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> AUTOart AE86 (Project D vs Legend 1)
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    Posted: Apr 13 2015, 12:35 AM

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When it comes to lifelike scaled car models, AUTOart has no competition. That's why their 1:18 scale Project D version AE86 has been such a hot item. ( We made a post about it back in late 2013 - ) So it was a no-brainer for AUTOart to release a "Legend 1" version of the AE86 model when the first part of the trilogy hit the theater last year.

Reddit user Chimuel has taken upon himself to take some very nice photos of this incredibly detailed and accurate scaled model of AE86. But being a hardcore Initial D fans, buying one is just not enough. He bought both the Project D version and the Legend 1 version. And what better way to display them both than to buying one of those 1;18 car lift? I have to say, it looks so beautiful.

Chimuel was kind enough to share with us where he got that car lift from. So if you are thinking of recreating this set up, be sure to check the links below. The current price for the Legend 1 version is $153.50 and $148.81 for the Project D. version on Amazon.

For those of you who are as poor as I am, hey at least we get nice pictures of AE86 to look at. If you already bought them, take some pictures and show them here in the comments below!

| Sources |
My new AUTOart AE86 set! |
Initial D Autoart and Greenlight 2 Post Lift |

| Order Links |
(Project D. version) (Amazon $148.81) (Amazon JP ¥12,886)

(Legend 1 version) (Amazon $155.19) (Amazon JP ¥13,745)

(Greenlight 1:18 car lift) (Amazon $27.99)

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