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Posted by: EDWIN Jul 1 2008, 02:22 PM
IDE Japanese PSN ID List
1) niigaki (cjb)
2) SmGy207 (smgy)
3) demon_lancer (demon_lord)
4) ronin_panda (ronin panda)
5) keisukeMamoru86 (keisukeMamoru86)
6) Elementology (Takeshi Nakazato)
7) NaturaIBorn (Phantom_R32)
8) pNzr (pnz)
9) GanryuuKojirou (Yoshida Seiji)
10) FistHokuto (W.A.R)
11) R3d5unz (r3d$unz)
12) murphanation (mrjardim)
13) us mattlikewhoa /\ jpn jpnmattlikewhoa (EMAGDNIM )
14) Tomosan_ on (Tomo)
15) devilzxtacy (devilzxtacy)
16) dragonsho (dragonsho)
17) bakemono1990(cjbs brother)
18) auuman(cjbsnoobfriend)
19) JyAZ (divinity Jy)
20) edawg08 (EDWIN)

Moderator's Note: Please post up PSN usernames in this thread

Posted by: Takeshi Nakazato Jul 1 2008, 08:04 PM
*Note: a Japanese account is not required to play IDES online so just play on your US account happy.gif

Posted by: striker199 Jul 2 2008, 03:19 AM
My PSN is:


Posted by: Kaim_Argonar Jul 2 2008, 10:01 AM
My PSN ID is:


Posted by: maw070583 Jul 2 2008, 12:19 PM
My PSN ID is: maw070583

Posted by: bjaigorgor Jul 2 2008, 02:21 PM
psn id same as account id


Posted by: blvjmh Jul 3 2008, 01:22 PM

Posted by: r3d$unz Jul 3 2008, 01:57 PM
getting a lot of new members no? =/

I dont think they've announced anything in terms of DLC other than online mangas right?

Posted by: DK_2 Jul 3 2008, 02:02 PM
my bad guys thought it was the IDE thread. sleep.gif

Posted by: Satomi Jul 3 2008, 02:36 PM
Japanese PSN:


Posted by: DK_2 Jul 3 2008, 03:35 PM
Japanese PSN;


Posted by: dragonsho Jul 3 2008, 03:51 PM
My japanese id is


my bad, gave wrong one.

Posted by: Spruchy Jul 3 2008, 09:19 PM
PSN is spruchy got the game 2 days ago, level D1 online.

Posted by: Odie Jul 4 2008, 09:26 AM
Odie_PZO is my Japanese ID
{AE86T - Odie}

I got thrashed by the Japanese.. somehow I think I managed to race Takura's A1 yellow flamed Capp when I was only a measily D3 >.<

Posted by: Silfa Jul 4 2008, 10:36 AM
hey edwin, can you add my japanese psn " hyperfunk ". i think i was spacing out when I started the list and niigaki is my us psn. btw, i'm starting friend invites from my japanese account and us account. smile.gif

Posted by: L.I. Phantom Jul 4 2008, 10:51 AM
PSN ID: AngelsAllFire

Just a heads-up, I'm starting friend invites from my US account. Time to blast down Akina!

Posted by: Silfa Jul 4 2008, 11:00 AM
sorry edwin, I don't mean to hijack your thread. just helping you update a little bit since I just got home from vacation.

new list

IDE Japanese PSN ID List
1) hyperfunk (cjb)
2) SmGy207 (smgy)
3) demon_lancer (demon_lord)
4) ronin_panda (ronin panda)
5) keisukeMamoru86 (keisukeMamoru86)
6) Elementology (Takeshi Nakazato)
7) NaturaIBorn (Phantom_R32)
8) pNzr (pnz)
9) GanryuuKojirou (Yoshida Seiji)
10) FistHokuto (W.A.R)
11) R3d5unz (r3d$unz)
12) murphanation (mrjardim) *
13) us mattlikewhoa /\ jpn jpnmattlikewhoa (EMAGDNIM )
14) Tomosan_ (Tomo)
15) devilzxtacy (devilzxtacy)
16) dragonsho_j (dragonsho)
17) bakemono1990(cjbs brother)
18) auuman(cjbsnoobfriend)
19) JyAZ (divinity Jy)
20) edawg08 (EDWIN)
21) sTRIKER199 (sTRIKER199)
22) Bent_My_Wookiee (Kaim_argonar)
23) maw070583 (maw070583)
24) bjaigorgor (bjaigorgor)
25) Mina (blvjmh)
26) WingDynamic(Satomi)
27) katamatawa (DK_2)
28) spruchy (spruchy)
29) Odie_PZO (odie)
30) AngelsAllFire (L.I. Phantom)

