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> Initial D Stage 3 Glitching, Game jumping and glitching
  Posted: Feb 16 2019, 05:58 PM


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Hey All,

So I have a set of Initial D stage 3's. I had one monitor burn out completely so I decided to swap it to a LCD/LED Samsung TV Screen. Well, I never got a chance to really play it before the next monitor went out from a power surge. Why the machine wasn't on a power strip in beyond me. So I found another monitor and this time its a computer monitor. I get everything plugged, get it fired up and play akagi with a buddy of mine. As we get to the lower half of the stage, the game start jumping and glitching/lagging and pixelating. I mean I see it on the screen and its not the "monitors" but it just blurs and glitches when I get into the S curves and harpins. Its not the "gameplay" itself, more like a memory lag I suppose....?? Has anyone ever had this happen? I tried other stages and couldn't get the same results.

Thanks for the help..