
Shizuko - Yesterday by Cherry
Airis - Freedom Ride by The Snake
Kiyoshi - Fire on the Beat by Ace Warrior
Kayo - Set Me Free by Cherry
Haruko - Forever Young by Symbol
Haruka - Love is the Name of Love by Irene
Hitoshi - Speed Man by Dave Simon
Akemi - Save Me by Leslie Parrish
Toshiyuki - Ministry of Power by Fastway
????? - Burning of the Night (Total Fire) by 2 Fast

Yes I know most are these from the Arcade what?

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QUOTE (THE_HONDA_CG2 @ 1 hour, 37 minutes ago)
There we go! I like this format much better. Way easier to read! Once you reformat all your chapters, I'll probably be going through and rereading them all again. As for the stuff that happened in this chapter, woah. Do we really have to wait for stuff and updates? laugh2.gif

I agree. I like the new format better.

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Btw, do you have a rough estimate for when the next chapter is gonna be released?

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format looks great, came up with a pretty good set here.

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QUOTE (OkamiWind @ Aug 11 2013, 07:55 PM)
“An 85?” Kaede said as she looked at Shizuko, “Seems pretty rough if you ask me. I would be alright if my children got that grade.”

YOU'RE NOT ASIAN KAEDE!!!! I wish I had parents like her...

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Well Kaede is a different Asian mother, she's the rare gem that doesn't kill you for B's...but C's however...

"WHAT?! GET OVER HERE AIRIS!" Kaede then proceeded to hit Airis on her calves.
Neon: Hey since when did we make the upper part?
Okamiwind: SHUT UP! *snaps fingers*
Neon is now KO'd.

Lol maybe I can do these random moments in the upper part. Anyway tear jerker episode...I think. Also when Kaede talk about something, if you wish put on River Flows in know that piano song? Anyway enjoy.

Chapter 10: Parental Pains

Shizuko woke up with a slight headache, slowly getting up on her bed. She then looked at the clock at the desk. It’s 10AM? Man I must’ve sleep in a lot…then again…Shizuko then looked out the window, the sunlight blinded her eyes a bit.

“Neon’s home…it sure is peaceful.” Shizuko said to herself as she slowly got out of the bed. It was then she realized that the clothes she wore to their house…were gone. Where the hell did my clothes go…?

Shizuko then opened the door and noticed a faint hum around the house. She then followed the noise to a room where Airis was humming a random tune while waiting in front of the laundry dryer.

“Oh? Morning Shizuko, didn’t expect you to find me here.” Airis said as she noticed Shizuko’s presence.

“Ah…morning,” Shizuko started as she remembered why she was here, “I noticed my clothes were missing…so…”

“Yeah, I thought of cleaning your clothes” Airis started, “you know…apologizing for my outburst. It still bugs me how cold I can be…” She then sighed and sat down on the ground.

Shizuko felt bad and sat next to the girl, “It’s ok…you can’t change how you, um, act. Now that I got to know you better,” Shizuko held Airis shoulders, “I want to thank you for accepting me. And then Shizuko hugged her.

“You sure do forgive people easily,” Airis sighed as she slowly smiled. But why do I think I’m entering in…odd territory? I think the territory started with Yu…I don’t remember.

“Maybe I do but I think Neon’s rubbing off on me.” Shizuko said as she let go of Airis.

“Whatever, anyway your clothes will be done drying in about fifteen minutes.” Airis said as she got back up. Shizuko nodded and decided to head to the restroom.

“Sheesh did my bladder decided to hold itself in?” Shizuko muttered to herself as she looked herself at the bathroom mirror. “And…are my breasts that big…?” She sighed as she started to take off her borrowed tank top, until the door opened. It was Neon.

They just stared at each other and Shizuko’s breasts were exposed at this moment. Oddly enough they just stared at each other with neutral faces…and the clock just moved on.






“WOAH MY GOD! I’M SORRY SHIZUKO!” Neon screamed as his face instantly turned red.

“N-N-Neon?! D-D-Did I forget to l-l-lock the door?!” Shizuko screamed as she furiously pulled down her tank top. Their faces were both flushed and they were looking down as well.

“S-Sorry I’ll close the door!” Neon said as he slammed the door. I just saw Shizuko’s bare…AH! I need to deluge myself in something that is not perverted NOW…

Shizuko just sat there dumbfounded as she finished up her business. “Wah…can’t believe I didn’t lock the door…how stupid of me.” She said in complete embarrassment.

“Oh goodness I’m really embarrassed now…how will Neon act now…” Shizuko mumbled as she down the stairs. She then sat down at the couch and reached for the remote. “Maybe I should let Airis know I’m watching something fir-”

“Go for it,” Shizuko turned around and looked at Airis, “just don’t touch my brother’s games. He gets a bit antsy when other people play on it. Better ask for his permission first.”

“Ah I-I see thanks.” Shizuko then bowed her head a bit before Airis’s face slightly blushed and returned to the laundry room. Why are you stuck in the room? She then looked at the PS3 and looked towards Neon’s room. Doesn’t hurt to ask…

Shizuko took a few seconds to ease her breathing before she knocked Neon’s door. “A-Ano…if it’s ok with you, could I pass the time on your PS3…?” Neon then opened the door, his face still a faint red. Shizuko’s face turned red as well…for no reason.

“S-Sure,” Neon started…“but um…never speak of what happened earlier ok? As well as last night!” Shizuko slowly nodded.

“Oh? You both did it twice? Sheesh you both are young lovers indeed and I’m surprised I didn’t wake up.” A deeper female voice said.

“N-N-Not like that mother!” “No! We never did that!” Neon and Shizuko said simultaneously. Kaede only smirked.

“Sure, that’s what they ALL say nowadays. In fact Neon, you play with Shizuko’s chest a lot?” Kaede asked in a devilish matter. Neon could only flush his face more. “WOAH! Didn’t think you actually did that! Man you two are a couple huh? Can’t believe you managed second.”

Shizuko now decided to speak up, “NO! We didn’t go that far at all! We didn’t do anything bad at all! Please understand us!” Little did she know Kaede sidestepped her argument.

“So you DID allow him to go to second huh? Tell me, is he a good lover?” Kaede taunted with a smirk. Now Shizuko’s face was flustered the same color as Neon. Oh goodness it’s fun to mess around these two. “You both know I trust every word you said. It’s just that I decided to poke fun at you two.”

Now for some reason the couple’s faces were steaming with a bit of anger. Kaede then took this time to slip out of the way before they could retort back. The both of them exhaled as they looked at one another. “Like I said its ok…just,” Neon shook his head, “you know.” Shizuko nodded as she went back down the stairs.

Shizuko now needed to get her mind off the incident. She looked around the games Neon had and popped in a random game. Sheesh, Kaede sure does tease people on a daily basis huh? The game that came up was something unexpected…“Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F? Huh…not gonna say anything.” Neon, back in his room, felt an odd chill come down his spine.

“Shoot almost had that one, stupid safe.” Shizuko muttered as she finished up ‘Weekender Girl’, she almost had a perfect. Nevertheless she resumed onward to another song as she heard someone hum a well to known anime theme song. “You actually watch that anime? Didn’t take you for a SOS member.”

“Oh shut up Shizuko.” Airis pouted as she tossed Shizuko’s clothes at her, well, face. “I would have given them to you nicely but after that comment…no.” Shizuko then took the clothes off her face and almost gave Airis the finger. But decided it wasn’t worth it.

“Geez, you could have been nicer you meanie…” Shizuko then returned to choosing whatever song she wanted now.

Now I’m bored…Shizuko thought after laying down on the couch. It was around noon when she figured out she was bored. It was probably due to the fact she didn’t know what to do around here. Sighing she got up and decided to change to her own clothes.

“Yep, feels much better. Not so constrained around the…” Shizuko looked down at her herself, omitting the last part for good measure. After sitting on the bed she thought if she could stay here a bit longer now. But she didn’t want to intrude or anything so…*knock knock knock* “Yes?”

“Shizuko, you gonna stay here a bit longer?” Kaede asked after the knocks. However she heard nothing from the other side. Perhaps she got bored and fell asleep? There ain’t much to do for guests…then again we never had one for a LONG time now…

“I-Is it ok if I can?” Shizuko responded after some thought.

“Sure you can,” Kaede responded with a smile on her face, “just don’t run off at night ok? You might get us all worried, by the way aren’t you gonna connact your pare-”

“NO.” Shizuko nearly screamed back, “Sorry, but I want them to kinda be on edge now. I want to prove I can take care of myself so another day will really make them sure.” Then Kaede went in the room.

“I see, your parents…not a nice bunch are they?” Kaede sighed as she took a seat next to Shizuko. “Well, my husband is a business person to. So I kinda understand what you are experiencing, hasn’t came back since winter.”

“Oh,” Shizuko spoke, “I…I want them to know I CAN take care of myself. And I’m not just some figure for them to boast about.”

“Figure?” Kaede then looked at Shizuko, she was nearly on the verge to tears. Kaede hugged Shizuko and felt some warmth coming from her torso.

“T-They couldn’t care less on how I act,” Shizuko managed through the muffled sobs, “all they care about is how ‘perfect’ I am. It’s what on the paper that counts for them, not the stuff inside.”

…Damn her parents, what the hell do they think this poor girl is?! Kaede thought to herself as Shizuko’s wails started to slightly increase in volume. She would NEVER do this to her children, she knew that regardless of their age Neon and Airis were fragile inside. A past experience thanks to their mother made them weak, made them so secluded, made them…almost suicidal.

“I’m sorry Shizuko…” that was all Kaede could mutter out. Shizuko then moved her head in a ‘no’ fashion. “Tell the truth…I had to make myself stronger for my children as well, after something I did…”

Shizuko, still in her fit of sadness, looked up at Kaede as she closed her eyes. What did she do?

“It was in elementary school for them, back then I was kinda a wild mother. Just doing what I wanted to do with no leash on me, God what a fool I was. My children were in class one day when Neon got into a fight because Airis was getting bullied around a bit.”

Shizuko decided to hold off questions in her mind for a bit…even though she didn’t know why Kaede was telling this to her.

“So Neon fought as well as he could as a kid, unfortunately he lost and Neon and Airis were both getting beat up. Why Airis as well, I have no idea. The teacher never knew what was happening until the bullies were done. They were messed up you could say, Neon was covering Airis the best he could as, from what the teacher said, Airis was wailing from her pain. I eventually got word of this back home and yet…I didn’t pick them up until 30 minutes later when I got a call that my children were kidnapped because they wanted to walk home.” Kaede continued with obvious tears in her face.

Shizuko now was out of her tears and was attentive with the story.

“For the first time in forever I panicked, I was at a loss. What kind of mother let’s her children get kidnapped after they were beaten up? So I called all my friends up, those who I contact with at the time. I told them my predicament and they immediately finished what they were doing and told me just to stay put until they found something. Then I got my husband, he was just pulling into the garage at the time. I told him what happened, god I never felt so stupid and hopeless in my life.” Kaede went on with now gasps of air in-between a few words.

Shizuko still just kept her silence, not knowing what to do at the moment.

“Eventually a dear friend of mine told us that someone saw an odd car going up the pass. For the first time of my life I booked it to my car and broke just every single street law imaginable. Going well above the limit, passing every red light, going in the opposite lane, everything I could to catch this person. So I finally got to the pass and proceeded to go up it as fast as my HS30 could, finally I saw the car. A white LanEvo III; god was I angry…I rammed him hard until I was sure HE couldn’t drive and I didn’t even think about my children. After I managed to stop him I immediately rushed to the car and found my children…and guess what they said to me?” Kaede sighed as she tried her best to keep it there.

Shizuko didn’t speak at all, she was lost in her story.

“‘I hate you.’ Those simple three words…and my life just crashed. My friends and my husband found us and proceeded to take them back home. Yet I couldn’t move. I was numb with fear, anger, stupidity and just a whole range of emotions. I just proceeded to the top and just sat in my car. ‘I hate you.’ Those three words from my two children…it rang in my head for a long time. I think I was actually thinking of running away at that point. And even to this day what I screamed was still in my head to this day…‘WHAT TYPE OF MOTHER AM I?!’” Kaede now was sobbing, Shizuko could only put her hand on her.

“So I changed how I acted, but they were still afraid of me…or did they hate me? I don’t know, but I tried to get them back. I bought them what they wanted, went out of my way to help them, did everything to get my children to love me again. But it was for naught, they still disliked me, they still didn’t want to talk to me, they hated me. Yet I couldn’t do anything, the only time they talked with me was when they needed to have something signed or something like that. And one day I overheard the two of them talking about killing themselves…with the knives in the kitchen. I swore I just moved all the knives to the highest place to where I had a hard time making dinner one day because of my fear.” Then Kaede cried for a little bit.

Shizuko was still at a loss…she didn’t know what to do and feared of taking action.

“And one day, at nighttime I heard my nightmare come true. Neon and Airis were screaming in the house and I immediately rushed to see why…they were stabbing themselves with whatever they found in their room, they were sleeping in the same room at the time. I immediately just pulled them together and screamed for them to at least stop doing it to themselves. I screamed for their apology, I screamed for their forgiveness, I screamed to just let them smile for one time. I screamed anything I could to make my children forgive me, yet they only just stopped. I didn’t hear any ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Ok’, just pure silence…and it wasn’t until middle school in which they said ‘We forgive you’.” Kaede now shook her head and tried to forget the pain she caused.

“Ms. Kurubasa…” Shizuko said as she took the hand of the troubled mother.

“I know you…probably didn’t go such drastic things like they did…” Kaede eventually spoke up. “But I just can’t see parents neglecting their kids like that! Everytime I hear a news report of some parent neglecting their children, intentional or not I just remember this moment. And you telling me what you went through last night…I just tried to keep it in. I cried myself to sleep last night, the memories of it still fresh.”

Shizuko could only imagine what Neon’s mother was going through. Maybe I did have it better, what a spoiled child I am!


Shizuko: Hey, who are yo-
Okamiwind: SHUT UP! *snaps fingers*
Shizuko disappeared.

Also if you want ask some simple questions for the cast...I guess you can ask them in your comments...I want to put stuff here now...

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Nice chapter, never would have thought that the Kurubasas would have such a troubled history...

Moar Chapters!!!

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Final chapter of this little character arc. Next up race heavy chapter!

Chapter 11: Happiness Together

As Kaede left the room Shizuko just sat there as she began to contemplate everything the troubled mother said. Did Neon really go through that in his childhood? I feel like a large weight came upon me…

“So mother talked about our childhood eh?” Shizuko turned to the voice. It was Neon who was sighing as he placed his forearm on the door frame. “Before you ask yes we really thought that killing ourselves were better than living with our mother. We were…fools about that decision.”

“Fools…” Shizuko started as she decided to bit he lower lip. No I shouldn’t say they were selfish, it wouldn’t be right at this moment… Neon took a seat next to Shizuko and held her hand.

“Don’t say it…I-no we thought we were selfish bakas at the time.” Neon silently responded, Shizuko now took the initiative to kiss Neon. However he pushed Shizuko away, for what reason though…

“No…no,” Neon said after looking at Shizuko’s shocked face. “Sorry but after all that the last thing I need is help from my girlfriend…” Shizuko then tossed herself on top of Neon and held him down in a similar fashion like last night.

“Listen, I don’t know why you’re so emotional now…” Shizuko started as she stared down Neon who was surprised. “I’m here for you. Isn’t a couple supposed to share their troubles, pains, and their pasts together? I know we kinda started but still…” She then got off Neon and hugged him, “I am here for you.”

“Heh,” Neon started as his face started to heat up, “isn’t that what I am supposed to say? But I guess you are right Shizuko, maybe I’m just…afraid of what you thought of this whole thing about my past and all…” Neon then felt a single tear fall down his face.

Shizuko wiped that tear away from his face and gave him another kiss. Neon returned it and they both fell onto the bed together, for once the lonely Phoenix had an Angel to guide him.

It was until an hour later that Neon found himself sleeping next to Shizuko and the first thing he does was check under the sheet. “Thank goodness we didn’t do it…” Neon sighed as he silently shuffled his way out of the bed. Shizuko…thank you, I really owe you one now…He then shut the door and let his Angel sleep for the time being.

“Is Shizuko still in there?” Airis asked his brother. Like Neon she overheard everything that their mother was saying. Neon only nodded yes as Airis hugged his brother.

“I love you brother…and not like that.” Airis said with a satisfied smile. Neon returned the gesture and also said, “I love you too sister…and not like that.”

“I’m sorry you two…” Their mother said as she recovered from her earlier sadness. “I can never forgive myself for something so…”

“Mom,” Airis started, “WE were the fools…we decided to go home when they said we shouldn’t. We should have listened to them, we should have more faith in you, we should have never disrespected you!”

Ngh, I slept again. Shizuko said as she heard some voices from the other side of the door. Are they fighting…maybe I should just hang low.

“No, just no,” Kaede said as she held up her hand. “As a mother I should have been better to the both of you! What a fool I was…”

“Mom,” Neon said in a more assertive matter. “We were fools too. We didn’t mean to have that drama happen. We we-”

Kaede then slammed her hands on the ground. “NO! I WAS THE FOOL!” Kaede screamed as tears slowly formed down her face, “I shouldn’t been so rowdy I shouldn’t have been so…!”

Airis and Neon were hugging Kaede the best way they could. Shizuko slowly opened the door and smiled her way down stairs. Huh…at least they still care for them, while they…ugh.

“Thank you…” the twins said at the same time. Kaede could only return the hug and she saw Shizuko’s hair flow past the stairs.

“Shizuko?” Kaede muttered thankfully only Shizuko heard it.

“I’m gonna head home now, my parents must have left already and I don’t want to disrupt this moment.” Shizuko whispered, but somehow Kaede could only hear it. “Thank you…”

After Shizuko disappeared back to her house she found the key that her family kept as a spare for the outside. “They sure have that family happiness…wish I could have that, even for a short time.” She entered back into her house until her phone rang.

“Shizuko?” A female voice was on the opposite side, thankfully she knew who it was.

“Haruko, I’m fine. I went to Neon’s house to hide…I’m back now.” Shizuko sighed with an odd sense of relief.

“I see…your parents called me. Decided to keep silent.”

“Keep silent. Wait you knew…?”

“I had a guess, but I didn’t know for sure. So I was telling the truth when I kept silent.”

“Haruko, thank you…and by the way is the pass open?”

This made Haruko curious and surprised. “Huh? Why would you say that? The pass has been active for a while…”

“Well…I want to race right now…and was hoping if…?”

“Well if you don’t mind, what if I call up a few people I know and maybe we could have a little tournament.” Haruko then smirked a bit.

“Go for it. When do we meet?” Shizuko then gave an oddly happy smile.

“Midnight. Be there.” Haruko replied after hanging up. I wonder if they can make it?

Short but simple no? Anyway as I stated earlier now the race heavy chapters will come up now. See ya soo-

Akemi: Am I gonna be in the first race?
Okamiwind: No spoil-
Haruka: NO I am!
Okamiwind: Now hol-
Kiyoshi: I didn't even race in the last arc! I should be first!
Okamiwind: Now would everyo-
Haruko: I didn't race yet...but it's probably better that I don't...but I would li-


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Wow, school. Anyway here's an update for you few people who like my fic...I think. Updates maybe random from here on out, technically there might be continuous surge then a pause or a chapter, pause, chapter deal. Anyway enjoy.

Chapter 12: Eternal Rivals

“Hm? A race? Sure I guess…”

“Huh, guess it’ll be good for me to try out my new car.”

“Yay! I wanted to race against the main locals!”

“About time Haruka…”

“Alright! Jus’ let me find my keys…”

“Sure, be there at that time.”

“Ok. I’ll be there I guess…”

“Yeah! I’ll be there for sure!”

“And that’ll do for the calls…” Haruko said after she hung up her cell phone. It was an hour before they would all meet, this will definitely solidify the main locals…hopefully. Sighing she took the time to look at the nearby picture of Neon and her back in high school. I hope he still…no he said he forgave me. Oh well…

It was five minutes before the meeting time and the Kurubasa twins were already there. They were waiting inside their cars as they eventually saw more headlights approach them.

“So, who do you think Haruko called?” Airis asked her brother as they both got out of their cars.

“Pretty sure some people we know at least. She wasn’t the one to call anyone who she didn’t trust 90%” Neon replied as they saw the first two cars appear, a Ferrari F430 and an Aston Martin V12 Vantage.

“You would definitely be here ‘on time’ Neon…” Haruko muttered to herself as he approached the twins.

“Yay! Neon-kun! You made it!” Haruka said as she got out of her car and hugged Neon.

“Um, nice to see you to Haruka…” Neon managed to mutter out.

“Anyway,” Airis said, “so is it us four or are there more coming…?”
Then there was another set of headlights and Airis instantly recognized who one of them was.

“THE HELL IS THAT PERSON DOING HERE!?” Airis yelled as she recognized the approaching Viper. And the Viper’s driver knew who was the person yelling and instantly shot out of her car just as soon as she recognized who it was.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” Akemi yelled back at Airis as they indistinctively bashed their heads together, their teeth gritting in anger.

“Um…do I need to know about this?” Hitoshi said as he slowly got out of his car. Neon shrugged and shook his head.

“Wish I knew as well…maybe it has to do something back on the highway scene?” Neon commented as he approached Hitoshi. Hitoshi then gave Neon an odd glare. Highway scene? Who was he then? I should know… Then as Airis and Akemi continued to bash their heads the final four cars approached them.

“Gomenasai, hope we didn’t keep you waiting.” Shizuko apologized as she got out of the WRX.

“Something came up, apologies.” Toshiyuki said when he approached the group.

“Had to pull some strings to get here…” Kiyoshi sighed while he rubbed the back of his head.

“Accidently dozed off…” Kayo said after a quick stretch.

“By the way Haruko…” Toshiyuki said as he noticed the two Amerian cars. “How do you know those two?”

“Oh, how do I put this…” Haruko replied as she tapped her chin, “our family came across them in a business trip…I think that was how I met them…I think.”

“Them?” Neon asked as he gave Haruko an odd look, “Wait are you telling me…”

“I never told you this? Me and…Akemi are brother and sister.” Hitoshi said as he saw the two girls now were fighting in anime cliché way. They were trying to slap each other…

“Huh…never knew.” Neon said as he looked at the two. Haruko cleared her throat to try to get the two to stop, needless to say it didn’t work.

“Well now that we are here…Haruka, did you manage to clear the road?” Haruko said she asked her younger twin.

“Yep, told them the police were active…” Haruka then had to smirk and roll her eyes. “It’s easy how stupid some people are…”

“Alright, now who would like to go first?” Haruka asked…and in a short second.

“I WANNA RACE HER!” Airis and Akemi replied at the same exact time while pointing to each other.

“Oh boy…” Neon and Hitoshi muttered as they shook their heads at the same time.

Not gonna question how they managed to pull off the simultaneous acts…Haruka them shook her head and cleared her throat once again. This time the fighting sisters were paying attention.

“Alright, now that everyone’s settled let’s get this started. This will be a simple full hill race, which is both uphill and downhill. Let’s see…you all should know the cutoff point so I think we won’t need to worry about that. Um…winner is decided by who is in front, we start side by side alright?” Everyone nodded while the sisters were already at the starting line. Somehow, everyone face palmed at the same exact moment.

“Go, shi, san, ni, ichi…” Haruka counted down as she looked at the two drivers. Both of them were ready to go…“GO!” And the two racers raced off, leaving the rest to wonder who wins…

The Viper’s immense horsepower definitely gave it the head start, widening the gap between the two cars by a substantial length. After the first hairpin the Viper was already ahead by about a large five car lengths. Dangit…the car’s horsepower definitely gives it the advantage uphill…Airis gripped her driving wheel more and tried her best to emulate the same line the Viper had, which was pretty solid. However the distance between the two was slowly becoming closer, much to the M3’s surprise. Hm…I guess she relies on drifting almost every turn huh? Or is it that she can’t find her balance in the car…Airis could only exhale as she approached the first set of hairpins. She cleared the corner with good technique as the Viper was braking for the next hairpin. Pushing the accelerator slightly the M3 hummed as it approached the hairpin, however the driver was in over her head. Fearing she would hit the wall she up shifted too early and took the corner at a very slow pace. Airis could only try to keep up at this moment, unless the Viper messed up.

So you can’t keep up uphill eh? My win today! Akemi thought as she saw the M3 falling away from her. The high speed portion was a breeze for the Viper as it coursed its way through the portion. The second set of hairpins was up and Akemi stepped on her brakes to make sure she could make the corner decently. Following the high speed portion the M3 at this point was well behind the Viper and this made Akemi reckless. She then decided to try and gutter the second hairpin…

“SHIT!” Akemi cursed as she felt the balance of her car was somehow thrown off balance, much to her surprise. Dammit! Why the hell did that happen? Is guttering too much for the Viper? C’mon I know this car’s balance is a bit off with some of the suspension work when it comes to uneven roads…but c’mon! Airis somehow managed to catch up to the Viper as it recovered its balance.

“It’s definitely a balance problem…” Airis muttered as she wondered how the Viper wasn’t well ahead of her already. The M3 entered the hairpin and executed a quick drift around the hairpin which the Viper messed up on. Airis and Akemi knew this was going to be close…but by what margin will it be close by? As they exited the final hairpin they both exited out the s turn before they both managed to do a quick 180 turn to start the downhill. Akemi’s car was only a car length ahead as they started the downhill portion.

“So tell me Hitoshi…” Neon said as he approached the ZR1. “Who do you think will win this one?”

“Who will win…I don’t know really…” Hitoshi said after some thought. “I know my sister’s car is tuned well…but how it’s tuned is for something other than the passes…”

“What do you mean by that?” Neon asked the pondering boy.

“Well…ok. You know how suspension work will have a good impact on your car’s handling right? Hm…my sister’s tuning was made so that she could make good lap times, know what I mean?” Hitoshi managed to say. Neon knew what he was talking about thankfully.

“You mean she worked it for tracks?” Neon replied with some hesitation. “But what’s wrong with that…?”

“Simple, she has her car a bit too stiff.” Hitoshi said as he nodded. “Plus she always wants to try something new every time, meaning the stiffness of her work can make it so she has to rely on her lines and abilities that she does on the track. Meaning some tactics on the mountain may backfire on her…unless that didn’t happen already.”

The Viper was ahead no doubt, but now it was Airis’s time to attack. She knew what would happen; she would screw up at that part near the second set of hairpins downhill. So she decided to bide her time until that moment. Plus she knew that the Viper’s tires were starting to wear down at this moment. After Airis got through the s turn they approached the first set of hairpins, with the Viper now sliding more than it should. Maybe I should just…toy with it a bit. Airis then proceeded to feint an attack but then backed off just as the Viper regained its grip.

Deciding to put more pressure on the Viper the M3 quickly crept up to the Viper and stuck on its tail, down to the same exact line. Akemi was in a definite panic state. Shit! Too close! Can you give me a bit of room?! God! She could only focus ahead of her and look at the road ahead. Now it came to Akemi’s bane, the few tight turns before the second set of hairpins. Thankfully Akemi knew what to do now, she braked hard and fishtailed the Viper to make the turns at a high speed and managed to take the first hairpin with relative ease.

What the?! Is she using the weakened tires to her advantage?! Airis now was panicking as she could only try to make up the space she allowed Akemi to have. She took the second hairpin at a slower pace. Dammit dammit dammit DAMMIT! Airis now pushed her M3 to the best she can, but the Viper oddly kept a continuous drift as she went down the hill. Needless to say, Akemi won that one.

“Oh? Akemi won…” Hitoshi said as he saw the Viper approach the group. Akemi only smirked as she smiled at her recent victory, then came along the M3 with Airis in a disheartened state as she approached them.

“Tch you got lucky that’s all…” Airis said as she jetted out of the M3 and to Akemi’s face. “If I didn’t toy with you back there I would have owned you badly.”

“Sucks for you.” Akemi smirked as Airis then groaned in anger, before Neon could pull Airis back.

“Not here sis.” Neon said as he restrained Airis attempt to knock out Akemi.

“Well…um,” Shizuko said to lessen the tension, “maybe we should have another race…?”

“Alright then,” Haruka said as she pointed to Haruko, “I want to challenge YOU!”

Anyway I did promise race heavy stuff, so the next 4-5 chapters are gonna be vroom vroom stuff. Hm...*snap*

(All of the characters fell in a mysterious area)

Neon: The heck are we....?
Shizuko: Ano...
Airis: Ow...
Haruko: Huh?
Haruka: OUCH!
Hitoshi: Oof! The hell...?
Kayo: Hup! Close one...
Toshiyuki: Ack! My nearly broke my glasses!
Kiyoshi: Ah! The hell are we in?

Everyone but Akemi: unsure.gif
Akemi: awesome.gif awesome.gif

Neon: Why are we here anyway?

Okamiwind: Simple, cause I want you guys to suffer I MEAN answer questions or odd requests that people might want to ask...if they want to...

Shizuko: laugh2.gif Not sure of you own readers? Some of them hate you huh?
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Anyway I might put this space for some small skits or answer if you guys ever want to ask question to these characters...if you care...

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Writer's block sucks! Here's a new chapter to...hold people off?

Also why is it so quiet? School?

Chapter 13: Sisterly Rivalry

“Eh?” Haruko said as she gave the younger twin an odd look. Everyone else, albeit Airis, also gave Haruka an odd look.

“Um…” Shizuko started to say. Maybe my theory is wrong but… “Are you challenging her just because you believe that you would probably lose to everyone else?”

Haruka’s grinning face then turned slightly depressed. “H-Hey…that’s not true. I-I can beat you guys, I just thought I would give my sister a shakedown…” Everyone just face palmed.

“Sheesh, you still have that air around you ya know.” Kiyoshi said as he patted Haruka’s back. Only to be greeted with a punch to his stomach. “OW HEY WHA-”

“Enough.” Haruko said with a very harsh tone. “If she wants to race with me, fine. Let it be so.”

“Haruko…” Neon said. One thing he feared was Haruko’s quick temper change, going from a happy person to a sadistic and cyclical person the next minute, only to cause her to get physically aggressive. Haruko however gave a quick smile to Neon before facing Haruka.

“Well now…” Kayo said with a slight cough, “shall we get you two ready?”

“5! 4! 3! 2! 1! GO!” Shizuko counted down as the twins raced off to the top of the hill. The lighter F430 was quicker off the line and was able to get a head start. But the V12 was close to it and would not back down because of a simple lead. I know for a fact that the MR layout of the 430 would definitely make this car take a more grip style then the V12 Vantage which would make it more lenient to a bit of both. After taking the first hairpin with a decent speed the F430 seemingly snaked through the few turns before the first set of hairpins.

DAMMIT ACCELERATE! Haruka’s V12 Vantage was heavier and there wasn’t much she could do in terms of power and acceleration. Nane? I should have more horses then the F430?! So why is she ahead in terms of speed? Haruko looked in her rearview mirror and shook her head as she lightly braked as the 430 took the gutter and turned with the gutter, leaving Haruka to lightly drift around the corner and exited with a bit of under steer. Forcing herself to slam the accelerator the V12 roared as it approached the next hairpin and exit in a similar fashion, just as Haruko managed to finish her last hairpin and leave her poor sister in the dust.

Hm…truth be told I was hoping to race against Shizuko…Haruko felt rather bored as she went on, eventually leaving just one hand on the steering wheel. Yawning she accelerated to the turn before the second set of hairpins before releasing the accelerator just to make sure her little sister could catch up. After noticing the V12 lights Haruko decided to taunt her further by braking hard and took the turn at the legal speeds. This definitely led Haruka to anger as she took the hairpin at some dangerous speeds…and managed to make it.

Oh? Little sis is now taking risks…Haruko smirked as she took the next two hairpins with relative ease, leaving the MR to simply use the track to grip the rest of the way there. Haruka though could not get why she wasn’t winning. She had more experience, a better car in her eyes and more familiarity of touges. Everything was in her court…so why wasn’t she winning? Finally reaching the top she passed her sister as she was exiting the s turn before Haruka herself made the trip down. Haruko was in the lead by at least 7 seconds.

“So,” Toshiyuki asked Neon, “who do you think will win this little bout?”

“Strictly by the cars themselves the FR Vantage makes it easy to drift around some of the corners here, but the MR F430 could grip around the other corners with relative ease and keep a higher average top speed.” Neon replied after he closed his eyes.

“But don’t touge rules differ from racing rules?” Kiyoshi questioned his friend.

“There’s that to. I know for a fact that Haruka has greater experience and know for a fact that the Vantage is heavier thus she would only take downhill races. Downhill is her forte and knows the track inside and out while I have no idea about Haruko’s forte. However knowing her personality she is a pretty straight forward person, meaning she’ll probably want to keep a large lead to make sure she isn’t disturbed. Cause once she even twitches once, she’ll mess up.” Neon sighed after pinching his forehead. “Also, I did hear something about Haruka having a unique…thing in which people call ‘Throwing’. I think she might have unknown knowledge on how her car works…I dunno.”

Alright, keep calm and just do what you do. Haruka exhaled and did her best to catch up to the F430, pressing the accelerator to its max as she approached the first hairpin and then threw the wheel around to make the turn with amazing precision that made the heavy Vantage drift the hairpin with virtually no speed loss. Huh, never knew I could do that…is it because of the weight balance? Or is it by pure luck that I managed to do that…Nevertheless Haruka tapped the brake multiple times before making the drift past the hairpin. Then she attempted the maneuver again and does it again, which throws her off again. Why the hell is it doing that? Shouldn’t I have died back there? Perhaps the fact that the engine has a better center of gravity? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!

What the hell? Haruko thought to herself as she noticed a bright light illuminate her rearview window. How is this possible? Shouldn’t I be kilometers ahead?! Haruko now gripped her wheel harder as she proceeded with the high speed portion with the Vantage behind the F430 by about 3 seconds. Did she…Haruko started until she noticed the approaching twist of turns before the second set of hairpins. She lightly pressed her brake as she took an almost linear line to the hairpin, but her sister on the other hand didn’t seem to slow down…at all.

WHAT THE HELL IS SHE THINKING?! Haruko yelled inside her mind as she barely managed to grab the gutter and make the hairpin, with the Vantage somehow past those turns with ease as it managed to almost touch the F430’s rear. AH! Haruko then exhaled quickly and grabbed the handbrake to attempt a drift around the hairpin. Unfortunately the grippy F430 over steered and managed to spin out, with the Vantage quickly approaching her. OH GOD YOU FOOL YOU TRYING TO GET US KIL-Haruko then closed her eyes and waited for her end.

Nee-san?! At least make your car straight! Haruka sighed as she carefully pressed the brake and managed to barely avoid the spinning F430 and took the hairpin without much trouble. She could only exhale as she took the rest of the pass at much lower speeds. Geez, shouldn’t you know that almost any MR should never drift? Maybe you need to learn the car before you learn the pass…BUT HOLY SH-

“Oh? Haruka…won?” Shizuko said as she saw the headlights of a certain European car.

“I am actually surprised…” Toshiyuki said as the driver slowly got out.

“I…won…heheh…” Haruka slowly giggled. She didn’t look to good either, her skin was a bit pale and her face was slightly happy. It was here when Shizuko noticed something…

“Where’s your sister?” She asked just as soon as she heard the F430 approaching them.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Haruka screamed as she fell to her knees. Neon, against his better judgment, approached her and got on his knees as well.

“You ok? What happened?” Neon asked as he slowly placed his hand on her shoulder.

“She…beat me for sure.” Haruko started as she approached them. “How the hell did she managed to catch up to me…it couldn’t be possible unless she managed to take those first hairpins with almost zero speed loss…”

“I’ll theorize for a bit,” Toshiyuki started as he adjusted his glasses, “Neon, you said earlier that she could ‘throw’ her wheel yes? I would assume she just turned the wheel around until it locked and counter steered it back to normal yes? In essence she made the wheels turn a fatal, if not deadly, amount and utilized the weight of the car carry the impromptu drift with insane speed and impressive control. But the car would need a nearly god like amount of tuning for it to do that…Haruka must have suspension tweaking experience.”

“Huh…maybe.” Neon simply replied, Haruka just slowly turned her head left in confusion. Haruko sighed and made her sister stand up.

“Not bad sister, guess you do have aces in your sleeve somewhere…” Haruko said and hugged her sister.

“Heh, cute.” Kiyoshi said as he looked at Hitoshi. “I always wanted to go mano a mano with an American car!”

Well that does for YOU Shizuko...

(She's tied up and knocked out)
Neon: I would do something about it...but I'll let this one slide.

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Nice Chapter!
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Blargh, school and games. I know I should finish this arc up, but hell its hard at times. Anyway here is the next chapter for you guys, and thanks PWNatorPWNED for you...semi-constant comments on my fic. ANYWAY HERE WE GGOOO!

Chapter 14: Twin Red

“Huh?” Hitoshi replied with a rather bland expression.

“Yeah, I’ve always faced pretty much regular turbo powered cars. Never went against a supercharged one though, plus it should give me a challenge.” Kiyoshi ginned as he pulled down his hair.

“Eh, sure why not.” Hitoshi shrugged and went to his ZR1. Kiyoshi also went into his LanEvo 6 and approached the starting line.

“Hm, this should create some interesting results…” Kayo mumbled as she got ready to count down the race.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1” the red haired girl closed her eyes and sighed before shouting, “GO!” And thus the two red cars set off to the mountain top.

Obviously the ZR1 was quicker off the line thanks to the supercharged American V8 engine with plenty of wheel spin before launching past the first hairpin. The LanEvo was slower off the line and was well behind the ZR1 as it took the hairpin with relative swiftness. Hm, maybe I should have stuck with the all range turbo rather than the mid range turbo, sure is taking a while to accelerate to top speed. Sighing Kiyoshi pressed hard on the accelerator as the LanEvo gave out a large burst of fire, passing the turns before the first set of hairpins.

“No doubt he’s good but he ain’t gonna pass me here.” Hitoshi whispered quietly to himself before braking into the hairpin in which the ZR1 gave a nice drift around the rather tight hairpin. The LanEvo gave out a few bursts before sloppily sliding into the turn and barely touched the guard rail. Where is he? Hitoshi looked at his rearview before taking the hairpin in a racing ‘slow-in-fast-out’ style. The LanEvo gave a good roar before subsiding into loud tire squeals as he took the next hairpin in a much cleaner fashion. Oh…there he is.

Dammit, has it been that long since I last tried the uphill? Kiyoshi thought before shaking his head in disbelief. Before the the accident he would have been where the ZR1 would be, if he still had his old customizations. Clicking his tongue he carefully managed the next hairpin into the s turns before the high speed portion. The ZR1 was well ahead, keeping a steady line with decent speed. Not to say the LanEvo was try it’s best to keep up, but the turbo change definitely made a huge difference in the car’s overall output.

He seems desperate to catch up, am I being too hard on him? Or is it another factor… Nevertheless Hitoshi shook the thoughts out of his head as he continued to the next set of hairpins. The first one was taken with ease, same with the second one, but the third one…Hitoshi accidently overturned the wheel and forced the ZR1 into a longer drift, causing him to quickly counter steer which only led the ZR1 to lose balance for a quick second. Oh for fucks sake c’mon! He snaked for a good amount of time, enough time for the LanEvo’s head lights to appear in the rearview mirror. Aw dangit. He managed to recover but now the LanEvo was right behind him, following his same exact line.

“So,” Akemi asked Kayo, “I heard ya saying something about ‘interesting results’. Care to share what ya meant?”

“First can I say I will NEVER get your accent at all” Kayo retorted very quickly. “But I will tell you what I mean. Simply put, since Kiyoshi got a girlfriend I was asked to remove his highly modified turbo to a lower end turbo, mainly the one’s used in the mid-RPM range. So in theory the supercharger should win, since the ZR1 comes standard with it. But here’s the problem, he’s stuck with the supercharger at pretty much EVERY single RPM. Your brother must have careful control of the car’s overall handling. Power, turning, everything.”

“That’s true no doubt,” Neon said as he approached the two girls, “a car that has a ridiculous amount of horsepower means upmost control and precision from the driver. The second best uphill runner will have a problem against a driver of this level. Heck I’m surprised SHE wanted to downgrade, why was it?”

“Noise, she has sensitive ears from what I heard.” Kayo said as she rolled her eyes. “I know…she likes the car, hates the noise from it.”

Neon only rolled his eyes as he approached the green WRX. Inside Shizuko was lightly snoring in her car, not caring about the race at all. He looked at the passenger door from the window and noticed the door was unlocked. So he took the time to enter in the car, waking Shizuko from her little nap.

“Ah!” Shizuko screamed as she noticed who was in her passenger seat.

“Did I disturb you?” The boyfriend asked in a smug matter.

“JERK!” The embarrassed purple haired girl then punched Neon on his arm. He only laughed in response to Shizuko’s red face.

“Clichéd or not, your face looks cute when you blush.” The blue haired boy replied as he petted Shizuko’s cheek.

“H-Hey…shut up…a-anyway, are you going to go up next?”

“No not now…are you here just to watch or something?”

“No, actually I would want to race Kayo…”

“Huh, I’m not here to judge…but please, control yourself…” Neon sighed as he moved Shizuko’s hair away from her ear.

“With you here, I can’t make a third potential victim of my emotional instability. I will try t- no I WILL control myself. Just you watch, by the way…” Neon could see her determination in her eyes as she replied, she was serious alright. And this made him a bit relieved. “Could you meet me on top of the pass after this?”

“Well assuming we don’t have a party of some sort, sure.” Neon replied as he patted Shizuko’s head.

Starting the downhill section the ZR1 was ahead by half a car length with the LanEvo now keeping up with the ZR1. The first hairpin came up and the ZR1 drift past the corner while the LanEvo kept a very tidy line. A few turns later and the ZR1 was pulling away slowly but surely, since it was able to keep a slightly higher top speed due to it drifting. Now just gotta keep it steady… Hitoshi thought as the ZR1 passed the next few left turns with a long seamless drift the LanEvo could only take the turns in a grip style.

I know that the American car has a lot of torque to the back of the car, now I just need to force him to overdo it. But I can’t even pressure him! Kiyoshi could only grunt as he took the next hairpin like the others, a grip style. The final hairpin approached them and they took the turn in their own respective fashions. As the ZR1 burst towards through the high speed portion, the LanEvo slowly accelerated through the high speed part in order to chase the fleeing ZR1. I got try something new here! Tapping the brake Kiyoshi harshly turned the wheel as he managed to slide around to the portion and slowly managed to close the gap between the two cars. Hoping for the turbo to help now, Kiyoshi slammed the accelerator as the car gave out a loud burst.

It’s now or never! The LanEvo managed to catch up and positioned himself to the right part of the ZR1 and tried to force him to accelerate hard and make him shift outward. Somehow the ZR1 slowly lost control and managed to drift into the hairpin at an alarming speed. How the fu? Kiyoshi braked hard and turned into the corner, only to find the ZR1 turned around facing the LanEvo.

“Well shit,” Hitoshi shouted as the LanEvo approached the smoking ZR1, “I think I blew the engine or my tires are smoking like hell and nearly spun out.”

“So…my win then?” Kiyoshi asked with an odd look.

“Yeah, a car that breaks down usually means that the opponent wins. Now hold on and let me see if it was the engine or the tires.” Hitoshi replied as he attempted to start up the ZR1. It gave a delayed roar before it went into an idle stage. “Well it looks like the tires are shot as well as the engine is messed up. Must’ve been too rough on the engine, you kept good pressure though.”

*Ring, ring* “Hm?” Akemi noticed her cell phone was ringing and picked up the call. “Moshi moshi?”

“Ah, sis” the other side responded, “well my car has an engine problem and the tires are shot. Just to let you know that the Evo won. We’re heading down now at a reduced pace, so prepare the next two or something. See ya.” *Click*

“Well, so it looks like Hitoshi lost,” Akemi announced to the group, “engine problem and tires seem shot. Goin’ down at a slow pace so who’s next?”

“I know it may seem weird,” Shizuko managed to say, “but Kayo…let’s do that race again. But this time I won’t do something drastic.”

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Neon: Just let him be, got nothing against him. But Shizuko, sthap being so mean to him.
Airis: You REALLY said 'sthap'? Oh my...

Shizuko: I dunno why i'm so mean, maybe i'm...ya know...
Neon: blink.gif ...OH sweatingbullets.gif oh. aren't..ya kn-
Shizuko: *in a Scorpion like matter* COME HERE!
And a wacky chase scene happened between the two.

Haruko: I'm surrounded by idiots...
Haruka: I don't think that. You're to uptight like you under garm-
*Haruko materializes a spear*
Haruka: Uh oh... derp.gif

Haruka: chair.gif

My mind is so blargh right now...

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Here we go, head up; it gets a bit dark here (well if you know my style and all). Insanity is scary.

Chapter 15: Untold Grudge

After Shizuko pointed to Kayo a large weight fell on those who experienced the life threatening accident. Those who knew something was going to happen, while those who didn’t know felt like something was about to go south real quick. The only things anyone could hear were the soft wind whistling through the sky, the rustling on the leaves and the two cars coming closer to them.

“Woah, what’s with the air huh?” Akemi eventually muttered out loud just for everyone to hear. When no response came she only sighed at the odd predicament.

“Um…how should I put this?” Haruka replied as she pinched her forehead.

“Woah guys what’s with the atmosphere?” Kiyoshi shouted as he exited the car.
Unfortunately Kayo’s face turned a bit dark and did something no one expected at all. She sprinted towards Shizuko and pushed her down.

“YOU, what gives you the AUDACITY to ask a rematch?!” Kayo shouted as she managed to choke Shizuko. “You nearly KILLED ME, old friend. And you think the PAIN of that day is GONE?! Well think again ya bitch!”

Shizuko tried to respond but she only gave a weak sound as she struggled to breathe, but that only made Kayo put more pressure on her neck. “Ack…pl..ease..ack…” Slowly her eyes burned as tears started to fall down her face. No…Neon…I’m sorry.

Neon was concerned now; his new girlfriend was struggling to stay alive while his mechanic was the one trying to kill her. He had a large dilemma here, save his girlfriend and risk the friendship they had or let her potentially die but keep the friendship. I KNOW I should help Shizuko…but god dammit why does this happen… And to add insult to injury Shizuko was now staring at Neon, her tears slowly running down her cheek and her cries slowly died with her fading breath.

“Woah woah woah Miyako!” Haruka said as she pulled the red haired girl off of the now gasping purple haired girl. “I think we should have our own grudges OUTSIDE of the track right? C’mon now, no need to kill people..!” Kayo only scoff as Hitoshi managed to get Shizuko up.

“You alright there?” Hitoshi said as he managed to set Shizuko down on a nearby bench. She could only respond with coughs and light gasps for much needed air. Shizuko eventually gestured she was fine then gestured for Hitoshi to go away. He complied while Neon approached her, praying Shizuko wouldn’t hit him now.

“I’m sorry…” Neon said as he took a seat next to Shizuko, slowly managing to hold her hand. What he didn’t expect was her to smile at him, not a small smile but a large, cheerful smile.

“No it,” cough, “its fine,” cough, “I know you had a hard time choosing,” cough cough, “I don’t blame you at lea-” Shizuko managed to say before she went into a large cough and hack fest.

Neon was thinking of what to say, he was unsure how to take this. Was she putting on a façade or was she telling the truth? Sighing he put his hands on his head and gave out a light groan, stress slightly filling up his head. No…I can’t sit here anymore. The confused boy could only get up and approach the still frenzied girl.

“I WILL KILL YOU FIRST BEFORE YOU GET ME SHIZUKO!” Kayo shouted as Neon approached her. Only to have Kayo thrust her foot onto Neon with all her anger, leaving him on the ground as he clenched his stomach in pain. “YOU! YOU STAY THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY!”

“Miyako!” Kiyoshi yelled into Kayo’s ear, “GET A GRIP WILL YA?! For God’s sake you just gonna KILL someone who tried to kill you almost four years ago?! Sure you have a reason, but you COULD HAVE KILLED HER EARLIER! WHY DID YOU WAIT TILL NOW!?”

“BECAUSE I WANTED TO WAIT UNTIL THERE WERE NO WITNESSES LEFT!” Kayo shrieked into the air as she gasped loudly. This comment gave everyone a chill down their spine, Airis and Akemi slowly approached the girl.

“Hey,” they both said in unison, “You are going to be alright. Just calm down and race her…” They both gave each other a worried glance before Kayo screamed as she entered her Gallardo.

“Oi, Shizuko” Haruko said, “You ready to go? Or are you going to recover for a bit more?”