* indicates the PSN Username does not work.

Posted by: Red_Line Jul 4 2008, 11:08 AM
Get my copy of IDES on Monday, cant wait to try out with G25,

Add me , PSN = Red_Line-

(dash at the end)

Posted by: r3d$unz Jul 4 2008, 11:37 AM
sorry, posted in the wrong topic

Posted by: Phantom_R32 Jul 4 2008, 11:39 AM
Found a video of Happogahara daytime. ohmy.gif

Crap. I posted in the wrong topic. xD

Posted by: rockman227 Jul 5 2008, 04:09 PM
please add me,my profile or japanese account in psn is rockman227

Posted by: Jehuty77 Jul 6 2008, 11:15 AM
My PSN is

My friend also has it an his account is:

Posted by: henshin Jul 7 2008, 04:21 PM
add me too

PSN name: turdwich

Posted by: AsakuraZ Jul 7 2008, 06:11 PM
Eh thought I'd add my name to the list. I just got the game today, but have been playing Arcade Stage 4 for awhile.

JPN - Lupan_Sansei

Posted by: Exile Jul 7 2008, 06:55 PM

some ppl please add me! thanks

Posted by: DjKuro Jul 8 2008, 12:32 AM

Feel Free to add me!
challengers accepted

Posted by: Takumi Trueno Jul 8 2008, 09:30 PM
PSN- EinhanderJPN

Ill have my own copy in a few days, been playing on a friends copy since I couldnt wait. tongue.gif

Posted by: Jardim Jul 8 2008, 11:55 PM
You say my name didn't work
mrjardim (murphanation)

Posted by: RIT_ninja Jul 9 2008, 04:19 AM
PSN: ritninja

IDES name: RIT

P.S. when u challenge me, plz go easy on me blink.gif

Posted by: initial_drifter Jul 9 2008, 06:26 PM
my psn id WHW85 . my id:es id P.D(M)

Posted by: (FD3S)Driver Jul 9 2008, 08:31 PM
psn - PrinceOfMexico

Ides name - JD

Posted by: rockman227 Jul 11 2008, 07:19 PM
sorry for posting this again but

intial d ex stage name-ロドリゴさん
psn north american-roy227
psn japanese -rockman227

if you feel lonely and want to race i will be there the weekends
user posted image

Posted by: casolaus Jul 11 2008, 11:28 PM
hello this is my data

Posted by: initial_drifter Jul 12 2008, 04:58 AM
i change my IDES name to WHW . PSN ID still same WHW85

Posted by: L.I. Phantom Jul 12 2008, 12:36 PM
My PSN ID is above, ID:ES name is KID_C.

All challengers accepted, bring it on!

Posted by: rockman227 Jul 12 2008, 07:20 PM
change name to ロイ,by the way if you see me online be easy on me still im not get used to this physics,i play like if it was ver 3 but anyway awesome game

Posted by: Devil Kitami Jul 13 2008, 09:22 PM
Hey guys.

My PS3 tag is KANGtheConqueror, please add me to the list of Extreme Stage players. I will be playing online in a day or two, I was waiting for my car to hit full tune first.

