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> Hi, I'm new., Just a friendly hello.
  Posted: Aug 4 2016, 08:58 AM

IDW Super Cool Dude

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Hiya. I'm cob, and that is literally what everyone calls me.
My full name is Jacob, but the nickname 'cob' has stuck with me since I was in grade school.
No, I'm not corn. And I don't enjoy cobb salad.
But I've been getting really into Initial D and cars as of late, and I wanted to take it a step further and see what the community of Initial D World can offer.

Hope to have an enjoyable experience with you all!

More about myself, I make shitty memes on Soundcloud. []

I'm also on Steam [] way too often. Mainly Grand Theft Auto V, as of late, because I recently discovered you can make a 86 Levin [].

I've gotten way into listening to eurobeat, it's very catchy. The radio broadcast setup on this website is very neat.

I drive a 1996 Honda Civic sedaan 4-door LX [], if that's something to be said as well. It's nothing special, I don't do any race-type things with it, unless you count trying driving to the grocery store and back quickly.

I also make mods for a game called Melody's Escape []. It's rather easy to make these mods, the only con to it is they are very tedious.

I'm on Twitter [], Reddit [], etc. etc. the likes.

I have less than 3 posts, so I can't use the fancy hyperlink.
I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to type, so I'll end it here.
Thanks for reading this!

tl;dr im bad at drifting, too
  Posted: Aug 4 2016, 03:12 PM


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QUOTE (cob44 @ 6 hours, 11 minutes ago)
tl;dr im bad at drifting, too

With a front-wheel drive car... who isn't? laugh.gif

Welcome to the forums Cob! (^o^)/☆彡

Your Deja Vu remix is all sort of hallucinogenic Homer dorifuto~ ♪ ♫ Come for the eurobeats, stay for the pornjinshi's, leave dancing TechPara TyperHechno, then come back for more eurobeats! derp.gif

Here's a Hot Topic coupon, go get that Fujiwara Tofu Shop t-shirt m8! awesome.gif?

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Posted: Aug 4 2016, 03:13 PM

Patient Zero

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Its always great to see fresh faces! Welcome! We're glad you're here!
Posted: Aug 4 2016, 03:26 PM

Midnight Lover
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QUOTE (cob44 @ 6 hours, 27 minutes ago)
tl;dr im bad at drifting, too

Well, you're in a car that has a factory suspension set up for understeer at the slightest inclination of reaching adhesive limits, a gutless D16Y7 (Or Y8? If so, you lucky VTEC bastard) and, judging from how the car isn't riced out from the previous owner, a lackluster 4-speed slushbox. I wasn't expecting anyone to be able to drift that appliance on wheels.

I can say these things because I drive a 1999 Civic DX occasionally. I know that car. It only succeeds at not out-applianceing its arch-nemesis, the dullard Toyota Corolla. Oh. And fuel economy. 40 MPG on E10 is better than most of today's 'compact sedans.' So there. :3

I also own an Accord Wagon. And I'm only busting your chops, so don't get frazzled at my sazzle!

Welcome to the forums. smile.gif

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