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> touge manga idea
skyline gtr
  Posted: Dec 23 2008, 03:03 PM

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A junior year high school student wounds up buying a car to impress his friends
after being mocked and ridiculed about the S30Z he bought from the junker
he and his friends soon find out that the car has over whelming powerful battle potential.
After a Friday drive his best friend Junichi tells him that during their warm up hes seen a devilish blue purple like aura surrounding the car. toru soon learns from the junk dealer who notices his ability that the car was owed by his father Kazuma toriyama who died 17 years ago in a wreck and his spirit seems to live on in the Z this car soon attracts a lot of attention and challenges (even teachers from his school who would like to relive he glory days began showing up at the touge PA).

toru Toriyama was a normal guy until he stumbled a pound the Z he thought it was pretty normal..... he thought wrong lately he hasn't questioned his fathers death nor blames on the Z for it

To think until yesterday he was a regular and student at Sariyoski High
in fact he was one of the most popular students in his class even seniors and college girl was hitting on him, being 17 and not having a car just did not cut it all his friends had one so one day he decided to look around the junk yard. The junk dealer commented on his good looks and about him favoring a certain dead legendary racer the junk man learns that he is kazuma's son and directs him towards a shiny pearl white battle scarred Z after learning he had not much money the dealer offers the take the cash he currently had and what ever object was in his pocket has also takes the carbon fiber hood off the car as collateral in exchange for an exhaust a special fujisubo muffler and downpipe some new tires and a new intake with carburetor

max output 175 BHP

im a really good artist im having scan probs ill post up artwork later

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Posted: Dec 23 2008, 08:44 PM

Were you expecting something else?

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From the description you gave, I'm not really expecting much. But I won't judge something before I've seen it.

I'll wait for the scans. BTW, I suggest you save them as .png files.
Posted: Dec 23 2008, 11:23 PM

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QUOTE (Meteor @ Yesterday at 11:44 PM)
From the description you gave, I'm not really expecting much. But I won't judge something before I've seen it.

I'll wait for the scans. BTW, I suggest you save them as .png files.

Sorry but I have to agree...
It just seems too much like Wangan Midnight for some reason.
I'll probably enjoy the scans though! wink2.gif
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Posted: Jan 3 2009, 01:27 PM

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I have better idea! Pretty much Initial D like but main character is female and she drives with pink Twin Charged Nissan BE-1 1.0 grin2.gif. And her mother has teached her how to drive fast in the mountain passes. Her home course would F-Line in Iberaki and one day when God Hand is leaving at the top of the F-Line he spost some little car behind his S2000. Next thing what he see is how fast that tiny car passes him like he passed Takumi in Initial D, over the gutter and bumbing the BE-1 to the tree.

Here is picture from BE-1:
user posted image