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> My wallet is getting thinner lately...., you're more beautiful when you're fat...
Posted: Nov 22 2005, 10:24 PM

Bow down to the King!

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You know he won't do a freegame day again right?

He lost more money than he made with us last time, we were arriving in the morning, and staying all day long.... plus noone else entered except maybe 5 to 10 person for 10 minutes. He won't lose money like that again, such a jerlk manager...
Posted: Nov 23 2005, 04:51 PM

Minister Of Health

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pssh, my arcade owner doesn't know how to run an arcade, every game is like 7-10 years old, with the exception of tekken5 and IDv3. Its a "nickle" arcade wich, is ok for OLDER games but come on, Tekken5 has an ok price of 40 cents a play, but IDv3 is a dollar, that totally negates the nickel part of that arcade. :/ and you only get 3 wins against other people before your kicked off. Our owner sucks.

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