“No…I’m ready.” Shizuko exhaled as she approached her WRX. “She had every right to be mad at me. I wanted to see who would win…now is the time.”

“Please be safe you two…” Neon prayed as he looked at the two lined up racers. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” Shizuko…Miyako…please do not kill each other… “GO!”

The Gallardo was the quickest of the line, utilizing the V10 engine and the all wheel drive system to zoom out of the line. The WRX could only grunt out of the line as it managed to accelerate to the first hairpin, where the Gallardo was already ahead by three seconds. Giving the max it could do, the WRX’s engine screamed all it could as Shizuko managed to swiftly paced through the bends before the first set of hairpins where the Gallardo was already at the last hairpin.

I can’t win, the Italian car has a greater torque curve and much more power than me. I can only hope she messes up if I were to win. Shizuko closed her eyes and slowly opened them, only to imagine a blue R34 taking this section as fast it could. Somehow time managed to slow down for her as she turned the wheel and heel-toed past the first hairpin. As the CS400 effortlessly managed to stay within the gutter and exit with an alarming speed. How did I manage a 145 km/h? This is crazy! Maybe…maybe…

Kayo’s eyes were squinted as the Gallardo screamed past the high speed portion managing a blistering 185 km/h through it. She unfortunately had to brake hard to make the hairpin, lest she would cause a crash and kill herself. She noticed there were no lights in her rearview mirror, good enough for her. All the better to rub it in her face with afterwards. Turn after turn the Gallardo’s tires were screeching as the rubber on the tires was being stripped off slowly and surely with the increased pressure. The Gallardo could only struggle past the next few turns due to the weakened tires and not to mention there was an odd noise coming from the engine. Is there a problem already?! Did I push it too much?

I hope I don’t die, I want to be married at least…and maybe have children. Shizuko thought as she looked at the street, the tire tracks were marked on the track tracing the best line for the street. Again she imagined a blue R34 taking the lines here and how close it was to the apex, nearly kissing the guard rail. Neon…I love you, please make sure of that. Shizuko then nearly followed the same line, just a bit off as she took the hairpin with a slightly higher speed then the Gallardo. Hairpin two was the same story as well, slightly faster speed then the Gallardo. Hairpin three was the same story until she exited the corner…THE CAR IS HEADING RIGHT FOR ME! SHE’S GOING TO KILL ME!!!! But the Gallardo barely missed her and she swore Kayo was laughing devilishly as she passed the scared driver. Shizuko knew she wasn’t going to win, so she made a U-turn before the s turn and chased the hell bent Gallardo down.

“Hey man, you alright?” Kiyoshi asked Neon, who was sitting at the bench Shizuko was earlier.

“I…I don’t know.” Neon said as he looked to the starry sky. “I want to take responsibility for this but I know this isn’t my fault.”

Kiyoshi noticed something on what Neon said. ‘My fault’? What? “You sure couldn’t decide huh? But I don’t blame you, you were the peacemaker.”

“No man it’s just more than just being a stupid peacemaker.” Neon muttered angrily through his teeth before exhaling heavily. “It was a deeper matter between love or friendship…”

“Love? Wait you don’t mean…you’re dating that fucked up girl?” Kiyoshi finally put the pieces together, only to stare dumb founded at his friend.

“I…was afraid that our camaraderie would be ruined because of it…” Neon finally exhaled out. Kiyoshi swore he was holding back tears as he saw his best friend slowly break down.

“No…you taught me not to judge people by what they do with it…and I’ll do the same for you. I may think you betrayed us but I know you have your reasons. And hey, I can’t judge love between two people whether they look compatible or not.”

“I am scared, for real man. I want them to make a cease fire at least. I can’t see Shizuko dead, but I can’t see Miy-I mean Kayo not talking to me.” Neon could only get up and face the hill before screaming “WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!

Haruko could only look at the scene unfold, Neon’s anguish and sadness unleashing in a torrent of emotions. Airis and Akemi approached Haruko as she sighed and turned around to face the two.

“Is he gonna be ok?” Akemi asked as Airis could only look at Kiyoshi patting her brother.

“I hope so, he really didn’t deserve this personal hell at all. In fact he should be happy with all that has happened, not this at all.” Haruko said as she took out a cigarette. “You two don’t mind if I take a smoke?”

“Nah if you need it, ain’t going to stop ya.”

“If you must…but please exhale away from me, don’t need second hand side effects.” Airis replied as Haruko lit the cigarette. “I know I was harsh on him when I first found out but now I can accept her, maybe as a sister. But…”

“It’s that Miyako or Kayo girl right?” Akemi speculated as she placed her hands behind her head. “Now I ain’t a psychologist or nothin’ but I think she ain’t giving up the past. Still hurts her too much.”

“Maybe so,” Airis commented, “Shizuko seemed like she took that weight off or something. Whenever I hear Kayo speak, I think I hear some part of the past creeping up in her. She seems…troubled or possessed.”

“Yep, definitely see that in her. Like she slouches cause a weight hasn’t been released yet. Oh by the way, we agreed to cease fire for now, shit was getting crazy up in here.” Akemi answered to the wind as she placed her arm around Airis.

“Ugh, yes we agreed to cease fire…but not as friends you baka!” Airis yelled as she threw the arm off her.

“Sheesh, just tryin’ to be nice to you ya bit-” Akemi started.

“Why don’t you two get a room for goodness sakes?” Haruko interjected as she threw away the cigarette. “Anyway, race predictions what do you two think?”

“I think the Gallardo is going to win.” They both responded.

“So you too? Unless the WRX has a huge miracle or the Gallardo suffers a terrible engine problem the Gallardo is strangely going to win. Miyako is a great tuner and probably tried something after all her customizations.” Haruko replied after looking to the sky. “We should be prepared to intervene at any time though. I fear something might come up…”

The WRX slowly managed to pass the first downhill hairpin only to hear the Gallardo’s engine roar as it seemed to pass the third hairpin, well ahead of Shizuko. Neon I love you. Neon I love you. Those four words kept repeating in her head, she tried her best to catch up but as soon she exited the third hairpin the Gallardo was screeching as it slowed down to take the first of the second hairpin set…until a faint boom was heard.

Huh, the tire’s dead or the engine exploded somewhere, maybe it’s something of a tuning mishap. But the sound of it maybe a simple fix, in fact once I finish her off maybe I’ll head home and fix it. Kayo thought all that while decreasing her speed to about 20 km/h above the limit. She would take it slow so that she will win and then execute her plan, which involved an execution. There was no reason to rush to the end, she could just be lazy and still win. Simple and effective. The WRX was around the high speed portion as it managed to slow down just before the set of hairpins. At this point the Gallardo was nearing the last hairpin and knew she was going to win. Well now, maybe she is still the ignorant shit of a slut on the downhill. Maybe she would have a better time at an adult club or something, she would have a crowd for sure.

“Well looks like the Gallardo won after all.” Hitoshi said as she noticed the Italian car’s headlights.

“You two,” Haruko said as she pointed at Airis and Akemi, “be prepared for ANYTHING. Be ready to run or attack, I want to make sure Neon doesn’t suffer any more stress…or whatever it is.” They both nodded and readied themselves for anything.

“Nee-san…” Haruka whispered to herself, “you still love him deep down huh? I should also be prepared for anything…maybe I should take that out…” She then proceeded to go to her Vantage and open the glove compartment for a certain blade for desperate measures, a sheathed combat knife. Haruka could only hold the knife close to her chest before praying, “I hope this doesn’t turn bad…”

“Where did Neon go?” Toshiyuki asked Kiyoshi who just hid a butterfly knife in his pocket.

“He is in his car, probably waiting for the worst. Told him to just be prepared, Kayo was a radical person at times.”

“A hidden psychopath?”

“After the accident and her recovery, she went a little insane. She kept muttering murder plans, weapons, tortures and never anything nice for a few weeks. Surprised she didn’t become a mass school murderer really, she was a scary girl at times.”

“For a battle though? Seems a little over the top…” Kiyoshi only chuckled as Toshiyuki just stood there confused.

“You didn’t know? Her family has some…weapon connections, like full auto stuff like machine guns and shit. Plus before the accident she carried a sawed off shotgun, a PP19 and a Desert Eagle in her car. I know crazy right? Thank God her parent’s found out and confiscated them, but I heard she keeps a weapon of some sorts.”

Finally the WRX came down after a full 55 seconds down, savoring the final moments of her life…Sayonara daisuki Neon-kun…please don’t cry. “I-I-I lost ok Miyako? You win…and I didn’t do anything drastic. So please…don’t do anythi-”

“SUCKS FOR YOU BITCH!” Kayo shouted as she sprinted out of her Gallardo with a tire iron, aiming to strike Shizuko’s head. Kayo’s insanity focused on her target, ignoring all sense of judgment and her sane thoughts. Fear me YOU FUCKING MURDERER! YOUR JUDGEMENT HAS CO-

Kayo’s sprint was ruined by Airis who swiftly pushed Kayo down and Akemi managed to grab the pipe.

“Heh, what are you some sort of combat specialist?”

“Kayo.” Airis growled while using all her strength to hold down the crazy girl. “You need to stop this stupid rampage.”

“What do you know about anger? You never faced death’s door.”

“No, you have to let go Miyako Fujimoto.” Haruko said as she took the tire iron and gave it to Haruka, who threw the weapon into the bushes.

“Let go? You think I can let go an EVENT THAT ALMOST KILLED ME?! You know that this shit stays with you like a SICKNESS! SHIZUKO FURUSAWA ALMOST MURDERED ME! I DESERVE A RETRIBUTION GOD DAMMIT!”

“A retribution…? A punishment? DO YOU THINK I WAS NOT TOURTURED INSIDE WHEN I DID THAT?!” Shizuko yelled as she proceeded up to Kayo’s face. She then pulled out a throwing knife from her back pocket and then sliced her index, middle and ring finger, blood trickling down onto the ground. “I was cursed, pained and troubled when I did that! This bit that I did? I GAVE MYSELF A TORTURE BECAUSE OF IT! Did you think I reveled in the fact that I almost killed you? HELL NO YOU PHSYCOTIC BITCH!”


“I’M SORRY! I DIDN’T WANT TO YOU KNOW!” Shizuko’s tears were now falling from her face. “I WAS A TROUBLED GIRL! YOU KNEW I HAD PROBLEMS! I’M SORRY!”

I need to do something…but…what can I do? Neon looked at the scene unfold, until he heard a voice. Simple, stop them. You have more power than you think.

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Kayo: I'm here a-
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Shizuko: It's understandable though, by the that Kaede over there?

Kaede: Yo, I was taking a huge ass nap. Woke up and now i'm here.
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Pretty impressive. It's just as busy and adventure packed as another fanfiction whose name shall be concealed that I read. cool.gif

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QUOTE (Dorifuta @ 4 hours, 2 minutes ago)
Pretty impressive. It's just as busy and adventure packed as another fanfiction whose name shall be concealed that I read. cool.gif

Oh gosh, please don't say that its my fic that you're reading... derp.gif

Anyway, its good to see that you're back on with the updates OkamiWind! I wish I had that much time to devote to my stories... They're totally sitting on the backburner right now as I work on classes and everything that's going on in my busy life... sad.gif

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Damn, that last chapter was heavy... crying2.gif
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WOW 19 days since the last update. If you guys wondering when this arc will end...two more chapters people! I will try to get the final two out as soon as I can...until then enjoy the last of the race chapters.

Chapter 16: Final Ends

What? Was the only thing Neon could think at this moment, he couldn’t tell if he was being delusional or if i- Simple, stop them. You have more power than you think. Nope. There was another voice in his head.

What power do I have?

More than you think…look at the scene. And Neon looked at the scene. Kayo still having that psychopathic look on her face, but Shizuko’s face started turning darker. She gripped her throwing knife harder as her face turned darker and more menacing.

If you are so omniscient then who the heck are you?

Me? I’m a physical mental subconscious in a way…let’s say that for now…but if you don’t do something soon…well something drastic may happen.

But WHAT can I do? I mean I don’t think I should intervene but…

That style of thinking is noble but you don’t get it do you? Shizuko loves you and wants to protect you, even if she doesn’t look like it. Miyako still cares for you but is clouded by the past. Did that kiss you gave her mean nothing to her? It meant something to her and you know it…

So what? It was peck on the cheek! Nothing big at all…but if I have the power what should I say?

Simple, just stop them. Break them apart, again you have more power then you imagine in this situation. You are just a bit weak right now due to the actions that happened. Muster up what courage you have and do something before something happens…

Well what should I say?

What is on your mind, you care for Shizuko and Kayo. You love Shizuko but do you wish to see her like this if you took Kayo out of the scene. Kayo, fellow friend and mechanic to you; you knew something like this could happen eventually if they met. Now is the time for action…but let me ask you this now: Who do you care about more?

…Both. I can’t see them fight anymore.

Very well then, that’s the spirit. Go then and stop those two.

Neon then exhaled slowly before getting out of the 86 GT and closed the door rather silently. Haruko noticed him and simply stood there. Neon did you know this was going to happen? I’ll leave this conflict to you…please stop them.

“YOU? HAVING PROBLEMS?! HAH!” Kayo screamed with the same demonic tone. “LIKE YOU HAVE PROBLEMS STARING DEATH IN THE FACE!”

“I’M SORRY! STOP YELLING!” Shizuko shrieked with a slightly darker tone. “I DON’T WANT TO DO ANY-”

“ENOUGH! BOTH OF YOU!” Neon finally yelled. This definitely stopped the two girls from their argument. “Enough! Shizuko, I know you had problems in the past but is it really worth it to engage in a physical fight her? Look at your right hand.” Shizuko then looked at her hand and was taken aback by the way the knife in her hand. The blade was facing downward, so if she was angry she could just stab Kayo by forcing her hand down.

“I…I” Shizuko stammered as she threw the knife away, taken by fear of her possible actions.

“Tch, you are evil and you know it. Right friend?” Kayo asked Neon, who wasn’t giving her a happy expression.

“I’ve known you have some hatred to Shizuko but does that warrant a murder?” Neon started as he gestured his sister to let her go. “I know you longer then Shizuko but that doesn’t mean I accept your actions. You have to forgive Shizuko’s actions, you will never move on with that weight in you. And to add insult to injury, you know it as well Miyako. Stop being stubborn.”

Kayo only stood there…confused…angry…sad…conflicted with almost every emotion. She didn’t move at all, stunned with her inner conflict before she threw a punch to Neon. “NO! YOU KNOW THE PAIN I HAD! YOU THINK I CAN LET THIS GO SO EASILY?! BAH! YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW HOW I FEEL!”

“Stubbornness Miyako…” Haruko said, “You think of yourself being on a higher moral ground, when in reality you are no better than someone committing mass genocide.” Kayo stood still again, conflicted.

“Is it me being stubborn…Haruko?” Miyako asked, in a completely innocent tone this time. “Maybe I am stubborn, but this pain…I can’t forget it.” A hand eventually came on her shoulder.

“I will say this again…I’m sorry.” Shizuko exhaled. “Listen, I wanted to apologize but after your turn…I was afraid. So please…let’s put the past behind us ok?” Miyako stood there and exhaled hard before turning to Shizuko.

“Alright…but only as aquantinces alright? We are not friends. Period.” Miyako finally said before shoving off Shizuko’s hand.

“Well, that ended well.” Toshiyuki mumbled to himself before helping Neon up. “Senpai, don’t mind if I can ask you to race?”

“Sure, I guess.” Neon started as he held his chest. “But let me recover first alright? I was freaking Spartan kicked and punched around the same area…so yeah…”

“Understood Senpai.”

After the fight there was a time of recovery for everyone. Shizuko was now being bandaged up by Airis, Neon was recovering by sitting on a nearby bench, Kayo was oddly sleeping in her car and everyone else was talking a bit.

“Wow, managed to dodge that bullet rather smoothly…” Kiyoshi continued with the conversation.

“Didn’t think she would think things over so easily to be honest, I thought she would continue for a bit.” Haruko said as she rubbed her chin.

“Wah…that was creepy to say the least…” Haruka sighed.

“Well, guess that oughta calm her down a notch.” Akemi said as she looked at the Gallardo.

“I guess all that’s left is between me and Neon-senpai now…” Toshiyuki exhaled as he stared at his Altezza.

“So you are going to face Neon huh? And what’s with the senpai?” Hitoshi asked.

“Hm how do I put it…if it wasn’t for senpai I probably would not be here right now nor would my skills in the touge exist. So…yeah.”

“Alright I guess that makes sense, whenever you guys are ready…”

Shizuko thanked Airis for her aid and proceeded to sit next to Neon. She didn’t know why she sat next to him but it felt necessary.

“I want to say sorry.” Both of them managed to say simultaneously.

“You? Sorry? For what?” Again they replied in simultaneous fashion.

“Shizuko…I’m sorry that this had to happen.” Neon quickly replied first.

“Neon, I’m sorry for that event and the fall out.” Shizuko replied directly after Neon.

“I still wonder though, why you are with me? You seem to deserve someone better…”

“No, I think you deserve someone better. I am a troubled girl with no control of her emotions, but I will tell you why I love you.”

“Um…alright then.”

“I love you because you always listen to everyone. I know I haven’t been the best girlfriend around and I did hit you due to a miscommunication. But you held through it all, giving me a second chance from my mess up. You are in a few percent that look past the shell and look inside…I love you for that.” Shizuko finished as she put her head on Neon’s arm.

“Is that true…well my reasons are less intimate then yours but I guess you have that caring aura of yours that I like. Deep inside I was waiting for you to break up with me due to my boringness. However you still care for me regardless of the situation and I like that…man that was weak…” Shizuko could only giggle at the statement.

“Well at least you tried.”

A few more minutes passed by and the 86 GT and the Altezza were lined up at the start of the pass. The drivers were ready to go but Toshiyuki wanted to change the plans for this one.

“I just want to have an uphill battle, no downhill battle.” Toshiyuki stated as he stood next to his SXE10.

“Huh? That’s it? Why only the uphill?” Neon asked the challenger.

“With the current events going on, I feel that you need a lighter challenge today. Besides I want to face you fully focused on the uphill only.”

“I see, well I appreciate the gesture. Why not?”

“Alrighty then! Let’s go!” Haruka happily said as she readied the racers to start their cars.

“Ya know what? I’M GOING TO BE A REBEL! WA BLAH BLAH BLAH GO!” Haruka yelled as she put her arms down as the two racers somehow knew when to take off.

“What the FUCK was that Haruka?!” Haruko screamed as she nearly strangled her sister.


The two cars accelerated off the line, the 86 GT managed to get ahead of the SXE10. After the first hairpin they both kept the same line and speed. You improved Toshiyuki, you are keeping up with me…straight to the same exact line. Did Akina do this to you? The first set of hairpins approached them and the SXE10 suddenly took the outside line of the track. Oh? Taking the outside line and then drifting to the apex of the hairpin? Nice try but what will you do when I use the gutter? And Neon did exactly that, he managed to take the gutter and swung across the hairpin while Toshiyuki managed to drift across the hairpin with minimal speed loss, making the SXE10 directly next to the 86 GT.

See that Senpai? You need to stop thinking about yourself and think about the entire road. Akina did that to me. Then the next hairpin resulted in Toshiyuki taking the hairpin using the gutter while Neon had to drift around the corner, losing a little bit of speed. Hmph. The final hairpin approached then and the SXE10 drifted across the corner with the bumper barely touching the apex. Too close…maybe I’m being a little too reckless.

“Between brother and Toshiyuki? This one is a bit harder…” Airis started off after Haruko managed to calm Haruka down.

“Indeed, the uphill ace versus someone who trained on a well known high speed course who had previous experience here…” Haruko said as she looked to the sky.

“But based off what we know Neon SHOULD win the uphill right?”

“Based off rumors and past experience yes. But you must remember that people either improve or deteriorate with time and it’s safe to say Toshiyuki has improved over time. So it’s hard to determine a winner here, so we have to see what happens for this one way race…”

As they approached the high speed portion the SXE10 was 1 second ahead of the 86 GT and was slowly pulling away. Hm, you have improved my student…did I just say that?! Shaking his head Neon pressed the accelerator more, making the boxer engine work faster and louder. But he noticed that the SXE10 was still pulling away, little by little. Is my gear ratio’s not good enough anymore? I don’t see a flame coming from the exhaust…what the hell is my problem? The SXE10 was now about 2 seconds ahead of the 86 GT.

Approaching the first of the second set of hairpins the SXE10 quickly drifted around the first hairpin, with no speed loss. But with no speed loss Toshiyuki had to brake slightly before making the next turn ahead. However the 86 GT managed to take the turn relatively smoothly, closing the gap slightly. You sure are good with the course senpai, you haven’t missed a beat. In fact you may have improved. The next hairpin was quick as well but the SXE10 was sliding a little bit more then Toshiyuki wanted. What the? Are the rear tires burning out already? Wait…crap. Pressing the accelerator Toshiyuki heard the tires squeal faintly before the car managed to accelerate fully. Oh crap…my tires are wearing out NOW of all days?

I can only hope the Toshiyuki forgot to change his tires like he usually did back in the day…Neon then turned the corner before the final hairpin and noticed the SXE10 was sliding a little more than usual and Toshiyuki was doing a mock test of the tire grip. “Wow you need to change your tires man.” Neon said as he confidently pressed his accelerator and swiftly braked hard before drifting the last hairpin, just managing to pull ahead of Toshiyuki. Securing his win, Neon pulled ahead and stopped at the downhill start.

“Argh, guess old habits die hard…” Toshiyuki said as he exited his car.

“Heh, you kept up pretty good though. I thought I was going to lose.” Neon replied as he exited his car and approached his friend.

“By the way…I would have never imagined you hooking up with our old number one foe.”

“Times change friend, times change. She’s a pretty nice person once you get to know her.”

“So are we gonna call them about the results? Or we gonna go back down?”

“You can call them, I actually was asked by Shizuko to come up here later so…”

“I see. Well let me call them…” Toshiyuki said as he pulled out his phone and called Haruko.

*Ring ring* “Ah must be them,” Haruko calmly said as she felt her phone vibrate. “So who won the match?”

“Neon did, remember that bad habit I had with me not changing my tires a lot? Yeah…and you know how much I love to make sure twice…”

“I see…so we gonna part ways here or…”

“Actually I know of a bar that opens this late…how about all of us hitting that spot?” Toshiyuki asked rather calmly.

“Hm…that doesn’t sound bad…besides I do like a drink once in a while. So how about it everyone?” Haruko asked everyone else.

“Sure, I don’t mind at all.” Shizuko replied first.

“Eh, I can hold a few down.” Haruka replied.

“Yeah, that sounds kinda nice!” Akemi exclaimed.

“No problem.” Hitoshi replied.

“I might be weak but…why not?” Airis replied next.

“Could use a good drink…” Kiyoshi nodded.

“I guess.” Kayo finished.

“Alright well see you two there.” Haruko said before she was going to hang up.

“WAIT! Shizuko, you wanted to see me right? Come up here then.” Neon managed to yell before she hung up.

“Oops…” Haruko apologized as she smiled at Shizuko.

“Don’t worry I got it.” Shizuko replied before going into her STi.

Here we go, took me long enou-

Toshiyuki: Enough? Yes you did, this took five days and you were lazy to do some stuff.
Okamiwind: S-Shut up! I am starting to hit writer's block now!
Shizuko: Well keep trying your best...almost the end right?

Kaede: What the hell is that loli smoking?
Haruko: No she just found an entire bag of candy corn and stuffed it all in her mouth.
Kaede: blink.gif Not gonna ask ho-

Haruka: WAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! (imagine a Wario-ish laugh here) laugh2.gif laugh2.gif
Neon: Hey! Who ate my candy?!
Okamiwind: It ain't even Halloween yet! You buy candy just to eat it?!
Neon: Well didn't you buy candy corn along with some other stuff a few days back?
Okamiwind: HEY! Candy corn is a Halloween thing only! Unless i'm looking in the wrong places...

Haruka: WWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!!! (Dio Brando cry here)
Akemi: SHUD UP! (Pulls out a M249 and starts shooting Haruka...who dodges every bullet in a 'Get Down' fashion (the one with the Jap song ya know?))
Haruka: *Heavy style laugh*

Someone stop her...

Well anyway, if you could see in a broader sense I could have made a 'bad end' scenario if I wanted to. So who would like me to write said scenarios later? That is after the arc is finished? Respond if you want me to write it. Anyway I HOPE to get the final two chapters done within the next two weeks. See ya until the-


ARGH SHUT UP! (Also I plan on doing a Halloween chapter, no races and karaoke singing...which everyone sings something terribly)

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i gotta tell ya, the more i get to read of this thing, the more i get pulled into the characters (especially since i know what it feels like to get kicked in the chest like Neon tongue.gif) though i must admit, i don't think i've held a grudge to the point of wanting to kill someone years later as Kayo has.

keep it up


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Bwahaha...managed to get this chapter out quickly! bordem...god I need to entertain myself more...anyway IKOZE! (or however you spell that)

Chapter 18: Before Drinking

“You got the message? Alright then I will send you the bar’s location then. We will…I guess buy some stuff to make sure we all don’t get too drunk I guess…” Haruko said as everyone else was about to drive off. Shizuko only waved at them before proceeding to head up the pass.

“Still though, what does Shizuko want? Wait…I better smell her when she comes to the bar. I have a faint feeling on why she called him…oh wow Shizuko…make sure you fully clean up.” Haruko mumbled to herself as she finally started up her car.

I wonder what Shizuko wants? Maybe a mock downhill race? I dunno…wait is someone approaching me? Neon was sitting on a bench while he saw two pair of headlights approach where he parked his 86 GT. After a while Neon could make out the cars, a white Nissan GT-R R33 and a black Nissan 370Z. Hm…both Nissans…the R33 has almost no body changes that I see while the 370Z has a Nismo body kit with a GT wing…these must be serious people…As Neon was finishing analyzing the two cars the owners approached him.

“Hello there.” The coffee haired girl greeted Neon while the black haired boy simply grunted a greeting.

“Hello…might I ask who you two are? By the looks of your cars you don’t look like casual drivers…” Neon replied as the boy somehow took an aggressive stance.

“Woah, calm down Tokoji. We are just here to greet another team remember?” The female pressured Tokoji as she cleared her throat. “My name is Katsuko Tomoyuki and this is Tokoji Urameshi. We are the main drivers of the recently renewed Akagi RedSuns.”

“Wait…THE Akagi RedSuns? The group with the Takahashi brothers…but didn’t they disband a long time ago?” Neon questioned the two leaders.

“Correct, however Takahashi Ryosuke acknowledged our skills and reinstated the RedSuns with us as the new drivers.”

“Alright, but why may I ask are you here? I do know some people from Akagi come here sometimes but the main drivers here? You must be here for a certain purpose…”

Katsuko simply giggled, “Well this is an odd time for us to meet like this, I know. However I keep hearing rumors of a blue 86 GT and a green WRX STi being the so-called ‘leaders’ of this track and well…here you are.”

“I see…but you never told me your purpose of coming here.” Neon noticed Tokoji who was still stiff…Sheesh man what did I do?!

“Tokoji, CALM DOWN. You knew this was going to happen! Seriously stop being so tense, you’re scaring him!” Katsuko nearly yelled at Tokoji, who was kind of surprised.

“Sorry but you know I…um, well I don’t trust him that’s all!” Tokoji replied back slightly louder.

“That doesn’t mean you can be tense all the time! I…I know you…Iknowyou…are…” Katsuko tried to respond back in a higher volume then Tokoji.

Wow, they sure are awkward at times…kinda reminds me of me and Shizuko…but instead of fighting we make it only awkward. Neon sighed as he shook his head analyzing the fighting couple.

“ANYWAY!” Katusko exclaimed as she cleared her throat. “We just wanted you to know that we do plan on coming here to battle you two…and I want to tell you that the people who call themselves the RedSuns are not part of the group. That is all.”

THAT’S IT?! WOW. Neon’s face fell as he heard that. “That’s it? Well…thanks for the information I guess…” Then he felt himself get lifted off the bench and was eye to eye with Tokoji.

“Hey, appreciate the woman’s info kid. You know there ar-” He started before Katsuko pinched his cheek. “OW…OWOW!” The pain made him release Neon.

“HEY! Didn’t I tell you to calm down?! Geez I TOLD YOU to clean up your act for goodness sakes! You said you were going to stay away from the past!” Katsuko yelled as she now pulled Tokoji’s cheek.

“OWOWOWOW! Awlright, I’m sorrie! Jus’ let go alwre-OWOWOWOW!”

“Alright. Now that you learned your lesson, we will be off…Blue Phoenix.” Katusko calmly said as she now pulled Tokoji to his car. Neon simply stood there confused as the both of them left.

“What the fuck did I just see?” Neon said as he noticed a green STi park next to his 86 GT.

“Sorry…you know how I am on the uphill…” The purple haired girl sighed as she took a seat next to Neon.

“Daijyoubu, I had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting the new Akagi RedSuns…they are interesting to say the least.” Neon replied as he instinctively put his arm around her.

Ah…he doesn’t know he did that? Maybe…well… “Well I did call you up here for a reason…and um…can…I ask you something a bit…personal?”

“Huh? Well…shoot it.”

“Have you ever…did anything…you know…THAT?” Shizuko lightly mumbled as her face turned red.

“WHAT?!” The blue haired boy almost shouted with his face turning a deeper shade of red.

“AH! Um…but please answer it…”

“Ah geez…well ok I will admit some stuff. You know how I was dating Haruko for a while yes? Well…three times. But nothing THAT deep!”

Haruko, you really shouldn’t have gone into explicit detail on your sexual exploits… “I…I see. Well I want to…thank you for staying with me for so long…”

Oh goodness Haruko did you TELL PEOPLE ABOUT WHAT YOU DID?! Neon could only look at Shizuko oddly at this point. Was she seriously going to do something...intimate with him now? Here?


“Just let me do this ok?”


At a nearby convenience store…

“I wonder what Shizuko wanted from Neon anyway?” Kiyoshi said as they exited their cars at a convenience store.

“Probably something minor, beside YOU tried to kill her anyway…” Haruka replied as she pointed at Kayo.

“Maybe so, I dunno…but I guess nothing major.” Kayo sighed as they entered the convenience store.

“Oh I could guess what they are doing…” Haruko gave out as her face turned a bit dark.

“So then what do you think they’re doing?” Airis asked as she grabbed some aspirin.

“Oh…OHMAIGAWD! Surely you can’t be serious?!” Akemi screamed as she nearly dropped some canned coffee.

“I am serious…” Haruko replied with a faint blush, “and don’t call me Shirley.”

“Wow, applause for getting the reference. But aren’t these things used AFTER the hangover?” Hitoshi asked.

“Well…who in here has ever gotten drunk as hell before?” Toshiyuki asked the group. No hands rose up nor did anyone say anything. “Crap…maybe we should part ways…”

“Then why the HELL did you bring this up then?!” Akemi, of all people, screamed at him.

“I-I-I thought someone might of had experience you know…” Toshiyuki replied nervously as he adjusted his glasses.

“Well better now than never I guess…” Kiyoshi said. “But now I want to ask, who had a few drinks but not gotten drunk?” Everyone but Airis raised their hand, in which everyone looked in her direction.

“H-H-HEY! I never drank before! So what?! Neither has my brother!” Airis replied furiously as she puffed her cheeks.

“Oh boy…” Haruko as she pulled out her wallet to pay for the items they needed. “By the way, Toshiyuki could you send Neon the location of the bar? We are following your lead after all.”

“Got it.”

Back on the top of Ushiroyama pass Neon and Shizuko were calming down after having a rather close experience.

“Was that REALLY necessary Shizuko?” Neon asked as he caught his breath.

“I’m sorry…I felt like it was needed to continue our relationship…” Shizuko sighed as she put her head on Neon’s arm.

“You know you didn’t need to use those advances to continue our relationship you know.” Neon calmly responded. “We just haven’t been seeing each other a lot, that’s all. I mean the last time we went on a full on date was well…our first date. It was either me or you that had schedule issues you know.”

“M-Maybe so…I’m sorry Neon. But…” Shizuko wanted Neon to comfort her…but he didn’t to her surprise. “Hah…do you hate me for doing this?”

“What? Oh no, this was similar to the first time Haruko did something like this…so I kinda spaced out a bit…stupid memories…” Neon then patted Shizuko’s head just as Neon’s cell phone buzzed. “Ah? Let’s see…wait…this bar, I know this area?”

“Y-You drink?” Shizuko asked Neon with a small hint of relief. Does he drink? Maybe I can get away wi-

“No, picked up my mother a few times before. Those were the days where she was flat out drunk, which never happens nowadays.” Neon replied as he got up.

-th…nope…shit. Shizuko then got up and ran to hug Neon from behind.

“I truly love you regardless of what I did.” Shizuko managed to say.

“Same here…just next time…actually let’s NOT have a next time.” Neon said as his eye twitched. “Well anyway, lead the way down Shizuko. I still need to learn some new tactics on the downhill.”

“Alright, but keep up.”

All girls but Shizuko and Haruka: hmm.gif
Shizuko: WHAT?! YOU GUYS AR-
Neon: AND NO.

Okamiwind: Well now...AWKHAWK MOMENT!
Toshiyuki: Really? I... facepalm.gif
Hitoshi: what did I miss?
Okamiwind: N-Nothing much...


Goodness someone stop the loli...

*clears throat* Well as you can guess about in the final chapter the group is going to get some drinks...problem is...I have NO EXPERIENCE with alcohol so...if anyone is willing to PM me about the strength of alcohol...or something like that then please do...I need it. >_<

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nice chapters!

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Alright people, Halloween episode. Nothing scary here, just 10 people who attempt to sing well at a karaoke area. It might look long, but I placed the lyrics of songs here so that alone atones to about half of this omake's length.

Don't worry, the final chapter will come soon.

Halloween Omake

“Now to put this on…and done.” Neon finished the last part of his costume as he put on his wig. He was wearing an open white jacket with a teal shirt underneath it along with white pants matching his jacket. The wig he put on was a somewhat neatly flattened red brown color.

“Hey brother, you nearly done yet?” A familiar female voice called out from downstairs.

“Yeah give me a second will you?!” Neon nearly screamed as he almost tripped over the fake sword that was a part of his costume. Hastily fastening it on he went downstairs to see his sister. He was rather perplexed about the costume she had on.

“Are you seriously going with THAT costume Airis?” Neon asked.

“What? It’s nothing revealing or exposing.” Airis replied. She flattened her blue hair and wore a white dress with a white cap with placed blue markings.

“You do not look the part of Arin from Pangya you know. It just doesn’t fit you.” Neon facepalmed as he shook his head.

“And what about you Asbel Lhant? You look nothing similar to him as well! At least I don’t need a wig to complete my costume!”

“Enough you two...” An elderly woman’s voice groaned from upstairs. “Seriously every single year you two get into a fight about how each other’s cosplay does not fit them. I get sick of it you know…” The same woman came down with a black shirt with a school uniform white jacket only buttoned around the neck with a matching uniformed skirt. Needless to say, the two were confused and a bit shocked on what she was dressing up as.

“Um…isn’t that…Momoyo Kawakami from that…game slash anime?” Airis asked Neon.

“Yeah that’s her from Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai alright…but why did mother cosplay THAT of all things?” Neon replied back to Airis. Their mother rolled her eyes and went down to them.

“Because I look strangely like her right?” Their mother asked them. And truth be told…she was pretty much right. Her raven black hair did look like Momoyo and not to mention the eyes were pretty much there as well…but Neon and Airis simply shrugged. Noticing this she rolled her eyes. “Whatever, just make sure you two stay safe ok? This time can get a bit wild if you get what I mean…just stay safe.”

“Got it mother.” They both replied before putting on their respective footwear to enter into their cars.

“Sheesh, maybe I should see Tamiko’s cosplay. She said she had a whip though…so…”

“So is everyone gonna be here soon or what?” Airis said as she swayed her body left and right.

“Be patient will you?! I’m sure everyone’s costumes aren’t as simple as ours.” Neon replied as he noticed a familiar set of European headlights. “Ah, speak of the devil.”

“HAI! YURU YURI um…YOU KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY!” A smaller pink haired female said as she pulled up to the two.

“Akari from freaking Yuru Yuri…oh lord this is gonna be a long day…” Neon mumbled as the girl got out of the V12 Vantage. She simply wore a middle school uniform with a red skirt.

“Haruka…of ALL THE LOLI COSPLAYS IN THE WORLD, you chose the one who gets the least screen time?” Airis asked as she shook Haruka around.

“YES BECAUSE IDIDN’THAVETIMETOMAKEANOTHERONE! AHSTOPSHAKINGME!” Haruka managed to reply as she was being shaken. At this time another set of headlights approached them.

“Alright Kiyoshi…what did you get this time?” Neon said to himself as the red LanEvo stopped. The owner was wearing a familiar white hooded coat with brown-black of what seemed leather pants. He also had a cape attached on his left shoulder, covering his arm and a little bit of his torso.

“Ezio Auditore? Eh…it’s alright.” Neon simply stated as his friend came to greet him. Needless to say Neon pointed the sheathed sword to him. “No assassinations this time Kiyoshi.”

“Hah! Knew what I was gonna do this time eh?” Kiyoshi laughed as he shook his head.

“Well you got me last year so I had to be careful you know…by the way is this costume alright?”

“Character-wise Asbel doesn’t suit you…but the costumes pretty much spot on.”

“And how about my sister?” Neon pointed as Airis finally freed Haruka from the shaking.

“Uh…no in some aspects. First off she’s a bit mean and secondly…well…chest size.” Kiyoshi whispered to Neon. Neon simply shrugged as now two sets of headlights came up to them.

“Oh so she showed up now eh?” Airis said as the Viper parked next to the M3. “OH YOU SON OF A-!”

“HEY! AT LEAST I KINDA LOOK THE PART!” The owner said as she exited the car. She had on a long pink wig with matching singer’s clothing.

“Who woulda guessed that Akemi would cosplay as Lucia from Pangya? That’s a slim chance…” The Corvette owner, Hitoshi, said as he exited the car.

“Kanji Tatsumi from Persona? Eh…you look like him in some regards anyway.” Kiyoshi said as he looked at him. His blonde hair was spiked up while he wore a purple shirt with a large skull right at the center of it, along with a black blazer jacket that was buttoned only at the neck with black pants.

“Asbel and Ezio? You two look the part at least.” Hitoshi commented on the two guys costumes as the rest of their little group came.

“Apologies for running late.” The F430 owner said as she got out. She wore a mainly white outfit with the shirt having some black birds flying.

“Sheesh car wouldn’t start…” The Gallardo owner grumbled. She had a white wig with red highlights on it and wore a sky blue shirt with some utility straps over her arms along with dark orange shorts with stocking.

“Kinda ran into traffic coming here.” The Altezza owner complained while adjusting his glasses. He wore a similar uniform to Hitoshi’s, only which he was wearing a white buttoned up shirt and the jacket as completely opened.

“I kinda woke up so…” The WRX owner yawned. She had on a short messy blue wig while wearing a unique coat over her with what appeared to be a blue one piece that covered her body.

“OHOH! I know what you all are!” Haruka said as she rushed back to them. “My sis Haruko is Jun Kazama from Tekken, Kayo is Pascal from that game, Toshiyuki is Yu Narukami slash Souji Seta from what Hitoshi’s cosplay is from and Shizuko is…Nu from BlazBlue? Huh.”

“Hey guys? Did you hear something?” Shizuko said as she looked around.

“No I didn’t…was it the wind? Wait, what is a V12 Vantage doing here?” Haruko replied as she looked at the car.


“Excellent observation Haruko, perhaps someone left it here to keep it safe?” Toshiyuki pondered as Haruka was practically waving her arms in from of his face.

“I dunno…I would feel sorry for the owner if the car got jacked.” Kayo said as she observed the V12.


“Anyway, shall we go to the karaoke place you mentioned Haruko?” Neon said as he got to his 86 GT.

“Oh yes, quite. Now come on Airis and Akemi, you two can fight later.” Haruko replied in a fairly odd motherly way. They both gave each other one last glare before heading back to their cars. Haruka at this point was pretty pissed off.

“I DID NOT HEAR ANYONE SAY AKAIRN!” Haruka yelled as she started to go back to her car.

“Oh Haruka! You were here the whole time?” Kiyoshi said as Haruka about faced and ran straight for Shizuko. Neon simply intervened by placing his sword out near her feet. Haruka soon found herself kissing the pavement.

“Ok I earned THAT one. BUT YOU GUYS ARE ALL ASSHOLES!” Haruka grumbled as she rubbed her face a bit before running to her car.

Oh man, this is gonna be both fun and…interesting. Neon thought as he was the last one to leave the lot.

“Here we are; it has a good reputation so we shouldn’t have many problems.” Haruko said as she was the last one to exit her car. Everyone went inside the karaoke place and found out there some people here already.

“How did ya find this place anyway? And if I maybe kinda blunt Haruko…the long hair ain’t doing your costume too well.” Akemi asked as Haruko sat down.

“Ah yes, I do plan on cutting it soon…and maybe to the style of Jun Kazama but for now what can I do? Also I know this place from a while back.” Haruko answered while running a hand through her hair.

“Alright, I got the room reservations so…now we wait for ten minutes. The person at the desk said we were the last ones to come here so we don’t have to worry about time restrictions unless two more groups of 10 arrive.” Neon explained with Shizuko accompanying him.

“But what I found odd was how friendly this person was Neon…” Shizuko started, “she was quite friendly with you and stated you look like your father. Is she a family friend?”

“Oh, well since this was our mother’s hometown so she might have a few friends here and there Shizuko.” Airis replied as Akemi was about to pinch her arm. “OH MY GOD STOP THAT! IT’S ANNYOYING.”

“NEVER!!!!” Akemi yelled as she continued to pinch Airis more.

“Geez you two should REALLY get a room…” Haruko said as she pinched her forehead.

Thus after a few minutes more the group that was inside their room exited the room and they themselves entered the room. Everyone sat around the rather large table while Neon and Airis looked at the song list.

“So you two are gonna open us up?” Hitoshi asked as Neon pressed some buttons on the karaoke remote.

“Um…sure I guess it’s me this time…man I hope I don’t mess up…” Neon said as he picked up the microphone.

“You’ll do fine brother, besides you sing that song when you shower. You sing loud before you ask.” Airis commented before the song name came up.

Complications-Rookiez is Punk’d

“Ah I knew you would do this senpai.” Toshiyuki said before he relaxed back in his seat. “Besides you like that anime anyway right?”

“OH! Be quiet!” Haruka yelped before Neon sighed and sang.

(Karaoke Things: The singing will be in italics and it will be in good tone, if you will. If it comes up like this that means they cracked it too high, you know when people try to sing high and fail? Yeah. If it comes like this they sang too low. Alright, HEAR THEM SING! Also note all the lyrics will be transliterated, songs will appear before singing.)

Nakidashi sou na kao de ueru hikui sora
suru koto mo naku toki wo kezuru
Haki dasu ba no nai omoi wo nomikonde
iradachi majiri no tsuba wo haku

Nanimo kamo ga koware sou na
fuan daite asu ni obie asatte bakka mitetatte
Kotae wa denai koto datte wakatte

Kagirinaku hirogaru masshiro na ashita ni nani wo egaku
Genjitsu ga someyuku makura na ashita ni nani wo egaku
mogaki kagayaku

“Oh god I hate this part” Neon sighed as he took a large breath.

Nayanderu jibun ga nanka dasakute jitto shite rannakute bakkure
Yaritai koto sonnamonnaize
okujo de kossorikuwaeru maize Nanka tanoshikune kyo no saizen
shinpai sou na me de miteru ma ine
Naite naize nante haite
tsuyogatte mitemo maji tsurai ze Kayoi nareta usugurai douro
Yatto no omoikatta AIPODDO uwabe dake no USUPEPRAI RAPPU
nazeka omoi USUPPERA no BAGGU Yasashiku atatakai hazu no basho
omokurushikute akehanasumadojuuatsu ni oshitsubusare soude
nigekonda itsumo kouen

“Wow, other than a few slurs he did well.” Shizuko commented.

Nanimo kamo ga koware sou na
fuan daite asu ni obie asatte bakka mitetatte
Kotae wa denai koto datte wakatte

Kagirinaku hirogaru masshiro na ashita ni nani wo egaku
Genjitsu ga someyuku makura na ashita ni nani wo egaku
mogaki kagayaku

Everyone gave a well rounded applause.

“Not bad man!” Kiyoshi said as Neon sat back down.

“Indeed it was great to hear you sing.” Haruko also commented as Airis got up.

“Eh? You? What can ya do eh?” Akemi taunted Airis as the song name came up.

Progress-Ayumi Hamasaki

“Never knew you were a Tales of Xillia fan Airis.” Kayo said just after the music started playing.

“Well I liked it enough to say the least.” Airis said in the microphone before the lyrics came up.

Ano toki ni ano basho ni ite tatakatte ita jibun ga
Subete wa ima wo erabu tame datta to shita nara

“Nice timing on the triplet there…” Akemi whispered to herself.

Mukiaezu okizari na mama me o sorashite ita kako wo
Yurushitai to omou no wa yurusaretai kara na no kana

Bokura ga tada jiyuu de
Irareta ano koro wa tookute
Mujaki na egao dake ja
Kono koro wa sugosenai kedo

Bokura wa susunde iku
Sore demo susumi tsuzuketeku
Nanika wo shinjirareru
Kokoro ga nokotteru kara

Again, everyone clapped nicely to Airis’s performance…maybe except Akemi.

“Eh, not bad. I’ll admit ya do have some talent.” Akemi nodded as she finished inputting the numbers.

“So what will you sing huh?” Airis said in a challenging matter.

White Dreams-BoA

“Hah! Tales of Graces opening song, of course you would sing something in similar to mine.” Airis smirked as Akemi gritted her teeth as inhaled to sing.

Think of days with no hope so alone in the dark I cried so many tears
Now I know now I know the page was turning chapter one in my book of love

But you came and you showed me that dreams can come true
I want you to know my hearts glows from your touch
In your arms all my pain inside washes right through
Together we’ll find the way

“I just noticed she’s singing the American version.” Haruka said.

I believe your love I believe in our love
No matter what I know our aim is true
Every step we take our love will grow stronger
I wish that two hearts could be one

“Ow.” Airis winced at Akemi’s singing.

Here we are hand in hand we watch the stars up in the sky they’re shining down on us
We can share everyday in every way we hold the promise of tomorrow

Hold me tight wanna feel you close don’t let me go
I want us to be until the end of time
Call my name any time when your heart feels sorrow
I’ll wipe the tears from your face

I’ll be there for you I’ll be right by your side
I promise to cherish eternally
You’re the only one to lead me through this life
I wish that our hearts could be one

“My ears…” Airis said as she covered her ears.

Seasons are changing snow’s coming down now
Melting from traces of our love
Never be alone
Forever more

I believe your love I believe in our love
No matter what I know our aim is true
Every step we take our love will grow stronger
I wish that two hearts could be one

“MY EARS THEY HURT!” Airis dramatically screamed as she covered her ears. Everyone clapped modestly.

“I admit you kinda messed up on the higher ranges, it was nice though.” Neon smiled as Akemi sat down with a gloomy face.

“Me next!” Haruka said as she inputted the numbers on the remote.

Weekender Girl-Hatsune Miku

“You know, I wonder why you just didn’t cosplay Hatsune Haruka…” Kiyoshi said as she shot up.

“Decided to change a bit ya know?” Haruka quickly responded before singing.

Kirabiyaka na SUTOROBO ga
Tokimeku LED ga
Watashi no te o tori hashiru
Tsumazuite me ga sameta Ah

Mada atama no naka ni aru
Shigekiteki na LINE to
Temoto ni nagareru jikan
Mikurabetara tameiki

Meguri meguru no
Taikutsu na hibi o koeru

Kyou mo yume o miru wa
Nana-iro kagayaku oto
Kuukan o umetsukusu
Shiawase hanashitakunai no
Hora ryoute o takaku agete
PURIZUMU no mukougawa
Weekender Girl

Everyone clapped loudly in complete surprise.

“Wow Haruka, I have to admit it was really good.” Haruko said as she got up to sing the next song.

Sorairo Days-Shoko Nakagawa

“Huh, this song eh?” Shizuko said as she adjusted herself in a more comfortable position.

“Why not? I know this one quite well.” Haruko said as she prepared herself.

