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> [FANFIC] Drift Kings: D Selection, The revised version!
  Posted: Jun 13 2007, 07:52 PM


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Author's note:
For anyone who's seen it on, this is the new version, soon to be published there. And just to be safe: I don't own anything I'm talking about, except my OCs.
Forgive me if any of these early chapters still aren't any good. They needed the most work. And please don't flame me! Hope you like it!

Act 1:
A small neighborhood in the outskirts of Chicago, October 12, 1995:

The sound of a telephone echoed through the house. Drew O'Brien, clad in a white t-shirt and jeans, ran to get the phone. He reached it just in time to hear the caller hang up.

Well, he thought, At least they left a message.

Drew pressed a button on the side of the phone receiver.

"Hello, Mr. O'Brien. This is Jim from the Nissan dealership just calling to say that it's here. Okay, so, come on down when you can. Thanks. Bye."

Drew smiled. Well, his shipment had finally arrived. He grabbed his car keys from where they were laying on the countertop. He went out the door, then turned and locked it behind him.

As he walked down from his door to the street, he looked upon his current transportation: an aging 1974 Toyota Corona. Not a bad little car, but near at the end of its usefulness to him.

He opened the door to the black car and started the engine for what would be the last time. Several minutes later, he pulled into the lot at the Nissan dealership. He drove around to the back and parked in the visitor lot. He got out of his car and shut the door, walking quickly toward the display room. He opened the clear glass doors and walked inside.

"Mr. O'Brien! Over here!"

Drew turned to his left and strode to where Jim, the salesman who had handled his order, stood.

"So, where is it, Jim?"
"Right this way. We've got it out back for you."

Drew followed him out another set of glass doors into a lot of special order vehicles. In the far left corner, a dark blue sportscar sat. Jim led Drew over to it.

"Well, here she is.”

Drew shook his head and stepped back a bit to admire his new car. He had had to trade in the Corona, and even then hed barely had the money, but it would be worth it.

It was a new, Nissan 240SX hatchback, entirely stock. But now that it was his, he was going to have change the last part.

4 Days Later, Willow Springs International Motorpark, California:

Three men, all in their mid-twenties, stood in the door of the hangar-like garage, staring out at the tarmac racetrack before them. Three cars sat among the garage equipment behind them. Drew O'Brien turned to the brownish-blond haired man next to him.

"Um, Grant, uh, you wanna go first?"

Grant Hargus shrugged and walked back into the garage. The sound of an engine starting echoed through the metal building. A white car pulled out from the garage and up to the wide, white stripe painted on the asphalt. Grant leaned his head out of the window.

"Okay, Andrew, count me off."

The third man, Andrew Foster, walked out onto the tarmac and stood to the left of Grant's car. Drew felt a small amount of envy rising up in him as Grant revved up his Toyota Supra's engine.

Even though it was completely stock, its 230HP engine still had Drew's 240SX outpowered by 75HP. Drew's mind returned to his surroundings as Andrew dropped his upraised hand.

The Supra accelerated slowly past the white line, gathering speed. As it neared the first corner, the Supra's brake lights came on. Suddenly, the car turned sideways, tires screeching and smoking.

What the? Just what is he doing? Drew thought, as he watched the Supra slide sideways through the corner. The Supra finished its strange cornering technique and floored it out.

Around two minutes later, Grant's Supra aproached the white line from which it had started. Drew stood with Andrew by the line, a stopwatch in his hand.

The Toyota crossed the white line just as the stopwatch read 2:07. The white car braked, reversed, and pulled back up to the white stripe. Grant brought the car to a halt, opened the door, and stepped out.

"So, how' d I do, guys?"

Drew frowned, "HOW'D you do? More like WHAT'D you do. What was that stunt in the corners, man?"

Grant smiled, "S'called drifting. Real popular in Japan. Took me months to learn to do it well. Fun once you get the hang of it, though."

Drew shrugged, "Call it what you want. Y' show me how?"

"Sure, why not. Hop in and watch."

Drew shook his head, "Nope. I wanna see you do it in my 240."

"Okay. Let's go."

Drew led them over to his car and stepped inside. Grant opened the driver's side door and sat down. He turned to Drew.

Drew frowned, "Huh? Oh, yeah. Keys," Drew said, handing them over to him.Grant set it in the ignition and turned the key. He pressed in the clutch and popped the shifter into first gear. Letting off on the clutch, he stepped hard on the gas.

The car lurched forward and accelerated, the engine roaring. As they approached the first corner, Grant nodded.
"Okay, Drew, now watch carefully."

Grant shifted down from 3rd to 2nd and gave a sharp tug on the e-brake, throwing out the back end of the car. He twisted the wheel to the right, adding to and directing the effect of the e-brake.

As the car began to oversteer, Grant turned the wheel to the left, counteracting the car's rightward spin. As they came out of the turn, he straightened out the car. As soon as he had it straight, he pulled off the tarmac onto the side of the road and stopped the car.

"So, what'd you think?"

Drew looked over at him, eyes wide, "That was the most amazing thing I think I've ever seen."

Grant smiled, "Yep. That's what I thought when I started, too. Hey, I was gonna go to Japan sometime soon. Now that you have a decent drifter and Andrew's bought his S14, you all wanna tag along?"

Drew's eyes widened, "Heck yes! When'll we go?"

"As soon as you and Andrew are ready. We're gonna try to beat these Japanese at their own game."
Posted: Jun 14 2007, 06:04 AM

F*ck land I'm on a boat Motherf*cker!

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Willow Springs. Awesome. Keep up the good work bro.
  Posted: Jun 14 2007, 07:22 AM


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Thanks! I've still got the revised chapters 2- I think 5 or 6 to post. Thankfully, the chapters past that aren't bad enough to need re-writing.
Posted: Jun 15 2007, 07:52 AM

IDW Okamisan

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Hey!!! It's great seeing you here too! And, thanks for posting your story here too, this way everybody will be able to enjoy it as much as I have.

Ah, welcome to the forums and have fun!! grin2.gif

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