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> Random Thoughts
Posted: 5 hours, 15 minutes ago

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QUOTE (carzy_guy @ 2 hours, 2 minutes ago)
Is anyone going to see the new Ghost in the Shell movie when it comes out?


But that's cause xiao's a cheapass I don't watch movies in the theatre. user posted image

I think it'll be a fun movie ~ so I'll check it out when it hits *cough* BD like Benny-san said.

In the meanwhile I gotta re-watch all of SAC, all of Monogatari, all of To-Love-Ru, and all of AoT in prep for the 2nd season coming out in a few weeks woot! \(^ω^)/
Posted: 2 hours, 25 minutes ago

Ballistic heartbreak

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QUOTE (Nomake Wan @ Yesterday, 8:59 PM)
I want figma Iowa so bad, but because she comes out right around AX I have to wait. I do have the Goodsmile limited edition figma Miki Hoshii on preorder though! awesome.gif

I wanted to get figma Miki through the GSC Online Shop just for the bonus winking face part, but totally fucked off remembering to do it before the reservations closed. Whatever, I'm just glad it finally happened after over 2 long years, but it'll probably be another decade before they arse themselves to make the rest of 765 like they said they were planning to do, *IF* they actually make the rest of 765. rolleyes.gif

I may be bad with figma, but at least I've calmed my tits down on scales and only ever buy one if I reallyreallyreally like the character enough to warrant the purchase (and have the room to display it). laugh2.gif
Posted: 1 hour, 1 minutes ago


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QUOTE (xiao @ 4 hours, 14 minutes ago)

But that's cause xiao's a cheapass I don't watch movies in the theatre.

I wonder about that... You seem to be very generous with buying pantsu, (sun)glasses, and anime loot.

Also generous in giving things away...

If you were a pony, you would be Rarity...

I'll see myself out now...

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