Kimi ha kikoeru?
Boku no kono koe ga yami ni munashiku suikomareta
Moshimo sekai ga imi wo motsu no nara
Konna kimochi mo muda de ha nai
Akogare ni oshitsubusarete akirametetanda
Hateshinai sora no iro mo shiranaide

Hashiridashita omoi ga ima demo
Kono mune wo tashika ni tataiteru kara

Kyou no boku ga sono saki ni tsudzuku
Bokura nari no asu wo kizuite yuku

Kotae ha sou itsumo koko ni aru

“A bit all over the place eh Haruko?” Toshiyuki said as everyone clapped.

“Eh, haven’t sung for a while so my voice was a bit all over the place.” Haruko sighed as she sat back down.

“Yosh, me next.” Toshiyuki said as he got up.


“I’m gonna have to sing a bit short today, my throat’s been hurting for a bit.” Toshiyuki stated.

“As long as you sing.” Kayo said.

Shizuka ni sora ni kaeru anata no sugata wo
what else can I do besides avenge you?
Namida ga kareru made zutto mitsumete ita

Afureru kanashimi wa kesenai kizuato ni
Wasure wa shinai to chikatta

Oreta tsubasa wo habatakase subete wo keshite miseyou
Itsu no hi ka owari wo mukaeru saigo no kane ga nariyamu made

you told me
live as if you were to die tomorrow
feel as if you were to be reborn now
face as if you were to live forever

*COUGH COUGH COUGH* Toshiyuki hacked for a bit, Neon decided it was a good time to end it now. “Well other then the English parts you did quite well.”
“Indeed, not bad man.” Kiyoshi added as he got up to sing.

Day to Live-Daiki Kasho

“Huh? Ain’t this an all English song man?” Neon questioned.

“So? I can sing this quite well.” Kiyoshi grinned as he started.

The voice of life is screaming out
Surrounding everything in

“Huh, not bad at all…” Neon said as he nodded his head.

When in the past there is no future
Everyday is the choices that we make
Do you know we'll always be waiting
But the truth never forgets your name

The voice of life is screaming out
Surrounding everything in
Telling me to spread these wings and fly
To far away from your Earth fly
To feel a new sunrise
Because I can't take this anymore the way you're building me inside
The day for me to live's arrived

Maybe this choice will end in failure
Maybe everything that I feel is wrong
But I can't continue second guessing
Because It'll already mean that I've stayed too long

The voice of life is screaming out
Surrounding everything in
Telling me to spread these wings and fly
To far away from your Earth fly
To feel a new sunrise
Because I can't take this anymore the way you're building me inside
The day for me to live's arrived

“All good until the end man. OW!” Neon commented as he held his ears.

“God that sucked badly…” Kiyoshi said he slumped back down into his seat.

“Alright guess I’ll round off the guy’s first song I think…” Hitoshi grunted as he got up.

In the Zone-John Underwood

“Oh? Ace Combat fan?” Neon asked.
“Yeah, loved all of them…they’re pretty fun.” Hitoshi said before he started to sing.

I'm fighting for life yeah
I'm growing stronger now
Sink or swim
We'll see what I am made of now

Our friends and our survival
Is what we're fighting for
Flying high
Be all that you can be
and more, and more

The fight is on
We're giving it all
Take to the skies now

No giving in
We're seeing it through
Right to the final draw

We're in the zone, Were hot
Yeah we are taking
giant steps now

“Wow…almost nail on.” Toshiyuki commented.

In the zone
We're flying high
The vortex is ours

Yeah we are
History in the making
Life forces beyond breaking
Here the laws don't apply

In the zone
Beyond the reach
Of mere gravity

We're here to save a life
Stronger and braver life
We're in the zone

“Except of the ‘In the zone’ parts near the end it was quite good.” Kayo commented as she got up.

Pursuing my True Self-Shouji Meguro
Singer-Shiroko Hirata

“Heh, didn’t think a Persona song would be up.” Toshiyuki said as he adjusted his glasses.
“Same here…” Hitoshi added.

We are living our lives
Abound with so much information

Come on, let go of the remote; don't you know you’re letting all the junk flood in?
I try to stop the flow, double-clicking on the go, but it's no use; hey, I'm being consumed
Loading loading loading, quickly reaching maximum capacity
Warning warning warning, gonna short-circuit my identity

Get up on your feet, tear down the walls
Catch a glimpse of the hollow world
Snooping 'round will get you nowhere
You're locked up in your mind

We're all trapped in a maze of relationships
Life goes on with or without you
I swim in the sea of the unconscious
I search for your heart, pursuing my true self

“Good until the end…shame it was good.” Airis critiqued Kayo’s performance.

“Whatever, singing ain’t my forte.” Kayo responded as she rolled her eyes.

“So it looks like I’m last for round one huh? Ok then…” Shizuko exhaled as she got up.

Crossing Fields-LiSA

“Ah SAO huh? Not bad not bad…” Neon stated as the piano opened the song up.

“Sang this a lot when I was alone.” Shizuko exhaled before she started.

Mitomete ita okubyou na kako
Wakaranai mama ni kowagatte ita
Ushiro no jibun ga genjitsu wo ima ni utsusu

“Wow it’s like she is the singer or something…” Neon managed to say as everyone was stunned by how accurate the tone was to the original song.

Ikutsu mono sora wo kaita koko wa kitto
Hakanai kokoro midashite

Yume de takaku tonda karada wa
Donna fuan matotte mo furiharatte iku
Nemuru chiisana omoi hirogari dashite
Kizuku yowai watashi kimi ga ireba

I always want to be with you
I’ll give you everything I have

“Hehe…I did bad huh?” Shizuko stated as she smiled sheepishly.



And thus they continued on, singing and enjoying each other’s company. Sure they didn’t get candy or whatnot but it was the only time they could dress up and sing. Not a very fulfilling day in the eyes of others, but for them? It was a day they will never forget…hopefully.


There we go the awaited, probably dumb, Halloween special. Hope you guys like it and if your confused about how everyone is cosplayed...just search it up for goodness sakes.

Also shadow, if any glaring errors PM me.

Posted by: PWNatorPWNED Nov 14 2013, 06:17 PM
NiCe omake man! Can't wait for tHe final CHapter!

Call me stupid, but I didn't exaCtly get tHe final part of tHe omake.

(I Had to write some of tHe letters as Capitals Cause my keyboard's broken. sad.gif )

Posted by: OkamiWind Nov 23 2013, 03:29 PM
Alright first off, we are back on track for the finale of Arc 2! As for the final part of the omake...make of it what you will. Finale away!

Chapter 19: Wings of a New Team

“Alright this is the place…” Toshiyuki exhaled as the eight of them managed to go to the bar.

“This place huh? I think my mother comes here quite often…” Airis mused to herself as she looked at the front of the bar.

“Huh…I think this place is well known around here.” Haruko said as she exited her car.

“Well then, let’s go in.” Hitoshi said as he opened the door for everyone else.

“Hello there…what the hell are you kids doing out at this hour?” A yellow haired female partially greeted them as the eight entered in.

“Is it wrong to get a dri-” Haruko started before the bartender harshly cut her off.

“You are all too young, so get out of here…hold on a second…” The bartender started as she closely looked at Airis. “You. You’re Kaede’s off spring right?”

Who the hell uses off spring nowadays? Airis thought before nodding yes. The bartender quickly let out a quickly chuckle before gesturing them to the bar.

“I’ll make an exception this time, you kids can get whatever you can pay.” She said as the eight of them slowly walked to the bar.

“Airis? Do you know her at all?” Haruka whispered to Airis.

“No, but then again I have terrible memory of my early childhood.” Airis responded back as she took a seat.

“So when do ya think Neon and Shizuko gonna get here?” Akemi asked Toshiyuki.

“I have no idea, but hopefully soon.” Toshiyuki responded before the door opened to reveal a blue haired boy and a purple haired girl.

“Guess we made it just in time huh?” Shizuko exhaled as the both of them looked at the group already sitting down.

“Barely, can’t believed we got here as fast as we did though.” Neon said as they took a seat. Neon was sitting next to her sister while Shizuko took a seat next to Haruko, who stared at her quite intensely.

“Um…Haruko why are you staring at me like that?” Shizuko asked before Haruko started to sniff her face. “Ok what the heck are you doing?”

“Your face smells funny.” Haruko replied in a deadpan expression as her eyes slowly squinted. Neon had to suppress any movements that would give away the act they did earlier.

“H-Huh?! W-What are you talking about?!” Shizuko lied as her face turned red as she nearly looked at Neon, which would make Haruko’s accusations right.

“Eh? Last time I remember sis, you didn’t take a shower for two days straight. You oughta smell yourself first.” Haruka said as she pinched Haruko.

“What?! No her face smells funny! And I took a shower before I went to the meet earlier for goodness sakes! OW! Stop pinching me!” Haruko grunted out before slapping Haruka’s hand.

“Enough you two seriously…” Neon managed to say before the bartender looked at the twins again.

“Yup, definitely Kaede’s children alright…” She mumbled to herself before Airis got curious.

“Ok, seriously how do you know about our mother?” Airis nearly shouted in anger.

“Yeah, that’s Kaede’s temper back in the day. Name’s Tamiko, a friend of your mother back in high school.” Tamiko replied before placing a shot of sake before the two, which confused them.

“Why only us Tamiko-san?” Neon asked before he looked into the glass.

“Simple, you’re my friend’s children. I’m letting you two off the hook for now and I will provide this one shot to your friends as well.” Tamiko said before doing what she promised. “Well if you need me you guys know my name, so call me over alright?”

“T-Thanks Tamiko-san…” Neon replied as Tamiko headed to the phone. I wonder if she’s gonna call mom now?

“Anyway, are ya sure it’s the first drink you ever had you two?” Akemi asked as Airis and Neon reluctantly took their glasses.

“Y-Yeah…” the twins replied nervously. “F-First drink…ever.”

“Loosen up man!” Kiyoshi encouraged, more or less, to Neon. “One ain’t gonna kill you. It’s when you’re addicted when it’ll kill ya. So calm down!”

“Indeed Airis, I never saw you so tense before.” Haruka commented. “Look at me! You expect me to fall after a sip right? Nope! Managed to stay up after a whole bottle of whiskey! Or was it beer? I forgot…”

“Geez! Fine!” Airis replied with a slight blush on her face.

“Hmph, guess this will start a whole new team now huh?” Hitoshi asked as he raised his glass.

“A team huh? Sounds good if you ask me.” Kayo said as she raised her glass.

“Very well then but I think we’ll discuss the name after this right?” Haruko finished up as everyone raised their glass.

Then everyone downed the shot in one quick motion and put the glasses back on the table. Everyone was fine, but Airis and Neon looked stunned as their faces flushed a red color. They looked directly at the wall with the stunned expression.

“Woah. Ya doing alright Neon?” Akemi asked as she ignored Airis. No response.

“Huh? You’re a light drinker Airis?” Haruka asked Airis, who also did not give a response.

“SSShhudup!” Airis managed to slur out as her head slammed onto the table. “Agh! That was really freaking strong. Fuck!”

“Wow, strong word there Airis.” Toshiyuki said as he looked at Neon who seemed to be suspended in time.

“Um…are you ok Neon?” Shizuko asked as Neon finally put his hand against his head.

“Fuck that’s strong…” Neon gave out before holding his head harder.

“Wow, ya both are light weights huh? Who woulda guessed?” Akemi finally connected as the Kurubasa twins groaned loudly.

“Geez could you two be any louder?” Haruko asked as she shook her head.

“AND FUCK YOU TO!” The twins retorted loudly.

“Ouch my ears hurt now.”

“So it seems your children are here Kaede…” Tamiko said casually over the phone.

“I see, well about time the kids grew up.” Kaede responded.

“I still don’t understand why you still called them kids until now. They are far past that ‘kid’ age ya know!”

“Still, it’s about time those two drank. How are they?”

“Terrible…well that’s being rough. They’re not taking it lightly. They both just sat like statues before Airis snapped out of it then Neon. Kinda like the time you took your first shot huh?”

“Hahaha! Touché! Well I expected Neon to do better but I can only be so hopeful.”

“You know…why do you put more faith in Neon then Airis? I thought you had more of a connection to her?”

“That’s where your wrong my friend. Neon was more attached to me while Airis was more attached to her father more than me…well until that happened.” Tamiko swore Kaede was hiding a tear.

“Don’t fret it, they like you better now I think. And now they are on shot two…let’s see what happens. Wait how the hell did they find that sake bottle?! Hold on a second!”

Airis, of all people, somehow managed to procure a sake bottle from behind the counter and filled the shot glasses.

“HOLD IT THERE! How the HELL did you get that bottle?!” Tamiko screamed as she approached Airs, who only giggled a bit before rudely shoving the bottle back to Tamiko.

“Yeah, we were calling ya. And you didn’t respond. SO we just, I mean I just, picked up that bottle and poured us all the sake.” Airis oddly sang before going back to her seat.

“Who the hell pressured me into a second shot?” Neon grumbled as Akemi and Airis simply giggled intensely.

Yup, drunk already. Dumb kids. Tamiko sighed as she saw a 1000 yen bill that Toshiyuki placed in front of him.

“I hope this covers the bill we have to pay.” Toshiyuki said as Tamiko smirked.

“Well,” she snatched the bill off the table before she continued, “I would have only charged 500 yen for you all, but I’ll take the large tip thank you very much.”

“Oh you sly person…whatever.” Toshiyuki cursed as Tamiko returned to the phone.

“Second shot AWAY!” Haruka yelled as the group took the shot. Everyone now was staring to get a flushed expression, albeit Shizuko who only had a faint red face. Airis only giggled more as she placed down the glass while Neon sat like a statue…again.

“Whats the madter brotha?” Airis slurred as she slung her arm around Neon. “Drink gettin’ to ya?”

“Holy mackerels,” Akemi commented, “notice how she kind of talked like me for a bit. I think that’s really bizarre.”

Like how bizarre your accent is completely gone and you start talking almost like a natural person. Kayo shook her head as she looked at Neon, who was still sitting like a statue.

“Maybe alcohol doesn’t go well with him?” Shizuko asked as Kiyoshi went straight to Neon.

“Hey man you alright?” He asked as he waved his hand in front of Neon’s face. Now Neon’s static facial expression turned a bit sick.

“No, fuck who the hell made me do this shit?” Neon cursed as he held his head up with both of his hands.

“Sheesh man,” Hitoshi responded, “what a radical difference of character.”

“Fuck off you prick, my head feels like it’s going to explode from just two fucking shots. God dammit this hurts like a bitch.”

“Yeah, Airis was like you back in the past. Neon well…he’s like a cursing fool.” Tamiko reported to Kaede, who was still on the line for some reason.

“Huh, so Airis is a slurred, messed up, giggling freak while Neon curses more? That might be an interesting experience to encounter.” Kaede replied back.

“Indeed it is, well anyway thought would I inform you about that. By the way, got my text a few days back?”

“Yeah, can’t believe that the both of them decided to call you up first. Think the two would at least call me you first, am I still scary?”

“More than you think my friend, night.” Tamiko hung up the phone as Neon continued to curse some of his friends more.

“And fuck off Haruka! Seriously just fuck off you annoying bitchy loli, your making my head ache more than it should be. FUCK!” Neon commented out of nowhere.

“HEY! Stap hoggin’ all the sake ya bitch!” Airis screamed as Akemi poured herself another shot.

“No way, it’s my shot alright?!” Akemi yelled back about the same volume.

Nevertheless the two of them managed to compete who could drink the most shots…while everyone else was just talking…without going to shot three.

“Heh, who woulda thought that Airis and Akemi would compete to finish that bottle.” Kiyoshi said as the group walked out of the bar with Neon carrying a sleeping Airis while Hitoshi carried Akemi out who was also knocked out.

“Indeed…never get me drunk again.” Neon replied in a more normal matter, to him at least. “I’ll take Airis home, I talked with Tamiko and she said she’ll keep the M3 and the Viper safe for tonight. But only for tonight, so you better pick it up tomorrow…somehow.”

“Noted.” Hitoshi replied as Akemi grumbled some nonsense.

“Anyway off our own ways for now yes?” Toshiyuki asked the group.

“Indeed, it was a nice change of pace from my everyday life at least.” Haruko said as she entered her F430.

“By the way, expect Akemi and Airis, is everyone capable of driving back?” Haruka asked. Everyone responded back with agreement.

“We only live a few blocks away anyway; if I could I can probably walk back here to grab the M3.” Neon added.

“I guess we are now a…semi-official group now?” Shizuko asked as everyone else went into their cars.

“One race, that’s all it takes.” Haruka finished off as she started her V12.

One race…Shizuko thought as everyone else drove off, leaving her alone with the STi, M3, and the Viper.

“Geez, am I ready for this? I’m still unsure about myself, ever since that moment. I want to do this but I feel like I will hold everyone back. Perhaps I should move out…maybe my parents are too oppressive on me. Neon needs a stronger woman in his life…or is it me just being selfish? I want to do this, I want to be next to Neon, but how much of it can I achieve with my current status? Maybe I should contact my aunt soon…I need to move on.”

End of Arc 2: Redeeming Present

"You sure you want to do this? She isn't going to forget what you did..."

"Of course, it'll be fun to mess her mentally again...besides that old car ain't gonna hold up to the LFA I modified.


DUN DUN DDDDDDUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Sub plot that only applied to the end for now! Anyway arc 2 is complete.

Heads up, racing chapters are going to be far and in between in arc 3. SO YEAH.

Neon: So what happens now?
Okamiwind: I dunno...wait until I decide to write Arc 3 ya idiot?!
Neon: Asshole.
Shizuko: Now now...stop fighting you two...
Okamiwind: Eh, I wasn't trying to start a fight...

Okamiwind: Say, how about if my readers ask questions for the characters until December?
Kaede: A Q&A technically?
Okamiwind: YES! A character Q&A thingy! I'll be taking a break until December where I would pick the writing back up.

So if you guys have any questions for anyone then ask away! See ya until Arc 3!

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Eh...I guess this is a random thingy I wanted to write...anyway, with no proofreading whatsoever...a small intermission on what happened after the drinking thingy.

Intermission: The Next Morning...

Oh my goodness what a night...but ugh my head hurts...Neon groaned as he attempted to get up...again attempted. He managed to finally roll out of his bed and slam his body on the ground. "AH! Man that hurts, stupid alcohol..."

"Are you ok Neon?" Kaede asked from behind his door, which confused Neon.

"Okaasan? What time is it?" Neon mumbled loudly as he suddenly felt his head get heavy.

"It's freaking 2PM already, you've been out since 3AM. You slept for 11 hours, that rivals your sister's longest sleeping time."

Shit. THAT long? Oh my goodness remind me to NEVER drink alcohol again...uh oh... Neon slowly got up as he held his mouth to suppress any vomit that would come out.

"Hey by the wa- WATCH IT!" Kaede started as Neon darted out of his room, almost pushing Kaede down. "Huh...already throwing up after drinking...hangover eh?" She mused to herself as she heard the familiar sound of puking...all too familiar...Sheesh kinda reminds me of my first drink...

"HEY NII-SAN STOP HOGGING THE TOIL-" Airis somewhat screamed as she banged on the bathroom door. "I THINK I'M GONNA PUKE."

"I AM PUKING BAKA NEE-SAN STOP SCREAM..." Neon shouted back before he puked...again. "USE THE DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM FOR GOODNESS..."

"SCREW YOU NEON! GOD MY BRAIN HURTS!" Airis finally decided to went down the stairs...and puked as well.

Geez my children sure are light weights...gonna put on the music in the garage for once... Kaede shook her head as she went down the stairs...BUT COULD PUKE ANY SOFTER?! GOD.

In Haruko and Haruka's house...

"ACK. I SWEAR I HATE THE HANGOVER." Haruko shouted as she puked for the fifth time.

"Wow aneki (apparently older sister in Jap...formally) you sure have a low tolerance..." Haruka yelled back while cooking...bacon?

"BLEH. Still imouto...why the hell are you cooking bacon of all things?" Haruko finished up as she dragged herself onto the kitchen table.

"Heard having a bacon...sandwich...or maybe just bacon will help with the hangovers." Haruka responded.

"Still how the hell is a loli able to stay sober after two fucking shots..."

"I have NO idea...maybe it's luck?"

"Fuck luck you must have the lucky genes from father..." Haruka groaned as she slammed her head on the table.

"Hey. Grab some pills or something. You know we recently got this table and the last thing we need is to have it replaced."

"A hand desk ain't going to break it you know..."

In Kayo's house...

"Stupid hangover...and it doesn't help that I have an important tuning job to do...a freaking McLaren F1...although now that I think about it...WHAT THE HELL CAN I DO FOR A MCLAREN F1 TO IMPROVE IT?! It's already a very nice car..." Kayo moaned as she woke up on the couch in her garage.

"The contract said she'll be here at 5PM...maybe I could rest for another hour or two...AH THIS FUCKING SUCKS." Kayo screamed as she shook her body to attempt to sleep again.

In Akemi and Hitoshi's house...

"WOW...HANGOVER HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN?!" Hitoshi screamed as she woke up. "IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME BUDDY."


In Kiyoshi's house...he's puking like a maniac...


In Toshiyuki's house...

" body cannot hold alcohol for head...fuck..."

In Shizuko's house...

*Yawn* " my head feels off..." Shizuko stretched as she got up. "I need to call my aunt soon...maybe now..."

Never said it was gonna be long or well thought out.

Everyone but Kaede and Shizuko: HANGOVER'S SUCK.
Shizuko and Kaede: Is it bad that we're both used to it?
Okamiwind: NONONO! DO NOT QUESTION IT. You'll get your chance in arc 3 jackass.

Okamiwind: *summons a Fire Sword (look up the weapon in Dynasty Warriors 8) and a Phoenix* Wanna fight now?
Neon: NOPE. *Runs away*

Yeah, kinda wanted to throw in the day after thingy but not disrupting arc 3's flow.

Posted by: shadow55419 Nov 30 2013, 12:41 PM
I don't think I've ever been drunk after two shots, much less this hungover.

glad you made point of saying there wasn't any proofing, might have made me look bad tongue.gif

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Nice! It was funny how everyone was hungover (?) except for Shizuko.

Posted by: OkamiWind Dec 12 2013, 07:08 PM
Alright, time for the finale arc. A bit of foreword though, this arc will be character heavy at times. Also if I could put in an into song for this arc, listen to Looking for You by daiki kasho. Damn GT6 songs are gooooood. Enough of me now, onto to Arc 3!

Arc 3: Wings

Chapter 20: The Alpha Stage

And so time passed for this small group…and what an impact they made to the scene of Ushiroyama.

With an overwhelming victory over pretty much every team that came to the pass, it was no wonder that the ‘Azure Wings’ were considered the top team on the pass. Even though they had a bit of a hierarchal way of challenging any team, many people never seemed to pass the first two racers.

When a team from the pass challenged them the first people they faced were Airis and Haruka. Seeing how Haruka is in charge of the battles of this pass, it would only be reasonable to let her tackle all incoming challengers…in her very flawed logic at least. Airis took the uphill battle in a hidden attempt to be like her brother. Unlike the other four though, they can race either direction while everyone else is pretty much set on where they start.

Should a team manage to pass the first two they would face Toshiyuki and Haruko. Haruko decided to be an uphill racer due to the fact Toshiyuki was a downhill racer and it was a miracle if someone defeated them. Haruko’s ability uphill was almost mesmerizing to see, she could tackle almost any corner with ease and with only a light application of the brakes. Toshiyuki did lose some skill on this particular pass but he was still a threat.

Only two teams managed to beat Hitoshi’s ZR1 and Akemi’s Viper SRT10. The American cars were simply too powerful for almost any of the racers to handle. Hitoshi’s supercharged ZR1 took the uphill pass while Akemi’s naturally aspired SRT10 took the downhill passes. Using practically only the accelerator these two cars were greatly feared.

Only one team managed to defeat Kiyoshi and Kayo. Kayo’s skills on the downhill were spectacular to watch, managing the Gallardo in a pretty spectacular way. Kiyoshi seemed to have never lost a beat when it came to the uphill races, people were saying that his skills were pretty much the same back in his old group, little did they know it was the same group but with more people.

Finally, Neon and Shizuko were the team’s aces and leaders, no one managed to defeat them…at all. Both their skills had improved drastically; Neon and Shizuko were feared when their cars came into view…when they showed up that is. As the ‘leaders’ of the group they made it a ‘rule’ if they weren’t being challenged they would not appear at the pass.

“What the hell kind of a rule is that?!” Haruka questioned that remark after their first ‘official’ group meeting.

“We made it, so shut up you.” Shizuko responded back.

Flashback aside, only one team managed to reach the team’s leaders, and they were utterly defeated with a very large 15 second gap. Neon’s driving style adapted to his 86 GT which meant his driving style adapted to the slightly weaker boxer engine, which resulted in virtually no brake usage. Shizuko’s downhill skills improved in a unique way, she decided to take a slight kamikaze tactic, where she would take the racing line and swiftly cut across the front forcing opponents to either slam their brakes or risk a crash.

“You know Shizuko, I kinda like that rule YOU created after all.” Neon commented as the couple was playing some fighting game in the arcade.

“It’s like I planned it out or something…!” Shizuko responded as she managed to avoid a combo that would damage her quite a bit.

“Maybe, but even now I STILL think it’s a bit of a dick move…” Neon sighed out as Shizuko managed to kill him off.

“Shut up, didn’t we agree that we needed more time together?” Shizuko saked as she stood up for a quick second, only to remember she had to sit back down to fight the computer.

“True, true but…how the hell did you manage an aerial combo out of THAT?!” Neon asked as he looked at Shizuko’s screen, who decided to just throw the fight.

“I just did, suck it.” She stuck out her tongue as she attached herself on Neon’s arm. Rolling his eyes Neon decided to go to a certain racing game.

“Wangan Midnight Max Tune 4?! I won’t say that I don’t have a card though…” Shizuko then stared at the machine…before noticing her hand was subconsciously moving to her wallet.

“You ain’t the only one…here we go…” Neon shuffled in his pocket for a bit before pulling out a card. “Want to go for a quick round or two?”

“Well it is only 9PM…why not.” Shizuko then sat down in the chair and swiped her card, in which Neon also did next.

“So what do you run with anyway? Wait let me guess…a Subaru of some sorts?” Neon asked as Shizuko chose her car.

“Actually…a Toyota Supra RZ.” Shizuko responded as she slumped on her chair. “And let me guess yours…a Nissan Skyline V-Spec II? Bayside blue color as well?”

“Nope.” Neon responded as he let Shizuko look at the car he chose. “I have a white Nissan Skyline KPGC10, nice little car…but then again I don’t play this that often…plus I did kinda do something similar to this when I was younger.”

Shizuko only tilted her head in confusion. ‘What do you mean when you were younger?”

“You don’t remember what I said on our first date in the Z33? I knew the ‘Free Cycle’, which was a highway racer…which by the way is similar to what we are about to play.”

“I see…anyway shall we start?”

“Hah…that last one took a bit out of me…” Airis sat down as she rested herself on her M3. Back on the pass the last of the races were completed, since apparently not many races were happening.

“Hah…same here…they were getting good until the end…” Haruka replied as she laid herself down in her V12 Vantage.

“Still though…why the hell did we agree to be the first ones to go?”

“Remember what we agreed on? If they ask us in person to challenge them we can either agree or they’ll send them to us…fuck me though…who knew how many imported cars this small city has…”

“Same here…in some regards. Plus what you just said is pretty contradictory, I mean WE have imported cars…in the sense of cars coming into Japan…”

“Shit you’re right…by the way Airis, I want an honest opinion about something I had my mind on.” At this question Airis slowly forced herself to stand up.

“What is it Haruka?”

“What would you think if I traded my V12 Vantage for just a DB9?” This made Airis a bit more awake.

“Huh? Wait…you’re gonna DOWNGRADE your current car? Ain’t the Vantage a heck of a lot better than the DB9?”

Haruka sat up and looked at her V12. “Yeah, it is. But with how it is right now…I think I need to downgrade to something a bit more practical in my everyday life…”

“You are seeing someone?”

“NO! I think…I dunno…I feel like I just cannot keep this car with me for much longer…”

“Well…” Airis pinched her forehead a bit, exhaled and continued, “I’m not going to stop you if you decide to trade down. Just, I hope you know what you are doing.”

“I am.” Haruka replied instantaneously, “If I don’t want to be a liability for the group I need to get a car that is a bit…thinner? A skinnier back? I don’t know but it feels necessary.”

“Again I am not going to stop you, go for it if you want to…”

“I see…well, mata ne Airis-san.” Haruka finally said as she drove off, leaving Airis at her M3.

“Maybe I need to…but what can I downgrade to? Maybe I should see if dad has that connection to BMW…maybe I can use the M4 that just came out…but do I NEED it?”

Bazinga. Here is the start of Arc 3, expect some...changes here and there for all the characters.

Neon: About time...not complaining of course. College is running down now right?
Okamiwind: FFFFFFFFFFiiiiiinnnnnnnaaaaallllsss....UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH.
Shizuko: Can you be any louder? My ears hurt now.

Haruka: Eh? I'm gonna get a car change? Sweet...?
Okamiwind: Oh some people...wait no spoilers.
Haruko: Geez first YOU shut US up about spoilers now YOU need to shut up about spoilers.
Okamiwind: Finals. And since you said that Haruko...ZIO!
Haruko: Zio? What...OH SHI- *electrocuted*

Haruka: *Pokes Haruko with a stick* Huh...she's zapped.
Toshiyuki: Indeed...and it would be same to assume updates aren't gonna happen for a while yes?
Okamiwind: Yup, finals again.
Kiyoshi: So...what now?

Kayo: Wait you asshole, geez you have minimal patience.
Kiyoshi: Shut up, I think we dragged this after thing part a little bit to long anyway.

Yeah I agree...signing off for now!


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Nice chapter. 화이팅!

Posted by: OkamiWind Dec 19 2013, 09:16 PM
Post finals chapter away!

Chapter 21: Everyone’s Back

“Alright then, see you soon!” Shizuko said as Neon got into his 86 GT as he drove back home. Shizuko also did the same shortly after.

“Well…can’t say that I didn’t enjoy that small date.” Neon mumbled to himself as he pulled into the garage. “Sis ain’t home yet? Huh, maybe there were more races then I expected today. Perhaps we should give those two a break.” Just as Neon finished that sentence a familiar M3 came into the garage.

“Brother, all I have to say is…screw you.” Airis screamed at Neon as she turned off her car.

“Love you to Airis…” Neon weakly replied as they both entered the house.

“We’re back.” The twins said as they took off their shoes.

“Oh, are you two doing alright?” Kaede’s voice responded from upstairs.

“I’m fine, Airis is a bit exhausted though.” Airis then hit Neon’s arm. “And she just hit me…great.”

“Eh whatever, you two are grown anyway.” Just then the family heard the garage open, which made everyone a bit surprised.

“Wait…you don’t think…?” Airis asked Neon, who just turned to the garage.

“Oh yeah, though I didn’t expect him to be back THIS early…” Neon responded as a midnight blue haired man in a business suit, looking rather exhausted.

“Hey everyone…I’m back from England…”

“DAD!” Neon and Airis exclaimed as they both hugged their father, who was very surprised to say the least.

“Woah you two, did something happen to make you two hug me like this…not that this is a problem or anything.” He asked out of straight confusion.

“No Hideki, they’re just glad to see you.” Kaede said as she came down the stairs and her husband a kiss.

“I see…well I’ll be home for a while actually, managed to talk myself into some vacation time.” Hideki responded as Neon and Airis released him from their hug.

“Really? That’s interesting.”

“Well, they also talked to me about a certain business venture…but I can’t say anything about this for now.”

“This should be unique, really moving up now aren’t you?”

“Yeah…although the freaking Furusawa are always a step behind me, kinda making me mad if I say so myself.” At the mention of Furusawa, Neon slightly tensed up a bit.

Wait…didn’t Shizuko say that her parents were business people? Does that mean… Neon thought as Hideki noticed Neon’s sudden change in expression.

“Hm? Neon, what’s the matter?” He asked as Airis and Kaede both figured out why Neon was like that. They only looked at each other in anxiety and worry to see if Neon would say anything. “Now what’s with the atmosphere? How the heck did everything turn gloomy?”

“Um…well…how do I put this out?” Airis finally spoke up on Neon’s behalf. “He has a girlfriend now…but…well…” Airis’s words were caught in her throat as she tried to explain.

“Well honey…Neon is dating someone, but he’s dating the daughter of your rival…” Kaede finally finished as Neon closed his eyes.

“That’s it? Sheesh, what did you all think I was going to do? Yell at him for his bad decisions in a possible partner for his future? You all should know better than that.” Hideki explained as everyone looked at him in surprise. “In fact, I’m a bit glad that Neon is dating her…I don’t remember her name unfortunately. It’s about time someone showed them what a real relationship is.”

What? The entire family thought as they looked at Hideki’s smiling face. “Honey…did…I just hear that you are actually ok with Neon dating your business rival’s daughter? I thought you were going to explode or something.”

“Sheesh, have I not been at home that much? I don’t care who our children date, love comes in different forms and in unexpected ways. In this case I see this as a case to show Furusawa that love can still bloom in unexpected ways. I overheard that they wanted to have their daughter have an arranged marriage with no choice in who she marries.”

“Really? Wow…so it’s a good idea I stepped in?” Neon asked his father as he sat down at the dinner table.

“Yup and recently I overheard that she is ‘rebelling’ against them by moving out. Apparently her mind is stuck on moving out that no amount of bribes can sway her mind.”

Shizuko…why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you…well I can ask these questions later…Neon thought as Hideki smiled at Neon.

“All I ask of you son is to make sure that you love her with every fiber of your body. When Furusawa told me about her, I saw a million holes in his logic and even more things wrong with how they raised her. She needs that someone to make her look at life with a smiling face.” Neon then lightly smiled and nodded his head.

“I will father…I will.” Neon responded with a lot more confidence. Although why the hell didn’t Shizuko tell me about her moving?!

“Well that aside…I was told to ask you about this business venture I was offered.” Hideki said as everyone looked at him.

“Alright then, but didn’t you say you had to keep your mouth shut about this father?” Airis asked.

“Yes, but now I can…apparently they said I had to wait ten minutes when I came home…odd and I have no idea why. So Kaede, don’t ask.” Kaede then closed her mouth and nodded. “Alright…well this business venture will force us to move, but not away from this city rather to a new location.”

“Ok dear, that I can live with.” Kaede said.

“They are asking me to be a manager of a hot springs they managed to get here.” Hideki then closed his eyes, expecting a reaction. Needless to say he thought exactly on what they were going to say.



“WHAT?! SINCE WHEN THE HELL DID YOUR COMPANY DO THIS?!” Kaede, Airis, and Neon shouted at the same time.

They continued to yell for a bit more before Hideki cleared his throat.

“WAIT. I was surprised at this too and seeing how my company works I had similar reactions too. However they needed a new venture and seeing as a hot springs would be a good way to generate income for them…well…yeah. A led to B, B led to C, etcetera. Plus they said I needed to spend more time with our family…and apparently they got wind of your company, honey, saying you need a bigger workspace.”

“WHAT?! Nismo’s e-mail…how did your company intercept that?! Isn’t that illegal?” Kaede fumed a bit as she looked like she was going to strangle Hideki.

“Actually they sent a copy of it to me as well…which my boss somehow managed to yank from my company e-mail account. Don’t know how, but it did. So they are actually willing to build a bigger workspace for you honey, if you’re willing to do it.” Kaede was slightly freaking out for a bit before calming herself down.

“Well can’t change what happened. But the garage now is getting a bit small…plus I am getting a large number of orders for some odd reason, something about the ‘touch’ I have. So…I’m fine with it but if the children say no, then it’s a no go.” Kaede exhaled as she looked at Neon and Airis.

“I don’t mind really, a bigger room is all I ask for…along with a walk in closet that can hold a lot of clothes.” Airis said with an odd smile.

“Sure I guess; I would like a good view outside though, sick of looking at another house.” Neon responded. Hideki smiled a bit before getting up.

“Well since everyone is surprisingly on the same note I’ll contact my boss and tell them it’s an ok from my family and don’t worry you two I’ll tell them your needs as well.” Hideki finished as he proceeded upstairs.

“Didn’t expect THAT of all things.” Kaede said as she went into her workplace. Airis looked at Neon’s perplexed face.

“Hey Neon, you doing alright? I mean dad did leave on a high note.” Airis asked as Neon went to the couch and slouched on it.

“Yeah, but it seems…odd. I mean I was slightly aware of dad’s business rival but I didn’t expect it to be Shizuko of all people…” Neon responded as he held his head lightly.

“Don’t fret it, besides Shizuko’s moving out…and I guess she didn’t tell you that huh?”

“NO!” Neon screamed back, thankfully their parent’s didn’t hear that. “I mean…I would think she would at least give me a few subtle hints, but NOPE. None…AT ALL.”

“Why are you getting angry at her? I mean she must have her reasons, maybe she was worried on what your reaction would be. And seeing you RIGHT now, I would be scared on how you would react if I told you this.”

Neon simply exhaled as he calmed down his anger. “I…ugh, I’m not that mad. I would be supportive of it…but she did say she would tell me if anything important comes up. I would THINK that THIS would be important.”

“Neon…I think she is worried about telling you because you would probably question on why she is moving. In addition to that she might have a bad past that she isn’t ready to tell you.”

“You think so Airis? I mean…you know what? Maybe you are right, maybe I’ll just wait the storm out before I ask anything about it.” Neon then got up and went to his room.

Well, here we go. Post finals chapter.

Neon: Not much huh?
Okamiwind: Nope. Got nothing here to say.
Kiyoshi: By the way...who the hell was that person at the end of the last chapter?
Okamiwind: What? Thought you would recognize her voice...

Kiyoshi: Nope...why?
???: Of ALL the people you know...YOU DON'T RECOGNIZE ME?!
Kiyoshi: Huh?...OH SHI-

Okamiwind: I'LL BLOCK THIS OUT FOR NOW. Character spoilers...
Haruko: What the hell is with YOU and spoilers now?
Okamiwind: Do you need to get Zio'd again?
Haruko: *Cowers in fear* please.
Haruka: Aw...nee-san is scared...

Haruka: Nope, but all I have to say is....HAHAHAHAHA!
Okamiwind: Garu.
Haruka: HAHAHahaha...*cough cough cough*
Okamiwind: I HAVE THE POWER.

Shizuko: THAT'S ALL FOR THE ENDING BIT FOLKS. I might as well say that chapter updates are going to be more often since Okamiwind is finished with finals! But expect no updates until...Monday? He's going to a church retreat so yeah!
Neon: Wow...not bad Shizuko.

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Back and with another chapter. Thanks to shadow55419 for the OC.

Chapter 22: Drifting Up

“Hate to wonder how Neon would react…seeing how he acted when my sis lied to him.” Haruka replied after Airis told some of the girls in the Azure Wings what happened a bit earlier.

“How would ya know how he’ll act anyway?” Akemi asked, “Besides he ain’t the one to get THAT angry.”

“And you know my brother how? Last time I checked he did not hang out with you at ALL. Haruka and my brother were school…acquaintances.” Airis retorted angrily at Akemi.

“Ah whatever, besides I ain’t gonna assume the worst case scenario. I think he’s a pretty decent guy who’ll do the right thing.”

“WOW. You have THAT much faith in him?” Kayo said. “Hell I don’t have THAT much faith in him and that’s coming from a friend from MIDDLE SCHOOL. You obviously don’t know him that well. If he’s in the dark about a very big secret, he’s gonna go berserk…heck I am still surprise he didn’t fucking throw me off the roof in middle school after I hid that from him…”

“Hey, maybe I just see the good in people. Yeah maybe I don’t know him well, but until I see this Hulk like transformation you’re ranting on about I ain’t gonna see him like that.” Akemi finally said as a blue Mazda RX-7 approached them. This made the females quiet down as they saw a slender female with shoulder length brown hair come out of the car.

“Hello there.” She greeted them.

“Oh…hello there.” Haruka greeted back, “You see there aren’t any races going on today, so I’m afraid it’s only a few of us here now.”

“It’s ok…oh right my manners. My name is Akari.” Akari replied back.

“Akari huh? Wait…that name sounds a bit familiar…” Haruka muttered to herself as she took out her laptop.

“Ah geez, ignore that stupid loli. Name’s Akemi, nice to meet ya. And before you ask, I ain’t from Japan originally…I’m from America.” Akemi greeted, which somewhat perked Akari’s ears a bit.

“America huh? Hate to ask you something off…but do you know someone named David?”

“David…not ringin’ a bell. There are a good amount of guys named David in America, but where would this David person be from? There are fifty states anyway.”

Akari thought for a bit before she remembered where this David person lived. “I believe it’s North Carolina.”

“Sorry, ain’t from there. So wouldn’t know this David guy.”

“Ah here’s the reason why I thought your name sounded familiar…along with this David guy. It’s from a group called the ‘Timber Wolves’. Originally from America this guy had an American team of the same name. Lots of people mention this David person as the ‘Muscle Drifter’…although that was a bit recently. Many people did call him the ‘American’ while he was active. Also it says that you are called the ‘Lone Wolf’ now…is that correct?” Haruka said as the information came across her screen.

“Yes…but anyway I heard that you girls are part of the Azure Wings and I did want to race one of you.” Akari said. The girls looked at each other for a bit before they all shrugged.

“We were just talking for a bit but I guess one of us can spare a race. So who would you like to race?” Kayo exhaled as Akari slowly looked at the girls. She then pointed at Airis.

“Me? Well…I don’t see a problem, sure I guess.” Airis replied as she entered into her M3.

“Very well then, let us show you the starting line.” Haruka said as she started to gesture Akari. “Wait, uphill or downhill?”

“Uphill, my engine is tuned for uphills.” Akari mentioned, Haruka nodded and continued to gesture her to the start.

“Ending’s after a moderate s turn, if you win you should see Airis slow down…and if you lose you should see her hit her brakes.” Akemi shouted as both the cars revved their engines.

“Well then, guess I’ll start the countdown then.” Kayo said as she positioned herself between the two cars. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!”

Both cars managed to get off the line at a decent speed, with the RX-7 getting a slight advantage as the car was tuned more for the uphill. After the first hairpin curve, Airis can see that this ‘Lone Wolf’ has been in many mountain races. Akari’s skill and driving style almost surprised her, since most of the time she would see errors right after this turn. Shaking her head Airis followed Akari’s line, almost to the exact moment where she would turn. I have to admit she can follow pretty good…Akari thought as she passed the first high speed S-turn.

Approaching the first set of consecutive hairpins Airis continued to accelerate as Akari seemed to have decelerated a bit. What? Maybe she isn’t familiar here yet. Airis thought as she managed to take the first turn at a slightly faster speed, forcing her car to slip to the outside. At this moment Akari managed to grab the inside space and take the second hairpin at Airis’s speed. Tch, of course…Airis cursed to herself as Akari sped up and managed to exit the hairpin at a faster speed. Akari was now ahead of Airis at this point.

“Anyone wanna bet on the winner?” Akemi asked the remaining two girls.

“Hate to be against my team but Akari seems to have the upper hand this time.” Haruka responded.

“I can tell based off her interior that her car is probably tuned well. I would have to assume her car has a twin turbo engine. Works great for uphills while Airis’s naturally aspired engine, while tuned well, ain’t going to have the push it needs for the uphill.” Kayo mused out loud.

“Although I gotta ask, why the HELL are you the only guys who changes their preferences all the time? I mean you both will do either uphill or downhill in an instant. Ain’t it gonna be better for you both if you just stuck to one way?” Akemi asked Haruka, who only sighed.

“It’s…well she told me that she just wanted to be like Neon in a way…but more…versatile I think is what she said. But her current skills are never going to reach his levels. Not in a million years.”

At the high speed section the RX-7 was a good half a second in front of the M3, leaving Airis a bit mad at herself. Knowing the turns of the second set of hairpins Airis decided to make a final break here. At the first hairpin Akari drifted around the corner while Airis managed to take the racing line before immediately drifting the right turn while Akari slowed down just a bit to make the turn. Now they were neck and neck as they approached the second hairpin, with the M3 taking the outside line. In a make-or-break moment Akari pushed her RX-7 a little bit more and braked hard to initiate a drift around the hairpin. This confused Airis as she slammed her brakes hard and saw the RX-7 open the gap up a bit more.

Heh, well at least she got that win reasonably. Airis thought as she slowly let the M3 roll to a stop. As the car managed to stop before the s turn the RX-7 was approaching the M3. The two drivers got out and shook hands afterwards.

“Not bad, you have some talent though.” Akari commented on Airis’s driving.

“It was a nice change of pace at least, had enough of simple tactics on the pass.” Airis replied as she leaned against her car.

“Is something the matter?” Akari asked, she felt that something was wrong with Airis.

“Family…well maybe not necessarily family issues but more like my brother…I guess.”

“Ah…I probably shouldn’t dive into this territory then.”

“Oh…well, um…sorry. I really am happier than this; I…this incident makes me worried about what my brother may do.”

“So…you wish to talk to a stranger about this?” Akari tilted her head in why Airis was being open.

“Stupid head!” Airis screamed, scaring Akari a bit. “Sorry! I…I dunno maybe I just need to think things over a bit more. Oh and by the way, I would assume you dress like that for racing yes?” Akari looked at Airis awkwardly before clearing her throat.

“Ah…well yes I do. I don’t like clothes that can get in the way of me driving.” Akari commented.

“Oh boy I made this awkward didn’t I? Sorry…but you seem like a fashionable person.”

“I am, just not when I am racing. If I may ask this do you have a favorite model or something like that? Based off what you just asked me I can tell that you are a fashionable person as well.”

“Haha…well yes I do. Mariko Tamura…love what she wears. But I think I should head down now, I need to head home.”

“I see, well I hope we get to see each other soon. You seem like a nice person.” Akari waved as she entered in her RX-7 and left the pass.

“Yeah…I guess…”


Okamiwind: Here we go...
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???: Tch, whatever.
Kiyoshi: Just hang in's gonna be ok.
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Haruka: I am bored.
Haruko: So am I...I think everyone is here.
Kaede: I'm not, I don't have much time to rest anyway.
Haruko: Well at least someone is.

Neon and Shizuko appear to be sleeping.
Kiyoshi: Heh, those two find sleep more entertaining then talking.
Kaede: Seems so...

I got nothin'.

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OBLIGATORY CHRISTMAS OMAKE AWAY. NO PROOFREADING WAS DONE. Also note that this does take place later on in Arc 3 and this omake is a romantic...lovey dovey...omake.

Christmas Omake

After putting on his dark blue winter jacket Neon took his present and slipped it in his pocket as he was preparing for a date with his girlfriend tonight.

“I’m heading out.” Neon said out loud.

“Make sure you stay safe out there, as well as your girlfriend.” Hideki, Neon’s father, responded back. After nodding he went to the garage where his mother was working.

“You’re heading out? Which car are you going to take?” Kaede asked Neon, who was looking at the cars.

“I’m curious…can I take your car mother? Your HS30 that is.” Neon replied, Kaede looked at him oddly before taking the keys to her car and tossing it to Neon.

“Make sure when you get back I don’t see a single scratch alright?”

“Thanks mother, I will keep it safe.” Neon replied as he got into the blue HS30 and texted his girlfriend that he was coming to pick her up. After that the HS30 went outside to the winter night air and drove off.

Shizuko sighed as she finally threw on her dark purple winter jacket. She was waiting for Neon, her boyfriend, to come and pick her up from her house. Looking at her poorly wrapped gift she placed it in a shoulder bag she was going to use today. Her phone buzzed as it received a text message; she glanced at it and already knew what it said. Throwing on her purple scarf she locked the door and proceeded to go outside and wait. After shivering for a minute a blue HS30 appeared in her sights. Shizuko then proceeded to head straight for the car and got it.

“Brr…it’s so cold out there Neon…” Shizuko said as she placed her hands near the car’s heater.

“Hey to you to…and yeah it sure is cold today. Surprised it snowed so much overnight…” Neon replied as he put the car into drive. After a short while Neon parked the HS30 near the town square. “Here we are, stop hogging the heater will you?” Giving a small and slightly angry ‘hmph’ Shizuko exited the car as well as Neon.

“So, where to now Shizuko? I mean it is pretty late…for Christmas that is.” Neon asked as he looked at the time, which was 8 PM. Due to the fact it was Christmas many shops were closed or closed early, albeit a few stores.

“I was thinking we can admire the area. I always wanted to walk around the town during this time.” Shizuko said as she grabbed Neon’s hand. With Neon giving a smile back the couple decided to simply walk around the town and admire the scenery.