Thank you

Posted by: Paulabusa Jul 14 2008, 12:22 AM
IDES: Paula_


Posted by: biggamehit Jul 14 2008, 12:00 PM
PSN: GTP_BigGameHit

is my playstation network name Sigh

Posted by: Joshima_San Jul 14 2008, 03:22 PM
My PSN is icecola47 if anyone want to face me i just received my copy today so im tunning up a AP2 2000 and a FD at the same time. i'm trying to catch up to u guys so give me a week or 2.

Posted by: sannin Jul 15 2008, 02:15 AM
psn: kevindori

havent gotten my ides yet. the lastest it'll get here is the 17th. 2 MORE DAYS!!!! see u guys soon!

Posted by: Ryu Kazama Jul 15 2008, 07:38 AM
Japan PSN ID: RyuKazamaJP
IDES Name: かざまリュウ

UK PSN ID: Ryu Kazama

UK one in case you want to play some Tekken or whatever....yeah...

Posted by: Poznanman Jul 15 2008, 05:15 PM
Just got my PS3 and IDES today so I am totally stoked.

PSN ID: TicTaek
IDES Name: Taek

Posted by: Fast Jul 16 2008, 01:03 AM
IDES: nick

I've logged over 21 hours into this game and the physics still manage to kick my ass time to time (and I'm too cheap to buy a wheel, at least for now). Been online a few times before but I need to do more TAs pinch2.gif

Posted by: Nomake Wan Jul 16 2008, 09:59 PM
PSN: NomakeKun
IDES: ノマケちゃん

Feel free to add me, even though I only just got the PS3 up and therefore haven't even started LotS. laugh.gif

Posted by: jin509 Jul 16 2008, 11:14 PM
PSN: Jin905
IDES: Jinお

played online this whole day and i dont remember winning once sweatingbullets.gif

Posted by: AznTakumi Jul 17 2008, 10:38 AM
PSN :Persona_USER

Posted by: LegendaryGnome Jul 17 2008, 05:16 PM
PSN: LegendaryGnome

IDES: Gnomey

i think i raced you Poznanman

Posted by: ride686 Jul 20 2008, 09:54 PM
PSN: ride686

Please say your from idforums when you add me smile.gif

Posted by: Silfa Jul 20 2008, 10:10 PM
PSN: hyperfunk
Ingame ID : ニイガキ

Posted by: sannin Jul 21 2008, 01:57 PM
psn: kevindori
ingame name: jkebun


Posted by: DK_2 Jul 21 2008, 01:57 PM
add me homie!

Posted by: MzdaspD Jul 26 2008, 07:08 AM
PSN : Mazdspec
ID Name : RE@パンダ

Posted by: TB_InuYasha_X Jul 27 2008, 12:24 AM
PSN: TB_InuYasha_X

Random Nicknames I use on the game.


Posted by: rockman227 Jul 27 2008, 05:34 AM
changed a lot ago but i will post it maybe some of you battled before the ides name is Roy

Posted by: initial_drifter Jul 28 2008, 06:37 PM
edwin,please update all players psn id in 1st post

Posted by: jawnjawn Jul 28 2008, 09:24 PM

Posted by: apple Jul 29 2008, 07:44 PM
(PSN ID- ApplemusPrime) (Ringo in ID 4 stage)

Posted by: Scour Jul 29 2008, 10:20 PM
Probably should add my name to the list.

PSN: Scour

If you add me could you please put IDES in the add friend message? Like to write down whos who grin2.gif

Posted by: ginkun700 Aug 3 2008, 08:49 PM
add my PSN name: ginkun700

if you haven't seen it yet. I posted some videos.

Posted by: Silfa Aug 8 2008, 01:32 AM
if you add someone to the psn, could you please actually say in the message that your from IDW.

and gin your gino?

Posted by: dj. Aug 10 2008, 02:26 PM
PSN: djKyoto
IDESN: dj.タカ

Posted by: dano Aug 11 2008, 12:54 AM
my psn name is dano4o8 ! looking forward to meeting new friends and maybe we can play other games together besides IDES!

