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> Changes in Artworks and Graphics Forums, Read here for new rules and policies.
    Posted: Aug 26 2004, 02:06 AM

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Misc. Pictures and Personal Pictures subforums have been merge back into the main forums. For those of you that is confuse about the new situation. Let me explain. Since the Misc. Pictures and Personal Pictures subforums weren't doing so good, people rarely visit them, Ben and I decided that they are no longer necessary to be a seperate subforums. So this means you can post the kind of topics you posted in Misc. Pictures and Personal Pictures subforums in here (main forums) now.

Again, General Forums rule apply. You are welcome to post your artworks (i.e. - photography, new sigs, new avatars ... etc.) here. Please DO NOT post any obscene pictures including any adult / 18+ images. IDW do not tolerate anyone who post such graphics. Violator will be issued a verbal warning on first offence and an actual warning thereafter.
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Posted: Aug 26 2004, 02:57 AM

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Ya, Since people will be reading this, i shall say 2 things.

Anybody who spams from now on in this forum, will be verbally warned and fully warned on the second time, that post will also be deleted when myself or an Admin views it. It wont matter if you are an advanced member or normal member, you will be punished.

Second... *CLOSED*