The town was surprisingly decorated for the Christmas theme. There were lights, paintings, and other Christmas themed decorations all over the square. As the couple looked around the town they noticed they weren’t the only couple out, there were a few more couples as well. But they didn’t care about the others, they were enjoying themselves. After quite a bit of walking Neon and Shizuko finally sat down at a bench near a rather large Christmas tree near the center of the square.

“It was quite a fun day, even if we didn’t much.” Shizuko commented as she rested her head on Neon’s arm.

“I have to agree, it was enjoyable.” Neon replied as he grabbed Shizuko’s hand.

“Oh, um…by the way…I have a…gift for you.” Shizuko said as she opened her shoulder bag. “Um…I don’t have a good idea for a gift so…I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure I’ll like it, besides it is from you.” Neon then opened the poorly wrapped present to reveal a blue scarf, similar design to Shizuko’s. “It’s wonderful…I love it.”

“R-R-Really?! I’m…glad about it!” Shizuko exclaimed as Neon wrapped the scarf around him.

“I lost my scarf a while ago, so this will be a good replacement.”

“I’m glad…I really am…”

“Well…I have a gift for you…and it was quite a bit getting this.” Neon pulled out a small, rectangular gift.

“W-Wow…it must be a lot then…” Shizuko looked at the gift for a bit before taking it. It was a box as Shizuko simply took the top off and inside revealed a beautiful necklace. The necklace was silver with a moderately sized, expertly cut sapphire. Shizuko was just speechless.

“Yeah…I kinda went a bit overboard huh? Took a bit out of my savings for this…” Neon said in a meek matter.

“It’s…it’s beautiful. For my first present on Christmas since I was a toddler…this is beautiful.” Shizuko was still shocked on what Neon gave her. She then handed Neon the necklace and turned a bit. “C-Can you put this on me?”

“Uh sure…” Neon then unchained the necklace and placed it on Shizuko’s neck. Still in a bit of a shock, Shizuko picked up the sapphire and admired it.

“Neon…why did you give me something so expensive as this?” Shizuko finally asked.

“Well, I thought you would like it…and it would be a cop out if I didn’t give you something around the same price as Haruko…when I was still with her.”

“So what did you give her?”

“A bracelet that was made out of silver, quite pricey for something that was so…thin. But apparently girls like that so…yeah.”

“Neon…thank you for this. I will wear this everyday…” Shizuko finished up as she got closer to Neon.

“I’m glad you like it Shizuko…” Neon replied as subconsciously their faces got closer.

“Um…well I just want to say…” “Er…I guess I should say this…” Shizuko and Neon both said together.

“I love you.” They both said at the same time. Smiling the couple kissed and at that moment a snowflake fell upon them.

“Yuki…” Shizuko whispered as more snow fell.

“Snow huh? Seems…” Neon started as he stared at Shizuko’s blushing face. Smiling back Neon hugged her and kissed her more passionately. And as the couple continued to kiss…well it was a picture perfect moment.

Well and with that...Merry Christmas everyone...even though this was uploaded a hour before Christmas ends so...yup.

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Thanks to the absence of a thing called 'school' I am now turning chapters out more Anyway reverse time from the Christmas Omake to the...Arc 3 of last chapter...wo.

Chapter 23: Veteran’s Meeting

Inside a bar…

“So…you decided today was the day we all meet up again?” Tamiko said as she leaned on the wall of the bar.

“Yeah, I know. I mean it’s been like, what, eighteen years since we last met? And that was you guys were helping me with my children.” Kaede smirked as she leaned on the bar table.

It was a while since the old ‘group’ of the Ushiroyama Pass had a meeting. After some more chit chat the doors opened and revealed two women.

“Ara ara…it seems you two are still friendly as usual.” The long wavy pink haired woman said. She seemed to have her eyes closed for some reason…

“So you finally decided to shut your eyes huh? I swear your eyes still scare me…” Kaede replied just as soon the woman decided to open her eyes, exposing her unnaturally silver-white eyes. “AGH! God dammit that scares me! SHUT THEM!”

“Hmhmhm...oh Kaede you are so fun to tease at times…” She finally said as she closed her eyes.

“Hehehe…still the gullible one ain’t ya Kaede?” The other woman said. She had short dark violet hair and seemed to have just gotten out of work.

“So, how’s the force treating you Megumi?” Tamiko asked, at this moment the two females sat next to Kaede.

“Ah…well thankfully I am only called for high speed chases or some shit like that…but all in all…FUCK I GET BORED EASILY. CALL ME OR SOMETHING.” Megumi said as she slammed her head in a cartoonish matter.

“Well then, I’m always free Megumi-chan.” The pink haired woman spoke.

“Yeah but you are a freaking private psychologist for goodness sake Tsukiko-san! It would cost me MONEY to talk to you!” Megumi exclaimed.

“Ara ara…if you only called me on my private line I would talk to you…” Tsukiko said with a sly grin.

“I know you have something else to add after that…SPILL IT.”

“At a reduced price that is!” Tsukiko giggled.

“It’s still good to know you two still have arguments with each other. Would be a shame if you two changed.” Tamiko commented, only to have the two women glare at her.

“Well, since the old group is here…why not just give everyone a run down on what’s happening since we ‘disbanded’.” Kaede started as Tamiko started to give everyone a glass of whiskey.

“Eh? Hard stuff Tamiko? Fuck it, I’ll let it slide. Anyway the police are treating me rather well. I think it’s the fact that I set the fastest records in patrol cars. I mean…heck I think I’m the first one that is dispatched for the scene since I drive, and I quote, ‘demonically fast’. Whether it be a race, backup, or whatever. Idiots in my book, heck I pulled over an EK9 a while ago since I got to the scene too quickly and was killing time eating.” Megumi commented as she swirled her drink.

“I see…you really are bored. Well I don’t need to say what I am doing now, Nismo’s been treating me well. But god damn what the hell is with all these orders now?! Not that I’m complaining since I get more money but still…I NEED A BREAK.” Kaede exclaimed as she drank the whole glass in one go.

“I hate to ask…but what projects are Nismo asking you to do?” Tuskiko asked.

“Get this, I was only a road car worker…but now they want me to start doing GT300 and GT500 cars now. I know what to do and all…BUT ALL AT ONCE?! FUCK ME.”

“Glad you still have the vitality then…” Tsukiko replied as she rubbed her ears.

“Still a psychologist Tsukiko?” Tamiko asked as she filled Kaede’s glass…again.

“Yes and I’m glad that I am an independent person. I can name my own price and stuff, it’s a fun job…albeit it hurts my head at times when I have a full day.” Tsukiko said before she drank half of the glass.

“I hate to ask you this but…can my son get a session in?” Kaede asked Tsukiko.

“Hm? What for Kaede? It’s strange for you to ask this.”

“I know I know…but I…dunno. I think it could put my mind at ease if Neon’s mind was clear.”

“Eh? Neon? What’s up with him? Anything traumatic recently?” Megumi asked in surprise.

“No no no…it’s…hard to explain. Or rather…it’s a mother’s intuition.”

“Pulling a mother’s intuition? That’s kinda farfetched even for you Kaede…what is this intuition about?” Tsukiko asked as she somehow procured a notepad.

“Recently I heard from my husband something that can get Neon’s heart in a twist. The last thing I need is him doing is jeopardizing the relationship he has…” Kaede replied as Tsukiko wrote some notes down.

“And how far did he go?”

“In middle school a friend of his hid a secret from him…something about her leaking information about his racing style for money. Almost decided to throw her off the roof, I think she still fears him.” Kaede continued. This particular incident made Tsukiko raise her…eyebrow…since her eyes are closed.

“That is most intriguing…so a possible murder attempt…interesting.”

“And I guess somewhat recently his ex-girlfriend apparently cried the entire day away when they broke up. He yelled at her so much and hit so many weak points that she apparently skipped school and cried.”

“So he’s an abusive type when he gets mad?”

“Well…maybe I guess. I have high hopes for Shizuko, last thing I want is for Neon to end yet another relationship.” Kaede finished as Tsukiko scribbled down some final remarks. Tsukiko was about to say something but was struggling to say it.

“Spit it out, ain’t gonna be good if you hold it in.” Megumi said.

“I really REALLY hate to say ‘you have to pay this much yen for the session’ because…god dammit Kaede. I don’t want you to hurt me because of this.” Tsukiko sighed.

“Don’t fret it. I can pay for it a bit, I can trust that you can handle my son’s state.” Kaede smiled as she said this. Unfortunately Tsukiko didn’t smile back.

“I mean this is not an uncommon case for me but…Kaede…I still am scared of you. I’m still scared on the possibility of me failing. I mean what if Neon does do something drastic and breaks up with her? Will you blame me-“

“Tsukiko.” Kaede started.

“for this? Besides I still remember what you did to me when I threw a race because I thought my opponent was handsome! And that was back in high school! I can’t handle the physical and mental trauma you gave me! Plus-“

“Wow…Tsukiko...” Megumi said.

“this YOUR child for goodness sake! I am fine with other people’s children but being a friend? I feel an enormous amount of pressure on me and it will KILL me if I don’t successfully complete it! Heck I still have NIGHTMARES of-“

“Geez louise…all she did was punch you three times in the chest…and one down there.” Tamiko tried to interject.

“you hurting me! I feel like a rat trapped in a maze and if I don’t get out death awaits me! And-” Tsukiko was then cut off by Kaede jabbing her side. “THE PAIN!”

“OH GET A GRIP WILL YOU?!” Kaede screamed as she shook Tsukiko. “Look, I know that one time was pretty bad because that race was THE ONE THAT MATTERED. But aside from that, I TRUST YOU. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO I CAN TRUST WITH MY CHILD.”

“Agreed, heck if my children weren’t overseas I would trust them in your care.” Megumi said.

“Same here…if they weren’t away from home.” Tamiko also said.

“Out of ALL OF US, YOU…let me repeat YOU are the only one who can actually work with people. Not because you are a psychologist but because YOU WERE THE NICEST PERSON WE KNOW. YOU kept a smiling face in times of desperation, YOU kept a smiling face when we were worried sick when our grades were bad, YOU kept a smiling face when you lost while we were sore losers, YOU kept a smiling face wherever we went.” Kaede shouted to a surprised Tsukiko.

“Really? I’m…that reliable?” Tsukiko asked.

“Yeah, you are. Maybe you weren’t the best student but damn me if I can’t say you were the most reliable person there. Heck did you forget? When Kaede asked what she would do when she was pregnant you took up the time to practically VISIT Kaede and help her. Heck I think it is safe to say that they can call you their ‘auntie’ more than us two.” Tamiko finally said.

“I see…well…thanks everyone. Guess I’m still insecure about myself…and Kaede I’ll do this one free of charge.” Tsukiko finally said.

“Well…thanks. And if it doesn’t work then don’t fret it, again as you said…a mother’s intuition is farfetched for me.”

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Kaede: 'Bout time the veterans are introduced.
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God I'm bored...anyway I'm not gonna do a new years omake...kinda pointless for now I think.

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First chapter of 2014, let's go.

Chapter 24: A Talk

“What?” Neon asked as his mother.

“I think it would be a good idea if you talked with a psychologist, that’s all.” Kaede responded as she picked up her jacket.

“Again, what? Why?” Neon asked again in a more aggressive tone. Kaede bit her lower lip before she sighed.

“I think it would be a good idea if you talked to her, that’s all.” Kaede almost repeated herself. “Besides she’s a good friend of mine that you met before.”

“Let me guess…aunt Tsukiko?”

Heh, your intuition was right Tamiko…Kaede smirked as she entered the garage. “Yes, so get in the HS30 already.” After a bit of driving the HS30 arrived at a very lavish looking house.

“Wow…I didn’t think aunt Tsukiko had a very nice house.” Neon commented as he looked at the house.

“Geez Tsukiko…you can’t help but show off your wealth huh?” Kaede mumbled as she gestured for Neon to go the front door. Ringing the doorbell the two of them waited for a bit before a pink haired lady opened the door.

“Ah, hello there you two.” Tsukiko greeted the two of them. “Please, take off your shoes and come on in. And might I say Neon you sure have grown since I last saw you.”

“Aunt Tsukiko, it’s been a while.” Neon responded as he took off his shoes. “Although I must say you have a very nice house.”

“Hmhmhm…oh please don’t flatter me Neon.”

Kaede only looked at the two of them and smiled, she was glad that the two of them were still getting along. “You do know why we are here right?”

“Ah but of course I know why. Kaede, you can…I dunno look around the house or something. Neon, please, follow me.” Tsukiko said as she led Neon to her office.

“I seriously have no idea why mother is making me do this Tsukiko…” Neon mumbled as he laid down on the chair in the room, Tsukiko though managed to hear what he said though.

“She is concerned about your ‘anger issues’ as she would call it.” Tsukiko said in a much more serious tone.

Awkward change in tone… Neon thought for a quick second. “Anger issues huh? Well…I have been keeping it under the radar more…did I even make a coherent sentence?”

“Well I’ll ignore that for now, but you said you are attempting to keep your anger under control yes?”

“Yeah…I mean, after those two times I thought to myself ‘I’m going a bit too far’.” Neon sighed as he adjusted himself on the chair.

Movement…probably to suppress bad memories. Tsukiko thought before writing it down. “If I may be so bold to ask…can you recall those two events?” She opened her eyes a bit to look at Neon, she could tell he was uncomfortable by his shuffling and heavy sigh.

“Well if you must know aunt Tsukiko I’ll tell you. The first…’incident’ was back in middle school with a friend slash mechanic named Kayo…or Miyako if you want to know her real name. It happened during lunch I think, I don’t remember that well. Anyway I wanted to talk with Kayo since there were more people challenging me in the highway scene. So I talked with her and she said that she was leaking information about me and my driving style for some money. I kinda had it at that point and I…punched her square in the face, threw her against a wall, and stepped on her stomach.” Neon said as he closed his eyes.

My God…he physically assaulted a girl? That’s something Kaede would’ve told me…Tsukiko shook her head as she wrote down tidbits of the event. “I see…any repercussions after that?”

“Nope, she just said she’ll shut up about me. Strangely enough she didn’t break our friendship…odd right? Didn’t think she’d continue to be my friend.”

“I see…so that was the first event and what about the second event?”

“About my ex-girlfriend Haruko? Well…it was actually something she knew that was going to happen. It was a winter day and I went up the mountain for the heck of it and then we took a step outside and I believe someone chloroformed me…but it must’ve been a weak dose since I woke up a bit later. As I got up though I saw Haruko snap the attacker’s neck, out of panic or out of fear…or something else. It was a silent drive down and we didn’t talk for a week. Then she wanted to talk to me and for some reason I snapped at her. We were in a secluded part of…the school I think and I just shouted…stuff at her. I don’t know what I said but…I think I pulled on her hair and threw her down on the ground, she screamed for mercy I think…or was she apologizing I don’t remember. After I attacked her we broke up…”

“My God Neon…” Tsukiko said as she dropped her pen. “Why? I hate to bring up the past but you were such a good little boy back in the days…”

“I know aunt Tsukiko…but…I think I developed this because of my mother I think…I don’t know.”

“I see, it must’ve been hard with a mother who almost ignored you during the most innocent part of your life, makes sense. So…I hate to pry at your life but how’s your current relationship so far?”

“With Shizuko? It’s ok but…I’m mad at something that she should’ve told me.”

“Might I inquire what that might be?”

“She’s moving, nothing bad with it but I would like to know that at least!” Neon replied with anger in his tone.

Anger at an event under his radar…Tsukiko jotted down as she sighed. “Does this want to make you want to physically hurt her?”

“What? No! I would never do anything like that! I would just ask her why she didn’t tell me about this.” Neon replied with surprise.

Change of tone…yup, Kaede your intuition sucks. Tsukiko smiled and put away her pen and paper. “Alright, that’s all I want to know. Feel free to look around the house I guess, your mother wants me to relay what I believe.” Neon then nodded and got up.

“Kaede, your intuition sucks.” Tsukiko said to Kaede who was in the backyard.

“Really? Well I did say a mother’s intuition was farfetched for me anyway. Thanks for easing my mind.” Kaede replied as she looked Tsukiko.

“Although I did hear some things that I would never expect Neon to do…it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”

“I see…I didn’t call you because I would fear you would over react. I should apologize for that.”

“Well at least you know me well enough to not call me about this. I think you should at least have informed me something about this.”

“Heh, probably should have huh? But…I have no excuse this time.”

Neon was looking around the lavishly decorated house. How much does Tsukiko make annually anyway? This is REALLY nice…It was until a bit later that he decided to go to the garage…which carried quite a number of cars.

“What the hell?” Neon whispered as he looked at the cars. There was a RE Amemiya RX-7, another RE Amemiya RX-7 but had a body kit that looked like the Mazda Furai, a Monster EK9, a Top Secret JZA80 Supra, an Amuse S2000, and a MazdaSpeed Roadster which was a modified Miata.

“So…apparently aunt Tsukiko really likes tuner cars.” Neon mumbled to himself as he swiftly exited the garage.

Here we go, a bit short but it was intentional.

???: WHAT?!
Okamiwind: It was intentional, didn't expect a long chapter for this one.

Haruko: Welp, a new chapter for the new year....can't be all bad.
Kayo: At least he didn't wait 3 weeks for a chapter.
Airis: Meh, whatever works.

Not much here too but...MASTER SPARK!

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Jesus...almost a month later and another update? Writer's block...WHY U NO GO AWAY?!

Chapter 25: What are Friends for…?

“So…let me get this straight. You invited Kiyoshi and his girlfriend for a double date?” Shizuko asked in disbelief.

“What? I thought it would be fun that’s all.” Neon replied in complete surprise.

“And why did I bring my car again?”

“Cause we thought that it would be fun if we had a race, a friendly no competition race.”

Shizuko could only scoff as she heard these words. For some reason she was not in a happy mood, if anything she wanted more one on one time with Neon. Neon ignored his girlfriend’s odd behavior, whether he was not aware of it or just simply ignored it. A few silent minutes later a certain red Lan-Evo VI appeared along with a black Toyota MR2 Spyder, the soft-top design. Shizuko only glanced at the two cars before she turned her head away from them.

“H-Hey you two…” Neon weakly greeted the two.

“Hey man…the hell is with her?” Kiyoshi asked as Shizuko only waved at them.

“I…have no idea. What I can assume is that she rather wants a one and one date rather than this double date.” Neon shrugged afterwards as he looked at the girl next to Kiyoshi. “Hey Shizuko…at least introduce yourself to Mai.” Shizuko only groaned a bit before she turned around and stood in front of Mai. Mai was an average girl with no noticeable key features, maybe albeit her short black tomboyish hair.

“Nice to meet you.” Shizuko greeted, although she said it rather forcefully. Mai sighed as she smiled at Shizuko’s greeting.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Mai replied as she knew that Shizuko did not want to talk. “Um…well if it piques your interest my actual name is Mei-Zhen, a Chinese name.”

“Huh.” Shizuko replied with a minimal change changed in her voice.

“Er…wow dude I think she isn’t interested at all.” Kiyoshi commented to Neon.

“Thanks caption obvious…maybe we should just call this off?” Neon asked.

“Nah, we already came this far so there is no point of canceling it. Besides it’ll be fun…I think.” Kiyoshi placed his hand on Neon who only sighed.

“C’mon Shizuko, lighten up will you? It’s only one double date.” Neon asked the angry girl.

“Ugh.” Was all that Shizuko said as she went to her car and started it up. Everyone else sighed as they did the same. Eventually they managed to go to a nearby diner and sat down.

“So it’s been a while since I last talked to you Mai. How are you doing?” Neon asked as Shizuko placed her head on his shoulder, although he still felt an aura of anger.

“I’m actually doing alright, my job is going well, and our relationship is going quite strong.” Mai smiled as she lightly pushed Kiyoshi, who simply just smirked.

“So when did you two start dating? Do not take this the wrong way…but you said that dating was a bit out there for you Neon.”

“I know, I know. Wasn’t a person looking for a girlfriend so I don’t blame ya. Anyway we started dating somewhere back in fall…don’t remember when exactly but we did.” Neon replied, noticing Shizuko’s constant shuffling. What the hell?

“Still about time you got someone and by looking at you two, might I say you two are quite a couple.” Mai commented at the two before Shizuko gave her a hard glare. “What the hell is your problem?”

“Nothing.” Shizuko replied harshly.

“Shizuko. For the love of all that is holy…STOP IT.” Neon finally said as he aggressively pulled on her cheek.

“OW, stha- ow, ow, ow gomena- ow, ow, ow, ok sto, OW!”

“Truth be told Mai, I never, EVER saw Shizuko like this before. This is the first.” Kiyoshi sighed as he looked at the fighting couple.


After that…little scrap Shizuko’s behavior turned a bit better, attempting conversation at least. Eventually Shizuko gave up the act and participated in the double date.

“Um, so do you go up the pass at times?” Shizuko asked Mai.

“Hm? Oh no I don’t, I kept my Spyder as a track style car. Stiff suspension, tires more used for track racing, and other race parts. Truth be told I never found touge racing…interesting to say the least. Now I want to ask is why YOU like it?” Mai asked while pointing her fork at Shizuko.

“Um…well I always admired people who do touge, it’s that factor of racing on narrow streets while making sure you don’t mess up. I always found it interesting.” Shizuko replied.

“I see…well to each their own I guess. Still…do I have to face your leader?” Mai asked Kiyoshi.

“Well…yeah, cause she’s a downhill expert and plus it’s a free no competition race so most likely she’ll give you a hell of a easier time.” Kiyoshi responded as their check came.

“I got this.” Neon said as he reached for his wallet.

“OH COME ON DUDE. You paid for the last six group lunches, give your wallet a break!”

“NO! Trust me!”


“D-Does he pay for everything?” Mai asked Shizuko, who simply nodded yes while keeping a sweet smile. “Lucky you, I get stuck with at least forty percent of the bill.”

At the top of pass…

“Alright, based off what Haruka gave us we will only have time for one race before the cops come here. So Mai and Shizuko hurry up and start.” Neon said as he looked at his phone. “We will follow after thirty seconds.”

“Ok…well I won’t go too hard on you I guess.” Shizuko said as she got in her WRX STi.

“I’ll follow the best I can.” Mai responded.

“Go when you’re ready.” Kiyoshi said.

So the MR2 and the STi squealed out of the line. To Shizuko’s word she kept a mental note of having a space about two and a half lengths, just to make sure Mai knew the track but also feared what a track car can do. Approaching the first set of hairpins Shizuko tried a new drift tactic which was quickly press the brakes and hit the accelerator hard, something called brake canceling. It was a free race so there was no reason to try the same motions over and over again. Attempting a brake cancel Shizuko quickly found out that she can take the hairpin at a very quick speed, much more then she expected. For once Shizuko had to carefully counter steer in order to keep the speed up.

“What the hell did you just do?” Mai mumbled to herself as she tried to analyze the tactic Shizuko just used. The second hairpin, the STi’s brake lights were on for a split second before the STi quickly took the hairpin. “I see…but in a track race you wouldn’t do that.” Mai said before she took the hairpin at appropriate speeds. Then again the STi did the same technique…and for some reason Mai tried to attempt the technique. She quickly found out that she couldn’t do it, it only made her car slide a bit too long for her liking.

“So…why did you call for this double date anyway?” Kiyoshi asked Neon.

“I thought it would be good for Shizuko to talk with other girls of her own age…” Neon replied.

“She doesn’t talk with others?”

“No, so I’m worried that she’ll be awkward, hell anti-social, with other girls. Besides after that accident she shut herself off from society for a bit, remember?”

“Ah right, she kept a small vow of silence until Kayo was released right? Even after that she just out casted herself out of our group. Shame really, I remember that she talked with you a lot.”

“Heh, true that. She was a nice girl at thae time.”

Approaching the high speed section the MR2 gave the STi a bit of pressure. “You weren’t kidding when you said that MR2 had race stuff on it…” Shizuko muttered to herself as she pressed down on the accelerator, only to find that the MR2 was still catching up. Shizuko was glad though that the S bend leading up to the second set of hairpins was just up ahead. Taking the S bend Shizuko tried the same technique, with the intention of taking the gutter. Much to her surprise, again, is that she managed to fly past the hairpin.

“What the hell happened?!” Mai yelled as she noticed as the STi just vanished past the hairpin. Rubbing her eyes she took the hairpin a bit wide to conserve speed to catch up with the STi, again it just seemed to disappear past the hairpin. At this point Mai was sure she wasn’t hallucinating, hell she was sure she that it was not a dream. Taking the hairpin wide again she slammed her accelerator to see what the STi was doing. At the same second the STi brake lights flashed on, Mai slammed her brakes and looked intensely at the STi. For Mai it seemed time to slow down for an instant. It managed to drift, take the gutter, and from the inertia of the gutter and accelerator got a quick burst of speed. “Impressive…”

“So how you think those two are doing right now?” Neon asked.

“Well since my girlfriend knows racing tactics she’ll probably take this a bit lazily. Unless Shizuko does something drastic or new Mai ain’t gonna do anything interesting.” Kiyoshi sighed as he remembered something. “Wait…didn’t we’d say we’ll be following them?”

“I don’t care, I’m actually a bit tired right now so I lied when Haruka texted that we have only time for one race. Actually we have time for five races.”

“Dude…what the hell?”

Coming up to the rapid turns Shizuko took her regular line which Mai saw something odd in particular. “Why are you moving around so much?” Mai said as she swiftly took the turns. Shizuko looked at her rearview mirror and noticed the MR2 was accelerating towards her faster than she was able to take these turns. Finally the last hairpin was up and gone, in the end the MR2 was right at the rear bumper of the STi.

“That…was rather impressive for your first time.” Shizuko commented as she and Mai exited their respective cars.

“I was actually more intrigued by your techniques rather than going down the pass.” Mai quickly responded.

“Eh? I tried something new…in fact it was my first time using that technique, although I must admit I was scared.”

“Hm? By the way…why do you take those final turns so wide? You can decrease your time by simply knowing your STi’s width. I saw at least 30 centimeters of space you could have utilized.”

“Huh? I left out almost a foot of space? You…you race a lot don’t you?”

“I do, I usually do track days and some competitive racing…but it’s usually small time things. But never the less…is your engine maxed out?”

“No. Putting too much power in my STi would make this pass hard, I can only have so much power before the STi…for lack of a better word, rejects me.”

“I see…” Mai then looked at the STi before noticing something. “Wait…where are those two?”

“Yeah…they better not have just lazed around at the top!”

Well that's it for now...and if anyone from the Arcade Stage is reading this...did you get the BC thingy? Huehuehuehue.

Mai: About time...
Okamiwind: I was running low on ideas so I decided to toss you in.
Mai: Well...thanks I guess.
Okamiwind: You taking this...rather well if I may say so myself.

Neon: Eh...i'm bored.
Okamiwind: SCHOOL SUX.
Shizuko: I swear if he said sucks with an x...OH MY GOD.


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LET'S DO THIS...again?

Chapter 26: Moving Sucks

Neon could only groan as he awoke from his sleep, mainly because of how long he’d spent at the summit of the pass with Kiyoshi the night before. Needless to say Shizuko and Mai physically roughed up Neon and Kiyoshi pretty bad. “Damn, guess the saying ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ is true…not that I believed it less before.” Neon mumbled as his door was rudely opened.

“Hey, did you forget we are moving now? Get up and start packing.” Kaede yelled as she rushed to Airis’s room, in which she yelled at Airis to “Move her lazy ass.” Neon could only smirk as he rustled himself out of bed.

“Better make sure that Shizuko knows I’ll be busy all day today.” Neon said as he picked up his cell phone and texted her that he’ll be busy all day. Now Neon then decided to pack up his computer first. Gotta start somewhere.

“WHY ARE WE PACKING UP EVERYTHING IN ONE DAY?!” Airis screamed as she furiously stuffed various things around her room into boxes. Airis slept terribly last night so she was in a pissy mood today, not to mention she was OCD with her clothes and fashion magazines. “FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK.”

“STOP CUSSING AIRIS! I TAUGHT YOU BETTER THAN THAT!” Hideki yelled as he was moving various things to the moving truck that they hired outside. He knew Kaede was a bit out there, but what in the hell was his wife thinking when she said she’ll take care of everything the day of. “I don’t understand you Kaede…why did I agree with you? Makes me wonder why we are marr-”

“I CAN HEAR THAT! YOU AREN’T GONNA LIKE IT WHEN WE’RE DONE HERE!” Kaede yelled as she was hastily packing up stuff in the master bedroom. She was expecting her friends to help out soon, but where the hell are they? Then she heard her cell ring and quickly packed up whatever she had up and picked it up. “Hello?”

“OH MY GOSH! I slept in! I’m heading to your house right now!” Tamiko yelled as Kaede just witnessed a small break in Tamiko’s usual character.

“Heh, so you finally said ‘oh my gosh’ in a feminine matter. You owe me a meal.”

“Fuck you.” Then the line went dead, at that moment a female voice came from downstairs.

“Ara ara, you all seem so busy.” Tsukiko commented as she stood at the front door, looking at Neon and Airis putting some boxes down.

“Oh hello there Aunt Tsukiko.” Neon and Airis greeted her with a slight bow.

“Ara ara, it’s nice to see you again Airis. You seem healthy enough.”

“Ah! I am…sorry I’m in a bad mood today and I don’t want to take it out on you.” Airis replied with a smile.

“I see, I see. Well anyway where’s your moth-“

“ABOUT TIME!” Kaede screamed from upstairs, which apparently translated to the children rushing back to packing their rooms. Then Kaede rushed down the stairs to meet her. “I told you to be here…an hour ago! What the hell happened? Where is everyone else?”

“Kaede, please calm down. You have to remember that unlike you, who somewhat works out every day we don’t. Our bodies aren’t as young as they once were.”

“Ugh.” Kaede replied as she shook her head and gestured Tsukiko to start packing up the kitchen.

“Huh? Really Kaede, the kitchen? Sure I was the best cook but…excuse my language; WHAT THE FUCK KAEDE?!” She then groaned and proceeded to pack up the kitchen.

“Whew! Sorry I’m late!” Megumi yelled as Kaede went up to her and straight up slapped her. “OW! WHAT THE HELL?!”

“Oh, hey Megumi-san.” Hideki greeted as he managed to pass her as he was carrying the TV.

“Oh! Hey there Hideki-kun!”

“Stop hitting on my husband creep.” Kaede said as she gestured Megumi to help Tsukiko.

“Creep? I’m just saying hey you fu-” Megumi started as Hideki placed a hand on her shoulder. “Oh alright.”

“Oh by the way you two when Tamiko comes around tell her to help you.” Kaede commented very quickly.

“Geez I’m sorry for her language Megumi-chan, as well as for you Tsukiko-chan. You know how demanding she can be.”

“Hate to intrude on your…personal bed life, but had you gave her any?” Tsukiko asked.

“Last time was seven months ag…wait what the hell? Why are you asking that?” Hideki asked cautiously.

“Curious, maybe it’s a sign that she wants it. Just saying.” Tsukiko casually responded as she packed up the last pan.

“Wow, Hideki-kun just ignore her.” Megumi said as she proceeded to help Tsukiko.

“The friends my wife has.” Hideki mumbled as he continued to pack up other stuff. Shortly after that two people appeared at the door.

“Ya-hoooo! Airirs I’m here to heeeelp!” Haruka sang as Tamiko looked at her funny.

“Er…you’re that loli character that Neon and Airis hang around with right?” Tamiko asked the pink haired girl.

“Yup!” Haruka said as Airis came down.

“Oh about time!” Airis said as she yanked Haruka in a cartoonish style, managing to pull Haruka to her room while keeping her in the air.

“I will never understand the daughter of Kaede…” Tamiko said as she noticed Tsukiko gesturing her to help her. Following the gesture Tamiko shrugged and went to her.

“So Airis, where ya moving to?” Haruka said as she packed up some of Airis’s clothing. Then she managed to find an adorable white dress. “Oh can I keep this? Please?!”

“Huh? Oh yeah sure, I called you here because I was hoping to lose some clothes. So if you want something ask me first. And we’re moving to a hot springs, my father is running the area.” Airis sighed as she packed up her plushies.

“Oh really? That’s nice; the closest hot springs is literally a twenty minute drive. Wait…” Haruka started as the gears in her head starting clicking. “Oh my gosh. Can I come over more often? I would llooovvvveee to wash up every so often!”

“Um sure.” Airis replied as she packed up her bed sheets.

“Thank you! Oh by the way, can I just sort the clothes I want?”

“Oh sure…wait! That’s half my clothes you jackass! Dammit I need some clothes too you damn loli!”

“Sure is loud today.” Neon said as he finished packing up whatever was in his room. He was lying down on his bed, waiting for him to be told what to do. Sighing he looked at his phone and noticed the text message. “Eh, might pass time talking with Shizuko.” (This is Neon’s text, this is Shizuko’s text)

Ok then, when u get the chance talk to me ok? <3

??? A heart? Lol, I got some time to kill. So what’s up cutie?

C-C-Cutie? Who are u? 0_0

Rofl rofl rofl just playing with you. Just wanted to tell you I am moving today.

Oh? Um…can u promise to not be mad?

Oh…about time Shizuko. Neon sighed as he texted Ok, you know me. <3

Are you copying me? Anyway im moving as well, away from my family.

Really? Why didn’t u tell me?

I thought u would be mad. Sorry T_T

Aw cmon you know me, I would be supportive. <3 <3 <3

Hehehe…thanks I feel like a large weight has been lifted. Love you. Wanna sext?

0_0;;; Um…what?

<3 so what are you wearing?

NOPE. I think I hear my name being called!

Awwww cmon I promise not to bite <3

“WHAT THE HELL SHIZUKO?!” Neon screamed as he tossed his phone towards his bed.

“Was that Neon?” Haruka asked as Airis gave her the ok for the clothes she wanted.

“Yup, maybe something happened with the two lovebirds. Maybe Shizuko texted him something he didn’t expect.” Airis said as she looked to Neon’s room.

So some time passed and the Kurubasa family finally managed to pack everything up and loaded it on the truck. Now it was the inevitable time in which the family was given the time to look around the house.

“I’ll miss this place.” Neon said as the family went into their garage.

“Same here.” Airis responded as she looked at her M3.

“Well looks like it’s time to move on.” Hideki said as Kaede placed her head on his shoulder.

“Indeed…” Kaede mumbled as she looked at the four cars. “But it’s for the better right?”

“Yes it is…c’mon everyone, time to move on.” Hideki sighed as the family drove out of their old house.
____________________________________________________________________ we go, guess i'm getting back into the groove of i'm bored.

Neon: Huh.
Shizuko: Ze.
Haruka: Mukyu.
Haruko: Hmph
Kaede: What the fuck are you four doing?

Okamiwind: Do I need to shoot some people?
Shizuko: With what?
Okamiwind: *Pulls out an airsoft UMP45* This with .25 gram BB rounds. THIS HAS A 400 ROUND CAPACITY AND NOT AFRAID TO USE IT.
Haruko: Use it.
Okamiwind: Are you a masochist? Ok. *Fires gun*
Haruko: How is it hurting you?

Okamiwind: *snap*
Mai: Ah right, powers.


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Chapter 27: Settling In

“Still can’t believe that we’re going to live in a hot springs from now on…” Kaede sighed as she looked at their new house. Somehow the construction of the hot springs happened really quickly.

“Um, dad not to question anything but…how did the hot springs get built so quickly?” Airis asked.

“I have no idea, maybe the construction project happened a while ago.” Hideki answered with a slight head turn. “Gotta ask my boss about that…anyway our ‘house’ is over there.”

“Wow, kinda lackluster if you ask me.” Kaede commented on the interior of their new home. It was a hallway with sliding doors leading to various rooms. The floor was made out of fine wood and the walls were decorated rather nicely with various pictures and such. Everyone looked at Kaede in an odd matter.

“Um mom…our old house wasn’t THIS decorated, if I had to say this is better than our old house.” Neon said as he gave an uncomfortable chuckle.

“Yeaaahhh. Maybe you spent too much time in the garage mother.” Airis said as he copied Neon’s chuckle.

“GO TO YOUR ROOMS!” Kaede yelled as the two just rushed into different rooms.

“WOW WE HAVE A PERSONAL FAMILY HOT SPRING?! AWESOME!” Airis yelled from one of the rooms before going into another room.

“What? I didn’t ask for that…” Hideki mumbled to himself as he looked at Airis run to another room.

“WAH! SIS THIS IS MY ROOM!” Neon screamed as Airis was rudely pushed out.


“LOUD NOISES.” Hideki shouted for no reason, this lead to Kaede slamming her head on the wall before forcing Hideki to slam his head on the wall.

“So this is my room huh? They didn’t do a bad job.” Neon calmly said as he looked around his new room. He knew this was his room because of the large picturesque view of the outside, combining some of the nature of the town with the actual town itself. “Wait…is that a glass door? So does that mean…” Neon went to the door and slid it open, revealing a decent sized balcony where he could fit a table and two chairs. “Nice…thanks whoever made this room.”

“My room!” Airis said as she happily looked around her basic room. It was a slightly bigger then her old room and then she looked at the sliding door to her left. “Let’s see…is this my closet?” She then slid the door open and revealed a walk in closet with room for all her clothes and a lot more. “Awesome! Haruka is going to be SO jealous!”

“Alright honey, I need to talk with the people here and do some work. See you later honey.” Hideki then kissed Kaede before leaving out of their new bedroom.

“Alright, time to see if they did my workplace right…” Kaede mumbled before going to her workplace. Upon entering a door labeled ‘Kaede’s Workplace’ she smirked at what she saw. Enough space to showcase at least two cars and have up to eight cars at the same time, which is also excluding the space for her tools and parts. “Heh, looks like they did a good job at it. Now if only the things I requested from Nismo were here…”

“Yes auntie…I’m heading over there now.” Shizuko said as she closed her phone. She sighed as she looked at her old house, today she said that she was going to move out. Taking a good amount of her clothes as well as some other stuff, she stuffed her WRX STi to the fullest, leaving just enough room to make sure she can see behind and to the sides. “Sayonara.”

Looking at the complex she was quite happy that is was middle class apartment, not some run down place that shouted sketchy. Sighing she pressed the button for the owner of the complex, that is her aunt. “Auntie…I’m…here.”

“Ah yes, last door on the right.” The voice said from the other side and the doors leading to the complex opened. Nervously stepping through of the doors she slowly walked to the target door, sighing heavily before knocking the door. “Ah, Shizuko! Come in!”

“Y-Yes.” Shizuko replied weakly before opening the door, revealing a woman wearing a hooded jacket with the hood on. “N-Nice to see you Aunt Nao.”

“Yeah, it’s good to see that you’re finally on your own.” Nao said as she lowered her hood, revealing her shoulder length purple hair and green eyes. “Although I must admit when I look at you I see a mirror reflection of myself.”

“I-Indeed.” Shizuko nodded as she sat down at the chair opposite of Nao.

“Lighten up will you. I know my freaking sister raised you like a slave but today is a good day.” Nao then sighed as she patted Shizuko’s head. “You do know what the payment is right?”

“Um…my-my mother said she’ll pay for the first ten months before I have to fend on my own. S-So I won’t be paying anything just yet. S-Still though I am s-surprised that she gave me a million yen…” At this Nao spat out her drink.

“WHAT?! A MILLION YEN?! Geez…guess Hiromi can be a good mother if she tries…” Nao sighed out after coughing. “Well, alright then. I was going to ask if I needed to buy groceries for you every once in a while but I guess a million yen will do the trick. Did you unpack yet?”

“N-Not yet. I parked at the visitor space.”

“Ah right, right. Well I’ll help you out and no, don’t say that you can do it alone. Besides I’m bored as hell here, ain’t got much to do but watch TV and lay on my ass all day.”

“O-Ok. But it seems weird to hear you say you have nothing to do today.”

“No duh, all my friends have something to do today. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. Well enough about me, I haven’t heard from you for a while.”

Upon taking up the last box to her new apartment Shizuko looked at the apartment. It was a simple living room with a kitchen nearby. Taking a step into the room she looked at the door that would be her bedroom and sighed.

“Is something wrong Shizuko?” Nao asked.

“Huh? Oh…no it’s not anything’s wrong. I guess I have to get used to a smaller space, that’s all.” Shizuko replied with a smile.

“I see, yeah living in a house does that to you. Well, I guess you can unpack the rest…but tell me one thing.”

“Sure thing…what is it?”

“Are you sure about this? I don’t want to appear like a hawk or anything but this is a HUGE step in your life and not to mention that you didn’t have…the best childhood.”

“I KNOW!” Shizuko screamed, scaring Nao a bit. “AH! I’m sorry! I…I didn’t mean to respond like th-!”

“I know.” Nao interrupted as she approached Shizuko and placed her hands on her shoulders. “Look all I am saying is that you might want to reconsider this. But…I am not your parent, so it’s not my place to tell you what to do.”

“Aunt Nao…I know what I am doing. I need to do this, I need to do this for Neon.” Shizuko firmly responded.

That look in your eyes…heh guess this Neon guy really did a number on you. Nao smiled as she released Shizuko. “I got it, this Neon guy…are you doing this for him?”

“Yes.” Shizuko responded almost instantly with no hesitation whatsoever.

“I see. Well I guess I’m done here, by the way you can unpack your stuff right? I’m tired after all that…”

“Whew and that should do it…” Neon sighed as he looked around his room once more. He decorated his room with the posters from his old room and some wall scrolls that he had for a long time. Looking at his desk he looked at the figurines placed neatly all over his desk, apparently he could put that many figurines on his desk if it wasn’t a pigsty. “Alright, maybe I should call Shizuko…but I’m kinda tired. Screw it I’m going to bed.”


Neon: Hate to ask this...but the chapters are kinda running on the short end aren't they?
Okamiwind: Unfortunately yes, whatever I come up with it always comes up short. The average for me is around 4 pages on Microsoft Word single spaced, 3 is short...i'm sorry if anyone is disappointed.

Haruka: Aw don't feel bad, besides I think you're the only one here who updates in a frequent matter...
Haruko: Yeah, I agree...but don't it stuck in your head.
Okamiwind: Hehe...thanks.

Katsuko: What the? Where am I?
Okamiwind: Um...*snap*
Katsuko disappeared.
Okamiwind: Oh thing that happens is that Mariko appears soon...

Again, sorry for some short chapters.

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Its cool.

Nice chapters btw.

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You know that I wanted to write a complete chapter right? But thanks to a Christian conference thingy I had to go to I couldn't so I whipped up this omake that I wanted to send last night.

Omake: What Do You Know?

Nao was impatiently waiting at a café, waiting for her sister to come over. It was about time that she confronted her sister about Shizuko, about how she raised her. It was only a bit later that she saw her sister wearing complete business attire, a white dress shirt with a blue tie, a business jacket and a black business skirt. Nao could only roll her eyes as she looked at her sister’s moderately long dyed black hair. Hiromi's real hair color was a dark violet.

“Nao, it’s nice to see you after all this time.” Hiromi greeted Nao, with a hand extended for a handshake.

“This ain’t a business meeting you know, don’t need to be so god damn formal.” Nao replied with harshness in her tone, she then swatted away her sister’s hand.

“Well you don’t need to be so rude about it.” Hiromi sighed as she took a seat across Nao. Hiromi knew that Nao didn’t care too much about her appearance, least of all her future. She looked at Nao’s purple hair and noticed her usual hooded jacket. “I would at least suspect that you would at least wear something a bit nicer.”

“Oh shut it.” Nao then gave a grunt as she turned her head.

“Well if you don’t wish to talk to me then why the hell am I here?” At this Nao smirked.

“You finally cussed eh? Whatever, well you know EXACTALY why I contacted you.”

“Oh? I thought you wanted to chat.”

“May I take your order?” A waitress came to their table as Nao sighed and slumped herself on the chair.

“Sis, you know this place better than me. You decide.” Nao sighed, it took Hiromi a few seconds to decide on a drink for them both.

“I would like a house blend coffee and she’ll take a vanilla cappuccino, thank you.” Hiromi thanked the waitress as she noted their orders.

“Ugh, you and your fancy stuff. Whatever, don’t hide the fact that you took care of Shizuko poorly.” Nao finally said as she pointed at Hiromi.

“Well you can’t tell me what to do nee-san.”

“Oh well excuse me for having your only child having a terrible childhood. It’s not I TRIED to be helpful, you know trying to babysit your child while you were off sucking some company’s dick.”

“Now, now Nao that’s bad language. I think mom and dad taught you better than that.”

“Whatever sis. At least I tried to be help around the house, unlike you. Did I mention that Shizuko probably had to go to some convenience store to nab food for herself? Yeah while you were off eating quite some good food, Shizuko was stuck having to eat some stuff that she could made easily.”

“Ah, but then she knew how to cook didn’t she? She made us dinner once and might I say it was good.”

“Tch, yeah right. Last time I checked your husband asked her to cook something and what did she do? She did it, OUT OF FEAR. God your daughter was only thirteen at that time! I’m glad she went on her two feet, at least she can be free from you two!”

“So? If she wanted to go out on her own, let her.”

“Hypocrite!” Nao shouted then slammed the table and sharply rose up, raising some suspicion from nearby table in the relatively empty café. “I heard from her that you two were practically begging for her not to leave! You don’t care about her that much! All you wanted was someone to take over your position after you retired, heck maybe a at home maid so you two can keep your house clean!”

“Sis, calm down. You’re causing a scene.”

“No! You listen to ME!” Nao then went over to Hiromi and picked her up from her dress shirt. “I am one hundred percent HAPPY that she moved out. I am glad that she found someone close to her! I am gl-”

“What?” Hiromi interrupted. “When did Shizuko have time for a boyfriend?”

“Pft! Oh this is NICE!” Nao then thrust Hiromi down leaving a sound bang on the ground. “You don’t even know that your own daughter has a boyfriend? Hah! If anything this is a way of her saying that you’re too controlling! I bet your husband heard this and never told you.”

“He…hid that from me?” Hiromi then got up slowly, rubbing the back of her head.

“Yeah! We have a winner! You win confusion! You bitch. Mother and father were right when they were worried about your future. Maybe now you know what they mean now.” Nao then spat at Hiromi, leaving the café in a satisfied rage. Opening her red Supra she started the car and slammed the accelerator out of the area. In her satisfied rage though Nao didn’t see a GT-R police car waiting in the corner, thus leading the GT-R to turn on its sirens.

“Ah shit, didn’t see that there…” Nao sighed before she pulled over. However it wasn’t any other cop…

“Nao, you really need to control your anger.” Megumi said as she leaned on the Supra.

“Heh, guess I should eh Megumi?” Nao replied before releasing the tension in her body.

“What happened anyway? Last time I saw you do this was when you found out that your husband was cheating on you. And that was a long time ago.”

“It’s…it’s about my fucking sister and her daughter.”

“So…your mad at Hiromi and Shizuko, was that her name?”

“Yeah, Hiromi couldn’t give two shits about her health. Plus I think now she realized that she was a bad mother now that she moved out. So yeah, fucking win for me.”

“Still doesn’t excuse the speeding though, but…wait…she’s dating Kaede’s son right?”

“Neon was it? Yeah him and s-oh…huh, never made that connection until now.”

“Well…Kaede ain’t gonna be happy when she has to call Hiromi her…sister-in-law? I never understood family stuff like this.” Megumi then sighed as she looked down the street. “I’ll look the other way for now, but dammit I can’t keep this up.”

“I understand, thanks.”

Ain't much here for me.

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i don't know why but i'm laughing like an idiot at this tongue.gif well done Okami

Posted by: OkamiWind Feb 18 2014, 12:59 PM
QUOTE (shadow55419 @ 12 minutes, 1 seconds ago)
i don't know why but i'm laughing like an idiot at this tongue.gif well done Okami

All I can is just this: schadenfreude.

Feeling pleasure (or in your case laughter) in Hiromi's pain.

Or some other reason I dunno, first thing that appeared in my head when I read that.

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Time to see how Mariko's new setup will hold up. She loves her superchargers, anyway.

And her partner's match should be interesting as well.

Well, let me know when it's time.

Oh, by the way, I think I forgot to mention this in the descriptions, but Mariko runs the hillclimb, her partner runs downhill.

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Alright...about time this chapter is done. Thank you Miura Seri for the OCs.