Posted by: ginkun700 Aug 11 2008, 06:57 AM
QUOTE (cjb @ Aug 8 2008, 01:32 AM)
if you add someone to the psn, could you please actually say in the message that your from IDW.

and gin your gino?

yes i am gino. smile.gif i play IDES most of the time

Posted by: superROB-Z Aug 12 2008, 07:10 PM


Posted by: Silfa Aug 12 2008, 08:00 PM
oh i've raced you a couple of times before gino lol

Posted by: ginkun700 Aug 13 2008, 05:16 AM
QUOTE (cjb @ Yesterday at 8:00 PM)
oh i've raced you a couple of times before gino lol

Really...? ........... OH YEA! That CJB guy! I remember. I think I won a couple then I lost a couple. Then I think I got mad and refused LOL!

Posted by: Silfa Aug 13 2008, 08:58 AM
hmm i haven't used my CJB online yet. only my japanese account.

Posted by: ginkun700 Aug 13 2008, 09:15 AM
Well, I remember racing "cjb" guy. And I was like... that looks familiar. But yeah, it was good racing with you . smile.gif

Posted by: Silfa Aug 13 2008, 10:00 AM
i don't know, i've only battled you with my girl account " ニイガキ " and my green capp. i think you had a 86. anyways once again, if you send someone a friend invite on the psn, could you please write in the message that your from idw so no research has to be done. thanks smile.gif

Posted by: Soran Aug 14 2008, 01:45 AM
Ingame name: SORAN

Posted by: SXE10 Aug 14 2008, 06:08 PM
PSN NAME: AltezzaSXE10

Looking forward to some intense battles with you all grin2.gif

Posted by: ACE79 Aug 17 2008, 05:26 AM
my first post smile.gif

PSN ID : acid_79


Posted by: Dat Chau Aug 20 2008, 10:07 AM
PSN: DrChau

I'm either playing this or Team Fortress 2.

Posted by: aznrage27 Aug 25 2008, 05:20 AM
US PSN : Jaysee7
JPN PSN : aznrage27
IDES Name : Jc

Posted by: NoRAd_Alpha Sep 4 2008, 04:47 PM
US PSN: NoRAd_Alpha
IDAS: ノラド

total n00b, btw

Posted by: jcali1986 Sep 13 2008, 06:56 AM
psn: Thahungrywolf

in game name: J.Cali

Posted by: Guate in evoV Sep 13 2008, 10:28 AM
just got my copy and my g25....

psn: blazin626

game id: ScYtHe

Posted by: Tak Fujiwara Sep 26 2008, 10:36 AM
My PSN JAP is Tak_Fujiwara86

I am SS

Posted by: icedagger Sep 26 2008, 07:42 PM
PSN: icedagger
In-game: Light, Rain

Posted by: dizzi Sep 27 2008, 06:30 AM
IG: DRSP@ Dizz@ Dizzi@

Posted by: kenjiy999 Sep 27 2008, 11:17 PM
My PSN is: LeoGam

Posted by: XrossGuang Oct 1 2008, 01:03 PM
ID: Xross PSN: XrossGuang add me thanks hope that we can play together

Posted by: evoanon Oct 1 2008, 01:26 PM
Add me people smile.gif

PSN: evoanon
IDES: Ralph

Later fear2.gif

Posted by: jayf3ar Oct 18 2008, 03:05 AM
Hi guys i just got my copy.

Add me so we can play online smile.gif

PSN: jayf3ar
Game ID: jay

Posted by: truetoknow Oct 21 2008, 09:12 PM
Just started...since i have an 86 in real life why not get the game and build one up.... add me ...

PSN: truetoknow

Posted by: fcbyron Oct 27 2008, 11:36 AM
Just got the game a week ago.

PSN: fcbyron

add me if anyone wants to play online sometime, i need the practice!

Posted by: prettyboi Oct 28 2008, 08:39 PM
you can play this game online? lol

Posted by: shuyinhk Nov 24 2008, 11:32 AM
My PSN ID is:


Posted by: sinister_2903 Dec 20 2008, 08:48 AM
i've already bought this game its already being sended .

add me! =)


Posted by: XxAznBoixX Dec 24 2008, 02:37 PM
My PSN is ZhongZhiCheng

Posted by: LVLancer Jan 22 2009, 10:10 PM
Ordered my copy.


Posted by: Tomo Jan 28 2009, 05:22 PM
I just got a new PS3, but I'm starting from scratch so it's gonna take me forever to get back to where I was...

Jsynergy is my PSN

Posted by: divinity Jy Jan 29 2009, 12:39 PM
QUOTE (Tomo @ Yesterday at 5:22 PM)
I just got a new PS3, but I'm starting from scratch so it's gonna take me forever to get back to where I was...

Jsynergy is my PSN

Oh no! Happo King is back! Too bad I don't play anymore. lol

I might just to finish my full tuning.

Posted by: Subaru Feb 7 2009, 11:12 AM
mine's ktom555 just got the game today =)

Posted by: EigeSan Feb 25 2009, 06:20 AM
My PSN ID is:


Bought the game on Jan. 13 '09. Long time fan of the anime series. New to the gaming experience. smile.gif

Posted by: samtftse Mar 11 2009, 02:38 AM
that is very very cool

Posted by: DarK_Mini Apr 8 2009, 11:15 PM

getting IDES soon from play asia just ordered i will add my id name then....

Posted by: FetteWorst May 5 2009, 08:09 AM
Just ordered my copy biggrin.gif

My Psn_id is FetteWorst, wich will be my IDES Name too

Posted by: Air23 May 8 2009, 06:16 PM
myy boyfriend just ordered it

he also has wangan midnight,so play him sometime
hess good! blink.gif

edit:he got the asian version dry.gif

Posted by: FetteWorst May 10 2009, 11:46 AM
QUOTE (Rachel @ May 8 2009, 06:16 PM)

edit:he got the asian version dry.gif

Noooo....well that sucks, i asked the guy i bought the game of a few times if it really is the Japanes comes that your bf ordered the asian version?

Posted by: Air23 May 10 2009, 01:09 PM
QUOTE (FetteWorst @ 1 hour, 23 minutes ago)
Noooo....well that sucks, i asked the guy i bought the game of a few times if it really is the Japanes comes that your bf ordered the asian version?

he got it from ebay,and that was all his money ($40) could get
the cheapest jap version was $60

Posted by: Tomo May 10 2009, 02:36 PM
silly kids, I said I would sell my jap version for 40 bucks a while ago :0

Posted by: carl hammond Jun 11 2009, 11:20 PM
Hi guys I have just got this Japanese only version which has online play.

Myself and a friend have had some games on it so please feel free to add me


Thanks Carl

PS can someone tell me if I can get a guide to the screens and what exactly they all say and mean for this as its all in Japanese (which I knew before buying it) however I hoped I could get a guide to the screens and options in egnlish OR will need to start writing them down and remembering them :-)

Posted by: player1 Jun 11 2009, 11:38 PM
My PSN is H_W_S vs me

Posted by: vegita8888 Jun 14 2009, 03:57 PM
Hi all my PSN ID is VegitaXD.

Posted by: Ian300d Aug 6 2009, 07:11 AM
My PSN is BMW_DeathMachine

Posted by: blackassassin0 Aug 8 2009, 11:12 AM
mine is jap blackassassin
usa blackassassin0
got the game yesterday wink2.gif

Posted by: Alan Aug 8 2009, 07:17 PM
Hey guys MY PSN: TICKEL_HIM and my online name for initial d is Alan

Posted by: zero-g Sep 19 2009, 04:23 AM
hi all

my PSN is zerokw7

initial d driver name is ひびきNSX

anyone wanna online battle with me? smile.gif

Posted by: Hieu Oct 16 2009, 08:48 PM
hi guyz ! my PSN is hieu87

IDES : 藤原拓海 (fujiwara takumi)

WElcome biggrin.gif

Posted by: eVILPeeR Dec 24 2009, 09:54 AM
I know it's late in the game, but my PSN is evildude88. Please add me up if you are still racing, I'd like to get better biggrin.gif

Posted by: pdovale1 Mar 13 2010, 10:41 AM

Just got the game, noob for now, used to be pro in the arcade scene. Welcoming anyone who wants to race.