Chapter 28: Is it Worth it…

So a month has passed since the Kurubasa family moved into their new house and everyone was settling in quite nicely. Hideki allowed Neon and Airis to work at the springs, allowing them to make a quick buck when they needed to. For Airis though, she was working quite a bit this past month only because there was a fashion show coming into town and rumor was that a certain Mariko Tamura was going to be there. This was all Airis needed to know, making extensive plans with Haruka.

“But it’s a local event, why are you planning it like its freaking Commiket?” Neon sighed as Airis was quickly eating her dinner.

“You, have no idea what goes on in our heads brother.” Airis quickly retorted before resuming shoving her face with food.

“The children of your generation…” Kaede said as she calmly sipped some tea. “By the way Neon, how’s the tea? I hoped it doesn’t taste bad.”

“It’s fine mother.” Neon replied, “Don’t take this the wrong way but I didn’t know you made tea before.” Kaede smiled as Airis quickly placed her plate in the sink.

“Were you like Airis mom?” Neon asked as he placed the cup down.

“No, I got dragged around A LOT by Tsukiko of all people. Hell I was the most tomboyish person of my group. However I don’t blame her, would not have managed to meet your father if I didn’t go.”

“Really? Huh, was father a friend of aunt Tsukiko?”

“No, he was Tamiko’s friend but that didn’t stop Megumi from trying to get in his pants. Long story.”

Finally after today’s rather long day Airis let herself sink into the hot springs, letting the warm water rejuvenate her. After a bit she heard the door slide open.

“Anyone here?” Hideki asked.

“I’m here dad.” Airis responded as she fixed her posture.

“Ah, well could you come out? I need to discuss your payment.”

“Alright.” Airis said as she quickly dipped her body into the springs, rising just as fast she dipped. Drying her body she went to her room, dressed herself up in her pajamas, and went to her father’s room.

“Right…I am curious though, why are you working so hard?” Hideki asked Airis, who looked like she was about to collapse.

“Fashion show dad, open to public. Woman’s thing.” Airis responded.

“Speak in full sentences please…but I guess I can’t stop you. Anyway I’ll let you go to the show, but only if you bring Neon along.”

“Planning that from the start. It was part of the planning process.”

“I…see, well here’s the payment.” Hideki then handed out two envelopes. “Top one’s yours, slide the bottom one to your brother’s room. Good night Airis.” Airis only nodded and left the room.

Five days later…

“WHY?” Neon groaned as Airis and Haruka were literally dragging him by his arms.

“People are shady at these events and we need someone to make sure we stay safe!” Haruka said as she literally pushed Neon into the backseat of a Mercedes Benz S-Class Sedan.

“Is this your parent’s car Haruka?” Neon asked as he sighed.

“Yeah, managed to nab this beauty for a day!”

“Well then Haruka…STEP ON IT!” Airis exclaimed as Haruka did just that.


As one might suspect the ride to the area was a wild one, in fact Neon felt his stomach churn a couple of times. He was surprised he didn’t throw up.

“Alright here we are! NOW MOVE BOY!” Haruka commanded Neon as he held his ears.

“Dammit Haruka…did you need to yell so close to me?” Neon replied as he could hear a faint ringing noise. So Neon was dragged around the fashion convention or whatever it was. It was until he found himself only following the girls, rather than being dragged around. The second he noticed this he bolted straight to the exit.

“Geez, too many close calls for one day.” Neon mumbled as he looked around the lot. He noticed some basic sedans and sports cars but two particular cars caught his eyes. “That MR-S hardtop and the MX5 both have carbon GT wings…maybe some models do like racing. Maybe I should take a closer look…”

“Hey, who are you?” A familiar voice asked Neon, he swore he knew that voice…wait…

“Mariko Tamura?” Neon asked as he looked to the source of the voice. The woman was wearing some fashion clothes, but the shoulder length cappuccino brown hair and the heterochromatic eyes was an odd welcome to the both of them.

“Blue Phoenix? Huh, would have never expected you of all people to be here.” Mariko said as she approached Neon, who looked at Neon much more maturely.

“I can tell you changed from your childish personality.”

“You can tell? Ever since I lost to you, might I add you were my first lost, I started to take things a bit more seriously. But even then some things never change.”

“Can’t blame yo-”

“Mariko-san, who are you talking to?” A slightly older female voice asked the two. She wore business clothing with blond back length hair.

“Oh, Neon…was it? Anyway this is my manger Tsukika Kamui, she was the one who got me into the racing scene.” Mariko greeted the two.

“The Blue Phoenix…might I say you are much younger than I expected.” Tsukika said as he looked at Neon. “Well since I do know about your group the “Azure Wings” I was wondering when you will be racing.”

“Heh, straight to the point. Anyway in three days there is going to be a meeting of pretty much every team on the pass, if you feel so bold then come at 11PM. The pass is going to be empty after midnight before that day, so feel free to practice during that time.” Neon said.

“While we thank you for the information…why are you telling us this?” Mariko asked as Tsukika looked at a notepad, probably for scheduling.

“You two are new here and the last thing I need to hear is that a model was arrested for street racing. Plus police activity is sporadic so keep an eye out.”

“My, my…you sure are nice aren’t you?” Tsukika giggled, which made Neon a bit uncomfortable.

“Mariko, remember back then, when I said that my sister was a fan of yours? I think her mind or heart would be devastated if she were to find out that one of her idols was arrested. So it’s for her sake…” At this Mariko smiled as well as Tsukika.

“Well…you have good motives. See you then.” Tsukika said as she got a call. “Mariko, you’re going to be on stage in ten. We gotta go.”

“So…has sis met her yet?” Neon sighed as he leaned against the S-Class sedan.

Three days later…

“Didn’t meet Mariko…waste of money…” Airis grumbled as she drove to the meeting point at the pass. After a few minutes later and she found herself at the lively meet up, people talking about their cars, tactics, and whatnot.

“Yo, Haruka.” Airis greeted as Haruka looked up from her laptop.

“Hey there, sucks that she wasn’t there right?” Haruka replied as Airis walked to the loli.

“Yeah, but what can we do. By the way…is my brother gonna be here? Didn’t say anything to me at all.”

“Look for yourself.” Haruka pointed at the two approaching cars and for some reason the whole area just went quiet.

“Why does this always happen?!” Shizuko said as she got out of her car.

“I dunno…I hate it though…” Neon replied as he approached the group.

“Hey there, nice to drop by after all this time.” Akemi greeted the two. However it was cut short since two cars approached the group. Out came two females, Mariko Tamura and Tsukika Kamui to be exact, and the approached Neon specifically.”

“Heh, didn’t think you two would make it here.” Neon smirked as he looked at the two.

“Oh, my boyfriend was telling me about you two. Asami Itou and Tsukika right?” Shizuko smiled. Mariko was caught off guard for a bit but knew Neon and whoever the purple haired girl was did this to keep any paparazzi at bay.

“Y-Yes we are.” Mariko stuttered for a bit before regaining her composure. “So hope you don’t mind but…”

“I’m not alone anymore, I’m in a team. But I’ll make an exception for you two, beat your opponents and then we’ll face you.”

“Is that it?” Tsukika asked. “Seems rather…”

“Simple? Yes it is, but I know you two are incredibly busy so…let’s get this started eh? Haruka, Airis, face your opponents.”

Ze. Hope you guys enjoy this one.

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New chapter up, here we go.

Chapter 29: …to Race Your Idols?

“Eh? EH?!” Haruka screamed as she looked at their opponents, Airis however didn’t realize who she was facing against.

“Huh? So what Haruka?” Airis said casually, which led to Haruka making some crazy faces at her oblivious partner.

“Eh. Tch. Whut? HUH? Wha?” Were some of the words that escaped the loli’s mouth. “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE?!”

“Nope.” Airis replied in a confusing tone. This led to Haruka shaking the ever living fuck out of Airis. “OHMYGOOOSSSSHHH!!! STTTOOOPPPP IIITTTT!!!!”

“Wow…never saw Haruka like that before.” Shizuko commented.

“Yeah, last time I saw something like this was when she shook Haruko cause she spilled something bad.” Neon said as Haruko facepalmed herself.

“Ugh…bad memories Neon. Stop opening old wounds.” Haruko sighed as she looked at the two confused challengers.

“Um…” Mariko sweat dropped as she started. “Are…we…”

“Going…to…start soon?” Tsukika finished as she also sweat dropped.

“ENOUGH YOU TWO.” Neon said as he tried to pry Airis and Haruka apart.

Unfortunately it took a combined effort of Neon and Shizuko to free Airis while Haruko, Kiyoshi, and Kayo slowly pulled Haruka away. After a few more minutes, the two finally regained their composure.

“Anyway, may I ask where you would like to start off Asami?” Shizuko asked the idol.

“Well I go uphill so I guess we’ll start there.” Mariko said while looking at the pass.

“So you know where that leaves me right?” Tsukika asked as she looked at Mariko.

“Right, right. Downhill it is then, so what about you two?” Neon asked Airis and Haruka.

“Downhill.” Haruka instantly replied.

“Wha? H-Hey!” Airis started. “Ah geez…always making decisions aren’t you?!”

“Sis, calm down. Besides your uphill skills are improving a bit.” Neon replied as he held her shoulder.

“Tch, fine.”

“Well then, who will go first?”

“I will.” Tsukika said.

“Very well, Haruka? Get ready. Tsukika, follow her to the start. I’m sure someone there will count you down. By the way…your team name is the Dancing Blossoms correct?” Neon said.

“Yes, yes it is…” At this Neon nodded and gestured the loli to start heading up.
At the top…

“Sorry for my outburst there earlier.” Haruka bowed to Tsukika. They decided to take a few minutes to introduce themselves formally.

“Oh, it’s ok.” Tsukika replied. “I assume you know who Asami Itou is right?”

“Yeah, Mariko Tamura’s street name…or something like that. And you’re her manager, Tsukika Kamui correct?”

“Y-Yes I am.” This caught the attention of Tsukika in a unique way. “So…where are you going with this?”

“Well…nowhere really. Ah shoot why not. I have a dream to become a pop idol, but obviously I don’t have that appeal.” Haruka sighed as she slumped onto the Vantage.

“I see…well I do have a few contacts and if you win I’ll see if they’ll take you in. And if you lose, we never had this conversation alright?” Tsukika said as she got into her MX-5.

“Very well then, but even then I’ll pretend I didn’t hear the contacts part.” Haruka replied as she entered her Vantage. After fifteen seconds a person came and counted them down, the wheels of the two FR cars spinning down the pass.

“So, guesses on who you think will win?” Kayo said as she closed her eyes.

“I don’t know. Personally I never faced Tsukika anyway, so I can’t make an assumption so quickly.” Neon said as he shrugged, however Kayo shifted her a bit. That made Neon look at her differently. “What’s up?”

“The engine ain’t the usual Miata engine…it’s a swap…a twin turboed engine. Damn, did you really need a Madza RX-8 engine?” Kayo said as she opened her eyes.

“So what? Engine swaps aren’t a foreign thing here.” Kiyoshi said.

“With something like that she must have a plan in mind, like a pressure tactic. It’s not fast but at the same time can keep up with some tuned cars, like a certain loli’s Vantage. This will be interesting…”

The Vantage having the clear power advantage it managed to take the lead of this race, but the Miata was surprisingly quick to get behind the Vantage. Haruka looked at her rearview mirror for a second before remembering the first hairpin of this set of hairpins. Taking the usual line Haruka drifted the V12 around the first corner and oddly enough, the Miata took the corner at the same speed and the same line. Yet as the V12 managed to pull away for a bit the Miata was quick to regain the lost distance.

“I have to admit Tsukika…you can keep the pressure on pretty well.” Haruka said as she noticed the Miata’s tactics.

“Will it though?” Shizuko said as Kayo gave a cold glare.

“What do you mean?” Kayo responded coldly.

Still? Sigh, can’t change everything… Shizuko sighed. “Well I have sat as Haruka’s passenger for a bit, even with a race. But one thing I do know though is that she doesn’t care about pressure. She can care less about it.”

“Huh, you’re right.” Haruko said as she moved her hair away from her forehead. “Unless they taunt her from the front, my sister can be pretty calm behind the wheel. So unless the small MX-5 can pass the bulky V12…my sis can get a win out of this.”

Approaching the high speed portion Haruka decided to poke some fun and see if the MX-5’s driver was using pressure tactics. Right in the middle of it, Haruka slammed her brakes. Haruka took note that the MX-5 was only half a second behind the Vantage. Tsukika’s natural instinct kicked in and slammed the brakes out of fear, gasping a bit as well. Haruka grinned a bit before slamming the accelerator to finish the high speed portion, leaving the MX-5 behind. Since the random brake check the MX-5 was now three seconds behind, leaving Tsukika a bit on the edge.

With such a large gap between the two Haruka decided to take the time to turn on the radio and find something to listen to. Finding a good station Haruka took the S turns in a slower pace, humming whatever song was on. Tsukika shook her head and tried to lessen the gap between the two and she closed the gap pretty well. By the second hairpin of the second set of hairpins the Vantage was in her sights. Looking at the white V12 Tsukika decided to overtake the Vantage while the driver was being lazy. But Haruka didn’t fall for that, she let the MX-5 begin the drift and at that same moment Haruka pulled the handbrake and let the Vantage cut off the drift of the MX-5. This caused a spinout, leaving Haruka singing something as she went down the pass.

“BLACK ROCK SHOOTER!” Was the first thing the people heard when they saw the white V12.

“Huh, so Haruka did win…I’m kinda surprised.” Neon said as the V12 came to the group. “So…where’s the MX-5 at?” Just as he finished that the MX-5 appeared.

“I have to admit…did not expect that random brake check.” Tsukika said as she exited the MX-5.

“Hehehe! Can’t pressure me at all!” Haruka smiled as she moved her head left and right.

“Well…now it’s time for my race yes?” Mariko said as she looked at Airis.

“Yes it is Asami, time for your race.” Neon replied as Airis was ready to go.

“Best of luck to you.” Airis solemnly said to her opponent.

“Very well then.” Hitoshi said, he agreed to do the countdown. “You both know the drill and the way…hopefully. ANYWAY! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!” And the two FR cars screeched off the line.

“Supercharged 2ZZ-GE engine? At least you know the cars strengths.” Kayo mumbled as she looked at the pass.

“Supercharged engine eh?” Kiyoshi asked, “I know that Airis’s M3 has no turbo or supercharger on it. But she has a butt load of horsepower from the start, so…?”

“True, no doubt about that. But slapping on a low end turbo to the M3’s engine would increase the torque…but that’s it. It’s added weight for the car and can possibly plop her ahead for a bit.”

As the two cars passed the first hairpin the MR-S had a decent lead of a second. What caught Airis off guard was that the MR-S was taking every corner in an unorthodox way. Instead of taking the corners from out-in-out, the MR-S had used middle-in-middle. Airis didn’t know how to attack this challenge, did she want to pursue the inside line or take the outer line and speed past her? Shaking her head Airis decided to try and tail the MR-S as best as she can. Approaching the first set of hairpins the MR-S took the hairpins in a unique way, leaving the M3 to take the corners at a slower pace.

“So what? Will a simple NA car lose to a turbo slash supercharged car?” Neon asked Kayo.

“No of course not, besides I can tell that the MR-S’s engine doesn’t exhibit as much horsepower as the M3…but I can’t shake the feeling that the torque of the supercharger will win in the end.” Kayo responded. “Besides anyone can drive a car, but how skilled are they?”

Approaching the high speed portion the MR-S’s lead decreased as the M3’s higher horsepower caught up to the MR-S. However the lead opened again as the second set of hairpins approached the two racers. The MR-S took the hairpins quite fast, taking advantage of the unique entry tactics the driver has. Eventually Airis just lost the willpower to keep going, letting the MR-S take a win.

“Nice job…” Airis sighed as she approached Mariko.

“Out of curiosity…what do you want to be?” Mariko asked.

“H-Huh? Well…dream is to become a fashion idol like Mariko Tamura.” At this Mariko simply laughed.

“Hahaha. Are you blind? Do you know who you are talking to?” Airis then looked at Mariko carefully…and in three seconds…

“O-O-OHMYGOD.” Airis said as she looked like she was going to have a heart attack. “Y-Y-You’re Mariko Tamura huh?”

“Yep, the one and only.”

“Uh! Um! Wha! Eh!” Were some of the words that Airis was able to procure from her mouth.

“This is going to take a while isn’t it?” Mariko smiled as she looked at the confused fan girl.

Hehehe...get the titles? Cause the last one was the start and this one is the last part of the sentence...huehuehue.

Neon: You wanted to do this for a while huh?
Okamiwind: So?
Shizuko: Thought you were gonna say that in a dramatic tone.
Okamiwind: Nope. I wanted to do that so...yeah.

Not much.

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Truth be told I thought I would never do this but...

This fic is going to on hiatus for a while.

I think my muse is slowly fading away from me and it's to a point where I am getting lazy to write...sorry to all you readers out there but don't expect a new chapter for a while.

Again I apologize but I think I need to collect myself first.

Posted by: Rin Apr 17 2014, 02:08 AM
Okay. So far I am at Chapter 5 (since I am not a speedy reader)

And I gotta say it's quite a good read. The build up is slightly slow, but it's also steady since I have a feeling this may/may not be a super-fast paced story.

And the characters are also intriguing, to say the least. Though I am not really sure how many stories are there with blue Nissan R34s for main protagonists all the time. xD (Even Fast and Furious is guilty for this actually)

But hey, people have their tastes, so...I won't get into that.

Also, the grammar of the wording structure is slightly....well, imperfect. But since I am no first-time English user either so I am not one to talk, I just find the wording sometimes a bit funky to read, and that's just my personal gripe so...yeah. It's nothing biggie.

But aside from that, the story layout is decent. I am gonna read again once I got the time to do so.


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QUOTE (OkamiWind @ Mar 28 2014, 04:51 PM)
Truth be told I thought I would never do this but...

This fic is going to on hiatus for a while.

I think my muse is slowly fading away from me and it's to a point where I am getting lazy to write...sorry to all you readers out there but don't expect a new chapter for a while.

Again I apologize but I think I need to collect myself first.

How come I didn't read this post sooner? I blame being busy and not getting enough sleep for that!

Don't worry man, you still have readers like me out there. I'm so behind on all the chapters that you've pushed out so far. I would love to have the change to read and catch up so you going on a little break gives me the perfect chance! Don't overwork yourself. I'll still be here after your break so take it easy! I'm still on hiatus myself. derp.gif

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After a month or so hiatus, I'M BACK!

Chapter 30: Time to Change

“Ah! Y-Yes miss, right this way!” The show room person said after realizing a certain loli was actually older then she was.

“I freaking swear Haruko…EVERY DAMN TIME I G-” Haruka screamed until Haruko clasped her hand over the loli’s mouth.

“Please be mature…” Haruko groaned as Haruka gave a small hmph. The reason why the twins were at a dealership was to get new cars, something a little bit more suitable for the passes.

“Well, guess I should go and finish the transaction huh?” Haruka asked.

“Please do, don’t wait for me since you’ll probably be heading straight home anyway.” Haruko responded as she watched the loli head over to the room. “Now I should see if it is here…” At this, Haruko went over a few buildings.

“Ah, Miss Haruko, it is a pleasure to meet you.” The receptionist greeted.

“Likewise, now I’m here to see if it’s here.” Haruko responded back.

“Oh let me check here…” And after a few clicks later, “Yes, your Ferrari 458 Italia has arrived.”

“Good, now I know that I haven’t paid off the complete fee yet. So how much do I need to pay now?”

“Hm? I don’t believe you need to pay anything off here.” From this Haruko gave the receptionist an odd look.

“What? It’s already paid off? Who paid it off? I know I had around two hundred thousand yen…”

“Well, there was this message that was attached to the payment. Here.” The receptionist then turned the screen to Haruko.

I believe we four owed you a debt a long ass time ago Haruko. Again we thank you for saving our asses at that time. Blame a certain mechanic for finding this out. –Leader

“Heh, damn you four, never thought you would follow up on this.” Haruko smiled as she looked at the screen again. “Looks like it was a legit payment, anyway where is the 458?” The receptionist then led Haruko to the back.

“Here it is, your 458.” Haruko could only give out a small grin as she saw the ice white 458 Italia. Taking a few minutes to look over the car Haruko turned to the receptionist, who held out the keys.

“Have fun with your new 458 Italia, Miss Haruko.”

“Oh I will…” After exiting the lot, she noticed a certain black Astom Martin DB9 Coupe approach her. “Hm? A black car? Really Haruka?”

“Why not!” Haruka grinned as she moved her head left and right. “C’mon, let’s go for a stress test for these cars!”

“Really? A mock highway race? Well…knowing Kayo she’ll do this anyway…fuck it, after my hazard lights flash three times we’ll do this.” Haruko smiled as the two imported cars reached the edge of the highway.

A bit earlier…

“Is this really necessary brother?” Akemi asked Hitoshi inside the Viper.

“I dunno…but with everything that’s happening I think down-grading the power might be a good idea.”

“Ya sure? Cause I think the ZR1 is fine as it is, maybe a bit too slidey but still though…” Akemi sighed as they finally reached the docks.

“Alright let see…that way.” Hitoshi then guided Akemi to the area where the new car is.

“Hm? Are you the one who imported that American car?” A worker said as the two exited the Viper.

“Yeah I am. Is it ready?” Hitoshi asked.

“Just need to sign a few things here and you’re good to go.” After a few signatures later Hitoshi received the keys to the new red Z06. “Have a nice day.”

“Likewise.” Hitoshi said as he hastily entered the new Z06. “Is it wrong for me to like that new car smell?”

“Yo, I’m still here asshole.” Akemi said, in a higher volume, while knocking on the window of the Z06. “So we’re heading home or ya gonna let Kayo tune it up a bit?”

“Fuck off sis, can’t keep this stock you know me. And are you on that time?”

“Yes, YES I FUCKIN AM.” Akemi screamed as she entered into her Viper, gesturing Hitoshi to lead the way.

Current time…

“WOAH! Damn you American car!” Haruko said as she saw a red Z06 passed her, shortly followed by an orange Viper.

“Well, well, well…looks like Hitoshi got an upgrade as well…” Haruka mused to herself as she called up the other three drivers.

“The fuck you want loli?” Akemi said as she picked up her phone.

“Just wondering if you were on the highway, cause that orange Viper seems REALLY familiar.” Haruka said.

“Yeah it’s me, wanna god damn cookie?”

“What the hell is with you Akemi?” Haruko asked, “You never swore this much unless your near Airis and even then that’s more subdued.”

“I’m on my time of the month, fuck off.” Akemi responded, leaving the twins to respond with a simultaneous ‘ah’.

“Anyway, you two are going to Kayo’s place? And are you two are gonna stress test your new cars?” Hitoshi asked, noticing that an ice white 458 Italia and a black DB9 Coupe.

“Yup, so wanna race on the highway? Destination: Kayo’s place. Gonna be at least 14 kilometers of distance.”

“Back to the past huh? Very well then.” Hitoshi responded as he gripped the wheel. “Since I’m in front, three hazard lights and go.”

And after three hazard blinks later the four cars accelerated, their exhausts giving off a crescendo of sound. The Viper eventually came out in front, probably due to the fact that her car was the only tuned car.

“Gonna go ahead and give the mechanic a damn heads up. Later fuck heads.” Akemi said as the Viper continued to accelerate into the night.

“Such a bad person…can see why Airis hates her.” Haruka said as she noticed she was in last place. “OH FUCK!” The Z06 was slightly ahead the 458 Italia, who was giving a great fight while the DB9 was behind a good two car lengths behind. “SSHHHIIITTTT!”

“Keep up imotuo-san.” Haruko calmly said as she pressed the accelerator to its max, letting the 458 Italia catch up to the Z06, with them neck and neck. However this was short lived since there was a hard right corner coming up, the Z06 had to brake for a quick second while the 458 Italia just tapped the brakes and managed to make the turn, with the G-force of the turn almost ripping off Haruko’s face.

“Never doing that again…” Haruko said as her face managed to return back into its place. However the DB9 was having a hard time catching up, Haruka was struggling on why she couldn’t keep up.

“You know what…I’m gonna drop out, have fun you two.” Haruka said as she let go of the accelerator and let the black DB9 slowly back away.

“Alright…it’s the American versus the Ferrari…” Haruko mumbled to herself as she looked at the rearview mirror, noting the Z06 was behind her by at least a car length. “Have to admit that car has great acceleration…”

“From here on out there are minimal turns, let’s see if the Z06 can keep up with a Ferrari.” Hitoshi said as he slammed the accelerator down, leaving the Z06 to scream as it accelerated to the limit. The 458 Italia responded by doing the same, its engine shouting as it continued to accelerate keeping up with the Z06.

“Seems that we’re here…” Haruko said as she noticed the next exit.

“Not bad, not bad Haruko…” Hitoshi said as he pressed the brakes.

“Is it done?” Toshiyuki said into the cell phone.

“Yes, your RX-8 has been fully rebuilt.” The voice responded.

“Good, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Toshiyuki then ended the call and proceeded to where his old RX-8 was. After a short walk he ended up at a somewhat shady looking shop.

“So what was the problem?” Toshiyuki asked the mechanic.

“The engine was somewhat destroyed, something was wrong with the actual rotary. Had to look around for a spare engine and then I stripped it down, was not easy but it was manageable. Now it’s gonna cost a pretty penny…” The mechanic said as Toshiyuki smirked.

“I know, so what’s the cost?”

WOOHOO, back in it...for now. laugh2.gif

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I'm still here!
Nice chapters

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Because they're changing their car,how about Shizuko,Airis and Neon,Changing their current car?
(My idea is Shizuko's car is Subaru Impreza 22B STI with Twin Turbo after changing her Green Subaru Impreza 5 door,Neon's Car is RX-7 Type A Spirit R with 20B 3-Rotor engine after changing his GT86,Airis is BMW M3 CSL with Centrifugal Supercharger putting out 500 hp after changing her current M3)

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QUOTE (Tuners123 @ 6 hours, 28 minutes ago)
Because they're changing their car,how about Shizuko,Airis and Neon,Changing their current car?
(My idea is Shizuko's car is Subaru Impreza 22B STI with Twin Turbo after changing her Green Subaru Impreza 5 door,Neon's Car is RX-7 Type A Spirit R with 20B 3-Rotor engine after changing his GT86,Airis is BMW M3 CSL with Centrifugal Supercharger putting out 500 hp after changing her current M3)

i think those three have already changed cars, hence them not. but i could be wrong on Airis.

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First off, wow Tuners123...that was oddly specific. But as shadow pointed out Neon and Shizuko TECHNICALLY changed their vehicles.

Neon used to have a BNR34 but now has the 86 GT (I know it's called the GT86 but I like this better) due to an accident.

Shizuko used to own a Subaru Impreza WRX STi Sedan Spec C but now has the 3 door Impreza because of a trade she was not aware of.

While Airis didn't change her car at all, I feel the plain M3 is good enough (maybe I should go back and put this here...but it's the E92 Coupe). Kinda spilling a bit here (or nothing at all) but this fanfic is supposed to be new drivers and with more modern cars and not just all Japanese. While I do appreciate the feedback, those cars are kind of old year-wise. Again, think of this fic as down the road, many years after Initial D's story line.

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Good to see you update again...

And lol, Akemi is such a hardass, with those F-Bomb strikes.

Anyway, I wonder how they'll fare with the exotics. But do tell me if they're not planning to bring those rides on touge? Aside from the ridiculous power output I am not sure if I see the practicality in it. :x

Other than that...I am very pleased with the chapters (A bit short, but whatever)

Keep it up, bro! thumbsup.gif

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QUOTE (shadow55419 @ Yesterday, 2:20 PM)
i think those three have already changed cars, hence them not. but i could be wrong on Airis.

Yes they already changing their cars(except Airis),but what I mean is,that they changing their car because,they in need of faster car,due to they changing their car into Faster one(except Haruka,which a 460 Hp DB9)

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Lol kinda interesting to this topic somewhat lively.

Rin...have you been reading the fic? Some exotics have already been on the touge, the one that seems the most out of place is Kayo's Lambo Gallardo. However let me say this much...I think it is very interesting to see more then Japanese cars on the pass. I think it adds a bit of a flare to the touge scene anyway, cause there are a lack of exotics in Initial D (while Wangan already HAS a main exotic...).

Posted by: Rin May 9 2014, 06:23 AM
I won't argue with you on that, bro.

I just hope these guys are skilled enough to handle these things with big engines. The heavier or bigger a car's power is, the more difficult it will be to keep it under control on twisty roads.

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Next chapter? Yes, yes indeed. (WTF did I just write...?)

Chapter 31: An Unexpected Present

“Oi Neon you have a minute?” Kaede asked Neon, who was about to get ready for something.

“Uh, yeah…what is it mother?” Neon replied.

“Come with me for a quick second.” Then Kaede headed to her ‘workshop’, as the family called it. Neon turned his head in confusion but nevertheless followed his mother.

“Does this look familiar to you?” Kaede asked, showing a dark blue Skyline 25-GT Turbo. Neon’s eyes opened in surprise, wondering how this car survived the fall.

“W-W-What? How did my R34 manage to surv-” Neon started.

“It’s not a BNR34, it’s an ER34…but I swapped the engine with your BNR34 engine before I made it less powerful. Before you ask, my friend who picked up the car saw that the engine was completely unharmed. So my friend asked if I would like the engine back, couldn’t say no.” Kaede finished as Neon nodded slowly.

“I see…so what do you want me here for?” Neon was then greeted by a set of keys being tossed to him, in which he failed catching them.

“Take the car, I think you should have it. Have fun with the engine from your highway days.” Kaede said.

“Wait...” Neon started.

“Make sure you don’t trash that 900 horsepower engine. But then again, I did nothing with the body…”

“Okaa-san…why?” At this Kaede gave Neon a hug. No words whatsoever, confusing the blue haired boy. After a minute Kaede released Neon and went back to her room. “Wha…what was that about?”

“Oh hey there Neon, you coming to pick me up?” Shizuko responded to her cell phone.

“Yeah I am, gonna be there in ten minutes…you are wearing something casual right?” Neon asked back.

“Of course! Didn’t think that you’d actually want to dress-up for a movie, but then again we are going to the city for this. Might as well dress up right?” Shizuko then heard Neon chuckle a bit.

“Yeah, of course. See ya.” The line went dead afterwards, leaving Shizuko to look at her current attire. She was wearing a black trench jacket with a maroon long sleeved shirt underneath it, along with some loose black pants. “I wonder if this is too much?”

“I wonder if this is too much?” Neon asked as he looked at his attire. While wearing a blue collared shirt, over it he decided to put on a black military styled jacket with some dark brown khaki pants. “Oh well…let’s see what happens. But I wonder if Shizuko is alright if I took the ER34 out…better text her just in case.” Thus Neon texted Shizuko if she was ok with it.

“Oh? Nice outfit brother.” Airis said, unknown to Neon that his sister was looking at him from the door.

“Wha? Didn’t I close the door? And knock dammit!” Neon responded.

“Oh well, at least you weren’t doing anything like…well you know. Anyway, here’s the payment for this week.” Airis then gave Neon the envelope, in which Neon opened it and place it directly into his wallet. “Going on a date?”

“To the city, decided we should dress up for a bit. Tell everyone to have today off.” Neon then exited his room and got in into his new ER34. “Feels different, then again nothing was done inside…maybe except the roll cage but that’s not important. Feels weird driving in a R34 of any type after that…”

“Highway racing huh? Might as well go there as fast as we can huh?” Shizuko looked at the cell phone message, smiling for some odd reason. Shortly after the cell phone received a new message saying ‘here’, at this Shizuko took her leave. However what she saw outside wasn’t an 86 GT…

“W-What the? I-I-I…” Shizuko stammered for a bit, realizing that Neon was riding in a R34.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s a 25-GT Turbo…not a BNR34…well it’s an ER34 but that’s beside the point.” Neon calmly responded. “Are we going or not? Get in.”

“R-Right.” The purple haired girl responded as she entered into the ER34. “It’s…stock? Why are we taking a stock car?”

“Interior is stock, engine was the same exact engine I used back in the highway. Wanna see 900 horsepower at work? Better hang on…”

“AH! GEEZ THIS IS TOO FAST!” Shizuko screamed as the ER34 blazed on the highway, leaving everyone else seeing a fast blue blur.

“This is just the tip of the ice berg Shizuko…I’m only going about 200 kph…” Neon calmly responded.


“On the dyno, this machine can go up to 375 kph…”

“AH! DAMMIT NEON! I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” Shizuko could only scream more as Neon pressed the accelerator more.

“Shizuko…calm down.” Neon responded with no change in his voice. “Remember that I’m used to highways like this. And be thankful that this body has not deformed yet! Surprisingly this body can handle the stress of things…but Shizuko…calm yourself and look.”

Shizuko finally stopped screaming and decided to take a big breath…and something clicked inside Shizuko, something that she didn’t know. The speed…why was it so…calm? Earlier she decided that 200 was killing it, but now she felt…calm. But why?

“Decided to calm down? Let me talk about my past for a bit…I was a highway racer, no doubt about that. But want to know the reason?” Neon then up shifted the car going into fourth gear, the ER34 was going about 265 at this point. “I needed an outlet for my emotions, I couldn’t control it well at the time. However…if I didn’t do this though…I wouldn’t know where I would be now.”

“Neon-kun…” Shizuko said. She only bit her lower lip, not only did she know about his family’s past but now she knew how Neon got into racing. It was similar to her…but she was angry, not unstable…or something like that.

“Anyway, though…let’s slow down here for a bit. I think that’s enough for this leg of the trip.” Neon then slowly pressed the brakes of the ER34, reducing the speed to a simple 120 kph. “Like the view?”

“Wow…” Shizuko muttered as she looked outside. They were only a few kilometers away from the city and the city light’s were illuminating the night, giving it that special look.

“Haha, knew you would like it.” Neon laughed as he looked at his girlfriend’s amazement. “So…you do have the ticket’s right?”

“Of course…” Shizuko said while pulling the tickets out of her…cleavage. “Right here.”

“Why were the tickets in between your boobs?”

“My boobs can be more than just fat!” At this Neon could only sweat drop and press the accelerator.


“Well…that was a bit enjoyable.” Neon said as the couple got up from their seats. “Although I wish they would use more than some reused scenes from the anime…”

“I dunno, I didn’t see the anime before…don’t hurt me.” Shizuko sighed as she attached herself on Neon’s arm.

“Never was going to, want to look around for a bit?”

“Of course! Hope you don’t mind me locking myself onto you though. Oh hey…I’m hungry.” At this the couple’s stomachs gave out a small rumble.

“Haha, me too. Hey, looks like a small café over there, wanna eat there?” Neon asked pointing to said café, Shizuko only nodded yes as they both went to their destination.

“A table for two? Alright, let me see if there’s any open right now…” The greeter said as he asked for any open tables.

“This is quite elaborate for just a café Neon…are you sure this place is ok? I’m fine with some drive-thru stuff…” Shizuko said, worried about the price.

“I got my paycheck today, so I’m fine spending a bit more. Besides, it’s with you.” Neon replied and then gave Shizuko a quick peck on the check. Shizuko only looked away with a faint blush on her face.

“You two are in luck, we just opened a new table. Is eating outside alright?” The greeter asked, the couple responded with a nod. Thus the two of them got to their table, which was located pretty close to the fence.

“Oh my…guess we are going to be exposed huh?” Shizuko asked with a smile.

“Well, what can we do?” Neon sighed at the two sat down across from each other. After settling in a waitress came and took their drink orders.

“If I might say sir…you are dressed quite well today.” The waitress said.

“Ah…thank you…” Neon replied sheepishly.

“Hope you’re just being nice Neon.” Shizuko said with an ‘I will kill you’ look, while having a sweet smile.

“O-Of course! Geez, what else would I say?!” Neon then put his arms up in defense, as if anticipating for a projectile about to hit him. “C-Calm down ok?!”

“Ok.” Shizuko calmly replied, reverting back to her normal look. However as much as Shizuko wanted no one else to comment on her boyfriend, she could only hear other girls talk about Neon.

“Wow, he’s dressed nicely. Is he on a date?”

“He’s so handsome looking…hope he’s not on a date with that girl!”

“Hey honey, why don’t you dress up like him once in a while?! I wouldn’t mind it…would you mind if I got his number HUH?!”

Shizuko could only sigh, she didn’t like these comments but Neon felt very uncomfortable. In fact Neon placed his head on the table.

“Ugh, please stop talking about me…” Neon muttered as his face heated up. Shizuko could only sigh, she didn’t want to cause a large scene so she just stuck through the comments directed to Neon…until some comments were made about Shizuko.

“Wow, she’s a beauty.”

“Damn, that girl looks nice today. Wouldn’t mind a quick talk with her.”

“Now honey, can you dress like her once in a while? She’s dressed quite nicely today…”

“Oh no…” Shizuko muttered as she felt the embarrassment from various comments to her. Needless to say the couple felt awkward and out of place.

“Um…may I take your orders?” The same waitress from earlier asked the couple.

After about three seconds the couple placed their orders. For some reason the rest of the dinner was very silent.

“Let’s go home, I feel a bit violated somehow.” Shizuko said as they both finished off their meal.

Neon couldn’t agree more, after receiving the check he left a good amount including tip and the two of them bolted out of the café and into the ER34.

“Ugh…that felt very weird…” Neon commented on that experience.

“I was never talked about that much in my life…and I also heard some lewd comments about my body…” Shizuko said as she slumped back onto her seat.

“Heard a lot of comments about my looks…disgusts me.” Neon said as he started up the ER34, heading back home.

“I know I should have asked you this earlier…but where did this engine come from?”

“Ah…well back in my highway racing years I had an old KPGC10 who had the original engine that was heavily tuned, but it wasn’t enough. So Kayo, at that time, decided to go to a junkyard for a new project car for me. We found an old RB26 engine from a destroyed BNR34 and oddly enough…it was tuned by a person named Aqua. Whoever Aqua was…the engine was tuned to the highest degree, pulling 900 horses. We then figured out that the engine was not only fully maxed out but the turbo was similar to the Nissan R92CP…and improved upon. I don’t know how, but whoever Aqua was…they had some higher connections.”

Well tha-

Shizuko: DON'T JUDGE ME.

...that about does this one...

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Okay,so Neon has Two cars,one is GT86 and the other,900 hp ER34(it's a present?yeah,right),why didn't Airis get present too?

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An ER34 eh....nice choice.

Can't wait to see how that thing flies. Just uh...make it a bit convincing that it's safe enough at least to run on constant battles without frying the tires at maximum speed. xD

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QUOTE (Rin @ 4 hours, 35 minutes ago)
An ER34 eh....nice choice.

Can't wait to see how that thing flies. Just uh...make it a bit convincing that it's safe enough at least to run on constant battles without frying the tires at maximum speed. xD

I'm not convinced that is safe,even it's in fanfiction or real life

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QUOTE (Tuners123 @ 1 hour, 51 minutes ago)
I'm not convinced that is safe,even it's in fanfiction or real life

QUOTE (Rin @ 6 hours, 26 minutes ago)
An ER34 eh....nice choice.

Can't wait to see how that thing flies. Just uh...make it a bit convincing that it's safe enough at least to run on constant battles without frying the tires at maximum speed. xD

don't think this one is meant for mountain use guys, pretty specific in the chapter that it's meant for highway racing only.

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QUOTE (shadow55419 @ 1 hour, 31 minutes ago)

don't think this one is meant for mountain use guys, pretty specific in the chapter that it's meant for highway racing only.

Still,I'm not convinced that ER34 is safe to use for Highway racing only,the body isn't prepped for that kind of stress

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Ugh, all this drama. Anyway next fic here.

Chapter 32: Meetings and Breaks

“Honey, a letter came in for you.” Hideki said as he handed Kaede an envelope.

“So…looks like the family is going to meet again…” Kaede responded as she took the letter.

“You know sent this letter?”

“I know how my own siblings well enough to know they work.” Kaede then opened the envelope and glanced at the neatly creased letter. “Looks like nee-san is still formal, anyway thanks for the letter dear.”

Kaede then opened the letter inside and read the content inside.

Hello Nee-san,

I know it’s been a while, since we all went our own paths. So nii-san decided to have a little reunion, of course you are invited as well. By the day this letter is sent, wait two more days when the sun sets. Hope your mind is as keen as your body, have a nice day.

“Still as cryptic as ever nee-san…fucking little nerd.” Kaede muttered as she tossed the letter into the trashcan.

In Kayo’s garage…

“So…why did you call for us Haruka?” Neon asked as he slumped onto the wall.

“Well, since the pass opened up…somewhat recently there has been a vote as to whether we the pass should go back to the old style or not.” Haruka explained as the entire group listened. “All that’s needed is our input, whether to keep it open or not.”

“Wait…keep it open?” Toshiyuki asked.

“During the winter of course, it’s been slowly getting cold right? It will snow soon, so we need to know if the teams are going to have a snow pass or not.” Haruka finished as she laid her hand on her laptop. “So yay or nay people?”

“I could use a break myself…” Neon said raising his hand.

“Well I guess it’s safe to say you know my decision.” Shizuko said next.

“Could use a break…I think I might be developing carpal tunnel soon…” Airis said while rubbing her wrists.

“Tch, you probably would be developing carpal tunnel.” Akemi said as she approached Airis.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU TODAY?!” The blue haired girl screamed back at the dark-pink haired girl, who was checking her phone.

“Please understand she’s on her time so…” Hitoshi sighed, “well I can use a break.”

“Tch, whatever…” Akemi said, Airis was getting ready to punch her.

“I’m fine with either decision.” Kayo said while under the DB9. “Oh by the way Haruka, I stiffened up the suspension a bit and slapped a few upgrades on the DB9. Figured the car had enough power.”

“I’m fine with whatever way as well, so nothing with the 458?” Haruko asked.

“A 458?” Kayo then chuckled a bit before coming out of the DB9. “All I did was tighten up the steer ratio, so the car would be a bit more responsive. But seriously, a 45 fucking 8? Can’t do much with that.”

“Might as well wrap this up, I’m fine with whatever.” Kiyoshi said, while looking the two angry girls. “Let’s not escalate this any fur-”

However it was too late; Akemi got up and sucker punched Airis across the face. Airis recoiled a bit before she kicked Akemi’s torso and then proceeded to tackle her onto the ground.

“FUCK, CAN YOU TWO NOT FIGHT IN MY GARAGE?!” Kayo yelled as Akemi threw Airis off her, ignoring the mechanic’s request.

Akemi then grabbed Airis and punched her a few times before the blue haired girl thrust her knee into her attacker’s stomach, making Akemi let go of Airis. It was at this point where their respective brothers put the two into a choke hold.

“CALM DOWN DAMMIT!” The brothers yelled at the same time, both of them tightening their grip. The sisters struggled for a bit until both of them started to settle down, but the brothers still kept their holds.

“Um…their eyes are rolling up.” Toshiyuki said. It was true, Airis and Akemi’s eyes started to roll up slowly.

“Promise to calm down nee-san.” Neon said, in which Airis gave a weak nod yes. Airis could slowly see her vision fading.

“You calm yet?” Hitoshi asked, Akemi also nodded and felt her vision fading. After a few more seconds the brothers let go of the fighters, both of them coughing and gasping for air.

“Well it looks like we can all agree that the pass will be closed today.” Haruka sighed as she typed a few things on the laptop. “And on that bombshell, I’m off.”

“R-Right…anyway I finished the tuning…” Kayo timidly said as she stepped toward the garage opener.

“We’ll be on our way then…” Toshiyuki said as Kiyoshi headed towards the now open garage, which let in a very cold breeze.

“D-D-Damn it’s cold…” Shizuko muttered as she hugged herself, looking at Neon.

“See you guys around.” Neon replied as he rudely made Airis stand up. “Now, are you calm now?”

“H-Hai nii-san…” Airis responded as Neon pointed to her car, which Airis then proceeded to get in her car.

“Look man, sorry about that…” Hitoshi said as Akemi went into her Viper. “Didn’t think she’d snap.”

“Likewise, didn’t think my sister would fight back.” Neon sighed as he pinched his forehead. Shizuko then approached Neon and placed her head on his arm. “Right…the diner. If you’ll excuse me…” Neon then went to his 86 GT with Shizuko holding onto his arm.

“Wait, where’s your STi Shizuko?” The blond haired asked.

“Left it at home, decided to go together.” Shizuko responded as she entered the passenger side.

In a different garage…

“Still doesn’t explain why you gave Neon the ER34 though…” a purple haired female asked Kaede.

“Nao-senpai…I think my logic still fits though…” Kaede responded followed by a sigh.

“I didn’t say anything wrong wa with that, but Airis will eventually feel that you are playing favorites.” Nao followed up with a sigh.

“Well…still though, with Airis wanting to become model I couldn’t put down money for a new car for her. It’s a fucking European car for goodness sake! Those cars cost more than cars here!”

“Still finding ways to save money…look, get Hideki to nab a car for her.” Nao concluded as she sighed in anger.

“Yet what WOULD I give her? She’s a girl from the next generation, not our generation Nao-senpai. She loves Euro cars ever since she rode in Hideki’s Lotus Elise as a kid she didn’t want to ride in any other type of car.”

“Well, whatever. Anyway you called me back here because…?” Nao asked.

“The ER34’s body is still stock and I was ho-” Kaede started.

“IT’S STILL STOCK?!” Nao interrupted as she headed towards the ER34. “Well thank god the body hasn’t ripped itself to shreds or anything. Did you do any work on it?”

“Well…a little bit but not enough to equal your abilities Nao-senpai.” Kaede smirked as Nao sighed.

“Very well…but I need my Supra’s engine rebuilt. The engine has probably clocked 300,000 kilometers in total, so I was hoping to that we could exchange our services for payment.” Nao sighed as she tapped the ER34. “Well, you did some light work at least but not enough for the 900 horsepower monstrosity of an engine that was your RB26.”

“Hmph, very well then Nao-senpai…heh, Aqua is back in it huh?” Kaede chuckled a bit.

“We aren’t back Kaede,” Nao started, “this is only a temporary job for one car you gave to your son. If Aqua was back then the Azure Wings would be crushed, humiliated, and utterly destroyed.”

Too messed up for me to come up with something witty here.

Enjoy this guys, cause once Watch_Dogs comes out i'll be on a to speak. laugh2.gif awesome.gif

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You'll be on hiatus?ok,I can wait very patiently,just,don't making it too long for Hiatus(a year or more)
I envy you.playing watch dogs,and I couldn't get it until June(need to save up more money),
I got an another idea,why don't Kaede swap Airis M3 with something much cheaper,for instance,Ariel Atom 300 Supercharged?

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I know you're on hiatus now, but I've been wanting to write a 240Z driver, so if you ever want Sasameki's info, let me know.

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Ok, I will say this right now. I am sorry for SUCH a long hiatus.

For some reason, my summer break right now is filled with things from real life. Sheesh, I will attempt to write the next chapter soon. BUT CURSE YOU REAL LIFE.


Neon: Uh huh...
Shizuko: Sure...


Posted by: Seri Jun 13 2014, 10:55 AM
It's totally fine. ^^

I understand, because it's the same with me for my YouTube channel.

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No matter how long a hiatus you are, I am always looking forward to the next chapter. I am gonna see this through the end. grin2.gif

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Heh, thanks for the support everyone. Without further's the next chapter...with Miura's OC...another OC that is.

Chapter 33: Old Reunion

“Well, well, well…if it isn’t nee-san.” A raven black short haired guy said as a certain HS30 approached him and the lady next to him.

“Hmph, so what’s the point of this meeting nii-san?” Kaede said as she glared at the two.

“Please Kaede, can’t you be nicer to your own siblings? Besides we are triplets…” The woman asked. She had raven black hair that barely passed her shoulders; she also had scarlet red eyes just like the guy next to her. She also wore circular glasses.

“Tch, whatever you say Ayame. Anyway, what did you want to discuss Yoshiro?” Kaede sighed as she looked at her brother.

“Isn’t a family reunion simple enough nee-san?” Yoshiro replied as he gave a small chuckle. “Anyway, we aren’t the only ones here today.”

“What?” Kaede’s question was answered with the appearance of 4 more cars. “What is this? The reunion of the veterans of the pass?”

“More or less, Kaede.” Ayame responded as she fixed her glasses.

Then Tsukiko, Megumi, Nao, and Tamiko came out of their respective cars. Kaede groaned for some odd reason.

“Why the long face Kaede?” Tamiko asked as she placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Geez, why the hell did I even come?” Kaede said as she noticed one more set of headlights. “Son of a bitch…she’s here as well?”

“Ara ara…is your old friend to much for you Kaede? Besides, that engine couldn’t be built without her help.” Tsukiko said as the bayside blue Nissan Fairlady 240Z, approached them.

“Heya there everyone. And a special hello to you Kaede.” The woman greeted. Kaede only groaned at the brown shoulder length haired woman. She was slightly taller than the females there and her purple eyes meet Kaede’s scarlet eyes.

“Ugh, what do you want Sasameki?” Kaede sighed as she looked to the ground.

“Since someone told me about this reunion…I decided to grace you Kaede, with my presence.” Sasameki said as she opened her arms, with a small smirk on her face.

“I don’t need you to pester me with your presence you fail of a goddess.”

“Aw c’mon Kaede.” Sasameki said as she slung her arm over Kaede. “I mean, you haven’t talked to me for all these years. You never answered my calls, replied to my texts, nor my e-mails, and you never seem to reply to my mail. This, if I’m not mistaken, was your favorite way of communication, outside of face to face of course.”

“Shut up, why was I your friend back in high school?” Kaede sighed as she rolled her eyes.

“Tch, so you just wanted to cut me out of your life eh?” Sasameki replied, releasing the friendly act. “Sheesh, I mean…you were my number one customer. Or did you forget, you bitch?”

“Oh shut the fuck up you slut. I don’t want to associate myself with black market dealers. I have a stable job for crying out loud.” Kaede then stared at the purple eyed girl with hatred. “Well, can’t do much now anyway…your presence here is making me sick.”

“Some things never change do they?” Tamiko said as she moved some hair away from her ear.

“Indeed Tamiko-san…indeed.” Yoshiro replied as he looked at the small argument.

“See Kaede? Isn’t replying easier then fighting?” Sasameki said as she, once again, placed her arm around Kaede.

“So you got chest implants? You were the smallest bust out of all of us…barely breaking the A-cup size.” Kaede smirked as she said this. That led to Sasameki pushing Kaede away, covering her chest.

“Y-Y-You noticed?”

“Well I WAS your number one customer…”

“Fuck you.” Sasameki sighed out, letting Kaede win this bout. “Well…your bust size is average.”

“Better average then none.”

“If you two are done talking about your tits, can we head somewhere to eat?” Megumi said as she shook her head.

“Yeah, yeah Thunder Tits. I would like a race though.” Sasameki replied in her normal fashion.

“T-Thunder Tits? Let me reiterate that my size barely exceeds Tsukiko’s!”

“When did I get dragged into this? Anyway, before this turns into a bust discussion, who did you want to race Sasameki?” Tsukiko interjected.

“How are your skills Kaede?” Sasameki looked at Kaede, who replied with a glare.

“Get in your Z, let us redo the Fairmiaden dance.” Kaede then said after a bit of silence.

“When did it come to this…anyway…5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!” Ayame shouted as she looked at the speeding Zs. The HS30 was behind a bit, due to the S30Z’s twin turbo engine compared to the HS30’s single turbo engine. The S30 continued to accelerate past the hairpin, Sasameki holding down the accelerator as she drifted. The HS30 though took the turn, almost lazily as the gap between them increased.

“Let’s see if your tactics have changed at all…” Kaede said as she took the next set of corners with the same lazy pace. This confused Sasameki as she continued past the corners and approached the first set of hairpins. Still pressing on the accelerator Sasameki pressed the brakes for a quick second and fish tailed the S30Z around the hairpin. Kaede sighed and merely drifted past the hairpins, at lower than average speeds to be exact.

“It takes two to dance Kaede…so why aren’t you doing anything?” Sasameki said as she approached the high speed sections, leaving Kaede well behind.

“Predictions?” Tsukiko said as she brought out cans of soda for everyone. “Just bought this recently, thought it would be a nice gesture.”

“Thanks Tsukiko.” Megumi replied, taking the can handed to her. “Kaede.”

“Kaede for sure, she’s the patient one after all.” Tamiko said as she opened the soda, unfortunately the soda sprayed everywhere. “Ack! Dammit!”

“It’s fine Tamiko…” Yoshiro said as he tapped the top of his soda. “What makes you sa-”

“Oh please nii-san you know why.” Ayame rudely interjected. “Kaede was undefeated in our days, her any ‘loss’ was a draw that happened because she was sleepy. Nee-san was a patient one, analyzing the enemy as she laid back and then comes from nowhere and finishes the race with at least, AT LEAST, a one second lead.”

“Wow Ayame…you really loved Kaede huh?” Tsukiko asked as she sipped her soda.

“Well, we did have A LOT of personal time together before we went our separate ways…” Ayame smirked at the…memories between the two.

“So…personal as in…?” Tsukiko was curious now.

“Let’s say that when mom and dad weren’t home…I head a bunch of moaning…” Yoshiro slowly said as he shook his head.


“Let’s say I was on the receiving end. And I enjoyed EVERY second of it.”

“Well…this just got awkward.” Megumi as she gulped down the rest of the soda, crushing the can afterwards.

The S30Z was well ahead of the HS30 at this moment, with about a six second lead ahead of Kaede.

“Enjoy your victory while it lasts, you still haven’t changed…” Kaede said as she sat upright and pressed the accelerator. Oddly enough, the HS30 was catching up to the S30Z which confused Sasameki.

“The hell? How did she catch up? I have the powerful engine dammit! And my tactic never fails!” Sasameki shouted as she started to lightly tap the brakes in order to drift into the first hairpin. This lead to the car taking the turns faster, but at the cost the S30Z moving away from it’s intended line.

“Fool.” Kaede said as she accelerated, taking advantage of the apex and the gutters. Soon the S30Z was only a mere half a car length ahead of the HS30.

“Dammit!” Sasameki cursed as she noticed the incoming HS30. At the last hairpin the HS30 managed to barely pass the S30Z though the inside, with the HS30 taking the victory. “DAMMIT!!”

“Let go of the damn accelerator Sasameki.” Kaede said as Sasameki exited her car. “Your accelerating with braking thus I can drift slash fishtail the car tactic doesn’t work on me.”

“Have you been practicing much?” Sasameki said as she moved closer to Kaede.

“Nope, muscle memory here…more or less.”

“Tch, muscle memory my ass. You must have practiced here.”

“They say that teaching someone else can reiterate if you know the material well or not.”

“Whatever…why aren’t you contacting me. For real this time.” Sasameki was really close to Kaede, which bothered Kaede.

“I told you, I didn’t want to associate myself with black market dealers.” Kaede responded as she moved away from the brown haired woman.

“Aw, you’re no fun. Didn’t think you’d lose that side of yourself that quickly.” Sasameki sighed.

“Well I had to change when I got pregnant you know. But then again…you were one of my best clients...” Kaede smirked as she looked to the sky. “You know…I think Iris Heart was a representation of my personality back then. You know…from that game, had a laugh when I saw my son play that game. Kinda wanted to see if my husband wanted to play that again.”

“Did he?”

“Nope, said it was too intense.”

Another side of Kaede revealed...and all I have to say is....ooohhh mmmyyy.

Kaede: Iris Heart? My oh for me
Hideki: Dear...please don't do that again.
Kaede: Aw...and I have ALL this STRESS to release dear...beside our children are grown up.

ANYWAY, next chapter could be considered as an take the next chapter as you will.

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Anyway, older ladies and Zs... Yay!~

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Chapter 34: Welcome Everyone

“So…why the heck did you call us here again? The pass is closed isn’t it?” Haruka asked as the Azure Wings were at the base of the pass.

“Well me and sis thought that…well…” Neon was somehow struggling to say what he needed to say, because this was a very simple question.

“Why the hell are you stalling brother? Anyway we decided that we should have some…group bonding time, I think that’s the word, by inviting you guys to our house.” Airis finished.

“Huh why…oh yeah, you two live at a hot springs right?” Haruko replied, while Haruka gave a small smile.

“Eh sure why not. Besides, that beats staying at home all day.” Hitoshi said, as Akemi shrugged.

“Why not? If you don’t mind if Mai comes along right?” Kiyoshi asked.

“It’s fine, not a problem.” Neon replied.

“Could let off some steam…eh I’ll shoot. Need a break from the tuning anyway.” Kayo said as she looked at her phone. “You don’t mind I need to text my clients real quick…”

“So it looks like everyone is a go yes?” Airis said as she went to her M3. Everyone else nodded. “Good, see you guys soon.”

“When is soon?” Shizuko asked.

“In two days, dear. Anyway see you guys then.” Neon said as he got into Airis’s M3.

“Trying to save gas you two?”

“Of course, besides sis rarely drives me around. So it’s a nice change of pace for once.”

Two days later…

“Thank you for having us over.” The Azure Wings, minus the Kurubasa twins, said in unison to Hideki and Kaede.

“My, my…those two have quite a number of friends.” Kaede mumbled to herself.

“Anyway we are glad to have you all over, come in.” Hideki said as the group took off their shoes.

“So…why are we at the family visitor side and not the main entrance again?” Mai asked as she looked around.

“We are pretty packed today since the weather is getting colder, and I didn’t want my workers to say no to possible guests.”

“I see, well where are Neon and Airis?”

“Inside their rooms, second door on the left is Airis’s room, third door is Neon’s. Anyway hope you enjoy your visit…there I go again with being formal.” Hideki chuckled at what he said.

“It’s ok, anyway…whose room you want to barge into first?” Kiyoshi asked as the parents went off to their work places.

“Well…you probably know where I’m going.” Shizuko replied with a light smile.

“Good idea! Neon’s room it is!” Haruka exclaimed as she walked to the blue haired boy’s room.

“Wha…WAIT!” Shizuko shouted as she rushed to Haruka’s side.

“What are they expecting anyway?” Toshiyuki asked as the rest of the group proceeded.

“Who knows…anyway let’s knock at leas-” Haruko started until her twin just opened the door. “Whoa! Hold on a sec-”

There they saw Neon sleeping comfortably on the floor, with Gundam Wing playing on the television. The group took this time to sneak inside the room and look around. Like his old room his walls were decorated with anime and video game posters as well as wall scrolls. But the number of items shown this time around was greater than before, thanks to his larger room. His desk was decorated with some figurines and his computer was there as well.

“So either he had some of this packed up or he’s bought more…” Shizuko mumbled to herself as she looked around. Then she saw her boyfriend sleeping and thought it was a nice time for a nap…

“Shizuko…you know we are still in the room right?” Kayo said as the group sweat dropped. Shizuko was lying down next to Neon and trying to get comfortable.

“Um…can you guys leave?” Shizuko slowly asked as she moved closer to Neon.

“Well as long as we don’t see anything weird when we come back…sure.” Haruko said the group slowly moved towards the exit, carefully looking at Shizuko.

“I’m not going to do anything nasty ok?! Geez…”

Next the group decided to go to Airis’s room, where Haruka decided to burst into again.

“HEYA AIRIS!” Haruka shouted. “WHERE YOU AT?”

“What the hell Haruka? What’s with the shouting…and what was with that incomplete sentence?” Akemi said as she looked around Airis’s room.

Unlike her old room, there was no peachy wallpaper but instead there was light blue wallpaper instead. The room was pretty empty, with the expectation of a few stuffed animals here and there as well as her desk and bed.

“Huh? Where is she?” Haruka said as she then noticed a small opening to the closet. That was where Airis was.

“No…that won’t do. I know I should wear home clothes but everyone’s coming over…maybe this one.” Airis said as she placed a white and blue striped shirt over her. “But maybe this one will do…” Then she put a plain yellow polo over her. “This one maybe too formal…but the material is breathable for what it is…”

“I would recommend the first choice.” Haruka said.

“Yeah…hey thanks Har…uka…KYAAA!” Airis then screamed at the source of the voice.

“Yo, still don’t know what to wear eh?”


“Well at least you aren’t nude or in your underwear.” Haruka casually said as the rest of the group looked at Airis’s flustered face.

“G-G-G-G-G-G-G-GET OUT!!!!!” Airis screamed as she pushed the group out of the room. “GIVE ME A FEW MINUTES OK!?”

“Who woulda guessed she was still dressing up?” Akemi said as the group waited for a few minutes.

“Well…with THAT out of the way…” Airis started as she opened her door, wearing the striped shirt. “Wait…where’s my brother?”

“Inside his room with Shizuko.” Toshiyuki replied.

“Ah…so that’s why a certain purple haired girl was missing…think they might be doing something?”

“I don’t know…and I don’t care. Where is our room?”

“Oh right, well we have multiple guest rooms for our ‘family’ side so you’ll be staying in there. Let me show you the way.” Thus the group followed the blue haired girl to the rooms. “Here we are. Anyway, I’ll wake those two up.”

“Nice, nice…” Haruko said as she looked around the first room where the girls would be sleeping at. It was a simple design and had a very homely feel to it.

“Could get used to this ya know?” Akemi said as she plopped herself onto the ground. “Oof, a bit hard on the landing.”

“That’s why you don’t go down head first…” Kayo mumbled as she opened a door. “Oh look, our yukatas. Let’s get changed.”

“Nice room indeed.” Hitoshi whispered to himself. The room was identical to the other room.

“This could be interesting…” Toshiyuki said as he set his stuff down.

“What do you mean by that?” Kiyoshi asked as he sat down.

“I dunno…felt bored and wanted to say it.”

“Oi, how long are you planning on napping?” Airis asked she shook Neon.

“Geez, I was starting to fall asleep too…” Shizuko yawned as she got up.

“Well we do have guests over and…why am I explaining this to you?” Airis groaned as she shook Neon harder.

“Ngh…five more minutes…” Neon said with a sleepy tone.

“Wake your ass up, Shizuko’s here.” At this Neon stretched and got up.

“Hey there Shizuko…” Neon greeted his girlfriend.

“Morning sleepy head.” Shizuko responded while shaking Neon’s hair.

“Geez…you are a bother to wake up…” Airis said as she left the two alone.

“Wanna take a nap?” Neon asked after Airis shut the door.

“Sure…I’m kinda tired anyway.” Shizuko smiled before Neon placed his arm around her and lightly pulled her down to the ground, inviting Shizuko into a nice little slumber.

Chapter 35: Let’s Talk, Shall We?

“Anyway, sorry for not being there to greet you guys.” Airis said as she gathered the Azure Wings into one room. “I mean, I didn’t expect my brother to sleep like that.”

“Nah, don’t fret it.” Kiyoshi said with a grin. “Stuff happens and well…this happened.”

“Well mom and dad said the hot springs will be free in fifteen minutes, so why don’t we all get changed and…talk or something.” Airis finally said before she got up and went to her room, but not before scanning the room.

“So it isn’t me right? Where’s Shizuko?” Mai asked as she looked around. Airis then groaned heavily.

“Freaking A brother…why the hell are you still sleeping?!” Airis exclaimed as she started to bolt into Neon’s room.

“WAIT!” Haruka shouted, somehow managing to tug on Airis’s shirt. “Let’s go in quietly, it’ll pass the time and we’ll see what those two are doing...and maybe make some funny shenanigans.”

“Hm, let’s go with it.” Haruko said as she got up.

“Intrested to see what Senpai is doing…” Toshiyuki said as he too got up.

“I’m gonna change…” Miyako lazily said as she got up and went to the closet.

“Same here.” Hitoshi said as he went back to his room.

“Ugh, fine c’mon you three.” Airis exhaled as the four of them went to the blue haired boy’s room. As soon as they reached it, Haruka slowly opened the door a bit. Inside Neon and Shizuko were sleeping next to each other, with Neon’s arm over Shizuko’s body and Shizuko’s arm placed next to Neon. The television still had Gundam Wing on, the noise emanating through the room.

“Perfect.” Haruka whispered as she had a small smirk on her face.

“Sis…please don’t do anyt-” Haruko tried to speak sense into her loli sister…but…

“So I’m thinking that we put Neon’s hand on Shizuko’s boob and have Shizuko’s hand placed relatively close to Neon’s…crotch. Then Airis will scream to wake them up, let hilarity, embarrassment, and shock come.” Haruka quickly said over Haruko.

“That’s…a bit mean Haruka. I think we should wake them up and get this over with.” Toshiyuki said as he shook his head, trying to erase Haruka’s little scheme.

“Oh hoho…Haruka…as much as my heart says to disregard your idea, let’s do it.” Airis smirked as she slowly opened the door more, enough for the two tricksters to slip in.

“Well…what do we do Haruko?” Toshiyuki said as he moved away from the door.

“Once they hit this state, we can’t do much.” Haruko sighed as she went to her room. “Let the chaos ensue…”

Once the two finished setting up their plan, Airis quickly went to her room and grabbed her cell phone…to take a picture of their ingenious plan. After snapping two photos, Haruka gave a smirk and a thumb up. Airis smiled and gave Haruka five seconds by her fingers before she would scream. 5…4…3…2…1…

“JEEZ BROTHER! WAKE UP ALREADY!” Airis screamed. This make Neon fiercely grab Shizuko’s boob while Shizuko raise her hand to Neon’s area. Both of their eyes shot open and it took them a few seconds to recognize where their hands were…

“AH!” “EK!” Neon and Shizuko screamed once they acknowledged where their hand were. They both shot up in surprise and created a bit of distance between themselves. Airis and Haruka were trying their best to hide their impending laughter.

“Look! I-I-I-I’m sorry! I did say my hands tend to travel whenever I sleep and it ended up there!” Neon quickly slurred as his face turned red.

“Ah! Um…my hand must’ve moved on its own!” Shizuko slurred with the same speed as Neon, her face somewhat more red then Neon’s.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” The two troublemakers couldn’t hold in their laughter as they busted into a laughing fit. Neon and Shizuko quickly looked at each other before they looked down at the floor.

“Enough you two…” Haruko said, who had changed into her yutaka during the set up. “Neon, Shizuko…those two were planning this when they saw you two sleeping. So if anything, beat them up not yourselves. With that said…lock the damn door.”

“Nee-san…” Neon grumbled as his rage slowly increased. Shizuko felt anger within herself to, wanting to punch the loli rather than Airis. Neon was going to deal with Airis anyway.

“Hahaha! I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” Airis said in between her laughter, she then held up the phone…with the picture of their plan before she woke them up. “It would be SO catastrophic if I posted this online!”

“You wouldn’t…!”

“HAHAHA! O-Of course I woul-” Airis started before Shizuko quickly got up and took the phone. “Hahaha, oh dammit!”

“I’m deleting this…” Shizuko said as she deleted the first pic before Haruka managed to grab the phone back.

“YOU’RE NEVER…GOING TO DELETE THE SECOND PIC!” Haruka exclaimed, in between her laughter.

“WHAT?!” Shizuko screamed as she chased the now running loli in Neon’s room. Neon then placed his leg out to trip the loli, thus as she fell the phone landed in Neon’s hand.

“And I’ll delete pic number two…” Neon said as he deleted said pic.

“D-D-Dammit Haruka! You weren’t…supposed to say that!” Airis finally said after most of her laughing subsided.

“S-Sorry Airis!” Haruka said as her laughter subsided into giggles.

“Give us one GOOD reason why we shouldn’t hurt you two!” Neon and Shizuko said, in unison, to the two troublemakers.

“This is a group bonding time, did you forget Neon? So we shouldn’t be killing one another for a simple joke. Besides…you two probably thought something dirty.” Haruko said, crossing her arms. Neon and Shizuko didn’t respond. “So…you were thinking something dirty?”

“N-No…” The couple said in unison.

“I know you both well enough to know that you WERE thinking something dirty.” Haruko replied with a smirk. “Well I’ll make sure to keep this a secret to us here, including the two troublemakers. With that said, let’s change already. We’re waiting on you four.”

“Well…that was embarrassing.” Neon said as he sunk himself into the hot springs.

“Could be worse.” Kiyoshi said as he casually sat down at the springs.

“Worse? Please elaborate.” Toshiyuki said, leaning a bit closer to Kiyoshi.

“It’s not like your girlfriend’s friends came in while she was blowing you.” Kiyoshi replied…rather casually.

“WHAT?!” Hitoshi screamed in surprise. Neon and Toshiyuki looked at each other weirdly.

“Wait…so you and Mai…” Neon said slowly, trying to make sure what he heard was true.

“Well we went further than that, of course not at THAT time. I say we’ve done it…four times during the time we were together.” Kiyoshi, again, replied casually. This made Neon fluster for some reason and submerged his entire head underwater.

“Wha…?” Toshiyuki said as he finally pieced everything together…not that he liked what he was putting together. “So…why isn’t she…you know.”

“Protection, pulling out, and birth control pills.”

“THE HELL MAN?! HOW ARE YOU SO CASUAL ABOUT THIS?!” Hitoshi screamed as he got away from Kiyoshi.

“Ain’t afraid to admit it, besides we decided to take a break this year.”

“THIS YEAR?!” Neon then screamed. “WH-WHAT?!”

“I think Senpai’s brain is failing…” Toshiyuki said as he looked at Neon’s submerged face.

“Wow they’re loud aren’t they?” Akemi said as she spread her arms out.

“Maybe something embarrassing was said.” Haruko said as she sank lower into the springs.

“C’mon Shizuko, get in already! And take your towel off!” Haruka yelled to the shy purple haired girl.

“R-R-Right…” Shizuko stuttered as she slowly approached the group. She couldn’t let everyone see her scars…more or less Kayo for some reason, but the steam was pretty difficult to see through.

“Jeez Airis…why is the steam so thick? Can’t see a damn thing.” Kayo said as she squinted her eyes. She could only see the faces of those in the hot spring.

“Sorry…the last group must have splashed a lot of hot water around…” Airis apologized.

“It’s not your fault then, so I won’t blame you. But damn…it’s steamy.”

“Hey there, sorry for being late.” Shizuko said as she managed to sneak into the springs.

“About time Thunder Tits.” Haruka said as she moved closer to Shizuko.

“T-Thunder Tits?! I don’t like these you know!” Shizuko screamed as Haruka touched her. “S-Stop that!”

“Still…HOW DID YOU GET THEM SO BIG?!” Airis shouted as she also touched Shizuko.

“S-S-STOP TOUCHING ME!” Shizuko then splashed water on the two and went towards Haruko.

“Well, with that out of the way…what are you expecting for the future?” Haruko sighed after the two calmed down.

“I don’t know about me…maybe a stay at home mother.” Shizuko said after she calmed down.

“Eh? Really?” Haruka replied in surprise. “Nothing special?”

“No, thinking of just getting the general education degree and help pay bills.”

“So…not a real stay at home mom?”

“Until the children grow up.”

“Well, I plan to become a pop idol!” Haruka explained as she stood up and posed.

“Uh huh, where are you connections?” Miyako said as she crossed her arms.

“Have one, just need to confirm when I end my days as a racer.”

“Really? Huh, anyway I hope to become a well know tuner. As famous as RE-Amemiya if I can.” Miyako said while looking at the sky.

“Well you are a great tuner Miyako.” Airis complimented.

“Thanks Airis, and you?”

“I’m going to be a model…but I need connections.” Airis then sank herself a bit, feeling a dream float by.

“Well I’m sure you’ll get your chance Airis.” Haruko said as she placed a hand on Airis. “You were the luckiest out of all of us.”

“Perhaps…you Haruko?”

“Me? Hm…I don’t know, somehow I got a call from a security agency. So maybe I’ll go to that. I’m still not sure.” Haruko replied as she closed her eyes in thought.

“Hah, interesting coming from you. But somehow it fits.” Mai said as she looked at Haruko.

“Thanks, what about you?”

“Thinking of being a GT300 driver.”

“Woah. Stop the conversation, you want to be a GT300 driver?” Haruka asked.

“Yeah…although it might make us move…”

“Us? You two are living together?” Shizuko asked next.

“Of course, we started living together not that long ago. It’s good experience for the future anyway.”

“I see…” Shizuko then looked down and sighed. “Is…is living together alright?”

“Its fine, you get to see a person’s real colors at that stage. But that’s just in my experience, I still feel like he’s a bit on edge though. Ah well…Akemi what about you?”

“Elementary school teacher.” Akemi replied almost instantaneously.

“Huh?! You…an elementary school teacher? I find that HIGHLY amusing.” Airis laughed.

“Oh shut up, future fap material.”

“Ok…when did this turn south again?” Shizuko sighed as she face…watered.

“Whatever, at least I’ll make changes in children while you are just going to be the envy of girl’s and…”

“If you can’t finish your statement then don’t say anything.” Airis smirked as Akemi trailed off.

“Fuck off.”

Chapter 36: Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne! (Take it easy)

“Well that was rather refreshing, even with the stupid amount of steam.” Kayo said as she drying her hair with a towel. The girls were wiping themselves dry after they exited the hot springs.

“I feel slightly responsible though, maybe because it’s my family’s springs.” Airis said as she threw on her yutaka.

“Don’t fret, heard that the last group was a bunch of middle schoolers.” Haruka replied through her towel, she was finished drying her hair and left the towel on her head. Haruko sighed and removed the towel. “Aw c’mon! I want to relax a bit.”

“Relax by sleeping, you have way too much energy for your age.” Haruko mumbled as she put on her undergarments. “Anyway, are we gonna eat the hot springs food or is your mother going to cook us something?”

“The latter, mom said not to pressure the staff by cooking more the usual.” Airis stretched as she replied. “Besides, mom’s cooking taste better then the food here.”

“I see…so what do you think the boy’s are doing?” Mai asked as she looked up.

“DAMMIT!” Kiyoshi screamed as he plopped himself onto the ground.

“Hehehe, you still suck as Pit man.” Neon said as he readjusted himself.

“Thought you sold your Wii?” Hitoshi asked as he managed to side smash Toshiyuki’s character.

“DAMN! It’s my Wii.” Toshiyuki said as he was on his last life. “I swear…I was better with Shiek.”

“Hehehe, Marth for the win suckers.” Neon replied as he smashed Hitoshi’s character, Mario, out of the screen.

“Well anyway…what’s in your future guys?” Kiyoshi asked as he got up. “For me…I dunno, maybe be an electrician of some sort…”

“That’s it? I might head back to the States and try my hand at racing.” Hitoshi replied as he set his controller down.

“State side? Right, American.” Neon said as he just finished up the match. “Heh, take that. But what racing are you going to do? Indy or NASCAR?”

“You know about NASCAR?”

“Dude, played Gran Turismo? It’s on there.”

“Right…duh. Possibly, but I have to look around first.”

“I see, well maybe I’ll become a GT300 racer.” Neon said as he switched the Wii off and changed to a random channel.

“GT300 eh? Mai said she wanted to become one as well.” Kiyoshi said. “Perhaps you two can team up?”

“I dunno, whatever happens. What about you Toshiyuki?”

“I honestly have no idea.” Toshiyuki sighed. “I think I’ll go my current route of being a scientist.”

“Whatever works for you man.”

“With that out of the way…what now?” Hitoshi sighed as he got up.

“Aw shit, I was supposed to help mother with the cooking. Gottaa go guys…don’t touch my computer.” Neon said as he headed straight to the kitchen.

“When someone says ‘do not touch’ the mind instantly goes, ‘ok, do touch’.” Kiyoshi grinned as he went to Neon’s computer, which was in standby mode. “Heh, looks like he trusts us huh?”

“Why are you doing this?” Toshiyuki sighed as he facepalmed.

“I guess one time won’t hurt…”

“Alright, first off…let’s see if he’s been doing anything bad…” Kiyoshi said as he opened Neon’s browser. “You know…for giggles.”

“I would have hacked his account truth be told.” Toshiyuki commented next. “That would give people confusion.” Hitoshi only shrugged and continued to look at the screen.

“What? Nothing bad huh?” Kiyoshi sighed in disappointment. “Kinda was hoping to see what Neon’s…”

“The reason for trailing off is…?” Toshiyuki asked after a bit of silence.

“I dunno, but I wanted to see what our leader…liked anyway. Curiosity killed the cat after all.”

“Well at least that was used correctly…more or less so I’ll let this pass.”

“Anyway…let’s hack his account.” Toshiyuki said with a smile.

“You…really want to hack the account huh? Well why not…he’s on a forum?”

“I heard of this forum before, although I don’t understand why people want subs so much. It is explicitly said that you don’t ask for subs…you get warned in doing so.”

“At least the anime is done with, ending was a bit better then the manga.” Toshiyuki said as he sat down. “So…where should we post?”

“What the fuck are you three doing?” A female voice asked, rather loudly at that. The three boys turned to the voice, it was none other than Airis. “You better not do anything wrong on his computer, he’s gonna kill you guys.”

“Nothing much, other than checking his history.” Kiyoshi responded as he minimized the browser. “Honestly there was nothing juicy there.”

“Oh? Really?” Airis asked with a hint of surprise. “Huh, well I’ll make sure this stays in here…got it?!” The boys nodded yes. “Good, well I think dinner’s done. C’mon time to eat boys.”

“Itadakimasu!” The Azure Wings said in unison as they ate their food.

“I made plenty of more, you guys can help yourselves.” Kaede said before heading back to her work place.

“Wow, this is actually not that bad!” Hitoshi said continued to stuff his face.

“If ya like it so much then enjoy the flavors dammit!” Akemi responded as she quickly put some rice in her mouth.

“Geez, cursing at the dinner table? Such manners Akemi.” Airis said in a mother-like tone. Akemi only scoffed as she stuffed her face with food.

“Heh, let’s try this. Say ‘Ah…’” Neon then held his chopsticks up.

“Ah…” Shizuko then opened her mouth and ate the food on Neon’s chopsticks. “Hehehe, that felt weird.”

“Really? Guess it’s different for everyone, you made a cute face.” At this Shizuko hid a faint blush.

“Those two really are inseparable huh?” Mai whispered to Kiyoshi.

“Can’t blame the two, they are each other’s opposites.” Kiyoshi responded back in a whisper.

“Really? Huh, when you put it like that…”

“What are you two talking about?” Toshiyuki asked the couple.

“About how those two,” Kiyoshi pointed at Neon and Shizuko, “are inseparable. I mean look at them.”

Neon and Shizuko were now feeding each other their food to each other. So Neon was feeding Shizuko his food while Shizuko fed Neon her food.

“Geez, see?” Mai said with a small chuckle.

“Oh my goodness Haruka stop eating so fast, you want to throw up later?” Airis said as she tried to pull Haruka’s hair back.

“OH MY GOSH SO GOOD.” Haruka said. Although it came out more like “OHM MY GOUSH SOH GEWD.”

“Table manners please. I don’t think Ms. Kurubasa would appreciate cleaning up your mess.” Haruko sighed as she continued to eat at a normal pace. “Slow down…”


“Gochisosama.” Neon said.

“Woah, done already?” Hitoshi asked.

“Yeah, didn’t have much on my plate anyway. Trying to cut back on eating a lot.” Neon said as Shizuko gave a quick smile to him.

“Are you sure brother?” Airis then asked with suspicion. “You eat A LOT and now you cut back? Something’s up…” She then pulled Neon’s shirt and dragged him to the hallway.

“Wow sis ok.” Neon sighed as Airis released his shirt. “Gonna cook up some tri-tip that father imported, or something like that, got his permission by the way, and cook up for the lady. Problem?”

“Well geez, wasn’t that easier to say?” Airis replied with a small smile.

“It’s a surprise you nutcase of a sister.”

“Oh…guess that would be bad to announce huh?” Neon then lightly planted his fist on Airis’s forehead. She then closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

“Gochisosama.” Everyone else said as they finished up their own food.

“Holy…did you all finish at the same time?” Airis replied as she entered back in the room.

“I guess…how the hell did this happen?” Haruko chuckled at this predicament.

“Well then, I guess everyone can clean up their own plates then yes? I mean, we are FRIENDS right?”

“Sure, ya fuckin’ fool.” Akemi scoffed as she got up with her plates.

“Bitch…um…Haruka?” Airis asked as she looked at the loli. Who seemed to have knocked out for some reason, her body slumped on the chair.

“I’ll take care of the fast eater’s plates.” Haruko sighed as she got up with her and Haruka’s plates.

“Well…let’s get cleaning everyone.”

“So room arrangements. Guys and girls right?” Neon said as they finished up cleaning the plates. The Azure Wings were sitting at the dinner table.

“Well…I would like to sleep in your room…if that’s ok.” Shizuko said with her hand raised.

“Keep all noises down, that’s all I’m asking.” Airis replied.

“WHAT?! No! I’m not going to do…that!” Shizuko replied with a heavy blush on her face.

“It’s ok dear. Don’t think like that everyone.” Neon sighed as he face palmed. “Besides, it’s too dangerous with everyone here anyway.”

“I wanna sleep in Airis’s room.” Haruka said next.

“You want to see my clothes huh? Fine.” Airis responded with a sigh.

“So that’s it right?” Neon asked as he got up. Shizuko got up as well.

“Yeah, I see no problem.” Kayo said as everyone nodded.

“Well then, with that out of the way…off to our rooms.” Neon commented as he took Shizuko.

“So…here we are in your room.” Shizuko said as she sat down on the ground.

“Yeah…we are.” Neon replied. Then silence came over the two of them, they weren’t sure what to do next. Neon wanted to watch some anime with Shizuko and do his original plan, but something intrigued him to do something else…freaking hormones!

Shizuko wanted to do nothing but snuggle next to Neon and do whatever he wanted. But…what if that something was more adult in nature? Would she be fine with that? And in theory…she would be fine with that. She wanted to be one wi-WHAT AM I THINKING?!

“Um…wanna watch something?” Neon asked Shizuko, breaking the silence. Shizuko nodded yes and turned her head to the television. He then turned it on and played the DVD, which was none other than Clannad.

“This huh? Sure, why not.” Shizuko said as she went to Neon and pulled him down to the ground, in which she then laid her head on Neon’s chest.

“Heh…well I guess this works…” So they watched Clannad and watched up till the fourth episode.

Chapter 37: Some Time Alone

“Hey…is there anything to eat? I’m a bit hungry…” Shizuko asked after the fourth episode.

“Yeah there is, how hungry are you?” Neon responded while petting Shizuko’s hair.

“Enough to eat another meal, didn’t want to be the one who nabbed seconds. Sorry for making you get something.”

“Heh, well I can make something if you want. Don’t worry, it won’t be that long.” Neon replied as he got up. Shizuko could only turn her head a bit as she could only wonder what Neon meant.

“Alright here it is…” Neon mumbled as he grabbed a cut of tri-tip. He then put a bit of salt and pepper on it before placing it on a pan. “Now the waiting game…”

“Wow, what are you making?” A female voice said, a bit too familiar to Neon since he could only roll his eyes. “I want that.”

“Not for you Haruka. It’s for me and the lady.”

“Aw c’mon! Not even a small cut? I like my meat a bit raw!” A small silence fell over the room. “GOD WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!”

“Shut up and grab some food ya damn loli.” Neon replied, groaning a bit before looking at the loli. For some reason, she didn’t move at all. “Um…is something up?”

“Do you love her? Regardless of what happened?” Haruka asked in a usually serious tone.

“Yeah…why the serious tone?” Neon shuffled a bit in uncertainty. He then flipped the tri-tip over, although he did it slowly.

“You know she has a twin personality right? Just letting you know.” Then Haruka simply left, as if the conversation never happened.

“What the hell was that about?” Neon could only shake his head in confusion. “Oh…it should be done by now. Let’s see…what is a good non-alcohol drink?”

“What…what the?” Shizuko started to greet, only to see Neon come in with some tri-tip and soda.

“Yo, anyway follow me for a bit.” The blue haired boy replied as Shizuko got up. He then opened the glass door leading to his patio where he set the food and drinks down. “Now to finish this view…”

“How did I miss this?!” The purple haired girl exclaimed as she looked out to the city. This was certainly a breathtaking view for her, mixing the city with the wonderful country views. “I mean…”

“Here we go…” Neon mumbled as he placed a small candle at the center of the table. “This should do the trick. Please, sit down.”

“I…I will.” Shizuko replied in a small bit of surprise. “This is…quite the romantic mood you have set up here.”

“Good, wanted to go for that mood. Anyway…here’s your half of the tri-tip…”

“T-Tri-tip? Where did you ge-”

“Father got some, but enough talking. Let’s eat alright?”

“Of course.”

“Man, I am SO jealous of you!” Haruka exclaimed as she walked into Airis’s closet after some small talk. “Having this big old thing!”

“It’s a closet, not a ‘thing’ you idiot.” Airis responded while rolling her eyes. “Get your terminology right.”

“Well excuse me lady! Trying for a bit of fun here!”

“Whatever loli.”

“So…about your future as a fashion model…it’s going to be hard you know. And without any connections you ain’t going to get off the ground.” Haruka said randomly, again with a more serious tone.

“More of your worries huh? You always get serious when you’re worried. Anyway I am trying to find connections but I couldn’t find any…so it might be the business route for me. I’m sure father would like that.” Airis sighed in defeat. Haruka could only hug the defeated girl.

“Aw don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find a connection soon. You were a lucky one if it mea-”

“AH! S-Stop!” A female voice cried out.

“What was that?” Haruka said as she looked to the sound of the noise.

“That would be coming from Neon’s room. What IS he doing?” Airis replied while looking at the wall.

“A-Ah! Oh my gosh! S-Stop it….hah.” The female voice said, while it continued onto a series of moans.

“Is you brother…doing Shizuko?” Haruka questioned as the two of them were stumped on what Neon could be doing.

“O-Or perhaps third base?” Airis answered meekly. Soon the noises were increasing in volume, going from moans to partial screaming. “I’m going to stop them.”

“WHAT?! You might be walking in on them…you know! If you’re going then I am too!” Haruka shouted, hoping that what she said would be loud enough for the two of them to hear.

“Fine…let’s go.”

So the two of them went to the front of Neon’s room and waited for a few seconds before the noises stopped.

“Think she’s you-know-what?” Haruka asked.

“Or maybe my brother’s done you-know-what.” Airis replied.”Alright…one, two, three!” And as they opened the door they saw the couple in question with Shizuko laying down, back up and Neon massaging her back.

“Ah! T-That’s too…!” Shizuko started as she tensed up.

“Jeez, I keep telling you that you need to calm down. You tense up way too much…” Neon sighed as he continued to massage Shizuko’s back.

“Oh…” Both Airis and Haruka said as they watched what happened.

“Um…hello?” Neon greeted while turning his head. “Can we help you two…?”

“Ha…ha…” Shizuko sighed as her face flushed red. “Just…to tell you…I have never…been massaged before…it…felt…”

“I see.” Airis quickly said, before returning to her room.

“Well…I’m gonna sleep now. Good night.” Haruka slurred quickly before heading back to the room.


Neon: SHUT UP!

Ah shut it, I was done anyway. So along with these two chapters I am adding the prefaces of the prequel and sequel. Depending on which one gets more...likes? Favorites? Interest...? I will make the next fic that one.

Prequel: Alpha Wings


Sequel: Generational Wings


Here we go...

Posted by: shadow55419 Jul 28 2014, 08:26 PM
Personally i'm all for continuing with the Generational Wings, but this is knowing what's on deck. i'll admit to being curious about Neon's racing past though, just not enough to pass up seeing what the kiddys do tongue.gif

Posted by: Rin Jul 29 2014, 08:22 AM
Very impressive update, mate. To be honest I find the recent chapters more entertaining to read, but Generational Wings and Alpha Wings are just as nice. =)

Posted by: Tuners123 Jul 30 2014, 05:23 AM
It's nice to read,and to be honest,the prequel and good,but, I more interested in the prequel,because,I'm curious about how Neon And Airis get their first car,their old life,when they racing in wangan,and why didn't they racing in wangan Anymore?

Posted by: OkamiWind Aug 3 2014, 01:08 AM
Unexpected update!

Chapter 38: Calm Before the Sun

Some time has passed since the Azure Wings went to the Kurubasa’s hot springs. The time for winter came and went, with the melting snow revealing the reopening to the Ushiroyama pass. With that said, there were mumblings of a future match between two teams…

“Hey I heard that the Azure Wings were going to go against the Red Suns…do you think that’s true?” A random member from another team said.

“How would I know?! But now that you say it…that would be epic to see!” Another person from the team said.

“Hey, how do you think it’ll turn out? You know, who would win?” A female member said.

“I would bet on the Azure Wings, no one is able to pass the first two ladies.” The first member said.

“Really? Cause I think the Red Suns will win. I heard the R33 driver managed to keep up the White Comet within half a second. HALF A SECOND!” The second member said.

“Wh-What? Really? Do you think the Phoenix and the Angel have a chance then?!”

“Aw, I still put my chips on the Azure Wings. Home field advantage as I put it, heard the Azure Wings’ leaders are the leader of Burning Wings and the leader of the Sapphire Novas. So the two leaders of the pass are back at it again.”

“R-Really? Where was this juicy bit of info? I also heard the two of them are DATING. Like boyfriend and girlfriend! Oh my gosh, gotta tell this to my friends.” The female member interjected.

“You mean the friends who don’t race?” The second member teased.

“Woah woah woah, let’s get back on topic here. I would love this to unfold…wouldn’t you?” The first member said, to get the conversation back on topic.

“Hate to break it to you two, but people are starting to think you two and the Red Suns are going to race.” Kayo said with a small bit of sarcasm. The Azure Wings were at the base of the pass, overlooking the races happening. This was one of the few cases where everyone was present.

“So…are you?” Haruka asked.

“I don’t know…we didn’t call them out, but it seems like they had called us out before.” Neon replied as he sighed.

“Huh? When was this?” Akemi asked in surprise.

“Back when we went to that bar. I was at the top and the two drivers came to me.”

“I can say I have seen one of them as well…” Shizuko added to the conversation. “It was back in my old Impreza, not the current one.”

“I see…welp, if I get wind of them requesting a challenge I’ll make sure to forward it to you tw-” Haruka started as she got an email. “Speak the devil’s name and he shall appear…”

“What the? Did you really just say that?!” Haruko exclaimed as she turned to the loli.

“Shut it. They JUST asked for a challenge.” At this, anyone within earshot of the Azure Wings suddenly went quiet.

“What?” Neon and Shizuko asked at the same time.

“They want a race within the next two weeks, when are you two free?” Haruka asked.

“Hm…in ten days.” Neon replied.

“That’s…oddly specific brother.” Airis questioned in confusion. “Why do you need ten days?”

“We need time to practice and finalize any tuning before we race. Plus we want them to have a fair chance. Give me the comp loli.”

“I have a NAME!” Haruka yelled as she thrust the laptop to Neon.

“Ten days huh? Guess you two are gonna be busy as hell.” Kiyoshi smirked as he turned to the race that just started. “You guys gonna make the pass private?”

“No, we’re gonna have practice at midnight. At that time we are going to need thirty minutes for practice. Can you do that Haruka?” Neon asked the loli as he finished the email.

“Sure, with an all call like this…and seeing the hype behind this race, I’m pretty sure people are willing to agree. Although expect a lot of people to be here.”

“Whatever. You ok with this Shizuko?” Neon asked his girlfriend.

“Sure…” Shizuko trailed off.

“Is there a problem?” Akemi asked the purple haired girl.

“I…I thought I saw someone I knew.”

“Is it someone bad?”


“Don’t freak out over it unless said person comes over to us.” Hitoshi sighed as he looked around. “Yo, looks like the news is quickly spreading to everyone here. Look.”

The Azure Wings then looked around, noticing the few members who overheard the conversation starting to spread the news of the upcoming battle.

“I hate how word spreads around so quickly.” Haruko said as she could only shake their heads. “I’m gonna head home, screw all this drama and all that.”

“Very well then we’ll see you arou-” Neon started, only to get interrupted by a random member of another team.

“I-If you guys want to practice now, our team will let you go now!” The member said, with obvious excitement. Neon could only sweat drop at this.

“Er…well Shizuko, are you ready?” He asked the equally confused girl.

“But what would we practice?” Shizuko asked.

“Do you feel comfortable with the current tuning?”

“Not really…”

“Then we need to practice. Kayo, would you mind going along with Shizuko for a while? I’ll need some more power out of the engine for the battle.”

“N-Now?!” Kayo asked in a bit of anger. “So you’ve been telling me that you were racing s-”

“Sub-level? Yeah I was, there is so much I could do with an engine that can pull a bare 290 horses. I know you can raise it more than that.” Neon replied with a serious tone.

“W-Well I can. Geez, you always talk smart when it comes to serious challenges.” Kayo sighed heavily. “Fine, after I manage to nab some data from Shizuko then I’ll finish up the last bit of tuning.”

“Very well then I’ll see you at the garage.” At this Neon got into the 86 GT and went off.

“Geez, such a serious person when a challenge arises…” Airis sighed as she shook her head. “Shizuko, everyone’s waiting for you…”


“Alright, just pull the car in more…” Kayo said as Neon drove the car into the garage. “There. Stop. So what upgrades do you want to have installed? I would recommend a turbo, you drove a R34.”

“I’m gonna say no to that.” Neon replied.

“Eh? Another side of you I…never mind. You’ve always, ALWAYS drove turbo cars, now you want to drive an NA only?”

“It…seems more natural for me I guess. I guess the push that turbo gave blinded me from precision tactics.”

“Like the gutter run isn’t precise enough? Jeez man, you sure you want to only max out the engine? I swear a turbo would add a nice 100 horses. Be good for the uphill.”

“I said the race was a ‘true competition’.” At this Kayo gave Neon a confused glance.

“That competition? Sheesh, you really want to even the playing field eh? Guess that’s why you need ten days.”

“Of course, although I do wonder if that was a good idea. I mean it IS the Red Suns.”

“Even the greatest fall.” Kayo said as she proceeded to stretch. “Alright, meet me back here tomorrow. Gonna see if you like what I do.”


Kayo: N-No one expects the...Spanish Inquisition.
Neon: What the hell are you three doing?
Kayo: N-Nothing special.
Shizuko: Tsundere Kayo?
Kayo: Screw THIS!

Oh my...

Posted by: Rin Aug 3 2014, 01:19 AM
Impressive update.

Can't wait to see how the race is gonna unfold

Posted by: Tuners123 Aug 5 2014, 08:49 AM
Why Neon didn't want Supercharger? It's very compatible with GT86,and even though,he want to level the playing field,I really think,that he should need Supercharger,for a bit more punch from mid range rev

Posted by: shadow55419 Aug 5 2014, 12:15 PM
QUOTE (Tuners123 @ 3 hours, 25 minutes ago)
Why Neon didn't want Supercharger?

wrong charger there buddy tongue.gif

Can't wait to see what happens with the RedSuns Okami

Posted by: OkamiWind Aug 7 2014, 01:44 PM
Damn you Rin, you and your fic inspired this chapter!

Chapter 39: Voices of the Past

A week has passed since the Azure Wings agreed to the Red Suns challenge. During that week the prime time to go to the pass was at midnight, where the Angel and the Phoenix practiced for fifteen minutes each. In that thirty minute timeslot many people were simply watching the runs each member did. There were so many people in fact that there were only a few good viewing places left even if you came thirty minutes before the runs. Needless to say Neon and Shizuko were trying their best to ignore the spectators.

“Ugh…” Neon sighed as he finished his run.

“Crowd getting to you?” Haruka asked as she looked around.

“More or less, but I probably need to get used to this anyway.”

“Yup, expect the pass to be PACKED with both locals and people from Akagi.” Haruka sighed as Shizuko entered her car.

“Ready Shizuko? You’re up.” Kayo asked as she went into the car.

“Yeah…up we go.” So the STi’s engine started up and proceeded to get ready for her runs.

“Still…it bothers me what Shizuko said a week ago…” Neon exhaled as he leaned on his car.

“You mean about the ‘person’ she knew?” Haruko asked as she joined Neon.

“Yeah…is it someone who I should be worried about?”

“No.” Haruko replied with in a define tone.


“The ‘person’ she saw? It was her father, let me just say that those two aren’t on good terms.”

“Hm…I see.” Neon replied as he heard the tires of the STi squeal on the pass. “So…why is he back?”

“My sources tell me that a lot of older people are back at the pass to, ex-street racers and whatnot. For what reason though…I don’t know. Oh and before you ask, your mother is appearing more often than not. Of the old racers she’s the one who is appearing the least. Although…”

“Although what?!” Airis, off all people, interjected.

“There’s seems to be some…loose ends that need closing. Based on my sources at least.”

“Who are your sources anyway?” Neon asked.

“Yeah…” Airis entered in.

“Airis, you know about my potential future job? Well let’s say that as an initiate I have sources.”

“W-What are you…” Neon tried to get out, shocked about what Haruko said. “Y-You mean…”

“Sorry Neon. I’ll be going.” Haruko replied as she entered her 458.

“Never thought she’d go through with that…”

“You knew?!” Haruka asked.

“Yeah…in fact she talked about being part in a security group, she talked with me about this when we were dating.”