Posted by: Tessou Mar 13 2010, 06:46 PM Please use the search function before making new threads.

Posted by: Möbius Mar 14 2010, 01:33 PM
Actually, it is this thread :

*Threads merged*

Posted by: Tessou Mar 14 2010, 01:57 PM
Ah, I didn't know there was a separate thread specifically for IDES PSN IDs.

Posted by: eVILPeeR Jun 4 2010, 06:55 AM
I added a bunch of new people and I am still playing from time to time. If I can get a few active players I might just get back into it biggrin.gif

Posted by: -VIRUS- Aug 10 2010, 04:46 PM
i still play


Posted by: ganjuationess Aug 18 2010, 12:39 PM
I just got the game this week. I played Street Stage a bit. Im D2 but I didn't tune and didn't do enough TA before I went online. Ranked im 2-11 or something

Add me but im not the best, but im not terrible either though. And im on consistantly since my ps3 is new as well.

PSN: Ganjuationess

IDES: haze

Posted by: prolific352 Aug 28 2010, 06:15 PM
add me i got this and wangan midnight PSN : Prolific352

Posted by: DxTAkk Aug 29 2010, 06:40 AM
Hi i'am Russian my PSN ID DxTAkk i search friends for play in Iinitial D)))

Posted by: TakumiFuji01 May 4 2011, 12:35 PM
My PSN is TakumiFuji01

Posted by: AirDra May 30 2011, 10:19 PM
anyone still active on ides online here?

Posted by: Rogar May 31 2011, 10:26 AM
QUOTE (AirDra @ Yesterday, 10:19 PM)
anyone still active on ides online here?

Yep. I'm on just about daily. My PSN's in my sig. happy.gif

Posted by: TakumiFuji01 May 31 2011, 01:19 PM
QUOTE (AirDra @ Yesterday, 10:19 PM)
anyone still active on ides online here?

I'm on too but I don't play ID that much because I play other games like Gran Turismo 5 and Black Ops.

Posted by: LVSdirty May 31 2011, 07:05 PM
US PSN akinaspeedstar
Add me

Posted by: dsmdave Jun 26 2011, 06:44 PM
I just got this game yesterday:)
PSN ID - DSMDave_25
I live in canada

Posted by: touge_rider Jul 20 2011, 12:38 AM
Would a AUS account work?
Just asking if i can so i no to game online here.
My PSN ID is touge_rider

Posted by: dsmdave Jul 21 2011, 09:57 AM
to play Initial D online? I would assume so as long as you have the japanese version and not the asian version.
I live in Canada and it's fine for me.

Posted by: turbo_time95 Aug 1 2011, 04:18 PM
PSN ID: Darklordpj

just got the game 2 days ago. msg me if u wanna add. i think my friends list is full atm.

Posted by: FR Style Oct 4 2011, 01:38 PM

Feel free to add me my friends list is short atm.

Posted by: paularlington Apr 18 2012, 06:14 PM
Anyone else still playing online?
I just got IDES today(Sorry, really late T_T)

PSN ID: paularlington


Posted by: jeremigoku Aug 12 2012, 02:46 PM
Add me

PSN jeremigoku

Hope to play with you guys soon.

Posted by: Jt515 Oct 4 2012, 11:47 AM
my PSN is Justin515

Posted by: jeanswag90 Dec 4 2012, 02:31 PM
My PSN is: jeanswag90
Player's name: Jean
American/Canadian account

Posted by: DjKniteX Jan 13 2013, 08:44 AM
My PSN is DjKniteX

Posted by: Elei88 Jan 17 2013, 12:40 PM
PSN is Eleib, always looking to play online!