“I see…well anyway, looks like the first run is done.” And just as she finished, Kayo stormed out of the car with her head down.

“Is someth-” Toshiyuki started only to see Kayo’s face….beaming?

“From that one run I found a way to cut down at least five seconds from her run!” Kayo exclaimed as she wrote down some stuff.

“Um…what?” Haruka asked in complete confusion. “Five seconds? Are a tuning goddess or something?”

“OF COURSE! AND THIS WILL PROVE IT!” Kayo screamed in happiness as she finished her report. “Now for the uphill…oh and Neon? Are you sure you don’t want a turbo, hell even a supercharger?”

“Nope.” Neon replied.

“FINE.” Kayo sighed dramatically as she went back into the STi.

“Now for the uphill.”

So Shizuko finished her run uphill and the fifteen minutes passed by quickly. At the end of the run many people left and the pass was pretty vacant, with the exception of a few racers.

“So…that’ll do it right?” Kayo asked as she exited the STi.

“Yes, that’ll do it.” Shizuko responded. “Gonna swing by your place tomorrow.”

“Alright, catch you around.”

Shizuko just sat there as Kayo and eventually the rest of the Azure Wings left the pass. That included Neon, who simply gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“What is father doing here…” Shizuko mumbled as she took up a spot not too far away from a black Lexus LFA, but was still inside her car with the light off. Out came a man who had jet black hair that swept over his left eye. “Dad…what are y-”

Her answer came in a collection of cars. There was a yellow RX-7 Spirit Type A, an silver Amuse S2000, a white Celica ST203 hardtop, a blue Fairlady 240Z, and finally a black Lotus Elise 111S.

“That…is an interesting collection of cars…” Shizuko mumbled to herself as she saw the cars. Out came some people Shizuko didn’t know. A pink haried woman who had her eyes closed, a yellow haired woman, and a dark violet haired woman. Then came out people she knew, Kaede and Hideki. “Wh-what the…”

“Dammit you…” Kaede scorned as she looked at the jet blacked haired guy. “The fuck you call us here for?” No response…only a smirk.

“Now hold it dear…Mr. Furusawa here is jackass so he doesn’t need any questions.” Hideki said as he placed a hand on Kaede.

“It’s like he’s trying to get me mad…I still can’t forgive you for taking my children hostage you fucking ass-”

“Hold it Kaede.” Tsukiko interrupted. “There’s no point in escalating this further.”

“Well…why did you get your team here honey?” The jet black haired man smirked. Kaede’s face only had anger as she heard this.

“Who gave you the permission to call me THAT?!” Kaede screamed as she was being restrained by Tamiko and Megumi. “I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU! YOU GOD DAMN RAPIST!”

“Woah there!” Megumi said as she struggled to hold Kaede back. “No need to bring up past memories…! Jeez is my body failing already?!”

“Oh no need to deny that Megumi-san. Besides, we…” The man said as he grinned and copped a feel on Megumi.

“Tch! Get off me you rapist!” Megumi then threw the man off her and almost restrained him, until Hideki held her hand.

“Enough. I am here to settle a score…” Hideki firmly said as he looked at the man. “I won’t forgive you for raping my wife and her friends back in high school.”

“Hmph, is losing Hiromi too much for you?” The man responded.

“Tch…I still can’t forgive you for making her follow you like a brainwashed slave! But that’s in the past…we need to settle this. NOW!”


“When I win, you will leave this city for good. If you win, I’ll let you take the position I’m in…you greedy fuck.”


Shizuko then took this time to start her car and leave the area. As she entered her house she could only lie in her bed and think about what she heard.

“My father…a rapist? So…is that why my family is like that?”

Of course. Why do you think I am here?

Shizuko felt her body tense as that…voice came back.


Shizuko: N-No...
Neon: Did you hear something?


Shizuko: I-I think...
Harko: to Shizuko....

Stupid voice.

Posted by: Rin Aug 7 2014, 11:57 PM
Lol, I am not sure which part of me or my story inspired you this chapter, but I am flattered.

Anyway...very dark story-telling about your dysfunctional marriage relationships... :/

All in all, a very good read again, hope you also have read my latest chapter. Can't wait to hear your feedback on that one, Okami (In PM of course. xD)

Posted by: OkamiWind Aug 8 2014, 12:03 AM
QUOTE (Rin @ 5 minutes, 51 seconds ago)
Lol, I am not sure which part of me or my story inspired you this chapter, but I am flattered.

Anyway...very dark story-telling about your dysfunctional marriage relationships... :/

All in all, a very good read again, hope you also have read my latest chapter. Can't wait to hear your feedback on that one, Okami (In PM of course. xD)

By a part I meant if I didn't read your latest chapter I wouldn't have wrote this. Sorry, should be more specific.

Posted by: Rin Aug 8 2014, 12:07 AM
haha. xD

Alright then. Thanks a bunch as always for the support. I too will continue reading this till the end. (If there's an END for this story. tongue.gif)

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Screw you shadow, you made me write this one. pinch2.gif

Chapter 40: Shadows of the Past

“N-No…” Shizuko mumbled as she heard that…voice.

What did you forget about me? I’m hurt…

“Sh-SHUT UP!” Shizuko screamed as she grabbed her head. She went to the bathroom in order to wash up, in order to rid the voice.

That ain’t gonna work you know…besides your mother did this after all the times dad beat you…

“SHUT UP!” Shizuko shrieked as she ran out of the bathroom and sat down on the floor. Her eyes quickly averted to a box. “I…I didn’t unpack that box? Why? Oh well…maybe some work would do me good.”

So Shizuko started to slowly unpack the box, nothing more than some clothes, some miscellaneous things…and a letter?

Dear Shizuko…

I…I am so sorry. I wish I was a mother that supported you, not trouble you. What I packed…I hope it doesn’t give you any bad memories…my daughter.

“Mom?” Shizuko said as she looked at the decently sized box the letter was attached to. For some reason she was reluctant to open it, but her curiosity got the better of her and opened it. The content inside revealed her favorite plush as a child. A small light purple fluffy seal. Shizuko’s eyes could only stare at the toy in question. For some reason…she started to cry.

Ah…I knew this would happen. You always clutched onto that thing like it was your saving grace. Shame it was nearly burned eh?

Shizuko slowly crawled to her bed and cried herself to sleep…only to quickly reawaken on an island in a middle of a lake. The sky was a bright blue too. For some reason she was wearing a white dress rather than her pajamas.

“Am…I dreaming?” Shizuko questioned as she looked around. “This is too realistic…”

Oh but of course it is. A voice bellowed through the area, with the clear blue sky being invaded by a red mist.

“W-What…how…” Shizuko started as she stared at the direction of the mist. There stood Shizuko…but she was different. Her eyes were yellow and were holding the same light purple seal she found not too long ago. Plus her hair looked menacing, thanks to the mess of tangles and knots to it. And her clothes…

Familiar? Of course…the first shirt you got from your friend. Oh and I’m wearing the same skirt you wore with this shirt. Dark Shizuko said while slowly approaching her.

The shirt was nothing more than a blue polo with a few purple stripes across it and the skirt was a simple blue knee length skirt. But they were torn. Ripped from her father…

“W-What do you want? And don’t you dare bring her up…” Shizuko could only muster as her dark self came closer to her.

Oh, all I want is to be REMEMBERED! Dark Shizuko said as she pushed Shizuko down, the sky now turning all red. Yeah I slept for a little while, but now I’m back…and you thought you got rid of me. I remember when you first raced…right?

Shizuko nodded. She first started racing on the highway, just to get away from her parent’s. Little did she know at the time something brewed in her…a need for destruction.

“NO!” Shizuko screamed as her dark self sat down next to her. Dark Shizuko then forced Shizuko’s head to look at her. The yellow eyes were menacing…but also held a touch of sadness.

Your first opponent…it was an AE86 right? Hachi-roku was it? Had a turbo I think…remember getting a bit…ROUGH with it?

“YOU MADE ME DO IT!” Shizuko screamed as she slapped away the hand. “I WAS ONLY LOOKING TO ESCAPE FROM…THEM!”

Ah I know I know. But that didn’t help when you were younger right? And suppressed all that emotion…like when your father beat you in a drunken stupor and your mother simply WATCHED. Dark Shizuko then kicked Shizuko. WORTHESS BITCH. As I would call her. Didn’t you think so as well?

Shizuko could only try and say something…but nothing came out. She tried to like her mother, she tried to make her mother love her…but nothing happened. If anything she grew distant.

Moving…I remember how your mother actually had a REAL conversation about that topic. How Aunt Nao wanted it to happen, how ‘mother’ cried for you to not go. Ah…such music to my ears.

“Stop…” Shizuko whimpered as she curled into a fetal position. “No more…what do you want?”

Just one final REALESE is all. You’re facing that R33 bitch again right? A small nudge is all…

“But you’ll come back later won’t you? You’ll hurt more than her…I have to stop you…”

How? You can’t just claim to have a multiple personality disorder, Kayo knows this. You simply can’t ‘stop’ me. I’m the other you…a side you hid for a very long time. OH! I know…


What if NEON saw this side?

“DON’T DRAG HIM INTO THIS!” Shizuko shouted as she surprisingly stood up and slapped Dark Shizuko across the face. “HE’S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.”

Ouch, that hurt. But he is going to see this side right? Ain’t no one going to understand this side.

“Maybe…maybe not. But he’s a good man, and I know he’ll do something about you.”

Perhaps…but tell me…the past can’t be forgotten and you know that right? Can you tell Neon about your past? Hm?

“I will…”

Oh? So… Dark Shizuko started…until she grabbed Shizuko’s head and slammed it into the lake. Can your ‘good man’ save you now? Huh? Can he accept the fact that you killed people before? HUH? Can HE accept me? HUH? HUH?! ANSWER ME!

“AH!” Shizuko woke up, covered in sweat. “A dream…I almost drowned. Still, that…side had some points…will he accept me?”

Dammit, that went well.

“He loves me you know…maybe he knows pain too…”

Like hell. Whatever, I’m tired.

Shizuko sat there for a while…no voice.

“Holy hell Shizuko, you look like utter SHIT.” Haruka said as she looked at Shizuko later at night. “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?”

“M-Maybe.” Shizuko responded while rubbing her eyes. “I also had a nightmare…”

“Was it something bad?” Neon asked. As he tried to touch her, Shizuko swatted away Neon’s hand. “Um…”

“I’m sorry…it pertains to you actually…” Shizuko replied, a bit troubled on what her hand did.

He doesn’t trust you.

“I see…maybe we should push the race back a day? You do need some rest by the looks of things…” Neon said as he looked at Shizuko with worry.

Can he accept you now?

“N-No! I’ll…I’ll be fine. But I do want to go first, and get home as soon as possible.” Shizuko replied with a hint of fatigue.

Look at him…he’s giving you a worried look. Or is it resentment hidden well?

“If you insist. Up in ten Shizuko.” Kayo said.

Can you trust him? Can HE trust you? Can he understand me?

Bit short me thinks, but remember her?


Shizuko: Shut up...
Hauka: I think she's hearing stuff...


Shizuko: Wh-What?


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Lol, what a dark chapter...while on the other hand...

Your ending...

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Chapter 41: The Voice of a Racer

“Today’s the day…why do I feel nervous?” Haruka mumbled as the Azure Wings were at the bottom of the Ushiroyama pass. Today was the day, the Azure Wings versus the Red Suns. Needless to say there were many, many people there.

“The crowd is enormous.” Airis said as she looked around.

Usually the Azure Wings had their own little area that no one dared to cross, unless they wanted to challenge them. But today the Azure Wings were quite close to other groups, leaving enough space for the Red Suns to come up.

“Of course, it’s the big day isn’t it?” Akemi replied but for some reason it had a hint of fatigue, something Airis caught on.

“Something wrong? You sound out of it.”

“Hahaha…well I guess I’m a bit out of it.”

“Nevertheless…” Airis started before the entire area got quiet. At that moment everyone knew the Red Suns have arrived.

“Here we go…” Kayo said as a white Nissan Skyline R33 and a black Nissan 370Z came up to the Azure Wings. “Well you two…”

“Right.” Neon said as he lightly pulled Shizuko, who looked a bit off today.

“Hello there.” The R33 driver greeted the Phoenix and the Angel. “It sure has been a while hasn’t it?”

“Indeed it has, Miss Katsuko.” Neon greeted back.

“Hmph.” The 370Z grunted as he crossed his arms. Shizuko was nevertheless intimidated by the driver.

“Geez Tokoji, lighten up!” Katsuko exclaimed as she pulled Tokoji’s shirt. “You’re scaring her.”

“That’s the point…OW!” Tokoji started until the pull became a pinch. “OK OK!”

“Um…” Shizuko started as she turned her head. “S-So are we starting this or…?”

“Right…” Katsuko said as she stopped pinching Tokoji. “So what is this ‘True Competition’ race you talked about?”

“Allow me.” Kayo voiced in. “In the pass the ‘True Competition’ was something that the specific to Ushiroyama pass. Basically it determined who would ‘own’ the pass, so to speak. Perhaps this is why I saw a couple of old people…never mind what I said. This has never happened for a long time and’s kinda exciting. Dangit Kayo you’re explaining something…”

“Wow Kayo, rrreeeaaaallll professional.” Haruka said as she rolled her eyes.

“Nevertheless!” Kayo interrupted as she cleared her throat. “The races are simple, it’s a two stage race. A master of one way is no good at all. The leaders decide who runs the uphill downhill race and the other way. Once that’s settled the race starts, whoever crossed the line wins. The winners are the one who wins both races, no one wins if it ends up with a win and a loss. Whew…that was a lot.”

“That was the longest explanation I ever heard you give that is not about cars.” Kiyoshi said as she gasped for air. Only to have Kayo hit him on the head. “OW! What the heck?”

“Well that aside…you two have been practicing here yes?” Neon asked the Red Suns.

“Of course, we wouldn’t have issued a challenge if we’ve haven’t been.” Katsuko replied with a smile.

“Now…who will go which way?”

“I’m going uphill.” Tokoji replied bluntly, leaving Katsuko sighing heavily.

“And I’ll go downhill.” Katsuko said next, suppressing the urge to hit Tokoji.

“Very well then, Tokoji is facing me and Katsuko…you’re facing Shizuko.” Neon said as Shizuko looked at Katsuko.

“I think we’ll go first, ladies first as they say.” Katsuko said as she went to her white R33.

“Shizuko…” Neon mumbled as he couldn’t help but wondered why she swatted his hand away. “Please tell me…that side I briefly saw when the accident happened...tell me it isn’t…”

“You sure changed when I last saw you.” Katsuko said as the two ladies reached the start line at the top. “You seem a bit happier.”

“R-Really?” Shizuko asked.

“Of course. You do seem a bit happier. I just like to believe that you were having a bad day.”

“I…I see.”

“Oh, are you two dating? You know that blue haired boy.”

“Yeah we are.” Shizuko replied with a brief smile.

“I see…well let’s not keep the people waiting.” Katsuko replied as she entered in her R33.

“Please…don’t come out…” Shizuko whispered as she started her STi.

Who knows? I may or may not…perhaps I’ll give you a nice BUMP in your performance.

“Let’s not keep the people waiting any longer!” Kiyoshi, who volunteered to start the race. “Here we go. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…GO!”

At the sound of go the two four wheel drive cars accelerated off the line. The R33 was slightly ahead of the STi as the two cars passed the first corner. Approaching the first hairpin the STi was quick to take the outside line in order to cut the line of the R33. Shizuko succeeded in doing this, as the STi managed to get very close to the R33 as it approached the corner. The STi gave Katsuko a few choices, either brake a bit in order to avoid an accident or try to turn the car away from the line or try to accelerate and hope the R33 could pass the line before the STi gave the tap. Katsuko clicked her tongue as she braked, giving the STi the gap it needed to overtake the R33.

“What the?!” A voice came over the radio that was at the bottom of the pass. “The R33 slowed down a bit and now the Angel is ahead! Why did she do that?”

“Shizuko’s taking a much more aggressive approach…” Kayo mumbled as she looked at the pass.

“That was aggressive…” Katsuko said as she turned into the next hairpin.
The R33 was now about where the STi was at the start of the race. At the third hairpin the STi took the outside line, which Katsuko decided to attack and overtake the STi. Little did she know Katsuko fell right into Shizuko’s trap. Shizuko could only smile as she braked and managed to touch the gutter just as the R33 was about to enter the hairpin. This made Katsuko gasp as she braked hard, widening the gap between the two cars.

“Looks like the Red Suns aren’t as tough as we thought.” The voice over the radio said. “The R33 fell for the Angel’s trick. Looks like this is one is in the bag.”

“But how much space will Shizuko have when the uphill starts?” Haruka said as she looked to the sky.

As the two cars passed the high speed portion of the course, the STi’s speed was pulling away from the R33, who was entering the high speed at a much lower speed. Entering into the next set of hairpins the STi took the racing line, having left the R33 well behind. The STi at this point was about three and a half seconds ahead of the R33. However the R33 was a bit more powerful then Shizuko had anticipated, because after finishing the second hairpin she heard the tires of the R33.

“H-How powerful is that R33? Is that even safe for these roads?” Shizuko asked as she wondered how the heck the R33 managed to catch up.

Shaking her head she focused on the race at hand. After finishing the hairpins the STi was about two seconds ahead. Shizuko was still surprised how the R33 managed to catch up so quickly. Maneuvering quickly in between the turns before the final hairpin the STi managed to get by in a quicker time than she usually would. The STi then took the final hairpin before pushing the STi through the final straight. At the sight of the STi the Ushiroyama people were cheering that the Angel was ahead.

“Well now, didn’t think that Shizuko would do THIS good.” Haruko admitted. “I’m kinda surprised really.”

“Same, but how will she fare uphill?” Akemi asked.

“Alright.” Kayo said as the STi managed to turn around for the uphill run. “It’s alright, she can do ok…but she is miles away from you Neon. It’s maybe in line with Haruko’s level.”

“Is that so eh?” Neon said as he noticed that the R33 managed to get to the straight. “So how is she going to handle uphill?”

Shizuko wasn’t doing well. After the hairpin she had some trouble putting power uphill. The turns weren’t as fast as Shizuko expected. And the R33 was slowly catching up to the STi.

Boo, let me do this part.

“What?” Shizuko stated as she approached the turn before the hairpins. “But she’s isn’t in fr-”

Who cares? The uphill runs weren’t that good I’d say, I’d know how to improve them.

“Why are you helping me?”

I’m still a part of you. And this part is a fighter.

“Are you su-” At this Shizuko felt that she was violently thrust out of her body, leaving the STi to swerve around for a bit before regaining composure. “Trust me.”

“What the?” The voice said from the radio. “The Angel must have had a moment or something, the STi swerved for a bit…”

“Shizuko…” Neon could only say as he heard this.

At this point the R33 was only a second behind the STi. Approaching the first hairpin the STi did something weird, taking the gutter. Katsuko noticed that technique and simply sighed, she’d seen this technique before, nothing new. The R33’s engine seemed to have more power than the STi, as the R33 slowly caught up with the STi.

“God dammit, the hell is with this STi?” ‘Shizuko’ yelled. “Thought Kayo pulled more power out of it! Swore she said around 50 more…feels like 20 more!”

At the final hairpin the STi was taking a straight line, which Katsuko didn’t follow as the R33 swerved a bit before entering the high speed section. With the STi having less power, Shizuko had to try and block the R33; which she was doing magnificently. It was as if the STi’s movements were an exact copy of the R33’s, keeping Katsuko from unleashing the engine fully. And when they reached the second set of hairpins, Shizuko feinted the attack from earlier.

“I’m not falling for that again.” Katsuko said as she didn’t go for the attack but kept right behind her. Then the STi took the middle line little did she know…

“Good.” Shizuko grinned as at the next hairpin she pressed the brake pedal hard and turned the STi into a hard drift, the body of the STi facing the R33. And the R33 was coming in fast.

“WHAT THE!” Katsuko screamed as she didn’t know what to do next. Out of human instinct she braked hard and swerved the same way the STi did.

“Heh.” Shizuko chuckled as the STi regained control and finished the run.

“Holy hell the Angel did it!” A person nearby exclaimed. “How the heck did she make the STi move like that?”

“Heheh, see what I can do?”

Yes…I guess I should thank you for this.

“I’m tired now, night.”

Can you see the end? I can, this fic will finish soon enough...

Shizuko: Then the next to speak will take over?
Seeing how more people want it...yes.
Neon: I see...

Still time to input which one you guys want.

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The result of waiting 6 FREAKING HOURS for my next class, enjoy.

Chapter 42: The Phoenix Over the Sun

“So it looks like Shizuko won.” Haruko said as the crowd started cheering upon hearing the results.

“Hmph.” Tokoji exhaled as he approached Neon, silencing the crowd around him.

“Looks like it’s time then.” Neon replied. “But I think we should have the ladies return first…courtesy I think the word is.”


So the crowd started to speculate on who would win this run. Obviously those native to Akagi said the new Red Suns would win and such was the same to those native to Ushiroyama. After some time the STi and the R33 were at the bottom of the pass, meeting back with everyone else.

“Gotta hand it to you Shizuko, you did great.” Kiyoshi said as Shizuko exited her car.

“Hahaha…” Shizuko lightly laughed as she approached the Azure Wings.

“Still…never would I think that anyone would do anything like what you did.” Katsuko said as she exited the R33, complementing the high end stunt the Shizuko did.

“W-Well…it kinda scared me too, but I needed to do something.” Shizuko replied with a faint chuckle.

“Well nevertheless…alright boys, you’re up.” Kayo said as she went over to the start line.

“May the best racer win.” Neon said, in order to lighten up Tokoji’s mood…only to have him respond in a rough grunt. “Geez…you’re worse than some people I used to know.”

“ALRIGHT PEOPLE LET’S DO THIS.” Kayo shouted over the sounds of the hyped up crowd. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…GO!”

At the end of the countdown the two rear wheel drive cars accelerated off the line, with a small hint of wheel spin. After the first hairpin the 86 GT was ahead of the 370Z, but only by a small margin. Even through the numerous turns the 370Z was right on the 86 GT. Much to Neon’s amusement, the 370Z was following his line very well. Approaching the first set of hairpins Neon decided not use the gutter, even though he could probably make some distance from Tokoji if he did. As such the 370Z was following the line of the 86 GT very smoothly, which was making Neon very nervous.

At the high speed section Neon slammed his foot down hard on the accelerator and pushed the 86 GT to its limit, having been pressured for a bit too much. Tokoji did the same, but probably not as much since he wasn’t planning on overtaking Neon at the high speed. It was at the hairpin in which he would overtake. At the second set of hairpins Neon decided to use the gutter in order to relieve a bit of the pressure.

“What? He’s taking the gutter?” Tokoji said as he looked at the slightly lowered 86 GT as it took the gutter.

Thanks to the gutter the 86 GT was slowly pulling away from the 370Z, albeit a bit slowly. Seeing the slight improvement Neon decided to use the gutters, in which Tokoji wasn’t keen of using at the moment. The 86 GT was about half a second ahead of the 370Z, which gave Neon some time to relax through the final few turns as he positioned himself at the left of the cone. At the turnaround point there was a small cone there and Neon decided to take the turn quickly, by quickly drifting near the cone. But Tokoji was thinking the same thing, having passed the turns and positioned himself to the right of the cone and he was pressing the accelerator hard.

“What the?” A voice from the radio said. “They’re going to take the turnaround opposite of each other? They’re gonna crash!”

However Neon anticipated this possibility and braked hard, turning the 86 GT into a drift and managing to get his line. But Tokoji was not so fortunate, just as he started to drift the 86 GT was already at his line. He had no choice but go for the outside line, a car length away from the car. As he did his drift the 370Z was barely missing the 86 GT, who was at the apex of the drift.

“Holy…” A female voice said from the radio. “They took that turn at the same time and the 370Z just barely missed the 86 GT…how the hell…”

“Looks like Neon has his hands full.” Shizuko sighed as she looked up.

“Indeed, say…how’s his downhill?” Toshiyuki said as he looked to Kayo.

“Better then Shizuko’s uphill skills at least.” Kayo said, in a slightly mocking tone.

“Sh-Shut up!” Shizuko’s face turned a bit red from embarrassment.

“While it is not YOUR level Shizuko, Neon is about in between me and Akemi’s level, it’s great…but against him? Plus hearing how much the engine’s working, I can only imagine how the tires are holding up.”

Managing that drift both drivers knew that the downhill is where the winner will be decided. However during his practice Neon was relying on the gutters in order to pull away. After the few turns the 86 GT took the first gutter…but little did he know…

“What? He’s doing the same now!?” Neon said as he looked at where the 370Z was it was right on the 86 GT’s back bumper, instead of following behind. This troubled Neon a lot, even though he took the gutter again the 370Z was still behind him.

“SHIT!” Neon screamed out of hesitation upon entering the high speed portion.

“Woah!” Another voice said from the radio. “The 86 GT barely missed the line! Is he in trouble or something?” This caused the Akagi natives to laugh a bit.

“That’s probably why…” Airis said as she heard the news.

“Hm? Whatcha mean?” Haruka asked as she looked to her blue haired friend.

“Kayo, what was the largest gap between Neon and any other racer during a race?”

“Um…I’d say about two sec-” Kayo started before realizing what Airis was going to say.

“Neon ain’t good with pressure?!” Akemi exclaimed as she realized too what Airis was saying.

“Yeah…this is his first time ever having someone this close for this long. He might pull all his tricks but I think the car might not handle that too well.”

Indeed the 86 GT didn’t enter into the high speed section at optimal speeds, thus the 370Z was barely touching the rear bumper of the 86 GT. That was close enough to make Neon crack, but he steeled himself for the upcoming s-turns…but he also messed up here. Turning the wheel a bit too much the 86 GT was swerving left and right, missing the fairly easy line the s-turns had.

“Tch!” Neon said as he tried to get the 86 GT back on track. This lead to Tokoji taking the gutter and level with Neon, the 86 GT and the 370Z were neck and neck just past the first hairpin.

“Is…is the Phoenix losing?” A voice came from the radio, sounding a bit defeated. “The 370Z is neck and neck with the 86 GT…” This was great news for the Akagi natives as they broke out into a loud laugh and started mocking some of the Ushiroyama natives.

“This…is bad.” Shizuko mumbled as she looked to the pass. “C’mon Neon…you can turn this around…right?”

At the second hairpin Neon was able to take the gutter due to his position and managed to slightly pull ahead…only to have Tokoji take the third gutter and equalize the race again. Approaching the next set of turns the 86 GT was pushing hard along the inside line and Neon had to make sure that the 370Z would not pull up in front. He managed to keep the 370Z behind him, and then he decided to give it his all.

“Gotta go all out here! C’mon 86 GT…DON’T FAIL ME HERE!” Neon screamed as he pushed the accelerator down hard, giving the 86 GT the push it need to pull ahead a bit. However this was too much for the tires, as at the final hairpin…


A loud explosion came from the 86 GT and Tokoji then started to see sparks coming out of the rear of the 86 GT.

“SHIT!” Tokoji shouted as he braked hard, not wanting to crash with the 86 GT whose rear tires just popped.

“OH SHIT!” Neon screamed as he tried to regain control of the car, but it wasn’t going too well. The 86 GT then kept spinning around and around, earning gasps and screams from the crowd watching. Thanks to the speed Neon was going at the 86 GT kept spinning past the finish line…and it looked like the 86 GT was going to crash into the wall.

“C’MON!!!” Neon screamed with all his heart as he continued to slam the brakes and fought to keep the driver’s side away from the wall. Sure the 86 GT slowed down…and it continued to slow down…and it finally stopped, mere centimeters away from the wall people thought it was going to crash into. Neon then quickly undid his seatbelt and sighed heavily, the adrenaline from the experience crushing him internally.

“NEON!” Shizuko shouted from amidst the silence and ran to the 86 GT. Opening the door Neon was breathing heavily, his eyes still wide from the near death experience.

“Well…I never want to experience that again.” Was all that Neon said as he continued to breathe heavily. Shizuko could only smile and gave Neon a hug, well as much as she could.

“Heh, that was different.” Kayo said as all of a sudden the Ushiroyama natives cheered for the Phoenix’s win. The Akagi natives were now being mocked and laughed at.

“Are these all from the Red Suns?” Hitoshi asked as he looked to the Akagi natives as they slowly retreated to their vehicles.

“Nope, Neon said that these people just people who claim to be in the Red Suns…the real Red Suns are the drivers.” Kayo said as she looked at the scene. “But now the 86 GT is going to need some serious work after this…oh well. I always wanted to redo the bottom of that car.”

“That…was quite the show.” Tokoji said as he came up to the 86 GT. “Didn’t expect that to happen.”

“Yeah, neither did I…” Neon replied faintly, still shocked from the experience.

“Well…” Katsuko said. “Looks like you guys are the winners of this ‘True Competition’ then. Congratulations.”

“Yeah…” Neon replied.

“But still…that was close.” Katsuko then approached Neon and gave him a hug. “Thank your lucky stars.”

“I will…”

Katsuko then let go of Neon and waved the two goodbye to the pair. Thus ended the eventful day between the Red Suns and the Azure Wings. Many of the Ushiroyama natives were excited and many of them decided to continue the excitement by having more races. The Akagi natives retreated back to their pass, defeated.

“That was a good race there.” A mature male voice said as he approached Neon and Shizuko.

“Thanks.” Shizuko responded on behalf of Neon.

“With that skill though I am wondering…would you like to join a GT300 team?” The raven black haired man asked.

“What?” Neon replied, breaking out of his experience.

“I have never seen such skill under such extreme circumstances. I think you would make a great GT300 driver. If you would like I’ll set up a day where you can meet up with everyone else.”

“S-Sure.” Neon said, never expecting to come across such a opportunity in a situation like this.

“That’s great dear!” Shizuko said excitedly, having Neon in a GT300 team would surely help with their future.

“Curious…Shizuko. Are you done with racing?” Neon asked as the raven haired man left to get some things.

“Yes.” Shizuko replied. “I…I think I’ll finish up school for a bit. Get a liberal arts degree or something.”

“I see…” Neon replied, but Shizuko noticed a bit of disappoint in his tone.

“Don’t worry, I will continue to support you and love you even in GT300. And until we both pass away.”

“Just don’t become an obsessive yandere ok?” Neon then chuckled for a bit.

“W-What? No way! I’m NOT a yandere! Nor will I ever be one! Geez…”

Welp...this is the last race of this fic. No more races from here on out. The rest is now going to be the future of the Azure Wings. See ya at the other side...

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Nice work. Damn...that hopefully that GT86 can still be saved somehow.

All in all a pretty decent chapter. =)

Also, hope you enjoy what I wrote for you recently. grin2.gif

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It's gone quiet again,wonder if it's a monthly update?

Posted by: OkamiWind Sep 9 2014, 11:06 AM

Chapter 43: Meeting the Team

Neon sighed as he exited his ER34. It was a few days after the race with the Red Suns and he drove to the area where the contact said to meet him. He felt nervous, that much was for sure; but for some reason he felt a bit…off? Like something unexpected was going to happen and all this would crumble beneath him. Or maybe he was way too pessimistic; his gut said it was that.

“Ah, so you’re here.” A male voice said, Neon recognized the man as the one who scouted Neon out. “Come on in…might I ask what happened with the 86 GT? It seemed to be in pretty rough shape after that mess.”

“It’s being repaired…is what my mechanic would like to say.” Neon responded, entering the facility. “In all honesty my mechanic states that the 86 GT might have to be scrapped. The belly of the car, in the back half anyway, was bent and scratched in many ways my mechanic hasn’t seen before. So in all honesty I might have to get something new.”

“Ah, that does seem like a terrible turn of events for your car.” The man replied, as the two of them entered into the man’s office. “Anyway, take a seat. I will go over the contract I wish to sign with you.”

“Very well.” Neon said, sighing to relieve any nervousness he had. “What does the contract state?”

The man then went on talking about various things about the FIA and other stuff that Neon had to give up for a while. Mainly he would have to stop his street racing. However Neon was willing enough to do that.

“I can go with all that, but I’m worried what my…fiancée would say.” Neon sighed, of the course the next question would be…

“You have a fiancée? But I didn’t see a ring on her finger?” The man asked, remembering the purple haired girl from the other day. Neon chuckled a bit before saying what he was going to do.

“I called my team and decided to have one final meeting; there I plan to propose to my girlfriend. I think she’ll say yes.” Neon replied as the man smiled.

“Didn’t think I my sister would be a mother-in-law already…” The raven haired man chuckled as Neon sat there confused.

“Wait, ‘my sister’? You know my mom?” The confused blue haired boy spoke as the man adjusted his glasses.

“I’m your uncle, Yoshiro.” That made Neon really, REALLY confused. If anything his brain was starting to short circuit a bit.

“Eh? Wh-huh? The heck?” Were some of the many words that stuttered out of the poor boy’s mouth, Yoshiro could only laugh at his confusion.

“Your mother said it was fine that I asked you to join my team. In fact, did you know that your mother has a lot of connections to various teams? She ain’t that type of person…but she sure made an impact on them.”

“Really? Well…what’s next?” Neon stated as he signed the contract. “About the thing with my…fiancée, I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

“Next we meet the team.”

“Neon?” A familiar tomboy’s voice asked as the two went to the track.

“Mai? You got accepted into this team?” Neon responded with a surprised tone.

“Yeah…from a track day, I was waiting for this day honestly. But I guess you’re doing GT300 right?”

“Well it looks like I don’t need to introduce you two since you two know each other. You two are the GT300 drivers,” Yoshiro said as he looked around. “Now where the hell are those two at?”

“Sorry for being late.” A woman said as she caught her breath and bowed. “Traffic was very bad today, must’ve been an accident.”

“Aegis, about time.” Yoshiro said as he crossed his arms. “You sure do like to be late huh?”

“I-It wasn’t my fault! I left an hour before you said!” The short haired woman stated. Aegis had short black hair that was raven black and had blue eyes. That statement however made Neon raise an eyebrow.

“Enough, where’s your cousin?” Yoshiro stated as he held his hand up.

“He’s coming around soon enough, I guess the traff-”

“Stupid traffic!” A man’s voice yelled as he came to the track. “Gah! Sorry for being late!”

“Doesn’t your mother tell you to leave early? Besides wouldn’t the local roads be faster?” Yoshiro asked, with a definite orderly tone in his voice.

“Well yeah! But this was unexpected, I don’t think aunt Kaede would care.” The dark violet haired man responded.

“It seems that my sister taught better than me or my other sister.” Yoshiro smirked as he noticed three faces look at him weirdly. Mai felt way too out of place for this weirdness.

“Wait…is that Neon then?” The man said as he pointed to the blue haired boy.

“Yup, I know Kaede doesn’t meet us often but Neon; these are your cousins Aegis and Leo.” Yoshiro stated as the three looked at each other.

“Holy shit Neon, you sure have grown since the last time I saw you.” Leo stated as he approached his cousin. “It was like what? Since you were three?”

“I-I don’t remember…cousin Leo.” Neon replied in a meek tone. He doesn’t remember him too well…

“Enough Leo, but I’m surprised that my dad managed to find you Blue Phoenix.” Aegis said as he pulled Leo away. “You sure were making a name for yourself at Ushiroyama, but if it weren’t for my schooling I would have probably raced you there.”

“I see?” Neon replied, still confused on remembering his cousins.

“I feel wwaaayyy to out of place for this madness.” Mai said as she raised her hands up. “This feels like a family reunion if anything.”

“Alright, enough enough.” Yoshiro stated as he clapped his hands. Everyone then looked to the leader of the group. “I’ve called you all here to meet our sponsors and get a few laps in your respective GT cars. So let’s meet our sponsors shall we?”

The first sponsor that came out was actually…

“Mom!?” Neon screamed as he looked at the familiar raven haired lady.

“I’m the closest representative for Nismo here, so I’m here on behalf of the main person.” Kaede started, ignoring her son’s scream. “I know that you guys are going to have a rough start for sure, but with time I can see you all grow into fine racers, hell maybe even become a tuner like me. That is all I would say and as for you…” Kaede then went up to Neon and grabbed his shirt. “Know the time place for everything alright?”

“Y-Yes ma’am!” Neon replied nervously before Kaede released her son.

“Seriously, there’s a time and place for everything dear. You would be dead if this were some other team.” Kaede replied, a bit worried. “But I’ll give you this one, didn’t expect my brother over there to ask Nismo for a sponsorship.”

“Doesn’t hurt until you try right?” Yoshiro grinned as Kaede rolled her eyes. “Alright, now for the next sponsor, this one is from Tom’s.”

“Hello everyone.” The woman stated, her short raven black hair and circular glasses marking her presence. “I am the representative for Tom’s. I know that you guys are all new racer in the Super GT, but I have a high expectations out of you for the following years. I know that it may be a rough and possibly uneventful start but you’ll do fine. I know it.”

“Thanks for cross etching my speech sis.” Kaede smirked as the lady scoffed.

“Well excuse me nee-san! You know I took a lot from you but so what? Ayame here ain’t the same sister that you once knew!” Ayame stated as Mai looked away.

“This is one hell of a family reunion…” Mai stated as she face palmed. “Well at least I get to have my dream…but god does this feel weird.”

Short, late update, school freaking sucks.

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Chapter 44: Tying the Knot

“Who knew that driving GT cars would be so tiring…” Neon sighed as he was driving home after his first week of practice; needless to say he was utterly exhausted. Not only was he mentally worn out, his body was pretty fatigued as well. He knew this would be hard but...well not this hard. But underneath that pain he was nervous as all hell. The team was taking a day off for some reason and tomorrow would be the day where he would finally propose to Shizuko.

“The thought of marriage scares me a bit.” Neon said to himself as he took the exit from the highway.

“Here we are…” The nervous boy stated as he parked at the front of a jewelry store. “Last time I was here was when nee-san dragged me here with her friends. That was weird. But now…well…” Bracing himself he entered the store.

“Hello there sir.” The lady at the front counter greeted. “How may we help you today?”

“Ah…well, I want to buy a…engagement ring.” Neon replied with a hint of nervousness.

“Really? Well congratulations on the occasion, we have a number of rings here and…” So Neon, with the help of the lady, picked out a small ring. It was a basic ring with a nicely cut diamond on the top. The price didn’t set back Neon as much as he was expecting, he was saving up a lot, so much that he made lunch at home in order to save money.

“I assume we shall see you soon with orders for the wedding rings?” The lady asked as Neon chuckled a bit.

“Yeah, we will. See you then.” The blue haired man replied as he said left the store. The blue haired young man climbed into his ER34 and started the engine, for some reason he felt the need to head up to Ushiroyama one last time. So he did, at the speed limit of course; because of his registration with FIA and all that.

“Man, I’m nervous.” He said as he exited the ER34, inhaling the crisp, cold air. “Sheesh…I’m more nervous then when I was on that first date.”

“That nervous huh?” A voice said from behind him. Needless to say, Neon jumped in surprise.

“GAH! Haruko! Don’t do that again!” Neon screamed as Haruko laughed a bit, loving the sight she just created.

“May I ask exactly what you are nervous about?”

“Well…I don’t want to say.” The blue haired boy replied. “But you’ll see tomorrow.”

“Gonna pop the question?” Haruko sighed, noting what he meant by his secrecy.

“W-Wha…Right.” The boy said, not wanting to fight with his ex-girlfriend.

“I see, well it is a huge step for you and Shizuko. If I was a man I would be in your same exact position.” The black haired woman smiled, but inside though…“I wish I was in Shizuko’s shoes now…”

“Still can’t forget the past?” The blue haired man asked, he held Haruko’s hand. “I know that if you haven’t done that, I would be on my knee right now. But…well, you know…”

“I know…but can you humor me once more?” Haruko asked, she turned her head to Neon. His blue eyes were always so calming to her. “Make out with me…please.”

“What? But I…” He started. He stopped, because he knew that a kiss wasn’t enough for the 458 driver. “Alright…but let’s do that in your car.”

“Fine.” Haruko pulled Neon into her car where they made out. Neon felt a bit sick inside, kissing his ex and not his girlfri-fiancée. But deep inside he knew that this would be the last knot she needed to let Neon go fully. They only went for ten seconds before Haruko broke the small session. “Thank you.”

“May I go home now?” Neon questioned the woman.

“Yeah, if I hear from Shizuko in the future that you are treating her bad…then I won’t forgive you!” She stated as Neon exited the car. After seeing the ER34 go, tears started to form on her eyes. Haruko could only cry on the way down.

“Yosh!” Haruka stated as she exited her DB9. “Sorry for being late, the cherry blossoms are pretty!” The cherry blossoms were falling at this point of time, decorating the top of Ushiroyama in a wonderful color.

“Yeah yeah.” Hitoshi mumbled as he sneezed. “I have allergies right now, bleh. This sucks.”

“Well at least ya get to see the blossoms before you head back.” Akemi replied as she looked at Airis, who was on the phone.

“Wait, you’re gonna head back man?” Kiyoshi asked as Hitoshi sneezed yet again. He nodded his head yes.

“I’m American remember? Plus a few friends back home have recently asked me to come back, think they found a few teams for me.”

“Gonna miss you and the Z06…I think that was the chassis designation you always called it that.” Kiyoshi replied as Hitoshi smiled…and sneezed. “Wow that is some pretty bad allergies.”

“Well if you don’t mind Neon.” Haruka stated as she grabbed Airis’s arm. “Airis and I have to move to Tokyo for a few months to get our feet wet in our respective industries. Ya know, me in idol work and your sis in the fashion stuff.”

“Wow sis, you found a way in?” Neon asked in surprise, never would he expect to have her sister find a way so quickly.

“Apparently my contact said that a subordinate of hers wanted to have someone under her wing. Guess the bird’s gotta fly, I told Airis and within half a second a definite yes was there.” Haruka replied as Airis finished up the call.

“What Haruka said.” Airis said with a hint of amazement in her eyes. “Guess I am lucky.”

“Akemi, you gonna continue your education here?” Airis asked her rival.

“Yeah, I think I’ll stick to Japan for a bit. Hell maybe even live here until I die, I like it here.” Akemi stated as she stretched. “Plus it would be good for children here to have some time with foreigners.”

“Just don’t teach the children something bad.” Airis grinned as Akemi’s eye twitched.

“Well if you ever reproduce then I’ll make sure your child’s education a living hell.” Akemi retorted with a grin. Now Airis’s eye twitched.

“Like I’ll let my children ever go to your class, hell I’ll make sure that my children go to a completely different school!” Airis screamed back.

“Looks like they get to argue on other issues now.” Haruko smirked as she looked at Kayo, who was messing on her laptop. “Gonna jump into the conversation or just play around?”

“Shut it, I recently got a deal with Tom’s and HKS.” Kayo harshly said as the two rivals continued their banter. “Apparently some of their representatives came down as customers and were very impressed with my work. So I might go under their wings for a bit and learn how they do shit before I make my triumphant entrance to the tuning world.”

“That seems like you Miyako.” Haruko sighed as she looked at Shizuko. Take care of him ok?

“Shame Toshiyuki went back to Akina, guess his parent’s moved again.” Neon said as he rubbed his neck. “He said that he might become part of some big brand car company, instead of going into the scientist route.”

“Oh? Well that might be good…” Kayo stated as she continued typing something.

“A pragmatic girl eh?” Haruka sighed as she looked at Shizuko. “So whatcha gonna go Shizuko?”

“Get a liberal arts degree and work somewhere I guess.” Shizuko replied, placing a finger on her chin. “Should help pay the bills in the future.”

“Well I don’t think I need to say this, but Neon and I are part of a GT team.” Mai said as she sat on her MR2.

“Well congrats my wonderful girlfriend.” Kiyoshi kissed Mai on the cheek. “I think the electrician job should do nicely, it pays better then picking up phones.”

“The security company I’m part of says I have to go in tomorrow for some stuff.” Haruko decided to wrap up this little discussion. “Don’t know what but yeah, I’ll be off the radar for a bit. Well, that radar being the friends and all.”

“Right…” Neon sighed. Oh boy, it was time for him to ask the question. He was nervous...“Hey Shizuko…may I tell you something?”

“Hm? Sure.” Shizuko replied, not knowing what would happen. The nervous man approached his soon to be fiancée.

C’mon you practiced the living hell out of this yesterday! “Well I know that we have a great relationship and all. You are very beautiful and very kind, regardless of what I may have done. And well…I can’t see myself living without you.” Neon said, he then went on one knee and held out a small box. Shizuko only placed her hands on her mouth.

“Shizuko, will you become my wife?” The hopeful man finally asked, feeling relieved of getting that out of the way. Whatever everyone else was doing, they instantly looked at Neon and Shizuko, flabbergasted by what he just asked except Haruko…because she knew about this. Shizuko had a few tears in her eyes before slowly moving her head yes.

“O-Of course!” Shizuko replied as Neon slid the ring on her finger. “I was wondering when you would ask that…thank goodness…”

“WWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT?!” Haruka screamed as Neon and Shizuko kissed, breaking the surprised group’s silence. “What? Wait? Huh? When the heck did this? WHAT?! Pumpkin?!”

“You said pumpkin sis.” Haruko sighed as everyone was still shocked. “You must be rreeaalllllyy surprised huh?”


“Well technically they aren’t married but…can ya give us a heads up before you do something like this leader?!” Akemi stated, shaking her head.

“Guess I’m your sister-in-law then…” Airis mumbled as she slowly giggled a bit. “Then I’ll become an aunt later on…hehehe…”

“Woah Airis! Don’t black out on me!” Haruka said as she held Airis upright. After that announcement Shizuko wanted to sleep in Neon’s room, since they were going to be married.

“Oh Shizuko?” Kaede stated as the couple entered the house. “What are you doing here?”

“Mom.” Airis quickly said before Shizuko could respond. “Look at her ring finger.”

“What do you…” Kaede then looked at Shizuko’s ring finger, it was a ring. Mentally she added what that would mean…

“Hey there you…” Hitoshi greeted only to notice Kaede stiffen up. “What happened?”

“Ring finger dad.” Airis responded. One glance and Hitoshi instantly understood.

“Congrats son, things are looking good for you. Um…dear?” Hitoshi only looked at Kaede’s pale skin and her narrowed eyes.

“My son…getting married…I’m gonna be a grandmother in a few years…” Kaede mumbled before rolling her eyes to the back of her head. She then slumped onto the ground.

“Oh dear…Kaede doesn’t take this stuff to well. When I proposed to her, her friends had to keep her up just to make sure she didn’t black out.” Hitoshi sighed as he carried the poor mother into the bedroom.

“Regardless of that, I’m glad Neon…” Shizuko replied slowly before placing her head on her fiancée’s arm.

No special thing this time, hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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Not sure how but i missed this.

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Thank you shadow for your extensive knowledge of wedding dresses...which is still odd in my opinion.

Chapter 45: A Step in the Plan

“Well this is weird.” Airis said as she opened her brother’s room. “Didn’t expect the two of you to sleep in different futons.”
Indeed the couple in question were sleeping in separate futons…three feet away from each other. Airis could only sigh, ever since he got engaged to her one would think they would sleep together…well in her mind at least.

“Wake up you two.” Airis sang a bit while moving her head.

“Ngh…” The couple woke up simultaneously. Airis took this time to leave the doorway, sighing in exhaustion.

“I swear those two are acting like a couple rather than fiancées…or whatever that next step is but not really newlyweds.” Airis muttered as she went to her room one last time. “Plus if those two won’t wake up they’ll have to do it themselves.”

During the first week that the two were engaged Neon and Shizuko were sleeping together within Neon’s house. But there were plans made in which Neon stated that he would permanently move out and live in Shizuko’s apartment, wanting to move away from the family. It was also mentioned that Airis was going to temporarily move out for a bit, rooming with Haruka in Tokyo for her new job opportunity.

“They sure do grow up huh?” Hideki stated. He looked at Kaede, who was drinking a whole bottle of sake as he spoke. “Kaede…I know your sad but you can’t just drink your problems away.”

“Perhaps.” Kaede simply replied, not feeling the alcohol getting to her today. “But…I mean our children are all grown up now. Airis is moving to the big city for a job and Neon’s going to get married and become a GT300 racer.”

“Still, does it warrant drinking?” Hideki asked sternly. Kaede sighed as she got up. “Does it?”

“I guess not, all I hope is that Neon tries to provide champagne for his wedding.” Kaede chuckled a bit before Hideki gave out a long sigh.

“Still your favorite alcoholic drink?”

“Nah, it somehow is the only drink that can make me feel drunk.”