Posted by: ADUBZ Feb 15 2013, 03:27 PM

Need to start playing this again LOL

Posted by: wilbertoJM Apr 12 2013, 04:17 PM
PSN : W_i_L_B_E_12_T_O

Posted by: nualphaJPN May 2 2013, 06:47 AM
Hey guys, I'm posting from Japan

Psn: nualphajpn

If you'd like to watch live streams from Japan, tune into my stream! I do live streams of ID extreme stage.

[ Post made via Mobile Device ]

Posted by: Dreezus Jul 8 2013, 08:25 AM
Getting the game by the weekend looking to battle online!

PSN: Dreezus

Add me!

Posted by: Takumi Fujiwara 1 Jan 18 2014, 02:49 PM
Add me guys GeneratorRex6000. I just got the game 3 days ago it took about almost a month to get it but it was worth it i've been in about 3 online races. Most of the time i'll be in a replica of Kenji's 180SX.

Posted by: Rogar Jan 20 2014, 01:03 PM
I just started getting back into this game this week, I finally got a desk I can use my wheel on. This section of the forum looks all but dead these days, but if anyone wants to race, my PSN is SupaKawaiiDesuNe

Just put in the friend request that you're from IDW and I'll accept it!

Posted by: AmetDj Feb 11 2014, 10:04 AM
I've finally fully tuned my AE86, so I'm ready for online challenges!

My PSN: AmetDj

I'm mostly online during evening hours (UK time) mid-week or late-morning/early-early afternoon during the weekend.

Posted by: SonicSP Feb 11 2014, 11:04 PM
I have a full tuned car, it I suck.....haven't played in ages.

Posted by: Tofu_takumi May 31 2014, 09:46 PM
Add me tofutakumi

Posted by: Takumi Fujiwara 1 Jun 23 2014, 06:25 PM
my PSN is GeneratorRex6000 i'm on sometimes for anyone who wants to add me we can race.

Posted by: gonzalo240sx Jul 2 2014, 09:02 AM
I bought the logitech G25 and playing Initial D Extreme Stage in PS3 with it is an amazing experience; however, I realized that the freaking breaks don't work... and that is kind of important for me lol.

Maybe I will get a better luck with the G27. I am going to test that since my cousin has the G27 and let you all know. However, like I said, other than that, the feeling when playing with a racing wheel is AMAZING.

I started to play differently so that I can earn more skills and points. I decided to chase on every race which is really hard, no matter who are you up against starting with the race against Kenji. My goal is to pass my opponent after passing the 4th check point and without hitting the other car... I AM NOT LIKE YOU CARBOTS!!!! hehehe laugh2.gif those cars will do anything to pass so, why be like them happy.gif
I have some replays recorded and uploaded to youtube, cheap stuff recorded with my phone since I am still working on getting the best equipment to record PS3.

Would love to start playing against other people online too instead of campaign so here is my PSN: gonzalocarpio

I have never played online because of course... can't understand everything so if anybody can guide me through the options, we'll be good to go. wink2.gif

Posted by: DK_Brawler Aug 13 2015, 11:53 PM
Got a place that I can hang out to play IDES (unfortunately only usually once a week) every Thursday evening from around 6 PM to 11:59 PM California time.

If anyone's down to play starting next week my JP PSN is DK_Brawler_JP (Looking for all skill levels and preferably ranked matches if we can get that set up easily.)

Posted by: Vitop Dec 14 2015, 04:18 PM
My psn: Vitop_Uzumaki

Posted by: Takumi Fujiwara 1 Jan 7 2016, 07:17 PM
GeneratorRex6000 smile.gif, I drive a 180 and an 85.

Posted by: xDrHellx Jan 8 2016, 03:01 AM
xDrHellx , AE86, RX-8 and S2000 so far.

Posted by: Rubr May 15 2016, 12:21 PM
Shadowgiratina20, and I mostly drive a FC and a R34.

Posted by: Vitop Oct 12 2016, 05:15 AM
I kept playing this game ! Add me: Vitop9 i mostly drive my FD, but i also drive a AE86 and a EVO3

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