However no one would expect the wedding to be in two months time…

“INVITATION TO THE WEDDING CEREMONY?!” Kaede shouted as she looked at the last piece of mail in the mailbox. “Dear goodness…I think I’m gonna have a heart attack.”

“Whut?” Haruka stated in her bedroom, dumbfounded by the invitation. She was almost finished with the training crap that she’d been doing in order to become an idol. “The fuck? Already?”

“Huh.” Kiyoshi stated as he looked at the mail. “Mai? Did Neon say anything about his wedding during practice?”

“WHAT?! ALREADY?” Mai shouted as she came out of the bathroom with only a towel covering her. “ALREADY?!”

“Heh, looks like my return to the states will be delayed.” Hitoshi stated as he looked at the invitation. “Yo, sis. Neon’s wedding is going to be next month.”

“WHAT?” Akemi screamed as she came down the stairs. “What the? Didn’t they get engaged like three months ago?”

“That’s the odd part, could it be that they have been planning this before he proposed?”

“No way, somethin’ is up.” Akemi replied as she crossed her arms. “But I can't say why they would plan this so quickly.”

“Hmph, looks like I need to drive out huh?” Toshiyuki said as he looked at the piece of mail in question. “Good job senpai, good job.”

“I wonder if I’m going to be the Maid of Honor?” Haruko questioned as she looked at the infamous mail piece. “Shizuko’s gonna answer for this.”

“Huh.” Kayo simply uttered as she looked at the invitation. “Guess that internship…thing will have to wait.”

“Eh?” Airis stated as the invitation came to her eyes. “Welp, gonna head back home for a bit and help Shizuko with the dress at least.”

“Think everyone’s taking the news well?” Neon asked as he looked at Shizuko, she was finishing up cleaning the dishes.

“I don’t think so, but with that said some people have to be relieved.” Shizuko replied as she turned off the sink. “But we need to do this before your first race right?”

“Yeah, the boss told me that I need to have the ceremony within the next month…lest we hold off the marriage until January.” Shizuko took a seat next to her soon to be husband, who was sitting at the couch.

“Well I guess we should do this soon eh? But seriously, the planning was rough.” Shizuko giggled as Neon smiled and lightly punched her arm. “I mean, I was mostly looking for the locations. Oh and I had to or-”

“Alright, alright! Sorry I was practicing for GT300 dear.” Neon laughed as he got up. “C’mon, I’m tired.”

“Right behind you dear.” Shizuko replied as she turned off the living room lights. They both got comfortable in the bed after some light struggling that they did. It was mainly for laughs. “I love you Neon.”

“I do to dear…” Neon whispered, his fatigue got the better of him as he fell asleep. Shizuko kissed his forehead and she soon fell asleep.

“Glad you can make it soon to be sister-in-law.” Shizuko smiled at Airis, who was wearing some baggy clothes and sunglasses. Shizuko did call Airis about a wedding dress, of course she had to oblige. They met at a café, Shizuko was told to be ready to go.

“Right…gonna be one soon.” Airis muttered as she shook her head. “Anyway I’ll drive, you ready?” Shizuko nodded yes as they briskly walked to the familiar M3.

“Is the paparazzi that persistent?” Shizuko exhaled as Airis started her M3.

“Fun fact: Many people consider me as a ‘sleeper’ model, whatever the hell that means. A few pictures for some companies and all of a sudden I’m a damn celebrity.” Airis ranted as they got to the dress shop. “I know a person here from high school, I’m sure if I manage to pull a few strings I can be in charge of picking out your dress.”

“I’ll follow your lead.” Shizuko said as she followed Airis into the store. The shop was a traditional wedding dress shop, a few dresses on display and one or two other brides trying to find their wedding gowns. Airis went up to a person, Shizuko assumed it was the friend in question, and chatted for a bit. After five minutes, Shizuko wasn’t thinking about a dress design yet and she was a bit bored, Airis came back with the friend.

“Well Airis, I can’t deny what you said…but I’m sure my boss won’t be happy about this.” The friend stated as Shizuko got up. “So you’re the one marrying Neon huh? Pleasure to meet you, name’s Yukari.”

“Shizuko, pleasure to meet you.” Shizuko replied. “Well…are you sure about this Airis? I mean she seems totally fine to pick out the dress.”

“Do you want to wow Neon or not?” Airis sternly asked, Shizuko looked down in response. “Yeah, so I need to be here if you want to make Neon feel truly blessed.”

“Ain’t that a bit harsh Airis?” Yukari asked as they went to the back.

“Nah, I learned that my future sister-in-law needs a good talk down if she wants to do something that’s large in scale. Cruel, but can’t argue with results.” Airis then looked at the numerous dresses there. “Shizuko, first off…what sleeve length would you like?”

“Long ones.” Shizuko replied, sighing after Airis revealed that embarrassing bit of info.

“Alright then…how about this one?” Airis stated after grabbing a dress. Shizuko looked at the dress a bit, it didn’t sit right with her. “Is this a style you like?”

“Hell no.” Shizuko bluntly replied. “Did you hear what the hell I said?!” The satin white dress was a sleeveless dress that had no design on it. It had a sweetheart neckline that would show a bit of her bust and flared out near the feet, but Shizuko felt that it would be way too tight.

“Er…what did you say again?” Airis chuckled nervously as Shizuko gave her a very hard glare before she groaned in anger.

“I said the dress should have sleeves, not a sleeveless dress!” Shizuko replied in her anger.

“Great job Airis. You sure know your sister in law.” Yukari giggled as Airis’s face turned red.

“Shut it! Alright let me look again.” Airis said as she went back into the room. A few minutes later…

“Not my style honestly…” Shizuko commented as she exited the changing room, it was a princess ball gown styled dress. It had long sleeves, like she wanted, but it was big and poofy and it was rather tight in some places. “And might I say I feel like I’m suffocating here.”

“Is that so? Well don’t want to have you feeling too uncomfortable.” Airis replied. Yukari was absent mindedly looking at the two, she didn’t feel needed and unless her boss came out; she was only there to make sure things moved along. After some time Airis chose another dress and asked, “How about this one? Should be a bit better.”

“Let’s hope so…” Shizuko replied as she and Yukari went back into the changing room. “This one…hm.”

“Is it ok?” Airis asked, knowing that her choice would be good.

“Er…” Shizuko came out with the dress. “This is alright but…there’s something missing…” The dress was half sleeve length that had a beaded bodice with some tribal pattern that split the bodice in half. Although it had less fluff than the first one it was still a princess style dress.

“So what you like about the dress?” Airis asked as she looked at Shizuko.

"The bodice is good and all...but I would like something with less fluff and I don’t think Neon would like the pattern." Shizuko replied while looking in the mirror.

“Alright, while you change I’ll nab the next dress.” Airis nodded as she went back into the room.

“Better make this right!” Shizuko said as Yukari unzipped the dress.

“Fine! Take this!” Airis screamed as she tossed the dress over the door.

“ACK! I was changing!” Shizuko replied as she struggled around a bit. “Now this…hm…”

“Looks great!” Airis commented as her sister-in-law came out of the room. The dress was full sleeved with a beaded midriff and had diamond shapes surrounding the lower part of the bodice where a belt would normally be worn. The neck was in a v-neck fashion that showed a small amount of her breasts.

“It’s good, but it’s missing something…I think the waist design is a bit off…” Shizuko commented as she turned around.

“Alright then, give me one last try.” Airis said, just before she noticed Yukari with another dress.

“May I recommend this one?” Yukari asked as she held a dress. Shizuko looked at it weirdly as she went to change into the dress. She exited with a visible twitch in her eye.

“Are you an idiot?! Did you even pay attention?!” Airis screamed at her friend as she looked at the dress. It was a sleeveless dress that had a lot of puffiness and the bodice had a very asymmetrical pattern. The pattern was so wrong that even Yukari cringed a bit. There was way too much of her breasts showing from the dress, had a pair of gloves…which Shizuko didn't even realize she never wanted until now, and a veil that was way too thick. Somehow the visible scars on her paled in comparison to the horrible dress.

“You know, at least Airis got some things right!” Shizuko said as she tried to maneuver around in the dress. “Almost glad that Airis tagged along.”

“Why the hell did you choose that one? Ugh, do I need to remind you how much your sense of fashion is off?” Airis continued to rant as Yukari started to laugh lightly.

“Alright alright!” Yukari shouted as she was fed up with her friend’s rant. “Go pick the damn dress!”

“Geez…” Airis sighed as she went to the back. Shizuko stumbled a bit as she and went back into the changing room with the help of Yukari. “Alright, I put all my chips on this dress! This outta do good!” And few minutes later, Shizuko came out with the dress that Airis picked out.

“Airis…yes this is it.” Shizuko replied as she looked at her reflection. “This is perfect…”

“I’m sure my brother will cry a bit, goodness this dress looks great!” Airis smiled as she placed her arm around her sister-in-law. Yeah…Neon would cry a bit…that would be interesting to see.

THE END IS NEIGH. Er....NEAR! In three more chapters the end of this fic! Woohoo!

Neon: You sound very glad to get rid of us.
Neku: Well it is our turn father, another book needs to be read you know.


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Ah man,just when I love this fanfic......

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Sorry for the wait on this one. The difficulty of writing a wedding and the episodic breakdown I had delayed this chapter. Thank you shadow55419 for the assistance...seriously man how the hell do you know about this stuff so well? I know it's the TV and all but...really?

Chapter 46: Wedding Day

“Dude I am nervous as all hell…” Neon muttered as he was sitting down. It was here, the day of the wedding. The day where he and Shizuko would finally announce that they were no longer a lovey dovey couple, but a married couple. Boy he was nervous with the tux on and stuff.

“Breathe man, you practiced the hell outta this right?” Kiyoshi said as he placed a hand on Neon’s shaky body. Kiyoshi wasn’t that surprised that he would be chosen as the Best Man, he was his friend that had kept constant contact with him since high school.

“Sure, but it’s…anxiety. What if I mess up? What if I screw it up? What if I d-” The nervous man continued until the Best Man laughed.

“Don’t fret it, people are just gonna laugh and shrug it off. People know that you two are nervous and are gonna give you a LOT of leeway, it’s your guy’s day anyway.” The green haired man stated as the groom sighed heavily.

“Yeah…your right. Thanks.” Neon replied as he got up. “It’s nearly time…”

“Indeed, and hey. I wouldn’t be called the Best Man for nothing.”

Shizuko was pacing around the room in her dress. Like Neon she was nervous, maybe a little less so but still nervous.

“Calm down will you?” Haruko stated as she looked at her pacing friend. Like she deduced, Shizuko wanted her to become the Maid of Honor. Perhaps their friendship since high school had a large impact on the decision.

There was no audible response, Shizuko was nervous. She had so many things in mind, what if she messed up? What if she said something weird? What if she tripped? So many ‘what if’s’ were swarming her rather clear mind.

“If anything, people are going to be ok with it. You’re not running down the aisle and you did break in that dress right? So you should be comfortable, if you mess up your words…well as long it’s nothing that would break his heart, people are gonna laugh it off.” Haruko comforted Fthe bride as her strides became less hectic. At least she was a bit calmer…

“Here we go.” Neon muttered as soon as he mustered himself up for the ceremony to start. Soon the door opened and the blue haired man walked down the aisle. There were a good number of people ranging from his mother’s friends and family to Shizuko’s side. From there he approached the altar and turned around, waiting for everyone else to come in.

The first pair to appear was Hitoshi and Miyako. Hitoshi wore a tuxedo with a blue dress shirt and a green tie. Miyako had her hair a bit straightened and wore a wonderful looking dark green dress.

After they took their in their respective places, Toshiyuki and Airis came in and stood in their places. Toshiyuki had the same get up as Hitoshi while Airis had her hair fully straightened with a white hair band, along with the same dress.

Finally the Best Man and Maid of Honor, Kiyoshi and Haruko, stood the closest to where the groom and bride would be. Kiyoshi’s wore the same tux and tie, but his tux had a small flower in the front right pocket and Haruko curled her hair a bit and wore the same dress. Then a teenage boy followed them, he was the ring bearer and then was followed by a small red haired girl, who was the flower girl.

“Everyone, please stand for the Bride.” A voice said as everyone stood up. At that an organ started to play some accompanying music.

“Alright…here we go…take it slowly.” Shizuko whispered as the doors fully opened. She exhaled as she started to slowly walk down the aisle. The dress was perfect… Shizuko's wedding gown just barely swept the floor as she stepped down the aisle, the sweetheart neckline showed a modest amount of cleavage while the lace sleeves went all the way to her wrists with patterns that matched the beaded hearts and roses that surrounded the waist line. She was being escorted by her uncle, rather than her father…he wasn’t available for some reason.

“Hey man, she looks fantastic.” Kiyoshi whispered to Neon’s ear before he leaned back. The words couldn’t reach Neon’s head as he was in utter shock of the beautiful woman coming down the aisle. Hell, he felt a few tears swell up in his eyes. He shook his head a bit as he sniffled and inhaled a bit of air. After a small bow, Shizuko then came up to the altar. Soon that same wonderful woman was standing right next to him. After that everyone took their seats. Man…Neon felt really blessed…

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this couple in holy matrimony.” The priest said, looking at the groom and bride. “From this point on you two are going to experience happiness together, as well as some rough points. However since you two are here, you two must know the hardships of such a tradition. Now it’s time for exchanging of the vows. Mr. Kurubasa?”

“R-Right…” Neon stated. He turned to Shizuko before he inhaled and exhaled slowly before smiling. “Well…Shizuko…you are just a wonderful woman. Ever since I was young I had a hard time trusting other people, might I even say I had a hard time loving people. But through the experiences of high school and meeting you in class…I’ve learned to love…as clichéd as that sounds.” Neon gave a light, nervous chuckle before he continued. “By chance we met in that class and even though we both had some problems at first, we talked through it and sooner or later…we started dating. Hah, Shizuko…I love you and no matter what, I’ll protect you and guard you until we both pass away.”

Shizuko felt some tears swell up in her eyes as she heard this. After calming herself for a moment she began her vows. “Neon, I…I don’t know what to say other than I love you and thank you. My childhood…was not the best one, my parents were a bit rough. However going through life I thought no one would love me…but when I met you in that class by chance. Hah, I know that we didn’t have that good of a start, but from that I know that you loved me. You never gave up on me…so I didn’t give up on you. Neon Kurubasa…I ask that you would love me forever, ok?”

“Of course.” Neon replied as the two of them turned to the priest.

“Very well then…do you, Neon Kurubasa, take this woman before you as your wife in holy matrimony, to love and to honor her, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death do you part?”

“I do.” Neon replied firmly.

“Do you, Shizuko Furusawa, take this man before you as your husband in holy matrimony, to love and to honor him, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death do you part?”

“I do.” Shizuko nodded as she replied.

“Very well then, the rings please.” The ring bearer then gave the rings to the priest, who then gave them to the couple. Neon first slid the ring on Shizuko’s finger before she did the same to Neon’s.

“By the power possessed by me, I pronounce you both Mr. and Ms. Kurubasa! You may now kiss the bride.” And the couple did just that, they kissed and everyone stood and applauded. Then the music played and the now married couple walked down the aisle, followed by Hitoshi and Miyako, Toshiyuki and Airis, and finally Kiyoshi and Haruko.

“Whew, that was a handful.” Neon stated as the two of them visibly relaxed as they exited the hall.

“Well the worst has past, now for the rest.” Shizuko responded as she stood there. It was picture time and they were sure to get everyone from the Azure Wings into a picture.

“Alright family first I guess.” The married man said as everyone started to vacate the hall. Soon the family picture was taken…simple enough.

“Oi, our picture is next yeah?” Haruka stated.

“You still mad you weren’t a bridesmaid?” Haruko giggled at her twin’s ‘problem’.


“Anyway hurry up.” Airis said as she gathered the Azure Wings into the picture.

“Hey it’s a serious picture you numb nut!” Neon exclaimed as he saw the Best Man do some wacky pose.

“Live a little man!” Kiyoshi said as he kept that pose.

“That’s the next one! Not now!” Shizuko stated, trying to get a good photo with everyone in.

“Oh my gosh stop it!” Miyako said as she tried to hold Kiyoshi into a stable position. Hitoshi was trying to help Miyako…but it wasn’t going too well.

“Heheh! Alright alright…” Kiyoshi stated, seeing how even the camera person was getting irritated.

“Geez Kaede…your son’s friends…” Ayame stated as she took the picture.

“Alright, the reception. Let’s not keep everyone waiting.” The groom said as everyone went to the reception hall.

The tables were decorated with a white table cloth and were ornate with a centerpiece of a few blue and green flowers in a silver vase. In front of everyone were a few utensils for the food and a small little box that had some candy in it.

“I have to admit…they really went all out huh?” Nao asked as she continued to look around.

“Yeah.” Kaede bluntly stated as she tapped her foot.

“Dear, is the champagne really that necessary? This is our SON’S wedding, you should be more happy for him.” Hideki sighed as he held Kaede’s hand.

“I am, but…”

“Let it go Kaede.” Tsukiko said as she noticed Haruka grab a microphone and tapped on it.

“Is this thing on?” Haruka asked through the microphone. “Ah, it is. O-ACK!” The blissful sound of feedback came through the speakers. Everyone did some sort of reaction to it.

“Woah! Sorry about that! Alright then, thank you all for coming to the reception.” Haruka started as she looked at everyone. “Now it’s the time for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to come in now. First up we have Hitoshi and Miyako!”

Some music started to play as the two came in, they did nothing special until they stopped and did some Thriller dance, everyone laughed a bit.

“Wow you two ok.” Haruka stated as the two moved on. “Anyway, next up is Toshiyuki and Airis!”

Then the music changed to something a bit more formal as the two danced in a ballroom manner for a while.

“My oh my.” The loli rolled her eyes as the two went to their seats. “Next are the Best Man and the Maid of Honor, Kiyoshi and Haruko!”

So the two came out, walking for a bit before they bowed and took their seats.

“What? Nothing from you two?” Haruka deadpanned as they sat down.

“Nope, just gonna sit and be done.” Haruko stated as she smiled.

“Wow…anyway the groom and bride are next! Hey you lovebirds, get out here! Here’s Neon and Shizuko!”

They started to walk for a bit before…

“You know what? Let me try something else.” Neon stated as he went behind Shizuko.

“What do you mean by someth-KYA!” Shizuko screamed as Neon swept Shizuko off her feet and carried her bridal style. “Oh you!”

“Heh.” Neon smiled as everyone clapped the two in, Shizuko still looking flustered. They soon got to their seats, Neon placing Shizuko down in her chair.

“Well now.” Haruka simply spoke. She didn’t see THAT coming. “Anyway…let’s see what’s next. Ah right the food, it’s a buffet style so eat up everyone! But…” Soon Haruka grabbed a glass and started to tap on it with a fork.

“You dang loli.” Neon muttered as soon everyone started to follow suit. “Well Shizuko might as we-!”

No one would expect Shizuko would be the one to go in and kiss Neon. Everyone was surprised and laughed for a bit.

“THAT I was not expecting.” The groom said as the bride simply laughed. Soon everyone started to eat from the buffet.

“Dear…are you drunk?” Hideki asked as he looked at Kaede, who as swaying a bit in her seat.

“I wish, I stayed up late last night so the alcohol isn’t working.” Kaede sighed.

“What…the fuck kind of logic is that?” Tamiko asked as Kaede’s friends looked at her.

“I dunno, ask my brain and body. Apparently they know how the alcohol spreads in my body.”

This was followed up by Megumi slowly placing her hand on her face and sighing.

“Alright, hope you guys still have room for cake.” Haruka’s voice interrupted the noise of the room. “Hey, lovebirds, hurry up. The cake cutting!”

“Hurry up for what? We’re already here!” Neon responded as the married couple rolled their eyes. The cake was separated into three parts and was a basic white color with some icing on it.

“Cut it then!” The emcee said as Neon and Shizuko lifted the knife. And one assisted movement down, the cake was cut. Then Shizuko face planted Neon into the cake.

“GAH!” Neon screamed as he got up. Everyone was in an uproar with laughter as they saw this.

“Isn’t it usually the other way around?” Haruka asked, trying her best to not roll on the floor.

“HAHAHA! I turned the tables!” Shizuko laughed as she soon found herself face first in the cake.

“You usually say that IF I had done that.” The groom smirked as Shizuko got her face off the cake. “There, even.”

“Great, this is going to be a pain to remove.” Shizuko moaned as she tried to wipe the cake off of her face.

“Hey, you started it.”

“Whatever, thank goodness I didn’t order red velvet. Could raise a few eyebrows.”

So the night continued and everyone has having a good time…all but one person. She was dressed up as she was usually dressed up, for work. Hideki was going to the restroom before he noticed her.

“Hiromi?!” Hideki stated as he saw her.

“Yes…I’m just seeing my daughter’s wedding.” She replied quietly. Hiromi’s hair was no longer dyed black, but it was her regular dark purple color.

“Alright people, time for the dance.” Haruka stated as the music started to slow down a bit. Neon and Shizuko looked at each other then nodded.

“Mom.” Neon said as he held a hand out to his mother.

“The dance eh?” Kaede smiled. “Of course, it’s going to be hard to let go you know.”

“I know.”

“Very well then.” Shizuko’s uncle stated as he got up. Nao smiled and got up, she needed to use the restroom and didn’t want to shed a few tears.

“Sis? What the hell?” Nao hissed as she saw Hideki and Hiromi.

“Just…seeing my daughter’s wedding.”

“Are you alo-” Nao started, only to see a ring in her hand.

“Divorce papers followed through last night. I’m a divorced mother who missed her own daughter’s wedding.” Hiromi said in a depressed tone.

“It’s alright sis, at least you came at the last bit of the ceremony. Look.” Nao replied, Hideki and Hiromi turning to the sight.

Neon was doing a small formal dance with his mother, their moves smooth and crisp. Shizuko was also dancing with her uncle, dancing in the same matter. It was only a few seconds later did Shizuko’s uncle let her go. Kaede however…

“Mom…” Neon stated, her mother grasping him with one hand.

“I know, see you around my son.” Kaede replied through a few gasps. She let go and the couple was standing face to face.

“Madam.” The groom said as he held out his hand.

“Sir.” The bride replied as she took his hand and they both started to dance. A spotlight was on them, but they didn’t care.

“Shizuko…dear…” Hiromi cried through a few gasps for air. She was happy, her daughter found love and she looked more alive than she remembered her before.

“It’s not too late. There’s going to be some down time after the bouquet toss so you can talk with her before she go-”

“It’s ok.” The crying mother said as she blinked a few times. “I’ll talk to her later.”

“If you say so.” Nao stated as she went to the restroom.

“Do you regret anything?” Hideki asked, the need to use the restroom dissipated with Hiromi.

“A lot, but do you hate me?” The woman asked.

“No, but…in some ways I’m thankful for you. Without you my son wouldn’t have his wife right now, so…” Hideki started, trying to not bring him up. He sighed as everyone started to clap. They ended with a small twirl and a kiss.

“Aw, that is so sweet. I mean it to.” Haruka stated over the speakers. “Anyway, Shizuko. Time to toss that bouquet!”

“Right, all the ladies?” Shizuko asked as she was handed a bouquet and turned around. Soon all the single women there were bunched up into a small group, waiting for the bouquet.

“Here we go!” Shizuko stated as she tossed it backwards. Mai ended up catching it. She looked at Kiyoshi with a noticeable look of worry and surprise.

“Looks like it’s you next.” Neon stated as he placed a hand on Kiyoshi.

“Y-Yeah.” Kiyoshi replied, very nervously. “Looks like the knot needs to be tied eh?”

“No duh.” The blue haired man stated as he returned to his seat. “Welp, let’s get this sucker over with.”

Thus the reception ended and the married couple was exiting the reception hall. Everyone started to throw flower petals in the air as they both walked to their ride. They entered into their car and left. It was over. It was official. The Angel and the Phoenix were finally together…

T minus 2 until the end. It's been a journey in writing to say the least.

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Chapter 47: During the GT300

“Congrats on the wedding Neon.” Leo said as Neon got onto the track.

“Sorry I couldn’t make it.” Aegis said with a small smile. “Planned an event with my friends, couldn’t cancel it.”

“Anyway enough chit chat.” Yoshiro stated as he entered the track. “Let’s get to work.”

The team continued to practice more on the track they’d set up. In there the drivers learned some more tactics from each other and eventually the first race came up. It wasn’t that good to say the least. It was a total failure as they only came up in last place. However in the next race they did marginally better, with Neon managing to secure sixth place. But at the pace they were going at they wouldn’t be able to make podium, much to his disappointment. It was the second to last race where things started to look up.

“Alright, so we haven’t had the greatest season so far. However if we can get at least third in these last two races we can actually get fourth overall.” Yoshiro stated as the team was readying themselves for the race. After a bit more talking Shizuko approached Neon with a worried look on her face.

“Please be careful out there today.” Shizuko said worriedly, she had a bad feeling about today.

“Hm? Of course I will be Shizuko, why this all of a sudden? Never said anything like that before.” Neon responded, obviously confused on what his wife said.

“Women’s intuition? I dunno but please stay safe.” Shizuko said before turning around. Neon shrugged it off, but inside he was taking the words to heart.

The race was going swell, they managed to hold onto third and even passed into second for a lap. It was the final lap where something happened…

“What the?!” Neon stated within his car that he felt the back end being pushed out by a blue 350Z, and then he braced himself as he saw the car spun out of control.

The GT300 car was spinning out of control until it went off the track, there it started to flip over….before it started to summersault. The sound of crushing metal and gasps soon followed. It continued until it hit the barrier, at that moment the car finally settled down on the roof and it was followed by the sound of cars passing by. No one knew if he was alive.

“No…” Shizuko whispered as she saw her husband’s car. Her intuition was right…she couldn’t say why that did not happen to Mai but she was stunned. She then glared at the car in question, a blue 350Z, with intensity as if she was trying to blow up the car with her mind. The ambulance was down there, the final racer managed to pass the finish line at that point. Everyone expected the worse…but no expected a foot to thrust out of the car’s driver window.

“Geez, that was new.” Neon sighed as he was being helped out by the medics. He moved around and did some basic stretches to make sure nothing was broken. Nothing seemed out of place. The medics did a quick look over and found out nothing was wrong with him.

“You sir are very lucky, I’ve seen crashes like that that ended up in a full body cast.” The medic stated as he finished up his check up. “Thank your angels.”

“I know.” Neon sighed, knowing the stupid amount of luck he had. He returned back to his team, only to have his wife storm straight to him.

“Sorry about th-” The racer started to apologize before the resounding sound was heard.


“You idiot!” The wife screamed at her husband. “We just got married not too long ago! I don’t want to become a widowed woman!”

“Sorry.” Neon finally said as he held the now crying wife in his arms. “I’m here, don’t worry. I’ll be here for you.”

“Well…we’re glad you’re safe. The position doesn’t matter if you would have died.” The manager sighed as he approached the racer, whose wife cried even harder. “Anyway, try to get a good standing on the final race alright?”

“I-I’m sorry!” A random person in a racing suit stated as he bowed to the group. Must have been the racer who spun him out. “I was told to overtake at that point but I didn’t expect…”

“It’s alr-”

“YOU ASSHOLE!” Shizuko screamed over Neon’s forgiveness. Whatever tears of sadness she had been now filled with rage. Neon somehow held back Shizuko who was screaming for him to release her, to kill the man who almost killed her husband.

“Shizuko ENOUGH!” Neon stated as Shizuko stopped for air. “It’s ok, I’m still alive. Stuff like this happens all the time ok? I knew this could happen!”

“Still…that doesn’t…” Shizuko gasped as she fell onto the ground.

“Sorry for my wife’s outburst. Anyway it’s alright, just be careful next time.” The driver finally stated as the other racer bowed again.

“I am the new guy for my team. I was given an earful from my boss when I got back. My team prides itself on being clean, guess I broke that.” The racer responded nervously.

“Just be careful next time alright?” Yoshiro asked, feeling a bit sorry for the new racer.

“I will…now if you’ll excuse me I think I need to find a new team for the next season.”

In the final race they managed to get second, with only two tenths of a second behind first place. They did alright, seeing on how they managed to get a very good place on the last race.
Sooner than Neon expected the second season started. They did much better than the last season, keeping around fourth place in every race. Sometimes the team got third or fifth, but many racers were eyeing this team for their unusual improvement from the last season. It was also the season where Shizuko meet up with her mother.

Shizuko was called out to a rather nice looking café by her aunt Nao, she had said something about someone wanting to talk to her. She didn’t expect to see her mother there as she sipped her coffee at a table. Shizuko remembered Hiromi having dark purple hair in her younger pictures and she entered in with dark purple hair and a red shirt and a long blue skirt. This was the first time she’d ever seen her mother wear anything casual.

“Mom…” Shizuko started, still wary on what her mother wanted.

“Hi dear…” Hiromi sat down after greeting her daughter. Ever since the wedding Hiromi stayed with her sister in the complex she ran. There she spent a week sulking on her failure as a mother. Nao eventually arranged a meeting with her daughter to snap her out of it.

Too bad neither of them had anything to say.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for your wedding.” Hiromi started as she opened the conversation.

“It’s ok.” Shizuko replied bluntly…and with a bit of venom in her tone. Hiromi swallowed a lump.

“I want to apologize for being a bad mother…but it’s too late huh?”

“Perhaps mother.” Shizuko was still mad at her. Sure she might have cleaned up after knowing what happened…but that would never give back her lost childhood.

“I see…well I’m going to go away for a while. Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill myself. I think…I think I need to think things over. I want to hear you say one thing before I leave though…can you promise that?” Hiromi asked, she was ready for either outcome.

“Fine, but nothing sappy.” The purple haired daughter sighed, she could humor her mother once more at least.

“Can you say ‘I love you mom’?” The mother asked, her eyes on the verge of spilling tears. Shizuko looked at her weirdly, perhaps her past did catch up with her…she felt a bit bad calling her mom out like that. She stood up and got her mother to stand up as well. Then she hugged her.

“I love you mom and I’m sorry for being so rough on you.” Shizuko admitted while she could hear the sounds of her mother gasping as she cried. Whatever relationship they had before was broken and replaced with a genuine mother daughter relationship at that point. She didn’t hear from Hiromi for a while, but she knew that her mother was true to her word.

The third season went much better for them, managing to stay within the podium at all times. There many teams saw this group as a major threat and many groups wanted to recruit them as potential drivers for the next season, they all declined for the next season at least. It was at this point in time that the new Kurubasa family found a home for themselves.

“Still can’t believe I’m buying my old house.” Neon stated as he and Shizuko looked at the house. Indeed it was Neon’s old house before they moved to the hot springs.

“Only house available here huh?” Shizuko asked as they both started to unpack the van with their stuff in it.

“Yeah, but I don’t mind. It feels good in some ways.” The husband stated as they started to unpack, it took them the whole day but some things were still unpacked, nothing that they couldn’t do tomorrow. It was nighttime and the two were about to sleep.

“You know Neon…are we going to have children?” Shizuko asked out of the blue.

“Yeah we will. Why are you asking?” Neon asked, turning over to his wife.

“It’s…well you said that you were going to race for only four years and your last season approaches. So I’m just curious that’s all.” The purple haired woman replied.

“I know…Shizuko, come here.” The blue haired man said as his wife complied. There he kissed her deeply before his hand started to search her body.

The final season came around and the team was doing well with flying colors. They managed to secure first place in all of the races, many teams eager and consistently wanting them to join their teams. Everyone but Neon signed onto some team to continue racing. When asked why he wasn’t going to sign up again, he had a simple response.

“At the last post race conference I’ll explain why.” Was all Neon stated when he was asked that question. Many people wondered what he meant, and there were a few speculations, but only a few managed to get it right.

The last race was here and Shizuko, Haruka, Airis, and Kiyoshi were watching the race at the track.

“So when are they gonna come out?” Haruka asked Shizuko, noting her large stomach.

“Apparently the doctors said they will come very soon. It would be weird of they came out just as Neon finished the race.” The pregnant mother said. She was carrying two babies in her stomach, twins as the doctors guessed. Shizuko was happy, but the pregnancy made her skip work for a while.

“Now you jinxed it.” Airis smirked, laughing at her own joke. “Watch as your water break just as Neon passes the finish line.”

“Haha.” Shizuko replied sarcastically as Kiyoshi sighed.

“Mai got in with that team outta town, so this will probably be the last time I see all of you unless we have a reunion.” Kiyoshi said as he looked at the race. There were only five laps left.

“I see, well I know that I was damn lucky to get this day off.” Haruka sighed. “I know I did a concert a week ago but seriously, so many performances.”

“Thankfully I was called for a few photo shoots with the cars here so my day was set to free, seeing how I was able to meet my brother again.” Airis said as she stretched a bit. “Neon’s doing mighty fine now.”

“Of course, many people are calling that group untouchable. All first with at least half a second lead?” The idol grinned as she looked at the track.

“I know.” Soon the race ended with Neon passing the finish line…but Airis would never expect that…

“Um…Shizuko, I think your water’s breaking.” The loli stated as Shizuko looked down, then she felt a bit of pain.

“Oh gosh how ironic.” Shizuko quickly said as she held her stomach.

“Ack! I didn’t mean…well Kiyoshi hurry up and get an ambulance or something!” Airis screamed at the man as he found a medic, who immediately took Shizuko into an ambulance. Shizuko only hoped that Neon would be there when the twins arrived.

“Since you stated that this is your last season Neon, what are you going to do now?” A reporter asked as Neon grinned.

“Um I hate I say this Neon but…your wife’s in labor.” A person whispered to Neon. His entire posture froze at the news.

“Sir?” Another reporter asked politely, noting the winner’s unusual stiffness.

“Go, your wife needs you.” Yoshiro stated as Neon quickly excused himself from the area. He clicked his tongue as he ran, no one was nearby that would give him a ride. That was quickly defused when he saw his sister in her M3.

“Get in! Her water broke after you passed the finish line.” Airis called out as Neon rushed to her car, hastily putting on their seatbelts. “Hold on brother…”

Soon the twins made it to the hospital where Shizuko was in labor, Airis somehow managed to find a spot nearby the front. Neon quickly went to the front desk.

“My wife is in labor now! Where is she?” Neon quickly asked the receptionist. She fumbled around for a bit, not expecting anyone to rush in and ask something so quickly.

“Er…are you Mr. Kurubasa?” The receptionist asked quickly.

“Yes I am.” He stated in some anger. The longer he waited the longer he would be away from his wife, and at a time like this? No way was he going to delay.

“The third door on the left…in that corridor.” The receptionist pointed to the hall and the two of them bolted to the room. It wasn’t hard to tell which room it was, the screams and grunts of Neon’s wife were pretty prominent. Airis stayed outside the room.

“About time!” Shizuko yelled through the pain as Neon entered the room. The nurses were surprised at first but seeing how Shizuko held Neon’s hand it wasn’t too hard to figure out who he was. “AH!”

“Keep pushing ma’am.” The doctor said as Shizuko grunted harder and harder…Neon felt that his hand would pop because of the strength his wife was squeezing his hand with. Soon Shizuko stopped screaming and grunting in pain…it was over.

“Well now, twins.” The doctor calmly replied as he held the two newborn babies. “Here you go.”

“So…their names?” Shizuko asked through slow breaths.

“Doctor, which one came out first?” Neon asked, knowing what to name them.

“The girl came out first.”

“Heh, so it’s Lillian and Neku then.” The husband stated as the couple chuckled.

“I’ll be ok dear, head back to the post race meeting.” Shizuko smiled as she pointed to the door.

“Alright honey.” Neon replied as he gave his wife a quick kiss.

“Congrats brother, guess that means I’m…an aunt…now…” Airis started, only to quickly remember what she became.

“Don’t fall on me sis.” The brother responded as he was ready to catch his sister, who looked like she was going to pass out.

“Gah! Anyway let’s head back.” The sister responded just as she recovered from the news. “Jeez…just go around and have a baby now huh…that reminds me….”

“Say something sis?”

“Nah. Let’s head back. You gotta break the news of being a new father to everyone.”


So that is what Neon did, he went back and broke the news of becoming a father. Obviously the question was ‘What will you do now?’, which Neon responded with a small smile and said:

“If any team needs a racing teacher, I’m available.”

Thus after the post race meeting occurred, as Neon expected, he was swarmed by many teams asking him to become the teacher for them. He could only chuckle as he accepted the paperwork and offers and whatnot. He was going to have a loonngg couple of years ahead of him.

“I have a new family now…and I don’t want them to be like I was. Yeah. I gotta get this sorted out with Shizuko first.” Neon chuckled as he sat down in his car.

“Geez dear, we JUST got these two children and now you want me to shuffle through all this?” Shizuko laughed a bit, the two were now resting at their house months after the final race. “Surprised you have enough money left over.”

“Saving honey. Anyway, I know you have some time off and the twins are off sleeping right now.” Neon replied as he moved some of his hair out of his eyes. “So might as well do something about that work eh?”

“Then help me with some of the organizing then!” Shizuko fumed as she got up. “I’ll do some of the work. First, why don’t you organize the locations first? Those you want to go to set them in one pile, and those you don’t want…TRASH THEM!”

“Jeez lady! Calm down.”



Posted by: OkamiWind Nov 13 2014, 10:59 PM
Welp...finale is here.

Epilogue: Their Wings

During Neon’s GT300 days the Azure Wings got their respective jobs. First would be Haruka, who went through some intensive training to even be considered an idol. However with her first album she had managed to grab a great amount of fans to continue on her career. Around her third year the “Loli Idol” was the most successful idol of recent times. It was also around that year where she got married and bore a child named Hana. There were many speculations on why she became so popular. Perhaps her lyrics were actually meaningful and had a message. Others say that her loli size and stature captured the hearts of many people. Yet there are those who say it was by complete and total chance, there was a small interest of idols at her arrival and she revived it. Who knows?

Neon’s sister Airis was also successful. Within a few shoots she became a well known model and was known as the ‘sleeper’ model. Her rather sharp and good looks caused many people, both male and female, to take a second glance whenever they suspected to see her on the streets. It became a bit too much however, soon paparazzi started to swarm her. It didn’t help when she got married to another male model around her age and eventually bore a child named Ayumi. Airis only sighed at these people, no longer could she walk freely but she had to hide herself? Jeez, it sure was a pain in the ass for her.

Haruko landed the security job. She worked for a private security company which none of the Azure Wings managed to find out the name of. Even as a recruit she showed excellent control and strength, many of her co-workers calling her the Guardian. She didn’t care though, a job was a job and she couldn’t help but let these names and such fly over her. All she did was basic security work…along with the hardships that were paperwork. Oh well, she had a protective spirit anyway; she would still get flashes from her accident that made her lose the only guy she loved. It was in the past though…

Miyako, or Kayo as the Azure Wings called her, got that internship with HKS. So she looked and understood what they did and saw what they could do. It didn’t help that she was having a motive of her own. After a few years of going through tuner after tuner, she eventually got the funds and opened her own tuner, the Miyako Tuning Company, or MTC as many people called it. Strangely enough she found a husband and got married within Neon’s second year. Her child Tomoyo was born shortly after the end of that year. And it was a rampage success that swept not only Japan but the world. Whatever flaws she found with the tuners that she worked with, Miyako would help them improve their skill. Around Neon’s last year in the GT300, Miyako’s first GT car, the MTC86 which was based off the 86 GT, made its debut in the series. It further improved her reputation as a tuner when Neon won the championship with that car.

Hitoshi made plans to head back to the United States. Within a week of his arrival he became part of a touring car team. With his familiarity of the cars he actually did well his first season, unlike Neon. After a few years he eventually got signed into a F1 team, which blew his mind. He was mildly successful though, he had less overall success then Neon in his years. He was married soon after Akemi’s wedding, but none of the Azure Wings were there. America isn’t close to Japan after all.

Akemi became a school teacher, much to her word. She dropped racing for her education and found herself in an elementary school in Ushiroyama. Out of all the Azure Wings, her life was pretty calm and silent. After Mai and Kiyoshi’s wedding, she was married next and eventually had a child named Melody.

Speaking of the couple they got married six months after Neon and Shizuko’s wedding. It was a pretty eventful and nice one, nothing spectacular or anything. Mai kept going in the GT300 for a while before, like Neon, she became a racing teacher. This was about the time where their child Kai was born. For some reason though many people kept comparing her to Neon in terms of whose team won more. She couldn’t help but say over and over that they are not competing for anything or for some record. Why couldn’t the damn reporters know that?

Kiyoshi, much like Akemi, had a pretty quiet life after the team’s disbandment. As an electrical technician he was working for some company and such. He keeps feeling sorry for not bringing in as much money as Mai did during her racing years. Mai always had to tell him that is was alright, his life his choice.

Toshiyuki felt bad for not making it to the disbandment thing, but he actually had an internship that couldn’t be delayed any longer. He found himself as a MazdaSpeed worker, doing whatever the heck he was supposed to do. So he wasn’t all that surprised when a certain red-haired lady found a way into his workplace. He couldn’t help but talk to her whenever they were on breaks, she was kind enough to offer a position in her tuning company when she opened it. However he refused, he was about to be promoted to a better position and preferred his security over a new position. During his beginning years he found someone to settle down with, he was the last one married.

Shizuko also had a quiet life…well as quiet as it could be. She finished up her liberal arts degree and was unfortunately unemployed for a while. That made her feel REALLY bad, since she was putting all the financial stress on her husband. But thankfully she found a job as a waitress at some restaurant. Thankfully the entire staff were females, including the cooks and the boss, why all females though? She found a job though and couldn’t complain about it.

Neon obviously became a teacher for an up and coming racing school nearby Ushiroyama. Needless to say many people who were following him wanted to attend that school, just for the sake of meeting the racing legend. He had the hard job of seeing who was there for the experience or just there for him, it was a bit hard at first since everyone had great facades for some reason. Nevertheless within the second year his team managed to nab third in the GT300, it sucked that he was still asked to come to their schools and teach…why the hell did the Todo School try to recruit him? He wasn’t a FF person to being with…

It was 10 years later that the Azure Wings had a reunion since Neon’s exit of the GT300. They decided to meet at the Kurubasa household, which somehow managed to hold everyone and their kids.

“Hey! Neku, Lillian! The guests are here!” Shizuko called downstairs. Soon two nine year old children came down the stairs. The dark purple haired boy had some glasses on and wore a white shirt and blue pants. Shortly after an ice blue haired girl followed him, she wore a blue and green striped tee shirt and a black skirt.

“We’re here momma!” The girl stated with a bubbly smile. She then noticed the other people at the front door and instantly ran behind her dad.

“Jeez Lillian, you don’t need to be so shy.” Neon chuckled at Lillian hid further behind her father’s leg.

“‘Lo.” Lillian quietly mumbled as she poked her head out.

“Aw, she’s so cute.” Haruka said as she tried to approach her. The small girl grabbed Neon’s leg harder and looked scared.

“You’re scaring her loli.” Shizuko stated as she sighed.

“Aw, she hates me.”

“She’s just shy. I know a few times where she wouldn’t even approach me, her own freaking aunt!” Airis laughed as everyone entered in.

“So…how’s life going for everyone?” Mai asked as Shizuko went to grab some tea and snacks for everyone. The kids went outside to play.

“Well for me it’s going good. Got my family and all that, simple life and not much else. Might I say things are running very smoothly.” Neon said as he gave out a small sound of happiness.

“Nice, nice. Well I guess the sister should be next. Modeling’s…a bit hard but its good business and money. Still…I worry for my little Ayumi at times.” Airis said as she looked outside, her daughter was by herself for some reason.

“And here I come!” Ayumi said as she ran around, probably for tag.

“Why you say that?” Akemi asked.

“She’s…well I guess I spoiled her a bit and…well.” The blue haired girl started.

“As long as ya do something now she won’t be a spoiled brat.” Akemi continued, closing her eyes for the rebuttal in three…two…one…

“B-Brat?! My child is not a ‘brat’! She’s growing to be a well mannered lady!” Airis yelled at her rival.

“Well by the looks of it you might raise a princess girl. She’s already a bit of a model anyway with her mother’s connections and all that. Pretty sure my Melody is gonna be the better lady.” Akemi grinned.

“Tch, whatever you say yo-”

“C’mon now, no need to fight.” Shizuko chimed in as she walked in with some tea and snacks. “Don’t worry I left some for the kids, mostly fruits.”

“Ah, so that’s why you took so long.” Haruka said as she grabbed her cup of tea. “Anyway, thanks for that. I’m trying to let my daughter Hana be…nicer. She’s…a handful at times.”

“Really? Does she nag for everything?” Miyako stated as she finished her tea. “Cause my daughter Tomoyo keeps going on and on until she gets what she wants or wins the argument.”

“They’re children, what do you expect?” Hitoshi sighed as he ate a small cookie. “They’re immature and all that.”

“Brother, your saying that because your little squirt was a nuisance on the plane huh?” The pigtailed woman asked.

“Shut. It.”

“You could be nicer you know.” Shizuko sighed as she placed her tea down. “Well I’m a housewife who has a job as a waitress, nothing new.”

“I was lucky to find time off, Mazda is pushing hard for new stuff now.” Toshiyuki stated as he drank up all his tea. “Dunno why though…”

“Hey! I offered you a freaking position you know!” Miyako rebutted as she spilled her tea on herself. “AH! HOT HOT HOT!”


“Geez, still lively as ever.” Haruko sighed as she drank up her tea. “I haven’t found anyone in my life unfortunately, so it looks like I’ll be the only person here that won’t be married.”

“I’m sure you’ll find someone sis. Just look.” The younger twin responded as she turned her head. “There’s a lot of people out there.”

“Perhaps…but nevertheless, Hitoshi I’m surprised you made it out here. What’s the occasion?”

“Actually there’s some sort of thing here that my agent wanted me to do. Don’t remember.” Hitoshi shrugged as he responded.

“Wow, a F1 driver forgetful? Someone punch me.” Akemi sarcastically said as her brother glared at her.

“Sure.” Airis stood up. That made Akemi hold up her arms in defense.


“Still said it.”

“Geez.” Neon sighed as soon as the kids started to come inside, probably a bit tired. “Have fun kiddos?”

“Yeah…” Neku stated as he gasped for air.

“Alright then.”

“There are some fruits and drinks I placed on a table in the kitchen Lillian, you can grab them for everyone ok?” Shizuko asked her daughter.

“Hai!” Lillian’s voice responded.

“She’s a pretty obedient one.” Haruko commented.

“Lillian takes a lot from Neon here. Neku maybe more composed but he’s a very shy person, he keeps it all in though.” Shizuko stated as the kids started to eat.

“Anyway, so let me tell you something that…” Neon started. The Azure Wings shared their stories and experiences during their ten year separation. It was going smoothly for them, they all agreed to hit up the Ushiroyama pass at midnight.

“Feels odd.” Shizuko said as she shut the door on the WRX STi.

“Odd? Nostalgic for me.” Haruka stated as she sat on her DB9.

“If we weren’t so old, I would have loved to settle a score.” Airis indirectly challenged the Viper driver.

“Same, but I lost the will for racing. Time changes everyone.” Akemi sighed as she inhaled the cold air.

“So…the Azure Wings are back to where they started.” Miyako stated as she looked at where they parked. It was the exact same place where the ten of them would park when they were at the pass.

“Indeed. Say Neon, miss the pass?” Haruko asked.

“Kinda…but now I have something more important to take care of now.” Neon responded as he looked into the sky.

“Gotta take care of my family…and pass on these wings onto them. These wings created from the pressure of my past.”

Well...that is it. Over a year and a half (about that much) later, I finished my first fan fic. Was it hard? Yeah, but I kept through it and did it. YEAH!

Next fic? Generational Wings. Gonna hold of a bit on uploading it. Gonna finish this semester then upload it.

Until the next time...let your wings fly.

Posted by: shadow55419 Nov 21 2014, 07:03 PM
Nice ending, congrats to the end of your first work smile.gif and may the next generation be easier tongue.gif

Posted by: Rudy Nov 23 2014, 12:11 PM
Well, that certainly taught me a lesson in wrapping things up. More chapters than all 3 of my fics combined, that was quite the reading session! I'm very pleased with and inspired by your sense of character development and unrelenting storyline drive. Hopefully I can use it to help lick up my wounds and not kill the flame that has finally reignited inside my creative muse and keep on trucking.

Thank you for this wonderful story. It gets the Rudy Seal of Approval. happy.gif

Posted by: PWNatorPWNED Dec 8 2014, 10:24 PM
Just finished the fic, nice work man cool.gif .

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